Noodle home recipe test with photo step by step

Cooking time: 1 hour 20 min.

Preparation time: 10 min.

Number of portions: 6 pcs.

The recipe is suitable for: dinner, lunch.


Cook babushkina noodles at home

My grandmothers prepared homemade noodles when there was no such abundance of pasta in our stores. And it was such a tasty, they prepared either a garnish of noodles, or most often chicken soups, soups with meatballs. All this was done with love, with handles, without special cars.

Although, I myself now vote for technical progress, let him hover away the hostess to take strength and time, and we also bake a tasty cake, but this is another story ... Today we have a delicious homemade noodle on my grandmother's recipe.

How to cook "homemade granny noodles" step by step with photos at home

We prepare the flour of solid grades (400 g for the dough and 100 g for a subfolder), salt, 3 eggs, hot water (hot water brewing flour, the dough becomes more elastic - already checked) and different lengths of 2 rollers.

We sift the flour, it will become more air, and you can also avoid any impurities.

Pour flour into a large bowl, add 3 eggs and mix.

Then pour already salted hot water. Mix everything with water.

We mix the dough first in the bowl. Dough by hand, it is a pleasant work, it is felt, what density is the dough, it should be steep and elastic.

We lay out the dough from the bowl on the cutting board and wash it for another 10 minutes so that the dough becomes smooth and uniform. It is not necessary to plug flour, since the dough is elastic and does not stick to her hands or to the blackboard. It turns out such a beautiful bun with a yellow tint, as the yolks were bright.

We lay out the dough into the cellophane package and to gluten Nobuchla, leave on the table for 30 minutes. The dough is impaired, matures, it will be homogeneous and elastic.

We divide the dough on 4 pieces, we leave them in the package, then they roll in a thin cake one by one. At first, I roll a rolling pin with a length of 30 cm (pressing on short easier when the dough is not yet rolled), then I take a rolling pin with a length of 60 cm, since the cashemat will be large in size.

So that the cake turned out very thin, wrap the edge of the cake on the rolling pin and push the hand, pressing on the dough, from the middle to the edges, continue to wrap on the rolling pin all the cake. Sprinkle to flour so that the dough does not glue when pressing.

It turns out such a beautiful big thin cake, or rather the square is 40x40 cm in size, it is a more convenient shape for folding the cake in the roll.

Now, to move the cake to another place, wrap it on the rolling pin, transfer, and, deploying from the rill, leav for the drying. We also do with the remaining test. The shepherd dried slightly (we look at it does not dry, otherwise it will become crumble), we turn into a dense roll of 6 cm wide. Since I do not have a special machine, cutting the roll with a knife with a knife from two sides (right-left). It turns out the closer and thin strips of noodles.

We lay out the noodles with a thin layer over the entire cutting board and leave until complete drying.

It turned out 650 grams of delicious homemade noodles, it is a fairly large stock in order not to worry about 2-3 weeks. If you already want to cook soup or side dish, dry your noodles with 0.5 watch and cook. I think you will like to cook such noodles, because homemade food is always tastier!

How to cook homemade noodles (recipe, photo)


Hello, dear site readers delicious recipes!

Today I want to offer you Recipe home noodles . Based on the fact that now on the shelves of stores you can buy any pasta, and noodles, but many forgot about my dome noodles. Of course, that cook noodle at home , you need to work a little bit, but isn't it worth it? Treat your loved ones and prepare homemade noodles for them, because it is so tasty!


  • Egg - 1 pc.,
  • flour - one glass,
  • a pinch of salt.

How to cook:

This proportion of products will be fed to feed the family of 4 people. And if your family has a big or you want to make noodles in the GOB, then ingredients increase twice.

In our Moldova, homemade noodles make without water. But if you add some water into the dough, it will simply be easier to roll out. Eggs are desirable to take homework, but if there are no shopping.

1) Preparing dough for homemade noodle . In a bowl or on the table, you need to sink flour in the form of a slide, in the middle to make a deepening where to pour the whipped egg, add a pinch of salt. With the plug, stir the mass. When the dough acquires a dense, the plug can be postponed and start to wash the steep dough with their hands. The knead is necessary until it becomes smooth and stop sticking to the hands.

2) Now when the dough is mixed, it needs to be left to rest on the floor of the watch, covered with a clean towel, a bowl or wrap in a plastic bag, so that the crust is not formed.

3) Each has its own way of cutting noodles. I was taught and used to doing like this, but I will definitely try other options.

Well, the dough rested, now it has become more plastic and soft. But still dense, so it is easier for it to get rolled out, I share the ball with the dough into two parts and everyone pulls out in turn. The working surface sprinkle with flour and roll off the reservoir, 1-2 mm thick.

4) Razkatnaya Plast sprinkle generously flour on both sides and turn into a relay. We shift onto the board and cut the noodles of the desired width. Someone loves fat, and someone is small. Each sliced ​​piece need to be deployed and sprinkled with flour.

Noodles cooked in the GOB must be put on a flat surface, sprinkled with flour and dry well at room temperature. The home noodle is stored, like all other pasta, folding it into the bag. If you cook at once noodles, freshly prepared, it is necessary to boil it in a large amount of water with the addition of rap. Oil.

Finished homemade noodles are served with various sauces, as well as a very tasty soup with homemade noodles. In our homeland, such a soup is called "Zama", and he is prepared only with noodles.

Cook your homemade noodles, it's easy and tasty! To new meetings!

homemade noodles

Sunday, September 18, 2016

You can make a delicious egg noodle without any problems at home - there would be a desire and products at hand. If you never made a homemade noodle, I assure you that it will be even at novice hosts. Clearly follow the instructions and delight the family with a new dish - they will definitely appreciate your efforts.

This recipe is suitable for topics, someone has a special test machine for dough rolling. And if such a device is available, it will only have to make the dough. The egg noodles prepared in this way is perfectly stored for quite a long time in the hermetic package, but for this it needs to be twisted with portion nests and give a completely dry. If you do not learn the dough, then in the package or in the noodle container, it will simply cover mold.

From the specified number of ingredients used, it turns out about 650 grams of homemade noodles. It can be booked in salted water and serve as a side dish to meat or bird. In fragrant meat or vegetable broth, a home noodle will become a full-fledged first dish - just serve it with boiled egg and fresh greens.


Preparation of dishes by steps:

For the preparation of egg noodle at home, take wheat flour (I have the highest grade), fresh chicken eggs of medium size (45-50 grams each), conventional drinking water and salt.

You can knead the dough for noodles both on the table and in a big ass. Sift in a bowl (or directly to the desktop) 400 grams of wheat flour (50 grams we leave for the population).

We do in the center of the well and smash three chicken eggs into it. Depending on the saturation of the yolk color, the color of the finished homemade noodle will vary. I have, for example, the eggs are homemade, therefore the noodle turns out an appetizing yellow shade.

Mix everything so that the eggs are partially connected with flour. It is more convenient to do this for a fork, but you can and straight with your hands - as you better.

Now in 80 milliliters of cold drinking water dissolve 1 teaspoons of salt. It is advisable to take a fine grinding (it will dissolve faster), but it is not fundamentally.

Pour salt water into a mixture of flour and eggs.

We begin to knead the dough - not for a very long time, to complete moisturizing flour. It is obtained dense, elastic and lumpy - it should be. Depending on the moisture of flour, it may be necessary to need a little more or less - see the consistency of the kolobka.

We collect dough into the ball. See how dough it turned out not smooth and not gentle. But nothing, time will do its job.

After the allotted time, you will not recognize your dough for homemade noodles. I wash it a couple of minutes - there is a smooth, uniform and much more gentle. However, do not forget that the dough for noodles should not be too soft - it resembles a dumplings, only more tight.

It's time to do my home noodles. To do this, we will need to roll the dough into a thin-subtle layer. Since working with a huge layer is not particularly convenient, I advise you to cut a bun for 3-4 parts.

By the way, wheat flour remained. Quite generously sprinkle the work surface and flatten one piece of the test on it (the rest is closed from the tangle).

With the help of a rolling pin, roll the dough into a thin layer, a thickness of not more than 1-1.5 millimeters. Do not forget to make the dough and rolling rolling so as not to stick.

The finished dough layer is shifted on a towel or baking paper so that it is a little back. Literally until you roll the rest of the dough pieces - for 15 minutes. Why do you need to dry the layers? The fact is that the only rolled dough when cutting will stick together, and in the dried form - no.

Now you twist the dough slightly with a slightly tight roll - I cut the edge to be seen how tight it is.

It remains to cut the roll with a sharp knife here are such circles. Depending on the thickness of the twist, you will get a home noodle (5-10 millimeters) or even almost spaghetti, if you cut very, very thin. In addition, when cutting fine, therapy can be obtained by a vermicely cape.

So you cut all the dough, and the pucks are unraveling with your hands and cease, getting around in flour. Surplus necessarily shake. A ready homemade noodle is well stored for quite a long time in a hermetic package, but for this it needs to be twisted with portion nests and give a completely dry. If you do not learn the dough, then in the package or in the noodle container, it will simply cover mold.

I hope this is a simple egg noodle recipe for you will be useful and you will delight your seven delicious first or second dish.

How to cook homemade noodles? Simply simple: bring to a boil salted water or meat (vegetable) broth, lay the noodles and boil until ready (about 5-7 minutes after the float - for dry noodles). Freshly prepared homemade noodles, that is, not dried, boiled literally a couple of minutes. Enjoy your appetite, my dear!

Culinary recipes and photo records

Egg noodle home

Despite the fact that shelves in stores are filled with a large selection of a variety of noodles, home egg noodles always remains out of competition. After all, the noodle, cooked with her own hands, has a special delicate taste and bright color, so it is ideal for cooking soups, and of course as a side dish is also good. The process of cooking such a noodle is a bit time-consuming, but its taste is worth all the forces spent.

Ingredients For cooking home egg noodles:

  • Wheat flour - 220-240 g
  • Chicken eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. (optional)
  • Salt - 0.5 ppm (optional)

Recipe Home egg noodle:

To prepare a homemade noodle, you will need to knead enough dough. Therefore, it is possible to easily easily easily use the kitchen process.

So, in the combine bowl, install the plastic knife (if there is no such thing, then take the metal, in this case it is not so important). Sill in the bowl of sifted flour and add salt.

Drive two whole chicken eggs and pour the tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Turn on the combine and mix all the contents. At the exit, a large wet crumb should be. If suddenly the eggs were too small, and the dough turned out very dry, then you can add quite some water, literally a tablespoon.

Put the resulting crumb to the desktop, collect it in a solid lump. Make the dough 1-2 minutes, cover it with a towel and leave for 10 minutes to "rest."

After rest, very carefully knead the dough. Place it for 7-10 minutes, it should become smooth and uniform, but with all this egg dough for noodles should be tight enough, so during the mixing the table takes a flour.

Finished test bolobok wrap in the food film and send to the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. During this time, the dough will rest and it will be much easier to work with it.

After rest, get the dough from the refrigerator and divide into 2 parts.

One part turn back to the film and set aside. To lay the second part of the egg dough on the board twisted with flour and very thinly roll (the thickness must be 1 mm).

Rolled Plast Surrive on a strip of about 4-5 cm wide.

Pour strips with flour and fold them with a stack on each other.

Cut the noodle with a thickness of several millimeters or any other thickness, just keep in mind that during the cooking noodles will increase slightly in size. Sliced ​​noodles sprinkle with flour slightly so that it does not stick.

You can immediately boil it, but if you are going to store, then dry the noodle at room temperature for several hours or more (depending on the humidity in the room) to a brittle state. Exhausted noodles first lay out in a sieve and well pass to get rid of flour residues, and after putting into a linen bag or in any container with a lid.

By the way, this dough is very versatile and, if desired, you can form a paste of any other kind.

Also, if you love Lazagne and Cannelloni, then it is the dough perfectly suitable for cooking these dishes.

Dough for homemade noodles - Photo Step 1

I ask the flour through the sieve. Pour flour in a row bowl, make a deepening in it. Drive the egg there.

Dough for homemade noodle - Photo Step 2

Gently stirme with an egg with a fork. Try to get rid of lumps and achieve homogeneity of the mass. Then add vegetable oil into the dough, pinch salt and a tablespoon of water. Stir the ingredients.

Dough for homemade noodles - Photo Step 3

Mix the dough with your hands so that it becomes smooth and homogeneous. Then roll the tight ball from the test and lay it on the working surface of the table. In order for the dough does not stick to the surface, pour it with flour.

Dough for homemade noodles - Photo Step 4

Roll the dough with a thin layer maximum in two mm thick and gently roll it into the tube. Now the tube needs to be very thin to get a thin noodle. It can be immediately prepared or put it on a refrigerator storage, shutting into a cellophane package.

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Important! The video may differ from the text of the recipe!

Homemade noodles with chicken - this is the most delicious soups that many love. Therefore, the hostesses necessarily seek to have a recipe for the preparation of this paste in their culinary piggy bank. Prepare it easy.

Classic homemade noodle recipe

It is believed that the classic homemade noodle should only be released from eggs, flour and salt, but it is not. It is possible to prepare it from water, salt and flour, but preferably still on the egg. The second important condition is the kneading. It should be missed the dough is very cool, so that the noodle does not spread at the cooking.

How to cook a classic homemade noodle

For test you need to take:

  • 2 chicken eggs
  • a pinch of salt
  • Flour of the highest grade (how much will be required)

Cooking noodles

  • Prepare a bowl for a noodle kneading. Eggs wash and drive into a bowl. Add salt. It is good to stir and begin to pour flour passed through a sieve. To knead until the dough becomes very cool. Flour pour as much as it takes. Make a tough bun.
  • Hold the born of the bowl in which he knew. Leave it in the rest of minutes by 20-30 (then it will be easier to roll).
  • After the specified time, roll out the dough lump in a thin cake. You can divide into two halves.
  • Swamp with flour with flour so that when it is folded, it does not stick. Collapse tube (roll), you can turn on the rolling pin. Cut the noodle of the maternity. The width of the noodle is chosen as desired, but they usually cut fine. You can cut each pellet on the tape. Ribbons fold and cut noodles. Then she will be short.
How to cook a classic homemade noodle


  • There is nothing complicated in the preparation of homemade noodles, but some features should be remembered. You can add some water to the eggs (on one egg 50-70 ml of water). Then noodles will get softer. Wheel it will be a little faster. Usually such noodles are prepared for the second dishes. One egg can be replaced with 1 tbsp. vegetable oil.
  • When cooking with noodle soup, as it often sprinkles flour, the broth can be muddy. Before cooking Drain it with boiling water. This will not affect the quality of soup, and the broth will become light.
  • Noodles can be harbor - it is very comfortable. The dough is preparing, noodles are cut. Then it is well dried, decomposition, for example, on the contrary, tray.
How to cook a classic homemade noodle

It is important that it is definitely dried well. You can store it in banks, boxes, in paper bags or linen bags. Polyethylene packages are not desirable.

How to cook a classic homemade noodle
  • If you want to please and surprise your relatives colored noodle then add to the dough instead of water in a pair of tablespoons of beet juice (pink color), spinach (green), carrots (orange) or put 1-2 h. Turmeric (bright yellow).
How to cook a classic homemade noodle
  • Fans of unusual, can make noodles flavored by adding into the dough, for example, mushroom powder (spices).
  • An important rule: If noodles on the eggs, it should be cooking for a short time - 5-7 minutes. Even less if water or oil is added. Her in no case can you digest (!).

You can make my homework with your own hands in two ways: manually and with the help of a special typewriter. Today we consider both of these methods in very detailed, step by step, with photos. There will be dough recipes, rolling and cutting technology. You will have a choice which option to take for yourself. And how to cook with her - chicken soup, Lagman and just boil her to the side dish, you decide then. The main thing is that the noodles is!

General principles and rules for cooking noodles at home

  1. Since the flour is all different, gluten in it is different, it can be dry or wet, so the amount may differ. Focus on the number specified in the list of ingredients, but it is first smaller, then pour when the dough is squeezed to bring it to the desired thickness.
  2. The quality of the finished home paste depends on the quality of the test. Therefore, it is very well smeared. This is a work. But without him.
  3. When you work with one rolled plast, the rest must be neglected so that they do not swam. The noodles from the dough will not work, it will crumble.
  4. Ready noodles need to dry. It is possible to dry it in a natural way, settling on the contrary, for 5-7 hours. If you need it quickly, then dry in the oven at a temperature of 50-60 ° C for 30-40 minutes and with a dutched door.
  5. You can store in a glass jar with a twisting lid, but so that the paste is not tightly packed into it. You can use for these purposes a box of dry breakfasts, etc. Well dried can be stored for several months. But usually few people prepare it in such quantities.
  6. Cooking is needed for 5-10 minutes, depending on its size. In the soup - no more than 5 minutes, but then you need to put it.
  7. So that the soup does not get clouded, noodles need to be welded separately to the consistency "Al Dente" (on a teeth, a little not to do) and put in the soup in the finished form.
  8. If you need a recipe without eggs, then you can simply remove them from all the recipes that offer us below, replacing a small additional amount of water. And that the finished products were beautiful yellow, which usually give them eggs, put into the dough pinch of turmeric.
  9. Color paste can be squeezed with natural dyes. Green will give spinach, red - beet, yellow - turmeric, pink - paprika.

Homemade noodle recipe with photo step by step

I will start with the traditional recipe. The dough will be on the eggs. There will be two ways of cutting manually.


  • flour - 160g;
  • water - 2st.;
  • Sunflower oil - 1st.l.;
  • Salt - 1h.l.

How to cook homemade noodles:

  1. Work better right on the table top. Therefore, it wipes it well, dried and proceed. Flour sift a slide.
  2. In the center we make a deepening, like a volcanic crater, break there eggs. Put salt and pour oil.
  3. Hands of flour from the edges of the slides and knead the dough. It will be very cool, but it is necessary, so you have to try. We place it for a long time, not less than 20-30 minutes.
  4. The resulting lump put into a plastic bag or wind the food film and leave for half an hour.
  5. Through this time, we take out of the package, divide in half.
  6. Each of the two halves roll the rolling pin very thinly. In the process of rolling, we stick the table with flour so that the reservoir do not stick.
  7. Skinny layers give 7 minutes to lie down and dried. But no more, so as not to dry!
  8. Now let's talk about cutting. You can make it manually in two ways. First first.
  9. Twist the layer into the roll.
  10. And we cut across a sharp knife across the part, each of which spinning will turn into nipshche. If you need a shorter noodle, then the roller first cut in half down in length and only then cut across.
  11. The second cutting method is suitable for the preparation of a long noodle. Plast dough fold in half, and then as a triangle pancake.
  12. And then cut the triangle across.
  13. Next, we are sushiving noodles and, either we use immediately for the purpose, or fold for storage.

Posted by: Evgenia

Wide home noodles

Italians call her Padpartello - a wide flat noodle with a width of 13 mm, fettuccine - the same shape, but 7 mm wide or a taliatel - 5mm wide. And if you devour it with a knife - a roller with wavy edges - get Mafaldine. How do they remember all this and do not confuse ???


  • Wheat flour - 200g;
  • Eggs - 2pcs;
  • Salt - 0.5h.l.;
  • Vegetable oil - 1st.L.

How to cook homemade noodles:

  1. The principle of preparation is absolutely similar to the previous recipe, just look at step-by-step photos: I smell the flour on the table, make a deepening, break into it eggs, raw salt, pour oil.
  2. We knead, mix well, roll into the ball, wrap in the film and let me get selected.
  3. Then we roll off our com in one subtle layer, slugging the flour. The thickness of the test should not exceed 2 mm. Leave to dry, not long.
  4. Then we cut into long ribbons with a thin sharp knife. Choose the width yourself.

Such a noodles is good for the pasta of bolognese, Lagman, Thumb, like a side dish for meat dishes.

Posted by: maria-lapina

Dough for noodle home for napshirezka

Previous two recipes were for manual cooking. We now turn to the technology of making noodles using technology. Here the dough will be intimated in the initial stage in a mixer (test case), and then roll and cut down with napshires. I will say right away why there are no salts in the recipe. When rolling through this device, the grains of salt in the dough can damage the surface of the rolls, so it is properly salt properly.


  • flour - 2 and 1/4 cup *;
  • Eggs - 3pcs.

* Glass with a capacity of 200 ml.

How to cook egg noodles with napshirezki:

  1. I attracted a combine to cooking, but in his absence you can, of course, and hands. In the combine bowl, we embarrass the flour and smash the eggs.
  2. Turn on and let him mix everything. The dough is very cool, so the combine coped with me with difficulty. But since it will not be necessary to use napsherazka to rinse to rolling up a beautiful, smooth, uniform state.
  3. We post all of the combine on the table, sminate in a com, we divide into several parts.
  4. Every little rolling with a rolling pin. Let's literally come to her the shape of a rectangle and that's it.
  5. Install the rolls of napshires to the maximum gap between them. We skip the dough for the first time.
  6. We turn the rolled plastic into three layers. Swamp again through rolls with a maximum gap. We are folding and riding again. Just 9 times. At the output we get elastic dough of excellent quality.
  7. Now, to roll up to the thickness of the test we need, we will again pass it through the napsherazka, but we will gradually reduce the gap. For a wide noodle, we finish 3 mm for a narrow and thin per 1 mm.
  8. While we change the rolls on the knives, the dough should dry. If this is not done, then when you cut the noodles will stick together with each other.
  9. My napsherazka has two knives - for a wide noodle and for narrow.
  10. When cutting, we substitute a baking sheet or a tray of flour under the device so that the sliced ​​noodle fell on it. Determine the length itself - pre-cutting the rolled dough on the sheets of the desired length.

Posted by: Victoria S.

Pasta Farfale (bows) do it yourself

At home, we can prepare not only a long noodle, but also, for example, bows that are called Forfhal on Italian.


  • flour - 450-540gr;
  • Eggs - 2pcs;
  • water - 3st.;
  • Vegetable oil - 1st.l.;
  • Dry hammer paprika - 1h.l.

Cooking process:

  1. We divide eggs in a bowl.
  2. Add water, paprika and salt there. Mix.
  3. Pour vegetable oil.
  4. Flour pour into a mixture of parts until we obtain the desired consistency. Well wash at the same time. As a result, we must get thick, elastic, not sticky dough.
  5. We put in the package and leave for 30 minutes.
  6. After half an hour, we divide the ball into several parts, each rolling thinly. Before cutting, we leave for 10 minutes to dry out a little, but no more.
  7. We cut on the rhombus, as in the photo below.
  8. Then every rhombus compress her fingers in the middle and get a bow.
  9. Ready bows need to dry. It will take 5-6 hours.

They can be stored in a tightly closed can and boil as a side dish to meat, bird, etc.

Posted by: Evgenia

Homemade paste with herbs and olives

This spicy aromatic Italian pasta can also be prepared at home with their own hands. And serve it well even just with sauces: tomato, pesto.


  • flour - 200-250gr;
  • Egg - 1pc;
  • water - 2st.;
  • Olive oil on herbs - 1st.;
  • olives - 6-7pcs;
  • Salt - 0.5h.l.

How to make Italian paste:

  1. In the full hill on the table, the flour make a deepening, put salt and break the egg.
  2. Olives finely rub the knife or shredding blender.
  3. Add olive and oil to flour with egg. We wash, slumbering flour. Oil on herbs can be prepared independently. To do this, it is enough in a bottle with butter to put sprigs of rosemary or thyme.
  4. We wash until we get a soft plastic dough.
  5. We cover the film and give to relax, so that gluten in the flour began to open.
  6. Then cut into several parts.
  7. Rather each subtle, up to the thickness of no more than 2 mm.
  8. Cut the knife for long strips of 1 centimeter wide.
  9. A ready-made pasta is at least 6 hours, so that when cooking it retains the form and did not swell.

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Did you ever see how the Chinese noodles are preparing? It is almost like magic: here in your hands we see a lump of dough, a few seconds and it turns into the finest long threads. In general, watch the video.

Written by Victoria S.

How? So many recipes with photos. I think now you will definitely get home noodles yourself.

Hello, dear readers of the Internet magazine "in your home"! Macaroni and noodles are very popular in everyday kitchen. And on the shelves in the store, so many noodles of all kinds that cook her at home seems to make no sense. But the home noodles for soup is more useful and tastier, and the cooking process is very simple. I will tell you how easy it is to make an egg noodle that is suitable for broths or garnings.


Homemade noodles - step-by-step recipe

By the recipe below you prepare noodles for the 5-liter pan of chicken soup.

30 minutes

Pour flour on the table slide. In the center we make a hole.

In the well divide 2 eggs.

Whip eggs, gradually mixing flour.

When the mass becomes a thick enough, we have a pretense hand. The finished dough should be solid, elastic, smooth and homogeneous.

The finished buns wrap in the food film and leave for 30-40 minutes. So it will be easier to roll. This is not a mandatory step, but I usually do not miss it, as it is easier to roll out the dough.

Roll over the pellet to a thickness of 1 mm.

We leave the reservoir to dry minutes for 20 minutes. So it will be easier to cut.

Cut the layer on the strips. Thickness - the length of the noodle. I cut a strip of about 10 cm long, it seems to me that it's easier to eat noodles.

You shake the finished noodles to make each strip dealt, and the extra flour retired.

Let's fill broth. Cook noodles 3-4 minutes.


5 soups with homemade noodles

Consider five dishes that can be cooked with homemade noodles.

Soup noodles with chicken

This is a universal casual dish that even children love. A gentle warming broth has not only nutritional, but also useful properties. This is the first kushan, which is cooked with a cold.

Chinese Soup

Diversify the table will help you the recipe for Chinese soup with noodles. The original dish is suitable not only as everyday lunch: decorate the festive table with an exquisite Kushan.

Lamb soup

Low-calorie lamb broth has a lot of useful qualities. Touch the national traditions of Caucasian cuisine and treat homemade lamb soup with homemade noodles.

Milk soup

Milk soup brings down the memories of grandmother's breakfasts. Pamper an unusual dish of your children. Milk soup with noodles can be made sweet or salty to your taste.

Soup with beef.

The brewing broth and thick aroma are the main features of the soup-noodle with beef. This satisfying dish is perfect for everyday lunch. And the real home noodles will make it more tastier.

Useful advice

We will analyze several useful recommendations:

  1. Noodles can be harvested. We increase the amount of ingredients at the rate of 1 egg per 100 grams of flour.
  2. It is not necessary to salt the dough: the salt reduces the shelf life and makes noodles more revalistic.
  3. If the dough is very dry, add an egg or vegetable oil. Water attaches looseness, it is better not to use it.
  4. For cooking, buy flour from solid wheat varieties or ordinary white flour of soft varieties. The difference will be only as a finished dish. White flour makes noodles more gentle, but it becomes stronger. Noodles of solid wheat varieties is more elastic.
  5. Usually the dough inside is more liquid than along the edges. To make the dough it is easier to mix, it needs to be periodically cut, and then turned out.
  6. If the dough is divided into parts, it is more convenient to roll.
  7. The broth will be more transparent if the noodle is pre-collapsed. Boost water in a saucepan, throw the noodles and, stirring, wait for the boil. After that, the noodles can be pulled out.
  8. You can dry the noodles in several ways: at room temperature, evenly distributing it on a wooden surface, on a dry pan or in the oven at a minimum temperature. I sushi in the oven, leave the door open.
  9. The first two weeks should be stored in a paper package so that the mold does not appear. After putting it into a container or glass jar.
  10. It is convenient to store noodles in the freezer. To do this, it is sufficiently slightly to dry.
  11. Fresh noodles stored two days. For a semi-finished product, it needs to be completely dried, such a noodle is stored for two months.
  12. The dish can be diversified by adding the color to macarons. Use for this beet and carrot juice, saffron, turmeric.


Home noodles in our recipe is suitable not only for first dishes, it can be used as a side dish to meat.

Dear readers, write in the comments, did you try to prepare a homemade noodle. Or do you always buy ready-made in the store? Why?

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