Bonsai: Growing from seeds, basics of equipment and care with photos

The art of cultivation and care of the bonsai tree is one of the oldest, millennium, the technique of growing decorative plants. True, for the past century, the technique, and the principles of the creation of miniature trees changed extremely strongly - but it only contributed to an increase in the popularity of technology. The technology of growing bonsai is quite simple, special efforts and financial investments do not require, but it requires an outstanding patience and takes a lot of time.

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BHOP в CS:GO. Что такое и Как BHOPить?
BHOP or BANKHOP - this is a mechanism in the Source engine, allowing you to gain the speed of jumping and making stretches. In earlier versions of the engine there was no limit / limit of speed, so theoretically you could recruit infinite speed by moving around the map. After the developers understood this problem, they set the speed limit to prevent the abuse of this technique.

Peruvian balsam for healing wounds: what it is, instructions for use, composition, analogues, where to buy, price, reviews

Peruvian Balsam - a product of natural origin, used for medical purposes, which is manufactured by processing a plant growing in the tropics. The drug has healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Such properties allow the use of Peruvian balsam for wound healing, including open. It protects fabrics from infection and suppuration, stimulates cell regeneration.

➤ Windmill in adults

Despite the fact that the windmill is considered a childhood disease (children under 14 years old are ill) in 90% of cases), at an older age, it can also be overcome. As you know, the chickenpox in an adult proceeds not as easily as in children, as a result, serious complications may arise. Therefore, those who did not have time to move this disease in childhood, it is worth knowing what kind of simtions it manifests itself, as is treated and what complications may occur.

What is creatinine, the norm of creatinine in the blood in women and men by age in the table

Find out what is the norm of creatinine in the blood in women. Creatine in the blood is a residual final product released when cleaving proteins in muscles. Creatine takes part in the energy metabolism of muscle and nervous tissue. After 7 seconds of physical activity on the body, the conversion of creatine phosphate in creatine occurs.

Which side lay paosolation to the insulation: Rules

Какой стороной укладывать пароизоляцию к утеплителю?
Each of us heard the term relative humidity, but not everyone understands what it is. And this is the amount of moisture in the air, determined as a percentage of its maximum possible amount. The temperature here has a determining value, since warm air is able to hold a greater amount of steam, and, accordingly, it is more in the premises. In an effort to go out, the pairs creates pressure acting on the house design, condenses them when the temperature difference. Water, as is known, the enemy for most materials, reduce their corrosion and extend the service life helps specially intended for this film. If this is not universal membranes, which can be placed in any position, when installing it is important not to confuse which side to lay vaporizion to the insulation. Why? Here in this matter we will understand.

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Прекрасная Калла. Иллюстрация для статьи используется с сайта
Good afternoon, my reader. Many superstitious flowers fear to grow in the garden Calla. This representative of the aid family, which is also called the whitefolder, has an ominous reputation. In the people, it is called a death flower due to the fact that this plant can often be seen in the cemetery. It is believed that Calla has a magical strength and attracts to the house in which there is trouble and misfortune. However, not everything is so unambiguous, as it may seem at first glance.