How to send an email email

How to send an email email

In this lesson, we will learn to send email letters. Consider how to send text messages and files - photos, documents, video.

How to work with mail online

Email or Electronic drawer - This is an online address on which letters receive. Letters also send from it, and not only text, but also attachments - a file or several files.

This address is obtained after registering on the mail site. To access it uses a browser: Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or another. And another box can be used through a special program - the mail client.

Each electronic drawer is unique and belongs to only its owner. Most often addresses at the following sites:

There are other sites:, I.UA,,, etc. But they are less popular and usually not so reliable.

To work with letters you need to know the entry data: Mailing site, login and password. Mailing site and login are indicated in the name of the box itself. Login - before the sign @, site - after.

The principle of work with mail is as follows:

  1. Open the site
  2. Enter login and password
  3. We fall into my personal account

In the personal account there is a receipt and sending letters. Here is how such cabins look like popular sites:

on Yandex (

on Mail (Mail.Ru)

in Google (

On a note . On a computer, people usually work with letters in personal offices. They enter them through the program for the Internet: Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Other. But some prefer to use the postal client. This is a separate program: Microsoft Outlook, The Bat, Mozilla Thunderbird or other. On the phone, on the contrary: people are more likely to use a separate application, not a mobile browser.

How to send a computer from a computer

1. To send the letter, you need to go to your box and click on the "Write" button. It is usually located in the most prominent place in the personal account - at the top of the left. This is how it looks on different sites:

on Yandex (

on Mail (Mail.Ru)

in Google (

2. A form of dispatch opens. Fill it.

Kom. . In this field, print the email address to which you want to send a letter. It is written only by English letters without spaces. It may have signs (point, hyphen or lower underscore) and numbers. At about the middle, there is a sign @, and after it is a postal site. Example: [email protected]

To print a sign @ Press SHIFT on the keyboard and, without releasing, Figure 2 in the top row of keys.

If when you set the addresses, you allow a technical error, for example, do not specify the @ sign, then the name will be highlighted in red. And if you make a mistake in writing, for example, specify the wrong letter, then either after sending will notify the notification of the lack of message, or the letter will come to another person.

Topic . In this field you need to print a letter header, its essence. The more accurate, the better. Examples:

  • Procurement offer
  • Report on work
  • Account Reminder
  • Recording on reception

Try to always fill in the "Theme" field. Since if you leave it empty, the recipient will receive a message with the title "No Topic".

Many people do not open such letters, as they may have viruses and advertising. For the same reason, you should not write comic or non-specific topics.

Examples of bad "topics":

  • Urgently
  • I write to you - what is the bigger?
  • Open me!

Also, do not write the text of the letter itself in this string. First, it is not accepted, and, secondly, this field has a certain length. And if the words will be many, some will doine.

Field for text . Located under the line "Theme". Here you need to print a message, that is, the letter itself directly. If there are a lot of text, the field will automatically expand.

Do not forget to say hello, try to write briefly and in the case. If you are afraid to make mistakes in words, configure spelling check.

3. After filling in all fields, click on the "Send" button below.

An example of a letter

Yandex (

MILE (Mail.Ru)

Google (

How to send a letter from the phone

Through the application

Mail Application - This is a separate program for the phone. It helps to work with letters: quickly get them and send them.

Each mail site has its own official application. You can install it for free through Play Market (Google Play) on Android and App Store on iPhone. After installation, you need to open the program and enter data from the box: its name (login) and password.

Applications for Android:

Applications for iPhone:

Yandex Mail

1. Open the application.

2. Press the pencil icon in the bottom corner.

3. Fill the form:

  • In the "To" field, type the email address of the recipient.
  • In the "Theme" field, indicate what or from anyone.
  • In the field under the theme type your message.

The program adds the signature "Sent from Yandex.pox Mobile Applications". It can be deleted or changed in the settings.

4. Click "Send" up.


1. Open the application.

2. In the upper right corner, click on the pencil icon.

3. The window will open to create a new message.

  • In the "Who" string, enter the address of the recipient.
  • You can additionally add another or more addresses to the "Copy" string.
  • In the "Subject" string, enter the subject of the message.
  • Type the main text to the largest area.

The application automatically adds a digital signature. It can be changed in the settings.

4. Click on the inverted triangle in the upper right corner to send a message.

Gmail application

1. Open the program.

2. Click on the + icon in the bottom corner.

3. Fill the form.

  • To: The address of the recipient.
  • Subject: The essence of the message.
  • Text Messages: Content Letter.

4. To send, click on the icon at the top right.

Through Mobile Browser


1. Go to

2. Print login and click "Login".

3. Type password and click Login.

4. The box opens. To write a new message, click on a small pencil icon in the upper left corner.

5. Window opens:

  • In the "To" field, type the address.
  • In the field "Theme" come up with the topic.
  • Type text to the bottom large field.

6. To send, click on the envelope icon in the right corner.

1. Go to the Mile service at M.Mail.Ru.

2. Click on the Mail button.

3. The form of authorization opens. Fill it with your data - type login and password. Click "Login."

4. The box opens. Click the "Write" button.

5. The form to create a new message will appear:

  • In the "To" field, specify the address of the recipient.
  • In the "Subject" field, type theme.
  • In the next large text box, type a message.

6. Click "Send".

1. Go to

2. Click on "Add Account".

3. Print login.

4. Print password.

5. An electronic box opens. Click the Pencil icon to create a new message.

6. Fill the form:

  • In the "To" field, type the address.
  • The "Copy" field leave empty.
  • In the field "Theme" come up with the topic.
  • In the text field under the theme write the main text.

7. Click on the "Send" button.

Sending letters with investments

In the previous sections, I showed how to send letters in popular services. In this section, we will learn how to attach files to the letter. These can be documents, photos, music and other files.

All examples we will look at the computer in the Google Chrome browser.

One or more files

In Yandex

1. Go to the Yandex box at Click "Write".

2. Fill out the form, as we did before. To attach the file, click on the clip icon to the right of the "Submit" button.

3. A window will open through which you want to select a file.

4. Click the file twice the left mouse button, and it will automatically attach to the letter.

5. To add other files, click again on the clip icon. The window will open.

You can download them one by one, but by closing the Ctrl key, click the left mouse button each. In this way, several elements immediately stand out.

Click on the "Open" button and dedicated files are attached to the letter.

6. Click "Submit" and the letter with the attachments will go to the address. So in what form it will come:


1. Go to the box at

2. Click on the "Write a letter" button and fill out the form, as we did before.

3. Click the "Attach File" link.

The window will open to select. To add one file simply click on it twice the left mouse button. And to add a few - hold the Ctrl key and click on each of them. Then click "Open".

Files have successfully loaded.

4. Click on the "Send" button. The message will arrive in this form:


1. Go to the box by the link. Click the "Write" button and fill in the fields as we did before.

2. The bottom, opposite "send", there will be a clip icon - click on it.

3. The window will open to select.

Click two times the left mouse button to download it. Or select Select multiple files with the Ctrl key and select "Open".

4. Click on "send" and the message with the attachment will go to the address.

Here in which video it will come:

Many files (folder)

In the previous paragraph, we looked at how to send one or more files. Now I will show how to send a lot of files. For example, more than 30 photos or a large package of documents.

To not add each file separately, they can be used to the archive. Then it will turn out only one file, within which all the necessary data will be. Thus, you can send entire folders.

We will consider archiving (adding to archive) in two ways:

  • through winrar program
  • through the 7-Zip archiver

Use the program that is installed on your computer.

If not one, download and install 7-zip from the official site. It's free.


The WinRar archiver is paid and has a trial period of 40 days. You can download the program from the official site

Click the folder with the right mouse files. Select "Add to Archive".

The window opens with the compression setting. I recommend in the archive format item to install a zip switch, as this format will be opened without additional programs.

You can also apply additional compression in the "Compression Method" paragraph, which will slightly reduce the size of the archive.

Click OK, and the archive will be created next to the folder.

If you open it, inside there will be the desired folder with files. Now go to the box and attach the archive to the letter as we did before.


7-Zip - free program. It can be downloaded from the site

Open the directory with the desired folder. Right-click on it, select 7-Zip - Add to archive.

A window with archiving settings will appear:

  • In the archive format item, I recommend installing "ZIP" so that the archive opens onto the recipient's computer without any problems.
  • Learned below, you can set the level of compression.

The resulting file file send by mail as an ordinary nested file.

Large file

Most postal services have a limit on a forwarded volume. Therefore, if your file is more than 30 MB, then it first needs to be downloaded to the cloud (disk). And then copy the link and paste into the sent message.

On a note . Popular postage sites have their cloud (discs) and distribute them for free to users.

Also, a large file can be sent using an archiver, separating it into several parts.

How to send a file through the cloud (disc)

In Yandex

Go to your box in Yandex. In the top menu, opposite the logo, there will be a "disc" point - click on it.

Yandex Disc will open in the new tab. Click on the Upload button.

A window will appear through which to select the desired file. It will be added to the disk.

Right-click on it, select Share.

Yandex will create a link to download. Click on the "Copy Link" item.

Return to the mail and create a new message. Insert the link: right mouse button - insert.

Click "Send" and message with reference to the file will leave the recipient. He will receive it in the following form:

When you click on the link, the page will open for downloading the file.

In gmail

Go to your box on Gmail. Click on the square icon in the upper right corner. From the list, select "Disc".

Your google drive will boot. Click on the "Create" button.

In the window, click on "Upload Files".

Add your file. Then right-click on it and select "Copy Sharing Link".

A message appears that access is enabled and the link will be copied to the clipboard.

Return to your box and create a new message. Insert a copied link to the text (right-click - insert) and send a letter.

So in what form it will come:

When you click on the link, the page will open for viewing and downloading the file.


Go to your box on Mile. On the left, in the lower menu, there will be a "cloud" point - click on it.

The cloud Mail.Ru opens. Click on the "Download" button.

A window appears in which you can transfer files with the mouse or click on "Select Files" for manual download.

Add a file and click on it right mouse button. Select "Get a link".

Copy the link.

Return to the box and create a message. Insert the link to the text by right-clicking and selecting "Paste". And send a letter.

This is how it will look like:

When you go on the link, the recipient will be able to download the file.

With the help of archiver

If you decide to attach a volumetric file as an attachment, it will have to be divided into parts. Otherwise, the postal service will be issued a warning about the size exceeding. Consider how to do this using WinRar and 7-Zip archivers.

Division into parts through WinRar

1. Right-click on the folder and select "Add to Archive".

2. In the parameters, specify the ZIP format, select the maximum compression method. In the section "Share on Tom Size" type the volume of one part and click OK.

3. Multiple archives will be created on the volume specified in the settings.

4. Next, create a new letter, attach all parts of the archive and click "Send".

It is important to send all parts. If something is not to get, the files will not open.

Separation into parts through 7-zip

1. Click on the Right-click folder, select "7-ZIP" and "Add to Archive".

2. In the parameters, select "Archive Format: ZIP", "Compression level: Maximum" and click on the text box in the "Scroll on the size" point.

In the 7-Zip archiver, the sizes are indicated in bytes, but you can enter the volume in megabytes, simply adding the English letter M.

3. After clicking on the OK button, the archive will be divided into parts by specified size.

Next, open the box, create a message and attach all parts of the archive.

Answers to frequent questions

How to send a link

Copy the link. If this is the address of the site (pages on the Internet), then right-click on the top of the browser. In the menu, select "Copy".

Then insert it into the letter of the letter: right-click on the large text field - insert.

Click "Submit" and the message with reference will go to the address.

How to send a letter to several recipients at once

  1. Open the e-mailbox and create a new message.
  2. In the "To" field, type the first recipient's address. Then click on the text field in front of the added address and enter the following address.

Thus, you can add multiple contacts. You can also specify them in the "Copy" string.

How to send a letter to yourself

To do this, when drawing up a letter, simply enter your email address in the "To" field.

Updated: 17.04.2020Vutor: Ilya Kurbanov

At the moment, email is not only a text messaging tool, but also a way to send files, congratulations, sound messages, and so on. In all mail services, the procedure for drawing up and sending letters is almost the same. In this manual, we will understand how to send emails through the basic email services, as well as consider options for anonymous messages and common problems with sending.

Let's start with the Russian service Users of this email will be able to attach almost any files to the letter and change the design. Send a message to another user you can according to this manual: 1. Open the site on the link And log in. Click the "Write a letter" button.

2. In the upper line, specify the recipient. When entering characters, a list of matches from your contact list and those users with which you have already interacted are will appear. Below, specify the subject of the letter. The recipient will see it before reading the entire message.

Form for shipment

3. A number of buttons are located just below to download the file from the computer, from the cloud storage or from the mail archive. You can add documents both through Windows Explorer and by dragging the mouse.


4. Then there is a basic window in which you want to write text text. By default, there is already an inserted signature with the name and surname that are tied to the account. Using the top panel, you can edit the message (fonts, size, color, underscore and other editor tools).


5. Check the correctness of the text attached files. Now it remains to send a message with the corresponding button on the top panel. And you can save this letter as a draft or template.

Saving a template

The field for the main letter fit out not only text messages. For example, there is a feature for adding an image from the clipboard. You can also send a link to any site: 1. First, copy the link from the browser address bar using the context menu or Ctrl + C hotkeys.


2. Navigate to the compilation of the letter and using the PCM, select the "Insert" option. Also, the Ctrl + V combination works here. Complete the editing of the message and send it to another user.

Adding data

The recipient will be able to open the sent link in the next tab by one click on it. The described method of sending URL is relevant for any postal services described in the instructions!

Alternative option - Insert links using the tool. Click the "More" button and select the menu item. Then insert the URL and add the address. If you want to make a hyperlink in the text, then specify the name in the second field.

Entering Address


Now we'll figure it out how to send letters via mail from Google. The procedure is practically no different from the service 1. Go to the site And log in from the Google account. Then click on the "Mail" button and in the Opened tab, select "Write".


2. A pop-up window will appear in the right corner to compile a letter. For convenience, expand the area to the entire screen. Specify the address of the recipient and the subject of the message.

sending letter

3. Then enter the text and edit it using the tools on the bottom panel of this window. You can change the font size, italics, underline, change alignment, create lists, indents, quotes. The last button can completely reset formatting.


4. Near the send button, there are means for attaching files, inserting links, add emoticons, using files from the cloud. For example, to add a link, you can use both the general method described above and the Google Tool. Click on the icon and fill in the fields.

Editing Links

5. After adding files and links, as well as writing text, you can send a ready-made letter now or schedule sending. To do this, click the button near "Send" and select a date.

Planning sending

The only sent message is automatically saved in the section of the same name. And if you planned sending, this letter will appear in the "Open" tab.


Another Russian Yandex service can also boast of wide opportunities to send letters with attached materials and quality design: 1. Open site And log in from your single Yandex account. Come in the mail using the button in the upper right corner.

2. Like everywhere, click the "Write" button to open the message to compile a message. At the top, select the sender - the main or attached email. Then also enter the recipient's mailbox and the title theme.


3. Slip the text below and format it using the toolbar. If you need to add a link, click on the icon marked in the screenshot. Insert the URL and text that will be displayed instead of a long set of reference symbols.

Address and text URL

4. After filling in the main field, go to the bottom. There are buttons here to add files from a computer, cloud storage or other letters from Yandex. If you wish, you can enable a notification of successful dispatch and no response within a few days. Attach files, select Notification Settings and complete the procedure with the "Send" button.

Email functions

Through the button with the dial, you can send postponed messages by date and accurate time.

date and time

Anonymous letters

In ordinary mail services there is no function of anonymous sending messages to other addresses. Users have to search for workarounds or special remakers - services for letters without specifying the sender. The essence of this method is that temporary email is used, an unreal username and VPN, so that the sender's IP address cannot be traced. You can perform this operation yourself by registering another box and connecting to the Internet through proxy. However, special services perform these procedures automatically.

You can send a message anonymously through the service .

Consider the procedure for Read more: 1. Open the site on the link above. Using the top panel, enter the mail login and select one of the proposed domains. It is from the selected address that the user will receive a letter.

2. Open the Compose tab and enter the real email recipient. Below, specify the subject and text of the message. If necessary, you can attach files.


3. Press the SEND button to send an anonymous letter. Delivery may take some time due to IP change. As a result, the recipient will not be able to track your address.

And also this service creates temporary email, all of which (together with letters) is deleted after 1 hour of use. You can customize redirection or create a new account optional.

Another similar site with the Russian-speaking interface offers advanced capabilities to set up and send anonymous messages. You can go to it by reference . You can enjoy both free sending and purchase a subscription with additional privileges.


Common problems with sending

We now turn to the difficulties with which any user may encounter when sending email letters. We'll figure it out for what reasons will email letters are sent:

  • Internet connection. Sometimes you can simply not notice what the network temporarily disappeared. In this case, check the connection status and repeat the procedure. For such cases, it is better to include automatic preservation of drafts so as not to create a letter again.
  • Problems with postal service. This situation is also extremely rare, since large sites work fairly stable. If you are confident in the correctness of entering the email of the recipient, then try to repeat the procedure after 1-2 hours.
  • Automatic add to "Spam". If your letters are not sent to a specific user, then ask him to check this category. Perhaps the service placed the message in spam. As you know, this tab is quite rarely visited.
  • Errors when entering email. The most common cause. Check the correctness of writing. The addresses should only be English letters, numbers, lower underscores, points and hyphens. The domain must be specified after the @ sign with the right writing. If there are many repetitions in the address, then carefully check it for unnecessary points, letters and so on.
the confirmation

The user can block you or simply limit the number of incoming letters. Try contacting him from another box.

If you excluded all malfunctions and errors, but the problem remains, then two options remain - access to the provider about blocking ports and communication with the service support service. At the Email administration you can clarify why the letter is not sent at a specific address.

Sending letters and messages through an electronic box is almost identical in all services. Differences are only in the interface and some features (for example, a binding only to the signature cloud). In Gmail, Yandex, Mail.Ru and other mail, you can format text at your discretion, attach files (archives, images, audio, video, documents), insert links and so on. Additional features in the form of the schedule of sending, templates, spell checks and the built-in translator will make the use of Email even more convenient and easier.


How to write an email in English and which phrases can be used in email messages? We will talk about it.

Let's start with the fact that emails are usually shorter than usual. Sometimes they can consist of just a few lines, but in these lines the very essence will be. Therefore, the ability to clearly formulate their thoughts is a fairly important skill required when writing email. Also note that emails are usually less formal than printed business letters, but despite this, you will never forgive overly familiar tone. In this regard, consider key points that will help you write a good email.

SUBJECT LINE (Email theme)

Be sure to specify the subject of the letter in the Subject string (theme). The topic should reflect the content of your message. Well, if a keyword will be included in the name, which will help the addressee to remember the topic, and then easily find the desired among other letters.

How to start email message?

From greeting and handling. In business communication, it is preferable to use:

Dear mr.jones, / dear ms.jones,

(Miss or MRS in relation to a woman, as a rule, do not use, because it is not always known, it is married or not);

Dear sir, or dear madam, (used in case you do not know the name of the addressee);

Dear sir or madam (It is used if you do not know the floor of the person to which they appeal);

To whom it may concern: ("Who touches this" - a completely permissible phrase, if you do not know who to contact this issue);

DEAR Partners, / Dear Managers, etc. (used when contacting the group of people: Dear partners, / respected managers, etc.);

Hi Nick, or Hello Nick, (A permissible greeting in business communication, if you are familiar with the addressee and are in friendly relations).

In informal email messages greeting - your choice.

Please note that a comma or colon may stand after the appeal. The colon is most often used in strictly official letters. If you use the phrase To whom it may concern , then after it is always worth the colon.

First offer in email messages

If you are responsible for the received letter, then after greeting you can thank for the message:

Thank You for Your Email (Letter) of 11th July, Asking About ... (OUR Tours to Italy). - Thanks for the letter (from July 11) with the question of ...

Thank You for Your Email of 11th July, Enquiring About ... (The Upcoming ToeFL Exam Dates). - Thanks for the letter with the question of ...

Thank You for Your Email of 11th July Concerning ... The Conference in Brussels). - Thanks for the letter regarding ...

Thank You for Your Email of 11th July Regarding ... The Upcoming Meeting). - Thanks for the letter regarding ...

Thank you for your prompt reply. - Thanks for the quick response.

Thanks for Getting Back to Me. - Thank you for answering me.

Thank You for Contacting Our Company. - Thank you for contacting our company.

If you are the initiator of the letter, you can first introduce yourself, provided that you are not familiar ( My Name IS Lana Golubenko ), and then inform the purpose of your email:

I Am Writing In Connection With ... (Immigration to Australia). - I am writing in connection with ...

I am Writing to Enquire About ... Volunteering at your school). - I am writing to learn about ...

I Am Interested In ... Joining Your Nursing Program) And Would Like to Know ... (The Start Dates). - I am interested ... and I would like to know ...

I am Writing in Reference To ... (MY Account at - I am writing about ...

With Reference to Our Telephone Conversation on Friday, I Would Like to Let You Know That ... (Your Article Has Been Selected for publication.). - As for our telephone conversation on Friday, I would like to give you to know that ...

Final replica

Your final replica will show what actions you expect from the interlocutor.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Don't Hesitate to Contact Me. - If you have any questions, please contact me.

I Look Forward to Hearing From You. - Looking forward to your response.

I Look Forward To Your Reply. - Looking forward to your response.

Thank you for your cooperation. - Thank you for your cooperation.

How to complete email message?

The last step is to competently finish the letter:

Yours Faithfully (if you referred to the Dear Sir / Dear Madam addressee) - yours sincerely;

Yours Sincerely (if you appeal to the addressee named dear mr.jones) - with respect;

Kind Regards, - Respectfully..

Regards - Respectfully…

Yours Truly - Yours sincerely…

Sincerely Yours - Sincerely…


If there is an attachment in the letter, you must specify this in your email message:

Please Find Attached ... (Photos from the conference). - Please find in attachment ...

I am attaching ... (MY CV for Your Consideration). - I enclose …

I am Sending You ... The Brochure) AS An Attachment. - I send you ... in attachment.

We reviewed the main points that will help you competently write an email business style. Informal email messages, although they have their own characteristics, are written in free form and allow the use of slang and various kinds of abbreviations.

Electronic letters of business style. Samples

I suggest you as an example samples of email letters of business style:



How to send an email email

In this lesson, I will show how to send email letters correctly. This is a basic lesson in which all the functions and features of postage sites will not be considered. We just write and send a message to which we immediately get the answer.

How to write a letter

Consider a classic situation. We have an email address to which you want to write a letter. It consists exclusively from English letters and / or numbers, sign @ in the middle and names of the mail site (Mail.Ru, for example).

I talked more about addresses on the Internet in the lesson "Email Address".

The first thing to do to send a letter is to open its own Electronic box. That is, go to the postal site, on which your address is located, enter login and password from it. Open personal account.

This is how it looks in Yandex mail:

So in Mail.Ru:

So in Gmail:

On other sites, your personal account looks around as well as: in the middle a list of messages, on the left sections, from above the button for work.

We need a button called "Write". She can also be called "Write a letter". As a rule, there is such a button in the most prominent place: either from above, either on the left.

Here's how it looks in Yandex:

So in Mail.Ru:

So in Gmail:

The form for sending. On all postage sites, it looks roughly the same. Here we are interested only in three fields: to whom, theme and most of the text input.

Here are these fields in Yandex mail:

But they are in Mail.Ru:

So the parts you need look like Gmail:

Where to print the address

The part in which the email address needs to be printed is called "To".

Suppose we have the address to which you want to send a message. There he is:

Click the left mouse button inside the "To" field and print it there. To dial the @ icon on the keyboard, you need to click on the Shift button and, without releasing it, click once on the keyboard key with the number 2 (above, above the letters).

Important: The address needs to be printed only by English letters, without spaces and without a point at the end.

What to print in the subject

After the address is printed, click the left button within the field "Theme". Here you need to print from whom a message or what it is.

Many underestimate the significance of this field and do not print anything into it. Others, on the contrary, print what they want to write about in the letter, that is, use it to print text. The first and second and second are mistaken. Let's try to figure out what is the case.

Suppose we did not printed anything in the field "Theme" and sent a letter. The person will get it in about this form:

The first thing he will see: from whom the message came. In my case, this is an email address. Immediately after him there is a topic and a small part of the text from the letter itself.

As you can see, according to this data, it is absolutely not clear from anyone, nothing in it.

The problem is that many people will automatically detect such an advertisement message and do not even open. And other users are scared, that this is a virus and immediately delete it.

It turns out, we risk to face the fact that the sent letter will not be read. Moreover, we will not even know about it. For us it will look like the message was ignored. And the recipient will be sure that nothing came to him.

Another slightly less common situation is when the text of the message is printed in the "Theme" field. Here is an example of how the recipient sees it:

Not only that it looks ridiculous, it also placed all the text - part cut off. If you compare this situation with conventional paper mail, then it turns out, we sent a blank envelope on which the text of the letter wrote.

So what should be in the field "Theme" ? Ideally, it is necessary to write something that the person will push the letter to open a letter. After reading the topic, he must understand that this is the desired message he is waiting.


  • Record for consultation
  • Report on work
  • Test results

And it is better, of course, clarify what kind of consultation, the report of what kind of work and what is the test. That is, it is necessary to make a person to understand, what or from whom a message.

An example of the right "topic":

  • Record for advice to the therapist
  • Project Report No. 325
  • The result of the test in Physics Ivanova A.A.

An example of incorrect "theme":

Where to print text

The text of the letter, that is, its content, you need to print in the largest field of all. In any postal system it is intended for this.

Click on it with the left mouse button and print, what we want to write. If this field seems not enough to you, do not worry, it will automatically expand when the text will be much.

How to send a letter

To send the letter you need to click on a special button. Usually it is called - "send" - and is either at the top, above the fields, or below them. And in many postage it is there and there.

On the "Send" button you need to click only once! The more time you click on it, the more the same messages come to the recipient.

The principle is the following: wrote a letter, brought the mouse to "send", clicked once with the left and wait. As a rule, after a few seconds, the mail site will write that the message is sent.

The task

Write a letter to email address

Imagine that you are writing a friend who has not seen a few months. Briefly tell us how you are doing and what's new (you can one or two sentences). Do not forget about the topic!

For a minute after sending to your mail, an automatic answer will come, so to speak, confirmation that the letter is received.

Attention : This is a training address on which automatic answers are configured. Do not expect letters from a real person.

Author: Ilya Krivoshevoved: 03/25/2020

Email, perhaps, the most popular means of communication after the phone. We write letters and respond to them almost every day, and sometimes you have to make them not only in Russian. In this article, we will explain to you how to write an email in English correctly, we give examples of formal and informal email, and also tell me where to find a friend of the correspondence.

How to write email in English + 4 sites for searching for correspondence

We will look at both formal email and informal. Of course, they need to use a completely different vocabulary, so first we will understand which letters relate to formal, and which - to informal.


  • letter to the client, colleague or business partner;
  • Office response to the vacancy;
  • Letter with information request or letter complaint in technical support, online store, etc.


  • Letter to a friend, familiar, colleague;
  • Letter to relatives.

And now let's find out which parts should be email in English and which phrases can be used when writing it. Please note: in our article we tell how to write ordinary email. If you are interested in a letter to a friend for the exam, you will find detailed instructions on this topic in the article about the English language.

Email Email Structure and Useful Phrases for Each Part

1. Letter theme (Subject)

The theater begins with hangers, and email - with the topic of writing, which is placed in a special line from above. The presence of a filled letter theme is the elementary rule of good tone, it is especially important not to forget about it in the formal correspondence. Many ignore the topic and move immediately to the text of the letter, and in vain, because a clearly indicated topic will immediately give to understand the addressee, what will be discussed in the letter, it is important or not, etc. Moreover, if you write a business offer to partners With the theme more chances to be read, and not abandoned in the basket.

What to write: Try to meet in 5-7 words and at the same time be sure to specify the most important item in the topic of the letter. For example, in a formal letter with information on the meeting next month, you can write: Meeting on the 26 TH. March AT 11 A.M. (Meeting on March 26 at 11 am). In an informal letter, you can write: Thanks for your present (thanks for your gift). And, for example, if you write a letter to an online store, be sure to specify the order number in the subject of the letter to ask the question.

2. Appeal (initial phrase)

You must start a letter from addressing the addressee. It is written on the first line and is separated by the comma, and the text after it is written from the new line.

What to write: If you write a specific person in a formal style, use such appeals:

Appeal Comment
Dear Mr. Jenkins Appeal to a specific man.
DEAR MS. Jenkins Universal appeal to both married and unmarried lady.
Dear sir or madam It is used when you do not know who will answer your letter.
To whom it may concern, Usually used in business correspondence when you write to corporate mail and do not know who from employees will answer your letter.

An informal letter can be started in the following ways:

Appeal Comment
Hello / Hi / Hi There / Hello Again Tom, Informal friendly greeting.
Greetings / Good Morning / Good Afternoon Tom, Greetings that sound a little formal than Hello or Hi.
DEAR TOM, In this greeting there is a shade of formality, so it is used when writing a letter to the exam.

3. Letter text

In the first paragraph you need to tell the addressee, for which you write a letter to him. If you want to express a few thoughts in your email, then start writing from a new paragraph.

The correct decoration of the letter is the key to the fact that it will read carefully and your thoughts will be correctly understood. Use formatting to make a letter more readable and easy to perceive. It is especially important to take into account this moment when you write long formal letters. The solid canvas of the text risks being sent to the basket immediately after opening.

What to write: The initial offer in the formal writing may sound like this:

Phrase Transfer
I am Writing to Inform You / to Ask You / to Thank You ... I am writing to inform you / ask you / thank you ...
I REGRET TO INFORM YOU ... I'm sorry to tell you ...
I Would Like To Thank You ... I would like to thank you ...

If you write a letter to a friend, you can start it like this:

Phrase Transfer
Many Thanks for Your Recent Letter. Thank you very much for your recent letter.
It Was Nice To Hear From You Recently. It was nice to hear about you recently.
How Are Things? What's up?

4. Attachments

Quite often, we do not just send a letter, but send a document or photo by email. In this case, be sure to inform the addressee that you apply an additional file to the letter.

What to write: And in the formal, and in an informal letter you can use the following phrases:

Phrase Transfer
Please Find Attached ... (My CV and Cover Letter). Please see (-How) ... (My CV and the accompanying letter).
I am attaching ... (The Document You Requested). I attach ... (document you / you asked (s)).
I am Sending You ... (The Photo From Our Vacation). I send you / you ... (photos from our holiday).
Please see ... (The File Attached). Please watch (-t) ... (applied file).

5. Final phrase

If there is an initial phrase in the letter, then there will be a final. She is written with a new line at the end of the letter, and after it is always a comma.

How to write: At the end of the formal letter, you can use such phrases:

Phrase Transfer
Yours Sincerely / FaithFully / Truly, Yours faithfully,
Regards Yours faithfully,
Sincerely Yours Yours sincerely,
With Best Wishes, Best wishes (a little less formal)
With Many Thanks and Best Wishes, With gratitude and best wishes, (a little less formal)
Kind / Best Regards, Best regards, / hearty hello,

After the final phrase in a formal email in English, you must write your name and surname. If you write on behalf of the company to your counterparty, indicate your position and name of the enterprise. If you write a letter to a colleague, you can not specify this data and leave only the name and surname in the signature.

An informal letter can be completed with the following phrases.

Phrase Transfer
Kind / Best Regards, Best wishes (a little more formal)
With Best Wishes, Best wishes (a little more formal)
With Many Thanks and Best Wishes, With gratitude and best wishes, (a little more formal)
Best Wishes Regards,
All The Best, All the best, / with best wishes,
Cheers Be healthy,
Bye for now OK, bye,
See You Soon See you soon, / soon see you
RGDS, Informal manner writing Regards
LOVE / LOTS OF LOVE, With love,

After the final phrase in an informal letter, you just need to put your name.

After specifying your name, you can write postscripts: Write P.S on the new line. and the offer that forgot to put in the main text of the letter. It would seem that in an email in English, you can simply insert a forgotten offer into the text, why should we post-promptums? Our psyche is arranged in such a way that we best remember the first and last piece of information, so you can deliberately "forget" to specify something important in the body of the letter and make it in postscript.

And now let's consider examples of formal and informal emails.

An example of a formal writing in English:

An example of a formal letter

An example of an email to a friend in English:

Example e-mail to a friend

Examples of writing a formal email in English can be found on and sites. We also advise you to go to the PBSKIDS.ORG website. On the page that opens, you will find an example of informal email in English. Move the mouse over any string of the letter and see the explanatory text that tells how to write every part of the letter.

7 Email Writing Tips in English

  1. Pay attention to citation

    If you are a formal correspondence, be sure to keep quoting (the text of the letter to which you answer). At the same time, place your own text above the block with quoting in the letter, and not under it, otherwise the addressee will not find your answer.

  2. Write the topic briefly

    No need to accommodate all the letter in the topic, even if it is very short. Write only a few important words that will immediately give to understand the addressee, which will be discussed.

  3. Use formatting

    Be sure to apply formatting in your letter (secretion by bold, italic, color, etc.), it will improve the readability of the text. At the same time, do not overdo it: in the formal correspondence it is better to limit ourselves to the allocation of fat and creating lists than to figure out the font in all the colors of the rainbow.

  4. Clean formatting

    If you insert an excerpt from another document to a letter, clean the formatting, otherwise the inserted text may not be outlined against the rest. In all mail clients there is a "Clear Formatting" button, use it if necessary.

  5. Do not use the top register

    Want to emphasize the importance of some information? You do not need to use the top register (Caps Lock), otherwise the recipient of the letter may have a feeling that shouting on it. Highlight important important moments And they certainly will not remain unnoticed.

  6. Use numbered and marked lists

    Lists greatly facilitate the perception of information and organize it. But when they are drawn up, it is important to follow 2 rules:

    • In a business letter, if you have a large number of questions about the addressee (for example, clarifications for technical land and so on.), They are better to make them numbered (and not marked) to the list, so that later it was easier to refer to individual questions in further correspondence.
    • The list should never combine two or more questions in one point, even if they are closely connected with each other or one follows from the other. Experience shows that in most cases you will only answer the first question, and the following ignore. So ask all questions with individual items.
  7. Make a white list

    In order for the response letter of your destination to the spam, add the address of its email to the White Contact List, "Favorites" or the like list, letters from which are not sent to the Spam folder.

Where to find a pen-friend: 4 best sites

So, you have already understood how easy to write email in English, and look forward to the moment when you can use knowledge in practice. We invite you to find a pen-friend, because this is a great way to improve English written speech and just expand your circle of communication, get acquainted with foreign culture. To search for a friend we advise you to visit such sites:

  1. - On the site you can register for free and find a friend of correspondence, after reviewing its profile and deciding whether you will find interesting topics for communication. The resource is quite active, constantly online at least 3000-4000 people.
  2. is a free site for finding friends abroad. To date, the total number of site members is more than 550,000.
  3. - also fully free service to search for a pen-friend. Focusing just on students learning English.
  4. - more than 2,000,000 users are registered on the site. You can write for free only 3 users per day (in principle, it can be quite enough to communicate). To write a greater number of participants, you need a paid account.

We think now you will not have questions about how to write an email in English and where to find a friend by correspondence. If you have difficulties with a written English speech, our English teachers will help you improve your knowledge.

© 2021, Copying materials is possible only when specifying a direct active reference to the original source.

You can conduct correspondence with friends and colleagues using different dispatch addresses. For one case, select your main email address on Yandex, for another one of the mail aliases, and for the third - your address on another service (for example, Gmail or

For all letters

You can choose from which address to send letters, in the Settings section of the Sender information. This address will be used by default for all letters. It will also be displayed in the upper right corner of the pages of Yandex. When you click on the name and user portrait.

For a particular letter

You can select the sending address on the letter creation page. The selected address will be used only for this particular letter.

  1. Press the button Copies from whom ˅ in the upper right corner.

  2. Click on the name in the field From whom .

If you can't choose the sending address, open the Yandex ID, click the link. Change personal information and make sure the block The country Selected value "Russia" .

Using the design panel tools, you can select a part of the text in bold or italics, change the color and font size, set a marked or numbered list, insert a picture into a letter, etc.

If you want to disable the design, highlight the text of the text and click .

Insert the image into the body of the letter - not as an attachment - you can in several ways:

Using clipboard
  1. Copy the image into the clipboard: for example, if you need a picture from another site, click on it right-click, select Copy Image ( Copy picture in Google Chrome).

  2. Open the letter creation page, right-click where you want to insert a picture, and select Insert .

Drag from computer
Drag the picture on the letter creation page.

Note. If you drag the text input field, the picture inserts into the body of the letter. If you drag below the fields, the picture will attach as an attachment.

If you have a few signatures, select the desired when creating a letter or configure the automatic signature selection.

  1. Mouse over the current signature.

  2. Press the button

    - It will appear in the upper right corner of the signature block.

  3. Select Signature.

Note. If you can not choose a signature when creating a letter, check that in the settings section Personal data, signature, portrait Included option Allow the choice of signature on the writing page .

Depending on the address

To use the signature when sending letters from a specific postal alias, turn on the option Tail to the address And select the desired email address.

Depending on the language of the letter

The system determines the language of the added signatures: when answering letters, for example on English Language will automatically substitution signature in this language. To substitute this signature to the answers to letters and in another language, in section Your signatures Tie it to the desired language:

  1. Mouse over the right upper signature angle.

  2. Click the icon appeared


  3. Select the desired language from the list:


  4. Press the button Save .

When you write a letter, all changes every 10 seconds are automatically saved as a draft. You can distract from the letter at any time and later return to its editing. To minimize the edit window, click the icon. In the upper right corner of the window. To expand back, click on the Letter tab in the lower right corner of the post.

If you often send emails with the same or similar content (for example, invitations or summaries), you can save them as templates. Unlike Chernivikov, they do not disappear after sending letters. You can use one template several times, creating on it with a letter to partners, colleagues or friends.

To create a template:

  1. Write a letter, specify the topic. If necessary, add the attachment.

  2. When everything is ready, click:

All the templates you create are saved in a separate folder and contain only theme, attachment and text text (without specifying recipients).

E-mail Letter

The email is currently more popular. From how it is properly issued by your business electronic letter depends on the image of your company or you personally.

In this article we will pay attention to the following topics of business e-mail correspondence: one.  Registration of an email , that is, how to fill out the necessary e-mail fields. 2.  Drawing up e-mail text . How to write text brief and it is clear that the addressee does not have a single question. 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic correspondence.

To write electronic The letter is needed Electronic corporate mail or personal mail whose authenticity can be identified.

Business E-mail CORRESPONDENCE   Need to quickly exchange letters.

E-mail letter

It is necessary to follow the following rules:

1. Produce all electronic feedback on personal and business, intended for official use. That is, streamline e-mail correspondence to control your activity and be aware of what is happening. In order not to miss the Mail from the type - check your corporate mail twice a day.

2. In the field "To whom" - There is an e-mail address and the name of the destination. Corporate email addresses consist of the name of its owner before the @ sign and domain name of the company. For example, [email protected] It also happens that business letters send an address from a personal e-mail address. At the same time, the name of the owner of this mail must be identified only with it (without nicks). For instance, [email protected] .

3. In an email, be sure to fill the field "Topic" .This will help the addressee to understand the degree of importance and urgency of the response to your letter. The topic of your letter should reveal its essence. In the subject, try to meet one to seven words. Avoid abstract words "Request", "Important" ...

4. In the field "Copy" Email recipients entering the letter. The recipient of an email will see who should familiarize themselves with the text of the letter. Recipients in the copy field, as a rule, should not be responsible for the letter. Only if necessary, they can intervene in the overall stroke of correspondence.

5. In the field "Hidden copy" The author includes participants whom the recipient should not see. With a mass mailing list, this feature is needed to hide your contacts from all recipients. However, it should be noted with internal working correspondence it is unethical.

6. Field "Reply All"  It is used to respond even attached in the copy field to the participants. You can at your discretion and remove unnecessary correspondence participants.

7. Function flag It is better to use only in very important and rare cases. It is better to notify the destination by calling or SMS. Urgency denoted better in the subject of the letter. Since sometimes letters with the checkbox mark automatically in spam.

8. If you imagine the company, the design of e-mails was originally laid in the company's brand-beech. That is, corporate identities and domestic regulatory requirements for the size and style of font, color and other are defined. Avoid bright decoration, pictures, photos and rainbow colors, non-standard fonts.

9. And finally, we approached the integral part of the email - Text Your letter .By making an e-mail letter, keep the stylist and think about whether it will be comfortable to read the letter? Email style business, but less formal. Here it is necessary to observe the line between the warm formal and friendly tone. The color of the font should be black. The type of font must be Arial or Times New Roman. Compliance with the red row in each paragraph is not necessary. Share text on paragraphs, on labeled and license lists, attach files for more information. Avoid too deployed sentences, do not use many serious speed and complex speech revolutions. Say your thoughts simply, briefly and understandable. The main thing in any business letter is that it is polite and understandable!

10. In the very end of the email, put Personal signature Your Account or corporate email account:

Yours faithfully,



Company name

tel. 67xxxxxx3

And other necessary contacts.

Drawing up the text of a business email letter

1) E-mail style. The text of an email to style outlines is different from business letters on a branded form.

That is, in the business E-mailpin, you can adhere to a more informal style of the letter. For example, instead of circulation "Dear name patronymic!" Contact "Good!" or "Hello!"

2) Language of business e-mail correspondence. If for business letters in the blanks is characterized by an impersonal form of presentation, then the electronic correspondence wears a more personal haratker. For example, you can more often contact the 1st person "I ask you ..." rather than from the 3rd face "IP" Lingvo asks for ... ".

3) The short text of the email. Business emails Letters can also write briefly and concise. Electronic correspondence is very convenient for letters such as information letters, reminder, notification, requests, answers, accompanying letters, letters of requests and others.

Such an electronic system is written briefly, for example, "hereby send you awareness of Order No. 12-3 of 12.06.2020"; "We ask you to send the answer to a request from 12.06.2020 by up to 19.06.2020."; "Conclusion with the planning of the procurement of stationery for the coming year, relaxed send a list of the necessary stationery" and others.

4) How to deal with volume e-mail letters. It is better to cut them to Makismum, since from the monitor screen it is hard to read too big letters. Reduce text as much as possible, and more additional or more detailed information to write in the form of files. If the addressee needs more detailed information and it will have questions for your letter, then it can recognize it from the applied files.

For example, if you descend to ask for medical care to make the history of the disease or some other necessary references in the form of files to your letter.

Email Letter.

Example, simple email:

Observing these standards of emails, you support your business image. Namely, increase your personal status or company status in the eyes of the recipient of your letter.

Also read the article Step-by-step instructions: email sample

Advantages and disadvantages of business e-mail correspondence

Letters in paper form are already practically not used. There are very rare envelopes of official appeals from authorized organizations, which are of legal entity (notifications from tax authorities, judicial agendas and other). The rest is now practiced electronic transfer.

The electronic correspondence is very common in large organizations, the occasion of the organization has an extensive network and its employees are found. At the same time, employees of such an organization can be located both within the same city and within the same country and even abroad.

Correspondence by email has the following advantages: 1) the speed of delivery of the letter. Electronic correspondence gives us the opportunity to quickly contact the addressee located at any point in the world.

2) informal style . In emails, you can communicate with the addressee easier than in letters on paper (on branded books). For example, to your close partners, customers, employees, you can simply apply for a greeting "Hello!", "Good day!", Greetings! " and communicate with them just like in the chat.

3) Saving information. Ability to have the entire history of correspondence if necessary. In an electronic mailbox, you can sort letters on the subject, by date, by the sender, etc. Thus, you can find the necessary information and use at any time.

4) The ability to attach files. You can put additional data to the e-mail text (documents, contracts, schemes, pictures, and others) as files.

5) the ability to arrange priorities. Basically, emails come with marks and easily distribute them to priorities. Thai, you can sort and flop them in your mailbox to desirable and unwanted.

6) Ecology. Due to the fact that it is not necessary to use paper, cutting down trees, and the use of fuel for transporting letters is reduced.

7) Reliability and safety. Currently, the use of e-mail is becoming an increasingly secure way to communicate on the Internet. Since email service providers constantly work on improving security to use email.

8) technological development. The continuous development of computer technologies allows us to send letters not only from computers, but also from tablets, with smartphones and other devices. It is very convenient when you can receive and send letters, being outside your workplace (in a car, in public transport or any other place).

However, there are also disadvantages of electronic correspondence: 1) lack of personal contact . The author of the email does not see the recipient reaction, if necessary (especially in the conditions of negotiations, when you need to respond quickly); 2) Complexity in the design of the text of the letter. Some of us are difficult to concisely express idea during the correspondence.

3) spam. In our electronic boxes, unfortunately, undesirable letters called spam come very often. They cause certain inconvenience and consume a lot of time to check and delete them to block and filter unwanted emails through spam filters. Sometimes it happens on the contrary, the letters you need fall into spam and have to check the spam folder to find this letter.

4) Overcrossing the "Inbox" folder. In the folder "Incoming", important documents are accumulated, which can long be unnoticed among a large number of letters.

5) Overcrossing the mailbox. The electronic box has a tendency through some time to overpower. It also causes discomfort from users from using email services.

6) the need to regular mail checks. To stay up to date with events, you must regularly check email. Due to the busy routine of the day, you may not have time to check the mailbox and you can miss some important and urgent letters.

 7) Attacks of viruses. It is necessary to scan your mail from viruses, as viruses can copy themselves and further infect computer or other devices.

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