Kameaeva Olga

The concept of exaltation is one of the basic in astrology. However, in determining the signs of exaltations, difficulties and disagreements arise, especially for higher planets. Yes, there is a certain well-established practice, but it is not all the same and, besides, it is constantly attempting to reform - this work is another example.

10th sign as a sign of exaltation - this rule works!

So, one of the versions argues that the planet exalts in the 10th sign from the sign of possession, and falls in the 4th. Its authors also searched for a hard, unambiguous status relationship / Exile / Exaltation / Fall. However, if in a pair of cases, the idea and made a coincidence with the existing layout of exaltations and seemed logical (Mars in Capricorn, Saturn in the scales), then in most there were obvious inconsistencies: the moon exalted in the Aries, Venus in Aquarius, Mercury in Fishes, etc. I.e Intuitive astrologers felt the performance of the principle, but in practical work he did not give the result.

He could not give, because in this case the principle of balance was disturbed. The fact is that in this version the 10th mark as a sign of exaltation was always counted in one direction - counterclockwise and both strong positions (possession and exaltation) could get into the same half - a night or daytime.

А In the "Cross System" Rule of the 10th Sign as a sign of exaltation works trouble-free, Although it was initially not taken into account at all (more about this system in the article "The Cross System of Planets Manifestation" https://www.oculus.ru/blog.php?id=15064). Moreover, the performance of the rule was detected only after a while, when this theme of the 10th mark arose.

Then that The problem of the task was revealed: the direction of reference of the 10th sign should change. In the "Cross System" in two quadrants, it goes clockwise, in two others - against (division into quadrants occurs relative to the axis of the night / day ownership scheme):

With such a layout, Saturn is exalted in Aries, uranium in scorpion, etc.

Why is the reference direction changes? This is associated with the already mentioned balance sheet principle, with the desire of the system to the energy equilibrium of zodiacal half. The strong position of the planet in the day half should be balanced by the second strong position in the night half. For example, if the moon or Venus is in a strong position of ownership are in the night part, their other strong position (exaltation) must be in the day, and to get there, the countdown should go clockwise. And exaltation of uranium or Mars for equilibrium should be in the day half, so the countdown should go counterclockwise. A similar situation with weak manifestations of the planet: they are definitely located in different parts. (On the principle of equilibrium, Polovin was founded and mathematical evidence that the fall is the weakest manifestation of the planet; more about this in the same article "The Cross System of Planets Manifestation" https://www.oculus.ru/blog.php?id=15064 ).

Another interesting point associated with the "cross system": the location of the planet in various statuses first goes on the increasing: drop - exile - exaltation - the abode, then goes into a fall and is a new round. The transition from possession to fall, despite the two-dimensionality of the image, is perceived as a high-quality jump - not as a movement in a circle, but as a new twine screw. At the same time, the direction of movement on the above reason may be different.

Why arise difficulties in determining the position of exaltation?

I think, first of all, this is due to the incorrect use of determining what exaltation is. For the same reason, part of the highest planets still has no official exaltation sign, since there is no unambiguous wording, and suitable it seems already "dismantled".

In tradition, it is believed that exaltation is the strong position of the planet at which it is bright, easily and freely exhibits its qualities. True, not all, but only some.

But the definitions of exaltations indicate completely different features:

"Exaltation - (from Late. Exaltatio - Lifting) (in physiology) - the state of increased excitability arising in the nervous tissue after the refractory period" (i.e. the recession period)

And further:

"In physiology, a short-term period of increased excitability of nervous and muscle tissue, and then replaced by a phase somewhat reduced excitability."

Medical definitions, but they are very accurately transmitted: Exaltation is a rise that precedes and followed by a decline. That is, the planet in exaltation does not immediately show their capabilities, they still need to be able to present to the world.

At the same time, knowledge of the exaltation sign is very practical, and therefore important: the planet in exaltation shows a person his possible strengths. Possible because in the "Cross System" exaltation is always in a square to the position of ownership. And the square is the voltage, this is a job; Only in this case can be obtained a brilliant result.

It is believed that the planet in exaltation is not completely, but only partially corresponds to the sign. Therefore, some kind of manifestation is strengthened, and some kind of weakened is and puts the exaltation on the second stage after the monastery.

That's right. One refinement: Strengthened can be exactly the manifestation that conflicts with the characteristic of the sign, so it is important to know in which sign of the planet is exalted. Yes, at first the planet is experiencing a decline: Mars in Capricorn may experience difficulties with the placement of the goal, Saturn in Aries - reject the existing rules, and Venus in Le Ree is "to show out" in appearance for the sake of attracting attention. Many at this level are stuck, as a result, the gun does not shoot, the planet in exaltation does not exhibit itself to the fullest. What, by the way, still prevents "to see" the position of exaltation, but, it means, the great possibilities of the planet.

But Planet in exaltation Not just actively demonstrates its best qualities, as it is customary. and As a result of the elimination of the conflict, the planet and the sign acquires a new quality, goes beyond its usual manifestation, performs the same "jump above." And then Mars in Capricor can stubbornly move towards the goal, Saturn in Aries - to initiate new rules and formats, Venus in Lev - to express its feelings vividly, and often through the work of high level, etc.

Schematically, the approach looks like this:

That rare case when the smooth horizontal of people pleases. Anyway, most :).

Important: Planets in exile and falling also have a chance of "takeoff" - Not so bright and stunning, what can the exaltation, nevertheless, is also significant and effective. Anyway And here the breakthrough is possible only due to the conflict of the qualities of the planet and the sign, more precisely, its elimination, But this is already the topic of individual articles.

Algorithm of the manifestation of the planet in exaltation

At the 1st stage Obvious the conflict of the planet and the sign, the efficiency is minimal, therefore perceived as a planet in the fall.

At 2 stage It is important to focus on the development of the characteristics of the sign that is conflict. As a rule, it is also a "weak link" of the planet: Mars lacks perseverance, Mercury - analyticalness, etc.

As a result at 3 stage The planet and the sign "are fit", the planet shows unusual qualities to it and goes beyond their own capabilities. Due to this, the efficiency increases sharply, and the result exceeds expectations.

Now consider how the algorithm works on the example of specific planets.

Mars in Capricorn

The easiest and most visual example, since the "cross system" and the tradition is also held.

Mars - initiative, action.

Capricorn - limiting, but also resistant, purposeful.

Stage 1 - obstacles, restrictions in activities.

2 stage - It is important to learn to set goals, show perseverance in their achievement.

3 stages - Sustainable action (impulsive Mars it is not peculiar).

The fate of Nika Vuily is an exemplary example of Mars's exaltation in Capricorn. Physical restrictions in adolescence led him to a suicide attempt; Now married, father of four children, one of the most popular lecturers in the world of motivators.

Jim Kerry began as a parodist, the career developed jumps like, which led to the development of depression. Fame brought the film "Ace Ventura: Search for Pets", which was shot with great difficulty and was the 18th film of the actor. And even after his release, Jim Kerry was nominated (for the first time) not only for the "MTV Movie Awards" award for the best comedy role, but also "Golden Malina" as the worst new star.

Vladimir Menshov to the School-Studio MCAT received only from the fourth time; It was not an acting actor, but to the director, but it was much smaller in his life. Nevertheless, it was precisely in the dire use Menchov achieved the greatest confession, including the Oscar for the film "Moscow does not believe in tears."

Albert Einstein Certificate of Maturity received from the second attempt, in the Higher Technical School, he did from the second attempt, five years could not receive Swiss citizenship, teachers because of conflicts "closed my way into science", there were problems with work, with earnings, it was necessary to contain family, etc. But even in such a cramped position, Einstein led scientific research. He was only 26 years old when he published his main articles, which began the beginning of a new approach to understanding the device of the world. The result is known.

Personality: Lion Tolstoy, Goethe (work on the "Faust" was about sixty (!) Years), Dmitry Mendeleev, Elena Roerich, Alexander Suvorov.

Saturn in Ovne

Saturn is a rule, borders, stability.

Aries - impulsive, but also the hurry, independent.

Stage 1 - denial of existing rules and orders.

2 stage - Develop your own point of view and the ability to defend it.

3 stages - Introduction to society (large or small) new rules, laws, formats.

The tradition believes that Saturn is in fall. Yes, it is perceived, but only in the first stage - according to the manifestation algorithm of the planets (see above). List of people who managed to use the energy of Saturn in Aries at the maximum are great and very indicative:

Einstein, Lobachevsky, Malevich, Vysotsky, Dostoevsky, Trotsky, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Heinrich Schliman, Elena Roerich, Peter 1.

Many of them did not just provide the world their ideas - the introduction of these ideas has radically changed the world.

Sun in Tales

The sun is self-expression, individual creativity.

Taurus - slowness, conservatism, but also excerpt, practicality, vitality.

Stage 1 "A man is swinging for a long time, it is difficult for him to express himself because of his own, conservatism, indecision.

2 stage - development of excerpts, composure, endurance; Setting specific, practical tasks.

3 stages - The self-expression entails mastering large resources (including material), high vitality.

Penelope Cruz, already in adolescence showed enviable practicality and went to the goal the shortest way - appealed to the agency for the search for talent: "At the age of 15, I decided that it was necessary to become an actress, which means you need to look for an agent. Came to one agency for listening. There is a serious woman, head of the agency, I told me: "You are an interesting girl, but small. Come three years. " I came in three weeks. And walked until she gave up. She is still my agent. " Almost according to the classics: "You are looking for talents. I'm damn talented. What is in vain time to lose? " :) And indeed, in just 4 years, that is, in 19 years old Penelope has already been nominated for the Spanish film "Goya" "for the best female role" in the film "Ham, ham".

The exalted sun gives not only a resource in the form of material values, but also the other, the most important - vitality, that is, life force. Tales are considered leaders in life expectancy - both women and men. For example, Immanuel Kant, since childhood he had very weak health, introduced very strict regime for himself, followed him dozens of years and eventually died at 79 years old, surviving his completely healthy friends. That is, the sun in the Taurus is the most resource and "long-playing" - in this and its exaltation is manifested.

The future hero of the Soviet Union, the prototype of the main character in the "Tale of this person" Alexey Maresyev in his youth twice filed documents to flight school, but both times did not flow under the state of health. However, it was still engaged in the aerocluba, so during the urgent service he got into the aircraft worker, aircraft served. In the second year of service, he was still sent to the School of Military Pills. During the Great Patriotic War, Maresyev was shot down at the front line, the fighter flew over it and fell into the forest. The pilot, having received a contusion, suffering from halucinations, 18 days traveled to people, at the end - already cleaned. Because of the above gangrene and sepsis, both feet were amputated, I had to put the prostheses. Despite this, Alexey Maresyev returned to the front and began to fly on combat aircraft. Died two days before his 85th anniversary.

Mary Kay Esche has suffered his inequality for many years: increased in office and salary always got to men. As a result, at the age of 45, she retired and decided to write a book about the organization of work in companies. Along the way, the thought came to the very creature of the ideal company, in which, including the rights of women would not suffer. So there was a well-known brand of cosmetic products around the world; Nowada, its turnover is billions of dollars. Mary Kay Esh lived 83 years old.

El Salvador Dali was known not only to his extravagant (and often outrageous) behavior, not only with his genius creativity, but also by the skill of him to monetize. In the early 1930s, when the first success came, but there was still little money, Dali found this problem a very practical decision: organized a group of his sponsors "Zodiac". In fact, they paid him a monthly salary, and in return everyone received one picture per year. Since that time, his financial success began. But even being very famous and very rich, Dali did not be gone to shoot in advertising and even was evident in fraud: I sold empty sheets for lithographs with my signature so that the copies could be issued for the originals. Lived 84 years old.

Personality: David Beckham, Mark Zuckerberg, Alina Kabaeva, Lenin, Boris Akunin, Mikhail Prokhorov, Konstantin Meladze, Philip Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov, Dinara Safina, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Fedor Bondarchuk, Audrey Hepburn, Alina Zagitova, Enrique Iglesias, Jack Nicholson, Mind Turman, Sigmund Freud (83 years), Vladimir Etush (96 years old).

Moon in scales

Moon - security, security.

Scales are unbalanced, instability, but also stability, calm.

Stage 1 - High anxiety, emotional instability.

2 stage - Restraint, trust should be developed.

3 stages - mental stability, emotional calm, sense of security and security.

In the ideal embodiment, emotions are balanced at the expense of internal resources. But most people with the moon in the scales are still looking for a support in nature - they try their emotional instability to stabilize at the expense of a partner. On the other hand, the relationship for them is both a kind of simulator to generate emotional stability. People with the moon in the scales are more important than others to have trusting partnerships - this gives them a sense of security. The search for such relations often leads to several marriages (Ingmar Bergman - 5 only official marriages, Ivan Grozny - 4) or even actually not hidden parallel relations (Georgy Zhukov, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alexander Blok, Boris Pasternak).

It is no coincidence that Joseph Stalin's suicide wife Svetlana considered betrayal, he did not even go to her funeral. Knowing the features of the manifestation of the moon in the scales, it can be assumed that this death has strengthened his anxiety and, as a result, aggravated the punitive operations that took place in the 30s / early 50s. A little-known, but in this case a very indicative fact: when, in 1907, Stalin from Tifa died the first wife, he had, according to the relatives present, the mind was clouded during the funeral. When the coffin with Kato was lowered into the grave, Joseph jumped there, and hardly removed him back.

With the history of Stalin, the history of the relationship of Ivan the Terrible is echoes. With the first wife Anastasia Romanovna, he lived 13 years old and these were the years quite calm, that is, adequate to the time of the board. It was her death that he dramatically changed the king, Ivan the Terrible became suspicious and cruel (he believed that the spouse was poisoned by the boyar). Relationships with all subsequent wives - legitimate and illegal - emotional stability, unfortunately, did not return. At the same time, the northern knot of the king is also in the scales, and if he was born in the second half of the day, the moon and the northern knot are located in the compound - a very plausible aspect, judging by the important role that the moon (i.e. safety sensation) played in The fate of Ivan the Terrible.

The same connection of the moon in the scales and the northern node in the scales in the map of Frederick Chopin (at birth on February 22, 1810). He didn't have marriage and did not work out, and the early, just 39 years old, the death of many contemporaries associated with George Sand, with which the composer had a long and difficult novel. "If some kind of woman could inspire him a complete confidence, then it was me, and he never understood it ..." She complained in a letter to a common friend. Chopin died two years after their parting. For the last one and a half years, they did not even see each other, but this connection did not let the composer - is known to his phrase a few days before the death: "She promised that I would die in her arms."

Crisis in partnerships led to critical situations and actually accelerated death not only Frederick Chopin, but also Nikolai Gogol, Vladimir Mayakovsky.

In most of these cases, the moon in the scales was manifested only at stage 1 stage, i.e. In the weak position of the fall. Create examples of the moon in the scales in its highest manifestation is generally more difficult, because we are talking about internal condition, and in sight, as a rule, people are active in society, and they are known at the expense of other qualities and achievements. Nevertheless, the potential of the given personalities was laid and now he is understandable.

Of course, there are more happy examples: Nikolai Roerich, Agatha Christie, Muslim Magomayev, Peter Stolypin. In their fate, married relationships also played an important role. Consciously, people with moon in their scales rarely avoided them, although there are such examples - for example, Elena Blavatskaya.

Perhaps (returning to the beginning of the article), this is an example of an ideal option when emotions are balanced at the expense of internal resources.

Venus in Lev.

Venus - feelings, preferences, love.

Lion is egocentric, but also expressiveness, brightness, publicity.

Stage 1 - a tendency to audit, drama in the expression of feelings, feelings.

2 stage - Development of creative skills, creative skill.

3 stages - Expression of feelings through creative projects.

Muslim Magomaev sensey was expressed in Royal - gave huge bouquets, through friends sent them to Italy, then the bride of Tamara Sinyavskaya is then in the USSR, a few could afford. But songs, and even more so about love, sang as if they were about him. Many really believed that the "melody" autobiographic, although it is not. By the way, Tamara Sinyava, his wife and opera, Venus, too, in Lev.

Michael Jackson has a connection of Venus and Uranus in Lev, it has given the opportunity to create a bright, extraordinary and even-paved image. But, of course, there are dozens of years in the top of the global show business, you can only know how to transmit the audience what you are inside. When this ability leaves, it is also better to leave the scene, otherwise the hacktur begins - it knows any artist. And Michael Jackson decided to complete the completion of the career. (As for wives, the first (Lisa Marie Presley) Although Venus in Lev did not have, but was the hereditary "princess" - the daughter of King Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.)

Elena Podlovova: the case when Venus in Lev had a powerful congenital resource (it is in conjunction with the southern knot), the children's roles of Elena in the cinema are very expressive. There was a challenge to keep this high bar, but the actress chose other priorities. The external shine has been preserved, it is obvious, but the realization through creativity is clearly insufficient - this tells a large number of interviews about the novels of the novels, i.e. Using the energy of Venus in Lev is lowered to the 1st, initial stage.

Lion Tolstoy: Monologists Pierre, Natasha Rostova, Prince Bolkonsky, etc., Personal "Confession" - a summary of the feelings of the "genius".

Personality: Mayakovsky. Rubens, Madonna, Whitney Houston.

Mercury in Vid.

Mercury - Communication, information.

Virgo is critical, but also analysis, care, attention to detail, transmutation (i.e. qualitative change).

Stage 1 - clinging to detail, criticism.

2 stage - Development of the ability to analyze information, while paying attention to the details; Careful work with information in general and a separate word in particular.

3 stages - the birth of new information in the form of conclusions, concepts, systems, etc.; Transformation of words, text.

The critical understanding of reality in Lion Tolstoy was especially clearly manifested in books and articles written after fifty years, after those internal metamorphosis, which he described in "confession". The most visual and popular example is the Roman "Resurrection". The critical approach led the writer and to his disappearance from the church, since he performed, for example, against the ministers of the Church blessing the Military - it was directly contrary to the peace-loving spirit of Christian teachings. As a result, it was created by a new religious and ethical way, called "Tolsts"; At the turn of the 19/20 centuries, he had thousands of followers.

Marian Reevsky - Polish mathematician and cryptographer. It was he who, with the help of mathematical methods, solved the secret of the work of "Enigma" - an encryption apparatus that was used in Nazi Germany. Thanks to this, the command of the Allies during the Second World War had access to the secret information of the enemy. The randral has become possible thanks to the analysis of encryption and attention to each letter. Undoubtedly, you can easily find code for codes and translate the iconic system to understandable text - this is the skill of transmuting the highest order information.

Elena Blavatskaya is known, first of all, as a religious philosopher and the creator of the "Theosophical Society". Theosophy The same syncretic doctrine, that is, which arose as a synthesis, the connection of the provisions of various religious teachings. Supporting for Blavatsky were Hinduism and Buddhism; In addition, she argued that part of the information received from Tibetan Mahatm. The principle of transmutation in the horoscope Blavatsky is generally very strong. It is laid in him not only by Mercury in the Virgin, which in the highest manifestation requires the transfer of information into new quality, but also to the essence of her personality: the connection of the Sun and Proserpins in Lion stands on its northern node.

I would like to note that there are many examples when activities on Mercury in the Virgin has a very good result, but to the level of 3 steps, the peak of exaltation, it still does not rise. For example, Mercury in Virgo has Mega-Popular Writers Stephen King and Joan Rowling; In their case, this situation gave the ability to very accurately prescribe plots and images - what is called, "in the details".

Madonna and Whitney Houston are not just Mercury in Virgo, but also in conjunction with Pluto. This gave a very high professionalism of performing skills, technically "sweat" them is very difficult. And if you consider that high sensuality of the performance that both Venus gave Venus in Lev (plus the Sun in Lion as a huge desire for creative self-expression) - it is almost impossible.

Jupiter in fish

Jupiter is a worldview, philosophy, research.

Fish is ambiguity, secrecy, but also idealism, depth, harmony, globality.

Stage 1 - too wide ("blurred") or a hidden worldview; Utopic ideas.

2 stage - understanding reality and its inner world, their clarification and elimination of contradictions.

3 stages - the creation of the ideology of the ideal world, the global worldview (that is, the worldview, which describes the structure of the organization of the universe), an idealistic worldview.

For example, Bulgakov in his main book "Master and Margarita" washed the boundaries between good and evil, Freud structured a human psyche, and Kepler had his last treatise and called: "Harmony of the world."

Personality: Nietzsche, Goethe, Engels. John Tolkien, Abraham Lincoln.

Uranus in Scorpio (1807-1814, 1890-1898, 1974-1981)

Uranus - sharp changes, progress, innovation.

Scorpio - stiffness and even cruelty, unpreparedness to compromise, but also depth, intensity, endurance.

Stage 1 - ruthless wreck of old; The imposition of ill-conceived, spontaneous innovations.

2 stage - persistent development of new approaches and methods.

3 stages - Intensive innovation. Scorpio gives uranium power is not instant (it is inherent in it), and a long, resistant time.

One of the brightest and indicative examples is Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poet "exploded" the usual standards of renovation, established new methods of rhymes, posted the strings with "Lestenka", actively introduced into his works of neologisms. Mayakovsky was generally a urged person - and in the degree of involvement in the revolutionary movement, and in the desire to get rid of all "dead" around him. In his "Bow", the final planet is uranified in Scorpio - a very strong position.

In Opera, revolutionary changes persistently conducted Richard Wagner. He introduced into opera through dramaturgical development (before that, due to the inclusion of individual music numbers, a single action was fragmented), introduced the system of leitmotifs, changed the approach to vocals and at the same time complicated it, etc.

Georgy Zhukov in battles on Halchin-goal For the first time in the history of the Red Army, tank, motorcycle and aviation units were widely used to fulfill combat missions. Japanese compounds were crushed. This result of the collision of the troops is considered one of the reasons why Japan did not enter the war against the USSR after the attack on her Germany. In the course of the Great Patriotic War, Zhukov applied many new tactical solutions, for example, during the liberation of Belarus, unexpected strikes were carried out in the swampy terrain. In general, win the war, the more so, you can only walk one step ahead of the opponent.

Herman Geering was led by the creation of a Luftwaffe - Air Force in Nazi Germany (theme and uranium, and Scorpio - and this in addition to the direct manifestation of uranium in Scorpio in exaltation). And within two years - from the spring of 1933 to the spring of 1935 - the work was carried out secretly (again the topic of Scorpio), because Under the conditions of the Versailles world, Germany, losing in the First World War, did not have the right to have the Air Force.

The innovation of John Tolkien put it, rather, not in the genre of the epic "Lord of the Rings" (fantasy was written to it), and in the high quality of the text of such a genre, the scale and those receptions that he used. For example, Tolkien developed and introduced several artificial languages ​​into his books.

And where are the innologists born in 1974-1981? Surely, among them there are also outstanding personality. But it is on this example that we can clearly see the phenomenon of a generation aspect that creates higher planets, passing a certain sign. In recent years, in the production, in institutions and in general, in various types of spheres there is a permanent process of changing the structure, rules, personnel permutations. Often so unproprome and unproductive that one question arises - why?! Maybe even smashed thoughts about hydration :). But look: among managers who organize all this whistle, a very large or even overwhelming percentage of 40-45-year-olds, that is, people with uranium in Scorpio. Breaking - these are their elements and even, scary to say, purpose. The main thing is that they are not stuck at this 1st stage and went further - developed and implemented innovative, but at the same time productive ideas. We are still under the guidance of this generation to live and live :).

In the meantime, we rejoice that we only know about books, as after the October Revolution, a generation born in the late 19th century crashed in the late 19th century, the palaces, temples, all managerial and social structures. And after the formation of the USSR from 1922 after the formation of the USSR from 1922. To 1944, the country's anthem was "International": "... the whole world of Nasili we destroy / before founding, and then we will convert our new world ..." As they say, the desires coincided with the possibilities .

Personality: Sergey Yesenin, Joseph Goebbels. Alexander Herzen, Pierre Joseph Pudhon (the first person who called himself an anarchist), Abraham Lincoln (in conjunction with North. Noddens), Urben Jean Joseph Leverier is the same French mathematician, "At the tip of the pen" of which Planet Neptune was opened.

Neptune in Streltsy (1806-1820, 1970-1984)

Neptune - mercy, equality, integrity.

Sagittarius - fanaticism, but also enlightenment, distribution.

Stage 1 - Fanatical worship of other people's ideals, traditions, religions, etc.

2 stage - study of traditions, lifestyle of various peoples and public groups.

3 stages - the spread of the ideas of unity and equality of people, the formation of a global religious worldview.

In 40-50 The 19th century in Russia was very active movements of Westerners and Slavophiles. Everyone in his own way solved the question of how it is worth going to Russia - relying on the experience of European powers or to go its own, distinctive development. Naturally, during the discussions, Russia was compared with other countries, primarily European (for which it was necessary to have enough information about them), the question of the need to cancel serfdom was sharp. A splash of interest in the topic is unuschaued: most of these movements were born at the beginning of the century and had Neptune cards in Sagittarius. He especially often had "Westerners" - the action of the planet was often manifested at the level of the 1st stage. That is, the generation aspect is working again; It gives not just a one-time event, but a certain tendency.

The same generation includes Alexander II liberator and Abraham Lincoln. The first canceled the serfdom in Russia, the second - slavery in the United States. They legally introduced the equality of people in these countries.

Ivan Turgenev because of the existence in Russia of serfdom even leaving abroad: "I could not," he wrote, "to breathe in one air, to stay next to what I hated." Its accusatory "MUMU" became not just a classic, but a numerous concept.

1970-1984 falls for the period of Brezhnev stagnation. What can not be said about propaganda - she was actively carried out. Many people remember the freedship of the Peoples of the USSR! ". And most people then really thought so and so lived. (At the same time, no one could come to mind that these slogans appear by the efforts of Neptune in Sagittarius, and not at all The Communist Party :)). On the other hand, there was a worship before the "overseas", the trip abroad was considered a practically unsaveted dream. That is, the action of the planet always goes at all levels at once; then the case is rather on the scale.

At the same time, the New Aidge movement created on the basis of many occult and religious provisions was finally imposed.

As for born in 1970-1984, they are now active, but already the mature generation from 36 to 50 years. It is actively traveling, studies the traditions of other countries, it gave rise to modern tolerance culture. Generation actively introduces in its life "New Age": meditations, occult practices (including astrology), syncretism (a compound of several religions), expressed in the opinion of the "God one".

Personality: Herzen, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Charles Dickens, Enjoyed (author "International:" ... who was nothing, he will become all ").

Pluto in Aquarius (1777 - 1798, 2023 - 2043)

Pluto is the destruction of old, unzipped forms, a new quality level, rebirth, transformation.

Aquarius - unpredictability, cut-off from reality, but also independence, originality, disposal.

Stage 1 - A sharp desire to get rid of the already exhausted, from what prevents and slows down, the emergence of unexpected crisis situations.

2stage - Development of skills freely and independently think, plan; Finding like-minded people.

3 stages - Fast, sudden changes aimed at the destruction of old, who have narrated orders - perhaps through a revolution or other collective speeches. The transforming power of the pluto and the speed / decisiveness of the Aquarius are connected.

In astrological practice, assume that before the official opening, the action of higher planets is not extended to broad masses, but only on separate, most prepared and developed personalities. The near future of Pluto Pluton on Aquarius refers to the end of the 18th century and is a prime confirmation. Almost all the Decembrists were born in this period and the Leninist phrase "far from the people" acquires a completely different, but accurate context. The discontent of the Decembrists frozen in their development of the monarchy led to the creation of secret unions and societies, the development of programs, the text of the Constitution and directly uprising in the Senate Square in December 1825. Speech was suppressed, but his role is indisputable.

By the way, Nikolai I, who, the troops should have sworn in the Senate Square, Pluto is also in the aquare. Moreover, he also has an exalted Jupiter in fish in his card - together it was a good application to carry out significant changes on the way to an ideal society. Nevertheless, the Board of Nicholas I is the period of stagnation; For 30 years, not an important, urged problems in Russia did not solve the problems. Obviously, he did not spend the big (primarily internal) work, which requires the planet in exaltation to manifest itself at his peak.

On March 24, 2023, Pluto will again enter the aquarius, and therefore, the next "general cleaning", the era of large and sharp changes (for the period of 1777-98, will begin (for the period 1777-98. The War for Independence of the United States and the Great French Revolution).

And in the second half of the 21st century, a generation with Pluto in Aquare will be included in the society, which will not just want updates - it will do everything to spend them. And it is better not to interfere, otherwise the methods will be radical.

In general, the fun time is coming :).

Erida in Cancer (1641 - 1661)

Erida - Competition, the ability to negotiate, interaction.

Cancer - anxiety, but also emotions, ability to adapt, fixture.

Stage 1 - increasing emotional stress caused by insufficient interaction.

2 stage - Device to the situation, adaptation.

3 stages - Active interaction in adapted conditions.

In Greek mythology, Eridu is associated with the "apple of discord." An apple is exactly her fruit. Because when in the process of work on the article I began to look for the time of the passage of Erides on the sign of cancer, then it is almost one in one coincided with the time of the English revolution 1640-1660!! Hitting what is called, "in the apple".

In early 17th century, England experienced an industrial lift, but feudal orders of their limitations interfered with both production and trade. In the country, a new force - bourgeoisie; She was unhappy and wanted to respect their interests. The discontent turned out in long and bloody events, including the overthrow of the monarchy. In 1660, the monarchy was restored, but in an adapted version of the variant. The king and the church lost their influence, but the freedom of trade and entrepreneurship was proclaimed. The interaction of people came to a qualitatively new level.

Proserpina in Gemini (1688 - 1739)

Proserpina - transmutation, high-quality change.

Gemini - superficiality, but also information, communication, diversity.

Stage 1 - Insufficiency and fragmentary knowledge, critical attitude towards them.

2 stage - Getting and disseminating knowledge.

3 stages - Qualitative change in the field of knowledge and information.

Proserpina in the twins gave humanity to the era of enlightenment. The beginning of this period is the "glorious revolution" in England (1688, which exactly coincides with the entry of Proserpines in the twins), and the end, according to one of the options, is the Great French Revolution (1789). Another option binds the end of the Epoch of Enlightenment with the death of one of its most famous figures - Voltaire (died in 1778, then Jean Jacques Rousseau died). Astrological approach gives grounds for the second option: if first changes occurred under the influence of transcers going through the twins, then after exiting the sign - under the influence of generation with transcel in the twins. Therefore, care in 1778 the main actors is logically considered the end of the Epoch of Enlightenment.

As a result of the Epoch of Enlightenment, scientific, philosophical and social thought were actively developed. There was a refusal of religious world-upsion, scientific information began to be considered supported. For the first time in history, the question was raised about the practical application of the achievements of science in the interests of social development. Scientific progress was rapid, and the knowledge gained was actively popular. There was a high-quality jump in the amount, quality and availability of knowledge.

Yes, officially Proserpina is not open and not recognized, it still stays in his "underground kingdom". But Proserpina, as befits the real goddess, does not pay attention to it. Her thing is to make magic metamorphoses and our doubts do not interfere with this in this.

P.S. When, when preparing an article I reached Erida and Proserpina, then I will say honestly, I did not even hope to write something specific. Not only is one planet is open almost yesterday, and the second hypothetical, so also the marks of exaltation they passed several centuries ago. And, therefore, the manifestation of this particular situation was most likely weak and could hardly be discovered.

I even wrote the final paragraph about the small surveillance time of Erides and Proserpins and something else in the same spirit. And only at the last moment still decided to search for: Suddenly something suitable will be found among the events.

And it was discovered :). Almost immediately - it was worth just allowed to find it right to find. If before that I had some doubts - for example, Erida Lee manages weights? - Now they scattered. Such accurate - both technical, and the semantic - incident random does not happen.

The planets seemed to say: we are, we work, do not doubt. And the "Cross System" also works - this coincidence of theory and practice is another proof.

The nature of the planet, its strength is determined by the position in the sign, in it it acquires a certain color. Each planet has its own type of manifestation in different signs. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the elements. First, because it is easier to work with four objects than with twelve, and secondly, the elements give a clear structure. What color gives us, for example, fire element? What are the main characteristics of the action of the planet in the signs of fire elements? Activity. But it's just a little "activity". Speaking of activity, it is necessary to take into account its type. Male activity type - external, and female - internal. In fiery signs, external activity is manifested, expressiveness. Each zodiac sign affects the manifestations of the planet in its own way, but the principle of the planet does not change. So, Saturn remains Saturn, and symbolizes the restriction and structure even in cancer.

Before moving to the characteristics of planets in signs and elements, you need to recall the interaction between the planets and signs. The manifestation of the properties of the planets depends on their position in the zodiac. Signs in which planets most fully show their qualities, these are the signs of ownership or the monastery of the planets. The zodiacal sign is more complicated than the planet, it is multidimensionally, there are many layers in it, there are several principles in it. But at the same time we can take into account different degrees of consonance of planets and signs. And the strongest consonance is possession , or, as it is also called domination , control . It means that the sign in question is most consonant with the planet.

1. Office or possession

When the planet is included in his ownership All its qualities and strength are expressed as freely as possible, fully and naturally. During passing through the sign of its possession of the planet, it becomes the most active and stronger than events. If the planet is standing in a natal map in the sign of his own ownership, a person will feel its influence stronger, it will no longer appear in his character and will have a noticeable effect on his life.
Planets septener
Office by Septhene
In the traditional ownership scheme for seven planets of the septener, each planet, except for the Sun and the Moon, correspond to two signs: Mercury owns twins and a virgin Venus - Taurus and weights Mars - Ova and Scorpio Jupiter - Silver and Fish Saturn - Capricorn and Aquarius The sun owns a lion sign, the moon is a cancer sign. The opening of uranium, Neptune and Pluto demanded changes in the management scheme, taking into account their action. For each planet, the ownership sign was found. The Aquarius sign was correlated with Uranium, with Neptune-Fish, and Pluto took possession of scorpion.
Planets Zodiac signs
Planets - zodiac signs

For the planets of the septener who were the owners of these signs before the opening of the higher planets, astrologers introduced the concept Junior ownership Signs that manage planets are also divided into daytime and night monastery planets.

2. Exile or imprisonment planets

Signs opposite to control call signs Exile Planets, or imprisonment , or, as they say - sign Damage ("Detriment" - Franz. - Loss, Damage). In this sign of the planet, the most non-free and weaker means its basic qualities.

The sun in exile into aquare. Here he has a decisiveness, artistry. Aquarius is a very democratic sign, he does not like to independently make decisions, it is active in the group and is well manifested when interacting. Moon in Capricorn. Loses his plasticity and naturalness, here it is stronger and serious. Venus in Ovne Impulsten, active in the manifestation of his feelings, there is no softness, delicacy, equilibrium and advantage, as in the scales. She loses its tenderness and becomes too assessing. Also Venus in Scorpio : Losing my tenderness, softness, it is warm to hot, which is good for Mars, but bad for Venus. Tenderness develops into a hot passion, and Venus loses its natural female qualities. Mercury in Fish Loses its concreteness, sociability, does not see the details. Relying on intuition, it becomes more subjective when choosing. Mercury in Streltsy It becomes too common, inattentive to trifles, numbers, dates. У Mars in scales There is no head and fighting qualities, independence and decisiveness, there is no need for competitiveness. It is difficult for him to show the initiative, leading. Jupiter in twins Many goals, it loses one, changes in trifles, there is no global coverage, large-scale. Twins are difficult to separate a significant of insignificant, they can simply drown in a huge stream of information. Saturn in cancer It loses shape, flexibility, discipline, responsibility, if, of course, this does not concern the questions of his family. Uranus in exile in Lev . The lion is an individualist, he king, and the source of its energy is internal. Uranium is democratic, its function is to associate the minds of people and conduct an external, cosmic creative impetus. Neptune in exile in Virgo . Deva with its concreteness, the desire to clearly distinguish forms and qualities, practicality and focus is opposite to Neptune - the planet of the contemplative, smoothing the differences seeking to remain herself. Pluto in exile in Taurus . Taurus creates material forms and supports them with its energy, and Pluto transforms them and destroys. Individualism of the Taurus also prevents the manifestation of true collectivism of the pluto, although often the Taurus uses this force for its own purposes.

3. Exaltation

Signs in which the action of the planets is most at the external level, are called planet exaltation signs or elevation signs. Exaltation - the second strength after possession of the concept, It also connects the quality of the planet and sign, But the sign of exaltation does not have a complete consonance with the planet. Exaltation is the strengthening of one manifestation of the planet, but weakening the other, and the entire manifestation of the planet reaches only in the sign of its possession. According to the exact metaphor of John Frouli:

"The planet in exaltation is likened to the honorable guest. In a certain position, the honorary guest is in a better position than the owner of the house: the honorable guest is given all the best - he does not receive the remains of yesterday's lunch on Lunch. But the strength of such a situation is limited: the guest can not take the host in the bedroom and begin to rummage in his closet. The image of an honorary guest causes a sense of some exaggeration, exaggeration: we appeal to it better than he really deserves. This feeling of exaggeration is important for the correct understanding of exaltation. "

Each planet has only one sign of exaltation, and not two, like possession.

Sign Exaltations of Sun. is Aries . Here the activity of the Sun, its impulsiveness, activity, strength is very powerful. In the spring, when the sun in the Aries is sharply growing his life-giving force. But another characteristic of the Sun is weakened in Aries: Aries does not have that internal stability, What the sun possesses in Lev. With all its impulsiveness and activities, Aries is unstable, and the sun is an equilibrium, the center of everything.

Sign of Exaltation Moon - Taurus . The fertility of the moon is manifested as much as possible, its concern for loved ones, the ability to childbear, creation. Taurus - gardener, life-giving the power of the earth. However, with an external softness, the Taurus lacks inner plasticity, compliance, and at all the lunar sensitivity it does not reach the variability and reagent of the moon, this side here is expressed weaker. Mercury has an exaltation sign - Virgo . Signs of ownership and exaltation are coincided. In the Virgin, its analytical abilities manifest themselves the strongest, and the ability to interact, relationships, ease, less. But in this sign, the distinguishing ability of Mercury is very large. Venus exalted in fish . Here it is most sensitive, reagent, emotional, loving, romantic. But the fish are deprived of the Venus of its internal stability. After all, with all its external reagents, it is incredibly stable, as it has a very strong inner rod. And there is no such rod fish, therefore the ability to choose, accurate judgment, is weakened in fish, and emotionality and attraction - reinforced. Mars exalted in Capricorn . Here he has a maximum space for practical implementation, for the peak of business activity. However, its ambitiousness, readiness for risk, impulsiveness, innovation is weakened, in Capricorn, sustainable forms of manifestation are preferable. Jupiter give exaltation in cancer . Here he has a strong opportunity for growth, expansion, patronage, aspiration for self-affirmation, but the purposefulness is much less pronounced. Saturn is exalted in the scales. Saturn a sense of justice, a feeling of form, the desire for equilibrium in the scales is very well expressed, however, there are no sannic of closetness, stiffness, logicality. If there are almost no disputes about the signs of exaltation of the visible planets, then there are many disagreements. Almost all astrologers converge on the fact that Uranus exalted in Scorpio. Uranus in Scorpio has constructiveness, the ability to transformation, polarity, the desire for independence, freedom. Independence is a very characteristic quality for scorpion. Uranium - Shiva, destroying the shape and the release of the Spirit, and where, besides the Aquarius, can I do this? Best of all - in Scorpio. But the greatest disputes go about the exaltation of Neptune and Pluto. Very many astrologists adhere to the point of view that Neptune is exalted in Lev, and Pluto - in Aquarius, but there is also a point of view of the exaltation of Neptune in cancer.
Exaltation Planet
Planet exaltation scheme

4. Fall

Signs are opposite to exaltations, these are signs in which the planets action is most at the domestic level and weaker in external signs Fall . Sun in the fall in the scales, And here it is inherent in hesitation, duality, indecision. The moon falls in Scorpio - Here it is plastic, susceptible, rasiment, but such qualities as care, fertility is expressed significantly weaker. She seeks to bind a person to himself, has a tendency to suppress the will of loved ones. Mercury in fish It is not analyzed enough, loses its concreteness, the ability to clearly distinguish, detail, becomes blurred, dreamed, uncertain, although the essence sees quite good. Venus in Vid. Very moving, but the love of her shallow. Long hesitates, quickly gets acquainted, but at a deep level carefully gets closer with the person, before he loves him seriously. She fearful in feelings is too rational, which once again confirms the strong influence of Mercury. Mars in cancer Long swing, slowly acts, he does not have a volitional pressure, it is inactive. Jupiter in Capricorn Restrained, is not sufficiently confident, does not like to remove too distant goals because of the uncertainty, often reducing its "ceiling". It is too close to the goal, it is immersed in activities, he is fond of the form and does not pay little attention to distant perspectives. Saturn in Ovne Proposed rather to impose on the surrounding his will than disciplining itself. Often inaccurate in time. Replaces the pressure, loses the feeling of shape and equilibrium. Uranus in a fall in Taurus . The thrust for material forms, the rare vitality of the Taurus deprive the uranium of his aspiration to the sky. The strongest manifestation of uranium in the Taurus - ingenuity, especially in creating new tools and equipment A special conversation about the lunar nodes. By tradition, the downward node is exalted in Sagittarius, and ascending - in twins. The fall in the descending - in the twins, at the rising - in Sagittarius. Such a connection reflects the desire for a new, living perception characteristic of twins, as well as the ability of the Sagittarius to generalize information. There are no signs of ownership, expulsion, kinship and hostility. Nodes can not play the role of the ruler, so their interaction in this case differs from the interaction sign - the planet: we are talking only about the features of the actions of the nodes in these two signs, while the connection of the planet - the mark has an impact on other planets facing this The sign, as it were, through the sign of the combining planet with each other.

5. Definition of Power Planet

The leading character traits of a person is his "planetary person." To understand what features of the character of a person are leading, determine the most significant situations for him and the most important areas of life, it is necessary to determine which planet in the map performs stronger, and in the absence of the strongest planet - their combination (two or three planets). Here we are talking about essential dignity, i.e. The position of the planets in signs, and not in the houses. The essential power of the planet in the sign speaks of its compliance with its natural essence (eng. Essence). The precision advantage of the planet is determined by its position in the house of the horoscope, its aspects, speed and indicates the ability to solve its tasks in the house of the horoscope.
Planets in the signs of the zodiac
Power chart of power planets in signs
The leading effect or force acquires: 1. Planet, which is in its own mark; 2. In the sign of his exaltation; 3. Planet, in the sign of the ownership of the sun; 4. Planet, in the sign of the ownership of Stellium; 5. Planet, which is located in one sign with the sun. 6. Planet, managing the ASC sign. 7. Planet in connection with ASC, or in 1 house. 8. Planet in conjunction with MS or in x home. Depending on the movement of transit planets, one, then another spheres of life are more important than others for a person, while at a certain period are intensified by certain spheres of human psyche. But the constant leading life incentives and innate character traits are determined by the position of the planets, their force and weakness.

6. The weakness of the planet

There are essential (from lat. Essentialis - "essential") and precision (from lat. Accidentia - "Accident") weakness of the planets. The essential weakness of the planet speaks of its weak ability to fit its natural essence (eng. Essence).

The axisy weakness of the planet is determined by its position in an unfavorable house, in a weak position in the horoscope, its aspects and speed and reduces the ability of the planet to effectively implement their tasks. The concept of weakness of the planets existed already in ancient astrology. Different astrologers have created different conditional scales for the relative assessment of the weakness of the planets.

The main essential weaknesses of the planets include:

1) Exile; 2) fall; 3) position in trigon (II) of the opposite element (enmity); 4) position in the dean, Terme or the sextrass of the planet of the opposite nature; 5) Overin.

Nicholas Devor points out that the relative essential weakness of the planet was estimated on the following scale: the planet in exile - 5 points; Planet in fall - 4 points; Planet in the trigon of the opposite element - 3 points; Planet in the term of the planet of the opposite nature - 2 points, planet in the dean or the fust of the planet opposite nature - 1 point.

William Lilly leads the following scale of assessment of precipient weaknesses of the planets:
Planet, surrounded by Saturn and Mars
Conjunction with fixed star Algol
Conjunction with Saturn or Mars (accurate)
Planet in the XII House Horoscope
Planet in VI or VIII House
Connection with the southern node of the moon (accurate)
Opposition with Saturn or Mars (accurate)
Quadrature with Saturn or Mars (accurate)
Planet is slow
Reduction of light (for the moon)
Planet Western (for Saturn, Jupiter and Mars)
East Planet (for the Moon, Mercury and Venus)


7. Fall and expulsion of planets as spheres of problems in the horoscope

The greatest attention in the analysis of the birth card requires the planet in "possession" and "exile", in the second - in "Exaltation" and "Falling". However, if "possession" and "exaltation" in the study of astrology and literature pays great attention, then the planets of the lower stage - in "Exile" and "Falling" - are clearly underestimated. In many situations, the planetary properties that are in "Exile" are manifested (for an external observer) more noticeably than owned. Examples of the manifestation of the planet in the signs of ownership and expulsion Consider the manifestations of Mars. At the Aries, its strong, energy accurate Martian properties are infrequently manifested in the form of aggression, open confrontation, rivalry. Aries himself is not inclined to pay these properties of significant attention, just as a very healthy person about his health simply does not think, is his natural state. Scales behave differently. 1. Evesites, where the Martian properties "in exile" can avoid those situations where open confrontation is possible, where instantaneous, accurate actions are needed. Psychologically, it is protective The mechanism of "care". So, the teen weights can avoid active games, competitive situations, will not care for the girl, if someone else is cared for her. 2. The second option is an attempt to protect its weakness with some pronounced advantage, a planetary property, most often occupying the upper step - "possession", by weight it is Venus. Then the scales may well feel free to go to Martian situations, but they will not behave in them by Martian, but in the Venusian type. For example, instead of taking the initiative to yourself, the scales are trying to compromise, share responsibility, with others, etc., losing the pace, and sometimes the opportunity to adequately resolve the situation. 3. Alive example Hypercompensation According to the qualities "In Exile". For weights, this may be exaggerated attention to Martian problems, designed by Martian behavior, hence the increased aggressiveness in a fairly calm situation in which a compromise is quite possible. Scales can try and others to prove their own strength, activity, factories, confidence in which they do not have enough. Psychological type of scales, who has chosen the strategy of hypercompensation in the field of Mars, is sometimes perceived by surrounding as a pronounced Aries. Confident in the same, in his power, a person with a worked (strong) Mars, in most cases will be calm. While a person with a weak Mars can "explode", "boil", arrange a scandal. The planets in fall and exile are often more noticeable appearance. For an objective assessment of the presence of (dominance) of a planetary property, the criterion of adequacy or inadequateness of the reaction relative to the external incentive should be applied to the external situation that caused this reaction. Evaluation only by reaction may result in significant errors.

8. Using the area of ​​problems as "growth points"

A person pays all the forces, solving the problems associated with its planetary quality "in exile." This is the only correct strategy for real permission of the problems. These are examples, when a squeezed and painful boy, in an adult becomes the world champion in the rod, and the like. So, each zodiac psychotype has energy filled, adequately manifested qualities that manifest themselves with the planetary properties that occupy the upper step - "possession". Each psychotype also has "Achilles Fila", an area that corresponds to a planetary property that occupies the lower stage - "Exile". The resolution strategy of this problem may be different: 1 - the situation of "care", a complete rejection of the relevant sphere of life; 2 - an attempt to replace your weaknesses strong, protect the "Achilles" fifth of a strongly pronounced property; 3 - hypercompensation expressed by the extended manifestation of planetary properties in exile; 4 - Using the area of ​​problems as "growth points". All this is true for the planetary properties of "exaltation" and "falls", taking into account what they are expressed to a lesser extent than the planetary properties of "in possession" and "exile". The problems associated with the planetary property that is "in the fall" is not so ostra, as associated with "Exile". Citized Literature and Books on the topic: M. Elin, Khercherenko. The chains of the disposition as an evolutionary path of human development Weissberg V. Lectures on astrology (initial course). Part I Oba K. Astrological Dictionary Levin M. Lectures on astrology. The initial course Gorbatsevich V. Unified system of monastery and exaltations of the planets. // Journal EAF NIC., 1997 Underwater A. General Astrology. Zodiac signs. - M., 1992 Globa P.P. Analysis and synthesis of cosmograms. - L.: Tritas, 1991 Leo A. Full Astrological Dictionary Kefer Ya. Practical astrologers

Ptolemy K. Tetrabillos

When quoting and reprinting materials, an active reference to this page of the site is required!

AstrologyAstrology provides a set of working materials transferred to man at birth. To improve your fate, you need to develop the data of the universe (chances), taking into account the dangers and its weaknesses. We need to remember astrology that the choice and reaction to the circumstances arising in the life path is influenced by the fate. The planets constantly travel along the zodiac and spend a lot of time in the "guest" from other signs. In one field, the horoscope planet is greater force, in the other - they are weak and vulnerable. It is necessary to understand their advantages to determine the strength and weakness. Planets are:
  • In the abode - the best position;
  • In exaltation - feels confidently, the best properties manifest;
  • in fall - quality weakens;
  • In exile - the worst position.

Exaltation, Exile and Falling Planets

  1. Sun: Exaltation in Aries, Exile in Aquarius, drop in scales.
  2. Moon: Exaltation in Taurus, Exile in Capricorn, Fall in Scorpio.
  3. Mercury: Exaltation in the Virgin, Exile in Fish, Fall in Sagittarius.
  4. Venus: Exaltation in Fishes, Exile in Aries and Scorpio, Fall in Virgo.
  5. Mars: Exaltation in Capricorn, Exile in Taurus and Scales, drop in cancer.
  6. Jupiter: Exaltation in Cancer, Exile in Virgo, Fall in Capricorn.
  7. Saturn: Exaltation in the scales, expulsion in cancer, fall in the Aries.
  8. Neptune: Exaltation in Aquarius, Exile in Virgo, Fall in Lev.
  9. Uranus: Exaltation in Scorpio, Exile in Lev, Fall in Taurus.
  10. Pluto: Exaltation in Lev, Exile in Taurce, Fall in Virgo.
  11. Northern Lunar Knot: Exaltation in Gemini, Fall in Sagittarius.
  12. Southern Moon Knot: Exaltation in Sagittarius, falling in twins.

Another important point, when drawing up a natal card, is the study of planets in homes and aspects to them from other planets. Harmonious - 60 and 120 degrees, stressful - 90 ° and 180 °. If the planet is too close to the Sun (2-4 °), it is burned, and this provision speaks about voltage. A close connection with Saturn, also negatively affects the quality of the planet. Next should be determined:

  • the location of the sun and the moon (at the top or bottom of the natal card);
  • aspects between the planets;
  • In which fields of the natal card, they are located;
  • Mark the connection between the planets and houses.
The sun is most importantly in the horoscope. It is responsible for self-expression, characterizes the spouse (in the horoscope of a woman) and the Father. The moon is the inner world, comfort, habits and mental preferences. In the map of men, she describes his wife, mom, grandmother. In a female horoscope characterizes a woman as a wife, mother and hostess at home.
  1. Mercury - It is sociable, thinking, speech, sisters and school life.
  2. Venus - It is considered the planet of small happiness. Expresses attitude towards money, its appearance and different pleasures. Responsible for friendship between women. Shows how a person loves (deep or superficially, hot or cold).
  3. Mars - responsible for activity and aggressiveness. According to his position in the house, you can determine the most active sphere of life.
  4. Jupiter - Planet of good luck and great happiness. Being in a weak position or in negative aspects, it does not even bring much harm in this case. In the house where this planet stands, a person will be accompanied by luck.
  5. Saturn is considered an unkind planet. The house in which he falls will be difficult and karmic. Saturn checks on exposure, teaches patience and overcoming difficulties.
  6. Uranus Carries information about friends, patrons, sudden events and surprises. Pushes to development, gives a non-standard approach to life and allocates from the total mass of people.
  7. Neptune Makes confusion, creates ridiculous situations and forms illusions. In the house of the horoscope, where it is located, incomprehensible difficulties and delays arise, and a person often faces a deception. Neptune is responsible for alcoholism, drug addiction and various kinds of dependence.
  8. Pluto - Planet of power, sex, big and other people's money. Responsible for death, magic, violence, ability to survive and fulfill desires. In the horoscope shows the place of power (where and from where to draw energy to restore forces).
In astrology, the planets have a period of retrogradity. Retrograde Planet is a planet as if coming Astrologyin the opposite direction. Retrogradness speaks of weakness or special qualities of the planet (depending on the situation and aspects). During this period, you should not start anything new. Retrograde Planet will pull back, will not give a rapid old and prosperous start. The house without planets does not mean the complete absence of events in a certain life sphere. You need to explore the planet, which is responsible for this house. For example, if the seventh house is in the scales, but there is no planets in it, it is necessary to watch Venus and its aspects. She will define the events of this house.

With the help of fictitious points, you can also find tips in your fate. They also affect the events taking place in the life of a person.

  • Northern lunar knot It is considered favorable and is responsible for karmic tasks. To improve your karma, a person needs to follow his recommendations.
  • Southern Moon Knot Speaks about the experience of past life, which should be applied to this.
  • Ascendent - ascending sign on the horizon, which begins in the first house. It characterizes appearance and shows how people perceive a person at the first meeting.
  • Descendent - It is necessary opposite Ascendant, it carries information about partners and characterizes the marriage relationship (7 house horoscope).
  • Lilith (Black Moon) is the most remote point of the moon in relation to Earth. She speaks of fears, secret desires and mistakes that are better not to do. And women who should beware of men.
  • Selena (White Moon) - On the contrary, the closest point of the Earth's satellite. This is the guardian angel and good deeds.
  • Vertex - This is karma and the gate of fate. Vertex brings good luck and happy events in the field of the horoscope in which it is located.
  • Ms. - the top point of the natal card. The accumulation of planets around it means the desire to be in sight and popularity in society.
  • IC. - Located at the bottom of the horoscope, opposite MS. Located near her planet, they say that a person wants to lead a quiet life and not stand out.

To learn how to correctly read the natal card, you need to study astrology for more than one year and acquire a considerable experience. The astrologer studies all the planetary aspects, takes into account the life image and habit, and only after that makes a personal horoscope.

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