What to give a grandmother for the new year - 200 ideas of New Year's gifts from granddaughter or grandson, do it yourself and not only

On the eve of January, the question arises that to give a grandmother for New Year holidays. When choosing a gift you need to take into account the interests and age of a loved one.

Top 30 Best New Year Gifts for Grandmother

Top Holiday Gifts:

  1. Cell phone to stay in touch with relatives.
  2. Rest in a sanatorium or tourist trip.
  3. Family tree.
  4. Big family portrait.
  5. Home Appliances. Good gift to grandmother for the new year - toaster, electric kettle, multicooker, etc.
  6. Useful trifles for the kitchen.
  7. Set of terry towels of different sizes.
  8. Kitchen textile - tape, tablecloths, napkins, towels.
  9. Warm clothes and shoes.
  10. Accessories (wallets, hats, mittens, warm socks).
  11. Cookware. You can give a grandmother from grandchildren with a mug or a table set for gatherings in a family circle.
  12. Repair with your own hands or with the help of professionals.
  13. Hobbies.
  14. Cultural leisure.
  15. Certificate for the purchase of products or other goods.
  16. Books, magazines.
  17. Medical devices.
  18. Gifts do it yourself.
  19. Home appraisers for active lifestyle.
  20. Knitted thing. To make a New Year's gift from granddaughter inexpensive, you can link the plaid, mittens, rug or scarf.
  21. EBook.
  22. Textiles for home.
  23. Courses (driving, training work on a computer, culinary, etc.).
  24. Spice chopper.
  25. Set of expensive saucepan.
  26. Frying pan with non-stick coating.
  27. Meeting with old friends or long-distance relatives.
  28. Subscription in fitness club, aqua zone or beauty salon.
  29. Decorative decorations for home and garden.
  30. Live tree in a pot.

Gift grandmother for the new year with your own hands - 25 original crafts

Gifts Mom and Granny, made by their own hands - a great way to demonstrate love, respect and appreciation. Best Ideas:

  1. Collage from family photos.
  2. Napkins or towel with embroidery.
  3. Tablecloth for family feasures.
  4. Family tree with photographs of relatives.
  5. Box for storing small things. Before you make a gift for your grandmother with your own hands, you need to master the decoupage technique.
  6. Film with congratulations close people.
  7. A flash drive with the records of the Soviet New Year movies or old concerts (who walked on TV when the grandmother was young).
  8. Sweets cooked with their own hands.
  9. Cutting board, signed manually and covered with special varnish.
  10. Set of kitchen taps.
  11. Pillowcase on the sofa pillow with embroidery.
  12. Knitted scarf, headdress or mittens.
  13. Bouquet of favorite products (sweets, vegetables, exotic fruits, etc.).
  14. Greeting card.
  15. Christmas toys and decorations for home.
  16. Woolen socks.
  17. Calendar for the next year. You can make it on the spring, decorate with pictures or photos of family members.
  18. Knitted plaid.
  19. Edible Christmas tree made of cookies.
  20. The plant in the pot grown independently.
  21. Picture of pre-prepared colors, leaves, berries.
  22. Braided rug, bedside rug.
  23. The book of recipes, notepad - good gifts grandmother for the new year with your own hands that will not lie without a business.
  24. Knitted bag.
  25. Case for glasses.

What to give a grandmother for the new year from granddaughter - 30 good ideas

Many wonder what a gift can choose a grandmother from granddaughter. Interesting options:

  1. Puffy
  2. Coffee table.
  3. Certificate for the purchase of clothes or underwear.
  4. Cozy pajamas or shirt.
  5. Silk handkerchief.
  6. Warm jacket or poncho.
  7. Beautiful blouse to enter the light.
  8. New Rim for Points.
  9. A set of cosmetics for care.
  10. Original wicker basket.
  11. Book for recording family recipes.
  12. Natural wool handkerchief.
  13. Electric boards for legs.
  14. Curling Hair.
  15. Sheet on a rubber band.
  16. Picture embroidered by beads.
  17. Handmade cosmetics.
  18. A tree from coffee beans (if the grandmother loves things made by their own hands).
  19. Store for storing jewelry.
  20. Set of delicious honey for winter tea drinking.
  21. Cupcakes with congratulatory inscriptions.
  22. Sewing machine.
  23. Printed publications. Interesting books from granddaughters will be a gift that will help pass the winter evenings.
  24. Accessories for sewing, knitting.
  25. Coffee, tea couple.
  26. Painted or embroidered icon.
  27. Soft bedside rug.
  28. New curtains in the living room, kitchen.
  29. Decorative fountain or other interior decoration.
  30. Name T-shirt, sweatshirt.

Top 25 gift ideas from grandson

Ideas of grandmother's grandmother from grandson:

  1. Electric samovar.
  2. Greenhouse for growing plants.
  3. Heater, air conditioning.
  4. Mobile phone.
  5. Massage bath bath.
  6. Bouquet of candy or other products.
  7. Portrait of a grandmother written by a professional artist.
  8. Massage chair.
  9. New chandelier.
  10. Liquid crystal TV.
  11. Machinery for cooking.
  12. Satellite plate.
  13. Decoration from natural stones.
  14. Worn candlestick.
  15. Mini-simulator for sports.
  16. A small computer for grandmother, which keeps up with the times.
  17. Portable charger to always stay in touch.
  18. Set of silver cutlery.
  19. Useful orthopedic products.
  20. Weather station.
  21. Clock with a radio receiver.
  22. Collection of films with your favorite actors.
  23. Wrought or carved shop.
  24. Swing or folding gazebo.
  25. Shelf for trifles.

20 gifts Granny to maintain health and well-being

With age, health deteriorates, so the ideas of gifts for the new year include goods to maintain health. Before you go shopping, you need to understand what the grandmother worries and what she needs.

Best options:

  1. Tonometer . Elevated or reduced blood pressure is the problem of many older people. A good presentation will be an automatic tonometer for self-measuring pressure.
  2. Woolen belt . With the age of people, the back is starting to hurt, so the warm bandage on the lower back area is useful.
  3. Massager Network.
  4. Salt lamp .
  5. Humidifier or air ionizer . The device will create an optimal microclimate in the room, improve well-being.
  6. Vitamin complex or herbal collection . Before buying such a means, it is better to consult with a grandmother or her attending physician. Each preparation, even vegetable, has indications and contraindications.
  7. Holidays in the sanatorium . A ticket to a specialized facility will allow to relax, dispel and spend time with health benefits.
  8. Kuznetsova Applicator or Massage Rug . This is a convenient device that improves blood circulation and affecting the medical effect on all organism systems.
  9. Heated blanket or electroprip . It will warm in the cold season, protects from the cold.
  10. Tourmaline rug . Removes pain and tension in the muscles, improves blood circulation, reduces stagnant phenomena, increases stamina, has a fascinating effect.
  11. Judging warmer . Practical and environmentally friendly heat source.
  12. Mobile doctor . Online service medical consultation, allowing remotely to access the therapist at any time.
  13. Tableman . Inexpensive gift from grandson or granddaughter. Suitable grandmother, which often comes out of the house.
  14. Electronic floor scales .
  15. Massage Bath for Foot .
  16. Inhaler .
  17. Electric Toothbrush, Irrigator To maintain the health of the oral cavity.
  18. Stepper . A small home simulator imitating walking along the stairs.
  19. Digital Thermometer .
  20. Pedometer With pulse measurement function.

Top 30 inexpensive New Year Gifts

A frequent question - what can be given to grandmothers for the New Year holidays, if the child earns a little. In this case, you need to buy inexpensive, but the original present:

  1. Night light or lamp with soft, cozy light.
  2. Cake with New Year's decorations.
  3. Ginger cookies with congratulations.
  4. Bed linen with three-dimensional pattern.
  5. Unusual Christmas decorations.
  6. Frame with a photo of family members.
  7. Mug with symbol of the coming year.
  8. Fragrant candles and candlestick.
  9. Set of towels.
  10. Beautiful napkin, tablecloth.
  11. Aromatic soap.
  12. Non-slip bathroom rug.
  13. Wiering kettle or coffee pot.
  14. Kitchen accessories.
  15. Paper book.
  16. Warm shawl.
  17. Cozy home slippers.
  18. Beautiful handkerchief.
  19. Picture with carving on wood. Good gift to grandmother from the grandson, if he does not earn yet.
  20. Wallet with place for family photo.
  21. Set for knitting or creativity.
  22. Indoor plant.
  23. Nourishing or moisturizing cream.
  24. Bathrobe.
  25. Kitchen apron.
  26. Diary.
  27. Thermos or thermal service.
  28. New umbrella.
  29. Warm plaid.
  30. Kitchen tapes.

Everything for grandmother's hobbies - 30 needed things for New Year holidays

Make a gift for the new year grandmothers who have a hobby is easy. It is enough to choose what is associated with their hobbies.

Grandmother-needlewoman like:

  1. Ribbons for embroidery.
  2. Set of beads of different colors.
  3. Set of natural yarn.
  4. Set for embroidery stitch.
  5. Lamp on the leg, allowing to change the direction of light and its intensity.
  6. Professional sewing scissors.
  7. Special magnifier.

Lovers of home plants and gardening can be giving:

  1. Tools for working in the garden and in the garden.
  2. Like.
  3. Set of beautiful pots.
  4. New room plant.
  5. Folding tables and chairs for giving.
  6. Electric dryer for fruits.
  7. Rocking chair.
  8. Hammock for rest after work.
  9. Decorative figures for the site.

Gifts for the New Year for a grandmother who likes to read:

  1. E-book with works upgraded in it.
  2. Annual subscription to the favorite magazine or newspaper.
  3. Paper book. To understand what book to give mom and grandmother, you need to study their interests. The win-win option is thematic literature associated with the beloved hobby (cooking, needlework, gardening, etc.).
  4. Collection of writings of a beloved author.

Lovers spend time in the kitchen you can give:

  1. Electronic kitchen scales.
  2. Set of cutting board.
  3. High-quality kitchen knives.
  4. Mixer, blender, vegetable cutter.
  5. Casserole with a thick bottom.

Other gifts:

  1. New exhibit to the collection. Like a woman who collects anything.
  2. Accessories for pets (bowls, leashes, collars, etc.).
  3. Certificate for visiting computer courses.
  4. Collection of puzzles for fans of intellectual rest.
  5. Board game.

25 gifts under the Christmas tree for a very young grandmother

Often the question arises that you can give a grandmother for a new coming year, if it is still young. The best ideas:

  1. A set of high-quality decorative cosmetics.
  2. Facilities for face care, body, hair.
  3. Subscription to the pool or fitness club.
  4. Gift certificate for the purchase of clothes or shoes.
  5. Eau de Toilette.
  6. Fashionable bag.
  7. Purse.
  8. Business card holder for discount cards.
  9. Beautiful cover for documents.
  10. "Smart" household appliances.
  11. Tickets for cinema, theater, philharmonic or concert of the favorite artist.
  12. Certificate for the New Year photo session.
  13. A visit to the spa.
  14. Massage session.
  15. Certificate at the hairdresser or manicure office.
  16. Tour to Europe or a warm country.
  17. A visit to the sauna or bath.
  18. Sportswear or shoes.
  19. Set of aromas for home.
  20. Certificate in Atelier.
  21. Compact home simulator.
  22. Stylish glasses case.
  23. Jewelry or jewelry.
  24. Portrait on canvas.
  25. Bus tour to the next city.

If Granny Aged - 25 Top Offers for Elderly Women to New Year holidays

The older woman, the harder it is to stay cheese and active. In this case, when choosing gifts, you need to pay attention to the useful things:

  1. Massage cape on the chair.
  2. Orthopedic mattress, pillow.
  3. Fixture for purification of water.
  4. Watches with large numbers that are glowing in the dark.
  5. Blanket or sheet with heating function.
  6. Grocery basket with goods that grandmother cannot afford (red caviar, dear cheese, candy, etc.).
  7. Set of tea or coffee.
  8. A vase for flowers.
  9. Jars for spices.
  10. Cozy plaid with sleeves.
  11. Knitted blouse, shawl or cardigan.
  12. Reading Glasses.
  13. Housekeeper.
  14. Box for storing jewelry and various trifles.
  15. Alarm clock.
  16. Big photo album.
  17. Coffee service.
  18. Pedigree book.
  19. Non-slip bathroom rug.
  20. Electric kettle.
  21. Heating device.
  22. Flooring or table lamp.
  23. Mill with handles or scraps for the back.
  24. Large lens in the frame.
  25. The device showing the temperature and atmospheric pressure on the street.

20 practical and useful New Year Gifts Granny

Useful New Year's gifts Grandmother from granddaughter or grandson:

  1. Tags for hot.
  2. Food processor, meat grinder, microwave oven.
  3. Other Kitchen Equipment (Wapelnica, Yogurtnitsa, Breadmaker, Coffee Maker, Toaster).
  4. Bakeware.
  5. Self-folding knives.
  6. Cleaner or humidifier.
  7. Set of cutting boards.
  8. Cozy bathrobe.
  9. Electric or biocamine.
  10. Warm down jacket.
  11. Heated sneakers.
  12. Table lamp for needlework or reading.
  13. Quality bedding.
  14. Health Devices (Tonometer, Glucometer, etc.).
  15. Washing machine or dishwasher.
  16. A vacuum cleaner.
  17. Rocking chair.
  18. A warm blanket.
  19. Mobile phone with a large screen and buttons.
  20. Plant watering system for giving.

New Year's magic - 20 memorable presents for grandmother

Top 20 ideas of inexpensive and original gifts that will be remembered by grandmother and will remind her of loved grandchildren:

  1. Cup with photo printing or cute inscription.
  2. Portrait of the whole family.
  3. Player with songs of favorite musicians.
  4. Digital photo frame.
  5. Card with touching signature.
  6. Tickets for a concert of your favorite artist, theatrical production.
  7. Pillow for sofa with photo printing.
  8. The release of the newspaper from the Soviet Union.
  9. Pendant with the image of grandchildren.
  10. Handmade book for important entries and memories.
  11. Plaid with photo printing.
  12. Photo Mosaic, composed of pictures of friends and relatives.
  13. Handmade doll, resembling grandmother in youth.
  14. Family holiday, which even the most distant relatives are invited.
  15. Album with wishes from loved ones.
  16. Medal, grades, Order or statuette with the inscription "Best Grandma in the World".
  17. Desktop or wall calendar with photos of family members.
  18. Book of aphorisms.
  19. Textiles with embroidery.
  20. Congratulatory chocolate with pleasant inscriptions.

To determine what kind of gift to the New Year holidays to buy, you can consult with other family members. Relatives will tell about the interests of Granny and help make the right choice.

Relatives 2019-09-18 Admin.

All people love the new year and gifts under the Christmas tree. But how do you want to please our loved ones and friends with something original, creative and of course unique. We made for you the best selection of New Year's presents that are easy and easy to repeat the photo. In this article we will look at: how to make gifts for the new year with your own hands.

Jar with nuts

Snowman with nuts

You will need: Glass jar with a cap, nuts, a half of a plastic transparent ball, white cardboard, scissors, glue, artificial snow, a pencil, a small snowman and a Christmas tree (or other figures), a red ribbon.

Master Class

  1. Circle plastic circle on white cardboard, then cut the circle. We make a gift for the new year
  2. Stick a snowman and a Christmas tree on a white circle.
  3. Pour a little artificial snow into a plastic circle. We make a gift for the new year
  4. Glue the white circle and plastic circle, as shown in the photo instructions.
  5. Stick decoration on the cover of the cans. We make a gift for the new year
  6. Fill the jar with nuts and close it. jar with snowman and nuts
  7. Decorate a gift with a red ribbon.

A jar with nuts is ready!

Handmade soap

Soap Christmas tree stagnaya

You will need: Transparent or white soap base, silicone shape of trees, dyes and gloves for soap, palm oil, any essential oil, board, knife, skewer.

Master Class

  1. Cut the soap base to pieces.
  2. Melt the basis in the microwave either on the steam bath. Soap Christmas tree stagnaya
  3. Add a few drops of any essential oil for fragrance.
  4. Optionally, add a few drops of the dye for soap and blasting.
  5. Mix well.
  6. Pour the first layer of soap into the mold and send it to the fridge for 5 minutes.
  7. Do a wooden sap of several holes so that the layers of soap firmly conclude. Soap Christmas tree stagnaya
  8. Fill the second layer of soap and retain it in a cool place for full frost.
  9. Remove the mold out and get soap.
  10. Decorate soap glitter.

New Year's soap in the shape of a Christmas tree is ready! Recommended for watching video master class! More master classes on soaping you will find here!

Pineapple from champagne and candy

Pineapple from champagne and candy

You will need: Bottle of champagne, 50 candies Fererro Rocher, adhesive gun, cylinder paper and golden color, scissors, tape, sleeve, golden ribbon.


Master Class

  1. Wrap the bottle with golden paper and lock the scotch. Pineapple step-by-step master class
  2. Stick candy to the bottom of the bottle. Pineapple step-by-step master class
  3. Stick candy, forming the first lower circle. Pineapple from candies
  4. Enclose the second circle of candies, placing them in a checker order from the first lower circle. Pineapple from candies
  5. Purley half a bottle of candy in the same way.
  6. Fold the green paper and cut the leaf garland, as shown in the image. step-by-step instruction
  7. Wrap the leaf garlands around the sleeve and fix the scotch. Gift Pineapple Master Class
  8. Put the sleeve on the neck of the bottle and glue the rest of the sheets. Pineapple from champagne
  9. Decorate Pineapple, tolding a bow from a golden ribbon.

Pineapple from champagne ready! I recommend to view this video!

Bottle snowman

Bottle snowman

You will need: Wine Bottle, White and Red Acrylic Paints, Acrylic Soil, Polymer Clay Black and Orange Color, Black Felt, Cat Disc, Alcohol, Gloves, Fabric With New Year's Coloring, Red Satin Ribbon, Snowflake, Sponge, Glue Time "Crystal", scissors.


Master Class

  1. Wipe the bottle with alcohol to degrease the surface for subsequent work.
  2. Cover the bottle of acrylic soil and wait for drying. Snowman from a bottle master class
  3. Print the cap template, cut out and transfer to felt. Hat Template
  4. Cut the parts for the Hat and glue it, trying on the neck.
  5. Cover the bottle of white acrylic paint by driving movements using a sponge, then leave dry. Snowman from a bottle master class
  6. Rock balls from black polymer clay for butt, smiles and eyes.
  7. Take the nose-carrot from orange clay.
  8. Jump the hat on the neck of the bottle. Bottle Decor for New Year
  9. Stick buttons, eyes, spout and mouth.
  10. Make a scarf of a fabric, then tie a bow.
  11. Stick snowflake, decorating a hat. Bottle Decor for New Year
  12. Tie a bow from the tape, stick the bumps and attach to the hat.
  13. Make another bow of the tape and decorate the scarf.

Snowman is ready! Recommended for watching video master class!

Gift Snowman

Gift Snowman

You will need: Glass jar with spinning lid, foam bowl with circle circle diameter, chocolate candies, glue gun, brush, pva glue, white glitter, scissors, white tinsel white color, small black pumps, polymer clay orange color, colored lace, red and green felt , wool, knife.

Master Class

  1. Cut the sharp knife a small part of the foam ball so that it turned out a flat bottom. Gift Snowman Master Class
  2. Attach the ball to the lid of the jar using a glue gun.
  3. Lubricate the pva ball and sprinkle with glitter. Gift Snowman Master Class
  4. Take the carrot from clay.
  5. Enclose carrot as a nose, and pockets make eyes and mouth. Snowman from candies step by step
  6. Cut from felt 2 circle of one diameter and glue them with each other.
  7. Clamp 2 candies and glue them to a felt circle, forming a hat-cylinder, then the location of the mount wrap the cord. Snowman from candies step by step
  8. Make headphones from a felt strip and two candies, stick to the head of a snowman, and at the top at the top of the hat.
  9. Put wats on the bottom of the banks, and the rest of the part fill in candy. Making a sweet snowman
  10. Couple a head with a can and wrap a white rain as a scanty.

Gift Snowman Ready! Even more snowmen you will find here!

A steam room from candy

A steam room from candy

You will need: Chewing, candy in packaging, lollipops, chocolate candies, adhesive gun.

Master Class

  1. Spread the packaging of chewing with packing of candies.
  2. Get lollipops as wheels. A steam room from candies
  3. Enclose 2 chocolate candies up the train.
  4. Make the desired number of trailers in this way, then connect them together.

A steam room from candies is ready!

New Year's box with a surprise

New Year's box with a surprise

You will need: Big Board, Fantasy knives, scissors, ruler, glue Moment "Crystal", PVA glue, Winter paper, paper for watercolor, acrylic plastic, candy rafaello, decoration elements - Snowman, Pompon and other decorations ...

Master Class

  1. Prepare a sheet of white scrapbooks in size 21x26 cm. The size of the finished box 5x10x4 cm. Surprise box for the new year
  2. Make a bitter (draw the lines not writing the subject) on the side equal to 21 cm at a distance 4; 4; 5; 4; 4; and on the side 26 cm - 4; 4; 10; 4; 4;
  3. Cut unnecessary and assemble a box. Surprise box for the new year
  4. Make a box cover in this way: take the paper for watercolor, make a bitter adding to each side 1 mm - 5.1; 4.1; 5.1; 4.1; + 2 cm on gluing (see photo).
  5. Plug the scrapbook outer side, glue and try on the box. New Year's Magic Boxing
  6. Stick the strip of acrylic plastic to the back of a snowman and wait for drying.
  7. Stick a snowman over a strip to the inside of the box and wait for drying. Step-by-step master class
  8. Decorate the box to your taste, stick the pompon and put the candy inside the box.

New Year's box with a surprise ready! I recommend to view this video! To see even more boxes with a surprise click here!

Christmas tree from Mandarin

Christmas tree from Mandarin

You will need: Mandarins, foam cone, green leaves, foil, toothpicks, scissors, stationery pins.

Master Class

  1. Wrap foam cone foil. Christmas tree from Mandarin Stepha
  2. Secure green leaves with pins by covering the entire cone. Christmas tree from Mandarin Stepha
  3. Attach tangerines to the cone using toothpicks. Christmas tree from Mandarin Stepha

Christmas tree from Mandarin is ready!

Wreath of Mandarin

Wreath of Mandarin

You will need: 8 mandarin, transparent packaging, rope, scissors, sticker.

Master Class

  1. Put 8 mandarin in a row.
  2. Wrap them in transparent packaging. Wreath of Mandarin Step-by-Step Master Class
  3. Prepare 8 rope segments and make each of them, through one mandark.
  4. Form and secure the wreath.
  5. Sign and attach the sticker.

Christmas wreath from Mandarin is ready!

Topiary from Mandarin

Topiary from Mandarin

You will need: Cachepo, floral sponge, strong stick, woolen thread, wire, scissors, stationery knife, tangerines, coniferous branches, green leaves, sugar.

Master Class

  1. Take the tangerines with woolen threads crosswise, as shown in the image.
  2. Insert the pieces of wire through the threads attached to the mandarin.
  3. Water with a floral sponge with water and insert into caspo. Topiary from Mandarin Master Class
  4. Cut the ball from the floral sponge and secure a stick in it.
  5. Install a stick in the porridge.
  6. Attach tangerines through a wire to the ball.
  7. Roll the leaves and attach to the mandarin.
  8. Moisten the water coniferous twigs, cut them in sugar and decorate the base of the tree.

Topiary from Mandarin is ready!

New Year's tree of happiness

New Year Topiary

You will need: Foam Plastic Ball with a diameter of 17 cm, plastic tap pipe long 50 cm, plaster, wide cachet, adhesive gun, Christmas tree balls, scissors, satin ribbon, sisal, branches of artificial needles, decoration elements - cones, candy, mini-gifts, beads ...

Master Class

  1. Do deepen in foam ball for 2-3 cm. New Year Topiary Master Class
  2. Fill the deepening hot glue and secure the trunk.
  3. Wrap the trunk of a satin ribbon and secure glue. New Year Topiary Master Class
  4. Remove the base in the Christmas tree balls.
  5. Plug foam ball with chicken balls.
  6. Cut the sprigs of ate and glue them between the Christmas tree balls. Composition for the new year step by step
  7. Enclose the remaining decor elements on the tree crown at your discretion.
  8. Install the stem center in the center. Composition for the new year step by step
  9. Divide Gypsum and fill in them 2/3 of Kashpo. It is worth noting that the trunk must be kept at least the first 5 minutes until the gypsum is captured.
  10. Close the plaster sisal and decorate the beads. New Year Topiaria do it yourself
  11. Tie a bow from the ribbon under the crown tree.

New Year Topiary is ready! I recommend to view this video!

Apron Santa Claus.

Apron Santa Claus.

You will need: Red apron, a strip of white fur, a sticky paper of black and golden color, scissors, glue, 2 black buttons, stickers (lollipop, milk, cookies).

Master Class

  1. Put the apron on the table.
  2. Prepare a lane with black adhesive paper and attach it as a belt. An Apron Santa Claus Master Class
  3. Cut the buckle of golden adhesive paper, then attach it in the center of the belt.
  4. Prepare 2 strips of white fur and glue them in the center above and below the belt.
  5. Get 2 black bugs on the top fur strip.
  6. Stick stickers with food near pockets. Gift Apron for New Year
  7. In the same way, you can create an apron of the New Year's elf and a snowman.

Apron Santa Claus ready!

Original shishe

Original bump of corrugated paper

You will need: Corrugated paper dark brown and light brown color, foam egg 17 cm high, scissors, ruler, simple pencil, toothpicks, candy, foam, glue.

Master Class

  1. Pun the foam egg with dark brown paper.
  2. Prepare pieces of corrugated paper of two colors in size 5x2.5 cm. Corrugated paper bump master class
  3. Spread the squares of two colors, then cut the flakes (in the form of the petal).
  4. Stick scales to toothpicks, then give a curved shape.
  5. Make 70 blanks in this way. Corrugated paper bump master class
  6. Stick candy to toothpicks.
  7. Insert the toothpicks with scales by filling out the top of the foam egg without candy.
  8. Lay out the series of scales together with candy, focusing on the photo scheme. Each next row places in a checker order. Corrugated paper bump master class
  9. Make scales without toothpicks, as indicated in paragraph 2 and 3.
  10. Purley scales without toothpicks the bottom of the egg.
  11. Scroll to the foam and stick it to the lower flakes as snow.

The original bump of corrugated paper is ready! I recommend to view this video!


Snow bowl with snowman

You will need: Glass round jar with lid, glycerin, distilled water, glue gun, glitter, toy Snowman.

Master Class

  1. Enclose a snowman to the lid.
  2. Pour distilled water and glycerin into the bank in proportion 1: 1. The bank must be filled not to the end. Snow bowl with a snowman master class
  3. Add a teaspoon of glitter.
  4. Tightly close the jar and turn it over.

Snowball with a snowman ready! Recommended for watching video master class!

Christmas wreath of lollipops

New Year's room decor made of candy

You will need: CD, lollipops, aerosol paint with glitter, stencil snowflakes, felt flasks, cardboard, glue, satin ribbon.

Master Class

  1. Color one side of the disk.
  2. Enclose lollipops to the back of the disk.
  3. Attach the satin ribbon as a large hinge suspension. Decor of candy
  4. Cut the hexagons from felt and cardboard.
  5. Make a snowflake on cardboard and secure cardboard with a felt.
  6. Stick the hexagon to the craft.

The composition of lollipops is ready!

Santa Claus from felt

Santa Claus from felt

You will need: Felt thickness of 1 mm beige, white and black color, white felt thick 3 mm thick, dense cotton fabric beige color, wool for filling white, sintepon, wire, pattern, black beads for eyes, black and beige struts, scissors, pencil, Adhesive pistol, small bell and other decorations.


Master Class

  1. Print the template. template
  2. Cut the body of Santa Claus and transfer it to a dense white felt.
  3. Cut the body of Santa Claus from felt. Santa Claus from Fetra Master Class
  4. Cut the same body detail, only from a thin white felt.
  5. Cut shoes from a dense white felt, then the same shoes made of thin black felt.
  6. Cut out challenges for a slim white felt boot. Santa Claus from Fetra Master Class
  7. Draw mittens and cut them out of a dense white felt.
  8. Cut out a detail from a thin beige fetra - flop of fur coats and caps.
  9. Cut 2 mugs on a pattern of cotton beige tissue. Santa Claus from Fetra Master Class
  10. Take a nose from a small mug: pull the thread, type the Singisterboard and the sprinkle to the large mug.
  11. Sew black bispers as an eye.
  12. Sun face to the calf from a thin felt. It is worth noting that during the sewing you need to add some synthesis for volume. step-by-step instruction
  13. Make eyebrows and beard from wool for fooling, then attach the adhesive gun.
  14. Stick the header and fur coats. Mini Fetra
  15. Prepare 4 wire segments, tighten them to a pencil, giving them a form as in the photo.
  16. Spread the details of the body of the frost from a thin and dense felt, while incurred by the wire in the place of the handles and legs. Making frost from felt
  17. Stick mittens and shoes to twisted wire segments.
  18. Cool from the wire holder for the bell and glue it to the mittens. Felt Santa Claus
  19. Change the Figuroke Figurine of the Frost Figurine beige.

Santa Claus from Fetra is ready! Recommended for watching video master class! How else to do Santa Claus look here!

Top 136 best gifts grandmother for the new year

There is nothing easier than choosing a gift to your beloved grandmother for the new year. She in this sense is completely undemanding to expensive grandchildren. But still, if you think about this issue a little earlier than December 31, you can find a very good, practical and necessary present.

Christmas tree tangerines oranges cones

When choosing, do not forget to take into account personal hobbies, lifestyle and age of grandmother. After all, you want a surprise to be not only pleasant, but also useful?

New Year's and Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to break away from everyday worries to visit expensive relatives and give them a part of their attention, warmth and care.

Gifts grandmother for health

Because of his age, elderly people every year you have to pay more time to your health. To maintain the vigor of the spirit and well-being at the proper level, we advise you to choose the appropriate present from the list.

  • Certificate for the course of the general health massage.
  • Humidifier / air purifier.
  • Massager for the back, neck, legs in the form of a pillow, capes on a chair or a portable manual device.
  • Anatomical pillow for sleep with memory effect, orthopedic mattress.
  • Salt lamp with brightness regulator. The original lamp kills microbes and bacteria, cleanses the air, fills it with therapeutic properties, strengthens immunity.
Salt lamp on a bedside end
  • Hydromassage foot bath.
  • A ticket to rest and recovery in the nearest sanatorium.
  • The electric heater for the leg or body will warm in the winter cold.
  • Electropline or heated blanket.
  • Thermal service or thermos for brewing herbal tea and preserving the desired temperature of the beloved drink for a long time.
  • Subscription for a visit to the pool.
  • Devices that allow monitoring health status. For example, automatic tonometer, glucometer, cardiometer, fitness bracelet, etc.
  • Acupuncture rug or massage insoles for slippers.
  • Electric toothbrush with battery.

Practical presents for home

Bugs that create comfort in the house will be relevant at any age. Here with the choice is generally everything is very simple - just look back around. Everything that surrounds you, facilitates household worries, makes the house comfortable, - you can give a native grandmother. Our small selection will push the progress of your thoughts in the right direction. Or maybe choose something suitable from the finished list.

  • A set of beautiful bed linen from high-quality natural fabric. Natural cotton, satin, silk.
  • Set of decorative sofa pillows. You can order the manufacture of photochertes on pillows with your favorite photos of a woman.
  • Festive silicone tablecloth, for which it is easy to care for, or soft glass for the table.
  • Set of fluffy towels for bathroom or set of beautiful kitchen towels, napkins.
  • Big woolen plaid.
  • Modern stylish flower vase.
  • Big picture for the living room. You can choose a stylish modular picture of triptych depicting nature, colors or fruits.
  • Quartz Wall clock with a beautiful dial or large digital clock, glowing in the dark.
  • Electric fireplace with the effect of "living" fire.
  • Wall-mounted keyword.
  • Weather station or digital thermometer with a street sensor.
  • Electric dryer for clothes.
  • Desktop filter for water purification.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner is a very useful household appliance that is able to facilitate the cleaning process and will give Granny more free time on favorite classes.
  • Original desktop lamp.
  • Modern bag-shopper from strong material. For example, from felt or skin.
  • Bedside mat with an unusual pattern.
  • Eternal wall calendar.
  • Beautiful ceramic bathroom set with soap box, dispenser and stand for toothbrushes.
  • A small radio operating from the mains and batteries.
  • Compact manual flashlight on the battery.
  • Convenient bedroom or toilet table.
  • New courses for the sofa and chairs will update the interior in a matter of seconds.
  • In the Same Series - bedspread for the bed. For example, silk, quilted or from artificial fur with a beautiful interfaced pattern.
Funny cat under bedspread
  • Plasma TV (albeit with a small diagonal) to replace the old bulky dinosaur.
  • Iron with ceramic soles or manual saparwriter.

Topical new clothes for the kitchen

Kitchen for a woman - like a car for a man. Especially after retirement, the hostesses are even more interested in cooking, opening new opportunities and talents. Accordingly, interesting ideas of possible presents are practically endless.

In this case, the choice of gift will depend only on the financial capabilities of grandchildren. In modern online stores, you can find everything that the soul wishes, from the simplest paddles and molds for cookies to kitchen combines with multicookers. The choice is yours.

  • Rotating cakes with a set of portion plates and a blade for dessert.
  • Coffee steam made of fine porcelain with a cup and saucer bundled.
  • Set of silicone forms of various sizes for baking, silicone dough rug.
  • Mechanical kitchen timer in the form of a fun cook, lemon, eggs, tomatoes, etc.
  • Digital thermometer for oven. As an option - a thermometer for measuring meal temperature.
  • Multicooker with a large set of automatic programs, pressure cooker.
  • Coffee maker or Turk, found out of copper, please the lover of custard fragrant coffee.
  • New electric kettle, small glasswinner with a removable strip.
  • Electric pancake, Wapelnica, Ckecker, etc.
  • Ceramic, glass or cast iron roar, baking pot.
  • New frying pan with good non-stick coating.
  • Multifunctional bread maker.
  • Kitchen digital scales with bowl.
  • Various blades (wooden, silicone), set of tapes, beautiful boards for cutting products.
  • Organizers for croup, spices, beautiful solonka, peppermill. Mechanical chopper for salt and pepper.
  • Mechanical vegetable cutter.
  • Confectionery piston syringe with various nozzles.
  • Submersible or stationary blender, a mixer with a set of bunks.
  • Breadbox from bamboo, ceramics or stainless steel.
  • A set of magnetics for a refrigerator with photos of your favorite children and grandchildren.
  • Decorative magnetic board on a refrigerator for records.
  • Portable autoclave for cooking home preservation.
  • A set of pretty stands under hot.
Original coasters under the circles
  • Dishwasher.
  • Set of new saucepan.
  • Small microwave.
  • Electric knife sharpener.
  • Electric meat grinder.

Gifts for beauty and care

Feminine and well-groomed for the ladies are relevant at any age. A woman is always nice to get high-quality care cosmetics, perfume, beautiful modern accessories. In addition, the ladies of old age can and need to give cozy homemade clothing, warm sweaters, cozy cardigans.

Of course, the granddaughter will be much easier to navigate in this category and choose something really necessary. If the present of the present from the grandson is assumed - our selection is at your service.

  • Set for evening relax, packed in gift basket (shower gel, fragrant soap, foam, multicolored sea salt, bath bobbers, body scrub, several bottles of different aromamacel).
  • A set of professional cosmetics for hair care (shampoo, balsam, air conditioning).
  • Brand cosmetics for skin care (body cream, hands or feet, serum, masks).
  • Certificate for visiting a spa salon, manicure, pedicure, an annual subscription for a hairdresser service.
  • Purchased card for purchased in the Cosmetics Store.
  • Manicure set of high-quality medical steel.
  • Silk shawl or woolen palatine.
  • High-quality leather handbag.
  • Knitted cardigan.
  • Funny home slippers.
  • Ban terry bathrobe.
  • Elegant fluff shawl on shoulders.
  • Leather wallet with a variety of compartments for cards, bills, coins.
  • Leather or woolen gloves.
  • Original eyecraft case.
  • Cosmetic bag from high-quality material.
  • Pearl beads.
  • Folding pocket mirror, decorated with a decorative pattern or registered inscription.
  • Modern fleece felt boots.
  • Compact umbrella machine with bright colors.
  • Handmade soap.
  • Electric roller pink for pedicure.
  • Sleeveless from warm sheep wool.
  • Compact hair dryer.
  • New rubber boots with original bright colors for giving.

Surprises for the soul and everything related to your favorite needlework

With retirement, finally, a lot of free time appears, and the woman opens up new hobbies. Most often is needlework or gardening. Some ladies begin to travel. Others are actively learning modern IT gadgets. Surely, your granny also has some kind of hobby. Any little thing directly connected with its hobby will be adopted as a gift with appreciation. With each use, a woman with gratitude will remember their dear grandchildren.

  • A set of multi-colored high-quality yarn if a woman is fond of knitting. For example, natural threads from camel wool, Alpaca, Merinos, Cashmere.
  • Set of knitting spokes.
  • Decorative basket or storage box for storing threads and yarn.
box with 24 types of embroidery
  • For the embroidery, you can pick up a ready-made set with a scheme, a set of threads, ribbons, beads and hoops. As a gift, you can consider various accessories in the form of an organizer for storing tools, decorative pads, embroidery machines, canvas, original scissors, etc.
  • Sewing machine with built-in embroidery function.
  • Ring lamp magnifier for needlework.
  • E-book with the finished selection of beloved works of Granny.
  • Exotic room plant, not demanding special care conditions.
  • Original Cache or Outdoor metal stand for flowers in vases decorated with artistic forging.
  • Decorative garden figures made of clay or gypsum to decorate the country area. For example, gnomes, a family of storks, hedgehogs, glowing snails, etc.
  • Excursion to the closest attractions. It can be a trip to the holy places, in Lavra, descent to a salt mine, an excursion to an ostrich farm or a chocolate candy plant.
  • Subscribe to the favorite publication or magazine on needlework, gardening, cooking - depending on the hobbies of the grandmother.
  • A couple of tickets to the theater for a new performance, exhibition, a humorous show or a concert of a favorite artist.
  • Rocking chair for cozy rest during long winter evenings.
  • Big wall photo frame-collage.
  • Several decorative aromasons with a candlestick.
  • Decorative garden lamp.
  • Hammock for relaxing in nature in a country house.
  • Mobile mobile phone, smartphone, small tablet.
  • Suspended Cocoon Chair with soft pads.
  • A set of garden tools facilitating manual labor will suit a woman having a country area.

🌻 Top 30 best gifts to the dressing of the garden and cottages

  • Rose in a vacuum flask.
  • Clemented wall calendar with photos of children and grandchildren.
  • Organizer for spokes, needles and other handicraft tools.

Edible presents

Most women are famous sweet tooths. Our grandmothers are no exception. Rather, on the contrary, - passionate fans of chocolate desserts and overseas fruits. More often such delicacies are bought by grandchildren, and somehow later. New Year and Christmas - the best time to pamper your granny snacks.

  • Basket with a set of sausages, cheese, a jar of natural caviar and a bottle of beloved table wine.
  • Assorted exotic fruits in a large gift basket.
  • Favorite chocolate candies of grandmothers.
  • Cake, decorated on New Year's theme.
  • Figure gingerbread gingerbread.
  • Assorted Honey of various flavors and other bee products (cellular honey, flower pollen, cream-honey, wax candles in the form of funny figures, etc.)
  • Several jars of nut-chocolate pastes of different flavors.
Little jar with chocolate-nut paste
  • Useful sweets in the form of a graze, Marshmallow, Marmalade, Marshmello.
  • Set of tea or coffee in a festive packaging.

Surprises made with their own hands

The most cute and expensive heart is a gift that created by the hands of loved grandchildren. This is relevant not only for small grandchildren who do not have finance for the acquisition of expensive presents. Even adults, self-sufficient grandchildren can do something beautiful and needed by their own hands, and thus give their time, attention and part of the soul dear grandmother.

We offer to familiarize yourself with the list of current gifts that do not require much time and efforts to create them.

  • Stitched tack for hot.
  • Set of rugs on kitchen stools, stoveted in the style of Pechvor.
  • Picture frame. On the Internet you can find many interesting variations of art decoration.
  • Coffee topicia from coffee grains is very easy to create, having studied the detailed master class from YouTube. The product will decorate the baboon kitchen interior.
  • Casket, bank for cereals, teahouse or flower vase, decoupage decoupage. The item itself can be done manually or acquire a blank and decorate it to your liking.
  • Wall panel. Simple manufacturers - panels from coins, threads and nails.
  • Christmas wreath or christmas toy decorated with her hands.
Christmas tree toy made with her hands
  • A small picture in the frame, embroidered with multi-colored threads or beads.
  • Winter dessert for immunity "Vitamin Bomb" from nuts, raisins, Kuragi and Honey. A detailed recipe can be found on the Internet. After cooking, pack a nut-honey paste into a beautiful jar, write a few warm wishes on a small postcard.
  • Large family photocollage in the form of a generic tree, in which there will be images of all family members.

Before you go on a visit to your native grandmother, place your gift in an elegant packaging. And most importantly - do not forget to give her to her New Year and Christmas holidays a little of their time and care. This will be the best gift.

👵 Top 85 best gifts beloved grandmother

What to give a grandmother adores to cook

1. Yogurtnitsa

What to give grandmother for the new year: Yogurtnitsa

Grandmother who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, will surely be glad to get some useful device as a gift, such as a yogurtnitz. It can be prepared in it with a delicious and useful milk product, and the included jars will allow you to beautifully serve it.

What to buy

2. Multiproduder

What to give a grandmother for the new year: Multiproduder

Multifunctional devices will significantly expand the grandmother's menu and make it easier for cooking. In addition, they will increase the beneficial properties of dishes, as for cooking in a slow cooker, say, the pilas will need quite some oil.

What to buy

3. Relief Roll

What to give a grandmother for the new year: Relief Rock

With such a relief rolling, the grandmother will be able every day to pamper your favorite grandchildren with delicious cookies. A particularly relevant gift in the season of New Year's holidays will be tools for rolling with thematic patterns.

What to buy

4. Set of kitchen accessories

Gifts Grandma for New Year: kitchen accessories

A new set from the midst, noise, blades and other accessories will be useful in the kitchen. You can choose a classic version of stainless steel pendants or an original set suitable for non-stick coatings.

What to buy

5. Set of taps

Set of flips

Necessary in any kitchen accessory - tag for hot. And if you pick up a model with the original design, they will also become a cute detail of the interior.

What to buy

6. Tablecloth

Gifts Grandma for the New Year: Tablecloth

To the tablecloth, the grandmother is happy for a long time, you should choose models with water-repellent impregnation. And do not forget to clarify the size and shape of the table before buying.

What to buy

What to give a grandmother who likes to spend time in the country

1. Set of garden tools

What to give a grandmother for the new year: a set of garden tools

Prepare the soil for sowing, rinse the beds, cut the bushes - the execution of any garden work will facilitate this set of tools. Having received such a gift, the grandmother with a special impatience will be waiting for the coming season.

What to buy

2. Polyvalka

What to give grandmother for the new year: Polyvalka

Give the gardery gardery with Polyvanka, and the cucumbers grown by it will be the most juicy, and roses are lush and fragrant. A drip irrigation system is suitable for the garden, and a rotating sprinkler is suitable.

What to buy

3. Garden blowing

What to give a grandmother for the new year: garden blowing

Cleaning the tracks from fallen leaves and beveled herbs with a garden blower will be much easier. More convenient to use wireless models, however, powerful networks operating from the network usually have a large set of functions.

What to buy

4. Decorative Garden Figures

Decorative garden figures

Cute garden figures will be wonderful to look surrounded by birds, glading eyes and raising the mood. You can choose the classic option in the form of a gnome or find something funny and original.

What to buy

5. Garden chair

Gifts Grandma for the New Year: Garden Chair

At the cottage, you can and need not only to work, but also rest outdoor. Enjoying the singing of birds with a maximum comfort grandmother will help a light garden chair, which can be easily transferred and installed anywhere.

What to buy

6. Anti-mosquito lamp

What to give a grandmother for the new year: anti-moskit lamp

The annoying insects do not break the serenity of summer evenings, if you equip the recreation area with an anti-community lamp. Do not doubt the grandmother will rate the opportunity to drink tea on the veranda without risk to be said mosquitoes.

What to buy

What to give grandmother-needlewoman

1. Bowl for yarn

What to give a grandmother for the new year: bowl for yarn

The most popular kind of needlework among grandparents, of course, knitting. The bowl for yarn will make the process as convenient as possible: it will not be touched and get dark. And the model with a dense transparent lid is convenient to take on the road.

What to buy

2. Row meter

Gifts Grandma for the New Year: Row Counter

Another useful gift for knitters. The device will relieve from the need to recalculate the ranks directly during knitting or after a break, which will save time.

What to buy

3. Set for embroidery

Set for embroidery

To please the grandmother, which knitting prefers embroidery is not at all difficult. Depending on which technique, she likes more, choose a beautiful picture for embroidery with a cross or smooth. And when the work is completed, the canvas can be installed in the frame and hang on the wall.

What to buy

4. Scissors with laser pointer

What to give a grandmother for the new year: scissors with a laser pointer

The scissors equipped with a laser signpost comfortably fall into the hand and allow you to quickly and smoothly cut the cloth or paper. There is a tool from the battery-tablets whose charge is enough for a long time.

What to buy

5. Basket or bag for storage

What to give a grandmother for the new year: Box or bag for storage

The grandmother-needlewomen probably has a lot of accessories that need to be stored somewhere. An excellent solution for the little things will be a beautiful box, and for volumetric machines, the yarn is better suitable for a convenient roomy bag.

What to buy

What to give a grandmother loving homemade comfort

1. Plaid

What to give a grandmother for the new year: Plaid

Under the warm blanket grandmother will be cozy while watching the favorite TV series. And if she does not like soap operas, then the gift can be used as a bedspread for the bed.

What to buy

2. Bedside rug

Gifts Grandma for New Year: bedside rug

To, rising in the morning from bed, the grandmother did not get her legs on the cold floor, give her a bedside rug. A model with a long soft pile will add a room with a coziness, and a walkway decorated with ethnic ornament, give the bedroom charm of the country house.

What to buy

3. Photo frame

Picture frame

Give the grandmother's photo frame, and portraits of your favorite grandchildren will always be in the most prominent place. From boring wooden models it is better to refuse, choosing something original and cute.

What to buy

4. wall decoration

Gifts Grandma for New Year: wall decoration

Grandmother loving comfort will be glad to get a wall decoration as a gift. Landscape, written on canvas, and tapestry with beautiful winter species. But buying a picture, do not forget to clarify whether the frame is included in the package.

What to buy

5. Beautiful lamp

Beautiful lamp

To create a cozy situation, lighting is important, because the lamp with a beautiful lampshade will be a suitable New Year's gift for a grandmother, which spends a lot of time at home. In addition, the lamp will come in handy and during reading or needlework.

What to buy

What to give grandmother fashion

1. Neck scarf

What to give a grandmother for the new year: cervical scarf

In the wardrobe of fashionista, the accessories must be present, and if the grandmother is accustomed to always look good, give her a cervical handkerchief. For example, a model of silk decorated with floral prints or intricate patterns.

What to buy

2. Hat

What to give a grandmother for the new year: a hat

When the next time the grandmother will gather in the theater, it will be the most elegant among the girlfriends - and all thanks to the hat you presented.

What to buy

3. Gloves

What to give a grandmother for the new year: gloves

In order for the grandmother's granny's hands, when she goes into the world, give it a glove suitable for an elegant image. Warm models from mohair are hardly suitable, but elegant leather accessories will be perfect.

What to buy

4. Decoration


Detect under the New Year's Christmas tree jewelry will be glad every woman. Fashionmen with experience will especially like decorations with stones, such as earrings with onyx. A good choice will be beads from amber, which is attributed to therapeutic properties.

What to buy

5. Cardigan.

Gifts Grandma for New Year: Cardigan

Warm knitted cardigan will be a beloved winter outfit grandmother. If you want with a gift it does not part and with the onset of spring, present her cotton model with floral patterns.

What to buy

What to give a grandmother who likes to walk

1. Sticks for Scandinavian walk

Gifts Grandma for the New Year: Scandinavian walk sticks

If Granny is watching health, it will not refuse to try such a popular and useful type of activity as the Scandinavian walking. To master the new enthusiasm, they will need special sticks, which, however, will come in handy and those who just love to make a rush.

What to buy

2. Comfortable sneakers

What to give a grandmother for the new year: comfortable sneakers

In order to benefit long walks, and not pain in the legs, it is worth choosing the most comfortable shoes, and this is especially important for the elderly. In sneakers with good depreciation, the grandmother will be able to french not one kilometer with comfort, and if it is for a gift to choose a warmed model, she can walk in winter.

What to buy

3. Thermowel

What to give a grandmother for the new year: Thermal

Another gift that will come in handy by lovers to walk in the frost - a thermal package. Elastic boosters and leggings are made of softly pleasant to the body of the fabric, so do not be surprised if the granny does not want to shoot a new clothes even at home.

What to buy

4. Warm sports suit

Warm sports suit

So that the grandmother does not refuse to wear this "youth clothing", stop the choice on a suit with a concise design. Without original details and in neutral colors.

What to buy

5. Foot Massager

What to give a grandmother for the new year: foot massagers

Foot massage improves blood circulation, relieves fatigue and helps to relax at the end of a long day. In short, the perfect gift for those who love to remember.

What to buy

What to give a grandmother, which is interested in modern technologies

1. Smartphone

What to give a grandmother for the new year: smartphone

The grandmother walking down with the times, the smartphone is probably there. But perhaps it would not hurt to update. A cheap gadget to her for nothing, but an inexpensive model with a large diagonal of the screen and the battery tank will fit perfectly.

What to buy

2. Smart bracelet

What to give grandmother for the new year: Smart bracelet

Once again, admire the benefit of Grabule's technology will allow a smart bracelet. With him, she will be able to track heart rhythm, as well as measure the pulse and the level of oxygen in the blood. Bracelets designed specifically for older people are distinguished by simple design and ease of management, but also traditional models of difficulties cannot cause.

What to buy

3. Robot vacuum cleaner

Gifts Grandma for the New Year: Robot vacuum cleaner

Having received such an Assistant Assistant as a gift, you can forget about broom. And if you set the schedule for cleaning, then the grandmother does not even have to turn on the vacuum cleaner itself.

What to buy

4. E-book


Grandmother, grown up the times of the book deficit, will be happy to receive a gadget as a gift in which thousands of works fit. Just do not forget to start to download at least a couple of dozen her favorite novels to the reader. And the model choose a larger screen with a screen diagonal.

What to buy

What to give a grandmother who has a pet

1. Smart cat tray

What to give a grandmother for the new year: Smart cat tray

Grandmothers love to raise pets, but it becomes more difficult to care for them with age. The smart tray will significantly simplify such an unpleasant procedure as the cleaning of a feline toilet, deciding at the same time and the problem with an unpleasant smell.

What to buy

2. Automatic bowl

Automatic bowl

Automatic bowl will get rid of the need to constantly plug food and pour water, and the grandmother will definitely not worry that forgot to feed the fluffy friend.

What to buy

3. Interactive toy

Interactive toy for cats

If the cat constantly requires attention or loves to hunt legs, give your grandmother for the new year an interactive toy. The pet will chase the balls for hours or run behind the laser beam, and the hostess - with moutigation to watch him.

What to buy

4. Heated litter

Heated flooring

Granny will definitely be delighted, receiving a litter as a gift, on which her favorite will be warm and cozy with cold winter evenings.

What to buy

5. Glowing collar

Glowing collar

In winter, when the street is rarely dark, a glowing collar is useful. With him, it will be possible not to worry about the fact that the pet is lost while walking in a poorly lit pie.

What to buy

Gifts for the New Year

How to make a gift for a new year grandmother with your own hands?

How to make a gift for a new year grandmother with your own hands?

The new year is a family holiday hurt by the magic, the radiance of the New Year tree and the most close people nearby. Especially I especially want to express my feelings with your beloved grandmother and Prababook, presented to her such a present who will not only be pleasantly surprised, but will be a warm reminder of sincere love.

Of course, abundance in stores allows you to purchase any gift with different financial capabilities. But it is better to make a gift for the new year grandmother with your own hands, putting the part of the soul and endless appreciation to a native person.

Inspire the original ideas and start cooking an unforgettable New Year's surprise for your beloved Gabli today!

Interesting ideas for crafts from the smallest

Choosing a creative idea for a gift, replicate first of all from the age of the donor. If you have become my parents yourself and invent, how to please your grandmother with your child, offer the baby to create New Year applique, interesting postcard. From the smallest incredibly touching and pleasant to get as a gift Figure in any technique: paints, pencils, fingers, palms and even legs. The postcards are incredibly gently look, where there are handles or legs of kids with an indication of their age.

Another unusual gift option, where manual work is used directly - in the literal sense of the word - This is a Christmas tree of paper having a form of palms. You yourself get a lot of pleasure from joint creativity and come back to childhood!

With older children, you can perform different little masterpieces.

  • Cake from paper with good wishes or sweets inside.
  • Postcards 3D paper.
  • Snowmen of threads or socks.
  • From pasta, you can create real works of art from simple figures to the entire sets.
  • Thinking out the text and print "Himself with your beloved grandmother" or "Honorary Diploma of the most wonderful great-grandmother."
  • Draw a wallpaper with funny comments, drawings and photos of all family members.
  • All grandparents due to positions are beautiful cookies and experimenters in the kitchen. So that edible masterpieces are still tastier, give your chef special equipment: Sew white apron and decorate it with children. It can be drawings with waterproof paint or decor with lace, beautiful buttons.
  • Thematic crafts from plasticine, salt dough, clay.
  • If you live far, and grandmother rarely sees grandchildren and great-grandchildren, write a New Year's audio or video recovery for her. If your crumble is just starting to talk, write it down a cute bow, the first fairy tale or poem by heart. For the grandmother it will become a wonderful gift that will delight her every day.

There is such an expression that children can be different, but grandchildren are always perfect! Therefore, any present from the kid will make a loving grandmother.

Hendmade from adult grandchildren

With age, each of us is aware of how the road is your grandmother, how much did it have done for us. I want to give her the whole world and show your gratitude. If you are fond of scrapbooking, then Family album or family tree will become a great gift . Take the story of your family in an exclusive scrap album, with love pick up photos, postcards, cuts from newspapers, letters.

For those who knit, a wide field opens. If the grandmother is young, active, visits exhibitions, theaters, Lace Palatine, Openwork Baktus or Popular Set with Snub It will be possible by the way. Warm socks with winter ornament, shawl of goat fluff Warm cold evenings and will always remind about your favorite granddaughter. If you have a sufficient stock of time and yarn, a luxurious gift will be Set of bedspreads with decorative pillows.

You can embroider warm words on the pillow or order a photo printing on the fabric. And if you like to embroider with beads or threads, create Beautiful picture in accordance with the preferences of your beloved grandmother, And order in the bagent workshop a decent frame. Those who are engaged in homemade cosmetics or making candles, you can create Aromatic composition, bath bombs, cream with a pleasant smell.

In trend now curly Hising gingerbread and hand-painted. From gingerbread you can create an edible Christmas tree or a beautiful house. If there is no time and inspiration - gingerbreads can be ordered from the Master, having previously thought out a unique design. In continuation of the topic of man-made sweets, it is impossible not to mention about Cakes. You can independently master the basics of creating mastic and cream cakes, there would be a desire.

Choosing a gift for your beloved grandmother for the new year, remember, the main thing is to hurry to please her not only for the holiday, saying the main words, giving attention every day!

About how to make a fun card with a secret for the New Year with your own hands, see the next video.

There is a pre-year tradition: to buy gifts at the last moment - helps, you know, do not lose the rhythm of life. But this number will not pass if you decide to make them with your own hands. We propose to look at the top ten interesting ideas of New Year's gifts and already start working on them. After all, it will take time.

1. Memorable Christmas toys with photos

Great gift idea for relatives, especially grandmothers. Print multiple photos from the past new year on the printer or in the photoabeel and put them inside the transparent balls. About how to make such a gift, read in the master class "New Year's photoshire".

Who to give photoshares? Depends on whether whose photos are inside. If these are memorable pictures, then only those who understand it. But the idea can be refined for the office: use the photo of employees or even the symbolism of the company in which you work.

2. Fingerprints Palm Toddler

Parents of young children are probably known for the "first trail of the baby", with which you can make 3D prints of the handle or legs. By the New Year, this idea can be upgraded: Make a few prints, pull them out in the New Year's style and secure the tape on the tree. It turns out very touching Christmas tiles.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself

Children's handles will turn the simplest things in magical. For example, balls or a mitten-tack with prints of palms, slippers with print heels, a new year card or a t-shirt with kid hugs. In this direction you can fantasize infinitely, but it is better to know the measure - after all, we have eight more other ideas of gifts.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
Who to give? Of course yourself - for memory. You can parents or grandmothers.

3. Knitted gifts

Let's start with the classics. We will connect a warm and cozy scarf with your own hands. Such a gift will be appreciated and girlfriend, and beloved, and parents, and grandparents - everyone will be delighted.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
Do not know how to knit? It turns out that it is easier than it may seem at first glance.

To associate such a scarf, you need to master only 2 actions - a set of loops and a handful mating. This video tutorial will help figure out:

It remains to choose the color and thickness of the yarn and the size of the spokes - you can link a light neat scarf of thin wool or massive, incredibly warm and cozy scarf of a large mate.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself

Be original: Try to go to another color of the thread during knitting, add buttons or a small pattern of beads, make frost, pigtails or pumps from fluffy threads (see " How to make a pompon from threads " ).

If you are confident in your abilities and have sufficient knitting skills, you can try to tie socks or mittens. On specialized sites you will find many detailed lessons and tips.

The key to success is correctly selected
The key to success is correctly selected

Woolen covers will retain heat heating or mugs and warm the hearts of loved ones.

Bonus: A good gift of a young mother will be a cover on a pen of a baby carriage
Bonus: A good gift of a young mother will be a cover on a pen of a baby carriage
Who give knitted gifts? Such things are made to give people from the near Circle or those whom you want to see in a short time.

4. Fragrant Christmas tree toys

From sticks of vanilla, cones, fragrant sprigs of ate, oranges and stars of Badyan ( Star Anis. ) You can build New Year's decorations with pleasant flavors. They will fill the house with the smells of winter holidays.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
Who gives fragrant Christmas tree toys? As the sign of attention to colleagues for work or buddies. Best friends and loved ones - as a supplement to the main gift.

5. Delicious New Year Gifts

Gingerbread Cookie

Bake ginger cookies. Among sweets it is it is the most New Year. Here is a good recipe. Ready liver can be laid out in beautiful boxes or bags of coarse fabric and give. And you can spend them on the tree as edible jewelry.

Do not forget to foresee in the cookie holes under the thread
Do not forget to foresee in the cookie holes under the thread

The form of cookies can only be limited to your fantasy. In Europe and America, for example, a stove is accepted for the Christmas of the gingerbread men. This idea can be developed. Suppose you need gifts-signs of attention to colleagues. Then on ready-made little men from cookies, apply the recognizable details of the appearance of colleagues with multi-colored glaze. For example, tie, beard, glasses or headphones, but do not overdo it - nothing insulting. Pack into paper bags with the names of colleagues and give. Laughter and good emotions in the office are provided.

As a package, you can use envelopes for CDs - very convenient (see photo), if, of course, find such antiquity.
Gingerbread men in packages from under CD
Gingerbread men in packages from under CD
Who give cookies? Yes, anyone. Bring to work, give the child to a kindergarten or school, please give your neighbors or give your coach with fast carbohydrates.

If the process of baking confectionery products you can go to more complex tasks.

Gingerbread house

The principle is like in the designer - from the details it is necessary to collect the house. First, bake the items, guided by the next picture.

Diagram of a gingerbread house
Diagram of a gingerbread house

Then collect a house using the glaze as glue. It can also decorate a ready-made house. Here you have several sources of inspiration.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
Who can give a gingerbread house? This sweet christmas decor element will be a luxurious gift for loved ones.

Jam is beautiful

Another idea. Homemade jam. The traditional and proven recipe is best known from grandmother or mom, you can search for something exotic on the Internet or just buy ready. Buy the jam is better at grandmothers in the market - it will be more tastier, and kinder. Here is our recipe , just in case.

On jars hang tags with wishes: "Raspberry jam from cough and winter chanders", "jam from garden cherry and my love", "Currant for good luck", "Gooseberry jam for the best dad in the world" and so on. Humor is welcome.

Wrap the jars into the dense fabric and tie the flight. For coarse fabric, the beeps will come more.

Who give a stylish jam? Such a gift is suitable for the closest, so give it to your beloved or best friends, but not to colleagues for work or supervisors.

Jam can be replaced by honey.

Several little jars will look more advantageous than one big
Several little jars will look more advantageous than one big

In addition to the listed, you can originally pack sweets. We have a small master class on creating a snowman stuffed with candy. It will be suitable as an additional gift to children.

6. New Year Origami

The easiest way to make churricular colored paper toys. The main material is always at hand, he is a cheap, variety of colors and textures infinitely, with paper it is easy to work for children, and it's easy to remove the remnants of creativity.

For example, the simplest toy-origami - Santa Claus. It will take only a sheet of paper painted on one side in red.

Do not forget that origami is always made from a square sheet.
Hello, Grandfather Frost, paper beard
Hello, Grandfather Frost, paper beard
A more complex version of the origami Santa Claus
A more complex version of the origami Santa Claus

If you are interested in the topic origami, you will easily find more intricate schemes on the network. Origami master classes recommend looking in video format, as some details are difficult to visually portray on the classic scheme.

Origami video can be found from authors from any countries. Indeed, in such rollers, words are not used, and therefore knowledge of languages ​​is not required.

Cool lessons publishes brazilian on its channel with the Japanese name - Jo Nakashima. Here are some of his video suitable to the topic of the article:

Origami "Yolka"

Videos in which is explained how to make a stylish tree. First, the trunk, then the crown.

Santa Claus

In the first lesson, it is told how to make Santa Claus, who will completely come down for our Santa Claus. In the second roller they make sledges for him.

Bulldog from the currency

2018 will be the year of the dog on the Chinese calendar, and therefore in the decoration of the house you need to use dog motifs. No one forces to follow the beliefs of the ancient Chinese, but this is a kind tradition and we like it. Nakashima has a good master class to create a bulldog - it will be suitable as a symbol of the year for all one hundred. Just we recommend changing "paper" on something easier.


Russian craftsmen are not lagging behind Brazilian. Here is an example of a lesson modular origami - "Christmas Star", from the author Olga.

Must get such stars
Must get such stars
Who to give New Year Origami? There are no visible restrictions. Teachers at school, teachers in kindergarten, colleagues at work, native (as pre-New Year's gift). In some working groups, it is customary to decorate the office, origami is perfect for such needs.

7. Snowmen

Another unusual Christmas Toy - Calming snowman . In a transparent Christmas ball, we fall asleep some sand sugar or a large sea salt - it will be snow. We put a small cone from orange paper - carrots. Add a couple of black pepper peas - here's your eyes. The ball with the monstering snowman is ready.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself

Snowman out of bulbs

From the burned light bulbs you can make funny and stylish snowmen. Elena Smirnova tells how In this simple master class .

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself

8. Winter in miniature - Snowballs

The leader in the New Year's mood among toys is a snow ball. Plastic figures are placed in the jar and fall asleep with artificial snow. Read our Detailed master class To create these wonderful gifts.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself
10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself

Do you like new year miniatures? You can modify the idea: folded inside the transparent ball small Christmas trees and fall asleep with artificial snow.

10 ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself

Lovers of all natural, instead of toys, we recommend using a branch of real ate, bumps or forest moss.

The composition may look New Year even without artificial snow
The composition may look New Year even without artificial snow
Who can give a snow ball? Such souvenirs are filled with the warmth of the creators and give them better to close people with which pleasant emotions are associated with

9. Decorative New Year's Christmas Tree

What could be a more suitable gift-souvenir for the new year than one of his characters, for example, a Christmas tree? Of course, it is unreasonable to go to visit the natural fir, because, most likely, by December 31, she had already dressed up the owners, but to make and give to friends, colleagues or relatives a decorative interior Christmas tree - a great solution!

We offer you more than 30 master classes To create such trees with your own hands, you will surely find the one that you like you or inspire ideas and come up with your: the only and unique.

For example, such a video tutorial. It will take a little felt and inspiration.

10. New Year's postcards do it yourself.

Colored paper, scissors, glue, ribbons, beads plus all your fantasy is that they are, the ingredients of a wonderful needle-handed card.

For example, you can buy a ready-made postcard with a hand-drawn cheerful company and individualize it printed pictures of friends.

Need ideas and detailed instructions? We have Sea of ​​New Year's postcards that can be made it yourself. Inspire!

"All this is interesting, but I don't have time"

This is normal. Just use our New Year collection. We selected gifts from hundreds of online stores and made some of them a selection for your convenience. Choose suitable gifts specifically for your case, see the delivery conditions and select the store in which you can buy them.

Branded selections gifts.ru.

one. Shared New Year's Collection With reference to all selections. It is from this page that it is better to start the search.

2. Selection "What to give for the new year", Responding to the question "To". For example, mom, dad, grandfather, brother, friend, girlfriend, and so on.

3. Corporate selection . There are all souvenirs to colleagues and partners. As a rule, with the possibility of applying memorable inscriptions.

4. Well, of course A selection with dogs - symbol of the upcoming year.

Editorial gifts.ru.

Gifts for the new year do it yourself: the top 10 New Year's ideas 2021

Original New Year gifts and crafts do it yourself. Master classes, photos and video, tips and step-by-step instructions. The best handmade gifts for the new year 2021. [Get acquainted with all the ideas of New Year's gifts] and crafts with your own hands!

And maybe you are interested in ready [New Year's gifts]?

There is a pre-year tradition: to buy gifts at the last moment - helps, you know, do not lose the rhythm of life. But this number will not pass if you decide to make them with your own hands. We propose to look at the top ten interesting destinations to search for the idea of ​​a New Year's gift and already start working on them. After all, it will take time.

Watch ready-made ideas of New Year's gifts from our experts.

We collected 10 interesting ideas of New Year's gifts and souvenirs, which can be made with your own hands. Small crafts, pretty warming accessories and pleasant festive little things - all that will help create the right atmosphere in this very magical night a year. So, it's time to work wonders.

1. Memorable Christmas toys with photos

The most New Year's gift, which will always be by the way on the festive night, and later will remain a memorable souvenir - this is a Christmas tree toy. And the memory is doubly - this is a Christmas tree toy - we will make the New Year Photoshosharics . This is an excellent handmade gift idea in the new year for relatives and loved ones. Print multiple photos from the last celebration of the new year and put them inside the transparent balls. A set of such balls with all family members will especially like grandparents. How to make such a gift, read in the master class "New Year Photos"

See also ready-made gifts to parents for the new year.

2. Gifts from your baby

Parents of a small child are probably known for funny kits "First Track of Baby", from which you can do 3D handles or leg prints . By the new year, this idea can be modernized and prepare unusual Christmas toys - it is enough to simply paint the prints with bright colors.

Balls can also be done with palms

The most simple things children's handles will turn into magic - for example Mittens-tacks With imprints of small helpers. And try also print small legs inside slippers For dad or grandfather. Or do T-shirt With printed kid hugs.

You can make a new year postcard with the baby - it is a very funny and seek lesson!)

Even more ideas for gifts for a family holiday you will find in our collection

3. Needlework ideas. Knitted gifts for the New Year will warm in winter.

If you still have in my memory school lessons on labor or grandmother's farewell to knitting, then you will not be difficult to implement these gift New Year's ideas.

Let's start with the classics. Knitting Warm and cozy scarf do it yourself ! Such a gift will appreciate the girlfriend and loved one and, of course, the parents and grandparents will be delighted!

To associate such a scarf, you need to master only 2 actions - a set of loops and a handful mating. And this video tutorial will help you:

It remains to choose the color and thickness of the yarn and the size of the spokes - you can connect an easy neat scarf of a thin yarn or a massive, incredibly warm and cozy scarf of a large mirror.

Try to go to another thread color during knitting to get stripes. You can add buttons or a small pattern of beads. Add bachroma, pigtails or pumps from fluffy thread along the edges (see how to make pompon from threads).

If you are confident in your abilities and have sufficient skills, you can try to tie Socks or mittens . In the interpetuation, on specialized sites, you will find many detailed lessons and tips.

You can sew and something unusual. For example, a great gift for the new year - Warmer in Knitted Cove , and knitted "Clothes" -Chol on a cup For a long time the favorite drink is hot.

Even more New Year gifts for loved ones, watch our collection

4. Fragrant Christmas Toys

From sticks of vanilla, cones, fragrant sprigs, oranges and stars of Badaine (star anise) You can build cute Christmas trees, houses, asterisks and even collect garlands of them. Even after New Year's Eve, such toys can be used as natural flavors - to decorate them, for example, their workplace for the rest of the winter.

5. Delicious New Year Gifts

Gifts that never happen little. Especially under the Christmas tree. Especially in a large company!

Snake delicious ginger cookies For this recipe and pack it in a beautiful New Year's box. You can make holes in it in advance and add tapes so that it can be cheated on the tree.

In the west are very popular Ginger men - They have already become a kind of christmas and new year symbol. And of these, it is really easy to make pleasant souvenirs, for example, for colleagues or one-logs. Cooked men can "individualize" with color glaze - add points, just like an accountant Oli, a beard, like a programmer of Vitka, and a tie, like Fal Andreich, and decompose them for packaging for CD (ingenious - just!) - Edible Ginger colleagues are ready to please their prototypes!

If ginger men turned out, then you can go to the next level of culinary skills - prepare Gingerbread house , right as in a fairy tale about the Samel and Gretel. Details for it can be baked along the same recipe for cookies, then collect the resulting "designer" with the help of glaze and she decorate the exterior of a fabulous building. Here is an approximate scheme -

In the Same Series - homemade fragrant and fragrant jam . The traditional and proven recipe is best to ask your grandmother or mom, but something exotic on the Internet can be searched. On jars hang tags with wishes ( "Raspberry jam from cough and winter chanders", "Jam from a garden cherry and my love", "Currant for good luck!", "Gooseberry jam for the best dad in the world" ) Watch into a nice colored fabric or paper, bandage tapes. Do not forget about honey - The most important and delicious defender from winter blizzards and blizzards.

But how originally can be packaged sweets for the child. Make an individual New Year gift from the favorite kid's delicacies.

Look also ready-made sweet New Year's gifts

6. Remember the lessons from. New Year's origami

Well, the easiest all the Christmas toys do from colored paper. Such souvenirs can be constructed with children. They will be able to decorate their room or class at school.

Here, for example, the most simple origami toys - Santa Claus From the square of red paper.

And here's another instruction Santa Claus from colored paper .

On the Internet you will find many and other schemes. And the easiest of all toys do on video tutorials. Here, for example, a detailed lesson on modular origami "Christmas Star" .

As a result, such asterisks are obtained -

7. The ball "Calming a snowman" and a snowman from an old light bulb

Another unusual Christmas tree toy. In the transparent Christmas ball, we fall asleep some sugar-snow, we throw a mini kulek of orange paper - it will be a carrot and several black pepper peas - the eyes and buttons of the monstering snowman. Winter ball ready!

Another idea is a snowman from a blurred light bulb. Sympathet, however? Make it very simple - we read our master class.

8. Winter in miniature - Snowballs

Try to make such fabulous New Year souvenirs - Snowballs . Plastic toys are placed in a jar and fall asleep with artificial snow - read our detailed master class to create such winter miracles in the bank.

By the way, the christmas toys can be done in the same way - to fold into the transparent ball with small Christmas trees and pour with artificial snow -

And you can insert into the ball and twigs of the real Christmas tree, cones, forest moss -

9. Decorative Christmas trees

What could be a more suitable gift-souvenir for the new year than one of his characters, for example, a Christmas tree? Of course, go to visit with natural firness is unreasonable, because Most likely, by December 31, she had already dressed up the owners, but to make and give to friends, colleagues or relatives a decorative interior Christmas tree - a great solution! We offer more than 30 master classes on the manufacture of the Christmas tree with their own hands, for sure you will find the one that you like you or inspire ideas and come up with your own: the only and unique.

Ready New Year's souvenirs you can find in our collection

10. New Year's postcards do it yourself.

Colored paper, scissors, glue, ribbons, beads plus all your fantasy is that they are, the ingredients of a wonderful needle-handed card. You can buy a finished postcard with a hand-drawn cheerful company and individualize it with printed pictures of friends.

Need ideas and detailed instructions? We have prepared many options for Christmas cards that you can make your own hands - inspire!

Watch ready-made New Year cards

Well, and if the time is completely different, but to be in the skin, i.e. In Kaftan (!), Santa Claus wants to go to our section New Year's gifts - there are many interesting ideas.

A week to celebrate the new year, and you have not prepared all the gifts? And maybe you finally have a few holiday weekend, free days to ignite the festive mood? Turn on Christmas songs and let's make beautiful gifts with your own hands! You can do this with the children. The process of creating the holiday itself will create a holiday!

So, here is my selection: 15 New Year's Ideas and Christmas Gifts! At least half of these ideas are sooo simple and accessible to everyone!


Time to remember the technique of embroidery with a cross, try making decorations with a festive embroidery. Even if it is not your talent, simple patterns can be quickly and easy to master. And as a result - a very cute gift with a note of your effort!

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 1

Winter Winter Shakers

Fill empty salt and pertschikov salt (that is, it will be snow), mini-ends of colored cardboard and figurines of deer - a charming winter tale is ready. Ideal for kitchen in winter holidays!

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 2

Calendar Instagram.

Such a simple calendar is better than the usual wall calendar, because you will add photos that will allow scrolls of memories: 12 for every month or for every day!

15 wonderful ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself, photo № 3

Glass balls

Make a unique decoration for Christmas trees, filling out empty glass balls with decorative yolkoks, ringing bells, pine branches, multicolored feathers or any other beautiful fillers that you have at hand.

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 4

Sweet spoors

Spoons of molten, and then frozen chocolate - aesthetic and tasty souvenir. From aesthetic considerations, try sprinkling them with chocolate crumbs, crushed grains of espresso, peanut butter chips or crushed candy.

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 5

Kitchen towel

Use the christmas tree molds, gingerbread men and molds for snowflakes to cover all white kitchen towels in the Christmas pattern.

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 6

Draw chalk

Buy balls that can be painted with a special white handle or shallow. Options are endless: you can draw a festive design or personalize balls by writing names and important dates (birthdays, anniversary and so on).

15 Wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 7

Money Tree

Since the package of cash is not necessarily the most original Christmas gift, present it with taste: roll the pack of dollar bills (regardless of the amount) in homemade trees.

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 8


Souvenir is ideal for those who recently noted the housewarming. Make this decoration with your own hands to celebrate this event. Print a photo at home and cut it on the desired form. Cut out the same size from fine cardboard and attach a photo using a double sticky tape. Apply glue around the base of the house, on the roof, then sprinkle with sparkles or artificial snow.

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 9

Aromatized vodka

Do not allow guests to leave empty hands. Little flasks with drinking will become the best gift for parties at this holiday season. Recipes drinks with fragrant additives you can easily find on the Internet for every taste!

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 10

Homemade jam

Make a sweet gesture (literally) with a quartet of home cooking. If you want to beautifully make a gift, put jars in a basket with cookies, chocolate and nuts.

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 11

Embroidered handkerchiefs

Another embroidered gift is tasteful - embroidery on simple cotton boards. You can choose cheerful or daring inscriptions. Do not know what to embrace? Just use the initials for whom are preparing a gift.

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 12

Stands for dried flowers

After you dried your mom's favorite flowers, save them on wooden planks using a transparent resin to make a useful, but such a beautiful gift.

15 wonderful ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself, photo № 13

Cheese Board to order

A gift to a friend who likes cheese? Make him a non-standard cheese board with a cheerful inscription!

15 wonderful ideas of Christmas gifts do it yourself, photo № 14

Map of love

Cut the hearts from the card, important for you: where you and your second half met where you were hoarsened or where they got married. Recote each place and create a decoration for a memory gift for your second half.

15 wonderful ideas of New Year's gifts do it yourself, photo № 15

And your gifts are ready? Which of my ideas like?

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