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How to set fashion on the game Euro Truck Simulator 2

By ● Toha

Today I will show you how to set fashion on the game Euro Truck Simulator 2. 1. Touch the mod from any site. 2. Cover the archive with the mod there there should be a file or files with SCS.3 permission. Share at the address (in the game folder) Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / and open the / mod folder 4. The file from the download file or files to the folder / mod. 5. We say the game and create a new profile with the right will be the inscription of the installed mods. We put the checkboxes near Modomy and play =). To whom it is not clear to write in the comments.

How to install mod in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Many who downloaded fashion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 , do not know how to install them. In order to install the mod, it will be necessary to perform quite a few action, which will be discussed below. The installation is quite simple and after several executed modes made, you will automatically be accustomed to this action, and the following modes will be done automatically. All mods for ETS 2 are installed on a single principle, that is, it is similar. And if some non-standard installation is required, then the author of the fashion will be written about it and it will be attached to the archive. If there is no such instruction in the archive, then the setting is standard. Actually, we look below:

  1. Download modification (mod) by reference in any publication on the site.
  2. Open the archive if this is an archive, and copy files with the .scs format to this path: Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ MOD. That is, as a result, in our MOD folder there will be a file model with a .scS format.
  3. Now go to the game itself and click on the profile edit button:
  4. In the profile edit window you need to connect the modif. Connect, means simply put the box opposite the fashion you want to install. This is done in the side panel on the right. There is a section "Installed Fashion", in which all mods are located: connected and not connected. That is, it can be said to everything in the "mod" folder, which we talked about in paragraph 2. So let's see how it will look in practice:

In the "Installed Fashion" section, modes will be displayed, where you need to check the check mark and click "Apply Changes". All. Mod installed. A pleasant game! If when downloading you will be thrown out of the game or it will hang at the time of download, it is likely that the mod is not compatible with the version of the game. This solution is: either set another version if you need exactly the mod that downloaded. Either just looking for a similar mod for your version of the game. That's all.

At the moment, the EURO Truck Simulator game has emerged many different modifications that one or another change the game, making it better, interesting and diverse. Such mods can change absolutely different aspects of the game: graphics, gameplay, balance, models, landscape, tasks, interface, and so on. Of course, each modification requires the correct installation. For most modes, you only need to copy the file to the correct folder and confirm the activation of this mode in the game.

First you need to download the mod. By clicking on the Fashion page, you save it to your computer. Fashion are downloaded in archives, because after downloading, the mod must be opened by the archiver, like WinRAR or 7-Zip. In the archive themselves, fashion and readme files themselves will lie, in which, in fact, and is an instruction for installing a mod. In most cases, files from the archive should be unzipped to the folder:

My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / MOD

If there are already files with such a name, you first need to make copies of them (in case of conflict), then replace existing files with new ones.

Archive and unzipped files ETS 2Folder destination files Fashion ETS 2

As soon as it is done, you need to start the game. In the main menu on the right side of the screen there is a "Modification" button, you should click it. You will see modifications of modifications (files that are thrown into the MOD folder). Double-clicking module activates it.

Not activated mod ETS 2 Activated ETS 2 mod

Everything, mod installed and activated, you can now boot (if the mod does not require the beginning of the new game) and continue to play the already updated ETS 2.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a wonderful game that has become very popular, much thanks to the support of modifications. After all, with their help you can add new trucks, buses, cars and even cards. But what to do, if not all players know how to install mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2? It is for such people that this manual will fit in detail (with screenshots) tell about how to install mods on ETS 2 correctly.

Start stands with modifications file formats. In most cases, modes for Euro Truck Simulator 2 are a file with extension. SCS. . Such a file can be in the archive (in order to reduce its size for downloading) and it must be removed before installation. But there are mods that are made in the form of zip. archive. They are not necessary to unpack.

Important! Always carefully read the description of the modification. If the installation of the Fashion is not standard, then it is most likely described in detail.

Fashion installation process for Euro track Simulator 2

After you have chosen and downloaded the fashionable mod from our site, you will have SCS. File (or archive with it).

Open the folder on the computer, which is located at: C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ Euro Trucksimulator 2 \ MOD \ .

Important note! If you just installed the game, it may happen that the Euro Trucksimulator 2 folders on this path there. So that it appears, one time to go to the game so that it creates all the necessary files and folders.

Now you need to copy unzipped SCS format files to the folder. Mod. .

The main part of the fashion installation for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 is finished. Now you need to start the game and select the driver's profile (there is where the name and avatar), then click the "Modifications" button.

After hitting the mods manager, you can enable and disable individual mods. Activated mods are in the right column. Come in the game and enjoy.

An important addition! Some mods require a different priority (above / lower in the Fashion List). You can move them using arrows. Carefully read the description of the fashion.

You can also watch a detailed video lesson on the installation of mods in the game ETS 2.

Now and you know how to set fashion on the euro track simulator 2, which means that there is a lot of unique and interesting flights ahead of you!

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