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The number of devices for the Internet connection in each house or apartment increases annually. They enjoy the "global network", including wireless. When authentication errors occur when connecting to WiFi to Android, what to do to correct the situation is the main question. The error is highlighted on the tablet or smartphone, and the network in another place is calmly connected. However, it is not worth worrying, the problem is simple and forces to solve a simple person regardless of the level of literacy and qualifications in technical terms. Below is described in detail, for what reasons there are problems of authentication on Android devices and what should be done about it.

What is authentication

Before analyzing, for what reason the network connection error occurs, it is necessary to dwell on the term "authentication". The concept means authentication. Authentication is the necessary mechanism for the protection of protection. Tablet, telephone, computer or laptop in the process of connecting to wireless Internet via Wi Fi router must successfully complete authentication by introducing an identifier and password installed in advance.

How does authentication occur

Ways to correct authentication errors when connected to WiFi on Android OS

In essence, authentication is a procedure during which the correctness of the identifier and password is checked. Multiple authentication types are used. Selecting the desired is made in the device settings menu used as an access point. Under authentication, as a rule, the type of encryption of the router data is understood.

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Wi-Fi authentication error on tablet and phone

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Android Authentication ErrorOne of the most common problems when connecting the Android phone or tablet to Wi-Fi is an authentication error, or just the inscription "Saved, WPA / WPA2 protection" After trying to connect to the wireless network.

In this article, I will tell you about the ways known to me to correct the problem of authentication and connected to the Internet, drown to your Wi-Fi router, as well as how such behavior can be caused.

Saved, WPA / WPA2 Protection on Android

Usually the Connection Process itself when an authentication error occurs as follows: You select a wireless network, enter a password from it, then see the status change: Connection - Authentication - Saved, WPA2 or WPA protection. If a little later, the status changes to the "authentication error", while the connection itself does not occur, then something is wrong with the password or security settings on the router. If simply writes "saved", then it is likely that the Wi-Fi network parameters. And now, in order that, in this case, you can do to connect to the network.

Saved, WPA2 WPA Protection

Important note: When changing the wireless network settings in the router, delete the saved network on your phone or tablet. To do this, in the Wi-Fi settings, select your network and hold it until the menu appears. In this menu, there is also a "Change" item, but for some reason, even on the latest Android versions after making changes (for example, a new password), an authentication error still appears, while after removing the network everything is in order.

Very often this error is caused by the wrong password input, while the user can be sure that it enters everything correctly. First of all, make sure that Cyrillic is not used in the Wi-Fi password, and when you enter, you follow the case of letters (large and small). For simplicity, you can temporarily change the password on the router on a completely digital, about how to do you can read in the router setup instructions (there is information for all common stamps and models) on my site (also there you will find how to go In the router settings for the changes described below).

Changing wireless network parameters

The second common option, especially for older and budget telephones and tablets - unsupported Wi-Fi mode network. You should try to enable 802.11 b / g mode (instead of n or auto) and try to connect again. Also, in rare cases, it helps the change of the Wireless Region in the United States (or Russia, if you have a different region).

The following is to check and try to change - the authentication method and WPA encryption (also in the settings of the wireless network of the router, items can be called otherwise). If you have a default WPA2-Personal, try to deliver WPA. Encryption - AES.

If the Wi-Fi authentication error on Android is accompanied by a weak signal reception, try to select a free channel for a wireless network. Unlikely, but can help and change the width of the channel for 20 MHz.

Update: In the comments, Kirill described this method (which for reviews then many have worked, and therefore I get here): We go to the settings, press the button more - the modem mode - setting the access point and pairing. We put on IPv4 and IPv6 - BT-modem off / On (Leave to Off) Turn on the access point after turning off. (Upper switch). Also go to the VPN tab to put a password, after removed in the settings. The last stage is to enable / disable the flight mode. After all this, my Wi-Fi came to life and automatically connected without clicks.

Another way proposed in the comments - Try setting the Wi-Fi network password consisting only of numbers, can help.

And the last way, which in the case of which you can try is an automatic correction of problems using the Android application WiFi Fixer (you can download for free on Google Play). The application automatically corrects many errors related to a wireless connection and, judging by the reviews, works (although I do not quite understand how it is).

And what if it will be interesting:

Ways to correct authentication errors when connected to WiFi on Android OS

Authentication errorThe number of devices for the Internet connection in each house or apartment increases annually. They enjoy the "global network", including wireless. When authentication errors occur when connecting to WiFi to Android, what to do to correct the situation is the main question. The error is highlighted on the tablet or smartphone, and the network in another place is calmly connected. However, it is not worth worrying, the problem is simple and forces to solve a simple person regardless of the level of literacy and qualifications in technical terms. Below is described in detail, for what reasons there are problems of authentication on Android devices and what should be done about it.

What is authentication

Before analyzing, for what reason the network connection error occurs, it is necessary to dwell on the term "authentication". The concept means authentication. Authentication is the necessary mechanism for the protection of protection. Tablet, telephone, computer or laptop in the process of connecting to wireless Internet via Wi Fi router must successfully complete authentication by introducing an identifier and password installed in advance.

How does authentication occur

Encryption typeIn essence, authentication is a procedure during which the correctness of the identifier and password is checked. Multiple authentication types are used. Selecting the desired is made in the device settings menu used as an access point. Under authentication, as a rule, the type of encryption of the router data is understood.

The most often used WPA-2 technology using a symmetric AES algorithm. The authentication method for customers of wireless networks is WPA2 Personal. Bypassing this defense to the attacker, regardless of his qualifications, is impossible. Under normal conditions, for example, at home is installed one for all the key. Its use is connected to the network.

Under conditions, when more serious protection is needed, for example, on regime objects, another approach is applied. Each subscriber who has the right to connect to the network receives its own password.

Connection steps to wireless Internet

The process of connecting the phone or tablet to " Wi-Fi" looks like that. First on its own device turns on Wi-Fi. To do this, in most cases, it is enough to make a swipe - a sliding movement with your finger - from the top of the screen down and click on the desired icon. The network name will be displayed on the screen and will offer to connect to it. After that, just enter the password in a special field, and everything will be successfully: the user will receive access. However, sometimes an error occurs when authentication.

The problem of authentication

Causes of this malfunction

Situations when when connecting a device running on "Android", for example, smartphone SAMSUNG GALAXY, Sony's tablet or any other device on the screen writes about an authentication error, two: the incomprehension of the entered password or different type of encryption on the router and the connected device. They cover most of the cases, but sometimes malfunctions and errors are caused by the causes of another nature.

Incorrected Password

As a rule, an error when passing authentication when connecting the phone occurs due to the fact that users are incorrectly administered the set password. This is usually associated with the high complexity of the latter. Users by analogy with passwords for their own mail or social networks are increasingly using different registers of letters, their random location and interlacing with numbers and other symbols. All this leads to the fact that many people who rarely connect to a specific network cannot correctly enter the code without errors.

Enter a password

Faulty router

Sometimes WiFi authentication errors are called by the fact that the device, or the access point, faulty at a specific point in time. Modern routers are equipped with color indicators prompting about it. However, professionals or experienced users are drawn to their incorrect work.

Often, the smartphone or tablet is not connected to the network due to the fact that they are at the hardware level, due to moral obsolescence, are not able to work with the modern high-speed standard of 802.11n.

Non-compliance with data encryption

A often arising authentication error on the phone running on Android is registered due to the inconsistency of the encryption type.

Modern routers, default, set a symmetric encryption algorithm - AES. However, the owners of many old devices in this case simply cannot connect "Wi Fi" on the phone. This is because the installed version of Android is outdated and does not support AES. Also, some devices do not support WPA-2. All this leads to an error.

Ways to solve authentication problem

Based on the causes of the fault that described above, when connecting to a wireless network, it becomes clear that the question is how to quickly remove the error of authentication, there is no single response. In each case, its algorithm applies to solve identification problems. More they will be described below.

Network reconnect

If an identification error occurs, you need, first of all, try to connect again. To do this, the device is translated into flight mode by 20-30 seconds. Sometimes the connection with the connection helps to correct the banal delete network data. Consider this on the example of the Samsung smartphone. In the first case, the swipe is done from top to bottom, the "Flight Mode" button is pressed, and then turns off. In the second case, you need to go to the settings, go to subparagraph Wi-Fi, select the desired network there. By long-term finger hold on its name, a menu is called where the item "Forget Network" is selected. After that, information regarding the specific wireless network is erased from the memory of a smartphone or tablet and, most likely, the authentication errors will be avoided. In addition, it should be considered the inability to work with the 802.11n standard. To do this, the B / G / N Mixed Mode must be replaced by B / G mixed:

change router mode

Authentication error

There are situations where Android devices are unable to connect to the network when authentication is made due to the conflict with the security version installed in the settings. Moreover, this applies to both modern phones and outdated models. In this situation, the simplest way out is to change the newest WPA-2 to an older WPA. In most cases, this is associated with a crash in the firmware of the router, so the described decision is temporary, it is worth upgrading to a newer and current version of the firmware.

Sometimes, an authentication error means the availability of outdated Android versions with the AES algorithm. In this case, the authentication method changes to WPA-AUTO-PERSONAL, after which it will be possible to select the TKIP protocol. In ASUS routers, an advanced version is used, using two protocol immediately depending on the device connected.

Menu ASUS router

The fact that the cause of the authentication error lies in this, determines the temporary installation of open access. In the authentication method, the Open System is selected from the drop-down menu. If after such a step occurs successful authentication of the smartphone, it is obvious that you should experiment with this field. The method of exemption to determine the method that will function without errors.

Search for reason in the router

If the authentication error is allegedly caused by a router that is an access point, the following uncomplicated manipulations are carried out with it. The simplest error solution is a banal reboot. It is done to turn off the power button and re-pressing it after half a minute. In the event that it did not help, see if the network is available for authentication. This is done through the administrator interface, where easy to go, typing It is necessary that the SSID (network name) is written in English, and did not stand the "Hide SSID" check mark.

Change passwords

When correcting authentication errors, it is impossible not to say about the change of the installed password. Instead of a complex set of characters and characters, make a simple password from numbers, which will allow you to successfully pass on authentication.

Additional solution solving methods

If the above methods have not corrected authentication errors, the reason may be, for example, in filtering possible clients by the MAC address. When the function is active, the tablet or the phone will not be able to successfully connect. This happens if their MAC addresses are not included in a special allowing list, located directly in the administrator interface in the router. Another error solving is used for Lenovo's manufacturing technology. For the successful passage of authentication, according to the reviews of the owners of smartphones of this company, you must change the channel with automatic to 6.


In some situations to correct the error that occurred during authentication, you should try to change the width of the channel. Installing a higher value increases speed due to a larger bandwidth. Sometimes it also helps the restart of the device connected to the access point.

It is possible to experiment with other settings, for example, change the wireless network mode, use static channels.

In any case, you should not despair when an authentication error is displayed when you connect to WiFi network on any device running on Android. To decide how to do to correct the problem, it is necessary, first of all, to identify the cause of the problem.

Technical expertPodgornov Ilya Vladimirovich All articles of our site are undergoing an audit of the technical consultant. If you have any questions, you can always set them on his page.
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Wi-Fi Authentication Error on Android Phone, Tablet

One of the most popular errors with which you can face the Android smartphone, or tablet, is a "authentication error", or "saved, WPA / WPA2 protection". These errors appear when trying to connect your phone, or tablet to Wi-Fi network.

Now we will try to figure out what kind of errors, why they appear when connecting to Wi-Fi, and of course try to get rid of them. I took the tablet on Android, now I will try to show everything in detail on the example and tell about some solutions.

If you have another problem / error when connecting your phone to Wi-Fi, then see this article: the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi. Internet does not work. Why and what to do?

What does it mean an authentication error on Android?

We take our tablet, or a phone, and try to connect to Wi-Fi. We enter the password, and we see the status "Authentication ..."

"Authentication ..." on Android when connected to Wi-Fi

See further: "authentication error".

"Authentication error" on the phone and tablet

And the error is "saved", or "saved, WPA / WPA2 protection".

Error "Saved, WPA / WPA2 Protection" on Android

If you entered this page, I think that you all familiar. At the same time, the phone, or the same tablet to Wi-Fi, is not connected, and everything is repeated in a circle until we turn off Wi-Fi, or you will not delete the network.

These errors appear due to the fact that we incorrectly indicated the password from the Wi-Fi network, or because of the wrong security settings on the router. But most often due to the wrong password.

How to eliminate authentication error, or "Saved, WPA / WPA2 protection"

Let's deal with solutions. Let's start as usual, with the easiest.

1Check the password. Since the authentication error more often appears because of the wrong password, it must be checked first. On your phone, or tablet, click on the Wi-Fi network to which it does not turn off, and delete it.

Android: Incorrect password when connected to Wi-Fi

Now, by clicking on our network, the password request will appear again. Specify the password again, make sure that you specify everything correctly. If you see an authentication error again, you will delete the network, look at the password in the router settings, or on the computer, and try to connect again.

How to remember the forgotten key from Wi-Fi, I wrote in the article: how to find your password from Wi-Fi, or what if you forgot the password.

Best, view the password in the router settings. In the article, I wrote how to do it. And do not forget that the password is sensitive to the register of letters. That is, there is a difference between big and small.

2We change the security settings Wi-Fi network. If you are already confident that you specify the correct key, you need to experiment with the settings of the wireless network on our router. Especially with security settings.

First check if you have a WPA2 - Personal authentication method installed, WPA encryption is "AES". Try on such settings. If it does not help, set other parameters.

Android device does not connect to Wi-Fi

Do not forget to save settings after each change, and restart the router. And on Android, delete the Wi-Fi network, and try to connect again.

I showed an example of the ASUS router. If you do not know how to change the wireless network settings on your router, then write in the comments, I will try to prompt.

3We change the Wi-Fi password. Try changing the password for some other. I advise you to try to put a key of 8 characters, and only from numbers. In some cases, it helps.

4Channel change, region, channel widths, and wireless network modes. If the solutions described above do not help, then you can try to experiment with the Wi-Fi settings of the network. All of them are in the router control panel, on the tab with the wireless network settings.

You can, for example, try to put some static channel, instead of "cars", change the channel width, specify another mode of operation.

Setting up Wi-Fi Router Network for Android

Do not forget to save the settings, restart the router, and delete the network on your mobile device (how to do it, wrote above) .

5Restart your android smartphone, or tablet. You can also try to enable and disable the flight mode. I saw more tips where it is recommended to enable modem mode (access points), then turn it off. By setting the access point settings and pairing on IPv4 and IPv6.

As a result, our phone should connect to Wi-Fi.

Decision error with Wi-Fi connection on android

I hope my tips helped solve the problem with connecting to a wireless network, and an authentication error. If you know about some other solutions, you can share them in the comments. Well, ask your questions, I will definitely answer, and I will try to help!

Android is an excellent mobile platform that provides users with many features. Nevertheless, this OS is not devastable. Many android users often have different malfunctions. One of the most common problems is an authentication error when connecting to WiFi on Android. What if you encountered this problem? How to fix the error? The answer to this burning question you will find in this article.


You enter a password from your device to an available WiFi network, after which the device switches to "Authentication" mode. After a short period of time, the system knocks out the inscription: "authentication error" or "authentication error", and then the phone displays the status of the network as "saved". In this case, the Internet on the tablet or the smartphone is not there. This is repeated once over time. The situation described is familiar to you? Then you hit the address. WiFi.

Authentication (authorization) is the process of authentication. That is, the router checks whether the password entered by the user corresponds to the key that is saved in the database. If everything is in order and cipher coincides, then the user is provided with access to the Internet. If an authentication error occurs, this means that the key is entered incorrectly.

In order to fix the problem, it is necessary to find its source. The reasons why the phone does not connect and writes about the error may be different. Typically, this problem occurs if the user incorrectly specified the password. In addition, a similar problem may occur due to incorrect security settings in the router.

What to do?

Authentication error When connecting to WiFi on android can be eliminated in several ways. It is necessary to apply them alternately in the order in which they are listed in the article.

Incorrect password

Since authentication error usually occurs due to an incorrect key, then first it is necessary to check the password. From Mobile Device, go to the "Settings" menu. There, select "Connections" and go to the section called "Wi-Fi". Select the network to which you cannot connect, and hold it for a couple of seconds. A tab is displayed in which there is an item "Delete this network" or "Forget Network". Click on it. Forget Network

Now try to connect to the wireless network. Make sure you specify the key correctly. To check the correctness of the cipher, mark the Password item checkbox. The information will not be replaced by points, thanks to which you can see the key in the router settings and compare it with the entered password.

Security Settings

If you are confident in the correctness of the entered data, but it was not possible to connect to the network, it means that the root of the problem lies in the safety settings of the router. In order to make changes, go to the router menu. For this you need:

  1. Get an IP address device (written on the router housing).
  2. Enter IP into the search string and click on the ENTER button.
  3. Log in in the router settings menu using the Admin word as a login and password.
  4. After that you will get access to the router settings.

Pay attention to the authentication method and the WPA encryption type. WPA2 - Personal and AES parameters must be installed, respectively. If you have other meanings, then in this case, change them. Routher security settings

Installed parameters must be kept constantly. After you change the access point, turn off and turn on again. Do not forget to delete the network every time on your android device (about how to do it above).

What to do if nothing helps?

If after the described WiFi procedures on the phone did not appear on the phone, try to do the following:

  • Change the password on the router. Set the key to the length exactly in 8 characters and when you prepare, use only numbers. Sometimes it helps.
  • Experiment with the router settings. They are located in the router control panel. Try changing the channel, region, channel width and other parameters.
  • Try to restart your device. Then turn on and disconnect the "Flight Mode" on the device.
  • An authorization error may occur due to a weak compound. Then the solution to the connection of the phone is elementary - you must approach the router closer.


Authentication error - quite a common problem, with which almost all android devices have come across. At the same time, not every user knows this problem to correct this problem. If you have this error, then take advantage of the advice given in this article. In the end, the problem will be resolved, and you can access the router.

Perhaps the most common problem that occurs on the phone or the Android tablet is an authentication error when connected to your home wi fi. In order to eliminate it, you need to understand the basic principles of the device, as well as know what authentication is and why it is not executed.

What is authentication?

It is impossible to eliminate the problem without understanding its essence. Authentication Wai Fi is the process of checking the security key. Simple words - the coincidence of the installed network password with the one that is entered by the user. The main task of authentication on the phone or tablet is to protect the network from unauthorized access.

Not each user understands that any devices connected to the Unified Wi-Fi network can freely exchange data. That is why open points of Internet connections are considered unsafe. To connect to a wireless network, without fearing for the safety of your data and the authentication process was invented. The most common way to verify user authentication is to request a password.

How is authentication?

  1. The user connects to the network, then enters the security key;
  2. The tablet or phone based on android encrypts the information entered and sends to the router;
  3. Router decrypt data;
  4. Depending on their conformity or inconsistencies prohibits or allows the user to connect.

That is why if you misinterpress the password, an error occurs. In this case, the Android device writes that you failed to pass the authentication process, and the phone or tablet does not connect to the Internet.

Connection steps to wireless Internet

Before connecting to a wireless network, make sure that the WiFi module on your phone or Android tablet is enabled. For this:

  • Go to the phone settings;
  • Go to the Wireless Networks menu;
  • If the phone or tablet writes to you "To view the available networks, turn on WiFi," then move the slider from above to the right position.

After a few seconds, a list of available wireless networks will appear. If you see the "lock" icon next to the WiFi icon, then you will need to connect to the authentication process.

Turn on the "Show Password" function

Decide which wireless network you want to connect your mobile phone or tablet. Click on it. After that, a dialog box appears on the display of your device with its name, information about the signal level, protection type, and a password input field (if it is protected). In order not to make a mistake in his input, scroll down the dialog box and check the "Show Password" field.

So you will see which characters enter. After entering the corresponding password combination, click the Connect button. The phone or tablet will report that successfully connected to the selected WiFi network or an error will appear.

Main problems

It often happens that when entering an incorrect password and an attempt to connect to a wireless network, a phone or tablet under its name, instead of the "connected" message, writes: "Saved, protected WPA2" (WPA2 - type of network used, so it can change). Then several authentication attempts and eventually appears the message "Authentication error" or "network connection error" (which is in principle the same thing). In such a situation of the user and the main questions arise: what to do and why an error appears?

There are three most common problems that do not allow the user of the phone or tablet based on Android to pass the authentication process:

  1. Incorrectly dialed password to connect to WiFi (security key);
  2. non-compliance of the type encryption of the router data with the settings on the phone or tablet;
  3. Malfunction WiFi router.

Depending on the type of problem, they differ and ways to solve it.

Error example

Error example

Incorrected Password

Click the name of the wireless network, which gives an authentication error. After calling a small dialog box, select the "Delete" item. Do not worry, it will not disappear anywhere, and again will appear on this list after which you can repeat the operations done by entering the correct password. Do not forget to put a tick in the "Show Password" menu. Check the key carefully. Often, users are confused by the zero symbol with the letter "O", one with Latin "I" and "L", the capital letter "I" (I - "ah") and a small "L" (L - "El") and so on. Do not forget that the password may be sensitive to the register (small and big letters).

If you are confident in the correct password entered, but the phone or tablet on the Android operating system still gives out this error, turn off the Wi Fi module and turn on, rebuilding to connect to this network, or fully reboot the mobile device and try to connect again.

Faulty router

Also, the problem can be in the router itself, which distributes the Internet. In this case, you can try to connect to other wireless networks, other routers. For example, to free Wi Fi for restaurants, shops. If the problem persists, then most likely you have to make a complete reset of your smartphone to factory settings. At the same time, do not forget to make a backup of the information stored on your phone or Android tablet, otherwise you will lose it.

Non-compliance with data encryption

An error may appear due to the inconsistency of the data encryption type or unknown to the device network WiFi. The problem is eliminated by changing their types. To do this, you need to connect to the router (through Wi-Fi or using a cable) and enter the router parameters. Enter the access point in the address bar of the browser (this information can be found on the housing, box or in the router instructions).

How to find IP Access Points through Network Management Center and Common Access

    • Open the "Network and Common Access Control Center";
Network Management Center

Network Management Center

    • Find the "Connection" line and select "Wireless Network Connection";
Connection type

Connection type

    • In the dialog box that opens, click on the "Details" button;


    • "Default Gateway IP V4" is an IPP access point to the router.
IP address of access point

IP address of access point

Changing the encryption type in the router settings

After entering an access point in the IP browser, you will fall into the router parameters, where you need to login and password (default: admin, admin). Depending on the manufacturer and model firm, the program interface may differ.

Example of authorization

Example of authorization

    • After successful authentication passing, open the extended settings of your router or router;
Change the type of encryption

Change the type of encryption

  • Select the automatic type of data encryption or WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK2 Mixed;
  • In the same menu, you can change the wireless network password;
  • Click "Save" or apply ";
  • Restart the device;
  • You do not need anything else, so you can close the router settings.

If you are all done correctly, the problem of network authentication Wi-Fi on the Android phone or tablet will no longer spoil your life.

Authorization error when connected to Wi-Fi on Android - what to do?

Today's article will be useful to Lenovo Phones and Tablets (Lenovo), Fly, Asus, ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei and Other android, android. If an authentication error occurs when connecting to WiFi on android What to do? This is a very popular malfunction, the reasons for which there may be several. Consider all the options.

Network connection error on android

The essence of the problem

Suppose you have decided to connect to the wireless network using your mobile gadget. Included WiFi module, saw a list of access points, chose the desired and entered the password. First, the basic status is displayed, but after - suddenly you see a message about the authorization failure on Android or the inscription - "saved ..."

Personally, I know only two reasons for such behavior:

  • The network access code on the device itself is incorrectly specified;
  • Incorrect wireless access parameters in the router settings, distributing WiFi.

Next, we will tell about the accumulation options that are extremely simple and will be understood even by novice.

Error authentication "Saved, WPA / WPA2 protection" - How to fix?

Firstly You need to re-enter the password - Maybe the first time you made a mistake and indicated the wrong code.

Pay attention to the register of entered characters (large letters or small), as this may affect the result.

  • Click on the name of the problem point;
  • In the window that appears, select Action - "Delete Network" (depending on the version of the Android, the appearance can be a little different, but the names of operations are similar):

Delete network on Android

  • After a few seconds, you will see this element in the list again. Tap on it and try to register a password again. Try not to make mistakes, specify information (at the administrator, bartender and whether any other employee, if you are trying to connect to the Internet in a cafe, waiting room, etc.).

Perhaps you just scored the code. It is actually in the computer settings (laptop), which is also connected to this network -

Here is the instruction


Router parameters

If the situation found you surprise at home or at work, that is, where you have access to network equipment, follows:

  • Log in to the router control panel at the address specified on the back of the device:

Sticker on router

  • Go to the section "Wireless Network" (Wireless). Depending on the router model, the appearance of the interface may differ. Use the master instruction manual (comes with or can be found on the official manufacturer's website);
  • Check which protection method is installed. The optimal values ​​are the following: WPA2 with AES encryption and an 8-digit password:

Encryption parameters in the router

  • If one of the listed difference is different, then we change and definitely save the changes made, then restart the network device;
  • After a couple of minutes, we try to connect with the wireless Internet on the smartphone.

Error verification when connected to WiFi on Android disappeared? Congratulations!

Not? Then try a couple more options!

  • In the same window of the parameters (see above), specify another password to differ from the original. I recommend entering only digital characters. We persist, reboot, check! Not worked - go further.
  • "Picky" again in the router settings. You need to change the broadcast mode from "Auto" to any other (B \ g, b \ g \ n), "play" with the choice of channels - instead of automatic definition, specify static value from the list, change the width of the channel:

Channel Parameters - Type, Width in the Settings of the Network Device

Again, sague after each adjustment and restart the equipment, then check on the smartphone / tablet, and if it does not help, then experiment further.

It is often saves the banal reboot of the phone or the router (the latter is enough to turn off for a few minutes). But on the forums I read that it is worth trying on a mobile gadget to activate the "aircraft" mode (flight), and then turn it off.

It will not hurt to check the operability of the router, turn it off for a couple of minutes. Although rarely the problem is precisely in it.

I would like to believe that the above recommendations on the topic "Authentication error when connecting to WiFi on android What to do?" turned out to be effective. Waiting for your comments!

The type of rapid growth in the use of phones and tablets to access the worldwide network. Many users face such a problem as: an authentication error when connected to WiFi on Android. What to do when this message appears and why it appears. See the detailed instructions for solving this problem in our article.

Authentication what it is and for what it needs

Authentication - This is the authentication process occurring every time when your device is connected to routersotor. Each time you decide to connect your smartphone or tablet to the router you will observe this process. Often it is going fast. A password entered on the router is compared with a password that is registered on your phone. Authentication may not be if you disconnect the WiFi network protection on the router.

Authentication is needed in order to protect your traffic from third-party people. With configured authentication, traffic will be available only to those users who know the set password.

Authentication error when connected to WiFi

Incorrect password entry

Quite often this error appears when the password is wrong. Although you think that you enter everything correctly ripping still standing. First, pay attention to such things:

  1. Make sure you prescribe a password not Cyrillic.
  2. When introducing exactly, prescribe letters. Where is a small letter, write a small one, and where is the big letter, write a big one.
  3. Do not allow letters to replace, for example "O" English on "O" Russian or vice versa.
Enter WiFi Password on Phone

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Eliminate the problem of "Authentication Error" on the phone

An error of authentication when connecting to WiFi in the phone, any person can occur at the most inopportune moment. Let's consider simple options, how can this error can be eliminated directly on the smartphone.

  • Reboot your tablet, phone. How to do it, think you know.
We make a reboot phone
  • Perform a reused. To do this, it is enough to translate the device to the "Flight" mode for 10-15 seconds.
Turn on the "Flight" mode on the phone
  • We delete the saved Wi Fi network (forget network). We enter " Settings "," Wi-Fi " We find the necessary network. We click on it and hold before the appearance of the window in which I choose " Delete this network " or " Forget Network " After that, you can re-try to connect.
Forget WiFi or Delete Network
  • Try connecting to any other wireless network. If you also give an authentication error when connected to WiFi, then you need to reset the phone to the factory settings. Do not forget to back up all information before discharge.
Reset settings on the phone

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Eliminate the problem of "authentication error" on the router

Making sure that the password was entered correctly, go to the router. Go to the router settings menu. How to do it below.

  • Look at the IP router and password, login on the sticker, which is pasted on the router. Run the browser and take this IP to the address bar.
Watch the password on the router
  • A window appears for entering a login and password, enter them and press "ENTER". All, you will fall into the settings of the router, where you can make any changes.
Perform entrance to the router

Changes in the router settings that can help you:

  • Before changing something, try the easiest solution to solve all problems, restart the router. If it did not help, see the remaining items below.
Restart Wi Fi Router
  • Try on the router in the tab " Wi-Fi »Change wireless broadcasting mode. If you currently costs " nmode, AUTO. or AC »Change it to" 802.11 b / g " This is due to the fact that budget and outdated phones and tablets do not support modern broadcast standards.
Change wireless mode on the router
  • In some cases, the change of the region in the settings helps to get rid of the problem. Therefore, try to change from Russia to the United States or vice versa.
Change the region in the settings of the router
  • Change the authentication method as well as encryption. For example: you have in paragraph " Network authentication "It is worth" WPA2. ", Try to change on" WPA " or vice versa. Encryption also change " AES. or Tkip. »
We change network authentication on the router
  • In the tab " Security Setup »Erase the old Wi Fi password and enter a new one that will consist only of some numbers.
We put the password only from numbers
  • Keep in view of the SSID (network name) must be written in English. And do not think to put a tick " Hide SSID "Your gadget may not understand this.
Clean the checkbox "Hide SSID"
Mac filtration check

Eliminate the problem of "Authentication Error" with the program

WiFi Fixer - This program will help cope with the problems encountered when connecting to a wireless network. According to the reviews of many users, the utility really copes with errors. WiFi Fixer. Absolutely free app for Android, with an interface in Russian.

WiFi Fixer utility


In this article, we showed you what can be done when the WiFi authentication error is on Android. Of course, in each case an individual approach is necessary. Options because of which this connection error appears, many, as well as ways to eliminate. We only reviewed the most common. If you have an option that is not in the article, and he helped you, be sure to write about him in the comments.

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