➤ Windmill in adults

Despite the fact that the windmill is considered a childhood disease (children under 14 years old are ill) in 90% of cases), at an older age, it can also be overcome. As you know, the chickenpox in an adult proceeds not as easily as in children, as a result, serious complications may arise. Therefore, those who did not have time to move this disease in childhood, it is worth knowing what kind of simtions it manifests itself, as is treated and what complications may occur.

What is a windmill?

A chickenpox is a viral disease that is transmitted by air-droplet. Its distinctive feature are skin rashes in the form of bubbles filled with serous fluid. At the same time, signs of general intoxication of the body are detected: rise in temperature, fever, weakness, headache, as with a cold illness.

Windmill in adults

Features of the causative agent of chickenpox

The pathogen, causing this disease, refers to herpes viruses. The peculiarity of this group of viruses is that they fall into the human body and no longer leave it (or inhabit it enough long time). They live in the nerve ganglia (nodes) and for the most part are in the "sleeping" condition. But in stress, increased fatigue, after transferring infectious diseases - with a general reduction in immunity, the virus is activated and reminds of itself.

The causative agent of chickenpox is herpes virus ||| Type (VARICELLA ZOSTER). In addition to the windmill, he also causes a hay. Since after transferred windshield, a person has a persistent lifelong immunity, the activated virus is in the future manifested by the symptoms of the second disease.

How does the disease occur in adults?

During this disease, 4 periods can be distinguished:

  1. Incubation period. At this time, a person is already a carrier of the virus, but there is no characteristic symptoms of the disease.
  2. Promotional period. You can reveal the symptoms of malaise, but to say for sure what kind of disease is impossible - there are no specific clinical manifestations (skin rashes).
  3. The period of clinical manifestations. During this period, skin rashes appear on the skin, characteristic of the windmill in adults.
  4. Recovery period. Man recovers, the symptoms of the disease disappear.

The incubation period of the windmill in adults lasts from 1 to 3 weeks. The person still does not realize that he fell ill, but the virus is already penetrating into his body and began to actively multiply. The chickenpox cannot immediately go through protective barriers, in the role of which in this case there is a mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Therefore, the virus enters the blood when its quantity reaches high concentrations.

How does the windmill begins in adults? The long period of the disease is characterized by signs of viral infection, therefore it is difficult to understand immediately that it is a windshield. The person is experiencing weakness, headache, painful sensations in muscles, the decline in appetite is the first signs of the windmill in adults characterizing the viral nature of the disease. In adults, the first symptoms last 2 to 6 days.

Windmill in adults

Period of clinical manifestations

How does the windmill manifest on the third period? At this time, skin rashes appear characteristic only for this disease. They pass several stages:

  • Spots - Spots of skin redness, indicating the reproduction of the virus in the cells of the mucous membranes and skin.
  • Papula - protruding tubercles on the skin of red. They talk about developing due to the inflammatory process of edema.
  • Veinsicles - bubbles filled with serous fluid. They are formed due to the fact that the fluid forming the edema (serous fluid) pushes the top layer of the skin.
  • Sometimes there is a fluid suppuration in vesicles, and pustulas are formed.
  • The last stage is the formation of crusts on the site of bubbles. It is not recommended to calculate the papulas and vesicles so that the healing process takes place faster, and so that no excessive distribution of infection on the skin does not occur.

As a rule, at first, the rash appears in the field of the body and limbs, then applies to the face and scalp. The formation of rashes is accompanied by a strong itch, due to which it is difficult to refrain from the calcination of the elements of the rash. The consequences of the windmill in adults may be more serious than in children, as well as the course of the disease in some cases is complicated by the spread of rashes on the area of ​​mucous membranes. With a heavy form of the windmill, the rash first appears on the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose and genital organs, on the conjunctival sheath of the eyes, foots and palms.


During this period, the symptoms of the windmill in adults gradually disappear, crusts go, leaving after themselves small pigment stains, which disappear over time. The immune system is actively struggling with the virus, but it cannot completely get rid of it, since its cells do not penetrate into nervous nodes. There, the virus can be maintained for many years (throughout life), without showing itself.

How many windmill lasts in adults? It depends on the overall condition of the body and the availability of complications. In each case, the period of the disease is individual.

Windmill in adults


Despite the fact that until recently, this disease was considered light, the consequences of the windmill in adults can be serious enough. If the rash spread to the mucous membranes, in the future (with a weakened immunite), it may appear on the internal organs. The peculiarity of the mucous membranes is that the rashes on them are difficult to dry - they turn into erosion and heal much longer. Erosions on the internal organs bleeding, which can lead to the development of internal bleeding. In some cases (during the damage to the liver), areas of necrosis can form.

In the absence of proper skin care, when bacteria getting into the calculation area, as well as with a significant weakening of the function of the immune system, suppuration on the skin may occur. Inflammatory diseases of the internal organs can also develop: pneumonia, hepatitis, jade, encephalitis, meningitis, endocarditis, and others. Most often there are pneumonia and damage to the nervous system, which on the background of the chickenpox are difficult hard. The mortality rate in the development of windmill encephalitis can reach 20%.

Features of pregnant women

Complications after the windmill in adults are frightened by people who have not yet managed to overcome this disease. But much stronger because of this is experiencing pregnant women, fearing the life of the future kid.

Unfortunately, herpes virus ||| Type has a strong damaging effect on the fruit. If a woman gets his windmill in the first trimester, most often it leads to miscarriage. In the second trimester, the fetus can develop malformations, defects of organs and systems, and after birth - a lag in development. If the future mother suffered a disease in the third trimester, it carries the smallest danger to the baby. But in rare cases, a newborn can develop a congenital chickenpox, which can lead to a fatal outcome.

Therefore, it is important for pregnant women in a timely manner of blood test, which will show the presence of antibodies to particularly dangerous infections, as well as to protect itself and its future kid throughout the entire length of toal.

When can I get a windmill?

How is the windmill in adults? It must be said that the virus does not have resistance to the conditions of the external environment, so it is possible to infect when contact with a sick person's air-droplet way. Sneezing, shook and coughing, the carrier spreads the pathogen of the windshield and can infect them who is next to him. Also, the virus is contained in the serous fluid vesicle and when calculating it can get on other things. Despite the fact that in the external environment he will not live for a long time, it is worth considering things with which the patient contacted.

Thus, the person is infected with the instant of the virus to the body (throughout the entire incubation period) before the disappearance of all vesicles. To protect others from the disease, the carrier person is recommended for home mode and no contact with other people (if possible). Children in contact with the sick, doctors recommend within 3 weeks not to visit kindergartens and schools in order not to extend the infection.

There is a practice when the windmill prevention is carried out in adults. But she is appointed by a doctor and according to the testimony.

Windmill in adults

Is it possible to repeat the windmill?

The re-chickenpox in adults is unlikely because the immunity of a person is formed persistent (lifelong). If we talk about the activation of VARICELLA ZOSTER in the body, the virus will already appear in the form of a shearing lingu.

Treatment of windmills

How to quickly cure the windmill in an adult? First of all, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Since the windmill is manifested in adults with more severe symptoms than in children (long fever, long healing of the skin rash, high probability of complications), treatment must be appointed by a specialist.

It also matters the degree of gravity of wind sieves. Easy and medium-heavy forms are mainly cured at home, but with a serious form of the patient, it is necessary to send to a hospital (separate box-box in the infectious compartment). Guide to the hospital of a sick person and in the case when there is a risk of complications.

Drug therapy includes the following chickenpox drugs in adults:

  • Antiviral drugs acting on herpes viruses. They are mainly prescribed with a heavy form of a windmill in a hospital.
  • Paracetamol as an antipyretic drug during fever. If a person has a long time, the temperature is holding up to 39 degrees, it can be knocked down with this medicinal product. Paracetamol does not have an action on the function of the immune system, so doctors recommend that it.
  • Antihistamines. Some doctors prescribe them at high temperatures instead of antipyretic drugs.

To reduce the symptoms of intoxication, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of fluid. Power should be full, containing large amounts of proteins and vitamins. But it is worth a decrease in the amount of spicy, sharp or acidic food, so as not to irritate the mucous membrane of the oral cavity (if there is a rash).

Skin care

We have described how to treat a windmill in adults, but the right skin care is equally important:

  • Education to be lubricated with green. Many doctors believe that it cannot accelerate healing vesicles, but this method has its advantages. A diamond greenery solution can slightly reduce itching and disinfects the place of lesion. In addition, it is very convenient to thus find fresh rashes and control the course of the disease.
  • Furatsiline or medicinal anti-inflammatory drugs are used to rinse the oral cavity if there is a rash.
  • Interferon in drops is prescribed if the rash is detected on the conjunctival sheath of the eyes.
  • It is necessary to air the room and avoid overheating, so as not to enhance itching.
  • Mandatory is a frequent change of native and bed linen.

Bathing is still considered a controversial issue in the treatment of windmill. In our country, doctors are advised not to swim in order not to increase the amount of rash. But American doctors believe that the souls helps to reduce itching. Take advantage of the bathroom in the case when itching becomes very strong, but do not abuse it so as not to increase the area of ​​propagation of the virus on the skin and mucous membranes.

Treatment of windmills in pregnant women

Treatment of women who carry the baby is practically no different from the usual. But due to the high risk for the fetus and possible complications (due to reduced immunity), the introduction of immunoglobulin is shown pregnant women as passive immunization.

Windmill prevention

The grafting of the windmill with adults, which in childhood she did not pain, is assigned if they belong to one of the risk groups:

  • Since the risk to the life of the fetus is very high, women planning pregnancy receive a direction for vaccination.
  • People who have immunodeficiency or any malignant diseases can also be vaccinated.
  • The prevention of the windmill is carried out in those who contact with a large number of other people (in health workers, educators and teachers).
  • People who have in contact with the sick windmill can also be vaccinated.

Windmill in adults


A well-known fact: "children's" diseases are better to overcome in childhood, ideally - in preschool age. The windmill in adults is one of the most vivid examples. If you have not hooked the windmill in childhood and do not have vaccinations from the Varisella Zoster virus, your acquaintance with the wind inspiration may be one of the most serious tests.

Why is the windmill in adults dangerous?

Immediately need to make a refinement: for the so-called "children's" diseases, the concept of "adult" begins with adolescent age. If the disease overtook you after 12 years, the likelihood of a medium or even severe windmill with a bouquet of side effects is higher than older than you yourself. Herway, the chickenpox tolerate people after 50 years, if they sick it for the first time. True, fortunately, the chances that an adult will not have time to become infected with a virus variety-zoster to such a solid age, almost equal to zero.

Where and how can the windmill infeit adult

Paradox: In an adult, a person is more likely to meet with a windmill virus than in children. The same applies to both adolescents who begin to move a lot out of the house. Virus Viocella Zoster is extremely flying, easily moved by air, is transmitted by air-droplet. And the sick man is infected before the first symptoms appear (approximately 48 hours before them). That is, there is no contact with the patient. You can simply go to one elevator in one metro car, you can pass by the carrier of the virus, or sit in its place at the table in the cafe. The only thing that saves is the instead of the virus in the air. But, it is not particularly expensive to count on it, if you have not hurt the windmill.

How not to hope for nonspecific immunity. If someone tells you that a good immunity can save from the windmill, "don't believe. The only way to get immunity to Virizella Zoster is to become infected with this virus or through the disease or through vaccination. And this immunity lasts until this virus is present in the body. Therefore, when an adult, who claims that he did not have a chickenpox in childhood, did not get sick of the windmill, then there are only two options. Or in childhood he had an asymptomatic flow of the windmill, or for some reason, this disease was not recorded in his children's medical care. Alas, but still there are parents who manage to not remember what their children sick in childhood.

Be vigilant: You can get a windmill with a sick with a squeeze deprived (slimming herpes), because this disease is also caused by the Variscel Zoster virus, being essentially a "reincarnation" of the virus in the human body that once suffered a wind oil.

For the windmill in adults, there is its own seasonality - it is winter and spring periods.

How the windmill occurs in adults

Adolescents and adult windmills almost always flows in complicated form.

From the moment of infection to the first symptoms of the windmill in an adult takes place at least 7, maximum, 23 days. The disease begins with a sharp rise of temperature up to 39-40 degrees, which can hold on for several days, with difficulty leaving control. This is due to the peculiarities of the immune response to the virus in adults.

At this stage, the sick adult feels weakness, lubrication joints and pain in the muscles, headaches, nausea - all these are signs of general intoxication of the body. Against the background of high temperature and intoxication in an adult with a windmill, a loss of consciousness may be observed. In this case, it should be immediately called "ambulance", since with such a windmill the patient must be observed in the hospital.

Important: In no case do not use aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) or analgin (barallgyin, sodium metamizole) as the antipyretic and painful in the windmill. According to numerous scientific data, the use of these drugs during windmill (precisely in this disease, and not at all) often gives complications from the liver.

A chickenpox appears after the temperature. In this case, the temperature may remain high. Classic bubbles appear, usually, first on the housing, then cover the neck and face. The rash can spread to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, pharynx, in the tongue and even on the mucous membranes of the genital organs. In addition, rash can affect the inner surface of the eyelids and go to the cornea, which is fraught with loss of vision.

The main problem with the rash in adults is not only more abundant than in children, but is almost always complicated by a bacterial infection. Bubbles tend to turn into pustulas - long non-healing acne with purulent contents, after which the so-called Ospins can be "for memory" on the skin - small grooves visible. The chickenpox itself in adults holds longer than in children - up to 9 days. And the consequences of it often have to be removed in the office of the beautician.

In addition to the secondary bacterial infection, the windmill in adults can lead to the following serious complications:

  • Viral pneumonia (especially often this complication occurs in adolescents and pregnant women).
  • Partial or full of vision loss (when distributed, scars remains on the cornea of ​​the bubbles)
  • vulvits in women and inflammation of the foreskin in men
  • Neurry optic nerve (can also lead to loss of vision).
  • Viral tracheitis, laryngitis (with damage to the withdrawal of the mucous membranes of the pharynx).
  • Acute Stomatitis
  • renal failure
  • Toxic lesion of the liver
  • Encephalitis and meningitis (these complications occur during damage to the windmill virus of nerve cells and brain shells.

As you can see, the windmill in adults is no longer a harmless childhood disease. And it requires immediate treatment.

How to treat windmill in adults

For children after 12 years and adults, a specific antiviral treatment is prescribed with windmill, and a special mode is prescribed. Most often, without waiting for the beginning of the appearance of the empty, the doctor may recommend the reception of antibiotics.

To suppress viral activity can be assigned:

1. Virocide drugs sent concrete against herpes viruses:

  • acyclovir = zoviraks = Virolex (from 2 years); Also use an acyclovir ointment on rashes and in conjunctivitis (eye damage);
  • Valcyclovir (from 12 years old)
  • Famciclovir (from 17 years old), Isoprosine.

2. Immunomodulators: Interferon, Viferon. In case of heavy flows, the patients give immunomodulators stronger (thimaline, thymogen, IRS-19) and cytokine preparations (Roncolekin).

3. Immunostimulators: Cycloferon, Anaferon

In severe cases of chickenpox, immunoglobulins are used intravenously. All of the above drugs should be used in age dosages.

To facilitate the symptoms of the course of the disease, prescribe:

  • Bed regime 3-5 days (with a complicated current longer)
  • Careful skin care and mucous membranes:
  • Processing of rash places by antiseptic drugs to prevent a secondary infection, which often accompanies the course of the windmill in adults (up to the formation of uluses, followed by scarring, leaving on the skin of the scars).
  • Treatment of mucous membrane - rinse furacilin and / or sodium sulphacyl
  • In conjunctivitis, an aciclovirovirum ointment is used, and to prevent bacterial complications - Albucid 20%, Levomycenetic ointment or tetracyclinic.
  • Antihistamines (Supratin, Tuevel, etc.);
  • Antipyretic (ibuprofen, nurofen, or physical cooling methods - wrapping).

In addition, the abundant alkaline drink is shown.

If the secondary bacterial infection is avoided fails, antibiotics apply strictly by appointment At the same time, the drug selection is 3 generation cephalosporins.

Important: If you are sick with a windmill or restore after it, beware of sunbathing in the sun during this period, since the wind turbine can cause impairment of pigmentation on the affected areas of the skin. It is best to hide the bodies affected by the windmill until full healing, since even the fresh scars from the windmill can be hybeanized.

Adults with a pustling form of chickenpox raishes are recommended to abandon water procedures until the acne is started to push.

Windmill during pregnancy

If not grafting or without a windmill, a woman gets sick during pregnancy, a congenital gas can develop in a future child, which manifests itself with scars (scars) on the skin, low weight at birth, even a delay of mental and physical development. But the risk that the windmill during pregnancy will cause certain consequences depends on the period of pregnancy at which there was an infection. The windmill in late pregnancy is much more dangerous than the windmill in the early stages.

The windmill in the early deadlines can lead to a frozen pregnancy and miscarriage, however, if the fruit is surviving, the risk of windmill complications will be very small (less than 1%).

The windmill in the 2nd trimester has consequences for the future child in about 2% of cases.

The greatest risk is a pregnant infection in the 3rd trimester. If a pregnant woman has become styled a few days before delivery, the risk of congenital windmill has 20-25%.

Source: Parents Happy Parents

Other news

Some people are confident that it is better to overcome the windmill in childhood, because the child is allegedly becoming easier to transfers this disease than an adult. Therefore, parents are still found, who are trying to "schedule" a disease: walk to the sick-friendly acquaintances and arrange "windbreaks", noted in an interview with Radio Sputnik, Deputy Director for the scientific work of the Central Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Alexander Gorelov.

Influenza vaccination is completed in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the press service of the Government of the Region reported. The vaccination campaign covered less than half of the population of the region - 1.5 million people, including 388 thousand children and adolescents.

Does the vaccination assist from pneumococcus it easier to transfer coronavirus in case of complications? Important information was performed at a briefing on the results of the work of the health care sector of Bashkiria in 2020. As the Minister of Industry said Maxim Zabelin, indeed, vaccination against pneumococcus decreases the frequency of complications in Kovid and the development of bacterial pneumonia.

In 2020, Fort exported vaccines to the Republic of Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. In the overall supply structure, the largest volume (over 90%) fell on a four-gravalent vaccine "Ultriks Kvadri". In addition, foreign partners purchased a trivalent Vaccine "Ultriks".

The company "Microgen", which is under the control of the Holding "Natsimbio" of the State Corporation Rostech, launched the mobile application "Vaccinations - Personal Calendar". It helps users make an individual vaccination calendar and resembles planned vaccines. Application "Vaccinations" is available for free on mobile phones running Android and iOS.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustine instructed to include vaccines from a new coronavirus infection into a calendar of preventive vaccinations on epidemic testimony, taking into account priority. Previously, COVID-19 vaccines were included in the ZHHVLP. Mishoustin noted that changes in the order of the Ministry of Health "On approval of a national calendar of preventive vaccinations and a calendar of preventive vaccinations on epidemic testimony" should be made before December 17, 2020.

"Today, vaccination begins in the Crimea First of all, medical workers from a risk group will be vaccinated, which work with patients with a new coronavirus infection. In the future, the daily number of vaccinated will depend on the volume of the vaccine received," the head of the Republic of Sergei Aksenov wrote on his page in the social network "In contact with".

In the Volgograd region in 2020 it was laboratory confirmed Kor. This was reported in the Regional Office of Rospotrebnadzor. It is known that dangerous disease is manifested in those who did not vaccinate. This year in the region confirmed 1 case case.

Scientists of the University of Oxford and Russian Nice named after Gamalei will unite efforts on the work on the Vaccine from COVID-19. They agreed to conduct clinical trials of a combination of two drugs - a British vaccine and one of the two components of the Russian "satellite V", - this was reported in the Russian direct investment fund and the Swedish-British pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca.

The Amur Ministry of Health ended the vaccination of the inhabitants of the field against influenza and pneumococcus. At the same time, the region began to put the vaccinations with doctors from a new coronavirus infection. This became known today at a meeting of the operational headquarters.

Windmill or chickenpox - infectious disease caused by herpes 3 type virus or herpes of the zoster. The name of the disease arose due to the similarity of its signs with the symptoms of natural smallpox. Subsequently, they found out that these are different diseases, but the name was saved.

Traditionally, the chickenpox is considered childhood, but they sick at any age. Adults are poorly tolerated the disease, they increase the temperature, there are symptoms that can lead to fatal outcome.

The majority of the windmill formed a lifetime immunity formed, but it does not always happen.

Causes of windmills in adults

Windshore, both in children and adults, develops after contact with a carrier of a variety of herpes 3 type. This virus is the main reason for the occurrence of the disease.

To avoid infection and not provoke it from another person necessary:

  • Cover mouth and nose with sneezing and cough;
  • Avoid places of large cluster of people;
  • Periodically ventilated and carry out wet cleaning indoors;
  • Observe personal hygiene rules - wash your hands and face with soap after visiting public areas.

Outside the body, the virus does not live, therefore it is possible to get infected only with close and direct contact with the carrier. The source of the disease may also be a person who has been leaving the sliding form.

Features of the disease in adults

The windmill with the same frequency is sick, both men and women. At the same time, the nature of the course of the disease can be significantly different because children are faced with.

In the process of studying a chickenpox in adults, the following features of its flow were allocated:

  • The disease is heavier;
  • There is a well-pronounced inxication of the body;
  • The temperature rises to 39 degrees and above;
  • Rash appears only on 3-4 days and covers all the skin;
  • In some cases, rash is complicated by a bacterial infection, the suppuration is observed;
  • On the site of bubbles with liquid remains scars (Ospina);
  • Dangerous complications are developing in a third of the fallen;
  • Exclusively airborne transfer path;
  • Dangerous bodies in the body are preserved even after the disappearance of symptoms of the disease (contacts with recently loose people are better to avoid, they are carriers);
  • There are no effective protection methods.

How the disease will occur in an adult depends on immunity. A weakened immune system will not be able to withstand the virus, the risk of infection in this case is at least 90%.

Of particular danger represents for people over 50 years old, never suffering.

First signs

Before the appearance of pronounced signs of chickenpox in adults, well-being is sharply deteriorated.

If we talk about already known signs of this disease, then this is:

  • Strong fever;
  • Weakness;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Strong headache.
  • Rash on the body;
  • Temperature rise.

The emergence of such symptoms is preceded by a long incubation period, during which the patient does not suspect the presence of a disease, but is an active carrier.

Windmill symptoms in adult

Eliminate such stages of the development of chickenpox, on each of which their own symptoms are manifested:

  • Incubation - the virus is localized in the nasopharynx cells, does not find himself;
  • Promotional - The virus enters the blood, after which the well-being is noticeably deteriorating. Weakness are observed, pain in the muscles, head. The body temperature is high, there is no appetite;
  • Active - The virus is striking the epidermis, because of what a rash appears on the skin. The body is zudit, the temperature is very high and confused it difficult. The rash covers the whole body, including the mucous membranes of the mouth, the nose, the skin of the head. Small acne filled with liquid;
  • Stage of formation of crusts - The last stage of the development of the disease. Acne dries up, antibodies appear in the body and actively on it. The patient is amended.
Stages of changing rash

Incubation period and infectiousness in adult

In the incubation period, the chickenpox virus is located in the body from 10 to 21 days. At the same time, adult people have no symptoms for longer times, and children have faster in children.

On average, the incubation period for adults is 16-17 days and is divided into:

  • Start - time from infection until the virus adaptation);
  • Development - the virus breeds, the pathogen is accumulated in the body, which leads to the formation of the primary focus of infection;
  • Completion - The virus applies to the body, to counteract it, the production of antibodies begins, signs of illness appear.

The incubation period is quite long, therefore it is almost impossible to determine the source of infection. The threat of infection of other people is preserved for 11-13 days, up to the disappearance from the skin of the last trail from rash.

Immunity to windmill and re-infection

Despite the extreme degree of contagious, adult windmill suffer infrequently. The reason lies in the immunity formed in them, which appears in the case of infection in childhood.

If this did not happen, then there is no immunity. Accordingly, a person is included in the risk group of potential patients. The emergence of immunity is observed in 95% of the population of the Earth, but there are exceptions.

So, if the carrier of the virus in one of the stages will come into contact with the person previously already painful windmill, but for a given period of time, experiencing serious health problems, the infection will still happen.

In the risk group on re-infection with wind inspiment are:

  • People experiencing strong stress and psycho-emotional pressure;
  • People suffering from various kinds of neurotic disorders;
  • People having the elementary inability of the body to produce memory cells.

In some cases, re-infection occurs when an organism is weakened:

  • During the activation of ulcerative disease;
  • with diabetes;
  • When problems with the work of the endocrine system:
  • with autoimmune diseases, for example, with a systemic red lupus;
  • With rheumatoid arthritis.

Repeated infection is a rare phenomenon, but medicine is known when a person sick with windmill 3 and even 4 times in his life.

Windmill classification in adults

A chickenpox is classified depending on:

  • Severity of flows;
  • Type of disease.

If the disease is considered hard or easily transfers the body, then they allocate:

  • Light shape - Fixed approximately 7-11% of the diseased. The temperature is low and almost never exceeds 38 degrees. There are no complaints about severe pain and fatigue patients, the amount of rash is minimal;
  • Medium-free form - 80% of patients are peculiar. The temperature rises to 39 degrees and long does not fall below 38. There are such signs of intoxication as nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache. Sustains and muscles leaving, rash covers most of the body, the skin is zudit;
  • Heavy form - Diagnosed only in 10% of patients. In this case, the temperature rises above 39 and 40 degrees. The patient complains of weakness, severe headache, nausea and vomiting do not stop. The rash covers all the free areas of the skin, it is possible to develop complications.
Light form
Medium-heavy form
Heavy form

A severe form of illness is divided into:

  • Hemorrhagic - strikes patients with an insufficiently strong immune system, previously faced with hemorrhagic diseases, having problems with blood vessels, diathesis, vasculitis, thrombocytopathy and blood clotting. Hemorrhagic rash, hematomas and bruises appear on the skin. Gums and intestines can start bleeding;
  • Bullosis - The skin is covered with large flabby bubbles - bullary. Each bubble is filled with muddy liquid, covered with folds. There are no healing wounds on the site of the bundled bubble;
  • Gangrenoz - develops in patients with extreme degree of exhaustion. The reason is non-compliance with personal hygiene and poor care. In Papula, infection falls, to which the secondary pathogenic microorganism is joined. This leads to the formation of a black bubble of a black border of the tissue cells. The patient has a strong heat, the body flashes on poisoning.

For a typical form of the disease, similar symptoms are characterized:

Atypical form is also able to develop in different variations:

  • Rudimentary;
  • Gangrenous;
  • Bullous;
  • Hemorrhagic.

With rudimentary form, the temperature rises not higher than 37.5 degrees, there is practically no rash, in a acne form of spots or nodules. For those who do not know about the symptoms of the disease in adults, chickenpox in rudimentary form and can go unnoticed at all.

How long does the windmill last?

Standard windmill in adults lasts no more than 2 weeks. For about 10-11 days after the appearance of the first acne, they shrore and climb.

The liquid gradually leaves them, a crust appears, which soon begins to crumble. In the area of ​​acne, pink circles remain negatively responding to the effects of high and low temperatures.

In case of complication, the duration of the disease doubles and even triples. For treatment can leave 1.5 to 2 months.

Diagnosis of windmill in adult

Diagnostics of chickenpox is not complicated. Put the correct diagnosis is quite capable of a good therapist. For this, it is enough for him to visually examine the patient and polling it on the deterioration of well-being.

During the preliminary examination, inspection and listening are subject to:

  • Bronchi;
  • Lungs;
  • Stomach;
  • Liver.

In the event of any doubt in the nature of the disease and provoking its factors, the patient is sent to an additional examination and passing laboratory tests.

Adults with suspected windmill are required to obtain the results of the analysis:

  • blood (general);
  • urine (general);
  • The contents of bubbles, uluses, crusts, mucus from the oral cavity.

Detect the windmill is easy, even with the masking of its symptoms under signs of other diseases. The disease is revealed already with elementary consideration of the rash from close range.

Features of treatment and testimony for hospitalization

The windmill is treated in outpatient conditions, simply speaking, at home. At the same time, the doctor is obliged to conduct explanatory work with the patient about how he should behave during the illness.

For example, if the patient does not comply with bed and personal hygiene, he may aggravate his position and provoke the development of complications.

Hospitalization during wind pump is carried out with the following testimony:

  • The emergence of complications;
  • The disease occurs in severe form;
  • The patient has no opportunity to isolate from healthy people.

In the latter case, treatment methods used in the hospital are not different from those that the doctor recommends applying at home.

In most cases, such a disease, as a windshield, is treated with minimal use of medicines, but sometimes, without synthetic drugs can not do.

Antiviral drugs

Antiviral remedies - negatively affect the DNA of the virus and slow down the dissemination of the disease. Associated individually, the selected dose of medication depends on the form of the disease and the ability of the immune system to protection.

Most effective are considered:

  • Acyclovir - It is taken inside four times a day in an amount of 800 mg for a week or intravenously at 10 mg per kg of weight for every 8 hours. Course treatment up to 10 days. The cost fluctuates from 130 to 160 rubles ;
  • Famciclovir - Take 500 mg three times a day for 7-10 days. Cost of preparation from 1100 rubles ;
  • Valacyclovir - Used 1 mg three times a day for 10 days, the average cost 380 rubles .


Aims to reduce allergic rash and vessel permeability. After their reception, the nervous system calms down, sleep improves, itching almost disappears.

The preparations are described above the following drugs:

  • Tueguil - Tablets take twice a day with usual itch and four times with strong. average price 190 rubles ;
  • Supratin - During the day, up to 4 tablets are used, while the treatment continues until the appearance of crusts. average price 130 rubles ;
  • Zetrin - One tablet should be taken on one tablet per day or for one reception or separating a dose for two receptions, drinking a glass of clean water. average price 180 rubles .

High Temperature Drugs

Used exclusively with increasing temperature to 38.5 and higher degrees. Aimed at normalization of temperature and slowdown inflammation.

Most often, patients are prescribed:

  • Panadol - To reduce the temperature, it is enough to take 1 tablet three times a day, better after eating. average price 60 rubles ;
  • Ibuprofen. - To achieve the therapeutic effect, 2 tablets are used 3-4 times a day. average price 50 rubles .


Used in exceptional cases, mainly in the presence of a patient with purulent formations and empty. Antibiotics can suspend the development of infection and acne.

The greatest effect is:

  • Oxacillin - introduced intravenously 1 g four times a day for 7 days. Average price for one bottle 10 rubles ;
  • Cefasoline - The antibiotic is designed for intramuscular administration, is used three times a day for a week. Average price for one bottle 25 rubles ;
  • Augmentin - It is accepted orally in the amount of 2 tablets per day, with a course of treatment up to 5 days. average price 340 rubles ;
  • Amoxiclav. - It is accepted inside before or after meals, to increase the effectiveness of treatment, it is necessary to consume 2 tablets per day for 1 week. average price 210 rubles .

Preparations for harmful toxins from the body

Most often it is solutions intended for administration to the body intravenously. They are able to reduce the amount of harmful toxins, accelerate their elimination, are beneficial to blood circulation. Assigned to patients with heavy shapes of the windmill.

The rapid therapeutic effect can be achieved by:

  • Glucose 5% - The solution is injected with a drip in Vienna in an amount of 1000-1500 ml per day. The average price for the bottle 30 rubles ;
  • Reopolyiglyukin - 1000 ml of substance is introduced into the vein every day until the end of treatment. The average price OT. 60 rubles for bottle .
Glucose 5%

Specific immunoglobulin

It is designed to fight the virus under consideration.

Select it from blood with antibodies already exist in it.

If you get into the blood of a sick person, immunoglobulin binds the causative agent of the disease, which contributes to a speedy recovery.

Zostevir uses the greatest confidence of specialists.

It is introduced intramuscularly 1 time per day in an amount of 1.5-3 ml, depends on the severity of the disease.

average cost from 500 rubles .

Tools for rash processing

The pimples that appeared on the body begin to get itch. It is impossible to comb their combing them in any way, scars may remain.

To get rid of itching, you can use one of the following drugs:

  • Kalamin - It contains basic zinc oxide. It is realized in the form of a lotion, it is used to remove itching, protect the body from bacteria and swelling. average price 680 rubles ;
  • Acyclovir Ointment - Used to treat all types of herpes. Appointed with complications, the treatment of which needs the use of antiviral drugs, local application. average price 25 rubles ;
  • Rivanol, Fuccin - are the analogues of the greenfish, they have antimicrobial effects. Preparations do not cut the skin, clothing do not pack, washed with water. Application of them on pimples avoids the risk of developing purulent inflammation. The average price of the rivanol solution 140 rubles , Fuccin - 60 rubles ;
  • Salcossuril - Protects the fabric damaged around the pimples from the pathogenic microbes from entering them. average cost 310 rubles .

It is not recommended to process pimples with green, the solution dries the skin and causes the cause of the scarring on the site, which is not very pleasant, especially if we are talking about visible areas of the skin.

In most cases, drug treatment is reduced to the reception of the antipyretic and antibiotics of a wide range of exposure.

The use of antibiotics and antibacterial drugs may have unpleasant consequences for the body. To avoid them, you should fulfill all the recommendations of the doctor, not trying to treat the disease yourself.

Recommendations for treatment

For speedy recovery, it is necessary:

  • Observe the bed mode at least in the first 5-6 days after the disease detection (it is preferably all 2 weeks while the disease lasts);
  • Do not overheat, sweat will only strengthen itching, the risk will increase the rinking risk;
  • Every day change underwear and bed;
  • Drink more water to 2.5 liters per day;
  • Hands wash with soap;
  • Briefly color nails to avoid risk combing acne in a dream;
  • Apply a cold compress from soda and water to the affected areas, 1 tsp. on a glass;
  • Add into water for swimming soda;
  • Observe the temperature regime of water;
  • After each food intake, rinse the mouth with soda, a solution of furaticiline or chamomile decractions, calendula and sage.

If the rash appeared in the field of genital organs, then it is necessary to daily wave a weak solution of manganese. It will help to dry acne and ensure the necessary disinfection.

Processing pimples on mucous membranes is not recommended, since the skin in these places is very tender, it is easy to damage and thereby aggravate the situation.

Diet with windmill

The windmill in adults does not cost without high temperature and intoxication. In a weakened state, a person may not feel feelings of hunger, but they still need to eat.

Experts are recommended during the disease period to comply with a special diet, allowing to obtain maximum nutrients with a minimal number of food meals.

With wind inspection, useful:

  • Bouillon from meat or fish (not fat);
  • Cutlets or meatballs (prepared for a couple);
  • Running soups;
  • Vegetable puree;
  • Dairy products;
  • Cottage cheese and sour cream;
  • Eggs (omelet);
  • Juices, fruits and berries;
  • Tea with lemon;
  • Rosehip brands.

Conventional food products are returned only after the complete reduction of the mucous membrane and temperature normalization.

Under the observance of the diet, special attention is paid to the drinking regime. As already mentioned above, water needs to drink a lot, and both in pure form and in the form of a decoction, juice, compote.

People's Methods for the Treatment of Windmill

Get rid of the virus of the wind smallpox solely with folk remedies will not work. Baths and heavens of medicinal herbs are designed only to increase the resistance of the immune system and partially get rid of itch.

To strengthen the immune system, the use of various braves and fees, such as:

  • Collection of raspberry fruits, anise, willow bark and lime color . The collection components are mixed with each other in equal proportions. For the preparation of the medicine, 2 spoons of the mixture and 0.5 liters of hot water are sufficient. The collection is poured with water and insist half an hour. Used instead of tea for several days;
  • Collecting their chamomile colors, turns and calendula . The mixture of herbs (6 tbsp) is poured with water, allowed to boil, insist 30 minutes and take 1 cup 3-4 times a day.

To reduce itching, use such folk remedies:

  • Decoration from chamomile, peony, turning and sage. From the beads you can make a bummer and compresses for damaged skin tissues;
  • Tincture of oak bark. Treatment of pimples tincture allows you to accelerate their drying and formation of crusts.

To accelerate the regeneration of the skin and fixing the antibacterial effects of other drugs, the mummy solution is used. For its preparation, 10 g substance dissolve in a glass of warm water and taken in the morning before use of food, preferably completely on an empty stomach.

For quick healing of rash and removal, it is necessary to take baths from:

  • oats - We need 1 kg of oats and 5 liters of water. Oats boil in water for 30 minutes, after which they are filled and added to conventional baths for the bath. Oats helps to reduce itching and calm the body. It is advisable to take a bath for the night. If itching is strong, you can swim every 4 hours. At the same time, each time oats boil again;
  • Romashki. - The bath will take 100 g. Flowers and 3 liters of water. The improvised tea is boiled and added to the water cooked for swimming. It will also be superfluous and additive of several drops of tea tree oil. After the bath, the patient will feel much better. For a while it will disappear itching, the nervous system will calm down, the risk of guns will disappear. Such a bath can be taken daily.

Folk treatments are designed to alleviate the symptoms, but not to eliminate their source, therefore, it is impossible to rely solely on such methods.

Possible complications

Approximately 30% of adults, patients with windmill, develop the following complications:

  • Bacterial skin superinimation - arises due to the negative effects of streptococci and staphylococcus, manifests in the form of boils, phlegmons and abscesses, is removed by surgically;
  • Pneumonia - develops with damage to the lung virus and the appearance of bacterial infiltrates;
  • Internal organs are affected - most often the liver, spleen, pancreas;
  • Depressing CNS. - the development of encephalitis is possible, the balance is sometimes disturbed;
  • Hepatitis - Extremely rarely occurs in the windmill, it is usually fixed in patients with HIV.

Probable complications can manifest itself immediately, or temporarily disguised under the continuing disease. So, about the defeat of the CNS of the patient is able to learn no earlier than 3 weeks after infection with windmill, when symptoms associated with this infection begin.


The most dangerous consequences of chickenpox include:

  • Weakening of the immune system and as a result of the loss of the ability to counteract more serious viruses;
  • Lost disability due to problems with internal organs;
  • Death - It is possible in development in a patient of chickenpox pneumonia, encephalitis, high temperature and hepatitis.

The consequences of the consequences can be avoided under the condition of timely appeal to the doctor and fulfill all its recommendations.

It is not recommended to treat the windmill on its own, which has already been repeatedly mentioned above. With an unfavorable coating, the windmill can be only the first milestone in a series of health problems.

Windmill during pregnancy

A pregnant woman and not yet born baby lump up a lot of dangers, and one of them is a windmill.

If a woman does not know whether it was sick with a wind inspi, then when planning pregnancy, it is better to pass tests on antibodies to this virus. In most cases, these are still detected.

If the windmill still evolved, then the degree of its danger depends on the period on which pregnant is:

  • In the first 1-10 weeks Due to the windmill, a miscord may happen or spontaneous abortion. This is the most dangerous time;
  • Starting from 14 and to 20 weeks, nor a woman, nor the fetal threaten. Protection provides both the immune system and the immunoglobulin prescribed by the doctor;
  • The danger to the child again arises 1-2 days before delivery and exists over the next 5 days behind them. At this time, the contacts of the baby with an infected virus of the mother are limited. If it is impossible, the child receives special treatment, starting from the first day of life.

The degree of danger depends on the health of the mother:

  • Risk of developing serious complications and deformities It is because of the windshield, it is approximately 1%;
  • In comparison with other diseases, this figure is insignificant but if infection occurs a few days before childbirth, then the child can get a congenital disease or die;
  • The risk of developing a congenital windmill is 10-20% , as much as the kids die, due to the occurrence of various pathologies formed under the influence of the virus.

Children with a congenital form of illness suffer:

  • From bronchopneumonia;
  • They refuse internal organs.

To avoid complications that have arisen due to infection with the virus directly before childbirth, the artificial delay of 5-7 days is practiced.

Artificial delay in childbirth is not threatened with a pregnant woman and allows you to protect the child from possible development of various kinds of dangerous deviations.


Prevent the appearance of chickenpox is very difficult and connected, above all, with a high degree of infinity of the disease.

Preventive measures to combat it in adults should include:

  • Vaccination - Vaccine is not introduced by everything, but only to individual groups of people whose body is most at the risk of infection;
  • Insulation of patients - infected with the virus must remain in isolation within 2-3 weeks;
  • Emergency prevention - anti-fiber immunoglobulin or live vaccine is introduced into the body.

The last way to prevent infection is effective only if the living vaccine was used no later than 96 hours after contact with the patient. Ideally, use time is 48-72 hours.

If the vaccine is accepted after the expiration of the specified period, there is no positive effect. Emergency prevention measures are used most often with respect to pregnant women who have expressed themselves at risk of infection. At the same time, only immunoglobulin is introduced into the body.

Is it worth making a windmill vaccination with adults?

Not all children are sick with the windmill.

Therefore, many parents who know about the high degree of danger of this disease in adulthood, specifically pushing their healthy kids to contact with already sick.

If such a method was not used, then in adulthood the question arises about the need to vaccinate the virus, its safety and efficiency.

Vaccorn or not, this is the case of everyone, but the specialists strongly recommend passing this procedure to people:

  • Planning bodies transplant in the next six months or year;
  • Having a tendency to severe diseases - problems with the immune system, old age;
  • Frowning oncoabolicins;
  • Having chronic diseases flowing in heavy form - asthma, autoimmune disease, collagenosis, chronic liver failure;
  • Constacting with patients - nurses, doctors, employees of schools and kindergartens.

The vaccination will not prevent the relatives of the sick child, as well as a serviceman.

It does not put in the following cases:

  • During pregnancy;
  • When a malignant tumor appears;
  • In immunodeficiency and AIDS;
  • Upon receipt of drugs overwhelming immunity;
  • With individual intolerance of the vaccine.

100% guarantee vaccination can not be given, but cases of the occurrence of the disease after it is extremely rare, because adults who did not have a windmill, who did not have a windmill, still have to protect themselves.


Chickenpox - In most cases, a safe, but unpleasant disease, provoked by the specific strain of herpes virus. Traditionally, it is considered childhood, but it is also found in adults, causing them a lot of trouble.

The chickenpox virus, despite the more stable immune system of an adult, affects its body is stronger. As a result, the patient sweeps the temperature, the headache is strongly hurt, a rash appears, covering not only all free skin surfaces, but also mucous meal and genital organs.

The absence of treatment may result in death and serious complications, the consequence of which will be disabilities. They are treated at home, but in difficult cases, hospitalization is practiced.

Dermatologist of the highest category and the author of Dermgid.com. More than 15 years help people suffering from skin diseases of various origins.

Windmill - a highly contagious disease caused by one of the types of herpes virus. Most often, the chickenpox has something in children, so among the population there is an opinion that this disease is not terrible. However, among adolescents and adult chickenpox is also found and at the same time wears a more massive, protracted, inhibitory.

How not to infect windmill from your child?

This is a very relevant question, especially if the parents do not remember whether they were hurt by this virus in childhood or not. It is no secret that children suffer a windmill much easier and without serious complications than adolescents and adult population. An adult healthy person who has a children's windmill at one time having a good health condition, strong immunity, should not worry.

It is believed that the sharp shape of the wind sieves occurs only during primary infection, and after illness, persistent immunity is formed, so the sick child is not dangerous for those infected before adolescents and adults. However, there are exceptions.

Is it possible to get a windmill with a windmill?

Windmill in adultsThe risk of repeated development of the disease is possible, but this is extremely rare, only with serious failures in the human immune system.

After infection, the virus remains in the body forever, it is located in the nerve endings and in the occurrence of favorable factors, such as a sharp decline in the body's protective forces, the use of corticosteroids, treatment of oncological diseases of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, is possible its reactivation.

If a person re-sick with a windmill, it is manifested in the form of a shelling herpes, or it is also called a jamming deprived. This is a very serious illness, which is characterized by severe pain, localized rash, located along the nerves, also a shelling herpes may acquire chronic, recurrent flow.

Prevention of windmill for those who did not hurt her in childhood

  • Insulation. Adults, located next to the sick person, who have previously ill who have previously begged, should be especially careful, ideally wasolate from the source of infection, but it often becomes not real. But this is the only 100% prevention option.
  • There are no medical preparations for prevention.
  • The chickenpox virus is transmitted exclusively by air-droplet. Its distribution occurs fairly quickly, in neighboring rooms and other floors, it penetrates quite easily with the air flow.
  • If the family has a homely quartz lamp, it can reduce the risk of infection, but it should be used clearly according to the instructions.

For the prevention of the windmill in adults, it is desirable to comply with the following principles of quarantine in the family:

  • The sick person must be located in a separate room, the room,
  • personal hygiene and utensils should be individual
  • All family members must wear gauze bandages, it does not give an absolute security guarantee, but can reduce the risk of infection surrounding
  • Things of a sick child should be erased separately from the things of family members.

It should also be known that a sick child or an adult becomes not contagious from the moment of dried and the appearance of crusts on the last wave of rashes.

One of the options for the prevention of the windmill in adults and children to date, medicine sees in vaccination. The weakened causative agent of the windshield virus, introduced by vaccination, causes a facilitated form of the disease, further formed a lifelong immunity to the windmill. However, there are many opponents of such a method of prevention.

Lack of bad habits, proper nutrition, consumption of sufficient vitamins and useful products, physical activity in the fresh air maintain strong immunity, which is easily struggling with any viruses and infections. A healthy lifestyle is better prevention and windmills, and other human diseases.

Sometimes enterovirus infection, which has recently has widespread, some pediatricians are perceived as a light shape of the windmill, since rash and other symptoms of this infection are very similar to signs of windmills, and it is possible to establish a false diagnosis. To make sure that the child is sick with a windmill, the analysis should be taken to the Viocel Zoster virus. With enteroviral infection of rash, as a rule, on the palms and feet, the head is not covered with a rash, and with windmill, on the contrary.

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