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Transverse, York, Eldar Jarakhov, Katya Clap, Sasha Spielberg - What are their dogs?

Bloggers are modern leaders among young people. They are looking, they envy and want to imitate. But it would be difficult for them to succeed without support. Today we will tell about the most faithful friends of bloggers - their dogs.

Danila across

The happy owner of a dog Danila became recently. His Labrador named Rocket a little over a year. Before that, the blogger did not decrease to make animals, because I was afraid not to cope with such responsibility.

In his recent video, the transverse announced that she acquired a dog from a breeder. Initially planned to take the girl, but all that time he considered puppies, the rocket did not move away from him. This is one of those situations when not a person chooses a dog, and the dog chooses a person. And Danila never regretted her decision. Now they are with a rocket faithful friends.

What dogs are the top Russian bloggers Youtube?

Julius Oneshko

Blogger Julius Oneshko is more famous as a yulik owner of a cheerful Welsh Corgi named Bim. The dog is not only a faithful friend of the blogger, she herself is not averse to painting in social networks. BIMA has its own account in Instagram and there are already more than 160 thousand subscribers.

Bim is not only cheerful, but also very smart. She knows several teams, always playing any games and does not refuse photo shoots.

What dogs are the top Russian bloggers Youtube?

Eldar Jarakhov

The golden retriever nicknamed Rof became the right friend of Eldar. The dog perfectly gets around with a cat, which was the only pets of the blogger for a long time. But now the owner's love has to share for two. Eldar merrably spends time with Rof. He is divided by the stories of their walks with subscribers in social networks.

What dogs are the top Russian bloggers Youtube?

Kate Clapp

Popular blogger Katya Clap Yaraya Taks fan. She is ready to take tens of dogs of this breed, but knows how to stop in time. Now she lives three friends of Cily, the south and scent. Proud and temperamental dogs never deny photo shoots with the hostess.

What dogs are the top Russian bloggers Youtube?

Sasha Spielberg

Blider Sasha Spielberg loves to share with fans of photographs of his pets. She brings up two Jack-Russell Terriers Kether and Dustcy. Cheerful and active pets especially love walking. Sasha is spending a lot of time with them. She admitted that dogs were with full-fledged family members, they are like sisters to her. Ketcher loves to play with stones. Dusty is often jealous of the hostess, but all conflicts can be smoothed quickly.

What dogs are the top Russian bloggers Youtube?
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Sasha Spielberg (Alexandra Balkovskaya)

Sasha Spielberg

Sasha Spilberg (Sasha Spilberg). Real name - Alexander Alexandrovna Balkovskaya. Born on November 27, 1997 in Moscow. Russian video cell, singer, actress, model.

Alexandra Balkovskaya, who became famous under the pseudonym Sasha Spielberg, was born on November 27, 1997 in Moscow.

Father - Alexander Balkovsky, businessman, works in advertising, venture investor, co-owner of the studio Z-Agency, engaged in promotion and exclusive presentation of the commercial interests of Sasha Spielberg.

At an early age, Sasha was diagnosed with asthma, the doctors advised to change the climate, because of which the family moved to Europe. Lived in Italy and Switzerland. There she went to school. Actively engaged in sports - large tennis, horse riding, swimming, figure skating. In adolescence, for the first time came to the scene as part of the Girl.

I finished school in Moscow.

On May 19, 2010, she created her channel on Youtube. Her first video was called Sasha Spielberg & American Eagle, it was posted on November 10, 2012. The first rollers were English-speaking, later she began to record video and Russian. The content of its canal was mostly musical.

Next, she launched another channel, which was her personal blog, she shared his impressions from traveling, cosmetics, clothes, etc.

Blogs Sasha Spielberg became popular, incl. Thanks to the correct promotion that her father was engaged. Spielberg was awarded the title "Golden Button" from YouTube. Her "Spielberg Vlog" program has been published on the TV channel "RU TV", there was a taller about interesting trends in the network.

According to Spielberg, when the number of subscribers of its channel exceeded 100,000, advertising proposals began to receive it: she received 100,000 rubles for her first review of cosmetics. In 2016, she starred in Cornetto ice cream advertising from Unilever, where he sang along with DJ Leonid Rudenko. In the same year, she, together with other invited stars, starred in the clip "Degrees" on the song "Degreus 100".

Blogger Sasha Spielberg

Already in 2016, according to her father, the earnings of Sasha Spielberg exceeded 1 million rubles per month.

In the same 2016, Sasha Spielberg starred in the film producer Timur Bekmambetova "Hack of bloggers" . The fantastic filmmaking of the director Maxim Sveshnikova demonstrates the capture of the computer's desktop, the actors are removed on webcams and appear only in the windows of Skype and browsers. After entering the screens, the film was extremely low critics assessments and caused a scandal associated with the accusations of the creators in the misuse of the budget provided by the state.

Also starring in the role of himself in the comedies "Tree 5" and "Tree Last".

In 2016, she released her collection of clothing together with the Marmalato brand.

In 2017, together with Yulya Pushman, Jan Gordienko and Kasparianz, appeared on the cover of the January issue of Elle Gir.

Music Creativity Sasha Spielberg

From 2013 began to realize himself as a singer, debuting with the "LOVE" and Gatsby's Girl compositions. Later I introduced the video to the song "I promise" in a duet with Alexander Panayotov, recorded the soundtrack to the film "He - Dragon" called "Love Scary".

Next, the songs of Miss Hippie came out, "Diss on my life", "extra movements", "Song of the food", "Medley".

Sasha Spilberg - Diss on my life

Social and political position Sasha Spielberg

In April 2017, the then Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky starred in Spielberg blog, during the conversation actively advertising projects of the ministry - the films "Big" and "Time of the first", sites "Culture. RF "and" History. RF. "

On May 22, 2017, Sasha Spielberg took part in parliamentary hearings dedicated to the Youth Policy. She was invited to the Russian Parliament as Deputy Chairman of the State Duma and the Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia, Sergey Nevovoye.

In the Russian Federation, Spielberg spoke about the activities of bloggers, saying that she "not a supporter of rallies about the fact that someone wears yellow sneakers," referring to the film "He's not Dimon", and also negatively responded to Ruslan Sokolovsky, calling him Idiot. "Hello, my name is Sasha Spielberg, I am a video block manager, and my audience exceeds 10 million people. I am not strong in the policies of the names of parties, but I understand well in dealing with a large audience. The fact that I am here is a sign that the state recognizes the significance of the video blockosphere and the significance of the leaders of opinions. This is the main thing.

Why are video blocks so popular? They are present in the life of their audience every day, something is trained and recommended. There are no barriers and editors between us and the audience. Television and other vintage communications do not offer anything interesting audience. And YouTube and other social networks are like a TV for adults. Someone information analyzes, and someone just believes blindly.

Youth politics I did not feel at all my audience too. Before that day. Now I feel. And I think that I am a conductor between the state and the community to which I belong.

If I were responsible for the social network as a representative of the authorities, I would change the attitude towards social networks (in power). Subscribers are the same voters, only the results are visible in real time. Each video is a mini-election. I am transparent from 13 years old. Become transparent! Make a video, lay out in the social network. Do not be afraid to show your human face, your family, hobbies and most importantly - work. Tell me about what you go to the social network, your children. Then the state will turn from abstract concept in some time ...

... As for the use of video blocks to fight outdoor demonstrations (somehow, the "Kommersant" wrote) - I am not a supporter of extremes. As the entrance to the social network by a passport from 16 years and rallies about the fact that someone wears yellow sneakers. And finally - about catching Pokemon. Sokolovsky, sorry, idiot. These are needed or treated, or fined. Judging such people cruelly and wrongmatically. And accurately does not contribute to the trust of youth " - she said from the Duma Tribune.

Sasha Spielberg in the State Duma

Sasha Spielberg in the State Duma

Later, the deputy from the LDPR Andrei Svintsov offered Sasha Spielberg to become his assistant, but she replied that he did not plan a political career.

Sasha Spielberg does not know the school program

The blogger was a defendant of the scandal after the roller was laid out, demonstrating ignorance by Sasha Spielberg - applying to be the leader of opinions - elementary things from the school program. During one event, she could not answer a number of simple questions: what is the name of the victory in the chess party, the science of plants and the largest ocean.

She was reminded of this story in the studio of the program "Let them talk." Sasha in response just left the show, and so promoted that even forgot his phone.

Sasha Spielberg Growth: 162 centimeters.

Personal life Sasha Spielberg:

In March 2020, Sasha presented her boyfriend, whose parillas would be. They met in the United States.

She told about the circumstances of their acquaintance in his instagram: "It happens so that waking up in the morning, you can not even imagine that you will meet your love in the evening ... it happened to me. After going on a trip to the West Coast of the United States, my friend and I decided to spend the night in San Francisco. I wanted to stay in the room and read the book (finally), but she pulled me to the company at the local party. In my suitcase there was only one dress, I was absolutely sure that two weeks we will wander on the forests as a logger. In the same evening, I met a young man ... Seeing each other. We took up my hands and no longer parted)) On my phrase "I am so lonely in Los Angeles" he answered "no longer" and conquered my heart! Meet it - parilla! And today, we fly from Moscow back to San Francisco, to the city where they met, where friends and my dear fluffy dog ​​Darwin are waiting for us !!). I never laid out my own relationship in the network for the sake of likes, and so on ... those who have been with me for a long time, know what I do it for the first time ... the parilla has become for me a loved one and the best friend! I'm not going to arrange from our relationship show, but I really wanted to introduce you to my loved one! ".

Sasha Spielberg and her boyfriend parilla

Sasha Spielberg and her boyfriend parilla

Filmography Sasha Spielberg:

2016 - hack bloggers - Kameo 2016 - Christmas trees 5 - Kameo 2018 - Trees last - Kameo

Singles Sasha Spielberg:

2013 - "LOVE" 2013 - "Gatsby's Girl" 2014 - "Orange City Skies" 2015 - "Your Shadow" - "I promise" (feat. Alexander Panayotov) 2015 - "Love Scary" (Soundtrack for the film "He - Dragon" ) 2016 - "Roded Loda" (Feat. Leonid Rudenko) 2016 - Miss Hippie 2016 - "I will always be with you" (feat. Friends) 2017 - "DISS on my life" 2017 - "Extra Movements" 2018 - " Song about food "2019 -" Medley "

Last update of information: 07.03.2020

What is the name of the dogs of Sasha Spielberg?

What is the name of the dogs of Sasha Spielberg?

What is the name of Sasha's cousin

Dusty and Prike Full Names of Dusty and Ketcher

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T. and Kend or Dustcy and Ketchi

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What is Sasha Spielberg?

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Horse name Baks Breed Dogs Jack Russell Terrier

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Dusty and Ketherzenodna Jacshraastel Terrieriz SpainAkeweller 6 years, Dusty 4 years)

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