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Ear pain is a very common problem, especially in children. It is usually caused by an infection that takes place in a few days. In adult ears hurt less often than children.

The pain in the ear can be acute, stupid or burning, occur periodically or be permanent. Only the right or left ear can hurt, and sometimes both together. Guess about pain in the ear of a small child sometimes happens at all. If the baby tert, rubs or pulls ears, reacts badly to quiet sounds or began to lose balance, perhaps he has problems with ears.

To remove pain in the ears at home, take an anesthetic, which is sold without a recipe in the pharmacy, for example, paracetamol or ibuprofen. Children under 16 should not be given aspirin. Also, it is also possible to facilitate the state, putting a warm fabric or towel on the patient.

The pharmacist can recommend drops for the treatment of the ears, but first consult with him and describe his symptoms. Ear drops or drops of olive oil can not be used if the eardrum has burst, they will not help cope with the ear infection. If you or your child's ear infection, avoid getting water into a patient's ear.

Refer to the doctor for the treatment of the ears in the following cases:

  • temperature 38º C or higher;
  • There are other symptoms, such as dizziness, severe headache or swelling around the ear;
  • Pain in the ear in a child or an adult does not pass within 24-48 hours.

Why does the ear hurt?

This article should not be used for independent diagnosis, but is designed to help you determine what caused pain in the ear. Not all possible are listed here, but only the most common causes of pain in the ear.

Ear infection It may be the reason why the ears have a child and an adult. If the disease is caused by an infection, a water-bearing or purulent liquid may be released from the ear. If this is an external ear infection that affects the ear canal (the tube leading to the ear), then they talk about the development of outdoor otitis. The cause of pain in the ear with an outer otitis can be a boil. The furuncle inside the ear is usually revealed, dries out and passes on its own in a few days, but if you are experiencing strong pain and discomfort and do not want to wait, consult a doctor. It may remove the pus with the help of a surgical needle. Sometimes infection penetrates deeper, for the drumpress, then they talk about the development of average otitis. Light earnest infections are undergoing without treatment, but in some cases you can register antibiotics in the form of tablets or drops for the treatment of ears.

Ear Anatomy (Scheme) .jpg

Purulent otitis - The accumulation of fluid is deep in the ear, behind the eardrum, which usually leads to a decrease in hearing. With purulent otitis, people complain that the ear hurts inside, and also shoots in the ear. This is due to the pressure of the accumulated pus on a sensitive eardrum and the eared wall. Purulent otitis occurs more often in children than in adults. Treatment of purulent otitis depends on the severity of symptoms, the age of the diseased and other factors. The doctor can only be limited to the appointment of antipyretic drugs and painkillers and observe the patient, and can prescribe antibiotics. Sometimes you have to open the eardrum to release the surveillance of the pus, which greatly facilitates the state. In more rare cases, a thin tube for a liquid outflow is inserted into the refill hole for some time. This manipulation is called typography.

Earborn ear . The pain in the ear sometimes arises as a result of damage, for example, when removing ear sulfur from the ear channel with a cotton waller or introducing deep into the ear of the foreign object, which can lead to a puncture of the eardrum. The ear canal is very sensitive, and it is easy to damage. The ear will heal in itself, but it may take from 6 to 8 weeks to restore the eardrum. If you have a punctured eardrum, you can not use ear drops.

Sulfur tube or foreign body ear There may also be a cause of pain in the ear. Do not attempt to remove them yourself, you can push the subject or cork deeper and damage the eardrum. To remove the sulfur tube, you can buy special drops in the pharmacy, which soften sulfur and contribute to removing it. Similar tools can advise the pharmacist. If these measures turned out to be not effective or in the ear fell a foreign body, contact the ENT doctor who can quickly and safely save you from the problem. For example, to remove sulfur traffic jams, the doctor is washed with water.

Harh infections Often become the cause of pain in the ear. If you hurt you and your throat sores, the pain in the ears is most likely a symptom of the infectious disease of the throat, for example, tonsillitis or phlegmonous angina (abscess on the rear wall of the throat). Some types of tonsillitis will be held within a few days without taking antibiotics. But if you have a phlegmonic angina, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Jewish Bone Problem . The ear can be sick due to the arthritis of the temporomandibular joint - this is a place where the lower jaw is attached to the skull. The cause of arthritis may be bruxism - the night grinding with teeth.

Flux or Dental Abscess - This is a cluster of pus in teeth or gums as a result of their infection with bacteria. It can cause pain in the ear, although the main symptom of the dental abscess will be a strong pulsating pain in the affected teeth. When suspicion of flux, as soon as possible, contact the dentist.

Retinated tooth . The pain in the ear can be caused not to the end of the breathtaking tooth of wisdom. If you think that the cause of pain in the ear in this, inspect your mouth. If one or more teeth do not go beyond the gum line, consult a dentist. Perhaps these teeth need to be deleted.

Ear hurts: what to do how to treat

Painful feelings in the ear are considered one of the most unpleasant. Such pain, as a rule, in parallel causes painful symptoms of the head, teeth, throat. It is most acutely manifested at night and does not stop during the day. For a long time to endure such sensations, a person cannot, so immediately appeals to the doctor. Consultation Laura. Helps to identify the cause and quickly eliminate the unpleasant feeling. In this article, we tell about what can cause pain in the ear and how to quickly get rid of it.

Causes of ear pain

  • Otitis. This inflammatory disease of the hearing organs is the most common cause of the symptom when Hurt ear inside. Otitis arises due to the impact on the internal organs of malicious microorganisms. This disease can be the consequence of viral infection: when coughing, sneezing or rhinoar, the bacteria in the auditory tube penetrate deep into the ear cavity and become the cause of the inflammatory process. Otitis are very often sick. According to statistics, almost 70% of children under the age of three years at least once this disease has been recorded. Depending on the neglence, Otitis can be acute and chronic, depending on the nature of inflammation - purulent and catarrhal. Any form of otitis should be a reason for immediate appeal to the doctor. As a rule, this disease causes extremely acute pain, with which even strong painkillers do not cope. Otitis symptoms can also be elevated temperatures, general weakness and purulent discharge from the ear.
  • Sinusitis. Surprisingly, the diseases of the organs adjacent to the ears are olfactory - they can also cause pain in the ears. Such diseases include sinusitis - the inflammatory process in the sinuses of the nose, which arises as a complication of transferred infectious diseases. When sinusitis, as a rule, the ear pain is not so acute as when otitis. Get rid of it helps treatment of root causes - problems in the olfactory authority. In any case, when such symptoms are worth enroll . The symptoms and treatment of sinusitis can be found in the "Useful Articles" section.
  • Mastoid. This disease is a complication of the transferred otitis, the process of temporal bone is inflated. The disease, in addition to the acute pulsating pain, can manifest itself and visually. Perhaps the course of pus from the ear, the ear shell increases in size, the region behind the ear - blushes and swells. This is an extremely dangerous disease. If it is not recommended to appeal to the doctor, it can cause the development of meningitis, since the process of the formation of the pus occurs in the area located next to the brain shells.
  • Otomicosis. This is a fungal disease, developing in the outer or middle ear. His danger is that at the beginning of the disease, the symptoms appear extremely weak: the patient can feel the messenger tingling in the ears, a small itch. However, as soon as the bacteria begin to be actively multiplied, the pain is sharply enhanced, brownish discharges caused by fungal infection appear from the ear.
  • Tonsillitis . This disease relates to diseases of the throat and larynx. The inflammatory process in the sky almonds is called tonsilite. But since the nasophack is located close to the hearing authorities, to the symptoms when sore throat, hurts to swallow may be added and pain in the ear. Moreover, the almonds settled on the walls of the almonds through the nasopharynx can penetrate into the hearing tube, causing an inflammatory process in the ear. Where to treat tonsillitis? The answer is unequivocal - only in the medical institution, otherwise the risk of complications.
  • Lymphadenitis. With this disease, the jaw lymph node is affected. It is possible to indirectly recognize the disease in sharp painful sensations during the swallowing of the saliva, the chewing process. Ear pain is also a symptom of this disease, which can be exacerbated by the appearance of a stall in the ears, a sense of congestion and impairment of hearing functions. To diagnose this disease you need to go through Survey of throat and larynx.
  • Caries. The pathological process in the tissues of the tooth can also cause pain in the ears. Often the patient can not even determine exactly what is the cause of pain - problems with teeth or ear. Acute painful sensations cover the entire side stronment of the head, it is possible to get rid of pain only after visiting the doctor and the definition of its root cause.
  • Foreign body. Entry in the ear of a foreign object, even microscopic size, may also cause severe pain in the ear. Delete it yourself is extremely dangerous! There is a risk of damage to the eardrum and the enhancing infection in the deep tissue of hearing organs, which can cause the inflammatory process.
  • Perforation of the eardrum. The reason for the breakpoint breakpoint in most cases is an injury or a neglected and unrealized inflammatory process in a rumor passage.
  • Sulfur tube. The reasons for its occurrence of the mass, as a rule, it is not too dangerous phenomenon that is easily eliminated by the manipulation of the otorinolaryngologist. However, in some cases, the sulfur traffic can occur also painful sensations in the ear.

First Aid with Early Pain

No matter what caused the appearance of pain in the ear, to get rid of it, it is necessary to contact a specialist. Only a doctor will be able to accurately determine the type of disease and appoint comprehensive treatment. But what if the pain in the ear caught surprise, for example, at night? For these cases, there are general recommendations that allow you to not completely remove pain syndrome, then at least partially reduce its manifestation.

You can drip special ear drops that have exactly an anesthetic effect.

Ear drops

If there is no high temperature, help relieve pain can warming saline compress. Warm salt should be wrapped in the flap of fabric and attach to the ear. If the disease is only beginning to manifest, such manipulation will help facilitate the state.

Attention! It is contraindicated in the event that purulent selection is observed. It can provoke the development and reproduction of malicious microorganisms and worsening the state.

Warming is dangerous and in case the pain in the ear is provoked by caries. This may cause edema and dissemination of infection. When the dental pain, which gives unpleasant sensations in the ear, can be ringed with iodo-saline. But it is worth understanding that this is temporary help. Only a dentist will solve the problem.

How to check the hearing? Types of diagnosis

In modern clinics, a hearing doctor can offer several diagnostic procedures at once, allowing to determine the cause of pain in the ear. Consider the main.

Hearing heandoscopy. This type of survey is increasingly used in LOR-Practice. The survey is carried out on the innovative apparatus. In the ear shell, the device is placed - a tube of a small diameter with a tip in the form of a mini-camcorder and light bulbs. The camera removes the inner tissue of the ear, this image is displayed on the computer screen, the doctor can increase it, inspecting in detail the hearing organs from the inside. This method allows you to diagnose almost any pathology of the hearing body and put the most accurate diagnosis.

Pros of this procedure - in the painlessness and absence of serious contraindications. The only reason why one -andoscopy cannot be carried out is a serious ear injury, accompanied by edema and bleeding. Read more about how the procedure is carried out and whether preliminary preparation is needed for it, you can read in the article on the site: otoendoscopy.

Tympanometry. Make in Moscow This diagnosis is not difficult. This is another modern procedure that allows you to identify the pathology of the middle ear. A device is introduced into the ear shell, which in a certain sequence changes the pressure in the ear. This pressure change causes vibration of the eardrum, which are fixed by the device. The resulting "Figure" is called typogram. It can be determined whether there is no breakpoint breakage occurred, whether there is no liquid or a number of other pathologies in the ear of liquid, important for the accuracy of diagnosis. This procedure is indispensable for the diagnosis of otitis, injury to the eardrum, inflammation of the hearing pipe. Make a tympanometry in Moscow You can in a few minutes in the clinic of Leo Rudin. The procedure is painless and does not have serious contraindications.

Audiogram hearing. The pain in the ear, as a rule, causes a decline in hearing. Determine the nature of pathological disorders will help Head check. Audiometry In this case, it will be the most effective procedure. This type of diagnosis is carried out as follows: Headphones are dressed on the patient, through which various-frequency sound signals come to the hearing body. The strength of the incoming signals is fixed, the result is a graphic image, which demonstrates the range of hearingness of the patient. Determine this indicator can only audiogram hearing. Price in Moscow Depends on the clinic where diagnostics will be carried out. With the price policy of the Clinic Leo Road, you can find on the official website in the Services section: Prices.

You can find out in detail about the problems of hearing and methods of their diagnosis in a special section: survey and treatment of the ear.

Through hearing, we perceive about ten percent of all information: music, children's voices, birds singing and the noise of the sea. Hearing organs are the perfect mechanism that, nevertheless, sometimes gives a failure. Unfortunately, we begin to take care and take care of it only when the ear hurts.

Ear pain sensitivity is very large. Prior to a visit to the otolaryngologist, we stay with Otlia alone. To deal with the cause of malaise and methods of treatment, first will try to determine the localization of pain.

Where does it hurt?

The ear is divided into three interrelated departments:

  • outer,
  • middle,
  • interior.

If the pain is felt when pressed on the cartilage bulge of the auricle (kids), the problem is focused in outdoor ear . Patient the middle ear declares itself very much. A shooting, unbearable pain often accompanies the rise of temperature, separation from the ear, concreteness and worsening hearing.

Interior Ear It hurts much less often. This type of disease (labyrinthitis) is most cunning. This is due to the fact that inside the ear hidden the finest tool. In addition to the hearing, he is responsible for the equilibrium. With internal lesions, dizziness, feeling of nausea, noise in the ears can join painful symptoms.

Why hurt your ears?

Often the observed cause of ear pain - inflammation, which doctors call otitis. It can occur in all departments of the ear.

Causes of otita

The ear is inflamed, first of all, due to penetrating the ears of pathogenic microbes. They affect the mucous membrane, causing swelling, isolation of mucus and pus. Outdoor otitis often provoke damage to the auditory passage in the formation of microtrase or irritation. For example, the ingress of foreign bodies or illiterate hygienic care.

Important! Non-sterile cotton wands are not intended to purify the ears. They can injure the skin and incur infection.

To clean the ear shell in young children, use special means that sulfate sulfur tubes. For this, doctors recommend to order Remo-Wax.

Otitis middle ear Most often it happens secondary, i.e. infection comes from another organ. The average otitis causes:

  • LOR-Diseases: rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, etc. Infection from the nasopharynx falls into the ear cavity and provokes inflammation.
  • Infectious and viral diseases that weaken immune protection: influenza, cortex, windmill, etc.
  • Supercooling. The probable situation is to enter the ears of cold water, followed by the impact of wind or draft.
  • Swimming and diving in contaminated water bodies.
  • Sharp jumps of pressure during flights by plane.
  • Injuries, damaging eardrum.

In some cases, the infection applies to the inner ear.

Important! Otitis are dangerous serious complications. If you do not undergo a complete course of therapy, appointed by a doctor, inflammation goes into a chronic form. The formidable consequences of the subtyg olitis are reduced hearing, meningitis, intracranial abscesses.

Another reason for pain in the ear - Lymphadenit . The disease is associated with inflammation of the existed lymph nodes. At the same time, a high temperature may be observed, the head is hurting.

How to remove pain at home?

The pain in the ear is a serious symptom at which the otolaryngologist should seem as quickly as possible. It does not matter who has an ear hurts: in an adult or child. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a doctor. If you get to the doctor on the same day it is impossible, try to help yourself in the house by means. For example, if you get sick in the evening or are in departure.

How to treat ear pain?

When the ear shoots, it is difficult to keep calm even a patient person. If the pain is unbearable, take an anesthetic: analgin, nourofen, pandol, otanov.

Several useful tips

1. If the disease occurred against the backdrop of a cold, dig versions in the nose. This will help reduce swelling of mucous and eliminate pressure on the eardrum.

2. In the outside otitis, Turund is well helped, impregnated with boric acid. Its alcohol solution warms and has antimicrobial effect.

Twist a flabby from a wool or bandage, plunge it into a boric acid heated to 37 ° C. Invest in a hearing aisle. The exposure time should not exceed three hours so as not to cause skin burn. A tincture of propolis is perfect for this purpose.

3. Alcohol compress.

Important! Warming ear compresses are unacceptable to do at elevated temperature. In the case of purulent otitis, the compresses are prohibited.

How to put compress on the ear?

  1. Roll clean gauze three or four times.
  2. Make a small slot so that it has earned ear.
  3. Diluted alcohol or vodka warm up to 37-40 ° C, wet gauze and squeeze.
  4. Place the gauze so that the auricle remains unclipped.
  5. Cover the ear with waxed paper or polyethylene on top.
  6. Stick your ear thick interlayer wool, fix the compress woolen pattern.
  7. Keep the compress three or four hours.

Folk remedies

There are many folk recipes of getting rid of ear pain. However, they cannot be considered an unconditional panacea. It is necessary to consider similar methods only as a temporary painkillers to "live" to a campaign to the doctor.

Lavral decoction

5 Lavrushka sheets pour the glass of water and boil. Press the hot decoction to the thermos, leave for 2-3 hours. Perfect. Install 7-8 drops of infusion into a patient's ear 2-3 times a day. Additionally drink two spoons of ragger inside.


Low juice - a proven anti-inflammatory agent. Sattail onions on the grater, hover the crawl through the gauze. Softy action has juice, pressed from bustling in the oven.

Getted juice. Knee overnight or moisten your cotton turund and laid in your ear. The onion juice is particularly effective in soreness of the ears on the background of a cold. At the same time, it will help reduce the nasal congestion.

Geranian leaf

The antimicrobial effect of pink geranium (pelargonium) is based on the action of natural antibiotics - phytoncides. A simple way to help when the ear hurts. Take a fresh sheet of Phachuchi geranium, frow it in the hands, roll up and paste into the auditory passage. Take the wool layer on top, climb the warm tissue. After 3-4 hours, replace geranium leaf fresh. At the beginning of the disease, geranium will help prevent the spread of infection.

Important! If no home remedies help, the pain is accompanied by nausea, dizziness, decline in hearing, do not hesitate to cause an urgent.

What can I do?

1. It is impossible to use drops recommended by friends, virtual acquaintances, a seller of the pharmacy. Very carefully treat antibacterial drugs. Some antibiotics are able to damage the nerve endings, which can affect the quality of hearing.

2. It is categorically not recommended to be carried away by radical people. Such methods include tips to warm up the ear chipped brick or insert any adaptation and set fire to it.

3. If you have helped a home product, and the ear does not hurt anymore, you can not refuse to visit the doctor. Improvement may have a temporary effect.

Other causes of ear pain

Sometimes ENT, inspecting the ear shell, does not find any pathology. Most likely, then he will advise to consult a neurologist. Do not neglect this advice. The human body is incredibly complicated. The pain of one part of the body can be called different diseases.

Common causes of pain in the ear not associated with otolaryngology:

1. If the front surface of the auditory canal hurts, this is usually caused by the dysfunction of the lower-jewish joint, the neck osteochondrosis.

2. The sacredness of the auricle may be associated with the neuritude of the trigeminal nerve.

3. Pain in the eardrum in the absence of external lesions is innervated by a wandering nerve. It is damaged with the disease of the internal organs, most often, the stomach.

4. Inflammatory processes in the teeth can accompany the pulsating ear pain on the one hand.

When identifying difficult associated cases, it is not necessary to resort to self-medication, drinking or dripping in the ear drugs. Folk recipes in such situations are also not effective. It is not necessary to treat the ear, but a completely different organ. The only thing that can be taken to a visit to the doctor, drink anesthetic. The best advice in this case is to entrust the health of an experienced specialist.

How to save your ears?

When the otitis treatment is completed, be sure to check the hearing. This can be done independently. Get out of the interlocutor for 5-6 meters. Ask him to say a whisper of several words containing hissing sounds.

If you hear fuzzy, go through audiometry. This is a special study to recognize sound signals.

Observe the prevention measures:

1. If you are exposed to colds, Take care of the ears With the onset of cold weather. Be sure to wear a hat, tightly closing the ears. Children are best suited with a hat-helmet with lining inside.

2. The reason for many aids in adults and children - Related immunity . If your ears are concerned often, make up hardening.

3. Do not neglect physiotherapeutic procedures . If the doctor appointed a heating course, go through it from beginning to end.

four. Do not run a runny nose . According to clinical studies, in 90% of cases, pathogenic microbes penetrate the ear through the Eustachiev pipe, which binds it to the nasophal.

5. Carefully dry your head, completely Remove water from the ears After bathing.

6. When training in swimming pools and diving Use special tips For ears. They must be regularly handled by antiseptics.

10. Everything Follow the health of the ears If your lifestyle is associated with a reinforced load on the auditory apparatus. The risk group includes workers of enterprises with elevated noise, disk jockeys, etc. They must wear noise headphones or earplugs.

11. Do not use pencils, matches, toothpicks and other unpredictable objects for removal of ear sulfur. You risk traumating a sensitive eardrum and an auditory passage.

Remember the rule: "The later start to treat your ears from a doctor, the longer it will have to go to him." Be healthy!

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Human Ear is a complex body responsible for the perception of sound. The complex anatomy of the ear allows it to capture sound oscillations in a wide frequency range. But it is precisely the complex structure of the body leads to an increased risk of injury, the development of infection, congenital anomalies, which cause an unpleasant symptom - ear pain. In the future, other signs of illness appear: from tissue edema to partial deafness.

Why hurt your ears?

Pain in the ears occurs in various external and internal reasons:

  • Ear injury. Random strike can damage cartilage, an external hearing pass. Sometimes pain appears with severe pressure on the ear: for example, when wearing a tight hat or headphones;
  • Hit into the outer hearing passage of the foreign object. Most often, such a problem occurs in young children;
  • Damage to the shell of the external auditory passage. Inactive attempt to clean the ears from the accumulated sulfur can damage the thin skin of the outer auditory passage. Scratch is inflamed and swells, an unpleasant pain appears;
  • Water hit during bathing. One of the most common reasons faced by both children and adults are faced. To avoid water from entering water, it is recommended to use ear inserts (earplugs);
  • Impact of loud noise. According to WHO estimates, about 1.1 billion people are at risk of hearing damage in entertainment places due to too hands-free music or noise. Typically, such an impact is accompanied by a slight pain in the ears. No less dangerous is the constant effect of noise pollution (for example, in some industries), which leads to the development of hearing loss, but not accompanied by pain;
  • Accumulation of a large number of ear sulfur. A sulfur plug is formed, which presses on the walls of the auditory passage, causing pain.

Symptoms of ear diseases:

  • painful feelings in the ear;
  • deterioration or loss of hearing;
  • Feeling of the ear;
  • pathological discharge from ear;
  • dizziness, equilibrium disorder;
  • noise in ears.

Why shoots ear?

Acute fiction pain in the ear can be a symptom of infection, diseases such as:

  • Mastoid - inflammation of the deputyid process of temporal bone, accompanied by the accumulation of pus;
  • Outdoor otitis is the inflammation of the outer part of the ear to which the ears of the sink, an external hearing passage and a drumpatch;
  • Middle Otitis - inflammation of the middle department. It is usually developing as a complication of other LOR infections: for example, tonsillitis or laryngitis;
  • Labyrinthitis - irritation of the inner ear caused by the ingress of viruses or bacteria. In addition to severe pain, the patient can complain about dizziness and loss of equilibrium feeling.

Any pain in the ear testifies to the pathological processes occurring in it. Chronic infections and not cured injuries cause hearing impairment. To get rid of pain and prevent the development of hearing thoughts, it is recommended to make an appointment to the otolaryngologist.

What to do if the ears hurt at a cold?

Masking pain in the ears may arise against the backdrop of a cold. Because of the close location of the ENT organs, the infection extends to neighboring departments: for example, the throat pain is often accompanied by a runny nose, and rhinitis leads to painful pressure in one or both ears. Why is this happening?

In the cold, the separation sinuses swell and swell. This interferes with the normal removal of fluid, the mucus accumulates, in it begin to actively multiply bacteria. Gradually, irritation affects Eustachiyev pipe, there are sensations of unpleasant tooth and pressure on the ears, pain arises. To avoid this, during a cold, it is necessary to use vasoconstrictor drops for the nose: they restore normal ventilation in the sinuses and reduce the risk of eternal tube inflammation.

If you turn to the doctor and follow the prescribed treatment in time, the pain in the ears is quickly running. But if you have already recovered, and there was no discomfort in the hectares, there is a risk of developing complications. In this case, it is necessary to sign up for Laura as soon as possible.

What is otitis and how is it manifested?

Often pain in the ear is caused by otitis - infectious inflammation of the hearing aid. Otolaryngologists allocate three forms of the disease:

  • Outdoor otitis. The disease of the outer ear in which purulent furuncle is formed in the rumor passage. If not to treat inflammation, it applies to the eardrum, which causes not only pain, but also Hearing problems in childrenHearing problems in children worsening hearing;
  • Medium otitis. Developed when penetrating infection in the middle ear. Causes shooting pain, sensation of pressure. The patient raises the temperature, it is possible to release in pus or sucrovic from the ear;
  • Internal otitis or labyrinthitis. The average otitis can spread to the inner ear and cause the labyrinthitis. Otitis symptoms are strong headaches, loss of equilibrium, dizziness.

Otitis can be sharp and chronic. In the acute stage, the disease is manifested by strong heat (38.5), weakness, lethargy and apatine. Chronic Otitis leads to a gradual decrease in hearing, pain may not be strong, but constant.

Otitis ear - how to treat?

The treatment of otitis depends on the form and stage of the disease. To form an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to refer to Laura. The doctor will develop a chart of therapy with the individual characteristics of the patient's body. Usually the treatment of otitis is as follows:

  • Reception of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs. Drugs are struggling with a pathogen, remove swelling and inflammation;
  • The antipyretic means are prescribed at high temperatures. Also, if necessary, the otolaryngologist can register the course of antibiotics;
  • Removal of a pus from the outer ear. To do this, the auditory pass is immersed by cotton swabs (tours), moistened with alcohol or other disinfecting composition. They collect pus and disinfect surrounding fabrics.

After recovering, ENTs can prescribe physiotics to restore local immunity (for example, UHF, drug electrophoresis). Unnecessary Middle Otitis can lead to a breakpoint rupture. Therefore, when pain appears in the ear, it is important not to engage in self-medication, but to seek medical help.

How to distinguish otitis from sulfur tube?

Pain in the ears does not always testify to the development of infection. Perhaps painful sensations are caused by a sulfur tube. In the outer ear there are special glands that produce ear sulfur is a secret that protects the body from pathogenic bacteria. In case of violation of the sulfur gland, it becomes too dense and begins to accumulate in the ear, which leads to the formation of a plug.

For a long time, the accumulation of sulfur does not cause any discomfort, but over time, the plug becomes more and more and can completely block the clearance of the auditory passage. As a result, a person is experiencing a feeling of lagging in the ears.

If a plug presses on the eardrum, a headache and nausea may appear. But at the same time, the plug does not lead to an increase in body temperature and purulent discharge from the auditory passage (as it happens with purulent otitis). The pain under the plug is moderate, not shooting, which also allows you to distinguish it from infection.

What pain when the cork is in the ear?

The hardened ear sulfur begins to put pressure on the walls of the external auditory passage, causing discomfort. The pain is moderate, but constant. Other symptoms also appear:

  • reduction of hearing acuity;
  • Noise's appearance: Slap, Hill echo;
  • The feeling of an extraneous subject in the auditory passage.

If the plug is formed in the ear in a small child, he is anxious, constantly brings his hand to the ear, pulls the ear shell.

Deleting sulfur traffic jams

Do not attempt to remove the sulfur tube yourself with a cotton wand. So you will only pass it deep into the auditory passage, and it will begin to put pressure on the eardrum. The removal of the sulfur tube is the procedure that can be passed in the separation of the otolaryngology of the medical center. It looks like this:

  • The patient is asked to tilt the head at a certain angle;
  • The doctor introduces a syringe of Jean (without a needle);
  • A heated solution is supplied under pressure, which flushes a tube from the ear.

The procedure is painless and effective.

How hurts a boil in the ear?

Another reason for pain in the ears is an education in the outer auditory passage of Furunkula. It may appear when skin injury: for example, with the inaccurate purification of the ears of sulfur. Infection penetrates into the scratch, inflammation begins and purulent furunculus is formed.

The pain is first moderate, but becomes stronger as the furuncle grows. Often gives to the jaw and neck, intensifying with chewing. In addition to pain, the patient may complain about itching and a feeling of cutting, as well as to reduce hearing due to partial overlap of the auditory passage.

What is dangerous furuncle in the ear?

Furuncul - frequent manifestation of outdoor otitis. It appears in the case of infection in the damaged part of the outer auditory passage (for example, through a scratch that occurred with the inaccient cleaning of the ears).

The furuncle and outdoor otitis cause a decrease in hearing, can lead to the inflammation of the ear shell. Also, with a reduced immunite (for example, in patients with diabetes mellitus), the furuncle moves into a malignant shape, in which the cartilage tissue is damaged.

Bear in the ear at night - what to do?

Due to the characteristics of the structure of the hearing aid, the pain in the ears is enhanced when a person takes a horizontal position of the body. Therefore, often pain exacerbates at night during sleep. To reduce pain, you can:

  • Machine the jaws (make chewing movements) - it allows to align the pressure in the middle and the inner ear and allows to reduce the pain;
  • impose a cold compress - moisten a towel in cool water and put it on a patient's ear;
  • Accept the habitual tool for you.

I mandally sign up for the reception to the ENT doctor. It is impossible to treat pain in our ears, as it can aggravate the disease and lead to the development of hearing loss.

Ear hurts - what to do at home

To cure your ear, you need to put an accurate diagnosis. Only the otolaryngologist may make it after the otoscopy and additional research. The following means for independent decrease in pain are not allowed:

  • Heating of the ear, since inflammation increases, the course of infection is exacerbated;
  • Using ear droplets. Some of them contain components that can damage the auditory nerve. No medicines cannot be applied before consulting a doctor.

It is allowed to insert in the outer hearing cover a dense tourand (cotton tampon), moistened with an ant 70% alcohol. The alcohol disinfects the passage, and also gently warms the surrounding fabrics, which will reduce pain. Turund can not be placed in damage to the eardrum or if there are scratches in the outer hearing aisle.

How to remove pain in the ear?

You can remove pain in the auditory passage only by eliminating its cause. You can reduce discomfort using rollers moistened with alcohol or camphor oil. But this is a temporary measure. Do not forget to make an appointment to Laura.

When to contact the otolaryngologist?

Sign up for a consultation to the doctor is necessary when the following symptoms appear:

  • earache;
  • reduction of hearing;
  • Change of ear shell (redness, swelling, rash);
  • nonypical discharge from the auditory pass (Pump, Sukrovitsa);
  • Itching in a rumor pass;
  • Changes in acoustic perception (ringing in the ears, noise, autophonia - echo from its own voice).

The ear pain can be caused by different reasons. When discomfort, we recommend not to engage in self-medication, but to seek help to the otolaryngologist. ENT will deliver the accurate diagnosis and will select effective treatment that will not only remove the symptoms, but also eliminates the cause of the pain in the ears.

The pain in the ear of adults is one of the most unpleasant sensations, comparable, except with the toothache. It appears suddenly and causes the strongest discomfort, forcing you forget about normal existence. When the ear hurts in an adult - it is very difficult, it is almost unrealistic to focus on everyday things and worries. The shooting, stitching, cutting, giving up - only an incomplete list of variations of those sensations that adults are experiencing with ear pain.

Health pain in a healthy person

An unpleasant sensation in the hearing body may arise from a completely healthy person, and there are a lot of reasons for that (some we will look for more details):

  • Sensitivity to a strong wind and cold (due to a long stay in the wind in the ear, hematoma can be formed - it will be held after a few days. No additional measures are needed in such a situation.);
  • Water getting into the ear;
  • the presence of a sulfur tube;
  • Mechanical injuries (if in addition to painful sensations, bleeding from the ear - immediately contact the doctor);
  • Acoustic injuries (arise due to the impact of loud sounds on an hearing body, for example, on a rock concert, in a noisy production or with long-term use of headphones. As a rule, when removing the source of noise, the pain passes. If due to the work features, the noise source cannot be eliminated, You must certainly use special earplugs.);
  • Barotravum (manifests itself with changes in atmospheric pressure; more often occur during airfare or dive under water. When the ears are laid in the plane, you need to more often yawning, perform swallowing movements or just chew something to eliminate the state of "forecast");
  • Foreign body.

Water getting into the auditory passage

Normally, water that falls into the ear sink due to the anatomical features of the structure of the hearing body, independently flows out of it. If for some reason, she failed to "help her. To do this, there is a para-triple of unacter ways.

Method first: Tilt the head of the side of one way; Run your hand to the ear sink, with force put on it, and then release. The hand will perform here as a pump - excessive fluid flow out.

The second method, known, probably everyone since childhood. We creep your head on the side, and take jumps on one leg: if the liquid has shown into the right ear, then on the right, if in the left - on the left, respectively.

The third way. Wrap your ear shell with a towel, breathe deeply and clamp both nostrils. Without squeezing your fingers, try to exhale, but without opening your mouth! With the correct execution of this manipulation, the excess fluid will push the air. Method Fourth: You can just lie on the side, depending on which water was flooded with, and to lock up so short time, periodically performing swallowing movements: the water itself follows. If none of the methods brought the result, the liquid inside continues to cause discomfort, you need to seek help to an otorhinolaryngologist.

Sulfur traffic jams

Sulfur tube is a cluster of ear sulfur in the ear, which subsequently solidifies and causes discomfort, there is noise in the ears, the rumor decreases. In a healthy person, the removal of excess sulfur occurs in itself, for example, when chewing. But some people sulfur cannot be removed independently, it accumulates the auditory passage, hardens and forms a traffic jam. It is not necessary to try to get rid of traffic jams on your own, and even more so try to remove it with sharp objects (matches, toothpicks, etc.) - damage to the shell tissues or eardrum in this case can not be avoided. Cork removal produces an ENT doctor. The procedure takes not so much time: first it softens the tube with oil or solutions, and then makes the washing with a special syringe or removes a sulfur plug with a special hook of warhead.

Sulfur plug.jpg.

Foreign body

The ingredient of the foreign object in the ear - the phenomenon is frequent. And they suffer from this not only children put in the auditory passage of beads, peas, small parts of toys, but also adults, when they are inactively brushing the ears with sharp objects (matches, toothpicks, etc.) or tested on themselves the councils of traditional medicine, sticking in , wool and even food. An insect or minor items may fall into the auditory passage due to injuries or emergencies. If you suspect a foreign object into the hearing body, you do not need to try to cope with the problem on your own: it is fraught with damage to the auditory passage. Inappropriate movements, you can push the subject further deep into the way, thereby having a great deal of the situation. Help the doctor in pain from the ingredient bodies - the only right way out!

Foreign object in ear.jpg

Ears in adults

Pain sensations may occur due to the eared pathologies directly. These include: otitis ears, Eusthaitis, tumors.

Otitis is infectious inflammation in the ear, the leader among the diseases of the ENT organs in the number of appeals to the otorinolaryngologist. The reasons for the ailment are non-borrowed infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis), rhinitis, a deformed nasal partition, damage to the auricle, penetration into her water or infection after self-cleaning of the EH outsiders.

The human hearing body consists of an outdoor, middle, inner ear. Accordingly, the outer, medium and internal otitis is distinguished.

Outdoor otitis covers an auditory passage. Basically, the disease is developing when water penetrates during bathing. There is even a term "swimmer's ear": otitis happens with a frequent contact with water. For the treatment of ear pain caused by outer otitis, you need to contact an otorinolaryngologist.

Friends! Timely and proper treatment will provide you soon recovery!

Medium otitis: a third of all appeals to the otorinolaryngologist is associated with this type of otitis. The main complaint of patients is a shooting pain in the middle ear. The disease can occur in several forms: acute, exudative and chronic purulent.

Middle Otit.jpg.

Internal otitis (labyrinthitis) is an inflammatory disease of the inner ear. The disease is heavy, it is infrequent: usually as a complication of medium otitis or a severe form of another infectious disease (for example, tuberculosis).

With the appearance of suspicion of inflammation, it is impossible to engage in self-medication: incorrectly prescribed treatment of otitis or a haired state can cause serious complications. Effective adult assistance at otitis ear can only have an otorinolaryngologist.

Eusthaitis is the inflammation of Eustachiyeva (auditory) pipe connecting the organ of hearing with the nasophal. Eustachiev pipe is needed to better catch the sounds and ventilate the middle ear through the nasopharynk. With the qualified help of an otorinolaryngologist, the treatment of ear pain caused by Evstachitis is quickly, and relief occurs in a couple of days.


Ear tumors are rarely found. To determine pathology, CT and MRI are used.

Ear pain in the pathologies of other organs

When ear pain is connected directly with diseases of the hearing body, the diagnosis and treatment of pain in the ear in adults is usually not difficult. It is much more difficult to assist adults with pain in the ear, if there is no visible pathologies when examining visible pathologies. In such situations, we are talking about surgery - condition, when there are no ear pain, and there is no inflammation.

Diseases causing surrenders include:

  • Mastoid;
  • This is the inflammation of the depositous process of temporal bone, located behind the ear sink, as a rule, the disease is developing as a complication after otitis).
  • diseases of the temporomandibular joint, located behind the auditory passage;
  • This joint may be subject to such pathologies as arthritis, arthritis, dislocation, which leads to painful sensations of the organ of hearing.
  • Dental diseases;
  • Problems with the spine;
  • Inflammation of the pharynx (acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, paratonzillar abscess);
  • Oncological diseases of the pharynx;
  • sinusitis;
  • neuralgic pathologies;
  • intracranial tumors.

Ear pain - What to do?

As we see, pain syndrome has a different nature of the occurrence. To understand a real reason, to establish the correct diagnosis and to offer an effective means of treating ear pain in adults can only be a doctor. The treatment of ears in adults is engaged in an otorhinolaryngologist. Faced with a similar problem, immediately refer to a specialist.

Alas, it is not always possible to visit the doctor right away. More often, unpleasant symptoms appear suddenly and at night. First of all, you need to take a remedy for pain - an anesthetic drug based on ibuprofen. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is most effective compared to other means.

If the painful sensations are accompanied by a runny nose, it will not be superfluous to use vasoconducting drops into the nose.

Many patients are first running and buy drops into ears from pain. But every drops have their own purpose: in one case, they can be fully treated, in the other - no. Drops are not a versatile agent. Statistics show that in the treatment of ears in half cases, patients mistakenly prescribe drugs themselves. Drops should be used only when completely confident in your diagnosis.

Drops will not help with injury - in such a situation it is better to take an anesthetic and turn to the ENT doctor. The thermal compresses do not stand before the consultation of the doctor. For example, with purulent otitis, such a measure will only worsen the state of the patient.

Before the visit to the doctor, do not go to the cold without a headdress, do not try to clean your own saccine from the selection and pus in its depth, do not instinate the means on alcohol.

As a rule, antibacterial agents are prescribed with ear inflammations of the middle ear. With inflammation of the outer - antibiotics in the form of droplets. In any case, the consultation at the ENT specialist is obligatory! Folk remedies can be used in a complex with medicinal therapy and only after the exact formulation of the diagnosis, that is, after visiting the doctor.

Diagnosis and treatment of pain in the ears in Moscow

At the reception, the doctor talks with the patient, collects history and conducts an inspection with the help of the otoscope, assesses the state of the external department of the ear, auditory passage and the eardrum. He inspects a sip, larynx, oral cavity and nasal moves. Sometimes the patient is directed to an audiometry. If the cause of pain is an injury, additionally needs x-ray or CT.

The treatment of ear in Moscow offers many medical institutions: from district polyclinic to multidisciplinary medical centers. From the type of medical institution and its pricing policy depends on the total cost of treating the ears in Moscow. "ENT Clinic Dr. Zaitseva" specializes in diseases of hearing organs. The treatment of diseases of the ear is our profile. We use the most modern equipment of well-known global manufacturers. The many years of experience of our doctors allows us to successfully diagnose the pathology of the hearing body and offer the most effective treatment. Prices for our services have not changed more than three years.

With the appearance of ear pain and other unpleasant symptoms, do not tolerate and do not self-medicate. Please call, write down and come. We will be glad to help you!

Earache - Extremely unpleasant symptom. It may be a dull pain in the ear, pulsating or, on the contrary, sharp and sudden.

Why does the ear hurt?

Image 1: Ear Hold - Family Doctor ClinicThe pain in the ear is most often associated with the inflammation of either the outer ear (ear shell and the auditory channel to the eardrum) or the middle ear (drum cavity directly behind the drumpoint). In this case, they say, respectively, Outdoor or Middle Otitis . If ear sink hurts, then, most likely, the reason for this is a bacterial or fungal infection that fell into the wound or the mouth of the sebaceous gland. Sometimes at the same time hurts and ear and throat. And it is not surprising: the ear is associated with the nasopharynk and through a hearing pipe infection can get from the nasopharynx in the middle ear, and then inflammation, causing pain, is simultaneously developing in the throat and in the ear.

However, often the ear hurts for other reasons. In children, the pain in the ear is sometimes associated with hitting the auditory canal. foreign objects . If this happened, you should not try to extract the object that fell into the ear on its own - you can damage the eardrum or to damage the ear.

Dense sulfur It can also cause inconvenience and pain.

Another possible reason for acute pain - breakpoint breakfast .

Cases are fairly common when pain perceived in the ear testifies to the disease of other organs. Such pain doctors is called irradiating, and in the people they say that the pain "gives to the ear".

Such pains may occur when sinusitis (inflammation of the nasal sinuses), the arthritis of the jewish joint, the inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.

For Caries extreme teeth In the launched stage, when the nerve is inflamed or the fabric adjacent to the teeth, the pain often gives the ear, temple and neck. Recognize "dental origin" of pain by the fact that it is enhanced by pressing the patient tooth, as well as when receiving cold or hot food.

Ear hurts: what to do?

Image 1: Ear Hold - Family Doctor Clinic

In pain in the ear, the main thing is not to engage in self-medication. Trying to determine the cause of pain in the ear on their own, easy to make a mistake. It is not always clear even where the source of pain is in the auditory canal or drum chamber. Therefore, to start the treatment, without consulting the doctor dangerous, - you can treat not that, and the disease provided by itself, in the meantime, can take a more severe form.

If the pain in the ear did not pass for two days or it especially worries you, you need to contact Laura. Experienced Lor Doctors of the "Family Doctor" will help to establish the cause of pain and appoint an effective course of treatment with both an adult and a child.

Causes of pain in the ear


Ear inflammation is the most common cause of pain in children and adults. Taking into account the localization and degree of damage to pain can be shooting, stupid, pulsating or cutting. Usually discomfort is felt on the one hand, but bilateral inflammation is possible. The symptom is combined with headache, malaise, increasing temperature. Satalia manifests various variants of the inflammatory process:

  • Outdoor otitis. Patients are experiencing sharp pulsating pain, which are given to the lower jaw and neck. The discomfort is aggravated by talking, firing, swallowing. Typically redness of the skin of the oars and the visible part of the auditory pass. The rumor is usually not disturbed.
  • Medium otitis. The disease manifests a sudden shooting pain in the ear, which is periodically enhanced. The pain lasts until 3 days, then the pus goes into the outdoor ear, and the unpleasant feeling is dulled. Sometimes the symptoms are so strong that they interfere with sleep and work, are not removed by analgesics.
  • Internal otitis (labyrinthitis). Pathology is characterized by moderate soreness in the ear and the temporal zone, ailment. For labyrinthitis pathognomonic attacks of dizziness and nausea, which bother patients much more than painful syndrome. It is often noticeably reduced ear.

A separate place among the causes of pain occupies a swimmer's ear syndrome (outer diffuse otitis). Satagolia is the main sign of pathology. Pulsating or shooting pains are predominant, increasing when pressed on the affected area, pulling out the ear dump. Patients also impose complaints about discomfort and cutting in the outer ear aisle, worsening hearing.


For inflammation of the auditory (Eustachiyeva) tube typical of stupid pain and discomfort on the side of the defeat. Patients describe their symptoms as a sensation of fluid transfusion in the ear, unpleasant cutting or concreteness. Strong Other is observed in Evstachitis caused by sudden precipitates of atmospheric pressure. The specific feature of the disease is autophonia - a sense of resonance of his own voice in the ear.



Foreign body

When large items in the ear passage of patients are concerned with cutting strong pains that are permanently and do not decrease after the use of droplets or painkillers. If the alien body has sharp edges, in addition to pain, bleeding from the ear or sharply occurs pain due to damage to the eardrum.

In addition to these symptoms, patients notice the breadths of the ear, one-sided worsening of hearing. Less often appear, headaches. If the subject is in the ear for a long time, the inflammatory process begins, in which the Ot will increase, the pain becomes shooting or pulsating. From the ear passage is allocated mucous-purulent exudate.

Early ear

In case of damage to the ear shell, sharp pains on the affected side occur, which over time are replaced by stupid or pulsating (when the hematoma is generated). If the injury affects the auditory passage, in addition to harsh pain, there is bleeding and a drop in the type of conductive hearing loss. Damage to the eardrum is characterized by a strong painful syndrome, which gradually subsides, is replaced by hearing loss and mortgage.

Internal and inner ear injuries are often found in the FMT structure, which causes the characteristics of clinical symptoms. Patients complain about painful pains, exciting not only ear, but also the temporal area, a mastoid process. Heavy damage cause painful headache without clear localization. Typically ear bleeding, a sharp decline or absence of hearing.

Tumors of ear

Benign neoplasms are accompanied by surgery only when a significant size and surrounding the surrounding tissues is achieved. If the tumor is located near the eardrum, the patient bothers the noise in the ears, a decrease in hearing. For malignant formations, pathognomonic burning pains. The disease is first periodic, as the tumor increases, the intensity of pain syndrome steadily increases.


When the pain, pain is localized mainly in the near-wing area, the projection zone of the affected salivary glands. Usually pain syndrome applies to the ear. In a clinical picture, the infection can resemble the average otitis or Euro. Satagolia is felt stronger in the chewing and conversation, feeling the affected area, the skin over which becomes stretched and lining. The most intense driving pains are at night.

Neurological diseases

The neuralgia of the ear knot is manifested by the attacks of burning or pulsating one-sided pain, which is localized in the ear, as well as the area adjacent to it. Pain sensations are irradiated in the head, neck, temporomandibular joint. The attack of the OTTGY lasts from a few minutes to one hour, after which all the symptoms disappear. Paroxysms are provoked by changing the temperature and humidity of the air, the drops of barometric pressure.

With neuralgia, the language nerve is the pain is localized mainly in the root of the language, but often it gives to the ear. The pain attack is associated with chewing, coughing, taking too hot or cold food. Otaly is also noted under the ganglionite of the crankshaft, developing in the framework of herpetic infection (Ramsey Hunt syndrome). Moderate stupid pains in the ear are with a cochlear new.

Complications of pharmacotherapy

When using drugs with a isotoxic effect, stupid pain occur, often having a mixed nature. At the same time, the ring, noise and whistle in the ears are concerned with surgery, worsen. Unpleasant symptoms are enhanced with head slopes in different directions, sharp corners of the body. Yatrogenic isotoxicity most often exhibit aminoglycosides, loop diuretics, platinum derivatives.


With complaints, I need to consult a otolaryngologist. A preliminary diagnosis is raised already under visual examination, when signs of injury of external ear, poverty or liquor, tumor-like grown in a rumor passage are found. To establish the cause of pain, informative instrumental and laboratory diagnostic methods are included in the survey scheme:

  • Otoscopy. Inspection using the otoscope is a simple method of diagnosing otitis, neoplasms, boils. In the study, it is revealed by hyperemia of the skin, swelling or retraction of the eardrum, purulent selection. If the disease has become complicated by the destruction of the auditory membrane, during the otoscopy, the doctor will see the structures of the drum cavity.
  • Audiometry. A complex of diagnostic methods is assigned to determine the presence of hearing disorders and their severity. To obtain a complete clinical picture, several types of research are used: speech, tonal or computer audiometry.
  • Radiography of temporal bone. Radiological methods allow us to study in detail the structure of the internal and middle ear. On X-rays, it is possible to detect bone fractures, signs of inflammation or destruction of the predominant process, deformation of structures due to the growth of the neoplasms.
  • Additional methods . To clarify the localization of the pathological process at traumatic damage to the ear of the ear, the CT skull is carried out, the MRI of the brain. Diagnostic search includes the study of the vestibular apparatus (vestibulomy, stabilography). With probable inflammation of the Eustachius pipe, it is advisable to perform rhinoscopy, pharyngoscopy.
  • Laboratory research . When otite is shown bacterioscopic and bacteriological analysis of separated from the auditory passage. Children with possible epidemic parotitis put serological reactions (RSK, IFA). To verify the diagnosis of malignant tumor, histological analysis of bioptats make.
Out of pain in the ear pain

Out of pain in the ear pain


Help before diagnosis

To reduce the surroundings to a visit to the doctor, ear drops are used with local anesthetics or oral tablets with analgesics. Medicines can be used if the pain arose not on the background of injury. In the pathological process, which struck the ear, the bones of the skull and the brain are quite quickly involved, so self-medication is unacceptable. The provision of assistance to patients with surgery should be a qualified ENT doctor.

Conservative therapy

Treatment involves the use of local or systemic drugs or their combination. Otitis, ear drops containing antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic substances are used, the toilet of the ear is carried out. To improve the outflow of the exudate from the drum cavity to the nose, vasoconstrictor means. To reduce the painful syndrome in the first days (before a breakthrough of the hearing membrane), 96% alcohol fitted into the ear.

To eliminate the consequences of receiving outlook drugs, ATP and galantamine are prescribed, which stimulate regeneration processes. To improve the nutrition of the structures of the auditory analyzer helps nootropics. In order to influence the neurological causes of surgery, sedative, cholinolitic agents, metabolic and vasoactive drugs are recommended. Strong pain paroxysms require anticonvulsants.

In practical otolaryngology, physiotherapy methods are effective. To relieve the inflammatory process and stimulation of local immunity, microwave therapy, laser therapy, UHF are carried out. For the prevention of auditory disorders in the period of reconciliation, the pneumatic massage of the eardrum is performed. Reflexotherapy, amplisterapia, eliminate the neuralgia, amplisterapia.


The drum cavity is purified from pus during miningomy, followed by washing the ear with antibacterial solutions. In chronic otitis and the absence of the effect of conservative measures, anthroprogenage in the depositary process is carried out. An indication for surgical treatment is external cholesterol, exostosis, abscesses.

Reconstructive operations are appointed to eliminate the effects of middle ear injury: miningoplasty, tympoplasty, mastoidoplasty. In case of damage to the inner ear, an emulsion intervention is made to restore the integrity of the anatomical structures. In severe diseases and injuries, accompanied by hearing loss, the patient requires selection of a hearing aid or cochlear implantation.

What if the ear hurts?

Agree that when your ear hurts, you can no longer think about it, except for this pain. And it is not always difficult to make pain with the help of popular drugs.

Most often we do not appeal directly to the doctor, and we begin the treatment yourself: dripping drops, drink painkillers, or, even worse, inconsistency accept antibiotics.

But the pain in the ears can be a manifestation (symptom) of various diseases that are different and treated. Therefore, when self-medication often it turns out that the cause of the disease is one, and we treat our favorite ears completely from the other. And, alas, we do not get out of recovery, but the development of the disease, and, very often - related complications due to the development of the disease. And since the ears are in close proximity to the brain, complications can be very formidable.

So if you have started pain inside the ear, better without delay contact ENT doctor (otolaryngologist) . It will determine the cause of pain, if necessary, will hold or prescribe additional surveys ( Endoscopic inspection , Computed tomography, etc.), and will pick you up optimal treatment.

What are the causes of pain in the ears?

1. Inflammatory process


The pain inside the ear is most often a sign of the inflammatory process, most often - otitis. Inflammation can be localized in the region of the ear shell, the outer hearing aisters, the middle ear (drum cavity, the maternity process, Eustachiev pipe).

Symptoms with outdoor otitis: At the beginning of the disease, the pain in the ear is not strong, it is possible to get it possible and the breadths of the ear. As progressing, the pain is enhanced, it becomes unbearable, when pulling the knife to the sink and the ear sharply painful. Next, the process involves soft cloths of the parotid area, which also become sharply painful when pressed, palpation.

The cause of inflammation Outdoor auditory passes most often is a swelling and infected sulfur tube and fungi (with otomycosis), injury (for example, with an independent attempt to remove sulfur with a cotton wand, match, etc.), foreign bodies (wool, insects, etc.)

What to do with the outer otitis is categorically impossible: - Heat ears, visit the bath, sauna, swimming pool; Put alcoholic drops in your ear.

Recommended - With severe pain, take an anesthetic and as soon as possible turn to Lor to the doctor.

Symptoms when inflammation of the middle ear (otitis average) - Acute Middle Otitis, as a rule, arises due to an acute respiratory infection, on the background of a cold, nasal congestion.

How to determine? The pain is intensified when pressed on the goat (the protrusion in the ear shell near the opening of the outer auditory pass). In addition, the temperature increases with acute otis, the ear appears in the ear, it is possible to release in the ear. Often these symptoms accompany the launched or not a dura infectious disease.

What to do? Any pain in the ear requires consultation of an otorinolaryngologist. Therefore, if there is a pain in the ear, to facilitate the state you can take an anesthetic (paracetamol, analgin, nourofen, nimesil, teraflu, etc.), we recommend that you need to drip the throative drops (naphtizin, deryvin, osivin, and. s). And be sure to contact the ENT doctor as soon as possible.

What can I do? Do not take antibiotics without appointing a doctor. In addition, if the body temperature is increased, or periodically rises, pain in the ear pulsating, there are purulent discharge from the ear, then it is categorically impossible to warm the patient's ear! It is impossible to drip in the ears of a drop without appointing a doctor. Wax candles are categorically prohibited with any otitis.

Preventive measures. Often Otitis is manifested after the launched cold, influenza or Angina Funny. The disease can recur (renew) against the background of an increased adenoid or chronic rhinitis, sinusitis. Therefore, such diseases need to be treated, guided by the recommendations of your ENT doctor, and, most importantly, bring treatment to the end.

2. Caries

Hurt ear inside, what to do?

Oddly enough, but the cause of ear pain can be in the caries of the teeth. When the caries running, the pulsating or novel pain in the ear causes an inflammatory process of tissues near the patient's tooth, since pain sensations are transmitted by nerve in the ear.

How to determine? Pain in the ear pulsating or noving, more often combined with toothache. It is enhanced by pressing the patient, with chewing or when taking cold and hot food. At night hurts stronger than the day.

What to do? Of course, to visit the dentist faster. Before taking a doctor, you can reduce pain involving pain. You can make a rinse with soda - take a glass of warm boiled water and add 1 teaspoon of soda and 2 drops of iodine.

What can I do? It is impossible to make a warm compress from the sick tooth. You can not pick in the teeth with any objects or touch the inflamed tooth or gums. This can lead to the spread of infection.

Preventive measures. Do not allow problems with your teeth, any hole in the tooth can lead to the appearance of infection and inflammation.

3. Neuralgia Triple Nerva


Neuralgia of a trigeminal nerve (inflammation of the nerve) can also cause pain in the ear.

How to determine? Pain, can be shooting and short-term, and maybe a lowered constant and felt not only in the ear, but also in the near-wing area, the dark-temporal area. At the same time, the patient notes that he is unpleasant to touch the skin of the head and hair from this side, hyperesthesia appears - increased sensitivity.

What to do? With such symptoms, it will be necessary to immediately turn to a neuropathologist's doctor, but also the consultation of ENT doctor will most likely need it, to eliminate ear disease. Indeed, in the case of the pathology of ENT organs, only he can designate the necessary, specific precisely for your case, treatment.

What can not be done? You can not eat sharp dishes, coffee and strong tea. They can enhance pain.

Preventive measures. Do not overcoat the body. Neuralgia can cause long overcooling, especially combined with physical exertion. Also possible reasons may be old spinal injuries.

4. Furuncul

Pain in the ear, what to do?

If there is a strong pain inside the ear and there is a master of pus, then a possible cause is a furuncle. This is a localized hair pouch.

How to determine? The pain constant, intense, is intensified when pressed on the ear of the ear.

What to do? It is necessary to sign up for the ENT doctor, preferably operating, because For high-quality opening of an affectionant (and such is the inflamed furuncle) it is necessary to surgical interference and the appointment of effective antibacterial therapy.

What can I do? It is impossible to open the furuncle on your own, so as not to incur an infection in the body. In addition, remember that uncontrolled self-treatment with antibiotics is not only inefficient, but it can bring you harm in the future.

Preventive measures. Keep your ears clean. The furuncle appears due to the lack of simple hygienic procedures - in those who do not clean the ears or cleans the acute items for this.

5. Unfortunately, there are many other reasons for the appearance of pain in the ears - infection, injuries, sulfur tube, etc.

All are not listed as part of our small article. Therefore, the next question is old as the world.

How nevertheless to treat the patient's ear?

Hurt ear inside, what to do?

You can get from friends, relatives, familiar many different recommendations. The connoisseurs of traditional medicine are advised to bury the chamomile in the ear, melissa or propolis, to apply beet compress with the addition of honey and others. Experienced parents who have passed with their children through several otites will advise you a specific antibiotic. The pharmacy pharmacy will immediately give out several packages "exactly helping" and notable medicines.

But the cause of pain, as you understand, can be the most different: infectious, traumatic, indirectly associated with surrounding nerves, etc. And methods of treatment that will help you with an acute average of otitis can cause harm with outer otitis.

Therefore, before you have to do with treatment, we recommend that you seem like the ENT Plus clinic to provide qualified and effective assistance.

What do you need to do so that there is no pain in the ears? Prevention.

  • A healthy lifestyle is the first and most importantly condition for the prevention of any diseases, including ear diseases.
  • Specific prophylactic measures depend on the localization of inflammation: the ears, the outer hearing pass, the cavity of the middle ear or the inner ear. Diseases of these ear departments are different in nature and further development. Accordingly, the prevention measures will be different.
Ear hurts, what to do?

For example, with the excess formation of sulfur in a rumor pass, some people are formed Sulfur traffic jams . In this case, the main recommendation is not to clean your ears with cotton chopsticks and regularly, not less than 1 time per year, conduct inspections from the ENT doctor.

Remember that for the prevention of middle ear diseases, a healthy state of the nasal and nasopharynk cavity is extremely important, since the normal functioning of the ear is closely related to the normal nose breathing and the state of the nose and the incomparatory sinuses.

Medical Center "LOR PLUS" conducts preventive inspections, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of ear disease in adults and children. Thanks to our highly qualified professionals and modern methods of prevention, you can prevent otitis in a child, or cure serious ear disease without consequences.


The cause of pain in the ear can be various diseases. Alternatively, only the ENT doctor after inspection can accurately determine this, and often after appointing additional surveys. Therefore, we categorically we do not recommend that you independently deal with the treatment of the ears - a very important part of our body.

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