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It comes the most magical, the most fabulous time in the year - New Year's holidays. The main character of this long-awaited time, of course, our kind, our wise and mighty Santa Claus. I think about him and becomes a little sad. From what? And on what somehow it ceases to be our grandfather frost, gradually transforming or in the Englishman Santa Claus, Tol and in the Frenchman Per Noel. Therefore, I decided to figure out who he, and what is our old, favorite Santa Claus, as it looks like, what is wearing, and what are the principles of manufacturing his costume. So, let's start from the very beginning. The beauty of Santa Claus originated where winter is student and snowy. And if we appeal to the myths of Rusich, we will be able to highlight the image of the elder of the North, which has arisen in the residence of Slavic tribes, in Vologda and today, is considered to be the birthplace of Santa Claus.

Meet Santa Claus. Do not confuse Santa Claus, photo № 1

In addition to the elder there were many pagan gods that became the protothes of our hero, for example, Godzdz, Lord of Storm and bad weather. In order to enjoy the land of Grad, it cost him just to shake his head. It will dress with the zaddzzat, woven from the winds, and he walks through the light with his retinue - hurricanes, blizzards, and vortices. And from the floor of the decoration with his flakes snowing snow to earth.

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo № 2

The pagans and the Snowman's God were read - a small old-rod old old man, and white-haired. His clothes were a long raincoat, in the hands of the winter was invariously Bulaw. Where the winter stops, it will be frost.

Meet Santa Claus. Do not confuse with Santa Claus, photo number 3

The Slavic pagans believed in the evil spirit of Karachaan, the god of the underground kingdom of the disposal of frosts.

Meet Santa Claus. Do not confuse with Santa Claus, photo number 4

Of these fierce idols, the pre-format of Santa Claus, requiring the sacrifice, which has grown children, carrying them in the bag. With the baptism of Rus, Santa Claus from the evil and fierce spirit began to turn into a good wizard. In the Christian tradition, the santa of Santa Claus became Saint Nikolai Mirajor (Nikolai Radio), especially revered in our country. It was a real person, the bishop of Lycian world, who helped people by creating alms. A very interesting story about how he helped three sisters. The sisters lived in a very needy family, in order to help cope with poverty, Saint Nikolai, wanting to remain not known, threw a knot with coins in the door. Thanks to the help of the saint, the father of the family could successfully marry a senior daughter. In order for the average daughter to get married Saint Nikolai threw gold coins into her open window. But the youngest daughter, together with his father, decided to learn her virtue, and when it was time to give out a girl married, they began to close all the doors and windows in the house. Nikolai went around the whole house, not finding the possibility of throwing coins. Seeing that the smoke goes out of the pipe, Nikolai climbed onto the roof and threw his gift there. Coins fell into the sock dried at the focus. So, in the West, the Christmas tradition was born to hang socks, waiting for the gifts of St. Nicholas.

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo number 5

In addition, the story is known that Nikolai secretly gave the kids sweets, nuts and oranges. He was dressed in a long raincoat, his face was hidden by the monastic hood, and the hat was dressed on his head, like a cap.

Meet Santa Claus. Do not confuse with Santa Claus, photo number 6

Saint Nicholas is honored by Christians around the world. In the Middle Ages, a custom was installed on his memory day on December 19, gifts to children. Later, with the introduction of a new calendar, gifts were made for Christmas, and during atheism, when Christmas celebration was prohibited in our country, this tradition was postponed to the New Year. That was how it was created and eventually transformed the image of Santa Claus. But what does the costume and the appearance of our, Russian, Santa Claus look like? Our winter wizard is always dressed in a long fat fur coat, by ankle, or before the shin (and not short and thin, like Santa Claus), white (personiform cleanliness, perfection, peace and mutual understanding), or silver color - symbol of cold northern expanses . The fur coat was trimmed by a swan down, and various ornaments were embroidered with silver threads: Stars, Crosses, Guski.

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo number 7

Stars embroidered eight-pointed as a symbol for the deification of the image of Santa Claus. This is due to the fact that the Bethlehem star, lit up with the birth of Jesus, was eight-pointed. However, in pagan times, such stars were decorated with ancient Russian flags, clothes, significant objects of culture and life, symbolizing eternity, grace and stability. Santa Claus cap corresponds to coat color. It is embroidered with silver and pearl sewing and cut off with a swan down. In front of the head of the caps - a triangular neckline, similar to stylized horns, echoes an ancient pagan culture, in which the horns were a symbol of power and power. Unlike our grandfather, the Western New Year Wizard carries a cap.

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo number 8

Sometimes the costume of the Frost's grandfather was supplemented with a white cut of a fur coat. The ornament, who adorned him, was a faith and symbolized the connection with the ancestors. For a long-term fraction of the grandfather, sacred clothes were hidden. Despite the fact that she did not put it on the show, she was also selected according to a certain rules. Halfed shirt and pants were white and symbolized holiness and purity. They were decorated with an embroidery with a white geometric ornament. This Santa Claus was mittens, and walked was only in white felt boots, which were expanded by silver in a silver-white gamma, symbolized the moon, north, water and purity. Our grandfather is a luxurious white beard, whereas to Santa it looks like a "shovel". The consuming element of the costume is a large silver straight staff with a twisted handle, made of crystal, symbolizing cold water. The staff was decorated with Moonnitsa and the head of the bull. These symbols also have pagan roots. Lunitsa is a stylized image of the month, and the bull head is a sign of power, fertility and happiness. Over time, the Grandfather's costume changed and in the late 19th, early 20th century, he became blue, after the 1917 revolution, the colors of the Red Banner became.

Meet Santa Claus. Do not confuse with Santa Claus, photo № 9

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo number 10

Meet Santa Claus. Do not confuse with Santa Claus, photo № 11

That was painted grandfather on old Russian postcards.

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo number 12

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo number 13

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo № 14

But such costumes of this Santa Claus have developed and sewed the masters of our Fair.

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo № 15

Costume Author Designer Nadezhda Gorkyova

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo № 16

Maja Cobzeva Castery author (SugaryPrezent) ©

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo № 17

By Karnavalkino. ©

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo № 18

By Anna Polyosylov ©

Meet Santa Claus. Do not confuse with Santa Claus, photo № 19

Art and shock author ©

Here are such gracious sheds of frosts, I found from our memorial masters

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo № 20

Author of Deadmoroz

Meet Santa Claus. Do not confuse with Santa Claus, photo № 21

Author of Deadmoroz

Meet Santa Claus. Not to be confused with Santa Claus, photo № 22

Doll as a gift, Vladimir (Kukla-V-Podarok) ©

Time goes forward, and changing the face of Santa Claus. But if earlier it happened in accordance with the historical changes occurring in our country, now, it becomes more like the costume of Western Wizard Wizards. And so I want that our grandfather remained our kind, wise and powerful grandfather frost, and would not turn into a perky, cute, but someone else's Santa Claus.

"Hello, Grandfather Frost, a beard of wool! Did you bring gifts to us? Very waiting for the guys! " - These lines are familiar to us from the kindergarten! Most of us perceive this comrade as a fabulous character, which appears for the New Year and distributes gifts to obedient kids. Let's look more detailed who is Santa Claus and where he came from.

Santa Claus: What is he?

When did the image of Santa Claus appear?

Slavs were able to personify almost all natural phenomena. Frost was also not deprived of such an honor. It was represented as a Beloborovoy Old Man in the fur coat, which was owner of the jellows and winter cold . You can hear frost in the winter forest when he "crackles yes sicks, jumping from the tree on the Christmas tree." He usually came from the north. Different Slavic tribes were called frost in their own way: Crachun, Morozko, Karachun, Student, Zyuzya, etc.

Image of Karachuna
Image of Karachuna

In general, the Slavs frost was in honor, because it was believed that the cold snowy winter would provide a good harvest. Therefore, there was a rite called "Clikhanya Claus" when he was treated with ritual food in the form of pancakes and cute.

Many information about the frost can be leaning from folk creativity. In many fairy tales, he experienced the main character who could be generously gifted or frozen to death.

Many Russian writers of the 19th century described this character in their fairy tales, relying on Slavic mythology. At the same time, Happy New Year or Merry Christmas, he was not associated, but some attributes of modern Santa Claus had already had. In the Soviet film "Morozko" you can see directly such a character.

Morozko from the eponymous film
Morozko from the eponymous film

But still, starting From the second half of the 19th century, Santa Claus began to compare with New Year's holidays . So he began to play the role of the "Christmas grandfather", which is similar to Nicholas in the West, gave gifts to obedient Russian children.

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, Grandfather Frost was very similar to the contemporary, but with a bias to Christmas traditions. but In 1929, Komsomol strictly-setting banned christmas celebration And, accordingly, Moroz Ivanovich went on vacation for several years.

The revival of Santa Claus in the usual form has happened to the new 1936 year! At the same time, the first Christmas tree was officially held in the Soviet Union, where he appeared along with the granddaughter of the Snow Maiden. It is worth noting that Santa Claus wondered as a character designed for a children's audience.

By the way, in the USSR tried to introduce such a character like a boy of the New Year, which appeared as a grand receiver.

What does a real Santa Claus look like

Western culture sometimes makes it confuse the appearance of our Santa Claus with the attributes of Santa Claus. Let's deal with How should the Russian New Year's grandfather look like .


Long thick beard has always been an integral attribute of our Santa Claus at all times. In addition, the beard indicates his age, it also symbolizes wealth and wealth. Interestingly, the Slavs were frost with a beard to the legs.

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Grandfather must wear a red fur coat, embroidered silver and confused by swan down. Do not forget about the mandatory presence of a traditional ornament, for example, in the form of gous or stars. Today, fur coats and blue, and white, and even green, but such an outfit, including historians, criticize, insistent on the fact that For our frost canonic acts exactly .


Santa Claus carries a header of a semi-molded shape, like a boyar, however, on its front part There must be a triangular cutout . Color, ornament, tearing - everything must fit the fur coat. Any caps with a tassel - this is to Santa.

Santa Claus hat

Footwear and other accessories

Today, many grandfathers wear sneakers and leather shoes, which is completely unacceptable. It must be Flare or boots shied by silver . Belt (not belt!) Must be white with a red ornament, which symbolizes the connection with the ancestors. Mittens should also be white, symbolizing the holiness and purity that Grandfather Frost gives out of her hands.


Slavic Morozko used a stick to publish a characteristic knock, later the staff was used to create cold and freezing those who did not check. Staffing on the canon should be crystal or at least silver under crystal. He has a twisted handle and ends with a stylized image of the moon or a bull head.

Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug
This is what the famous Santa Claus looks like from Veliky Ustyug. Robe almost to the point.

A bag with presents

Santa Claus comes to the children not with empty hands, but with a whole bag of gifts. Its color is also red too. By definition, the bag is magical, since the gifts in it do not end, at least until he is in his hands at his grandfather.

Well, now I am dressed in Santa Claus, you will know what to navigate.

Character of Santa Claus

Unlike the Western counterpart, Santa Claus is not an avid merchant. He is pretty severe, but at the same time kind and fair . Santa Claus still loves to experience people and only then give gifts, but he does not freeze anyone, but just knows how you behaved last year, and asks to tell the poem.

Santa Claus and Santa Claus

In many cultures there is a character that gives children gifts for the new year or Christmas. The most famous all over the world is Santa Claus, which is the post of a good donor in Western Europe and the United States.

We will not hold a detailed comparison of Santa Claus and Santa, just remember that Sani of our donor harnessed the top three, it does not climb on the pipes, does not smoke the tube and do not wear glasses . In addition, our grandfather does not bubble with elves, because he has a granddaughter Snow Maiden.

Santa Claus and Santa Claus

A few words about the Snow Maiden

There is no direct analogy with Slavic mythology Snow Maiden, although there is an opinion that this is one of the girls who frozen frost. The first mentions of the Snow Maiden appear in Russian folklore, where it is described as a revived girl who was made of snow. Later, she appears like a daughter of Santa Claus, but eventually got an option with his granddaughter.

Today, the Snow Maiden is an indispensable assistant Santa Claus on all New Year's holidays.


Santa Claus is really a national heritage, because people of different eras worked above. Still in Slavic tribes, the harsh owner of the jury, which appears in oral folk creativity, and in the fairy tales of Russian writers. He reached us in the form of a good grandfather, who gives children gifts for the new year.

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Where does Santa Claus live, and is it possible to see it - the question that children overcome. Check to the end to find out the whole truth about the appearance of the new year symbol.


Prototypes of Santa Claus

The image of Santa Claus is collected from pagan and religious beliefs. Before the baptism of Russia, people saw gods for each phenomenon of nature. Squeezing frost, covered by the expanses of the current Russia, in the representation of the ancestors was an evil Beloborodnik old man in the fur coat. Slavic tribes believed that he commands rainy weather and can strengthen the cold.

As soon as the ancestors began to notice that after a large number of snow, it is possible to collect more harvest, they changed their attitude towards the Grozny Frost. They believed that he generously gifted, and others would freeze to death. Despite the fact that he was not connected with the meeting of the New Year's holiday and New Year's Christmas tree, his features were preserved in the modern presentation of Santa Claus.

In the times of Christianity, he was associated with the older of the city of Patara, who created the godly affairs in the 4th century n. e. The really existing person was represented as St. Nicholas. The image of Nicholas the Wonderworker is the basis of a modern wizard, who generously gave the kids.

After the decree of Peter I, since 1699, the summer and the new year was changed, which began not from September 1, and from January 1, became an officially honored holiday. It is not known whether to use the image of Santa Claus as a winter cock or not. The first written mention dated 1840. He wrote about him in his story a Russian figure of the romanticism Vladimir Fedorovich Odoyevsky. Nick Moroz Ivanovich became the literary name of Santa Claus.

After the collapse of the Russian Empire, he disappeared and appeared again. Since 1918, Soviet power has changed the calendar to Gregorian, presented with all the post-Soviet countries the concept of an old new year and refused the holiday at all. Due to ideological motivations, the True Party residents associated the New Year holidays with Diversion (sabotage - provocative activities with the aim of undermining public mains) of the Soviet regime. It was forbidden not so much Santa Claus as a symbol of the new year, but holding the holiday itself. First, christmas canceled, then the New Year's Christmas tree, and then the New Year.

Grandfather Frost appeared along with his granddaughter Snow Maiden several years later. After the winged phrase Joseph Stalin, "Living has become better, comrades. There was a fun, "allowed to celebrate New Year's holiday again. On December 28, 1935, an article was published in the main newspaper of the country "True", which offered to arrange a good New Year's Christmas tree for children. 1936 - The first year, whose meeting was held with the participation of Santa Claus, which appeared in Moscow on the tree with the Snow Maiden.

Is there a real Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is a symbol of a fairy tale created by the hands of parents. In fact, it is not, but in childhood it is not necessary. Particularly inquisitive guys who refuse to believe in the existence of Grandfather Frost, you can talk about the conclusion of the physics of Katie Tire. The employee of the Executioner University of Great Britain scientifically proved with the help of a special theory of relativity, as an old man succeeds silently and quickly flying the planet for one New Year's Eve. She calculated that at a speed of 10 million km / h, the wizard delivers gifts throughout the light, and due to the Doppler effect, its movement cannot be tracked.

How old is Santa Claus?

The birthday of the Russian Santa Claus, whose prototype originated for a long time, began to celebrate only since 2005. The tradition of fresh and appeared due to the fact that in Veliky Ustyug, the festive festives associated with Grandfather Moroz are arranged annually. The city, which became the birthplace of Beloborodnaya Older, meets children and their parents during December and January winter entertainment. The date appeared no coincidence: November 18 - the day of the occurrence of the cold. He began the birthday of the children's wizard, in which children send a birthday card and letters with congratulations.

What does Santa Claus look like?

Frost's grandfather find out:

  • long thick beard;
  • red fur coat, shown by silver and a broken swan fusion;
  • the red semi-gun cap with a finishing of the swan fluff, in the middle of which a triangular cutout is made;
  • felt boots with silver;
  • White belt with red ornament;
  • crystal staff with twisted handle, completed by the image of the crescent;
  • Red bag with gifts.

On the character of the New Year's Wizard

Unlike the American colleague, Russian Santa Claus has never been a merry. He impressed the impression of a harsh pre-ferret, guided by a sense of justice. He knows how children in the outgoing year behaved, and asks them to read quatrain. In return, he gifts them with gifts and for a while remains at the holiday.

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About Family Santa Claus

Grandfather always accompanies the granddaughter Snow Maiden. The first mention of it is found in Russian folklore, where it appears, as the girl flashes from the snow. At first she was called her daughter, but the concept of his granddaughter passed.

Where does Santa Claus live and how to get to him?

Motherland of Santa Claus is located in Veliky Ustyug, 11 km from the house of a fabulous character. The main residence of Santa Claus is not accidental in one of the oldest cities of the Russian North, which preserved a rich cultural heritage. The city is located on the banks of the Sukhona River in the northeastern part of the Vologda region. In addition to the residence of the main New Year character, guests of the city are visited by numerous churches, temples and historical monuments. For the master of Santa Claus come to see how the nationwide favorites do.

How to get to the house of Santa Claus?

If you eat to the residence on your own car, follow the route of the navigator to the village of Medical Vologda region. By train and aircraft in Ustyug, you can get from the major cities of Russia by direct flight or with transfers. From Ustyug to the residence can be reached by bus. About accommodation take care in advance, because many parents try to bring children to the New Year or during the winter holidays.

Do not worry about your child, going on the journey. You will never lose it, knowing the exact location of the child on the map, and having the ability to listen to the sound around with the "where my children" app.

post office

During the year, a kind wizard receives letters and gifts from children. Those who visit his house can draw a couple of lines to relatives, and everyone's favorite bearded letter. Journey to visit the New Year's wizard will please not only children, but also their parents who will be able to return to childhood for a while.


Guests meet granddaughter Snow Maiden, who comes to the grandfather before the holiday from his fairy tale, located in Kostroma. Visitors to the residence can visit all the rooms of the Terem:

  • Bedroom, where there is a carved bed with downstairs;
  • Wardrobe, where the owner of the house in amazing fabulous outfits is disguised;
  • The office, which enters the library and the observatory, and on the eve of the New Year - and the mountain of gifts for visitors guests.

Meeting with Santa Moroza makes popular winter excursions to Veliky Ustyug.

Other residences

All those who cannot visit the main house of Santa Claus are departed to the nearest residence of the New Year's Wizard:

  1. Moscow manor in Kuzminsky forest.
  2. Village Shuvalovka near St. Petersburg.
  3. Ural (every year the residence opens in different cities of the region).
  4. Tomsk writer Kemerovo region.
  5. Kazan, where the Tatar Grandfather Frost is located - Kuszy Babai.

Before the New Year, Santa Claus visits all its residences, where organizes contests and tells the magical fairy tales to children. Guests of residences will be offered winter entertainment, sleigh riding, rides, theatrical ideas and holidays with gifts. The remaining winter wizards of the residence are located in different parts of the world. For example, under the fairy tales, Andersen Santa Claus shares Lapland with a brutal snow queen.

What is the name of Santa Claus in other countries?

In each country of the world, its fairy-tale character, which is different from Frost's grandfather with the name, costume and auxiliary heroes. Russian Santa Claus appears on the New Year's Eve - the main holiday of winter, which is customary to celebrate along Merry Christmas in different parts of the world. Depending on the traditions and beliefs of each people, their idea of ​​how Santa Claus looks like.

USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia

In these countries, gifts to children brings Santa Claus, who has a different outfit, a retinue and habits. Unlike a New Year's Character of Russia, he does not present the hotel personally, but laying them on raving over the fireplace socks. Penetrates inside under the cover of the night through the chimney, leaving in the sky next to the house and sleigh with gifts for other kids. Rides on the sleigh harvested deer, in the circle of fairy tale elves. He does not wear a long fur coat in the floor, like Santa Claus, and costs a short red jacket, a red cap and round glasses.


Georgians name His Tovlis Babuo or Tovlis Dad, which means "Snow Grandfather". In local belief, he appeared from the alpine village of Ushguli in the north-west of Georgia. It is represented as a gray old old man with a long white beard dressed in a monophonic chole with a white turkey and traditional Svan hat. The fabulous character stores gifts for children in a large bag called "Hurgyini".


Finns Grandfather Frost look like more on the overseas Santa Claus: he is surrounded by gnomes in the isothechic caps and capes, similar to elves, he dressed in a red jacket and a cap. Unlike the American Santa Claus, Yollupukka has Morusi's wife, who lives with him in a hut on Mount Corvatunturi in Lapland. Finnish hero of children's fairy tales spreads christmas presents.


Local Grandfather Frost Wear a difficult-to-my name - Juluwan. It looks like a Finnish gray and white and white-friendly Yollupukka. It is dressed almost as well as he: in a red toulup and a cone-shaped cap with pompon. He is helped by the gnomes and wife named Mother Winter.

Santa Claus is a symbol of the New Year, which has passed a long way from the evil old man to a good wizard. He is eagerly awaiting children who write letters in advance and anticipate the night when a gift can be found under New Year's Eve.

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Many countries have their new year-congratulators. They have different names and their helpers, but also there are general features: the color of clothing is usually red, there is a hat with a cap, and be sure to bag with gifts.


Russian Santa Claus is the main wizard in the New Year holidays, which congratulates Russian kids. Dressed in color - blue, blue, red or white fur coat, with a long white beard and a straw with an icicle in his hand, felt boots on her legs. Rides on the top of the horses. His granddaughter helps his grandfather - Snow Maiden.


Many people of Russia have a similar character: Karel has his name Package - Frost, and he is young.


Ehee Dvyl or Numbers - Yakut Santa Claus. This New Year's character got better than other New Year's colleagues. Judge for yourself: his wife Syun Hotun is in winter time; Three Samcharan's daughters, Saoryna and Kykhyyunay distribute spring, summer and autumn duties among themselves. What the echoe himself is engaged in Dyl, it's not entirely clear.


USA, Canada, Britain

Santa Claus Congratulates the children in the USA, Canada, Britain. Traditionally dressed in a red hat with white pompon, a jacket is also red and sharovar. He has a beard and on the nose glasses. Wish in black high boots. The basis of the image was Saint Nikolai Millicine. In the literature, Santo first described William Gilli - in the poem of Santeclaus 1821. A year later, a poetic report appeared about this fabulous old man, the author of which was CLIMA Clark Moore. Famous to all today's appearance of Santa Claus - the result of the work of Handon Sandbloma - an artist from the United States, who completed a series of original drawings in 1931 for a New Year's advertising Coca-Cola. Santa helpers are elves.

What did grandfathers look in different countries of the world


Finnish congratulator Joulupukki Translated into Russian as a "Christmas goat". Rustic residents who have durable gifts on the Christmas night, put on shoes from goat skins. It is believed that Joulupukka lives inside the hill of Corvatunturi, in the mysterious caves of Ka Culolaol. He has big ears, so he always knows who of the kids behaved well, and who mischone.

Photo: Jollopukki to the right with their Hungarian counterpart.
Photo: Jollopukki to the right with their Hungarian counterpart.


Swedish kids get gifts from christmas gnome, whose name is Yul Tomten Jolotomten . Gnome dressed in a green suit, red pants, a hat-stocking and without fail with a beard. Externally, Yul Tomten Jolotomen reminds our houses. It is believed that annually in Christmas, he hides in the underground of each house. Lives a gnome in the protected forest with picturesque valleys and lakes. A team of assistants from the Swedish gnome extensive: a cheerful snowman to give, the prince with a princess, mischievous mice, the king with the snow queen, witches and numerous elves.



The Vietnamese Spirit of the New Year is called Tao Kuen And he also master the spirit of the family hearth. On the eve of the New Year, Tao Kuen goes on Karpi, turning into a dragon, on the sky to report the Vladyka about the good deeds of each family member. Therefore, by tradition, there are many sweets near his image.



Irish Daidi on Nollaig Wears a long green fur coat. He also has a staff, but, unlike our grandfather, Irish on the staff is not icicles, but a bunch of herbs and instead of a hat from Daidi on the head of a wreath.



Dutch CAAS website or Sinter Clas It comes to horseback riding, dressed in Mitra and the White Episcopian Mantle, accompanied by his faithful servant of the Moored Nickname - Black Peter, who carries a bag with gifts for obedient children and roses for naughty.

Photo: https: //7
Photo: https: //7


Sho Hin , Sheng Dan Lodzhen or Dun Che Lao Ren From China has a black long beard and a narrow eye cut typical for the Chinese. Images of dragons and snakes are located on red kimono. Cap from Shao Hina Golden with red pompons. The Chinese grandfather is moving on the chariots or on special stretchers, like an antiquity emperors.



Agios Vasilis Translated from St. Vasily comes to New Year's holidays towards the Greek guys. Children sing a song: "Saint Vasily, where you come, Holy Vasily, happiness give, fulfill all my desires." Here, the prototype of the Christmas saint is Vasily Great Caesarian, the younger contemporary of Nicholas. Saint Vasily turned out to be Christmas for the reason that his memory is celebrated by the Greek Church of January 1. In the guise of modern Greek St. Vasily a lot of features from his Western counterpart. He is depicted by an old man with a white beard, which circles at home and gives children gifts.



In Italy, two new year characters! Italian grandfather is called Babbo Natape which is a double Santa Claus. He leaves his sleigh sled and makes his ways to every house through the chimney. The owners pre-prepare for him milk and sweets "for reinforcement." In Italy, children are waiting for new year and Beefan's old woman . She organized a holiday in this country. Beefana can take different bleits. Most often it is a cute granny on the broom, behind which gifts and coals. Those who led themselves in the year - sweets and pears, and the rest are extinct coal.


France, Spain

In France and Spain, children are waiting Father Noel . Literally name is translated as Father Christmas. His companion and assistant name is Shaland - a bearded old man in the fur hat, wrapped in a warm road. Per Noel congratulates and gives gifts to raised and obedient kids, and the naughty and lazy chanda brings roses. Market New Year's holiday in France is not in a family circle. Most often it happens in the company of friends in a restaurant, and often even just on the street, surrounded by hundreds of sparkling garlands and bright fireworks, sparkling champagne, fun and music.

Photo: Father Noel.
Photo: Father Noel.

Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Czech Republic and Slovakia also have two congratulations. Czech Grandfather Mikulash It comes to each house on the night of December 6 - the night before St. Nicholas Day. Externally, it looks like a twin of Russian Santa Claus: a long fur coat, a staff, a hat. Only here gifts he brings in a gluable box and help him a wonderful angel in white clothes and shaggy thistle. Obedient children Mikulas brings oranges, apples and various sweets. In the "Christmas boot" of a slacker or a hooligan, a piece of coal or potato. For many, it remains a mystery, how the grandfather Mikulas gets around with Hedgehog . The latter is considered the most modest and imperceptible New Year character all over the world. He throws gifts to children. Hedgehog throws up the guys gifts in such a way that no one saw him. That is why his appearance remains a mystery.

Photo: Grandfather Mikulas.
Photo: Grandfather Mikulas.


Austrian Santa Claus by name Tzman. It was originally not a positive character. The name of the New Year old old man is still - Tzman, which means "night people." The legend says that Tzman was an evil spirit, at night he flew over Vienna, looked into the windows of the houses and, having seen not sleeping children, cut them away for the subsequent execution. It was coordinated by Tzman about 300 years ago: Returning from hunting with another child in his hands, "Night people" came across the carpist, who nodded the villain of Tumakov. Now every new year Tzman gives the babies marzipan gingerbread and a figurine of a pipeline for happiness.

Photo: https: //7
Photo: https: //7


Japanese Segatsu-San. и Odysian - These are representatives of the two generations. Classic Segatsu-San, which means Mr. New-Year, dressed in a sky-blue kimono with a golden pattern. He is gray, sometimes with a staff in his hands and certainly with a beard. But Obi-san is "typical" Santa, except with narrow eyes.


Muslim countries

Hyzir Ilyas Muslim kids. O comes in the image of a sage, an elder, a traveler who has immortality, the gift of providence and able to give and punish. He has a long white beard, campaign and staff.



German Wainnatsman. It is an accurate copy of Santa Claus from Russia. He moves on donkey. Sleeping, boys and girls of Germany put a plate on the table, in which a good old woman will put delicious treats, and in the shoes they leave the hay for his donkey.



Yolasweinger - These are 13 mischievous creatures, which in Iceland replace Santa Claus. The first significant mention of them appeared in the early 1930s, when the Icelandic writer composed a short poem about what role they play in christmas. Since then, they have passed through many different incarnations: from cute generous donors to harmful pests. The same time they were even called bloodthirsty monsters, which are kidnapped at night and eat children.

But first of all, Yolasweinger is famous for their mischievous character. And everyone has a special feature inherent in him only and sometimes quite strange:

  • Strikyarsthair - Herd-from-sheepni - sheep extends. Clumsy, as instead of legs he has wooden prostheses;
  • Glyliageir - Cranval Ostolaop - hides in the Rips and Dwarves, waiting for the opportunity to get into the hlev and pull milk;
  • Stuvyur - hardware - very low. Steals the plates to eat the baked bread left in them;
  • Tweeurlekir - lifting-pods - kidnaps wooden spoons with long handles to lick them. Due to malnutrition very thin;
  • Potasleikir - Gorshvizizizizy - Slobs residues from pots from pots and saucepan;
  • Askasleikir - Myskoliz - hiding under the beds, waiting for someone to lower down a special dishes with a lid used instead of a bowl, which he then steals;
  • Hurdashellir - door-door - loves to clap the door, especially at night;
  • Skirgaumur - Skilled Gearing - a lover to enjoy a skyr - a variety of prokobyvashi;
  • Biagnachariker - Savrasokhvat - can hide in the rafters of smokehouse and tear off the smoking sausages from there;
  • Gluggagaiir - peeping-in-windows - a lover of peeping into the windows in search of things that can be stealing;
  • GauttaTeyevur - doorway - has an unusually large nose and a sharp smell that he uses to find the Christmas baking christmas bread;
  • Ketkroukure - meat hook - uses a hook for meat theft;
  • Kertasnikar - Candles Beggar - follows for children to steal their Christmas candles, which were previously made from Sala and, therefore, were edible.

Accompanies Yolasweinarov, a pile cat - a hungry beast that eats bad children.

Photo: https: //7
Photo: https: //7

Great Britain

To the Victorian era Batyushka Christmas More interested in adult feast and fun and did not have anything to do with children or gifts. He also wore a green suit. Now the father changed clothes into red clothes. Children turn to the Father of Christmas and ask him gifts. To do this, you need to write a detailed letter to the magic grandfather with all the wishes and throw it into the fireplace. The list of desires from the pipe will be delivered with smoke directly by destination.



Noel Baba From Turkey is a kind and generous wonderworker and a wrestler with evil, the patron saint of lost and abducted children. The legend says that somehow Nikolai Mirlijsky once, an appearance is described by the appearance of a New Year's hero, she walked around the village past the poor house. From hopelessness, the father of the family was going to send daughters to "learn" the most ancient profession on earth. It was not liked to Nikolai, and at night he threw three wallets filled with gold coins in the chimney. They fell into the shoes of girls. Father bought daughters dowry and issued them all married.



In Mongolia, the New Year holiday is engaged Muffle Uzgun . The family of the family helps the tire lived - the boy of the new year and Zazan Okhin - Snow Maiden. The new year falls on the feast of cattle breeding, therefore Mulmines of the Uzgun appears in his cattle clothing: in a shaggy fur coat and a large fox hat. In his hands he has a long whip, fire, flint and tobacco. It is believed that it depends on it whether there will be plenty of milk and meat to the New Year's table.



In India, the responsibilities of Santa Claus executes the goddess Lakshmi - Goddess of happiness and prosperity. It is described as the goddess of incredible beauty, standing on the lotus and in two hands holds on the lotus.


Basque Country (region in Spain)

Even in the country of Basques, there is your Santa Claus by name Ollencero. , dressed in national clothing and carrying a flask filled with excellent Spanish wine.


In Norway and Greenland

Gifts are responsible Yulissen And houses Nissa , dressed in the caps and adore sweets, however, they can read something if they don't like something.

Photo: Houses Nissa.
Photo: Houses Nissa.


Hawaii are one of the states of America, which means that Christmas and New Year celebrate on the adopted American tradition - with the Christmas tree and Santa Claus . Only here Santa would have grabbed a sunshine long ago, if he was walking into such a heat in a fur coat and boot, so Hawaiian Santa puts on traditionally red cape and smelting.



Australian Santa Claus also called Santa Claus But considering that January is one of the hottest months, his robe is very unusual: the owner of the new year appears on the beach in swimming trunks and with surf, degraded in the New Year style, and on the head a red hat with a white pomponchik and a constant white beard.


There are many countries and nations, therefore it is not the entire list of New Year's heroes. But about the very basic, interesting and common, we told you.

What does a real Santa Claus look like

Frost appearance

Oddly enough, but many children do not imagine what the real Santa Claus looks like! They have been completed with the way of foreign Santa Claus for a long time on a number of films, animated series, advertising, etc. However, not to know the domestic fairy-tale hero in the face - ashamed. To teach the baby to the Azam should parents, so that your shoulders are familiar to the baby with the surrounding reality. Before the New Year, start with the fact that explain to children, which represents this holiday, who is Santa Claus and how exactly it looks. First of all, we note that unlike Santa Morozko - Grandfather is not fun, but good. It is distinguished by the harsh and strict temper, but it has a sense of justice.

It is impossible to pass by the Russian New Year character, his robe causes admiration. We are talking about a real costume, and not about low-cost counterparts that can be made with your own hands. How does the domestic santa frost look like?

Appearance of Santa Claus

  • The headdress is an old boyars hat with high challenges;
  • Outerwear - a long warm fur coat with bathes "bat". The fur coat has a beautiful wide collar that lies gorgeous on the widespread shoulders of Santa Claus;
  • Sweatwear - linen pants and shirt. Most often, no one sees these items, because fur coat hides them;
  • Hands are protected from cold with warm mittens;
  • Shoes - traditional Russian felt boots or red boots (modern shoes);
  • Santa Claus's clothing color is traditionally red, but maybe blue, blue or silver;
  • The whole outfit of the character is beautifully decorated with contrast embroidery, most often, white. It is on the weapons of the caps, collar, on the sleeves and the canvas of the fur coats, mittens. If the fur coat is represented as a thick coat, then the robe can be supplemented with a beautiful belt;
  • Staff - Mandatory accessory of the new year character. This is a wooden long stick, carved and beautiful. It is most often painted in white. It is believed that this staff Santa Claus could freeze people;
  • Bag by shoulders. For holidays and New Year's trees, Morozko always comes with a big bag of gifts. As a rule, it is sweets favorite children.

Of course, frosts play ordinary people who are great for this role. It is necessary to describe the appearance of Santa Claus, as a character and like a living person:

Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

  1. This is an old man, grandfather. He has an adult granddaughter;
  2. He is gray, has a long beard to the belt or to the floor;
  3. Beard and mustache closes almost the whole face;
  4. Nose and cheeks are red from frost;
  5. Growth is high;
  6. The physique is normal, you can even say that thin, but the shoulders are wide;
  7. The voice is slightly cheerful, well delivered, loud. Larely rarely, smiles - just as, not often, but speaks with children and adults with respect.

Distinctive features of the domestic Santa Claus

Children, and many adults, it will be interesting to know what is different from other All-Russian Frost. First of all, this is a cool temper of our grandfather Frost! We always believed that this character is kind and smiling, he loves children and helps good people, isn't it? However, the image of Morozko occurred from the ancient God (in times of paganism of the Slavs), which personified the severity of the cold. Therefore, even at that time, this God was considered evil, and it was customary to ensure. Until now, the image of Santa Claus remains as severe, but a little changed his form:

  • He is a nicer, strict and hot-tempered, but at the same time very fair;
  • People of good and good frosts first feel, checks, and then gives up different gifts, but evil people - will not last;
  • Children love, but preferably does not fulfill the role of Nyanki, does not play with children, but teaches them new knowledge.

Features of Grandpa Frost.

Of course, this is the main traditional difference between our Santa Claus. For example, American Santa Claus, on the contrary, is very kind and cheerful, he does not punish naughty kids, but simply does not give them gifts, because They did not deserve it. Evil people Santa also does not freeze and does not circumside on death, and good is always smiling and raises the mood. For comparison, we also note the fact that the northern people in Russia in the coldest corners of the country still undermine the god of frost just in case, will suddenly help? If the klya was taken earlier for this - cheap and satisfy, but now it can be left in front of the house on the eve of the new year meat dishes, wines, bread.

You certainly saddened when you stay not recognized or confused with another person? Also with Morozko - most often it is confused or united together with Santa Claus. So it is important to know what the real Santa Claus looks like and what it differs from the notorious American Santa!

  1. People are very often mistaken when choosing a beard for a costume - it should be white-white white, fluffy and very long.
  2. A Russian character can have a cap-cap with pompoms or tassels at the end. This is a simple boyars hat.
  3. Santa Claus fur coat - richly decorated and warm. Many replace it with a bathrobe so that the costume turns out inexpensive. But much more attractive is the fur coat.
  4. Whatever the suit of the grandfather and his color, his nose and cheeks is always red - from a strong frost. Use a clown nose in a suit for this. Use blush, lipstick or give up this nuance at all.
  5. The traditional outerwear of the character is not suggested by anything, although there are suits with a belt - a cross; Clothes of Santa Claus
  6. Choosing mittens, it is worth choosing three-blind models, like a real Santa Claus!
  7. The real frost wears the boots, but in the warmer conditions of winter it is allowed to wear warm boots.
  8. Magic character moves on the sleigh harvested by the top of the horses. Is there such an opportunity? Then go on foot.
  9. Accessories. Mandatory - staff, optional - bag with sweets and other gifts. Staff helps the grandfather to freeze evil people, as well as move along the snow-covered forest. Unlike Santa, our hero has no problems with vision and, therefore, glasses, nor bad habits and addictions to the tube;
  10. The most important feature of Santa Claus is his beauty granddaughter, which is called the Snow Maiden. She often walks with her grandfather for the holidays and congratulates people and children with the New Year.

Holiday with Santa Claus

This New Year is almost impossible to imagine without Santa Claus. It is clear that the most important "official" Santa Claus to you is unlikely to look, it is worth taking care of the celebration in advance. You can order a pre-service greetings from a fabulous character at any festive agency. This is especially important for children who will simply be delighted! If there is no such opportunity, or you remembered it too late, it is worth arranging a New Year's Eve costuned. Dress up like in kindergarten, snowflakes, snowmen, tree and squirrels, and the most responsible teaching in Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. This holiday you will definitely not forget, and the photos will be nice to warm my soul all year.

What is the responsibility of Santa Claus?

  • Congratulations on the New Year, the wish of good luck and all the best for all those present;
  • Raising the mood even to the most sad and skeptical persons in the company;
  • Gift presentation. But remember, this Santa Claus makes not from his pocket, no matter how regrettable, otherwise it will go broke. But you can give friends and close gifts made with your own hands. Give the presents should either get them out of the bag, or send friends themselves to look for gifts under Christmas tree;
  • Clarification of interests and abilities in children and adults. Everyone who wants to receive a gift should show their talent - tell the poem, sing, dance or draw something;
  • Slash the Christmas tree. This is an important element of the whole evening. Santa Claus comes, and the Christmas tree is decorated, but the lights are not lit on it. Then grandfather says: "Christmas tree, Gor!", Other members of the company help him and then the Christmas tree lights up with bright lights.

You can arrange a complete scene for children or even for your guests. Take care of this evening, so that New Year's Eve again became magical, as in childhood. But much better and more interesting is to watch a bright idea. To do this, you can go to the central square of the city or visit the Votchin of Santa Claus to the city of Great Ustyug. You can come and a week before the celebration and one day before the New Year's Eve (just do not forget to book a hotel room in advance), and spend a holiday with the most real Santa Claus! And after the New Year, you can buy souvenirs closest, take a walk in a beautiful residence and take pictures with the famous Santa Claus.

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