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BHOP в CS:GO. Что такое и Как BHOPить?
BHOP or BANKHOP - this is a mechanism in the Source engine, allowing you to gain the speed of jumping and making stretches. In earlier versions of the engine there was no limit / limit of speed, so theoretically you could recruit infinite speed by moving around the map. After the developers understood this problem, they set the speed limit to prevent the abuse of this technique.

➤ Windmill in adults

Despite the fact that the windmill is considered a childhood disease (children under 14 years old are ill) in 90% of cases), at an older age, it can also be overcome. As you know, the chickenpox in an adult proceeds not as easily as in children, as a result, serious complications may arise. Therefore, those who did not have time to move this disease in childhood, it is worth knowing what kind of simtions it manifests itself, as is treated and what complications may occur.

What is creatinine, the norm of creatinine in the blood in women and men by age in the table

Find out what is the norm of creatinine in the blood in women. Creatine in the blood is a residual final product released when cleaving proteins in muscles. Creatine takes part in the energy metabolism of muscle and nervous tissue. After 7 seconds of physical activity on the body, the conversion of creatine phosphate in creatine occurs.

RULEBODY.RU - Body Rules

Целевые группы мышц
Developed jagged muscles are beautiful and helpful. Participating in almost every movement, they help to fix posture, remove the burden on the spine, reduce the risk of pain in the lumbar and joints. Periodic training of the house with effective exercises on the buttocks increases the power indicators, thanks to which you feel much more confident. But, most importantly, your figure acquires elegant outlines and appetizing forms at home, in front of which it is very difficult to resist, and most often it is absolutely impossible!

How did the new year appeared, from antiquity to this day

Как появился новый год
Today, most people attach great importance to such a great holiday as New Year. And this is not surprising, because the eve of the new year is associated with gifts, frosty evenings and snow, as well as elegant Christmas tree. But if you ask your parents or grandparents with grandfather, as a new year appeared, no one really answers, because the holiday itself originated for a long time.

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