The most expensive red caviar: description, price, views

Some varieties of red caviar are distinguished not only by a subtle delicious taste and a pleasant smell, but also impressive prices. What kind of expensive are recognized as the most expensive, and how to distinguish them from fakes of unfair merchants, read further.

Caviar Sim.

This is the rarest kind of caviar, and the fish itself is an ancient view of Pacific salmon, or rather his heat-water representative. Ikrinka have a red color with orange tump and in diameter reach about 6 mm.

Caviar Sim.

To taste, they resemble the caviar of the whole, but without a notch bitterness. Simima goes to spawning at the beginning of summer. For the implementation of the population, it is harvested in rare cases than the due price is due.

For a kilogram of the product will have to lay out 5,000 rubles.

Caviar Chavika

Chavich is the largest representative from the Salmonidae family. Ikrinka also have some of the largest - diameters to 7-10 mm. To taste, the bright red caviar of the royal salmon reminds Iquorukhucha. It has all the same mustard and sharpness, but this is a gentle delicacy. Icraine shell is not so tough as Keta.

Caviar Chavika

The price of caviar Chalter is one of the highest, since it is practically not found in the domestic market. In Russia, the royal salmon is mined only in Kamchatka.

Buying a product, be sure to find out the manufacturer's region. In the central part of the country in stores there are a lot of fakes of caviar Chaviki. Usually, the falsified product is made from ketovoy caviar with the addition of dye.

1 kg of delicacy will cost approximately 4,500 rubles.

Keti caviar

An onractive - in diameter reaches 5-7 mm, but copies of up to 9 mm come across. It has a homogeneous pale red color with an orange tint. The inhomogeneity of the color is considered a defect and is not allowed in the production process, otherwise the product is recognized as marriage.

Keti caviar

Keta caviar - the fattest delicacy. The taste is soft, gently creamy, without bitterness. The shell is very thin and quickly burst, so it seems that it melts in the mouth. This product is considered the best of all kinds of salmon caviar. Often it is issued for calf calf due to large size, but it should be remembered that the kettie caviar is the brightest of all varieties.

The average cost of 1 kg is 4,200 rubles.

Kizhi caviar

Quiet or "silver" salmon is a small representative of the family of salmon. His caviar is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. It raises the level of serotonin and endorphine ("hormone joy").

Kizhi caviar

The amount of beads is not as large as the previous species, and reaches only 4 mm. Caviar Easy to find out on a dark red color that gives a burgundy tide. In the production of the product, heterogeneity in color is allowed.

The taste of this caviar is peculiar and implies a small bitterness, but according to the content of trace elements and vitamins, it occupies a leading place among the analogues.

For 1 kg of silver salmon caviar will have to lay out 4 200 rubles.

Foreign caviar

This is the smallest red caviar - the size of the eggs does not exceed 2-3 mm. It can be of different colors, as yellow to red. The coloring depends on the time and place of catching females.

Foreign caviar

The taste of delicacy is bitter, with a tangible fish aftertaste. Ikrinka are pretty sticky and salty. They are often served on canapes and sandwiches.

The average cost is 1 kg of trout iconic - 3,600 rubles.

Icra of Narki.

Mostly, society dwells along the American coast, so rarely falls across Russian stores. The size of the iconic is most often not more than 3 mm, but can reach and 5 mm. They have a saturated dark orange color and a very tangible smell.

Icra of Narki.

In terms of production, the color is not considered a defect, since various shades of red-orange tones may be present. However, if there is white or black in the product, it speaks of his spoilness. In taste there is a piquancy and light mustard, which is not typical for the caviar with the following fish rating.

The average cost of 1 kg of sparkle caviar - 3 200 rubles.

Ikra Gorbushi

Most often on the shelves of stores, it is this Salmonidae family fish, the price of which is somewhat lower than the previous varieties.

Ikra Gorbushi

On spawning, the fish moves from June to August. The trajectory of her movement - from the North of the Pacific Ocean in the adjacent rivers. The experience of fishermen shows that the number of fish fluctuates in even and odd years. The life expectancy of the pump is up to 2 years. She spawns 1 time in life, after which he dies.

The size of the hubby iconic varies from 3 to 5 mm. Most often they have a bright orange color. After their tasting, the absence of bitterness can be noted, but the presence of a small saline.

The average cost of the hill calf is 3,200 rubles per 1 kg.

Dear kinds of red caviar are a real delicacy with a pleasant aftertaste. A qualitative product must have a number of characteristics. In particular, Ikrinka in the bank must be of the same size and color, solid, non-shy, crumbly, without mucus, films and plaque.

On the New Year's table, it is customary to put a red caviar, but people rarely think about what kind of fish it is obtained. Roskkaya specialists told than Crair Gorbushi differs from oscra of Kets, Narki, Trouts and Kizhić, and also gave recommendations on the right choice of red caviar of various fish of the salmon family.

What is the difference between the red caviar of different fish?

Red caviar differs in size, color, nutritional properties and, accordingly, the price depending on which it is fish. Thus, the most popular caviar of the humpback is considered, since it is one of the most prolific fish in its family and its most often use manufacturers. Icres humbush have a neutral taste, the diameter of the eggs of about 5 mm and bright orange. Since Irk sheath is not very durable when the caviar is stirred, it bursts and forms a jox (Ichor Juice).

The second most popular - Keta caviar. Ikrinka large, correct spherical shape, about 5-6 mm in diameter, have a bright amber-orange color and a well-noticeable fatty german. Ketovaya caviar is often used to decorate dishes.

The caviar of the sparkle is bright red and smaller than the pink salmon (medium diameter - 4 mm). In Russia, this caviar is rarely found: we do not have a common fish, and the imports of nonsense to Russia is prohibited. The largest populations of the nights are found along the American coast (from Alaska to California).

The smallest caviar from all representatives of the salmon family - in trout (about 2-3 mm). The color is not only red, but also yellow and dark yellow. As a rule, Forelevable caviar is served on canapes and sandwiches, since its nuts sticky and fairly salty.

The last kind of caviar - from Kiju. Ikrinka measuring about 4 mm are dark red with a predominance of a burgundy shade.

What caviar is tastier and more useful?

The first place for nutritional properties is occupied by Kizhić calish, however, it tastes bitterly. The second in nutritional properties and the most popular from the point of view of taste is Ikra Gorbushi. Keta caviar like not everyone because of the too dense shell at the icon, and in Ires trout there is a small mustard and fish aftertaste.

When should a red caviar be made?

In russia, first of all, they advise paying attention to the production date of the product. Good is the caviar, produced in those months when the fish goes to spawning. If the package shows the date that does not correspond to the spawning period, then, most likely, the caviar is prepared from frozen jaws (thin durable frozen films with caviar) and loses in its flavors and nutritional properties. Depending on the type of fish, the spawning continues from mid-May to October-December:

  • The pink salmon on Western Sakhalin is mainly going to spawn in June-July, on East Sakhalin - in July-August, on South Kurilh - in August-September;
  • Keta begins spawning in the river Northern Primorye in August, and the mass occurrence occurs in the second half of September, October;
  • Nerque begins to enter the spawning in May, and he continues until the end of July;
  • Kizha slaves spawned in autumn and winter: in September-October, in November-December, and December-February.

What else to pay attention to the purchase of caviar?

It is best to buy caviar with the marking "GOST", as well as the Salosyev, manufactured in the places of traditional catch: in Kamchatka or Sakhalin. If the caviar is sold in a transparent jar of glass or plastic or for weight, it can be estimated in appearance. Ikrinka of the first grade should be integer, the same color and size and not slip. When charging the can, caviar should not instantly begin "crawling" through the walls.

On the bank should not be external damage and bloating. Caviar is considered not very high quality if there is a large volume of tuzluk (brine). To understand this, just shake the jar.

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New Year's dishes are difficult to imagine without red caviar: many are waiting for the feast for the sisside tartan with butter. But people often buy low-quality caviar: cheap, newly related to bank. We share simple recommendations how to choose a good product.

Red caviar: calorie

By chemical composition of caviar contains a large number of proteins and fats. Caloriciness per 100 g is 270 calories. This is a source of a large number of trace elements and vitamins, especially groups V.

Benefit and harm caviar

Icra is a useful, but fat product. In itself, it is not particularly calorie, but in combination with white bread and butter, the indicators increase by 2-3 times. Double load on the liver and gastrointestinal tract. For well-being and maintaining the figure on the day, it is recommended to eat no more than 50 g of caviar (three to four teaspoons).

Abuse can lead to hypervitaminosis, rebupping minerals, the development of pulmonary edema, heart failure due to excessive accumulation of salts in soft tissues.

It is recommended to eat a caviar between protein meals with a large amount of fiber and green salads. Dietary fibers in vegetables help better assimilated hard food.

Red caviar: Price

Red caviar is not cheap, even if the seller argues the opposite or refers to the super share of the season. On average, the cost of Stemogram Bank begins from 400 rubles. On the store shelves you can find a large number of packages even for 100 rubles. At best, it will be imitating caviar, at worst - the cause of stomach washing.

Someone believes that salmon is a fish, and she is looking for a salmon caviar. But "salmon" is a collective name of the family of fish: Kets, Gorbushi, Kizhić, Narki. The caviar of these fish is obtained by treatment with a solution of the table salt. Visually and to taste, the caviar is different: it is often unfair manufacturers who are mixed in the jar everything is in a row.

The largest eggs are knights and challenges, smaller - pink salmon, Kizhić, the smallest - trout and nurses. By color: Gorbowa - light orange, Keta - from pale red to light orange, Kizhuhu, Chang and Nerque - bright red.

Types of red caviar: what better

Pink salmon. It is considered "classics" among other types of salmon caviar. The taste is neutral, visually - bright orange medium diameter. For beneficial properties, only Kizhi's Icy is inferior. Keta. Large caviar: up to 5-6 mm in diameter, previously called Tsar. Large icons of bright orange painting often decorate dishes; Red salmon. Bright red caviar, less humpback. In our country, Nerkka is not particularly common, so in stores such caviar is rarely found; Trout. The smallest caviar, yellow or red color, is sad, leaves the fishing aftertaste. Such caviar is fed in the form of canapes and on sandwiches; Kizhuh. Small dark red eggs with a rich burgundy tint. It is characterized by a characteristic bitter taste. It is considered the best for useful properties.

How to choose a red caviar

  • Pay attention to package data. Buy caviar, which is brought from the places where the fish is caught: Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Vladivostok. On the bank should not be indicated regional cities or incomprehensible locations;
  • The package date is knocked out on the cover from the inside and is no more than a month after the ambassador. The most correct option, if July - August is indicated on the bank: Months when salmon goes to spawning. If December is specified on the bank - this is a fake;
  • The appearance of the jar - without damage, dents, deep scratches, rust, bloating. The swollen bank shows the presence of dangerous bacteria;
  • On the bank should be marked "GOST" and indicates the type of fish of the salmon family;
  • shelf life without additional preservatives is from 8 months to a year;
  • The temperature of the shopping refrigerator, where the caviar is stored, should be from -4 to -6 ° C;
  • As part: Icres, salt. Perhaps the content of vegetable oil and sorbic acid E200.

If you buy for weight

Carefully consider the product before buying. It is very easy to determine the caviar of the first grade: the same in size and color of the eggs, thick consistency, crumbs, minimal salt content, pleasant and core smell. Turn over the jar: Icra should not immediately ride. Shake the jar: "Bulty" means inside a lot of excess fluid.

How to distinguish fake red caviar

  • dense eggs, with difficulty crushed;
  • Feels a sharp fish smell;
  • There are no germs in Ikrinka;
  • sticks to the teeth.

How to store

Icra is better to store and eat ceramic, glass or plastic dishes. It is not recommended to serve caviar on steel appliances: it can lead to bitterness.

How to serve caviar

Most often, caviar is served on bread, crackers, tartlets or pancakes. Any bakery product quickly dries or "interrupts" the taste of caviar. Plus this extra empty calories.

It is best to serve the caviar in the halves of boiled eggs and slices of cucumbers. To do this, take a long cucumber, cut into large oblique slices, up to three centimeters thick. In every slice, make a small groove with a teaspoon, lay out the caviar. It will retain a natural level of humidity and freshness for several hours.

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On New Year's holidays, it is customary to decorate the table with a red caviar. However, do not everyone know that the beautiful name on the label "Callery Salmon Grainy" is only a common name for caviar of different fish species. To make it easier for you to make a choice, tell me today, what caviar is considered the most useful and tasty.

What is the callery caviar

We understand in red calamity: how it differs and how to choose the most useful and delicious

Perhaps someone may seem that the whole red caviar is the same. However, it is not. Each species is different: starting from taste and ending with the color and size of the cheek.

Ikra Gorbushi

Most often you can find on sale. She has Delicate taste With barely catchy notching bitterness. Ikrinka medium size (3-5 mm), bright orange. Thanks to the gentle wall, the eggs are easily bursting in the mouth. It is worth noting that too big eggs say that caviar Overrearia And is not the highest quality.

Icra of Narki.

It has Spicy taste with mustard. Ikrinka are small enough (only 2-3 mm). Due to the predominance in the diet of a certain crayon, her caviar and meat have a bright red-orange color.

Kizhi caviar

The taste of caviar is distinguished by special piquancy, as in it Mustard prevails. Due to the fact that the catch of Kizhi is limited, caviar is not easy to meet on sale. Therefore, the price is appropriate. The color of the iconic closer to the burgundy, the density is average.

Caviar trouta

Since the trout is now actively growing, the caviar of this fish is not a scarce product, so it can often be found on store shelves. The size of the iconic is the same as in the bush (2-3 mm), the mustard is also dominated in taste.

Keti caviar

Delicious product creamy taste without any bitterness. Icres Keta are the largest eggs (5-6 mm), which means that it is more juicy, literally melting in the mouth.

What caviar is the most delicious and useful

We understand in red calamity: how it differs and how to choose the most useful and delicious

Red caviar has the following beneficial properties:

  • Immunity increase: Red caviar is rich in fatty acids Omega-3 and 6, which are saturated and strengthen the body. All this forms the protective functions of the body and helps it cope with various infections.
  • Strengthening the nervous system and brain: Red caviar is rich in such a trace element as lecithin, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the brain and the nervous system.
  • Rejuvenation: Microelements contained in Icrea contribute to the development of collagen, which is involved in skin regeneration and improves its condition.

It is believed that the most delicious caviar must have the largest eggs, because they have a lot of juice. That is why many choose Keti caviar. In our assortment Online store Presented a magnificent caviar Keta. It has a delicate creamy taste, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

At the same time, Kizhi's cazhur is the leader in the usefulness and content of vitamins. It has the greatest number of different useful trace elements. For example, it is especially rich in Vitamin D. which is necessary for the development of bone tissue, normal operation of the thyroid gland and control blood pressure. However, the taste of cazyuch caviar will appreciate the connoisseurs, because not everyone likes the mustard characteristic of her.

Speaking about what caviar the most delicious, the exact answer is unlikely to succeed, because there is no taste and color - no comrades. If we talk about benefits, all kinds of red caviar are rich in vitamins. But still the maximum benefit from cawrous caviar. In taste, the caviar of the Keti leads.

What red caviar do you like?

We understand in red calamity: how it differs and how to choose the most useful and delicious

>> We learn to understand the fish, not to give yourself to deceive, choose and cook! <<

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