How to raise body temperature?

Perhaps, every person at least once in his life was the situation when a valid reason was needed to see from any event or work. Of course, the health of the jokes are bad, but the simulation of the disease in this case is the only way out.

There are situations in life when it is very necessary to seem patient



1 To skip some work or training everyday life, there are many ways. As a rule, they reduce the temperature of the body. Many of them are based on attachments to the body of antigens - alien particles that increase heat exchange. They are immediately beginning to neutralize the antibodies, the result of which becomes the isolation of pyrogenic substances, which just raise the body temperature. But it should be remembered that by doing such things with the body, you risk draining your immune system. 2 All methods of artificially raising the body temperature can be divided into 2 groups: when you are watching and when no one sees how you measure the temperature.

Attach the thermometer to the hot object, and the temperature will increase instantly

3 So far, no one looks at how you hold the thermometer, you have the opportunity to attach it to something hot - a cup of tea, a light bulb, a battery and other subjects. In this case, the temperature on the thermometer will rise instantly. 4 If there are no hot items at hand, use the friction. This method will take more time and strength. Jeans are suitable, the sofa (not leather only) and much more. Just do not forget to knock down the thermometer to the plausible.

Inside of several iodine droplets can cause temperature rise

5 If you are observed, you must act differently. In this case, you should take care in advance to raise the body temperature. One of the most popular ways is the reception of several yoda droplets. Better if you drip them into a piece of bread or a saper cube. Thus, you can raise the body temperature to 38-39 ° C for several hours. The main disadvantage of this method is that the iodine can burn the mucous membrane.

You can take inside the stylograph from the pencil

Imagine the situation that you go to the medical center complain to poor well-being. There the nurse gives you a thermometer, and herself goes away for business. Then consider that you are extremely lucky. The first thing you need to do is to attach a thermometer to something warmer than your body. For example, to the battery. It is worth noting that this method works only in the winter season when the premises need heating.

6 Many are advised to take inside the stylus from the pencil (not color). However, applying this method, you risk choose or injured the mucous membrane by the sharp end of the griffel. Several spoons of coffee sound can also raise the temperature

7 Ordinary instant coffee is also able to raise the temperature. It's not about a drink, but about 2-3 spoons of coffee granules. Temperature can rise to 38 ° C. The taste of coffee taken by the dryness is rather unpleasant, so you can bite it with sugar. 8 To raise the temperature, they are also advised to graze the armpits with salt, pepper, onions or garlic. Remember that onions and garlic give an unpleasant smell, so if you are going to any public place, it is better not to use them. Also, do not forget about possible skin irritation after such a procedure. All these methods combines the presence of unjustified risk for health. It should not mindlessly swallow iodine, Griffing from pencils or dry coffee, thinking that it will pass for the body without a trace. It is much more reasonable to use such methods that do not require adoption of doubtful substances.

You can take a chance to replace the thermometer

    1. 9 Even if you are observed for you, you can do without incurnant inside the substances causing irritation, which is the result of an increase in temperature. You can attach in advance to the armpit anywhere, for example, a small heating floor. You can also take a mustard chopper lowered in hot water and wrap it into a polyethylene package so that when measuring the temperature, the thermometer does not touch the wet mustard. The complexity of this method is that it is necessary to think up to the smallest things how your mini-drill will be attached. In addition, it should increase the temperature within the normal range. Over it will have to experiment at home more than once. The desire to strive to school or do not go to work - not a reason to expose your health. Do not learn from fulfilling your duties and do not make you worry about loved ones because of your "disease." 10 Another option of raising the body temperature and simulation of the disease - the substitution of the thermometer. However, everything is not so simple here: you have to find out in advance what the thermometer looks like, which you will measure the temperature. Purchase exactly the same, lift the temperature on it with one of the above methods (desirable, contact with hot or friction) to the necessary and come with him an armpress to the doctor. As for the agility of the hands - above it, too, you need to practice at home. However, it is unlikely that this method will help if you have to shoot clothes on the inspection. The unnatural lifting of the body temperature is the way out of the situation when I don't want to go somewhere at all. Such a cunning was used by many children, making a thermometer for a short to a hot battery.

      Today there are ways to quickly raise the temperature to 38 much more.

But you should not despair, because even in the warm season you can find a way out of this situation. To do this, turn on the TV or the light into the room and attach a thermometer to one of these items. After a short period of time, the temperature on it will rise.

    1. Some of them are safe, others must be carried out with caution. All presented methods that help artificially increase the temperature are not recommended, however can be applied in case of need. They will help raise it up to 38-39 degrees.
    2. If a man has a reduced temperature, use these funds is not recommended - it is better to visit the doctor to normalize the indicators: Application of iodine.
    3. This method involves the preparation of the body to use a small amount of component. You can use the degree of the body using iodine in half an hour. To do this, take a piece of white bread and moisten it with several drops of coloring composition. Bread must eat and wait for the effect. Bakery product, if desired, changes on sugar.
    4. Still from a pencil. The specified method was previously rescued by schoolchildren from visiting an educational institution. The nearby segment of the simple pencil is raised and will hold the temperature for 3 hours.
    5. Coffee. Do not think that a brewed fragrant drink will increase the temperature in 5 minutes. So that it happens must eat 2 teaspoons of sublimated coffee.

If suddenly electrical devices did not turn nearby, then use the friction. For this, jeans are suitable, sofa and much more. Of course, this method will take more time and strength. However, remember that the temperature should be real, and not too high. Secondly, carefully contact the thermometer, because it is easy to smash and then mercury will fall on the floor or on you that threatens your health.

  1. Geranium. Souring several leaves of the plant and putting them to nostrils, not only the temperature, but also the runny nose. Therefore, the indicators on the thermometer and the general state will help to simulate perfectly.
  2. Mustard. This method without harm affects the body. Before measuring the temperature should be gratened with a mustard or her powder. It turns out the warming effect of the local value - the body will not burn, only the armpits are heated. By inserting a thermometer, it will be seen that the indicators have risen.

Warm items.

The most proven method that is applied at home. It is enough to attach a thermometer to the battery, a boiler, an animal or plate. This is safe for the body, but it is necessary to remember the measures associated with the use of a mercury thermometer. It is not recommended to heat for a long time.


If you still decided to trace the nurse, you can take a chance and replace the thermometer. It must be prepared in advance to the above methods before arriving in the medpark.

The minus of this technique is a strong smell, but it is effective. In 1 liter Water dissolve 4 tbsp. Vinegar, applying fabric, soda the body. After this quickly look into a warm blanket. The method is safe for humans.


Preparations with similar composition actively affect the thermoregulation of the body. It is important not to overdo the dosage and not cause a side effect. Some believe that raspberries can increase the temperature. It is not, because it takes it to lower degrees. The berry helps to increase the sweating, and the acetylsalicylic acid contained in the composition adversely affects the temperature.

Folk remedies

There are several not always pleasant, but effective methods to raise the temperature. They are based on folk remedies, one of them - the use of salt.

To do this, take the salt and put the armpits area. With such actions, the local increase in the thermometer indicators will be observed, but this will be enough.

How to raise the temperature for 5 minutes of home

Equally the temperature increases the bow, but it comes from it a specific smell that will immediately recognize the nurse.

Note! If confidence is present that the surrounding will not apply a thermometer for measurement, then you can use another method that will briefly increase the indicators.
To do this, drink 2 glasses of warm tea in a row, and for greater efficiency - to attach a hot compress on the forehead. Methods helping to safely raise the temperature in an adult in the body are based not only on the internal use of any component.
They are also associated with external means. Some of them urgently raise degrees, for the action of others - it is necessary to wait at least half an hour. Consider the methods of increasing degrees on the thermometer by folk remedies:
Pouring First you need to pour the hot water bucket. After that, quickly drank with cold water. It is worth measuring the temperature and if it has not changed - to stand a little at the battery
Mortgitious solution Prepare a basin with warm water in which dissolve the mustard powder. For 20 minutes, keep your feet in water and soon it will be possible to detect an increase in thermometer indicators up to 38 degrees
Vegetable oil Several tablespoons of the product pour into the pan and roll a little. Once the oil will cool down a little - drink it. If you do not wait for cooling - there is a risk of burning throat

Physical exercises

As you know, sport warms the body, so it is necessary to actively squat for 10 minutes, run in place, to make slopes. This method will not only increase the temperature, but will help strengthen immunity Glue

Physical exercise. Perform multiple approaches of squats or pushups. This will help raise the body temperature for a while. The main thing immediately after the exercises to have time to use a thermometer.

The method is suitable for additional simulation runny nose. It is necessary to slightly smear the nostrils with PVA glue, then the temperature will rise to 38 degrees and will be accompanied by sneezing Respiratory technique

This method is borrowed from climbers who, to avoid hypothermia, highly in the mountains perform a special gym for the lungs.

After 5 deep breaths, it is necessary to dramatically delay their breathing and strain the press and aperture. Exercise is repeated 7 times, then the temperature can reach 37.3 degrees

Eating hot drinks. Drink tea, compote, milk temperature is more than 50 degrees. And then also measure the temperature in a timely manner. This method is valid for 10-15 minutes, but its effect can be extended if you add honey, cinnamon or ginger in a hot drink.


This method will help to maintain an increased temperature for a long time. To do this, smear the body with fat and shook hard under the blanket. The technique is fraught with the occurrence of fever, so it is important to be extremely careful

Another effective method that requires hand dexterity is imperceptibly replacing the thermometer.

It is necessary to know in advance how the thermometer will look like and at home artificially raise the figures on it. Having come to the clinic to put your thermometer instead of a medical product.

  • These methods are good in moderation. It is not necessary to resort to the use of listed ingredients to make tricks - it is recommended to make one day on need.

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  • Ideal parameters for a person pointing to the absence of signs of disease: + 36-36.9 ° C. The output beyond the limits of this range is alarming, it is usually indicated for some kind of unfaviming. A long-term low body temperature can be a symptom of supercooling, physical or nervous exhaustion, anemia, avitaminosis, chemical poisoning and many other pathologies. Increased - indicate infection, oncological process, hormonal violation or neurosis.

  • Content:

  • For what you need to raise the temperature

  • How to reduce the temperature, it is known to everyone. For this there are many medicinal and folk remedies. But there are situations in which it is necessary to increase it. The most common:

  • Manifestation of vegetative-vascular dystonia. Cold hands and legs, chills at this state not only deliver discomfort. They indicate microspasms, slowing down blood circulation. If low temperature is ignored, further disorders of the well-being and vessels are possible.

  • Astations after an infectious disease. Intensively flowing ARVI, bronchitis or pneumonia sometimes lead to a decrease in body temperature up to 35 ° C. This adversely affects the general condition, slows down the restoration of immunity and physical forces.

Incompute nutrition. People who are sitting on rigid diets or starving metabolism slow down, the tone of the vessels is reduced. In some cases, the body temperature drops.

Hypotension: complex condition in which blood has insufficient pressure on the walls of the vessels. Disease often causes drowsiness, hypoxia, dizziness and a decrease in body temperature.

  • Hypothyroidism: Insufficient production of hormones of thyroid gland leads to a decrease in body temperature.

  • Hypoglycemia: the drop in blood glucose level is critical for general physical condition. Its frequent symptom is a thermometer indicator below + 36 ° C.

Inxication: The impact of many poisons is manifested by enhanced sweating, dehydration and change in body temperature.

Supercooling: Rainy raw or frosty weather causes a regular decrease in temperature, which can be dangerous to health.

In the listed cases, it is necessary to fight with a pathological decrease in thermoregulation, to achieve the normalization of indicators. This is usually done under the guidance of doctors, taking special medicines. In urgent states, antidotes of toxic substances, cardiotropic agents, large doses of hormones are used. The temperature increases combined with systemic treatment of the underlying disease.

  • There are situations where the temperature must be not restored, and raise the above ideal values: up to +37.3 or + 38 ° C. This happens for two main reasons:

  • To enhance the operation of the vascular or immune system: for example, after a sharp hypothermation, with a strong chills, with a protracted cold illness;

  • To simulate pathological condition: it is needed under different circumstances.

  • In these cases, we usually use remedies, exercise and other various methods. As a rule, they all give a short-term effect: from a few minutes to 2-3 hours, and should be used with caution.

  • Increased temperature with the means taken inside

To ensure that it is guaranteed to increase the body temperature to + 38 ° C, one of the proposed substances can be taken with food or independently:

Pencil griffel: a piece of 2-3 cm long to penetrate and swallow, picking up with ordinary water. Pencil should be simple, pigmented can cause strong poisoning. The carbon contained in the substance quickly affects thermoregulation, causing the body temperature to 3-4 hours.

Iodine. A few drops of alcohol tincture or a solution of the Lugol can be applied on a crust of bread, a piece of sugar, quickly chew and swallow. It is important not to overdo it, since iodine causes severe intoxication in overdose. The temperature from such a means will rise half a day to + 38-39 ° C.

  • Sharp spices: Cayenne, red pepper, ginger. With their help, you can increase the temperature to + 37-37.3 ° C, if you eat 2-3 g. The product is immediately and maintained with warm water. The lack of a method is an unstable result. In addition, spices cause strong irritation of mucous meal and esophagus.

  • Strong coffee. The method can be dangerous for hypertension. To raise the digit on the thermometer to + 37.5 ° C for a couple of hours, you need to quickly drink 1 large or several small cups of hot coffee without milk. If a more efficient result is required - eat a complete spoonful of dry ground coffee by picking up the water by a sip.

  • Vegetable oil: warm up 3-4 tbsp. l. And drink hot. It is impossible to increase the dosage, otherwise the diarrhea will arise.

  • Apply such measures is often undesirable to not harm the body.

Means used externally

They are less effective than iodine, coffee or stylus, but more sparing:

Mustache powder: mix a couple of spoons with water and graze armpits, leaving for 10 minutes, then washed away, you can also fall in hot water with mustard, it will strengthen the result;

Fresh geranium leaves: lightening in the fingers to attach a juicy side to the nostrils and hold 5 minutes.

Preheating ointment: Finalgon, turpentine for the treatment of bruises. They must be applied in the places of fitting a thermometer for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water.

Salt: Applied similarly to the mustard, she needs to rub the armpits.

It should not be used for this purpose any chemicals, it is fraught with strong poisoning.

Physical methods

A popular way to increase body temperature is to go to a bath or sauna. This procedure will activate protective forces, stimulates blood circulation, help get rid of the cold, lift the body temperature for 2-3 hours. If there is no such possibility, hot bathtubs with essential oils are recommended.

Intensive exercise will provide increased heat transfer by 1-1.5 hours after a long workout. About 15-20 minutes of high temperature: about + 37.3 ° C are guaranteed if you jump, run around the stairs or press 10-15 minutes in a row.

Another effective method is respiratory gymnastics.

Need to make 5 deep breaths and exhale in a row, then stop, straining

diaphragm and press. Run 7 repetition exercises. As a result, the temperature

Bodies will rise to + 37-37.5 ° C for several hours. This method is good prophylaxis.


Temperature is a comprehensive indicator of the thermal state of the human body. Healthy body temperature - 36.6 ° C. However, there are cases when the norm "deviates" into the one or the other side is reduced or vice versa - grows.

We are more accustomed to the tendency of temperature growth therefore, what to do under reduced temperature, do not know.

Specialists of a private clinic R + Medical Network will help you understand this issue and will give the necessary deliquated recommendations.

In our medical center you will be able to undergo accurate diagnosis, all types of laboratory research and correct treatment, a particular pathology.

Why is the low body temperature?

Low body temperature (below 36.6 ° C) is hypothermia. Definition is considered to be a decrease in temperature to 33 ° C. The most common cause of this phenomenon is supercooling. It is especially dangerous if the supercooling was long, and the protection against cold is bad (lack of warm shoes, clothing and other protective equipment).

  1. If a person has a temperature of 35 ° C and below, it is necessary to react to change immediately (within 1-2 hours).

Yes, the body temperature for each person may change during the day, and in women also depending on the menstrual cycle, but in any case the reduced body temperature should not remain without close attention. Especially in the event that deviations on the temperature scale exceed 0.5 ° C.

  1. Temperature of the body is 36 ° C and below - this is an accurate indicator that the body occurs the pathological process.

Causes of reduced body temperature

  1. Not only supercooling becomes the cause of a decrease in body temperature. Even elemental nutrition with a disadvantage of nutrients is able to give a failure in the body.

When there is little energy with food, everything that remains the body is to work for wear. It produces little heat, and this is a direct path to depletion and a decrease in temperature to lower indicators.

Do not allow the body to use a resource that is not at all intended to maintain viability. Let this mission get the right and balanced nutrition.

  • Therefore, if you keep a strict diet, do not forget that the main energy suppliers to the body are carbohydrates. And 60% of our energy resources depend on them. At the same time, do not confuse fast carbohydrates (disaccharides, monosaccharides) and complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides). Fresh - refuse (pasta, fast food, confectionery, white rice), complex carbohydrates - welcome. Since they transport all the vital components: fiber, inulin, pectin, glycogen, chitin, cellulose, etc. иIn addition, the reasons for the reduced temperature can be:

In a lack of sleep.

Non-slip negatively affect the general condition of the body, therefore it can cause both an imbalance of the temperature regime. Of course, one or two short nights is not a reason for experiences and definitely not a reason to immediately flee the thermometer. But the systematic inappropriate is able to lead to hypothermia.

In adaptation to new menopacterid conditions.

A sharp transition from heat to the cold will not please your body, it can signal about it, giving failure in temperature. Adaptation must be soft. Try to dress how warmly dress and do not have a long time in the cold and windy weather without reliable protection in the form of warm clothing and shoes.

In violation of the hormonal background.

Low body temperature (temperature below 35.5 ° C) can also be associated with impaired operation of the endocrine system. After all, in thermoregulation, the hormones of the thyroid gland and ovaries play far from the latter.

Low temperature may indicate the hypobofunction of endocrine glands, insufficient Iod production, progesterone and TSH.

Therefore, the R + Medical Network clinic specialists strongly recommend not to delay the visit to the endocrinologist and go through at least the minimum survey - ultrasound

thyroid gland

blood chemistry.

Only timely and competent diagnosis of the disease can guarantee a high result of treatment.

What are the symptoms of hypothermia?

If the symptoms of hypothermia is divided into 4 temperature block, the signs of lowering the body temperature will be the following:

Temperature Range

Basic symptoms

From 35 ° C to 36 ° С

Shivering, total lethargy, lack of usual activity. The skin becomes pale, and the limbs are cold.

From 35 ° C to 34 ° С

The trembling is enhanced, the reality of the reality is difficult to perceive, the cloudscence of consciousness.

From 34 ° C to 33 ° С

The shiver becomes very strong, the person cannot move independently, the skin becomes an ashon, not excluded hallucinations.

From 33 ° C and below

Weselves are illegible, very strong trembling, a person does not understand what is happening around and loses relationship with reality.

As a rule, death occurs at temperatures below 33 ° C. Since the metabolism and chemical reactions in the body is completely disturbed. Breathing becomes rare and intermittent, pupils cease to respond to light, the heart stops.

How to increase the temperature?

First of all, wear warm and dry clothes. Warm sweater, scarf, mittens, socks. All that is necessary for warming.

At home, it will not be superfluous with a blanket or woolen plaid.

If a person can move and an indicator is not critical (34 ° C or 35 ° C of degrees), you can perform several physical exercises with a moderate load.

If the body temperature is less than 35 ° C, the power and drink is also recommended, which will be saturated with a large amount of energy.

These can be cereal, chocolate, broth or soup, warm tea, coffee, or warm milk.

In this case, drinks and food should not be too hot.

It is important to act as quickly as possible to raise the temperature. It is best when from the moment of decreasing until the first aid passed no more than one hour.

If the reason for lowering the body temperature has become a strong supercooling, first aid in the form of warm drink and clothing is not enough. The victim should be taken to the hospital or cause medical care to the scene.

  • In case of frostbite, it is strictly forbidden to rub frostbite blocks with snow, alcohol or grease! And remember, the temperature of 36 ° C is not a constant, but always a litmus indicator of the state of your body and well-being.
  • Let these simple, at first glance, will help you correctly react in a critical situation and who knows, maybe you will save not only your own, but someone's life. Make an appointment to the therapist Familiarize yourself with prices and services
  • In this article, we would like to tell about how not to lower, but to increase the body temperature. There are cases when you just need to do it yourself. Agree, everyone has such situations in life when it is necessary to simulate bad well-being. Sometimes it can simply need to skip classes, transfer the exam or not appear on a specific day to work.
  • And at the same time, it is not always you will agree to go to meet that if you tell about the real reason for the pass. Well, then get a certificate - the most reasonable. And if you do not know how to fake references, make the temperature of your body. Is it possible to increase body temperature? In addition to cases when it is necessary to simulate the disease, there are also situations in which a reduced temperature is observed. In this case, it is recommended to return it to a normal state, that is, to increase slightly. When can it be?
  • In the case when a person is dressed easily, and on the street it is cold, that is, when it occurs supercooling

The body is needed by the passage in the case when he

Durable hard sick

  • . Immunity then becomes very weak, temperature decreases Overwork
  • It may occur during long-term heavy physical exertion. Protection of the body can not fail with such circumstances
  • Due to the failure of the pituitary The processes of digestion are slowing down, the work of the heart is and can lead to a decrease in temperature.
  • Hormonal disbalance - In this case, it is desirable not to raise the temperature artificially, but to visit the endocrinologist. The doctor will be able to pick up the therapy that is able to cope with the problem
  • IMPORTANT: Remember that artificially lifting the temperature should be very neat - when conserved, fainting or even poisoning is possible. Pick the way with the mind and do everything carefully, remembering that the level of susceptibility is different. How to increase the body temperature with an adult?
  • Griffel

- The method known for a long time has long and concludes to eat the griffel of the most ordinary pencil. However, you should take a simple pencil, as the pigment contained in color can provoke food poisoning

  • Swamp the pieces quickly, without riser, to avoid staining of the teeth and lips, as well as write a small amount of water. Temperature will rise guaranteed for 3 or 4 hours, reaching even 40 degrees Griffel need to be used from the simplest pencil
Stationery glue
Stationery glue

- Allows you to quickly raise the temperature to 37 degrees, having received a runny nose in addition. It will suit the most ordinary glue, which should be applied in a small amount on the mucous membrane of the nose.

  • Coffee - Suitable soluble appearance, which should be seized in the number of two or three teaspoons. Keep in mind that ground and grain coffee expected effect will not bring Breathing exercises
- Apply climbers in order to warm up as quickly as possible when the movement is limited. You should make four breaths of deeper, after which you get into light air as much as possible, holding a press with a diaphragm in the voltage
- Apply climbers in order to warm up as quickly as possible when the movement is limited. You should make four breaths of deeper, after which you get into light air as much as possible, holding a press with a diaphragm in the voltage
  • It is necessary to imagine that you seem to want to crush the air inside yourself. Count 20-45 seconds. If you repeat the above algorithm 5 times, you can raise the temperature to 37 degrees and even above IMPORTANT: no matter how tempting the respiratory technique seemed to resort to it only if you have appropriate preparation. For example, if the mountaineering is not familiar to you, you can try. Rubbing the armpits of salt, pepper, garlic or bow
  • - If you choose some one of the components and handle the armpits zone, then in 10-15 minutes you can get a temperature of about 38 degrees. However, keep in mind that garlic or onions will smell strongly, and the skin in the trituration site can get redness and irritation Be careful: rubbing the armpits is fraught with the appearance of an unpleasant odor How to raise the temperature of the child?
  • If the child is just a frost, hurry
  • Wrap it with a blanket , Own at the same time. Hot tea in addition to this will be an excellent means if it is not burning. You can put the cock under the blanket Help can elementary busting kid
It happens that even a bad emotional state can cause a decrease in temperature - for example, depression, apathy. In this case, follows
It happens that even a bad emotional state can cause a decrease in temperature - for example, depression, apathy. In this case, follows
  • to pay the child as much attention as possible And, it is desirable to visit a psychologist If a child has a constant low temperature in the area of ​​35 degrees, this may be a consequence of baby's presence or injury during childbirth. In this case, it is necessary not just artificially raise the temperature every time, and

conduct regular survey from specialists

and care for your child as carefully as possible

  • A decrease in body temperature may turn out long-term ARVI or any other disease that significantly reduces immunity. The observation of the doctor here is desirable, although, as a rule, the temperature itself gradually returns to a normal mark As for immunity, then in the absence of the temperature reduced almost always. In this case
  • Reception of polyvitamins, sports, proper nutrition, hardening Very help
Polyvitamins can help
Polyvitamins can help
  • If the child lives in the area in which the iodine deficiency is observed, it may have problems with thyroid gland and, as a result, a decrease in body temperature. Then Preparations, iodine content
  • , just necessary - for example, "iodomarine" Important: To the reduced body temperature of the child should be treated very carefully - it also happens that it is simply a consequence of the characteristics of the Constitution. If the baby does not feel discomfort, it does not follow the cardinal actions, the more self-treatment that can only harm the growing organism.

Treatments that increase body temperature


Capably lift the body temperature in the event that immunity is weakened. Examples of such drugs are "Pyrohenal", purified sulfur. However, overdose by these drugs without taking into account weight fraught not only by a sharp increase in temperature, but also by other side effects - nausea, vomiting, pain in the head and in the joints

Breathing exercises. Another way that can raise the body temperature to 38 degrees. Make 4 deep breaths, and on the fifth to hold your breath for a minute. Do this exercise 5-6 times. But be careful, this method can cause dizziness.

Also strengthens the immunity and increases the temperature. Can be used both in the form of tincture and in the form of tea

  • Echinacea tincture can help Tincture of Zverboy

Great for warming. It is done as follows: the tablespoon of the Hypericum is poured with a glass of boiling water, after which the decoction insisters. It should be used in warm form, it is desirable combining this consumption with a feet

Valerian and Petcher
Valerian and Petcher
  • Assist in the event that the reason for lowering the temperature served stress. After receiving such tinctures, the body should return to normal operation and, in effect, the temperature should also rise Tablets that increase body temperature
  • As for the funds in the form of tablets, we recommend almost nothing, because the same "Pirogenal" is produced in the form of ampoules. Unless you can advise vitamins, as a consequence of the reduced temperature often serves weak immunity. It is best to eat directly vegetables and fruits, but pills will be and will come - they are with an increased content of vitamins, with reduced and for children.

Single tablets that should be used to increase the temperature are vitamins

Products that increase body temperature

Cayenne pepper

- A quarter of a teaspoon of this seasoning, added to the food daily, will help cope with the task. Capsaicin contained in pepper is responsible for the release of heat

Taking a hot bath or soul. It is important to take into account that the temperature of the water should be no lower than 40 degrees. To strengthen this method, add a couple of droplets of essential oils (cinnamon, orange) or alcoholic tinctures of Eleutherococcus or Echinacea. Also to raise the temperature you can do the foot baths. In the basin, dig hot water with one tablespoon of dry mustard and lower the legs into this solution for 15 minutes.
Important: It is the opinion that Cayenne pepper successfully replace the peppers of Halapeno or Habaroo, but this is a delusion.

A little Cayenne pepper can come by the way


- To increase body temperature, a piece of thumb size is necessary. If you do not care if you are not able, leave a piece to get in water for 5 or 10 minutes - the ginger tea is made. However, if I don't like ginger at all, replace it with such root, like beets, butat or carrots

Brown rice
Brown rice

- When eating this product daily, you will satisfy the body with complex carbohydrates, and they, in turn, will give a load on the digestive system. As a result, the body will have to make a lot of effort to digest the product, which will give the desired body temperature

How to increase body temperature with honey?

Remember that this methods should be resorted very often to these methods to increase the temperature of the Telean, so as not to harm your own Izzori organism!
There is an opinion that you need to drink several tea cups with raspberries and honey to increase the temperature. However, this is a misconception, since such an action only gives the effect of visibility of temperature increase.

If after such tea is to use the thermometer, it will become immediately clear that the mark remains the same as before. In order for the honey to really forced the temperature of the crawling up, it will have to eat it a lot.

IMPORTANT: If you like the method of simultaneous absorption of a large number of honey, it is better to give up him immediately. Despite all its benefits, a large portion of the honey will strengthen the load on the heart. Honey is useful, but no more than several spoons per day How to increase iodine body temperature?

Increased temperature in iodine is a method known to schoolchildren. However, the tincture in pure form can not be used in any way, it is recommended to apply 4-6 drops with a pipette on a piece of sugar. Sugar is immediately swallowed, it is not necessary to rush it. But it should be powered by cold water. Already after 15 minutes the temperature will rise to 38 degrees.

  • Important: With iodine you need to do it very carefully, otherwise you can get not only an increase in temperature, but also poisoning. Iodine can help, but you need to do it very carefully
  • How to increase the temperature of the Malina body? Just as in the case of honey, tea with raspberries will not lead to an increase in temperature. It will seem that the body has become hot, but the thermometer will inform you about the opposite. Moreover, this berry is considered an antipyretic, so for our goal is not useful for sure. Malina - useful berry, but the temperature will not raise
  • Secure ways to increase body temperature: Tips and reviews Tip that gives many: if shortly before measuring body temperature hang out or run
  • , Thermometer will not report that you have 37-37.5 degrees. This is due to intense sweating, strengthening metabolic processes. However, it is not always possible before measuring the temperature to load itself physically, but at the same time they do not want to expose their health. In this case, use the safe ways to obtain the desired mark:
Lower the pure cloth in boiling water
  • , Hold it there literally 3 seconds, then cool a little. Putting such a cloth on the forehead, you will create the visibility of the body flaming If there is time in stock, you can

To fall down

  • . Especially good will add some mustard or aromatic oil with a beast or eucalyptus to water The body temperature is directly related to the metabolism - this is a proven fact. Treat yourself to good food portion
  • so that the body began to actively work Lesson Gerani
  • placed in the nose will help excellently simulate not only high temperature, but also runny nose Geranium - a plant existing for almost everyone

If you need to do the manipulation directly with the thermometer,

Take advantage of heaters, batteries, hot liquids

Can be made

Gilt from Mustichest

moistened with hot water. It is recommended to wind the heating package from polyethylene so that the thermometer does not in contact directly with the mustard

Tapping a slightener from different sides

- So you can make it show what you need

Dissolve in a liter of water 4 tablespoons of vinegar

. This solution should be deceived, then wrapped in a blanket. Except for the possible smell of vinegar, the method can be called quite effective As you can see, it is possible to raise the temperature due to different reasons - to simulate the disease or to actually get rid of malaise.

However, in the latter case, the reduced temperature is a consequence, and not the cause of health problems. Well, as for the simulation, it is necessary to conduct it with the mind, otherwise it will be necessary to be treated. Video.


The question of artificial increase in temperature often arises from schoolchildren, students, or people who do not want to go to work or some event.

There are many of a wide variety of ways that can help raise the temperature. Some of them are completely safe, and some can bring harm to your body.

Increased body temperature with artificial means has a negative impact on the body's immune system. Consequently, man begins to hurt more often. Some heat feeding methods can cause serious diseases. If you need to artificially lift the body temperature, try to choose the safest option that does not harm your health.

Ways to increase body temperature There are several different techniques that will help increase body temperature. These methods are not suitable for those who need to increase the temperature to normal. They are well suited for those who want to imitate a painful state. Before performing certain manipulations, raise whether you are ready to risk your health, and is it really worth it.

Application iodine

  • . You can increase the body temperature with iodine. To do this, it is necessary to quickly drop a little iodine into a sugar cube or just into the water, and swallow. As a result, heat and temperature may appear from 38 to 39 degrees. With this technique, you should be very neat, as the heat can be very high. This increase lasts for a short time - literally a few hours.
  • Using the stationery glue
  • . Apply the adhesive should be intranasally, that is, you need to lubricate the mucous membranes of the nasal passages. This way to cause the heat of the body is very popular, since it can not only get the heat, but also such symptoms of colds, like a charchotka and runny nose. The simplest adhesive of domestic production is suitable.

Coffee for causing heat This technique involves the use of coffee, but it is not necessary to drink it. You will need simple granulated soluble coffee. This way to raise the temperature is that you need 2-3 spoons of dry coffee. .


The taste will be very unpleasant, so it is best to eat sugar or honey. The effect can be felt after 40 minutes after receiving coffee.


The heat keeps for a short time And the body quickly comes back. .

Disadvantages of this method are as follows:


The use of dry coffee is not a useful procedure;

If you eat too much, the effect may be excessive;

If you hold an empty stomach procedure, you can get problems with the stomach.

If the first time this method did not work, then

It is not recommended to repeat it.

Eating a pencil stylus To get a heat in this way, it should be taken inside the small part of the edge of a simple pencil. In this case, the temperature can be raised up to 40 degrees. The heat caused by such a way can stay from 3 to 4 hours. Before you use this method, pay attention to the side effect. So, after receiving the stylus, the pencil may occur

Single tablets that should be used to increase the temperature are vitamins

fainting or poisoning

  1. Each organism reacts in its own way, so someone can get the temperature you need, and someone poisoning.
  2. Method of climbers
  3. How to raise body temperature up to 38 degrees? By this way, climbers enjoy raising the heat when you need to warm up, and the movements are limited.

You need to make 4 deep breaths, gain air into the lungs, and strain the diaphragm and the press. Breathing should be delayed for 20-45 seconds. Exercise should be repeated about 5 times. However, unprepared should not be used by this technique.

How to fill the heat without harm to health

Malina - useful berry, but the temperature will not raise

Many schoolchildren who want to be 38 degrees on the thermometer, lower it in hot water or achieve the desired temperature indicators by friction. These methods can only be applied if parents are not near.

These methods

are considered the most secure So a person's health threatens anything. When heating a thermometer should be neat, since high indicators can give a lie. If the maintenance is mercury, it can burst, this fact should also be considered. .

Preparations provoking an increase in temperature: Echinacea - she helps not only strengthen the immune system, but also get a small heat. Eschinacea can be used in the form of tea or in the form of tincture. Pyrogen preparations - they work only if the body is weakened. The composition of such funds includes sulfur. Overdose can be fraught with nausea, pain in the head and vomiting.

The tincture of the Hypericum is to use it in a warm form.

There is another safe way, but they need to use only when no one sees you. You need to find out what kind of thermometer is a doctor, and acquire the same. At home, it is possible to raise temperature testimony at the degrees, and then come to the doctor with him, and imperceptibly replace it.

To carry out such an operation, not only deft hands are needed, but also good exposure. It is better to practice at home in advance so that during the campaign to the doctor the thermometer did not fall on the floor. This option will only suit if the doctor does not ask you to remove clothing.

Negative consequences

Trying to quickly raise the body temperature to the desired indicator, few people think about the dangers of health. Artificial disruption of heat exchange processes can be fraught with the weakening of the immune system.

The human body will become more vulnerable to different diseases. The use of such aggressive tools as iodine or soda can become

The reason for the development of different diseases As a result, it should be said that when choosing a way to artificially cause heat, use the most harmless. Make such manipulations follow

only in extreme cases And very neat, as you can get an unexpected negative impact.

Video From this video you will learn the most popular ways to help raise the temperature.

Photo: Legion-Media Often, teenagers are asked by this issue to skip the school. But sometimes adults want to relax from labor everyday life. Father, as quickly and without harm to health, increase body temperature, we are now Irax.

Hazardous methods for raising body temperature If you ask this question, then on the Internet there is a logging of methods that allegedly can help solve the problem. But far from inconsistently such ways are safe for health, as it may seem on the forecastwork, and besides, it is often not working at all. Let us consider ethinavically safe ways.

one. One of the most simple methods is rubbing. This method, unfortunately, will not raise you the temperature of the body even for the purpose of degrees. But, if you still decided to try it, then be the preparation of getting rid of skin irritation.


To carry out such an operation, not only deft hands are needed, but also good exposure. It is better to practice at home in advance so that during the campaign to the doctor the thermometer did not fall on the floor. This option will only suit if the doctor does not ask you to remove clothing.

Some advise to consume several astracessive coffee. However, you will not get anything except heartburn.

  • 3.
  • Another dangerous way to increase the temperature of the preparation of the griffel from the simple pencil is. This method does not help at all, and besides it only hurts your health.
  • four.
  • Often, to raise the temperature to be recommended with a thick layer nose in the usual stationery glue. Temperatures do not lift this method, but irritation of the mucous risk to earn.


To carry out such an operation, not only deft hands are needed, but also good exposure. It is better to practice at home in advance so that during the campaign to the doctor the thermometer did not fall on the floor. This option will only suit if the doctor does not ask you to remove clothing.
  • Never try to heat the thermometer lighted with matches. The temperature will rise to incredible heights, and the degree itself can burst in your hands.
  • 6.
  • Eating a few drops of iodine on a piece of barbell or sugar does not apply to the number of safe ways to lift the body.
  • How fast and safely lift the temperature

The most common ways to increase the temperature from 36 to 38 degrees without harm to health.

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