How to remove all paid subscriptions from megaphone - 5 simple ways

You found that money disappears from the balance, one of the reasons for this is the presence of paid subscriptions, the existence of which you can not know.

Disconnecting services

About how MegaFon subscribers can check for paid subscriptions and how to unsubscribe from them, our article will tell.

How to check for paid subscriptions?

To find out if you have paid subscriptions, you can take the following steps:

  1. To do USSD- inquiry:
    • To do this, type the command: * 105 # ;
    • Click on "Call";
    • Select "Services";
    • Click "2" - services you need will dry.
  2. Go to your personal account, known as the "Service Guide":
    • Dial in the search engine Personal Cabinet MegaFon ;
    • In the phone number, enter your number;
    • Dial the request on your phone * 105 * 00 # to get sms;
    • Log in to your personal account;
    • Click on the "Services" section to explore the services connected to the number.
  3. Visit the "My Subscription" section of the Mobile Portal MegaFon:
    • Connect your mobile Internet on your device (phone, tablet);
    • Request in browser ;
    • Click on the "My Subscriptions" section to familiarize yourself with their list.
  4. Contact Subscriber Support:
    • Call Number 0500. or 8-800-5000-500 any time of the day;
    • Outline your problem to the operator.
  5. Learn about subscriptions using SMS:
    • Send a short message with the text "Info / Info" on the room 5151. ;
    • For a minute you will receive an automatic message that lists paid services.

How to turn off paid subscriptions yourself?

Let's deal with the subscriber to independently remove unnecessary services and subscriptions:

  1. Remove via USSD command:
    • Dial USSD command * 105 # , click Call;
    • The section "Services" will be displayed - go to it;
    • Press "1" to display all connected services;
    • Select the number "2" to immediately see only those services that can be turned off;
    • Press the number "3" to learn about active (leading money) subscriptions;
    • As soon as you choose one of the commands, you will come to you with information and instructions.
  2. Disable via SMS:
    • Write a message with the text "Info" (or "Info") to the number 5151. - In response, you will receive an SMS with a list of subscriptions that charge your fee;
    • Follow the link!/?tab=0;
    • In the list that opens, select unnecessary services;
    • Send a message with text Stop XX / STOP XX on the room 5151. where xx is the code of an unnecessary subscription (stop 909).
  3. Cancel through the call to the operator:
    • dial 0500. or 8-800-5000-500 - These are the megaphone contact center numbers;
    • Carefully listen to automatic prompts and perform the required actions;
    • After that you will be connected to the contact center operator, which will help you in the disconnection of subscriptions.
  4. Remove through your personal account:
    • Go to the Personal Cabinet MegaFon ;
    • Enter the phone number in the appropriate window;
    • Request SMS with password by typing * 105 * 00 # ;
    • Log in;
    • Go to the "Service Management" section - you will display a list of all services that are assigned to the number. Here you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the functions and cost of services and, if desired, disable them.
  5. Through mobile Internet portal.

    Important! To use the Moi_Podpiski portal and deactivate unnecessary services, you will need to have a paid mobile Internet from a megaphone, otherwise it will not be able to do it.

    • Type in the browser;
    • Click on the "My Subscriptions" section ;
    • All paid subscriptions available on the room will be displayed;
    • Disconnect each by clicking on the "Refresh subscription" button.

How to unsubscribe from additional services in the Megaphone communication salon?

Detailed instructions:

  • Find the nearest Megaphone communication salon. You can do this by entering the MegaFon request in 2GIS, Google Maps or by visiting the official website and selecting a list of salons at the bottom of the site.
  • Before visiting the salon Prepare a person's passport on which the SIM card is registered.
  • Explain to Salon's staff The purpose of the visit and ask them to open an additional content account in your name.
  • Make sure that the balance of this account is It remained unchanged on zero, and then paid subscriptions will no longer be able to pump out from it.
  • Assistance in the cabin will be provided completely free.

Service "Stop Content"

Among other things, you can also resort to the freestyle "Stop content". Previously, this service was available only to MegaFon's customers from the Moscow region, but at the moment the subscribers from all over the country can be used.

"Stop content" completely blocks any attempt to sign you on any services without your knowledge.

What should be done:

  • Dial the request * 105 * 801 # , and the service will connect the maximum for a minute;
  • If the service still did not connect, go to your personal account ("Service Guide");
  • Click on the section "Services and Options";
  • Then select "All Available";
  • Find the category "Additional Services";
  • Find the "ban of paid content short numbers" and click "Connect";
  • "Stop content" will come into force.

How to deactivate subscriptions on the modem?

This step can be done by visiting the megaphone office. Contact the appropriate request to the cabin staff.

However, if you make the level of PC's own, you can resort to the next way without leaving the house:

  • Go to My Computer;
  • Choose a disk "C";
  • Go to "Windows → System32 → Drivers → Etc" directory ;
  • On the "host" file, right-click;
  • Select "Open with";
  • Specify the program "Notepad";
  • At the bottom after the text, insert the following setting: 0.0.1 WAP.MEGAFONPRO.RU ;
  • In "Notepad" click on the file and select "Save".

Important! This method will help get rid of all paid modem subscriptions, including those that appeared on it as a result of viruses and malicious software. However, resort to this method of deactivation is allowed if you are well grounded in computer themes.

If you notice that your tools are literally melted in front of the eyes without visible reasons, hurry to take advantage of our recommendations, as well as seek help from your operator, because the welfare and comfort of the client is the main priority.


Service Team / phone number
Stop content * 105 * 801 #
Learn SMS services Info / info on 5151.
Request SMS password for personal account * 105 * 00 #
Consultation (24 hours) 0500. or 8-800-5000-500
Off SMS STOP / STOP, Code Services on 5151.

If from the account of your mobile phone is regularly written off a certain amount of money without any reason, before handling complaints to the operator, check which services are connected to your number. Operators are in the conditions of tough competition, so it will value with your reputation and you will not steal money.

Most likely, the funds disappear from the account due to subscriptions that you do not know or forget. In addition, in some cases, paid services are connected without subscriber's knowledge. Let's figure out how to turn off the paid subscriptions on the megaphone so that your tools are spent only on what you really need.

How to turn off paid subscriptions on a megaphone?

There are several ways, each of which will lead to the desired result. In any case, the first thing you will need to get acquainted with the list of connected services, and then selectively disable extra.

Disable subscriptions using the USSD command

To check the board subscriptions MegaFon and disable them, send the USSD command * 505 #. Soon you will receive an SMS message where the names of all services connected to your service number will be indicated. In it, the commands will be attended by sending which you can disable subscriptions.

SMS command

There is a simple command that allows you to disable paid subscriptions on a megaphone - Send an SMS with the text of the stop to number 5051. In response, you will receive a message with all the instructions, proceeding with which you will disable unnecessary packages of services.

Through my personal account MegaFon

Disable subscriptions on the megaphone is the easiest way through your personal account. Go to it and select the item "Service Management", after which we select "Disable all mailing". This is the easiest, convenient and effective way. Go to the LC you can link .

Turning to the Customer Support Center MegaFon

You can independently disable subscriptions on the phone via the support center available at 0500 or 88005000500. Connecting with the operator, ask for unnecessary subscriptions. It is 100%, but the time of the price, as it is usually a long time to wait for a specialist. Therefore, it will be better to take advantage of the above options.

Visit Communication Salon MegaFon

Some subscribers who are poorly launched with technology and the Internet will be easier to contact the company's office. It is necessary to take a passport and a mobile phone with you so that employees helped you turn off all the services for free. So that in the future you have not connected paid services without your consent, use the "Stop content" service, which is available on the * 105 * 801 # command. To disable protection, dial * 526 * 0 #. Now you know how to disable subscriptions on the megaphone from the phone forever.

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Now we will tell about such an effective way to save money on the personal account how to disable subscriptions on the megaphone. Most often, they are the cause of unnecessary expenses for mobile communications. Thus, what to do if you notice that The phone deals with money whose consumption you did not plan?

Check subscriptions on the phone

Not rare subscribers use mobile content, without thinking that later, various free chips may be paid, and sometimes you connect paid mobile services, not absorbed into the essence and along with it spending your money.

Like any cellular operator, MegaFon offers various services to its subscribers.

In order to verify which connected on the phone, paid services can be used in several ways.

Option number 1 - USSD team

Learn about the availability of active paid services Help service will help . To do this, you need to execute a simple command from the phone - * 105 # . In the menu that opens, you need to select the entrance to your account, this corresponds to the first item. Next, by pressing the key with the number 4, you need to go to the settings management section.

Photo Gallery :

Step 1.
Step 2. Select the menu item.
Step 3.
Step 4.

After all these actions, the subscriber will be affordable to make the following choice between sections:

  • Request for all active services (button 4).
  • Information on subscriptions that subscriber can manage in your number, that is, it can delete them or change the settings (button 2).
  • List of connected paid services from megaphone (button 3).

There is also a team * 505 # . With it, you can see if there is a subscription on the phone, and on what basis it is connected.

Photo on the topic:

USSD request.
Answered SMS message.

Method No. 2 - Using SMS messages

The presence of paid content can be checked by sending Short message at 5051 . In the message text you need to write Info or in the Russian version of info. After that, wait for the necessary information in SMS notification.

A photo :

An example of an SMS request.
Request for checking paid services.

Method number 3 - Internet

For this option, you need to connect to the World Wide Web. Going to the operator's website, you need Go to the personal account of the subscriber . Before this requires registration in it, which will take only a couple of minutes. After entering this cabinet, go to the service management section. Here you can find not only their names, but also cost.

Photo instruction:

Step 1. Log in to your personal account.
Step 2.
How in the Personal Account MegaFon View connected pay services?
Step 3. View connected services.

For the convenience of its customers, megaphone has a special portal on which each wishes can familiarize themselves with all paid content offered by the operator. His address

You can refine information about the necessary subscription on a special resource of the megaphone.

Method number 4 - Operator's reference service

About subscriptions connected to the phone number can tell megaphone help desk.

To take advantage of this service, you need to score a short number 0505. The electronic assistant will tell detail about further actions and will help you familiarize yourself with the necessary information.

Disabling paid services on megaphone

Not only to view information about active paid services on mobile, but also how you can cancel one or another subscription.

Subscription management, as well as checking their presence, can occur in several scenarios.

Recommended for viewing:

Disable via USSD request

For each service of the proposed megaphone, their own management command is fixed, which can be found when checking the availability of subscriptions on the phone using a combination * 505 # . In the notification that will return to the request can be familiar with the options for disabling services.

USSD disconnection request.

Disable SMS message

Disconnect from paid content will help sending a message with the word Stop (STOP) at 5051 . So the subscriber cannot refuse all subscriptions on the number, but for specific services (which the user can be deleted from the list) the operator will send instructions.

Request to stop paid subscriptions.

In addition, on the portal There is this information on most of the services provided.

With the help of special codes, you can suspend the necessary subscription.

Disconnection through your user account

This service provides not only familiarization with the contents of the phone number, but also to control them. In the Control section, you can find the deactivation buttons for paid content.

Disable subscriptions in the Personal Account on the MegaFon site takes a few seconds.

Unlike previous ways, this is better because you can remove all paid settings from your SIM card.

Disconnection on a hotline megaphone

By calling the experts of the Call Center of the Operator, you can ask them to help with disconnecting unnecessary services. For this dial 8-800-500-0500 or 0500 .


Room for corporate clients.

Visit to Corporate Salon Communication for Disconnection

For subscribers who have difficulties with previous ways, there is another way out - contacting a megaphone service center specialist.

Passport is required.

Before a visit, check for the availability of documents certifying your identity , I mean passports, as the service in these institutions occurs only after the identification of the cardholder.

Disable subscriptions on the modem

If a subscription for a modem is assigned to your personal account, but you want to refuse it, then in this case only a specialist in technical issues of the nearest MegaFon service center will be able to help.

Disable subscriptions on the tablet

The tablet on the basis of 3G works similarly to any smartphone, therefore, the action schemes when it is disconnected by this or that service is identical to what we have described earlier.

Methods of disconnection.

I.e Refuse paying content is possible with:

  • SMS messages.
  • Personal Cabinet .
  • Service ( USSD. ) teams.
  • Consultant Hot line .
  • Consultant Service Center .

Video on the topic:

Installing a ban on subscription

If you are confident that in the future, you will not need any additional megaphone paid services, except the main, you can set the connection of the subscriptions on the SIM card.

To do this, use the service that is called name. "Stop Content." Its activation occurs after the request is sent. * 105 * 801 # or making the appropriate settings in the Personal Account. If desired, it can be deactivated with another command: * 526 * 0 # .

A photo:

USSD request 1.
USSD request 2.

Subscription connection

For subscribers who are important to obtain topical information on this or that direction, MegaFon offers to activate a subscription to the necessary topics . The cost and methods of connecting each of them can be found on the already mentioned portal, as well as with the help of other services:

  1. Shipping SMS .
  2. Shipping USSD request .
  3. Personal Account Settings.
  4. Hot operator line.
On the website of the megaphone about each service there is a detailed description.

In custody

Each of the mobile subscribers independently decides what services it enjoy it. The megaphone operator in his turn provides only tools for setting up the user number.

Do not forget that before connecting anything in your phone, you need to carefully examine the terms of the option, as well as its cost.

The most common reason for which subscribers are wondering how to cancel subscriptions to the MegaFon, is the disappearance of funds from the personal phone's personal account. Unfortunately, no one is insured against obsessive paid services. There are several ways to get rid of unnecessary options: via the Internet, SMS, SIM menu or using other command. We will tell you more about each of them.

Call Operator

If none of the available options for some reason are not available to you, you can go proven. A common way to check the subscriptions to the "MegaFon" and turn them off, - to call the operator. To do this dial the number 0500. or 88005000500. 2017 05 02 103941Next, follow the tips of the autoinformer and after connecting to the specialist, ask to disable unnecessary services to you. This method is effective, but there is a significant drawback - time. Waiting for a specialist response can take away a lot of time, so for those employed, before turning off the services on MegaFon in this way, it makes sense to consider other options.

Through the "Personal Account" on the official website

The most convenient and effective way to disabling paid services is to visit the personal account on the MegaFon website. The office interface is extremely simple and understood, while the list of features is impressive. 2017 05 02 105435To enter the "Personal Account" you will need to get a password. To do this, dial the number * 105 * 00 # on your mobile phone. After a couple of seconds, the password will come. Further:

  • In the "Services" section, select "Services and Options".
  • On the page that opens, you will see a complete list of services that are connected to your SIM card, and a brief description of each option with an indication of the subscription fee.
  • To disable the service, you need to click the button opposite unnecessary options.

Via sms

Another way, how to remove subscriptions at MegaFon from the phone, - send SMS to the service number. If you cannot enter the Internet, this way off is suitable as it is impossible. Just send an SMS with the text "Stop" to the free number 5051. In response, you will receive an SMS with a list of paid options connected to your number, as well as instructions for disconnection. Another way is to send SMS with the word "Stop" to the number from which you received a notice of subscription. These are usually numbers of 4-6 digits. There are many similar numbers, and we will not list them all.

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Via USSD request

To get rid of paid services, there is a special USSD command. This command works on the SMS principle: You send a request from the phone, in response comes SMS with a list of services and a shutdown algorithm. USSD code you want to dial - * 505 #.

Important!  Each service from MegaFon has its own USSD team in order to disable all subscriptions and services.

If you know the service name / subscription, simply send the desired command to shut down. USSD command to disable paid services:

  • Answering machine, voice mail - * 105 * 1300 #;
  • always in touch - * 105 * 2500 #;
  • incoming SMS - * 105 * 1900 #;
  • Live balance - * 105 * 2900 #;
  • prohibition of international calls - * 105 * 2700 #;
  • Outgoing SMS - * 105 * 2000 #;
  • Promised payment - * 105 * 2800 #;
  • show your own number - * 105 * 1100 #;
  • Detailed account - * 105 * 1200 #;
  • Blacklist - * 105 * 7500 #.

Through the "service guide"

The MegaFon operator has a special subscription management page - the Service Guide. According to the instructions, you can get rid of all subscriptions all unnecessary to you and paid services, as well as connect new ones. 2017 05 02 110008Log in if you are already registered, enter your mobile and password number (link is on the site on top of the right). Here you will also find the entire list of connected paid and free services and can easily unsubscribe by selecting the command "Obtain a subscription".

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Go to the office "MegaFon"

For someone, the appeal to the communication office of MegaFon disable subscriptions is an inconvenient solution, but there is a category of people who are quite suitable for this option. Therefore, it is worth mentioning about this simple method. To disable paid subscriptions that you do not need, contact the MegaFon salon, while take a passport with you. This procedure will take several minutes, and all tasks will be solved.

Important! Similar service in any mobile operator salon «Megaphone »absolutely free.

Now you know every way that it is easy to control the management of subscriptions "MegaFon". So that in the future the operator without your knowledge has connected you services, you can use the "Stop Content" command. This is a free procedure that protects from subscription connections. To do this, you need to dial the number * 105 * 801 #. If you need to disable the "Stop content" service, implement the command * 526 * 0 # .

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