15 ways to narrow extended pores on the face at home: funds and tips

Extended pores look outstone, lead to problems with the skin. They are clogged with dirt that often becomes the cause of acne. How to narrow the pores on the face, not referring to the costly services of specialists - a question common among people and ages. Fortunately, it is possible to achieve a result at home, although it will have to make certain efforts.

How to narrow (reduce) pores and that for this it is necessary: ​​rating of funds and tips

The expansion of the grooves of the sebaceous glands is associated with their "troubleshooting" with skin fat due to its increased secretion. Often, an excessive passion for cosmetic means is plays its role in clogging and not sufficiently careful cleansing of the dermis after them. Another important factor is a decrease in the tone of the epidermis due to age or exposure to ultraviolet.

To avoid problems in the future, it is recommended to determine your skin type as early as possible and choose suitable care, not to abuse decorative cosmetics, pay attention to cleansing and moisturizing.

The narrowing of the pores should be not only for improving the appearance, but also due to the high risk of enhancing the bacteria and the development of acne or other dermatological problems. It is important to take into account that simple use of special lotions and creams will not give the desired result - it is impossible to reduce the size of the driven duct, first it is necessary to empty it.

Girl with narrowed pores

It is advisable to adhere to the following sequence to narrow the pores:

  1. Surface cleansing. It implies the washing of dirt and cosmetics.
  2. Sparking. For example, over a saucepan with hot water, covering your head with a cloth so that steam does not go out. It is not recommended to be tilted too low, otherwise it is possible to get burns. You can also apply fabric moistened in hot water or use special cosmetics. Swinging time - 5-10 minutes.
  3. Deep cleaning. A procedure is carried out using a scrub or cleansing mask.
  4. The narrowing of the pores selected.
  5. Moisturizing with nutritional composition.

Important: Sparking and deep cleaning are carried out no more than once a week or two (depending on the dermis reaction). The rest is enough to wash, take advantage of the suspension, and after - the moisturizing drug.

Nothing is impossible to narrow the pores on the face at home there is no. But it should be borne in mind that consolidating the result of even the most efficient procedure will not work forever - to preserve health and attractiveness, you need constant care. We have drawn up funds rating that are noted positive feedback and guaranteed to help adjust the secretion of skin fat and maintain the pores in the normal state.

"Washing" ice

The short-term effect of low temperatures has a tonic effect, helps reduce the swelling, improved blood circulation.

Very narrowing of the ice cube

The procedure is recommended to be carried out after normal washing, in the morning and evening. It will take a small ice cube, which is convenient to hold in your hand - they need to be carried out without pressure and delays to lead in a person without affecting the eyelids. The duration of washing is about 5 minutes.

For ice cooking, we need soft (filtered) water, it is permissible to take tea, chamomile decoction, nettle or calendula. You can also replace the ice frozen slide cucumber.

Ciracle Pore Control serum

The preparation of Korean production regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, reduces the severity of pores, narrows them.

Serum for face

Contains the extracts of the following plants:

In addition, the composition has castor oil, panthenol, ascorbic acid and some other components. The holders of a sensitive dermis should be borne in mind that the tool contains alcohol.

The serum with a dispenser pipette is extruded on clean palm and applied to problem areas by massaging movements, it is recommended to use in the evening, 10-15 minutes after washing. The effect of cumulative, completely manifested in a few weeks of daily use.


Fragrant grains in external use are tonic and cleansing effects, contribute to an increase in skin elasticity, improved blood circulation and metabolic processes.

Coffee to combat expanded pores

Only natural ground coffee, fresh (more aggressive impact, you need to mix with honey, cream, sour cream or butter in the proportion of one to one) or in the form of a thick after cooking.

The coffee ground should be applied to the face, leaving clean eyelids, the area around the eyes and lips. Hold a quarter of an hour, after which it is to massate the skin with neat circular movements and wash. Conduct the procedure up to two times a week.

Glycolic acid

Chemical peeling allows you to carry deep purification and achieve narrowed pore.

Glycolic acid 10%

Glycolic acid can be used at home, the main thing is to clearly follow the instructions:

  1. Conduct an allergic sample - drop the drug to fold the elbow and wait a few hours. If there is no reaction - you can continue.
  2. Clear face carefully.
  3. Apply a 10% solution (a higher concentration is recommended to be used under the supervision of a specialist, a 5% solution) of glycolic acid, avoiding the area around the eyes, is sufficient for a sensitive dermis. Keep 10-15 minutes.
  4. Wash off with a special neutralizer (should be attached to the peeling set). It is impossible to wash the water.
  5. Apply a moisturizing cream.

It is not recommended to conduct a procedure more often than 2 times a month.


Inexpensive, affordable and effective means to reduce the production of sebum, purification and narrowing pores. To prepare the mask, it will be necessary to mix clay with warm boiled water to the consistency of the liquid sour cream.

White clay for face

Apply the resulting mass on the face (except the area around the eyes), hold 15 minutes, after which it was washed away. If the mask begins to push, it can be moistened.

White, blue and black clay varieties are most effectively operating, the recommended periodicity of use is 2-3 times a week. After the procedure, you can apply cosmetics for moisturizing.

Morocco Ghassoul Modeling Mask

Alginate mask The tapered pore matches and cleans the dermis, normalizes the secretion of the skin. The means from the Korean manufacturer Morocco Ghassoul, containing Moroccan volcanic clay, also helps to increase the effect of drugs that were used immediately before it is applied. Applies 2-3 times a week.

Preparation for the narrowing

For preparation, it will take 50 ml of the composition thoroughly mixed with 35 ml of water (when applied only on a problem zone, for example, the nose is required to proportionally reduce the amount), cover the face with a layer of 3-5 mm without affecting the eyelids. Mask hold about half an hour, after which it neatly pick up the resulting film and remove. Removes remove sponge.


The vitamin plant improves the tone of the epidermis, increases elasticity, moisturizes and nourishes, contributes to the purification and narrowing of the pores.

Rosehip berries

For the preparation of infusion will need:

  • 3 tablespoons of dry berries;
  • glass of water.

Rosehip pour boiling water, insist 6-8 hours, after which it is strain. The resulting liquid can be used for washing (in the morning and in the evening), daily, and also prepare a mask on its basis (it applies 1-2 times a week):

  1. Separate the protein of one egg from the yolk. Beat a little (before the formation of foam).
  2. Add a dining area infusion of rosehip and starch.
  3. To stir thoroughly.

Apply on the face, wash in 20 minutes.

Gel The Skin House Pore Control

Korean remedy for purification and narrowing pore contains essential oil of tea tree and healing extracts:

  • Guava;
  • ASai berry;
  • Chinese Camellia;
  • Acerola.


It has a soft exfoliating effect, matures.

Gel is recommended to use daily, in the morning, on clean damp skin. Apply massage movements, after which it is washed away. The drug is characterized by a soft effect, due to which suits people with a sensitive dermis, after use, moisturizing is recommended.

Proper nutrition and compliance with water regime

Despite the fact that external apparent means are apparent (and often fast) effect, skin health depends on the general condition of the body.

Healthy skin

It is recommended to adhere to the following nutrition guidelines:

  • monitor the sufficient number of products rich in vitamins (especially A, E, C, Group B);
  • use fatty sea fish, nuts rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids;
  • Include in the diet products containing zinc;
  • Reduce the amount of simple sugars, fried food.

In addition, it is important to prevent dehydration of the epidermis. It is recommended to drink at least 33 g of pure water per kg of weight, as well as reduce the volume of diuretic drinks.

Vitamins A and C

Retinol and ascorbic acid are used not only inside, but also for outdoor application.

Useful Vitamins

Application procedure:

  1. Vitamin A, namely Retinol, is used as part of creams and ointments, activates the synthesis of collagen. At the beginning of use, it is possible to peeling and the formation of additional acne. Throughout a monthly course, as well as some time after, it is necessary to protect the skin from the Sun, otherwise pigmentation is possible.
  2. Ascorbic acid is used in the form of a solution for injections, which is needed in a small amount to apply on a clean face with subsequent moisture. Recommended application for night, daily (monthly rate). Waiting for dry or sensitive dermis should be careful.

Before starting the use of any means it is important to make a test on the bending of the elbow.

Cream Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner

Heats, narrows pores, has a matting and anti-inflammatory effect. Since the cream is endowed with a very pronounced disinfecting effect, it is recommended to apply it to problem areas (usually it is a forehead, nose and chin), use on the whole face suitable if the skin is fat throughout the area.

Construction pores cream

For the greatest efficiency, it is desirable before cleaning the face, and after apply a moisturizing cream. It can be used as a matting base under makeup - the tool reduces the "scoring" of the stale glands of cosmetics, due to their narrowing. Applied 1 or 2 times a day (by the situation).


The "bitter" plant allows you to quickly narrow the extended pores without side effects, and also regulates skin fat, cleans the epidermis, pulls toxins.

Aloe in Gord

The procedure procedure is next (if possible, do every day):

  • rip out fresh aloe leaf, wash and give to dry;
  • Extract juice in a convenient way, for example, grinding the plant with a knife and squeezing through the gauze;
  • Apply Frash to the face, leave before absorption;
  • To wash.

In addition, crushed leaves can be mixed with other components - parsley, cucumber, honey - and use as a mask.

St. John's wort, calendula and chamomile

The infusion of medicinal plants not only helps to fight expanded pores, but also brightens the dermis, has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect.

Helping the narrowing of the pores of grass

For cooking, you will need:

  • St. John's wort;
  • calendula;
  • chamomile.

Boil the floor-liter of water, pour vegetable raw materials (4 teaspoons of each ingredient). Imagine to completely cool. Use for washing in the morning and in the evening, daily, also infusion can be used for rubbing. The owners of sensitive skin may require subsequent application of moisturizing agents.

Tonic Pure & Perfect Mattifying Pore Reducer

The drug contributes to the normalization of fat content and acid-alkaline balance, has a matting effect, disinfects, tones and soothes (due to the content of binding substances) dermis.

Matting tonic

The composition includes:

  • Extracts of flax seeds, Gamamemelis and mushrooms Fomes officinalis (larch sponge);
  • Vitamin E;
  • gluconolactone;
  • Zinc salt L-pyrrolidone-carboxylic acid.

The tonic from the Spanish manufacturer DERMATIME is recommended for daily use on clean skin 1 time per day, according to the developer's assurances, the effect of pores is felt after the first application.

Honey and gelatin

A simple mask of two components contributes to toning, nutrition and cleansing of the epidermis, has a tightening and anti-inflammatory effect.

Honey with gelatin for narrowing

For cooking you will need:

  1. Pour 5 g gelatin with cold water (30 ml). Give swelling according to the instructions (10-15 minutes for instant, hour - for the usual).
  2. Heat to dissolution.
  3. In warm, but not hot solution add a teaspoon of honey (better liquid, lime), mix thoroughly.

Finished mass to put on a clean face, keep half an hour. Gently remove the film, wash the remains. Periodicity - 1 time in 3 days.

What procedures help narrow the pores on the face?Extended pores are not only aesthetic lack of skin. This is the most real problem, the disease. Disruption of the production of sebum leads to the fact that the channels by which the product of the hydrogen production product is excreted on the surface of the skin is expanded. With excessive production of Sala, these channels are clogged, so black dots, acne and inflammation occur on the skin.

Most often, extended pores appear in adolescence, but they can accompany a person throughout life. In order to narrow the pores and cure the skin, today there are several cosmetology procedures that we will tell in this article.

Why are the pores expand?

The main reason for the appearance of extended pores on the face is the excessively active work of the sebaceous glands. As a result of highlighting a large amount of skin, pores expand and clogged. Most often, this is manifested in the field of forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.

Also, the reasons for pore expansion can be various changes in the body and external factors to which include:

  • hormonal failures;
  • Sunburns;
  • improper nutrition;
  • bad habits;
  • stress;
  • Wrong skin care.

Cosmetology procedures, narrowing pores of the face

If you have a problem skin, then it is definitely a special care. Consult and choose the right method of treatment will be able to a dermatologist or beautician. To date, there are several proven and effective procedures that will help clean and narrow the pores on the skin of the face, as well as to improve the overall skin condition.

1. Cryotherapy - This procedure is ideal for slowing the production of sebum. The cold, which affects the skin, lines the complexion, narrows the pores. Also this method is treated acne.

Before and after the procedure of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy before and after

2. Mechanical face cleaning - The procedure is painful, but one of the most effective. Pores are purified from black dots and pollution, and then special serum is applied, narrowing pores. Such a procedure, experts recommend to pass no more than 1 time per month.

Before and after mechanical facial cleaning

Mechanical face cleaning before and after

3. Piling - Today in the arsenal of cosmetologists you can choose a peeling for any type of skin. For skin suffering from extended pores and excessive salo-waste, fruit peels are best suited, as well as carbon laser peeling - this is the most modern means of narrowing pores, which can be found in more detail here. Such methods allow you to get rid of dead skin cells, clean the pores and make them less.

Before and after the carbon peeling procedure

Carbon peeling before and after

4. Photorevorate - One of the most effective laser techniques to combat expanded pores. The impact of the laser will help to quickly narrow the pores, align the complexion of the face and improve the condition of the skin. The procedure of photodegradation stimulates metabolism in cells, the exchange processes are accelerated, and the skin is rejuvenated.

Before and after the photorebore procedure

Photorejuvenation before and after

5. Microdermabrasion - The removal method of dead cells from the skin with a diamond tip. This stimulates the cells of the connective tissue and activates the production of collagen. As a result, the skin condition is improved, the color of the face is aligned, wrinkles smoothed. At the same time, microdermabrasion helps to clean the skin of the face and narrow the pores.

Before and after microdermabrasion procedure

Microdermabrasion before and after

6. Darsonvalization - This is an ultrasound effect on the skin. Most often, it is recommended to get rid of the comedones, acne, to reduce the salo-waste on the skin. The tracking system is also recommended for coagulation of vessels and to improve the outflow of lymph.

Before and after the procedure of darsonvalization

Darsonvalization before and after

What should I do after the narrowing procedures?

Passing procedures for narrowing the extended pores, the following important step becomes the resulting result. After all, without preventive measures, narrowed pores may soon return to the original state. In this case, useful tips from cosmetologists will help:

  • Try to visiting the bathhouse, sauna or pool. Water procedures help skin cleans;
  • Do not abuse smoking;
  • In the morning, the best contrast washing;
  • Clean face with cosmetics daily;
  • Try to avoid excitement and stressful situations.

If you complain about the size of the pore, then other problems are pigmentation, cuperose and dryness - you are not bothering you, and this is good. Well, glossy magazines dictate their "fashion": smooth, as porcelain, leather on which there are no pores as a class. Such a face "without pore" is associated with health and youth, the skin of girls on advertising posters looks flawless smooth and clean.

But the reality is such - there are pores in all people, and only genetics determines their size. With age, with the natural destruction of collagen and elastin, the "support" is lost for the pore, and they begin to stretch, the face looks "loose" and not very well-groomed. If you look at the photo "Elegant" aging women, you will understand what I'm talking about, because they have no.

So although the "erase" of pores does not succeed, but correctly selected cosmetics and procedures will help to keep the skin clean and tightened. Here are some tips.

Skin fat is made by silent glands due to internal causes (genetics) or external (errors in a diet - a lot of sugar and fats). When the composition of Semum changes, it becomes more viscous and not capable of entering the surface. Inside the pore accumulates viscous skin fat and dead cells. All this leads not only to increasing (stretching), but is an excellent reproduction medium of bacteria, which often causes the formation of acne.

Tip: Tip: how to reduce extended poresLook for money with salicylic acid 1-2%. Let me remind you that it is a BHA fat-soluble acid that can penetrate into the pores and make the skin fat "fluid", as a result, it will not be delayed in the pores and will not expand them. You can also try the means with glycolic acid in a 2-5% concentration, it can also be held at pores.

Nuance: If you have very fatty skin and worry black dots, look for nordigidaric acid (NDGA) on the label - studies confirmed that it supports the pores "in the form", preventing the oxidation of the skin (reaction with oxygen, causing the "oil"), leverals inflammatory The process and controls the saloon.

2. Moisturizing cream

Use Oil Free tools - you do not need more oil for your wide pores, it provides its own glands.

Tip: Tip: how to reduce extended poresLook for the same nordigidarity acid. Vitamin C and Retinol in night tools are required for you - these components stimulate the cell renewal and the production of collagen, which seals the skin around the pores. In addition, the retinol proven normalizes seblugulation and dilute comedones.

In daytime creams, look for glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid or algae as an option), which tighten the skin, smoothing the pores. There are such elements very simple: as moisture evaporates the film, which they form on the skin, stretching, pulling and skin, is an instant lifting effect.

Zinc and magnesium in the formulation of funds will eliminate fatty and prevent inflammation, and salicylic acid has a comedonolytic effect. Another point is to remember Sanskrin or daytime cream with SPF 15. The tan makes the pores more noticeable.

Nuance: If your pores "do not react" to cosmetic leaving funds (as a rule, due to the low content of retinoids in such preparations), you may need something more accurate, for example, differential, tertinin ointment or a pelvic, the last, by the way, is approved for Fighting photorestation - a double blow to rejuvenation.

To avoid irritation, enter retinoids to care gradually, start from two times a week for the night during the first two weeks. The second two weeks - every other day. If the skin reacts normally, you can apply every day. Retinoides are applied only to clean dry skin (wait 10-20 minutes after washing) and only for the night.

3. Masks of clay

Clay masks for extended pores

If you want to reduce pores, clay masks - what should always be at hand. The clay perfectly adsorbs fat, pulling out too much.

Tip: Tip: how to reduce extended poresThe most successful masks contain a mixture of kaolin and bentonite. Sometimes such masks call "with the effect of detox", but do not believe it. There is no toxins in the pores, but the liver is engaged in the detoxification in the body.

Kaolin - white clay, which is suitable for all skin types, is the main adsorber. Bentonite - swells in water and makes a plastic mask, because not everyone likes the "sand effect".

Colored clay (green, red, yellow, pink and purple) - differ in minerals. For example, a green clay contains magnesium, calcium, silver, zinc and has a bactericidal action, and red, due to the high content of iron improves microcirculation and regeneration.

Nuance: Cheap masks are difficult to distribute on the face and dry them very quickly (and this can not be possible otherwise the effect of the mask will not be, but there will be only irritation on the skin), dear more thought out in this regard.

4. Laser and IPL

These procedures are more suitable for mature skin, since the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is stimulated - the main elements that support the elasticity of the skin, and therefore the "frame" of pores.

Tip: Tip: how to reduce extended poresThe frakwell laser is especially good, which destroys old proteins, stimulating the synthesis of new ones. And although rehabilitation after the procedure may last two weeks, the result is worth it. Pulsed light treatment is also a fantastic remedy for improving the appearance of the pore, and it is completely painless.

Nuance: Some cosmetologists advise to combine frakwell and pulse light to speed up the rehabilitation. Such treatment is better to pass in the doctor's office, but if you make efforts, home devices can also strengthen or support the effect.

5. Cleaning face

The manual cleaning of the cosmetologist is the most reliable and efficient way to clean the scored pores, and delete all the types of comedones.

Tip: Tip: how to reduce extended poresIt is important to find a good professional here. With a properly performed procedure, there is a softening of the skin, the proper technique of extrusion (or the use of ultrasonic apparatus), massage and masks, your pores will be clean and "narrow" for four weeks. However, this procedure is not for nonsense.

Nuance: And for the latter, the atraumatic cleaning of the face was invented, which, in fact, is a superficial chemical peeling. Acids (Aha or VNA) penetrating into the pores, drench the skin fat and besides this remove the upper dead scales. But if you have serious, deep "pollution" such cleaning will not help you.

Unfortunately, whatever option you choose, sooner or later everything will return to the circles. To prolong pleasure, it is important to use the correct care (see paragraphs 1-3). And regular cleaning of a good cosmetologist will lead the skin to a consistently normal state, including the status status.

In general, the "reduction" of pores is one of the most difficult problems. Partly here is the case in overestimated expectations and "false hopes". In advertising campaigns, there should be no "decrease", but "normalization", because it is impossible to do pores than you, it is impossible. But using simple tips, you can control the beauty of your skin.

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Products on the topic: [Product] (cream) for face

Expanded and scored pores cannot be hidden with cosmetics: Even with the best tonal bases, the skin surface becomes uneven, and the face due to the abundance of black dots has an unclear look. Improve the condition of the skin with clogged pores can even be in the launched case. This will help you salon procedures and proper care. 10 most effective tips to help those who do not know how to clean the pores, read in Medaboutme.

1. Clean the skin correctly

1. Clean the skin correctly

Due to irregular or insufficient purification in the pores, excess skin fat and contaminants are accumulated, which stretch the skin fluid. As a result - extended pores and black dots. Daily cleansing is the first and most important step towards clean items.

On oily skin, black dots appear most often, so use foams and gels. To purify dry skin, pay attention to two-phase fluids, mousses, as well as wash creams with oils in the composition.

Cleansing cream gel for washing dry and sensitive skin Nivea Source: novex-Trade.ruCleansing Cream Gel for Washing Dry and Sensitive Skin Nivea

- Soft formula with almond oil.

- does not contain alkaline soap.

- Does not overcame the skin.

Approximate cost - 200 rubles.

Cleansing foam with Aloe Clean & Clear Advantage Extract Source: Letu.ruCleansing foam with Aloe Clean & Clear Advantage extract

- To purify fat and problem skin.

- Contains salicylic acid and aloe extract.

- Fights with inflammation.

- No fats.

Approximate cost - 260 rubles.

2. Carefully remove makeup

If you too diligently with decorative cosmetics and poorly wash it, the clogged pores are guaranteed. Choose a separate cosmetic to remove makeup. For example, it can be milk, butter or micellar water. In the second stage, use a gel or wrap gel to remove the residuals of cosmetics and the first product.

Michael water Garnier Source: Zhivizdorovim.ruMichael water Garnier

- Universal cleansing agent for all skin types.

- Suitable for removing makeup with eyes.

- Does not contain parabens and fragrances.

Approximate cost - 250 rubles.


Delicate cream for removing makeup Green Mama Source: letu.ruGreat cream for removing makeup Green Mama

- Contain a series and dandelion root.

- without flavored additives.

- Clean and soften the skin.

- Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Approximate cost - 230 rubles.

3. After cleansing, use a tonic or toning lotion

3. After cleansing, use a tonic or toning lotion

Use tonic or lotions after washing: they complete the process of cleansing, protect the skin from drying out, eliminate the sense of depth. They align the tone and texture of the epidermis, accelerate the update of the cells, thereby improving the condition of the skin with extended pores.

Softening facial tonic Venus Source: Letu.ruVenus softening tonic

- does not contain alcohol.

- completes the process of cleansing, tones.

- Suitable for all skin types.

Approximate cost - 270 rubles.

Tonic, tonic pores, net leather asset Garnier Source: letu.ruTonic, narrowing pores, clean leather asset Garnier

- narrows pores.

- It has an antibacterial action.

- eliminates redness and traces after acne.

Approximate cost - 250 rubles.

4. Use retinol and acids in everyday care.

Enter the creams with retinols and acids into your cosmetic ration. Retinolas regulate Semum sewing, the excess of which accumulates in the pores in the form of traffic jams. The acids gently exfoliate the horny layer of the epidermis - it can be fruit acids or salicyl. The first is suitable for normal skin, salicylic is more preferable for problem skin with inflammation.

Night Restoring Cream Natura Siberica Source: Moyo.uaNight regenerating cream Natura Siberica

- Contains retinol and vitamin F.

- regulates lipid balance.

- Improves skin ability in regeneration.

Approximate cost - 340 rubles.

5. Do Piling regularly

5. Do Piling regularly

Piling and scrubs remove the surface burned layer, purify the pores, improve blood circulation and smooth the face relief. They are needed both greasy and dry skin. For dry epidermis, choose peelings based on glycolic acid: it delicately exfoliates, as a result, even deeply sitting in the pores of the plugs come to the surface, after which they can be easily removed.

For oily skin, peelings are recommended, which reduce skin production, and also reduce the extended pores. This may be procedures based on retinoic acid, which narrows the pores and levels the skin surface.

If you have sensitive skin on which redness often appear, then choose enzyme peelings - they are the most gentle, so they will not harm even sensitive epidermis. Peelings based on enzymes delicately remove dead cells, but do not damage the skin.

If even small pores are clogged, the skin looks buggy, dim, it makes sense to undergo a course of peels in the beauty salon. Support the result with acid peels for self-use - they have a minimal acid concentration, so safe for home use.

Gentle face peeling Natura Siberica Source: Letu.RuGentle face peeling Natura Siberica

- Contains AHA acid and vitamin F.

- Extract of Aralia Manchurskaya increases skin tone.

- Tollga improves skin ability to regenerate.

Approximate cost - 260 rubles.

Lotion-peeling L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Source: Letu.ruLotion-peeling L'Oreal Revitalift Laser

- It has anti-aging effect.

- improves the complexion, eliminates pigmentation.

- Reduces wrinkle depth.

Approximate cost - 700 rubles.

6. Go to the beauty salon for cleaning

Improve the status of problem skin with scored pores will help mechanical or hardware cleansing. If there is a large accumulation of black points on the face, it should be struggled with extended pores that should be started from cleaning, because trying to narrow or somehow disguise the clogged pores completely useless.

Mechanical cleaning is the most effective way to remove large and small black dots. It is partly a traumatic procedure, but there is no alternative if the rigorous traffic jams sit deep and tightly. Cleaning in the cabin includes several stages: skin cleansing; applying a special mask for opening the pores and softening their contents; Removal of rigorous plugs with a spoonful of uno or hands; Applying anti-inflammatory mask.

It is not recommended to clean the pores at home - so you can apply an infection, affect the inflamed acne or injure the skin.

Ultrasound cleaning is less painful, but less effective procedures. It will not help clean the pores with deep silent plugs. With ultrasonic cleaning, minor contaminants are removed, the exfoliation of the horn layer, leveling the skin microrelief and the improvement of the face color. Thanks to a light micro-massage with ultrasonic waves, the skin of the face becomes smoother, well-groomed, shining.

7. Pick up cleansing cosmetic products

7. Pick up cleansing cosmetic products

Look for a mask with activated coal - it absorbs excess skin fat, well cleans the skin, with kaolin - this is a universal cleansing agent for all skin types, which eliminates excessive fat, minimizes inflammation, and as a natural absorbent purifies pores from contaminants. For fatty problem skin, look for masks based on clay with zinc, coal and volcanic ash.

Your assistant for painless removal of black dots can be cleansing strips - they are convenient to use, help quickly put in order T-zone. However, such strips are ineffective in the presence of tight rigid plugs that sit deep in the pores.

Mask "Pure Leather" Garnier Source: Cosmopolitan.ruMask "Pure Leather" Garnier

- It has a sparking effect.

- Contains zinc, eliminating inflammation.

- Matches the skin.

Approximate cost - 100 rubles.

Black clay mask Black Mud Sea Minerals Source: Cosmopolitan.ruBlack Clay Mask Black Mud Sea Minerals

- Contains the black clay of the Dead Sea.

- Natural composition.

- eliminates the fat shine, cleanses the pores from contaminants.

Approximate cost - 600 rubles.

8. Refuse comedogenic cosmetics

The fight against polluted pores requires an integrated approach, including the revision of decorative and leaving cosmetics, which you use.

First of all, exclude cosmetic products with substances that are known for their high comedogeneity: it is Lanolin, a range of vegetable oils (coconut, cocoa butter), oil refining products.

At the time of the fight against pores, it is recommended to exclude dense decorative bases and consilers, as well as cosmetics with silicone.

9. Watch for food

9. Watch for food

Unbalanced nutrition is not the most obvious, but, meanwhile, one of the significant causes of pore contamination. Excessive use of oily foods, semi-finished products, sweets, lack of vitamins lead to increased activity of the sebaceous glands and the appearance of acne. Normalize your food - make the lack of vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, eat more vegetables and fruits (fiber is necessary for normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract), drink more ferocular products for healthy intestinal microflora, and you will notice how it will be better reflected in the state of your skin.

10. Do not touch the face

Finally, the last, but no less important advice - try to touch your face as small as possible. On our hands live microbes and bacteria that can be transferred to face. The result - the skin is inflamed, the pores are clogged. Each in yourself the habit as little as possible to touch the face, and you will be less likely to deal with inflammation and acne.


Crashing pores are the result of increased activities of the sebaceous glands, insufficient purification, excessive use of dense decorative cosmetics. Clean the skin well, use acidic or enzyme peels, cleansing masks with clay to give the person a well-kept view. If the pores are very clouded, you first need mechanical cleaning, and only then the correction of home care.

Expert comment

Lydia Evans, Dermatologist

Lydia Evans, Dermatologist

Skin size is largely determined by genetics. However, some pores may be noticeably larger than others due to the size of the hair follicle and the row. Extended pores are also a consequence of poor skin cleansing, excess of leather fat, which accumulate with dead cells. As a result of this pore, they are clogged and stretched, become noticeable on the face. Closed pores are not only a cosmetic drawback: they can provoke the appearance of acne.

Small points that we call "black" are the result of oxidation: the contents of the clogged pores enters into a chemical reaction with oxygen and skin salome, after which it takes black. In order to prevent the appearance of black dots, we regularly exfoliate the horny layer. For example, use cosmetics with salicylic acid that removes dead skin cells.

To make pores less noticeable, avoid their clogging, be sure to clean the skin twice a day, especially after intensive sports workouts and physical work. At the same time, do not abuse with cleansing, otherwise you will achieve the reverse result.

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