Peruvian balsam for healing wounds: what it is, instructions for use, composition, analogues, where to buy, price, reviews

Peruvian Balsam - a product of natural origin, used for medical purposes, which is manufactured by processing a plant growing in the tropics. The drug has healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Such properties allow the use of Peruvian balsam for wound healing, including open. It protects fabrics from infection and suppuration, stimulates cell regeneration.

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Прекрасная Калла. Иллюстрация для статьи используется с сайта
Good afternoon, my reader. Many superstitious flowers fear to grow in the garden Calla. This representative of the aid family, which is also called the whitefolder, has an ominous reputation. In the people, it is called a death flower due to the fact that this plant can often be seen in the cemetery. It is believed that Calla has a magical strength and attracts to the house in which there is trouble and misfortune. However, not everything is so unambiguous, as it may seem at first glance.

Information for patients

Acute coronary syndrome (in the spacious pre-infarction state, the term heart attack is also found) This is a term that designate any condition due to a sudden decrease in the blood supply of the heart. A manifestation of acute coronary syndrome can be any squeezing sensation in the chest, for example, arising in peace or with insignificant physical activity (unstable angina) or leading to the development of myocardial infarction. The first sign of acute coronary syndrome can also be a sudden stop of the heart. The diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome is often placed in emergency departments or in the hospital. Acute coronary syndrome is well treated if it is possible to diagnose enough quickly. Treatment of acute coronary syndrome (OX) may be different depending on the available symptoms, an objective picture and a general health state.


The nationwide sandbox has a multitude of unique feature, inaccessible with a superficial familiarization with the game. After the emergence of mobile versions, the developers began to massively add new types of blocks with their functions and characteristics. I propose to briefly consider why Minecraft. We need an observer and how it works.

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Суп Харчо готовим по лучшим домашним рецептам
The generous gift of Georgian cuisine - the recipe of Soup Harcho is familiar to everyone. Usually this thick sharp dish is prepared from beef and rice, refilled by walnut nuts and cilantro. It is also prepared with lamb, chicken, pork, fish, add potatoes, experiment with spices. The lover variation of this soup is found for everyone.

Weaving from rubber on the machine: Simple light schemes for beginners and complex for experienced masters

One of the new directions in the needlework is weaving from rubber on the machine. The admirers, mostly, became children and adolescents, but adults do not neglect the new technology. With it, you can weave inexpensive, but bright and stylish accessories - for example, bracelets, key rings, beads and various cartoon characters. The Rainbow Loom kits are also played in such popularity, which includes sets of silicone rubber bands and a weaving machine.

Own names in Russian: examples, functions, classification

As part of any language, the name of its own occupies an important place. It appeared in distant times when people began to understand and differentiate objects that demanded to assign individual names to them. The designation of objects occurred, relying on its distinctive features or functions so that the name contains data on the subject in symbolic or actual form. Over time, the names of their own became the subject of interest in various fields: geography, literature, psychology, history and of course, linguistics.

Best Bimetallic Radiators - Rating 2021 (Top 10)

It is mistaken to believe that the choice of heating radiator does not cause questions and it is enough to choose a suitable number of sections and the optimal connection option. Modern technologies broke into this sector, offering an impressive assortment and variety of structures. The combination of two metals, the progressive approach to the design increased the effectiveness of the most important element of the heating system. And competent design will allow not to hide it, but to turn into part of the design. To make a good purchase and take a really good model, our editors amounted to the ranking of the best bimetallic radiators from popular manufacturers.