Sattime divination began: 27 ways to know their future

Bryullov "Gadget Svetlana"

From January 6 to January 19, the country is coming Christmas, diverse divisions. At this time, the girls can look into their future, to pay out on the narrowed and learn their destiny.

The sagns are called two weeks of winter holidays, from the Christmas Christmas Eve, coming on January 6, before baptism celebrated on January 19. Department for Christmas is rightfully considered the most truthful. With its roots, the soda divisions go to the times of pagan Rus. It is fortunes during the winter solstice (and this is the period of the density) a particular importance in pagan times was attached. It was believed that these days were the most active, and the borders between the worlds are more subtle, which contributed to the more truthful result of New Year's, Christmas and dusty fortunes.

With the arrival of Christianity on Russia, the soda divisions are not only preserved, but also acquired more mystical meaning, and although the church tried to fight superstition and fortune tells, they were carefully transferred from generation to generation, and reached our days in a little modified form.

The methods of christmas ghosts in Russia were invented a huge set, but the main theme of all the soda fortunes is fortune-telling on the narrowed (groom). This is understandable, because in the older times, the fate of the girl completely depended on how good it would marry.

It is the opinion that the evil in the period of the shiny weakens, so the burner becomes not such a terrible sin as on ordinary days. Particularly accurate predictions are in the so-called "tribes" of the evenings - January 13 (Vasiliev Evening) and January 18 (Epiphany Christmas Eve).

Methods of divination. As you learned your destiny in Russia

Dusting with mirrors

This is a well-known fortune-telling literature and is now popular with bold girls.

Mirrors in the old days were attributed to magical properties. Custom to close the mirrors if the house has a dead man, also reflects this attitude of our ancestors to magic mirrors.

The fortune telling is carried out in an empty and quiet room. There should be no one and no sounds. A gadget girl must dissolve the hair and fully focus. She must sit in the dark near the two opposite mirrors. The picture of Novikov shows this position of the girl. At midnight, the girl lights two candles placed on the sides of the mirrors, and pronounces: "Daughty my, muddy, show me" and begins to peer into the gallery of reflections, hoping to see his groom. You can sit in front of the mirrors for a long time, and you can see the narrowed immediately.

Fortune telling in the new house

You can guess only in the house where you spend the night for the first time. Only then the fortune telling is considered true. Before going to bed, it should be crossed three times and go to bed with the words: "I sleep in a new place, dream of the bride." That man who will dream and will be your fiance.

Fortune telling on straw

It is interesting to guess at the straw when there are many people. Exactly at midnight, gather in the same room, burn the candle and begin to guess. To find out the name of your narrowed, put on the table with a straw, shot down in a com, put a pan on this com, put a stone on a rubbing and pour some water. Then each of the girls should slowly pull on the straw and on the sounds produced by a stone with a frying in a frying pan, the name of the narrowed should be heard. During fortune telling in the room there must be absolute silence.

Fortune telling (with fillings of the thread) on the speed and order of getting married

Simple and visual fortune telling popularity and in our time. It lies in the fact that the girls cut a thread of the same length (it is better to take thicker threads) and ignite them at the same time. Threads need to be kept in one end, the other is lowered down and you need to set fire. Who has a thread thread, that first will be married. The order of combustion of threads in the hands of girls will show the order of their coming marry. If someone has a thread pulled at once or thread burned less than half, then this girl will not marry.

Fortune telling (with a ring or needle) for the floor of the future child

With a ring or needle, certain actions are done: the ring is lowered into a glass with water, the needle is spinning woolen fabric, then suspended in the balance or thread, slowly lowered near the hand to whom you are guessing. If the subject (ring, needle) starts to make circular movements - a girl will be born (less often - boy), if the peaceful - boy (less often a girl), if the subject does not move - there will be no children.

Divination (with the choice of the subject) on the quality of life

In the bag, the cup or felt boots are hiding the items, then the girls choose their boots or bag. The selection of the item symbolizes life in the coming year: ash - a bad life, sugar - sweet life, ring - getting married, bulb - to tears, winery - drunkenness, the gold ring is a rich life, etc., you can invent and refue to fortune telling with your options. .

Fortune telling with a rooster on the narrowed

There are several plates or bowls, the grain is poured into one plate (or money is put), water is poured into another, the mirror is melted nearby, sometimes a chicken is brought. The rooster approached the mirror symbolizes the beauty and tenderness of the future groom, approached the grain or money - his wealth, to the water - a tendency to drunkenness, if the rooster comes to the chicken, then the groom will be a "womanist".

Fortune telling on matches

On the sides of the matchbox are inserted two matches and set on fire. If the burnt heads will be addressed to each other, then the "mounted" guy and the girl will be together. If the heads of matches look at different directions or fell off - that is not.

Fortune telling (according to dogs) about the age of the groom

At midnight, take a knife, go out into the street, go to a snowdrift and start cutting the snow with a knife, saying: "Damn, damn, not silent, damn, damn, tell me, what my husband will come, laugh or cry?".

By saying the words of the spell, silence and carefully listen to the dogs of dogs.

If the evil, sharp barking is heard, then the future husband will be strict and sullen;

hoarse barking of the old groom;

The sughty Lai - the groom will be bad character;

Call Lai - young;

If the dogs will bark fun and sliding, then the husband will fall cheerful and kind;

Very bad if the dog howling can hear during fortune telling. This suggests that marriage will be short and very fast young wife widths.

Fortune telling "well"

To spend this fortune telling, you need a well. If the girl lives in the village and has a well with the roof closing on the castle, then this is the perfect option. If there is no such well at your disposal, you should make a symbolic well. To do this, you can use matches, toothpicks, other wands. Build a well simple. Make a square from sticks, putting sticks by the ends on each other and do a few rows. Take a thimble, pour some water into it and put it next to the well. In the villages, girls can pour water into a bucket and put near the real well. Make a real well as a real key, made from the "Rear" sticks by any key, making the appropriate hand movement, and place the key under the pillow. Sleeping to bed, say: "Daughty-rich, come to me to the Water Well, drink, I have a key to ask." In a dream, you will come narrowed to get drunk water from your well.

Burning paper. Fortune telling

This type of fortune telling due to its simplicity and clarity is very common in a modern maiden environment. The girl sets up a paper sheet crumpled with her hand, and then examines the shadow from the burning paper on the wall - this is the first stage of divination, even at this stage there may be quite clear images.

Each takes a clean sheet of paper, comes it, puts on a dish or on a large flat plate and set fires. When the sheet burns or almost burns, with the help of a candle, its display is made on the wall - this is the second and main stage. Carefully examining the shadows are trying to find out their future in terms of shadows.

Fortune telling with a ring to call the image of the future groom

Take an ordinary glass with smooth walls, smooth bottom and without pattern, pour water into it on 3/4 volumes and carefully omit the wedding ring to the middle of the bottom. The ring must be pre-washed in running water so that it does not carry the information about its owner. Persistently peering into the very center of the rings, senoming words: "Daughty mine, muddy come to me" you can see the narrowed. To see it, look into the ring it is possible for quite a long time.

Fortune telling with a sleep about the narrowed

We write the name of the young man on a piece of paper, put on a small mirror and under the pillow or put three laurels under the pillow. On one write - "Ananya", on the other - "Azarya" and on the third - "Misail" and pronounce the spell: "From Monday, I look at the windowsill, who dreams of me, let him dream in a dream."

Going on the night from Monday to Tuesday. A sprig of ate is taken, put on the head of the head. At the same time they say: "Falling on Monday, I put in the headboard, dream of me who thinks about me." Who will dream, he loves you.

They guess at night from Thursday to Friday. Looking to bed, say: "Thursday with the environment, Tuesday with Monday, Sunday with Saturday. Friday One and me, young, alone. I am lying in the Zion mountains, three angels in the heads: one sees. Another will say, the third fate will indicate."

Girls guess if you go to bed where it was not necessary before. Before bedtime they say: "In a new place, dream of the bridegroom." In a dream you will see your groom.

Card reading

Before bedtime, they put a four kings under the pillow and say: "Who is my narrowed, who is my dazzhah, that you dream in a dream." If you dreamed the peak king - the groom will be an old man and jealous, the king of Chervalon means a young and rich, the crusade - wait for the match from a military or businessman, and Bubnov - from the desired one.

Fortune telling on relatives

Go to look in the neighbors windows during dinner. If they see the heads sitting at the table, then foreshadow that future relatives will be alive; If the heads are not seen, then with relatives should be misfortune.

Fortune telling at wax

Melt the wax in the circle, pour milk in a saucer and put an apartment or at home at the threshold. Say the following words: "The house, my owner, come under the threshold to drink milk, eating wax." With the last words, pour the melted wax into the milk. And now carefully observe what is happening.

If you see the frozen cross, there are some diseases in the new year.

If the cross just seems, in the coming year, your financial affairs will not go too well, and in your personal life they will overcome trouble, but not too serious.

If the flower blooms - marry, marry or find your beloved.

If the beast appears, be careful: you will have some kind of taught.

If the wax flows strips, you will come to the road, moving.

I will fall as an asterisk - wait good luck in the service, in school.

If a human figure is formed, you will find a friend.

House - in a short time to get a new household; For a girl, this is due primarily with her marriage.

Formless ruins are misfortune in the near future.

A pit, a small cave or grotto is the most undesirable figure, because it symbolizes the burial place and predicts a serious illness or a close death.

Trees - they can be interpreted in different ways: directed up the branches of the tree promise an ambulance joy, drooping - sadness, longing and boredom.

Ring or candle unequivocally predicate an ambulance wedding.

Damn, located on the bottom, on the contrary, promises a long nurse.

On figures:

Many little droplets - to the money.

Wax lay down stripes - in the coming year there will be a lot to travel.

Fan was formed - problems in the workplace, conflicts with colleagues are possible. The clearer it was frowning, the more seriously there will be problems.

Grapes - a favorable sign, promising success.

The outlines of the fungus - your strong health can only be envied.

The figure, similar to the dragon, is one of your cherished desires will certainly come true.

Bell - to Wests. If its outlines are even - the news will be good, curves - on the contrary. Several bells - you will be worried about something.

Star (one or more) - In school and career you will be accompanied by luck.

Sheet of a tree - take care of your back to intrigue.

Monkey - to betrayal and hypocritical friends.

Clear pants - Soon you have to do a very important choice.

The flower promises positive changes in the affairs of the heart, a meeting of the narrowed or happy marriage.

The outlines of a person - to the emergence of new friends.

Egg - a sign of a new life. It may be the birth of a firstborn or change in life.

On the bulbs

Take several bulbs and marry each of them. These bulbs are planting in the ground: whose earlier will give sprout, the girl will marry others.

On the ring

In an ordinary glass glass with a smooth bottom, without any drawings poured on 3/4 water and carefully lower the engagement ring to the middle of the bottom. Then look through the water in the middle of the ring, where the image of the narrowed appears.

Throw a ring on the floor. If it rolls to the door, it means that the girl is married soon, and the man is on a business trip. You can interpret how to care from the house.

Oklik passersby

Get out at midnight to the street and ask the name from the first oncoming. That is how your narrowed, exactly so it will be beautiful and rich.


We climb under the neighbors window and, of course, listen. If they have a determine relationship with beating dishes, you can wait for the "fun" year. If there is silence in the house - and you will have a harmonious year. Depending on what is happening in the house of neighbors at the time of abandonment, and you will have the coming year.

Wooden chips

Pour in pelvis water. At the edges of the pelvis to attach strips of paper on which events are written, for example, a wedding, a trip, receiving money, new work, etc. (If one is gading one), or the names of all those present who want to know their future. In the second case, the event is embossing one, in particular the wedding, acquaintance with the future spouse, etc.

It is necessary to take a dry sliver, better deciduous tree and fasten the candle's grinding on it, which was burning in the house where there is fortune-telling. Candle to light and push the "boat" to the middle of the pelvis. From there, the pinch should be saved to one of the notes. Which will boil the note, the event will occur. If the pinch will flip over or kicks, then the event you will not have happened next year.

Fortune telling on egg

Take the fresh egg, do a small hole in it and gently pour the contents into a glass with water. When the protein is thrilled, in the form he accepted, you need to guess my future. The view of the church means wedding, the ring - the engagement, the cube - the coffin, the ship - a business trip (man) or the return of a husband from a business trip (woman). If the protein dropped to the bottom - to be in the house fire.

Fortune telling on lanes

It is necessary to approach the ravenly back and to the touch choose to choose himself. If it is smooth, smooth, without bitch, the spouse falls with the perfect character:

Tolstoy and heavy - the husband will be wealthy,

Lots of bitch - there are many children in the family,

Fulled curved - the husband will be oblique and lame or evil,

Fully smooth, with smooth thin bark - Human husband and young,

The bark is thick rough - the husband is ugly,

The bark on the lounge in places is risening or not at all - the husband is poor,

Lucky Fully - Husband is old, rim, with physical disadvantage,

Large full - strong, strong husband,

The bitch is full - the family will be large: each bitter is a future child.

Fortune telling with a cat

Make a desire, call your cat. If she crosses the threshold of the room with the left paw, the desire will come true. If right - not destined.

Divination by book

It is best to take the book of spiritual content, you can, for example, "Bible", without revealing it, to make a page number and string on top or bottom, then disclose it and read in the mandated place. Pushes read according to the fact that the most wondering interests most.

Fortune telling on the old new year on the chain

Tell about upcoming events for the next year in this particular evening can your decoration. With the arrival of midnight, take the golden or silver chain into the right hand. Slightly jumping, throw it on the table, and see what kind of figure formed:

A circle. The coming year will be rich in tests, for overcoming which efforts will have to make.

Oval means almost the same as the circle, but in a softer form.

Smooth line. You can safely start new beginnings, good luck on your side.

Triangle or rectangle compete.

Like a bow. You will definitely meet the narrowed. And if you already have a second half, to be a wedding.

The letter is poured. A new worker will appear, whose name will begin on this very letter.

Fortune telling on the narrowed "bridge"

In one of the sinic nights in front of bedtime pour into a cup of water. At the broom to break a few rods. Of these, build a bridge over liquid, and with the words:

"Who is my narrowed, who is my muddy, let him translate me across the bridge!"

Put the container under the head of the head of the head, go to bed. In a dream, you will see your future husband. He will stand in a wedding dress on the bridge. If you are destined to get married in the next couple of years, then the dreaming young man will transfer you over the crossing structure.

As you can see, the soda fortune telling can be not just a cheerful pastime for holidays, but also in a way to help shed light to upcoming events in your life.

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Since time immemorial, women were guessing for love, good luck, the fulfillment of desires, in fact, the Christmas divisions for the future - special rites that came from paganism and preserved, despite the fact that Russia has long become the Orthodox, Christian country. The desire to learn your destiny never disappeared in a person, and so far we are holding ordinary divisions for Christmas at home.

Some predictions come true, others are not, and it is believed that their accuracy depends on the time and compliance with the rules of the ritual. Below we will look at the best, interesting and simple Christmas fortune tells for the future, on the narrowed, on love, which can be held at home on the night from January 6 to 7. Also separately we describe interesting binding and Christmas fortune tells for children.

If you know some interesting simple fortune-telling for Christmas and the shints, predicting the future, then share in the comments, I will be grateful. In order not to lose an article - add to bookmarks and share with friends in social networks.

Department for Christmas 2021 - Types of Predictions

Currently, there are so many ways to pay for Christmas. These types of predictions are divided into groups depending on the time, as well as the method. There are more accessible options, for example, with comb, notebook leaves, water and more complex, which require some preparation. Below we will deal with more details in the types of Christmas predictions, what time of day for what fortunes is best suited, as well as on what can be paid in Christmas night from 6 to 7 January.

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Types of Christmas ghosts depending on the time of day:

  1. Evening fortune telling for christmas : predictions about fate, what to expect in the future, you can ask about whether you will marry or marry in the coming year, what will be the coming year, what to expect from him, fortune telling on love, in which side to look for a narrow-rude (groom), what side there will be a future husband and what a married life awaits you, just at this time you can find out how many children you will have and what sex, you can get answers to any questions regarding love, money, life and health, as well as relatives and loved ones Also this time is suitable for fortune telling.
  2. Midnight christmas fortune telling - At this time, the day you can learn about the appearance of the groom (narrowed-rude), the color of his hair, eye, face features, age, name; At this time, it is also possible to pay the fastest of all of those present girls, which will marry you, what a year awaits you - poor or rich, whether to marry (marry) in the coming year.
  3. Predictions before bed - This time of the day is good for Christmas fortune telling on the narrowed - you can call the groom in a dream and look at it, learn more information about him, its appearance, hair color, eye, character.

With the types of christmas predictions, depending on the time of day, figured out, now I will list views of how and what and what can be represented by Christmas:

  • on wax;
  • Salt;
  • on tarot cards;
  • Bobah;
  • in the stable;
  • by hair;
  • on the knee;
  • in the barn;
  • by caress;
  • on keys;
  • in the church;
  • on the ridge;
  • on eggs;
  • on lead; by windows;
  • on a sheet of paper;
  • on the coffee grounds;
  • on the nut shell;
  • by spikelet;
  • on candlelight;
  • with a ring;
  • with chickens;
  • with a comb under the pillow;
  • on the steps;
  • by votes;
  • with cat;
  • by yarn;
  • under the window;
  • with a shoe;
  • based on the book;
  • with a dog;
  • with a needle;
  • with matches;
  • on wood;
  • over the hole;
  • On the mirror.

Saty and Christmas fortune tells for the future (coming year)

Most often in Christmas night from 6 to January 7, you are guessing for the future, below I offer some simple Christmas ghosts, which will help make predictions (with the help of cups, candles, rings, paper sheet, shells from buckwheels).

Christmas fortune telling with cups

For the ritual, it is necessary to prepare such a number of cups as a person will guess, ideally, they should be from a single service, but if there are no such, then choose what is. Next to each cup omit: in the first ring, to the next bread, in the third coin, sugar and onions, salt. In the last cup we pour a small amount of water. Now we are gadgetting blindly and they should fall into the cups and with closed eyes to choose one of them. The thing that will be in the chosen cup will predict to you the near future.

  • Ring - an ambulance wedding;
  • Coin - you are expecting financial wealth in the coming year;
  • Bread is a good sign pointing to the well-being and stable situation;
  • Sugar - you are waiting for cheerful and carefree life;
  • Onions - awesome, who pulled out a cup with a bow, waiting for tears in the coming year;
  • Salt - predicts misfortune;
  • A bowl with water is a neutral symbol, a large-scale change in the coming year is not expected.

Foreign in Christmas night with candles

For the ritual, we need a bowl with water and half of the walnut shell, candles or small candles. We take in the amount of how many people are involved in fortune. All gadgets take on one shell of walnut, a candle, insert a candle in the shell and let it into the water. Then girls watch the burning candles:

  • Whose candle is faster Dogrit, the first will marry.
  • Girl whose candle will burn longer than others - married the last one;
  • If someone from you gadgets a candle drowns, then she will remain an old Virgin.

The name is narrowed

This is one of the most simple Christmas ghosts, which is held at midnight in Christmas from 6 to 7 January. Exactly 12 nights, the girls should go outside and walk on the road until they can't meet a man. One of the gadget girls should ask the name of the man - this is how it will call her narrowed.

On paper

This fortune telling has been known for a long time and is very popular, since everything is predicted - comes true. This is a divination for Christmas on January 6-7 for the future on paper. For a ritual, you must prepare a paper sheet and remember it carefully. After that, the paper must be put on the saucer and set fire. At this time, the gadget girl should observe the shadows discarded on the wall from the burning paper. We connect the fantasy and try to predict the future - we break up what can mean the shadow, to which it looks, and what the near future predicts.

Christmas fortune telling at wax and water

For this Christmas divination it is necessary to take two wax candles. We put one candle on a spoon, the second set on. A burning candle heats the spoon so that the wax melt. After the wax is mocked - quickly pour it into a glass filled with cold water. And according to the resulting figure, we are trying to solve the secrets of our future.

The answer to the question "yes" or "no"

If you are tormented by some question and you cannot make a decision, find the answer to it, then this fortune telling you will help you. For the ritual, it is necessary to prepare a jar with a cereal or grain and keep the left hand over it palm down. Next, we mentally ask the question, with closed eyes we take a handful of grain and pour it on the table. Open your eyes and pass the amount of grains poured on the table. If the number is even, then the fortune telling "yes", if the odd is "no".

On the ring

The gadget girls get up in the hallway and in turn kip the ring. Whose ringing goes back to run - the first girl will marry.

On the floor and the number of future children

For this Christmas divination, a ring, wineglass and water will be required. On the night of January 6, we pour water in a glass, we lower the ring there and exhibit in the cold, after which we go to sleep. In the morning we enter a glass in the house and study the surface of the frozen water. On the surface of the ice, which was formed in a glass, predict the sex of future children. If the tubercles are larger than the hole - there will be a boy. If on the contrary, then the girl. After that, we pass the number of tubercles and pits. The number of pits - shows how many girls will be, the number of tubercles - boys.

On a dream

On the night before Christmas, the girl under the pillow puts a tambourous king. Before you fall asleep asking the king, so that he will show in a dream of a man, for whom to marry.

Christmas fortune telling

Another proven divination for Christmas for the future - under the pillow we put a leaf of paper on which you first need to write predictions (love, luck, wedding, death, money, etc.) After the paper sheet hid under the pillow, go to bed. In the morning as soon as you woke up - pull one of the pieces. What is written in it and predicts the future in the coming year - it will be the most important event of this year ...

Fortune telling under the new year 2021 and christmas on tarot cards

In Christmas night, you can guess not only above the listed methods, but also with the help of layouts on Tarot cards. If you have cards, then you will definitely watch the video below, you will find three types of fortune telling.

Christmas fortune telling on the night of January 6-1 on January 7 for girls

Such a holiday like Christmas is, perhaps, one of the most mysterious dates in the Orthodox calendar, the atmosphere of this day, already, in itself, is filled with special magic. And this is not surprising, because it is believed that at this time, right up to baptism, the sky opens, and the highest forces can hear, and sometimes to fulfill the desires of people.

The Old Slavonic ceremonies, held on the night of January 6, January 7, 2021, according to the hereditary sorcerers, will give the most accurate prophecies that are executed during the current year, which is why it is important to choose the right moment, and it comes, it is on the eve of Christmas night.

You can learn the true truth about the upcoming events, if you carefully prepare for the ritual, both morally and physically:

  1. Strust, best in the evening, at midnight or after midnight - it is important for prevention accuracy.
  2. Preparing the room, do not forget to turn off the top light and all electrical lamps - the room should be twilight and you can use only candles. They can be different colors, depending on which information must be obtained.
  3. It is unacceptable to make noise, talk loudly, those who do not believe in a burner or have come in this way to have fun, it is better to immediately pay.
  4. At fortune, it is necessary that the head and body be completely freed from unnecessary items and decorations - in this case it is a belt, close clothes, decorations and hairpins. Any nodules must be rapidly and unleashed, otherwise the oracle - the night spirit from the astral dimension, which will answer the questions, will not be able to reach your consciousness and give an intelligible answer.
  5. To be fully accessible to the universe, all channels of communication should be open, so in any position of the body it is forbidden to cross the arms and legs.

Despite the many rites for the love carried out in the evening, those that are held before bedtime are most reliable in terms of response. The dream is the same bridge between the two worlds, which allows you to meet relative souls and get to know each other. Let's see how you can pay for Christmas holidays, the main thing is that everything is done correctly.

Christmas fortune telling on maps

Before you go to bed, the girl under the pillow puts the card - the four kings and at the same time says the words "narrowed, rich, dream of me in a dream." After these words, the girl goes to bed. In a dream, the groom will come to the gadget girl in the form of one of the kings:

  • Bubnov King - husband will be young and rich
  • Cross king - girl will marry a military or official
  • Peak king - the jealous and old husband
  • Chervoy King - Favorite and Weling Husband

Christmas fortune telling

Gadget girls on the night from 6 to 7 January at midnight posting the keys and brush over the window and are watching. If someone from passersby move them, then immediately ask his name. It is believed that the name that the person calls is the name of the narrowed girl who gaves.

Divination for christmas on the tablecloth about the age of the groom

This christmas divination must be held at midnight from January 6 to 7. A gadget girl goes to the courtyard, takes a tablecloth, in which the old woman falls asleep snow. Girl holding a tablecloth for the edges, shakes her and says "field, field, white snow among field. Fall, Chairs, Doggynka, Consider, Consign, Daughty! "At the same time, fortunate listens to dogs of dogs:

  • hoarse dog Lai - the girl will have an old husband
  • Walking Lai - Young husband
  • Fat, bass Lai - girl will meet a widow

We wonder under christmas with a comb under the pillow

It is important to know how to guess for Christmas on the narrowed (groom), the successful outcome of the prediction depends on this. Basic requirements for rite - bought a pre-new-scale or comb, preferably from a tree. In the room where the ritual is held, it is impossible to let anyone until the morning, is also not allowed to talk to anyone. The remainder there are the same rules as with other ceremonies.


  • go to the room;
  • Slash the candle and looking into the mirror, combing hair;
  • It is necessary to imagine the desired beloved during this procedure;
  • Looks into bed, you need to put a squeezing under the pillow with the words: "My squeezed, muddy! Appear, taking your hair with my scallop ";
  • In the morning inspecting the calcination - if the hairs appeared on it, it means a meeting with the second half, a blond or brunette future fiance is determined by the color of the hair.

Another option provides for the same actions, but this time you need to ask for one to combat your hair. If you have dreamed that the young man hairs your hair, the fateful meeting will occur for 12 months.

If nothing dreamed, but there is no hair on the crest, most likely, the meeting time has not come yet. But there may be other reasons:

  • About the upcoming ritual was told by a stranger;
  • used old calculation;
  • Tightly covered door to the room did not allow the chosen one.

Also, the reason for failure is the ceremony, spent on the eve of Christmas.

Fortune telling for the new year and christmas christovo 2021 on wine glasses

For future events, you can burn with girlfriends using six glasses with water poured in them. In each should put the following items - a match, a piece of bread, a little sugar, salt, ring and coin.

Each of the girls should close the eyes or tie them with a handkerchief, and choose one of the glass.

For further fate, ties content:

  • coin - to money;
  • Ring - to a quick marriage;
  • Bread - to sufficient in the house;
  • Sugar - to good luck and well-being;
  • Match - to the birth of a child;
  • Salt - to unpleasant events and tears.

After each selection, it is necessary to rearrange the glasses, changing them in places.

Guessing the groom and the future using paper and candles

A well-known fortune telling on paper for the future is easy to hold, most importantly, morally prepare for what can be seen.

Paper sheet must be burned in a dark room, watching its outlines on the wall:

  • Romantic meeting and love passion will predict the figure of the cat;
  • The outlines of the bird with open wings brings the news about serious change;
  • If the wall reflects a devil-like creature with horns, the higher forces warn about the troubles, the disease that takes time and the power of unnecessary communications.

Alternative option - put a crumpled sheet on a plate, set fire to the candle and wait for it to burn. The form of ash will tell you what can be expected in the new year. As a rule, a figure resembling a tower, a castle, any high building says about a fateful meeting and wedding.

Christmas divisions at home at wax and water

Particularities are especially popular for the coming year. This can be done as follows. The candle should be thoroughly flared, and then tilge it and pour wax into a bowl with water. You can shed the wax two or three times so that intricate figures appear on the water surface, for which the coming will be determined.

Those or other outlines have their explanation:

  • The combination of big shapes with small drops of wax - to money and secured life;
  • Wood leaf - envy surrounding, noise of nonsense;
  • The correct shape apple denotes health, gaining wisdom, deformed - temptations that will not bring to good;
  • If the dragon is visible, all dreams will be implemented, also, the symbol speaks of the completion of important labor, the appearance of a child;
  • A favorable sign - grapes, meaning success in all matters, wealth, friendship and love;
  • The appearance of monkeys on water - hypocrisy, deception, a friend who will be tested for an inspection.

Changes in life, the completion of the old and the beginning of the new can mean the figure resembling an egg.

Divination for christmas on Christmas tree

On the narrowed in a dream, you can burn on Christmas Eve, at this time there is an opportunity to approximately recognize his name and other interesting details:

  • For this, several different croup - oats, buckwheat, millet, rice and mixed in a basin;
  • Exactly at midnight, you need to jump the grains from the pelvis and pour it on the table.
  • If one or several grain holloch was formed, the groom would be rich, the inverse value of their absence;
  • If dark color prevails in the chipper, the future spouse will be a brunette, light - blond.

Having considered the ornament on the plane of the table, you can see the letters that are considered the initials of the chosen one.

Christmas fortune telling

There are other simple fortune tells for Christmas at home, with which there is an opportunity to raise the veil of secrets over the future and find out whether cherished dreams are being implemented. For the execution of the desire to burn at 7 pm on January 7. To do this, they light a candle, they pronounce a desire and bypass the whole house clockwise with a candle.

Understand, a desire will come true or not, it is possible by the condition of the candle:

  • Bright smooth light - the implementation of a dream or long-standing plans;
  • If the candle smokes or sparks, the dark forces will prevent the execution of the desire of the desire of the desire, most likely, there is a needed thing in the house that causes damage to all spheres of life;
  • If the candle went out ahead of time, this indicates a variety of obstacles.

Another way to burn on a desire is to cut the paper stripes, and write down on each of your desires. Then you need to roll them into the tubes, put in the container and pour water. The first leaflet that pops up after that will open, what a desire will come true.

How to pay for money and good luck in christmas 2021

The financial well-being is guessing, taking a cup with water and two matches. First, mentally addressed with their question to the spirits, repeating him about themselves several times, then throw matches into the cup and look like they lay down. If they are located in parallel, then you are waiting for luck in the money, a bad sign, if the match formed a cross.

You can burn differently - with the help of water, poured into a bowl and handustrians of small pebbles. At first, they utter a wish to increase the cash flow, then throw the first pebble on the bottom. Consider the circles formed during its immersion - the odd number means material well-being, which is important - problems with sufficiency.

Christmas divination for the birth of a child

With the help of a ring and ordinary glasses, determine how many kids will be in the family. On the eve of Christmas or baptism in the evening, it is necessary to pour into a glass of water, omit into it the wedding ring and put it on the cold. Before you go to bed, the vessel go home, and look at how many pits and tubercles were formed. By their number, they find out how much daughters and sons are born.

You can also learn about the birth of a child by taking a small mirror, and writing on his back side of your question with a wax candle (when it will be born how much children will be). After that, the mirror must be wrapped with a pure natural cloth of light color and put under the pillow. The answer will come in a dream.

Fortune telling on the shirt and christmas christovo 2021 for love

Midnight fortune telling for Christmas at home can be truthful if you take it seriously. Perhaps the most accurate, but also frightening is a ritual, for which the real courage will be needed:

  1. In the house, the girl should be alone, she needs to be put on the table and put all the devices, except for acute canteen, which are able to scare away the adopted spirit.
  2. The destroyer needs to sit opposite the place provided for the guest and call; "The narrowed, rude, come to me dinner."
  3. After some time, a knock on the door or a window can be broken, and an essence from another world appears. The girl must be silent and nothing to manifest your fear and anxiety.
  4. The spirit can be set only one question "How to call?", After which he will call the chosen name and will offer a gift that can not be taken and even look at him.
  5. If the essence starts calling with you, I should say "Chur me", and then it will take it without harming.

It is desirable, after the rite to read any prayer and stand up with a cross.

Christmas fortune telling at home on the narrowed in a dream

To repay on the narrowed, under the pillow can be put not only with a discovery. If the headboard folded the bridge from the matches, a disagreeed man asked to translate through it. Having done a well from the twigs, they treat the words "squeezed my, muddy! Appear, I am sick of water from my well. "

Putting under the pillow soap, you can ask to wash, and the belt is to subside. Init, the unmarried girl was put on the stall of the stocking and asked to break, however, in a dream, judging by the stories of such gadgets, devils were enough for his feet, but wouldn't it stop a girl who wishes to see his chosen one.

The main rule, putting a thing under a pillow, immediately go to bed, do not rise and silent until the morning.

An interesting burning can happen if you sleep on a double bed. With pieces with numbers and male names, you can find out the name of the spouse, and after how many months you will meet. The names are put under the pillow next to their half, and the numbers under their pillow. In the morning, take out a piece of paper with the name, and learning it, with a number that will show how much it remains to wait.

Saty fortune telling for adults: the most accurate fortune tells on the shield

In the sick nights, it's the time to find out to find out who will be a future spouse, whether happy changes in life will be able to acquire children. And earlier, the mirror was used for these purposes, quite, often.

This method was considered reliable our grandmothers, so why not follow their example:

  • Vorozhba is held in complete loneliness;
  • The light must be turned off, you need to light two candles and install them on both sides of the mirror.
  • Try to dreamed of worldly affairs and thoughts, and look carefully in the castorgal;
  • Just watch the light of the candle and the flame game, you can peer into your own reflection;
  • After some time, with complete relaxation, you should call the future beloved: "Dailed, rude, appear!";
  • Now look only in your eyes - it is in their reflection that the image of the narrowed appears.

Prophetic sleep on Christmas Eve can be dreamed, if putting the kings for a woman and ladies for a man taken by the pillow of their decks. Do not forget to pronounce a simple plot "Who is narrowed to me, come to me in a dream."

It will help to predict the future and a pet pet, a cat or a cat. It is this animal that has an amazing ability to be immediately in two worlds, real and invisible, and often acts as a conductor with a vorozh. You need to make a pet from the room, make a desire and call the cat back. Trace behind the animal's legs - if he crosses the threshold with the right paw, then the cherished desire will come true in the near future.

With the help of ordinary utensils, candle, water and other household items, it is possible to carry out simple divisions for Christmas at home that will help open the coming, constantly under the veil of secrecy. It is known that Christmas divisions for the future are the most faithful, so you should not miss such a favorable moment, and please yourself with interesting forecasts.

Simple and interesting intense divisions for children

Children, like adults, is also interested to pay out and learn their future. Below I offer a few simple and interesting embodiments for shints and Christmas for children with which they will be able to find out their future.

Interesting divisions for Christmas for children

Below I will write a few more examples of options for interesting children's fortunes on the shields and Christmas. You, together with your family, you can arrange the evening of fortunes. To make a child not to scare completely light off, it is not recommended, but to light the candle, to create the desired atmosphere, you can even need. But do not forget that the safety rules must be followed and not to leave the child alone with the candle.

During the soda and christmas ghosts, along with children in all predictions, voiced only positive meaning, so as not to frighten the child.

Fortune telling with saucers

Interesting fortune tells on a shield for children with saucers give them a lot of pleasure. This event under the guidance of adults is easy. It is necessary to stock saucer (4-5 pieces) and to put various items for each of them. For boys, pirate attributes, cars, tools, and for girls - sweets, coins, emoticons are suitable.

The child is offered to close their eyes and open any of the saucers. What does the subject say, who the baby finds under the "magic" saucer? Interpretation Next:

  • Coins - financial stability in the family.
  • Candy - sweet life throughout the year.
  • Decorations - year is rich in gifts and surprises.
  • Pirates - travel and adventure.
  • Funny pictures - fun and good mood.

Such predictions of this kind like the guys of any age, they cause a storm of joyful emotions and impressions.

Fortune telling with candle and mint paper

Such fortune telling is held in the room with dim lighting. This event provides for the presence of the following attributes: saucer, white paper sheet, conventional paraffin candle. Crumpled paper is placed under an inverted saucer, which then the baby raises opposite the white background (wall, refrigerator, etc.), where the shadow depicting some object appears. This is due to the fact that the adult holds a burning candle behind the toddler. With its fantasy, parents can tell the child, which means the resulting figure and its prediction.

Divination with rice grains for christmas

Interesting fortune tells on the shields and Christmas for children are carried out when using rice grains. In the container, filled with rice, you should lower the palms, pre-migrate the most intimate desire. If the grains stick to the hands in an even amount - the intended thing to come true is not destined, an odd amount speaks of a good result.

Guess with mandarins for christmas

In gadania takes part any number of children. At the same time, they should every child get one fruit. You can find out if the planned wish can come true after cleaning the mandarin from the peel and claim the number of lobes. The number indicates the rapid performance of the desire, odd - about the opposite result.

Fording on the Holy Book

The main attribute of this event is the Bible. Adults offer their choa to announce the selected page and the number of the upper or lower line on it, their reading is subsequently prophetic. Parents must show the maximum of fantasy during such divination to please the child and accessible to tell him about mystical prediction.

Using a walnut shell for divination

In a deep wide container, filled with water, halves the halves of the shell of the nut. In its edges, small crushed paper leaves are laid out, each of which has written wishes of happiness, good luck, travel, winnings, new friends. Their choice depends on the flight of fantasy adults. The event can take part from 3 to 6 children - how many children, so many nut shells. For differences, you can put in each of them candles for a cake of different colors. Running the "ships" on the water, the participants blow on them. Stop such a "ship" near a certain sheet with the inscription indicates the upcoming event for the participant of this festive divination.

Ice fortune telling

Water frozen in Christmas night, which was previously set on the cold, used for fortune telling. The position of ice speaks of the upcoming events in the new year:

  • raised - well-being;
  • Frozen smoothly - calm;
  • Wavy - variable success.

In any case, the divination of this kind will cause interest and admiration for the child.

Christmas fortune telling on the house

Such soda and christmas divisions are cognitive, fabulous, intriguing.

Before the start of the event, it is necessary to show the kids, as they depict the houses, tell them about who it is as he guards the house from the troubles and adversity, about the traditions to ensure this amazing creature, has long been recognized by the defender of each housing.

For fortune telling you will need a small saucer with milk or water, which leaves at home at the threshold. Mills in the bowl of the candle, you should pronounce the words invitation to the house to go to the house to drink a mole and talk to souls. Flusted in cold milk wax will depict a specific figure that predicts certain events:

  • Star - joy, fun;
  • Animal - new acquaintances;
  • Flower - joy;
  • line - travel;
  • The bell is a pleasant news.

The above-mentioned fortune tells on the shields and Christmas for children are fun, funny, mysteriously. Children are happy to take part in them, since sincerely believe that their dreams and wishes will certainly come true in the new year.

How can you pay on Christmas holidays: video

At the end of the article, I will add you a small video selection, as you can pay for Christmas holidays.

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Good day to all!

I will start today's conversation, with something magical and unpredictable. How about divination? Yes, you did not hear, think this is nonsense? Perhaps, but in childhood I always waited for Christmas to do such a job. It was very fun and funny, and you have something to remember?

And the thing is that a person is such a creature that always wants to penetrate the secrets of the universe and no secret to anyone, to know its future. But how to do it? In fact, ways to pay a bunch into this significant night. Therefore, let's understand, maybe you have your own novelties (ways), please share the take place at the bottom of the article. I will be very grateful and grateful.

What do you think, why exactly from January 6 to January 7, such predictions are held? The answer is simple as twice two, because the unclean strength and spirits at this time are very active, ahah, frightened. In fact, is it? By the way, it is possible to conjure from December 24-25 (if you focus on the Gregorian calendar).

There are also biddares, which are held from December 25 to January 6 (in Catholic Orthodoxy), or from 7 to January 19 (in Orthodoxy). So, now you can accurately answer this question when you can guess for Christmas or shints. And now we went ...

Divination for christmas 2021 (types of predictions)

There is a sufficiently large number of ways, how to pay out and all such predictions can be divided into types. They are divided by Evening christmas fortune telling where you can find out about what:

  • predictions about fate, what awaits you in the future;
  • Whether you marry or marry in the coming year;
  • divination for love;
  • What will happen the year and that he promises;
  • Which side to look for the narrowed (groom);
  • Learning which sex will be in a child and how many children will be;
  • What will be the husband;
  • Answers to any questions;
  • about the health of relatives and loved ones;
  • What will be married life.

The next subspecies is Midnight christmas fortune telling :

  • You can learn about the appearance of the groom (narrowed), the color of his hair, the outlines of the face, how old he;
  • who will marry everyone among those present;
  • You can find out the name of the narrowed;
  • How will you be a year, poor or rich;
  • Will love and consent be married;
  • Whether you marry (marry);

Finally Predictions before bed :

  • You can call the groom in a dream and look at it;
  • learn everything about him as he will (appearance)
  • Learn how his character will be.

Now list how, where and what can be represented by (species):

  • under the window;
  • with a shoe;
  • based on the book;
  • with a dog;
  • by spikelet;
  • with a ring;
  • with chickens;
  • on the steps;
  • by votes;
  • with cat;
  • by yarn;
  • in the stable;

  • by hair;
  • on the knee;
  • in the barn;
  • by caress;
  • on keys;
  • with a needle;
  • with matches;
  • on wood;
  • over the hole;
  • in the church;
  • on the ridge;
  • on eggs;
  • on lead;
  • by windows;
  • on a sheet of paper;
  • on the coffee grounds;
  • on the nut shell;
  • on wax;

  • Salt;
  • on maps;
  • Bobah;
  • On the mirror.

How to guess for christmas on a narrowed at home

Usually such predictions are held in the evening at night with 6 on January 7 And you all you need to see in a dream. But, as you could notice above, you can guess at another time to other dates.

Such predictions are more accurate than farther from this date, the forecast will come true worse.

You can guess for love and, accordingly, the narrowed. So, we start, I prepared you cards for which you will easily read the instructions and perform the necessary actions.


























Christmas fortune telling on the night of January 6-1 on January 7 for girls:

And you know that it is the Christmas of Christ that falls on a winter sun-standing and therefore the unclean is more active during this period of time. It is the spirits of the dead come to our world and tell us about the future. Check yourself whether the forecast is true?

Most of the fortunes are based on whether the girl will marry and what will be her fiance. Therefore, I propose to pay at home and find out the name of the narrowed. You can even use a comb or ridge to find out, but we will talk about it just below. And now I want to show these pictures with the description:

















We wonder under christmas with a comb under the pillow

The most easiest option, it's when you need your scallop to put yourself under the pillow, but also not to forget them before bedtime, it is forgiven and say such words: " You're my squeezed, moody, you come to me to come to me and my tongue's head. Let it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen".

In the morning, try to remember what you dreamed, if nothing, then repeat the fortune telling the next day.

The most common setting is with a mirror. Put it and scallop under the pillow and say: "Come come, come. Taken, tag. I look at it, show yourself. " And you can do otherwise, spread your hair on the scallop right in front of the mirror (hide the comb under the pillow) and tell me: "Delicious oiled, for you dressed up for you good. You come to my dream and concave conversation. Tell me, what is your name, tell me when we meet. I'll wait for you and be together. Forces by almighty clamps: Appears in my dream. Amen".

Another way, take an absolutely new comb and put under the pillow, reading the conspiracy: "Delicious my darling, you come to me in a dream, yes crest mine. Amen".

If you are the owner of thick and long hair, you will certainly need to do the following actions. Make yourself braid and take the castle that tie to the spit. Prick these words "Daissed-dressed, come to me the key to ask, to spill the castle." At the same time, put the key under the pillow.

And there are still such beliefs, you are combing in the evening shaking and put it under the pillow, and in the morning they are recalculated, if you see 4 hairs, then it is to big trouble, 3 hairs, that there is a rival, 2 hairs - about good news and finally one - You are waiting for a meeting with the beloved.

Choose the narrowed (groom) in a dream

The following type of fortune telling is also quite common and you can easily cope with it. The only thing is not to beware if you see a wrong or something that you would not want. Do not take everything close to heart. Do not tune yourself negatively, it is not worth paying attention to this, looking for a positive meaning in everything.

So, before you go to bed, make the following, make a bridge from the twigs and read the mystical sentence:

You can put a cup with water and sentenced around the head of such words: "My squeezed, come and help through the bridge to go." But at the same time, the bridge you also build and put on the water in the evening.

Or use this method, from the new broom, check the twigs and bind the bridges from them, and after tell me "Who is the bridge of Osinov, who is the bridge of Berezov, who in the straw rusty will behave in my future? " Hide the bridge under the pillow, and at night it is possible to see a weak dream.

Next option, take a wand from a new broom and whisper in the evening before bedtime:

And here is another old and interesting method, fortune telling on twigs of three trees: aspen, birch and poplar. Put these twigs under the pillow and tell "Balideff, Asamlby, Abumaleff." The one who dreams you will definitely become your husband.

Also try this way of divination, put yourself in your shoes from the new deck of cards of any king and tell the conspiracy:

But still see what I found:

Another option with playing cards on the groom, is also done this fortune telling overnight and you need to get four kings from the deck cards.

At the same time, the condition is important, you must go to the bathhouse in advance, put a white nightie and go to bed.

Kings dust under the pad, and read the prediction in the morning.

By the way, there are still rites for love and they are made online on tarot cards. Imagine? There are special sites with such layouts.

Christmas fortune telling for the future (coming year)

Now consider the widenino fortune telling, which is done on the maps, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions. And take to start a deck of 36 cards. Do predictions not only on yourself, but also your relatives and friends. So:

You must, as understood, postpone the cards that coincided, and then read what awaits you in the future for a whole year.

First Card.

  • 6 - You will often sow all year and your relatives too;
  • 7 - You have a long road, are going to the road;
  • 8 - someone lose from relatives (death);
  • 9 - there will be large money wastings;
  • 10 - meet a lot of barriers on your way;
  • Valts - it will be much woven around you and relatives;
  • The lady is a rival or an opponent who will appear on your way;
  • The king is clean and not inspired love;
  • Ace is a certain loss (both material and spiritual).

Second map

  • 6 - You will be coming by tears on some not too significant about it;
  • 7 - take care of someone knew the deception that concerns you;
  • 8 - Soon you will fall for a holiday;
  • 9 - you will be disappointing in something or in someone;
  • 10 - Soon something scares you;
  • Valts - you have to participate in the match (not necessarily yours);
  • The lady - you will swear with someone familiar;
  • King - take care of your enemy something idea;
  • Ace - someone will soon quarrel with you and stop relations.

Third Card.

  • 6 - girlfriends disseminate dirty gossip about you;
  • 7 - You have a wedding your or your friend;
  • 8 - you will be insulting, you will have to do something;
  • 9 - Surprise awaits you, get ready;
  • 10 - alcohol, cigarettes, and other excesses will not bring to good;
  • Valts - you will find a new acquaintance with an interesting person;
  • Lady - luck on your side;
  • King - a good news will come to you soon;
  • Ace - soon fighting with enemies!

Fourth Map:

  • 6 - will soon be worried about some reason;
  • 7 - you are waiting for the service;
  • 8 - soon get the inheritance;
  • 9 - Don't you think that you too loosened?;
  • 10 - Soon the unexpected guests will come to you;
  • Valts - ask and give you!;
  • The lady is irritability and nerves;
  • King - Try to do without cheating;
  • Ace - soon you will have a meeting with friends.

Fortune telling for the new year 2020-2021 and christmas on tarot cards

I want to show you one rather interesting alignment that you can also make at home. Using all famous tarot cards. To do this, look at this plot. It will immediately have three kinds of fortunes, universal, the wheel of the year and the Golden Tarot. Successful viewing.

The most accurate fortune telling

I picked up for you on this topic, look at it and use all the recommendations.

You can ask any question and get a response to it, that is, whether your desire will come true or not. In general, watch and repeat.

And by the way, did you do at least once a fortune telling on a plate? And on a sheet of paper drew a circle, and kept a thread with a needle? If not, then, see, also quite interesting and unusual.

In general, since the crown was believed that it was for the shields that could be learned more accurately what awaits you next year. And they wondered from January 8 to January 18. The most accurate predictions were then or can be said "Trumba" days - Vasilyev Evening, January 13, and the Epiphany Christmas Eve, January 18th.

Interesting Saty Divination for Children (Simple Methods)

The kids are also having fun, stroll and as well as adults, hide in their rooms to enjoy. They can offer the following. Learn your future with this YouTube Channel.

Well, and personally from me again cards with the necessary sequence of actions:








Friends, on this I have everything, guess for Christmas and shints and do not forget that it is not serious to approach this if the forecasts are rather unfavorable. Look for only a positive meaning. Come to this work with humor. Happy holiday, my good!

If you like the note, add it to your browser bookmarks or share with friends. Good luck and goodbye.

Sincerely, Catherine

Only once a year, magic happens - the time of fortune telling comes. Of course, not everyone is engaged in divination - mostly girls are guessing. When you are young and young, how do you want to know what is waiting for you ahead ...

Where did fortune tell me

Divination for Christmas is not a Christian tradition. I must say that the church has always been against divination. This is your explanations. The fact is that the culture of the Slavs is very unique. Long before the appearance of Christianity, Slavs worshiped with pagan deities.

The eradicates of the pagan traditions and customs of the church and the new faith did not work. Almost all Christian holidays are applied on top of the previous, pagan. On the site of pagan churches, new, Christian was built. The pagan and Christian traditions of the Slavs are intertwined very closely.

Foreign for Christmas, there is nothing but the oldest pagan tradition of fortune telling on the shiny. The shints are a pagan festival, which in Christianity simply did not exist.

The shints begin on January 6, and end on January 18. It is during this period that invisible portals are opening for rampant unclean and otherworldly power, which help to look into the future.

The fortune telling is not a Christmas tradition and she has nothing to do with it. The church prohibits divination, as he sees in this connection with the unclean, otherwise powerful. Christmas divisions simply fit into the temporary framework of the soda fortunes.

When you need to guess for christmas

Girl looks at the candle
Photo: Yandex.Cartinki

The divination for Christmas falls on the night from 6 to 7 January, to the Christmas Christmas Eve. You wonder only at night, begin at 12 o'clock and until the morning. This is the time for the free life of the unclean.

Our people love to guess until baptism - until January 19. Accurate fortune telling on the groom spend on the night of Katerina and Vasilyev day.

The Day of the Great Martyr Katerina falls on December 9, and Vasilyev day for January 14th.

  • Health is guessing on Monday.
  • On Tuesday, you walign on the enemies, enemies and ill-wishers.
  • At the benefit of the affairs and money we are wondering only on Wednesday.
  • On Thursdays, fortune telling can tell about progress in affairs, work and study.
  • Friday time for love ghosts. On this day, you can guess for changes in family matters.
  • It is impossible to guess on Sunday. This perfume is a day, you need to go to the church, put the candles for health and descend.

Divination for christmas in leap year

Magic Moon
Photo: Pixabay.

To conduct a magic ritual divination for Christmas in a leap year is urgently not recommended.

The fact is that the leap year is special, for the Julian calendar, the extra day was added by February. This added day was called Cassiano.

The day was called in honor of the Roman St. John Cassian, he was erected into the rank of saints, but in the people he was entrusted with bad glory. Cassian attribute envy, greed, anger and even the connection with the devil.

If you fully believe in an unknown, then from divination for Christmas to the leap year should be abandoned. Magic in a leap year can attract a terrible view of Cassian. It is believed that where the Roman saint looks, we are waiting for trouble, illness and ruin.

How to guess for christmas

Divination for Christmas is a touch towards a secret, sacral. The process of fortune telling is not amenable to rational explanation, so our normal behavior with the mysterious process is not compatible.

During the burning, we touch the unknown, perhaps these are other measurements. Therefore, behave differently.

  • It is necessary to free yourself from the usual thinking. You don't need to think about landed things. Concentrate on your secret desires, about what you want to know.
  • You can trust during divination only your intuition and sensations.
  • Divination for Christmas requires compliance with certain conditions. It is necessary to abandon any kind of faith. During fortune telling for prediction, otherwise attractions are attracted, so no crosses on the body should be.
  • The clothing for divination should be free. There should be no nodes, belts.
  • Hair must be dissolved, no hair accessories should be. Dusting for Christmas can not be carried out, arms crossed or legs. The person must be open and free.

Divination in the mirror

fortune telling for christmas at night
Photo: Yandex.Cartinki

One of the terrible ghosts. The best time for divination is the moonlight from 7 to 8 January. This is the night of the shin. But the exact time for this fortune telling is difficult to determine: you can see far over midnight and not see anything.

You need to guess in a non-residential room with candles. For divination, two mirrors will need: one large and smaller mirror. On the table you need to install a large mirror, and in front of it to put a small one. A small-size mirror must be closer to the one who came to guess.

If other people will be present in the room, they should sit on the side of the gadget. In the mirror they look categorically prohibited.

Between two mirrors you need to put two candles. Gone should sit opposite the mirrors and look closely in a large mirror. In the Big Mirror, 12 mirrors and a long corridor should be reflected.

With the right execution of all the conditions of divination in the last mirror, the person who is guessing is guessing.

Calling your narrowed need a special spell. It is pronounced by a hemispot before the start of divination. The words of the spell are known to everyone: "Daughty, rich, come to me dinner." When the mirrors appeared in the reflection of the mirror, the fortune telling immediately stop, saying: "Chur me."

Fortune telling

This divination for Christmas is not so scary as the previous one, but it requires compliance with a special ritual.

This fortune telling at a desire, will come true or not. So, for fortune telling a mirror, candles and a large decanter with water.

The fortune telling also needs to be carried out in a non-residential room. On the table you need to put a decanter with water, behind the graphics - the mirror.

From the three sides of the decanter you need to install lit candles. The governing should take off the contrary, to make a wish to hear. Then you need, without opening the look closely look at the castorical. What gone there will see, it will come true.

Divination for christmas in burned paper

Girl Magic
Photo: Pixabay.

Simple fortune telling, which needs to be carried out alone. For accurate ritual, paper is needed, which has a loose composition. The paper does not burn paper and quickly will fall. Shadows that give dense paper are not so clear, their contours are blurred.

The predictor in this case of divination is a shadow. The light gives a person from the mysterious world, so you need to guess in complete darkness.

From the room you need to remove all mirrors, drill windows so that the darkness rear in the room. There should be no electrical equipment and drafts in the room. Cell phones from the room should also be removed.

For fortune telling, a clean sheet of white paper, a candle, a large saucer or a faience plate. The fortune telling is carried out before a completely even white surface. I wondered before the whitewashed stove. If the wall is not white, then it can be masked with a white cloth.

The fortune telling will happen if it focuses as it follows what you are worried. You can mentally ask completely any questions, they can concern personal life, work, love, waiting for change.

It should not be guessing for ordinary curiosity, the shadow of the burned paper will give false answers.

Before holding the magic ritual, you should hide the paper and put it on the plate turned upward upwards. Sit opposite the white wall, take a plate into one hand, and to another lit candle. The candle can be put or keep in your hand so that the shadow from the combing paper falls on the wall.

As soon as the paper begins to burn and the first shadows appear, you can already interpret them. This is a difficult case, it is more likely to trust with your own instincts. For example, I saw a military cap although it was not enough for her, but I saw her and next year married the military.


The divination at Christmas is very popular with young, unmarried girls. If the girl wants to know what happens in the coming year, then she needs to take three things: a headdress, a piece of bread and a piece of wood. All items must be put in an empty clean large saucepan.

Then, by closing or blinding the eyes, the girl should come up and take the first item from the pan, which will come to her hands.

  • If it is a headdress - it will marry this year.
  • If the bread chooses - will remain in the girls for a year.
  • If a piece of wood falls into the hands - it is waiting for a mountain. A tree means a coffin.

Fortune telling bridge

This is a divination for Christmas for unmarried and lonely women. For divination, several plates of any tree will be required. Arches need to be folded into the bridge and put it under the pillow on which the girl will sleep.

Singing twigs, you need to make a mystery: "Who is my narrowed, who is my rich? Transfer me through the bridge. " Having dreamed at night and be a fiance.

Divination for christmas on a bath broom

This is an old fortune telling, which is held in the evening of the Sabbath of the Satina Week. The unmarried girl is guessing on the narrowed. After the bath, the girl should go out completely naked with a broom in his hands.

To the bath you need to turn your back and throw through yourself on the roof of the bath of a broom. Which way will indicate the thick end of the broom, in the other side and marry.

If the broom fell in such a way that his handle looks up - it means that the husband will be very strict. If the handle looks down, then, on the contrary, the husband will be kind and stopped.

Standing right before the fallen broom can be paid about what the life of the girl will be. If the broom stick looks right, it means that the husband will be secured, life will be rich and sweet. If the handle looks left, it is bad. Life will be difficult, hard. The future husband will be poor.

Fortune telling at Bashmak

fortune telling on Valenok
Photo: Yandex.Cartinki

This divination is one of the easiest and most common among the maiden medium. I asked my long girlfriend to share a fortune, because I never wondered.

Fortune telling on the shoe or boots case case, I think so. But nevertheless, most girls say about this divination for Christmas. They guess deep at night, go to the middle of the nearest crossroads of roads. Take the hands of the boots or shoe, close their eyes, turn around them several times around themselves and throw a cooked row or shoe through the back.

Then they find shoes and where the shoe or boots will show, from there and are waiting for the appearance of the first passerby. When passerby appears, ask his name. His name and will be the name of the narrowed.

Divorce for Christmas Our old original Russian tradition, which even the church could not eradicate. When I prepared this article, I asked how you guess my girlfriends before. Most speak about youth, the game, entertainment of laughter. But there are both girls who sincerely believed in the divination for Christmas that their fate became an open book for them.

Learn your destiny, the near future dream of many, resorting to this to various fortune tells. It is important to do it correctly, following all regulations, within certain periods of the year.

In Russia, the unmarried girl, striving, to find out about their future husband, resorted to all sorts of rites, thanks to which it was possible to take a look at the future spouse at least one eye.


Such fortune tells is recommended to carry out in the shit, which covers the Christmas and baptism. Thus, the most favorable time to commit sacraments in 2021 is the period from January 6 to 19.

How to guess the shit

Having enlisted with the support of the spirits, for conducting rites by completing the necessary requirements, you can proceed to popular fortune telling. It is better to do it on Christmas Eve from January 6 to 7, in Vasilyev evening from January 13 to 14, on the eve of baptism from January 18 to 19.

All rites should be held in a relaxed atmosphere, you can not laugh and joke. It is strictly forbidden to be in a drunken form and under the influence of narcotic substances during the sacraments.

Strust is necessary alone so that no one can prevent the magical process. It is also not necessary to inform friends and relatives about the upcoming sacrament, otherwise you can distort the results.

Divination at Christmas

Preparation for fortunening is to remove all the decorations and hairpins from the hair, weathered in clothes without buttons and other fasteners. For each rite, try to comply with the correct sequence of actions and carefully evaluate the result.

Divination for Christmas on the night from January 6 to 7

To get answers to exciting questions that are required to solve in the coming year, the following rituals can be held.

What events are awaiting in life

To do this, in the container with a deep bottom to lower different items, such as: a piece of ash, a cube of sugar sand, ring, bulb, etc. Present in turn pull out the subject. It defines the future of man.

Divination at Christmas

The ash - to a bad life, sugar - to sweet life, the ring symbolizes about the rapid marriage, a bulb for tears and experiences, a glass - to a fun and carefree life, a golden thing, for example, a ring or earrings - to wealth and abundance, etc.

We define the fate of the shadow

Crumpled sheet of paper to place on a sowing and set fire. Having waited for almost complete combustion of the sheet, bring candles to it, achieving its reflection on the wall. According to the shade, they judge the upcoming changes in the fate of the gadget.

Predictions on New Year's holidays on wine glasses

Having gathered together with girlfriends, you can burn on wine glasses, the ranks of there are some water. It is necessary to need 6 such a glass, in which you should lay a match, ring, a piece of bread, a small amount of sugar, salt and a coin.

divination on christmas glasses

Each girl tie his eyes with a handkerchief and suggest to take one of the glass. Deciding with the choice, you can interpret the content value.

  • Coin - promises about material well-being;
  • Ring - means a rapid marriage;
  • Bread - symbolizes wealth in the house;
  • Sugar - to good and good news;
  • Match - to adding in the family;
  • Salt - marks troubles and quarrels.

After each divination, all the glasses change places.

How to pay for christmas christovo 2021 for love

The light must be muffled. In a spoon, a little wax with a candle. Heat the spoon with the contents using the flame on the other candle. It is important to mentally speak the question of interest to you.

divination for christmas for love

After that, melted wax pour into a bowl with cold water. Extract the resulting figurine from wax and carefully consider it, bringing to the flame. Turn the figure in various angles by analyzing the outlines of its shadow. Seen silhouette will give an answer to the question.

Divination for christmas at home on a narrowed

The unmarried girls are in a hurry to learn about their worst chosen one, open the curtain of secrets and find out what they expect them in 2021. What fateful turns of fate come to the young lady on the love front.

Girl and guy love

Perhaps they are waiting for a quick acquaintance with their future spouse, separation or loss. You can learn your destiny in different ways.

For dreams

On New Year's holidays, you can go to visit relatives or friends. Having left overnight, set up on the bed and before going to bed the following phrase:

"Sleep in a new place, dream of the bride's bride. Appear with that face, with what I will go under the crown. "


The appearance of the future spouse should seem like a girl.

Fortune telling with ring

The engagement ring can be borrowed from parents or married girlfriends. This method will indicate the most reliable information on Christmas Eve - January 6.

fortune telling with ring

A transparent glass glass with smooth walls must be filled with a third of water. For these purposes, well fits well or melt water. Throw a ring into a glass with a liquid, saying: "Dailed, show me!".

Wait until the water in the container calms down and carefully peel at the rings. The features of the groom should be displayed on the surface of the water at first not too clearly, but over time the picture will be more complete.

Christmas fortune telling on wax and water on Christmas Eve

It is necessary to melt the bee or wax with a burning candle on the water bath, which you need to pour in a saucer with water.

divination at Christmas wax

The procedure is repeated several times before formation in the bowl of various wax figures.

Removing each of them, one can judge the upcoming future:

  • Large drops - mean changes in the new year;
  • Long stripes from wax - to travel or long-term business trips;
  • A large number of short stripes - empty troubles;
  • If one big pellet was formed from wax - in the coming year, marriage is not to be;
  • A figurine in the form of a ring or candle - to the emergency wedding;
  • Cross - for diseases and great troubles;
  • Wax in the form of an envelope or bell - predicts from afar.

Guess on paper for the future

A clean sheet of paper needs to be sick and put on the bottom of the plates and set fire. During the combustion of paper, bring the resulting ashes to the wall, gently turning the plate, inspect the shadow, which will become the result of the rite.

To interpret the shadows, you must connect your fantasy and understand the signs of fate.

We use a prediction comb

For the sacrament, the head should be combed using a scallop and hide it under the pillow for the night, sentencing, the following words: "You're sick, muddy, come to me and my head. Let it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen".


Waking up in the morning, try to remember your dreams and analyze the information. If you do not remember anything, try again.

Colding with a mirror will help find out who will become narrowed for the girl. Put it together with the ridge under the pillow, saying the phrase: "Come, come. Taken, tag. Look me, show yourself. "

How to guess the desire for a pillow

The fortune telling is especially effective for the coming dream. Before the sacrament, the hair must be thoroughly played, faith in loose robes and remove all the decorations.

To prepare the bed accordingly. Watch out the bottom side up, the pillow move to the opposite direction, put on the night shirt inside out. Three days before the sacrament, adhere to the post not to use fried, greasy and smoked products.

Before the departure to sleep on 12 leaves, write your most cherished desires and place them under the pillow.

Desire on paper

Go to bed if you dreamed a dream, wonderful, you can analyze it that you have dreamed.

Sleep girl

At the morning, pull any three in turn - these desires should be fulfilled soon.

Wishes can be replaced by male names and also repeat the ritual. The elongated leaf with the name means that this is how your future husband will call.

Is it possible to guess for Christmas holidays on Tarot and Playing Maps

Playing deck in 36 implications of nonsense ranks and numerical nominal nominal opening portal in the other world and predicts future events and change in life. Domestic divisions are held on a new deck.

divination on maps for christmas

They are striking their accuracy and brevity, predict the coming events in life.

Divination on tarot cards is more complex and multifaceted. For learning this difficult occupation will be required years of practice. Drag the deck of cards and throw cards on the table so that the shirt turns out to be up. Arbitrarily select one card and carefully read it.

tarot cards

Determine the may of the card.

- Pentacles promise success in a quarry and in a financial issue.

- Swords marked a year full of emotional experiences, and they will not always be a positive character.

- Bowls talk about change on the love front. Rods foreshadow travel and travel.

- Card chosen by you, Senior Arkana? The coming year will be for you fateful and especially significant.

To recognize the upcoming changes in your life, consider illustration on the map. Listen to the inner voice, it will tell the image value.

Guess for christmas 2021 for money and good luck

The most pressing issues that are worried about everyone, in addition to love, also money and good luck, it never places, especially in our modern world.

On water

Pour a small amount of water into the container. In the hand, take the handful of pebbles. Ask about your financial condition in the new year. Repeat the question three times.

Throw pebbles and count the number of circles formed from their fall. An even number marks a positive answer to the question, and an odd number predicts financial difficulties.

Thus, you can find out and answers to other exciting questions.

On matches

In the transparent glass, type the water and throw two lit matches there, mentally keeping the question in my head. Observe how they will fall relative to each other.

fortune telling on matches

If they lay parallel to each other, this means a favorable event of events with the maximum benefit for the glooming. The position of the cross will foreshadow serious obstacles towards solving the issue.

If they found that charred particles were separated from the matches, it may say that the problem prevents the person from the neighboring environment.

Kota's behavior

Cats and mice are mystical animals, peculiar conductions in the otherworldly worlds. They can help identify financial potential in the coming year.

ginger cat

Take the animal to the neighboring room. Think about the disturbing question and call the pet.

The animal crossed the threshold with the left paw - this means that the question is to be solved favorable. But if the homemade favorite came from the right leg, then alas, the situation will have a negative character and remains only to measure with the inevitable.

On bills

You can burn for money with the help of cash bills themselves. To do this, fold bills of different dignity in a wrapping bag. So that the experiment turned out to be real, laid several sheets of paper suitable size inside the bag.

fortune telling for money

The higher the bills managed to pull out, the richer will be life in the future. If a blank sheet got caught, then the year will be quite difficult financially.

How to pay for the birth of a child

To carry out a ritual, the girl should go to the bath where the broken broom must lie. Starting fortunate, sitting down on the shelves and asking the bathtop to tell about how many kids will be born.

fortune telling on the child

Then the whole body is written and determine the number of leaflets on the body upon completion of the procedure. Their number will mark the number of times when a woman becomes a mother.

This can be defined with fortune-match. By asking the question, set fire to the match, waiting for it completely to the dog. The extinct match is thrown into a bowl with water and evaluate the result.

If the burner is drowning, you can expect the birth of a boy, will continue to swim on the surface, then you need to prepare for the girl.

How great that in our urbanized world there is space for old traditions and rites. The holidays came from the distant pagans with the dates of the Orthodox Church Calendar, as if reminding that there are wonders and magic in life.

In January, Orthodox in Russia celebrate Christmas, the second most important church holiday after Easter. The time of the shields - festive noisy days, festivities, delicious meals and refusal from strict fasting. Traditionally, during this period, we went to visit, we gave birth to loved ones and native hotels, gadal.

The official church does not approve of predictions and a vorozh, considering their manifestation of paganism. But the traditions are strong, and even in our time of divination for Christmas at home are popular in different regions of Russia. If you go out correctly from 6 to 7 January, you can learn a lot of interesting things about your future.

Divination for christmas at home on the narrowed (in a dream)

It is believed that the best time for fortunes is the days from the Christmas Eve Christmas (January 6) to the Christmas Epiphany (January 18). These days the shackles and prohibitions fall, the otherworldly forces come to the ground, the ball will rule the good and evil. They are hosted at the dark time, therefore it is believed to guess the best in the evening or at night.

fortune telling on the narrowed

The Sabbath is going to be unclean strength, while good celebrating feast with chants, festivities, carols. The night before Merry Christmas is magical, therefore the unmarried girl tried at this time to pay on the narrowed. Numerous rites are associated with sleep, since it is in this state that people receive information about the future encrypted in different images.

In Russia, everything was guessing for Christmas: representatives of the highest noble society, merchants, urban people, peasants.

Rules of divination in a dream (preparation for rituals):

  • They try to not devote anyone to the planned action, keep the planned rituals in the Secret;
  • Pre-prepare items: comb, candles, water, bowl;
  • Dress inside out a nightdress;
  • Do not speak during the ritual, and conducting the necessary actions, fit to sleep.

How to guess:

  • In the evening, before stacking to sleep, wear socks on barefoot. At the same time, they sentence words by calling the narrowed to come at night and bring socks. Then remove the left sock, remove it under the pillow and fall asleep. According to beliefs, in a dream, the girl will see the image of the narrowed, this man will become her husband;
  • Before bedtime, the hair grinds, neatly combed with scallops. Say ritual spells, referring to the highest forces, asking for a strong dream. In a dream, it should seem the image of the one who will be a future wife to strengthen;
  • Water poured into a wide plate, lay a few plates from the broom (you can use pencils, wooden sticks). Pronounce words referring to the future fiance: who will be fate of mine, let him lead through the bridge. Plate put near the pillow or in the headboard and without conversations immediately fit to sleep. The next morning remember that he had dreamed, and they interpret what was seen: there was a young guy in a dream, it means that you will be a married woman. If in a dream I translated on the bridge, then it is soon to be a wedding;
  • On the night before Merry Christmas, go to bed, put a comb laying under the pillow. In the morning getting scallop, and comb hair. Note the number of hair on the crest: one hairs promises a meeting with her beloved, two - news from the narrowed, three - foreign sneakers intervene in love affairs. If there is a lot of hair, you will have to prepare for the fight for your love and happiness;
  • In a glass, a pinch of salt puffed with clean water, stirred. The contents drink, pronouncing the words: squeezed mine, come to me in a dream, drink me with clean water. The next morning recall sleep, interpret images, among which, possibly, the future groom.

How to guess on the night from January 6 to January 7 for money

The methods of burning are many, while many fortune-telling reached us from distant antiquity.

fortune telling with a mirror

For them, various items used, in which magical forces are concentrated, and beliefs:

  • crest;
  • belt;
  • ring;
  • Candles;
  • thimble;
  • mirror;
  • footwear;
  • sock.

But today for rituals for money, they prepare in advance and quite modern things, for example, are guessing on cash banknotes. Christmas is the time to attract material wealth to the house, find it in good luck in financial affairs, talk bills in order to always be taken money.

Conspiracy for money


  • On the Christmas Eve, at night from January 6-1 on January 7, before bedtime they talk to bill. It should be clean, preferably not very mint, with clear images. Take money into the right hand, fold a triangle, uttering words: let my amulet attracts luck and wealth into the house of the slave of God (they tell her name), as the moon attracts the night. Let him help in this moon force. Amen. Monetary banknote is cleaned into the wallet and worn with them all year;
  • A small ceramic pot is buying in advance, coins are preparing. Night in the pot throws money (seven coins), saying words of spell: coins, ring! Good luck and wealth in your hands go! Then on the leaflet of the laurels gently write their name, hide it into a pot to coins. Clean the vessel in a secret place and within a week, each day is added to it on one coin. It is believed that such a magic ritual attracts prosperity and financial well-being.

Christmas fortune telling for the near future (on paper and wax)

Candles, according to beliefs, are endowed with a special force of magic. Therefore, divination at wax for a long time is considered the most faithful and accurate.

fortune telling at wax

Need carefully relates to predictions. It is believed that predicted in Christmas night is distinguished by reliability (both good and bad). Understand the measure of responsibility, especially if the people are disguised.

Rituals with wax simple, minimum items are required:

  • Candles (taking only wax, paraffin are not suitable). You can melt church candles;
  • a large ceramic spoon;
  • Deep dish with clean cold water.

Rituals are carried out in the company, therefore, for each participant, the burns are preparing a couple of candles. How to guess:

  • Gently break the candle on small pieces;
  • put them in a spoon;
  • Slowly melted the contents on the flame of another candle. Wax turns into a liquid;
  • pour the content into water;
  • Learn the resulting figures.

The interpretation of the figures is different, depends on perception, fantasy of a person. So, one can see the boot in the figure, the other will seem that this is the key, the third - the silhouette of a fantastic bird. Here are some images and predictions on them:

  • Medal - waiting for a reward;
  • Cat - wait for trouble;
  • Snail - carefully appreciate your activity, do not take hasty decisions;
  • Chair - waiting for a career ladder;
  • owl - disease;
  • Rose - new love will appear in life;
  • The heart is well-being in the family;
  • Horseshoe - to luck, sufficiency;
  • Clouds - it is necessary to bring thoughts in order, to exclude chaos;
  • Knife - to separation and losses;
  • cock - waiting for excellent news;
  • Spoon - will soon be guests;
  • Box - in the near future presented a present;
  • House with a pipe - the whole family will soon college together.

Very similar to the described ritual fortune telling on paper. Instead of wax figures, the shadows from the burnt paper sheet are considered.

fortune telling on paper

How to spend:

  • paper leaf fmines;
  • put on a plate or saucer, ignite;
  • wait when the sheet burns completely;
  • Brings the plate to the wall and consider shadow from paper on the surface.

Try silhouettes on the wall, based on their own imagination. For example, heart means a love relationship, a bird - a pleasant message, a tree - joy, etc.

Simple fortune telling in Christmas holidays at home

In the old days, the unwritten rules were preparing to the vorozhba and fortune telling. Now everything is easier, so if you decided to pay for Christmas, it is not necessary to find a lot of items. There are simple magical rituals, with a minimum of items, but this does not lose its meaning.

With needle

Everyone can wander at night using a conventional sewing needle with thread. The thread is inhabited into the needle, hold on top of the palm. The needle tip should be slightly above the surface of the palm, right in the center.

Foreign with needle

Mentally ask important questions (in order), following the needle rotations. If the needle on the thread "goes" around - the answer is affirmative, if, as a pendulum, moves from side to the side - negative. The needle frozen on the thread without movement - the question is defined incorrectly or while there is no intelligible response.

At wishes

Preparing to sleep, 12 desires write on paper. Thoughts should be brave, but real, without fantastic ideas. Each desire is on a separate leaflet.

Carefully fold sheets, remove under the pillow and go to sleep. The main thing happens in the morning, when you get three sheets from under the pillow after sleep. Read written, learn what three desires from 12 will come true in the very near future.

With chain

It will take a gold or silver chain. Late in the evening sitting behind a clean table, holding a chain in her hands. Think about the future, and then throw decoration on the surface of the table. How the chain curves, what a figure will appear, and interrupt the near future.

Divination with chain


  • Circle - a lot of workers go around the girl;
  • Triangular figure - the third extra charge will appear in your relationship with your loved one;
  • Bow - to joy, celebration;
  • Smooth strip - you should expect a serious relationship.

For the ritual, its chain is required that you constantly wear. You can't take other people's decorations for divination.

Predictions on the book

Simple fortune telling in the Christmas evening - find out your future on the text in the book. Interpretation depended on the written, so that only you decide which book to take: melodrama, fiction or scientific treatise.

First, mentally asked a question, then two numbers at random. The first is the page number in the book, the second digit is the line number on the specified page. Read the text, thereby answering a given question.

Fortune telling on love

Most often under Christmas, they were fortunate on "Cardiac cases", learning about the future marriage, the name of the groom, happy or complex family life. The girls were going to companies, Burned alone, Holy Referring to the virtue of rituals.

fortune telling on love

With egg

A common raw egg will help to learn about the future in love affairs. Previously, they took from under the naews, today it is necessary to be content with the shopping products. But the strength and truthfulness of the ritual from this does not disappear.


  • The egg is neatly broken, separating in the cups of protein and yolk;
  • The protein is poured into the dishes with clean water (bowl, saucepan);
  • put the stove or on the stove so that the protein curls;
  • According to the resulting figure, the future is determined.


  • The protein curled and sank to the bottom - there is a loneliness ahead. In the near future, the wedding is not worth waiting;
  • It turned out a figurine in the form of a church dome - to be a wedding soon;
  • It turned out square - in relationship awaits failure;
  • The protein in the form of a boat or a ship - in the near future is expected to move, and the groom will be from the far side.

With crook

You need to guess the company, at night. On the table put a large dish with a cereal (rice, millet) or grain. Hiding in the contents of a small ring.

fortune telling with cereal

Each girl in turn with his eyes closed is trying to find in the crucian cereals, groping her hand decoration. Found - it means to be married in the coming year. If the ring is "hidden", then you will have to make a groom and the wedding to easily go.

By dog ​​dogs

If you live in rural areas, you can pay on the future groom and for love on dogs of dogs at night, before the onset of midnight, come out of the house. Mentally pronounce the question:

  • Will I have the bridegroom this year?
  • What will be a family life;
  • What is the nature of the future man: strict and angry, or cheerful and generous?

Listen to dogs of dogs. Having walked down and evil barking, make a conclusion about the nonlaskaya husband, a challenging family life. Conversely, the foul and cheerful sounds of four-legged sounds of the good groom and a sweet carefree marital life.

We wonder on maps in christmas night

A varied christmas and divergent types of fortunes on the maps. Apply maps:

  • Tarot;
  • playing;
  • Oracles.

Card folds are considered the most correct. But only if the cards are ready to open the truth. Sometimes it happens that a person does not "affect" with a deck and predictions are empty.

Card reading

Here are just a few options:

  • On a flat surface of the table, lay a deck, then stirred thoroughly. Close your eyes and the left hand pulls the card. What pulled out, so the year will be. The interpretations are: six peak - to Wests are kind, worm - to love adventure. Peak lady promises a storm year, so it is desirable to restrain the feelings. The King worm predicts a rich fan, but the ace of worms broadcasts happiness in your home. The trephy lady says that an influential woman will soon appear in his life, which will help in his career. Bubnov currency - to replenish in the family, and worm - to unexpected changes in life;
  • Touch the deck, carefully remove. Mentally make a desire. Then removed from the deck of 15 cards and folded on the table. If there are aces among these fifteen cards, lay them aside. Touch the remaining cards again and take fifteen again and take out aces. So make a total three times. If all four aces come out for these three times, the desire will surely come true.

You can also lay solitaires.

Other ways of ghostas for Christmas

Among the numerous rituals, burning and gadas are complex, requiring compliance, rituals.

fortune telling on Valenka

But the most convenient to know about the future and your own happiness on simple manipulations:

  • On the morning of January 7, take a photo of my beloved, holding her in his right hand, say the words: Guardian Angel behind his back, image - in front of me. Where is the slave of God, what awaits him? Then look out the window, and determine the situation: if you see children, it means a lot of trouble with a loved one. The old woman is a heartbell, a man - a man is in the company, and if a girl or a woman means, he has another;
  • Phrases write on paper: "This year," "in a year", "soon", "never." Put the sheet on the table, throw 2-3 spruce bumps over it. What a bump falls closer to the inscription, then to expect marriage;
  • Take two needles. It is advisable to take new needles that were not used for sewing. Fit the lard, lowered into a glass with water. The glass is slightly shaken, so that the needles in the water are swollen. We observe: needed needles next to the side, then all my life will live with your beloved in good and harmony. Sold apart, then in family life there will be discords and scandals;
  • Go out in the evening for the gate, thrown over the shoulder of the boots or boots. Where sock will indicate, from there and groom wait. If the sock point to his home, then in the coming year, the bridegroom will not appear;
  • Also we threw a couple of shoes (shoes, sneakers) over the shoulder. If the pair lay down next, then life in the marriage will be cloudless and happy. If the burden will fly away far, there will be no consent of family life;
  • Take the ass and split into fragments. Small pieces scattered in all directions, be in the family with a small quarrels and scandals. Bashed large fragments - harmony in the family. If the mug was beaten, and her handle flew off, expect to replenish the family in the new year.

With the onset of Christmas and rampant softy days, the wonders and gadas comes. But the magic creates and contributes to the implementation of the desired not a vorozhba, but the strength of thought and confidence in their own forces. If you clearly follow the goal, work fruitfully, not to make evil deeds and black affairs, success and result will surely come. This also applies to careers, and love relationships, peace and harmony in the family.

Believe it or no fortune telling - each decides on their own. But the vintage rituals on Christmas night helps to believe in miracles, allow at least some time to be in the mystical and mysterious world of dreams, good old and fairy tales.

Merry Christmas!

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