Master class do it yourself

Such a significant event, like a birthday, always want to note with a bang. And the holiday design plays a key role here. Beautiful and bulk figures for a birthday with their own hands is a popular decor element. The numbers will give a chic look and a special atmosphere to any celebration. And what photos are obtained on their background - just class! Make the scenery is very simple. And step-by-step instructions with a photo will help.

Figures for a birthday from napkins

We will need:

  • Napkins of any colors (it is desirable to use at least two shades);
  • Instead of napkins, you can take pressed paper;
  • scissors, stapler;
  • PVA glue.
Figures for a birthday from napkins

Instructions for the manufacture of florals from napkins:

1. We take a napkin in a folded form, in which it is sold.

2. We fold it in half.

Figures for a birthday from napkins

3. Then again in half. It turns out a small square.

Figures for a birthday from napkins

4. In the center fix it with a stapler.

Figures for a birthday from napkins

5. Sut off the edge circle.

Figures for a birthday from napkins

6. Raise the layers of napkins in the direction upwards.

Figures for a birthday from napkins

Instructions for the manufacture of paper flowers:

1. Reveal the set of pressed material. Cut it into large squares according to the sizes of the napkin.

Figures for a birthday from napkinsFigures for a birthday from napkins

2. We fold the cut figure in half once and divide along the fold into two parts. Now we take every half and fold twice - just as they did with the napkin. Only from the same format of matter we get two billets for the flower.

3. Why do we cut the square in half before folding? The thing is that paper is densely napkins. To get about the same in the volume of flowers, for their manufacture we use only half of the compressed material format.

Figures for a birthday from napkins

4. Fix paper blanks with a stapler, cut the edge and reveal the layers of the figure, giving it a beautiful form.

Figures for a birthday from napkins

5. The decorative basis of the figures is ready. It remains to glue parts to the base part - forms of foam, which must be pre-cut. You can also make them from cardboard boxes.

We glue the flowers to the surface of the numbers using PVA. The order of colors is at your discretion. How it happened to me - look at the photo. After completing the process, let the glue dry dry, forgetting about the numbers at night.

Figures for a birthday from napkinsFigures for a birthday from napkins

Figures for a birthday with their own hands - decoration for the holiday, which is done simply and allow you to make a change in the standard decor. The main feature of solemn numbers is a bulk, which will give the opportunity to put them on the closet, table, windowsill.

To create the usual office, which has all.

In the tools must be present:

  1. Dense cardboard sheets. The thick box from the TV, the refrigerator or microwave is best suited.
  2. Scriber. You can draw a pencil or ballpoint pen.
  3. Scissors and stationery knife. It is desirable that they be at the same time, because errors when cutting with scissors can be edited by a cutter.
  4. Painting tape. It is made on a paper basis, is well glued and can be broken with his hands.
  5. Polyvinyl chloride glue. Instead of PVA, you can use any "second" glue, instantly gluing surface.
  6. Napkins. The more colors - the better.
  7. Stapler. Allows you to quickly grab the protruding edge when the hands are busy.

The instruction is described below how to make a bulk digit.

General instructions for numbers

General recommendations for all forms of the same. Since the figures suggest the volume, it is required to cut two identical forms for all numbers and connect their end parts. You can draw side protrusions in advance, which will then help consuming two details together, but it is possible to do them separately.

The first figure is drawn on the cardboard lineup, as well as on the downloaded and printed pattern. The second need to circle on the first and also cut.

Separate parts are made on the following recommendations:

  1. Bottom. Flat base, 25x10 size. It can be made two-layer to increase weight and stability.
  2. Side. Rectangular segments of the same width. In numbers of complex shape, like 2 or 6, they must have a small length to provide a rounded form.

Separately selected glue. The most affordable method is PVA. For one-time use, school stationery is suitable. His problem is long drying. In this case, preferably "moment", which dries over a second, and keeps much better.

But even faster methods. It will allow fixing large cardboard segments. It will allow fixing large cardboard segments. In addition, it allows you to smoke joints, and drying occurs in 1 minute.

It is impossible to use ordinary tape. It is dense, has no pore, so the napkins just do not stick. The malarious tape is suitable, since its surface has an adult basis.

Making frame of digits

To assemble any digit, you need to know the step-by-step instructions. For each figure, a separate template is required and the framework of the frame is also seriously different. Below are the manufacturer's templates.

They can be printed on the printer or redraw with preservation of proportions.

Figure 0.

Despite the complexity of this figure, as it represents an oval, make it the easiest way.

Everything happens in a few steps:

  1. Required by the following stencil cut two identical details. Since there are no straight lines in zero, you may need a subsequent edit against the stationery knife.
  2. Now you need to cut the sidewalls. For zero - these are long straight rectangles. You can even make them not from individual segments. First you need to install an inner sidewall, as in the future it will be difficult to fix it.

Now you can go to decorating. The complexity in this figure may occur at the stage of the internal sidewalls. In this case, it is better to use the greasy scotch, which firmly fixes it for a while. Next, it is better to smack the corners using a thermoclaus or "second" to ensure the ultimate strength. The outside is also required to fix with painting tape, as in the photo.

Figure 1.

1 For the birthday, do it yourself most often. Knowing how to make a figure 1, you can arrange holidays for children of many different ages.

First you need to cut the base. In the future, with the side of the longest part, the measurement is removed and one sidewall is cut. After that, it is glued with painting tape.

To the left of the angle to the niza removed the measurement and the sidewall is cut off - fixed with scotch outside. The upper part is installed on a similar instruction and the base is glued.

For the ends, 4 squares are cut. To set the arcuate shape, you can make lateral serifs. On this assembly 1 with their own hands is completed.

Figure 2.

The bulk digit 2 is more complicated by the unit, as it has several complex bends. For this reason, you will have to carefully make a cut.

To secure it seized, you need to cut off the long strip and connect the internal and external bend. The tail is easiest to make direct. In this case, it will not be necessary to edit the product with a knife. Starting stands on the inside, as it is harder to get to her.

Figure 3.

Figure 3 for a birthday one of the most difficult, as it requires more sidewalls. To connect two external semicircles, you need to cut two strips. It is important that they are identical in size.

For riveting, except Scotch, it is worth using thermocons. Under pressure probably dug the sidewalls. Clear is required along the entire length to balance the voltage.

All ends need to be sealed.

Figure 4.

Figure 4 is very similar to one, so it is made similarly. The most difficult moment is an internal triangle that needs to be carefully cut and cry.

The beginning of the assembly occurs similarly. 1. First you need to glue the right side with a long strip. After that, it is necessary to glue the upper part and the base. It is required to sneak into small segments and stuck on the tape. In the future, you need to make the rest of the parts in small pieces and fix with painting scotch. It is best to make a layer of adhesive tape thicker to hold back the complex shape.

Figure 5.

Production of figures 5 is worth starting from the top. It is required to measure the segment and cut from the cardboard the top base. It is desirable to glue it to the tape and glue at the same time that the seam is much stronger.

After that, you need to secure the lower base of the segment of 20 centimeters. For external and inner semicircles, the same rectangular stripes are cut. After that, the ends are closed by four pieces.

Figure 6 and 9

Since these numbers do not differ, they are made by one template. At the bottom of the large circle you need to fix the bottom. The semi-alumina is glipulated. The same is required to do with the inner semicircle.

Segment fix internal oval. The ends are closed by pieces of cardboard. Volumetric figures 6 and 9 are made with their own hands using similar instructions. For the assembly of the nine you need to simply turn the template for 180 degrees.

Number 7.

Seven is even easier than figure 1 for a holiday. The rectangle form is better to do arcuate. The bottom must be strengthened by several layers of cardboard. For curvilinear parts, two stripes will be required and two small segments for the top and bottom of the nose. The end closes with a square.

Figure 8.

The figure is popular for birthday and March 8 do it yourself. It consists of two oval: small and large. After cutting the template, you need to cut two long rectangles. External ovals are connected with each long segment or several small.

Decor numbers

After the figure for the birthday is your hands is ready - it must be decorated. It will be done with the help of napkins. There are several techniques: chrysanthemum, carnation and rose. The beautiful composition is obtained if you use bright napkins of different colors.

No need to buy expensive napkins for decoupage, painting and drawings. Technology of gluing flower coagulation will turn the drawing into porridge. Volumetric numbers of paper - it is best to buy the cheapest napkins for them.

There is a lot of different color on sale and often they are sold in an amount of more than 200 pieces. One package will be enough for one digit. Figures from napkins with their own hands can be decorated with corrugated paper or cardboard.

If you need to use different colors, you can buy several packs of distinctive shades. In case you need to do a few digits - you can already order wipes wholesale. Most likely there will be extra material, but it will be cheaper than buying everything in retail.

Choose a color gamut easily. Enough to take into account:

  1. Favorite color celebrating;
  2. Dominant shade in the interior of the room;
  3. Traditionally, pink tones for girls and blue for boys are used.


  1. To make a large flower, a napkin, without revealing, you need to highlighted in the middle. Small flowers folded fourly.
  2. Scissors need to make petals.

To the digit from the napkins was uniform, it is better to make a pattern in advance. The pattern is cut out of dense cardboard. It is better to make a stationery cutter to prevent uneven cuts. In order for the template to be durable, it can be wrapped in a conventional transparent tape.


  1. The napkin in the sections of the fold is cut into 4 parts;
  2. Of the four squares there is a harmonica;
  3. In the center you need to make a paper thread;
  4. Edges curly;
  5. Petals are sprawling, starting from the top layer.

Figures from napkins with their own hands with chrysanthemum are common. They are simply made and give the figure.

rose flower

  1. The napkin needs to be folded diagonally 4 times;
  2. Buds are folded from the strip;
  3. One side is stitched by thread;
  4. The second side is painted.

After already the beautiful rose, which can be used in the festive decor.

A photo

Make colorful digits from cardboard and napkins with your own hands for an important event or date: birthday, anniversary, anniversary, maybe everyone. Do it have to be volumetric figures from cardboard, decorated with wipes from napkins? Photo session against the background of these figures will be unforgettable! If everything converges, let's start?

In the direction of uncertainty and concerns that it turns out not so beautiful, as if you ordered their professional! Our master class will help you step by step in this exciting lesson. So, we will need:

  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • scissors / stationery knife;
  • Malyary Scotch;
  • glue;
  • napkins;
  • Stapler with brackets.
Photowon with digit on 1 year old

Such beauty can be made with your own hands!

How many napkins need

We buy the simplest napkins. The first question that occurs as they need them? It all depends on what size you will do the digit.

The consumption of napkins depends on the magnitude of the flower is made, the density of the series, i.e. Pumbers of the figure. You can make a probe from the houses of the napkins, calculate the area you need to decorate, and approximately estimate the consumption.

If the plans make a huge number or two, then it is better to buy in bulk. Even if it remains, you will spend less less than you bought piety.

On the color scheme, it is easy to decide, for example:

  • Favorite color your or culprit celebration;
  • the main tone of the interior;
  • Pink tones for a girl, blue for a boy.

They can be monophonic, multicolored. Choose the combined shades together!

Colors of napkins

An example of flowers numbers from napkins for a boy and a girl.

Basis of numbers

At the first stage, we make the basis of the numbers. Any cardboard box is suitable, for example, packaging from household appliances. If there was nothing at home, you can buy cardboard boxes in a construction hypermarket, or corrugated cardboard in rolls on a cut. Density Choose based on the size of the future digit.

The size of the figure depends on the intentions of its use: if it is a decoration of the table, of course, it is a small size than for a photo shoot.

Large digit 1 from napkins

General instructions for all numbers

Since the figure we have bulk, you need to cut 2 identical numbers and connect their end parts. To cut numbers, you can use different templates and stencils (below will be provided for each digit files for download). Or draw yourself on the cardboard the number you need, cut out and use it as a stencil for the manufacture of the second.

Procedure for assembling Karcasa


The bottom (approximately 20 cm) of the bases do smooth, it will be the bottom so that the finished figure can stand.


The sidewalls of the shapes - rectangles of the same width better made from puff-up cardboard so that they properly lay on the curved parts of the shape.

For the stability of our craft, it is better that the width of the rectangles - the side parts were at least 10 cm. The height of rectangles determine, measuring the parties of the figure. For convenience on carved parts, you can write the dimensions of each segment.


The billets are glued together (for example, the "moment" liner or PVA, as well as a hot gun), painting tape or paper and glue, so it will be easier to attach decor.

On the usual tape flowers from napkins will not be attached!

It is not necessary to glue the greasy tape over the entire surface, cut it on the strips and glipe each separately first to one side of the figure, then to the other. When all sidewalls are glued to one of the workpieces, for strength, skid all the inner seams with tape or glue.

Now we bring the second workpiece on top and attach the sides of Scotch. For strength, this can be done several times, especially joints.

Making framework

Step-by-step framework assembly numbers

So, proceed to the execution of the carcass numbers. The figures consist of rectangles, circles of different diameters, semi-sinks. Since the figure we have volumetric individual elements ends with ends. The ends are of the form of a square. The fulfillment of individual parts for different numbers has its own characteristics, we'll figure it out:

Figure 1.

Figure 1 from napkins

This is the most popular figure! The celebration of the first year of life of the kid is the most long-awaited event. This figure consists only of rectangles, but you need more details than for others.

Figure 1 template:

Figure 1 templateLet's start with the right side rectangle, make measurements from the top of the figure to the bottom (crossbar at the bottom of the numbers). Fix with scotch. We measure the left segment of the rectangle from the curved part to the crossbar. We form the upper part of the crossbar, you will need two rectangles. Handshaw rectangle for the bottom, fasten. We clutch the ends of the figure squares, they need to be 4.The arcuate top on the inside of the cardboard you can make shallow cuts to cardboard became more supplied.

Watch the video master class on the production of units:

Figure 2.

Two salcule

Unlike a single, twice smooth bends, so the cardboard foundation for the figure will make a little more difficult.

Figure 2 templates:

Figure 2 template Figure 2 templateFor decoration seized the numbers, we cut off the long strip, we connect it with the top semi-shadow figure, the same makes the same with the inner. For the execution of the "tail", it is easier to do it directly, we prepare rectangles for the top and for the bottom.3 end squares we complete the manufacture of the shape.

Watch the video master class for the manufacture of twinks:

Figure 3.

Figure 3 of napkins

Festive date consists of digit 3? It will take even more effort.

Patterns for figures 3:

Template Troika Figure 3 templateFor two external semi-brows: upper (smaller) and lower (larger), it is necessary to cut two long rectangular stripes, as well as for external, measuring pre-data segments. On the bottom of the external semi-hooked - the bottom we glue the rectangle and 3 ends of the shapes - squares .

See the master class, how to make a figure 3:

Figure 4.

Figure 4.

Four is similar to one. The start of making a figure as for a unit, i.e. On the right side of the main rectangle.

Figure 4 Pattern:

Pattern 4.We make a blank for the left side of the oblique segment. Together with the crossbar, they may have an angle form or are made up with a square end. Dealers cut off the rectangles for the upper and lower parts of the crossbar. For the formation of the inner corner, we prepare three sections of the corresponding sizes. It is desirable to drag this figure, for example, a wooden bar for stability. Bar attach to the inside of the bottom in advance.

Watch the video, how to make it yourself four:

Figure 5.

Figure 5 of napkins and cardboard

For numbers 5, select a template with more straight lines to make it easier to cut and connect the items.

Templates for 5-ki:

Figure 5 template 5 digitThe first thing to place the upper part, measuring the desired length on the cardboard, cut out and secure rectangles from above and below. We prepare 2 long rectangles for external and internal semi-brows. The bottom - a rectangle of a 20 cm long decommore on the bottom of the semi-hooked. Therefore, it will be closed, there will be 4.

Watch the video master class how to make a frame figure 5 of cardboard:

Figure 6.

Figure 6 of multicolored colors from napkins

It consists of a large outer circle and small internal, as well as 2 semi-windows: external and internal.

Figure 6 templates:

6-ki template Figure 6 template

We draw up the bottom at the bottom of the big circle. We measure the length of segments of segments, cut off the band of the desired length. We bind scotch tape. Similarly, we make measurements of the inner circle, cut off a rectangle and connect the items. Square we close the end end seized.

Number 7.

Digit 7 from napkins

The most simple in the digit! But you have to think about how to put this figure vertically.

Templates for figures 7:

Template 7-ki Figure 7 template

The rectangle pattern of the figure 7 is better to do curved and strengthen the bottom, again with the help of wooden strokes or make the bottom of several layers of cardboard glued together. Dealer cut 1 end square, bottom, two rectangles for the upper element and two long rectangles for curved parts.

Figure 8.

Probably more often this figure is used to decorate the premises for the celebration of a female day.

Templates for 8-ki:

Templates 8-ki Pattern for figures 8The oct consists of 2 laps: big and small. Pre-measuring them, we prepare 2 long rectangles for two internal circles. External circles can be connected to a long rectangular strip or collect the sidewall numbers from several short, glueing them with each other.

See the master class, how to make a digit of 8 cardboard and napkins:

Figure 9.

Figures 4, 2, 9 for photo shoots

The nine is performed similarly to the figure 6. Remember that the bottom of the figure will be on the lower semi-alone, the six on the lower circle!

Pattern 9-ki:

Pattern 9ki. Figure 9 stencil

Figure 0.

Figures 3 and 0 for Round Date

This figure "loves" round dates!

Stencil for figures 0:

Stencil 0. Template 0.We harvest one large oval circle and two long rectangular strips for curved sidewalls: outer and internal. Measure 20 cm at the bottom for the bottom.

Watch the video how to make a figure of 0:

Decor numbers

Getting Started by the second stage. It is possible to decorate the resulting figure with different materials and methods, it all depends on your preferences.

Decor numbers with napkins in the form of flowerWe will decorate colors with simple paper napkins. It can be carnations, chrysanthemums, roses or, for example, pumps. The technique of their implementation is simple, but will take some time:


1 way

  • For a large flower, a napkin, not unfolding, in the middle by fasten the stapler, for small folded four;
  • Scissors cut out the petals of the future flower, spinning the edge of the resulting square;
  • In the middle of the square, we put a pencil and press it to it each layer separately, holding all the raised petals with your fingers.

To flowers get one size, we use a circular stencil from cardboard.

Watch the video how to make cloves from napkins:

2 way

  • Rass the napkin on 4 parts by collaps (torn ends will look like natural petals);
  • Fold squares smoothly at each other;
  • Make out the harmonica;
  • In the center, drag the harmonic thread;
  • In turn, raise the edges.


  • cut the napkin on bends for 4 squares;
  • out of 4 squares folded on each other make harmonica;
  • fasten in the center of thread;
  • I spin the edge of the harmonica with scissors;
  • We grind the petals starting from the top layer.

Watch the video how to make such a flower:

rose flower

1 way

  • we spread the napkin and diagonally fold several times (3-4 times);
  • from the obtained band forming a bud;
  • We fasten one of the sides of the thread;
  • Wood with a second side, sprawling petals like roses.

Watch the video how to make roses from napkins:

2 way

  • cut the napkin on the seam;
  • bend in half, cut again;
  • once again bend and cut again;
  • It turned out a stack of squares about 4 to 4 cm;
  • lay out the squares on each other layers of pieces of 5-6 so that the corners look at different directions (reminds of snowflake);
  • In the middle, we put the bracket by the stapler;
  • Gently raise each other every layer.

Pompons (from napkins of different color)

Pompon consists of two parts: the base is large pompon, the middle is small.

For big pompon:

  • We take, for example, two pink napkins and one white;
  • We spread one fold (it turns out a rectangle),
  • We put rectangles on each other, white on top;
  • We fold everything together by the harmonica;
  • Middle with threads;
  • We decorate the petals, cutting off the corners of the accordion on both sides, in the center of the resulting trapezium cut the angle, it turns out as an English letter "w";
  • we spread the harmonic in the circle;
  • Separate gently layers from each other, starting with a white napkin.

Watch the video, clearly how to make such a pompon on the example of monochrome napkins:

For Small Pompon:
  • we fold an unaccompanied pink napkin for 4 parts;
  • We fasten the brackets crosswise;
  • cut the circle;
  • We make notches, about 1 cm, not reaching the center of the workpiece approximately 1 cm;
  • Beaging the edges to the center while holding them from the center with your fingers.

We connect the blanks with glue, small pompon in the middle of the big. Pompon is ready, it is large enough. There is a way of performing floweries that you liked more.

We glue the decor

And finally, the last stage. The finished needed number of flowers is glued to the product according to a pre-invented scheme.

Omerabic gluing scheme

Flowers are glued with a smooth transition from one color in another - ombre.

Scheme of 3 colors

Scheme of decor from 3 napkins

Watch that there were no gaps between the flowers! Apply glue with lines, along the stitching of colors. Be careful not to remember the buds! Help yourself a pencil by entering it in the middle of the flower and pressing to the frame, or press the flower with a finger under the petals.

It should be noted that the peculiar feature of the pompon shape is that it is not necessary to place them close to each other, and the remaining empty places are better to take small pompons. The product looks original!

Figure 1 from napkins

Mixing a different size of floweries looks very natural.

Watch the video how to glue flowerflakes in a chess order on a glue gun:

Place the flowers all over the figure so that it looks more magnificent. Side the side parts and the back of the figure or not to solve you! You can simply leave them with paper in the tone of the flower, or the opposite contrast.

An example of the decor of the ends of the numbers

An example of the decor of the ends of the paper drapeting from paper.

digit 2 with crown

Other Decor options numbers

Decor options for napkins

There are several different ways of decor of such products with your own hands. Choose your, relying on the overall design style and materials available. Here are some examples:

  1. Just paint it acrylic.
  2. Puck with multi-colored pieces of paper on the principle of papier-mache or wrapping paper.
  3. 3D corrugated paper. Watch the video, how to quickly decorate the digit to the corrugation paper on the adhesive gun:
    The second method:
  4. An interesting version of the decoration is fringe from corrugated paper, chopped by non-stroke ribbons. Choose the thickness of themselves. Start you should start up. Fold the fringe in two layers so that there is no foundation. Featuring different colors, alternate them at will. Decor of fringeDECOR FIGURES BACHROOM
  5. You can make pumps from knitting threads. There are different ways to manufacture pumps, but best with two circles of one diameter cut from cardboard. Circle draw two circles, one in the other, cut out the inner circle. Pompon size will depend on the width of the resulting circle. Take a long thread, to ingue it into the Gypsy needle and wake up on both mug. The pompon's magnificity depends on the amount of wound thread. Scissors cut the threads at the outer edge. Slightly spreading the circles. Tie a thread in the middle so that the pompon does not collapse. Remove templates, disappear Pompon. Pompons can be selected in different colors and sizes. It all depends on your imagination.
  6. Balloons: Decor numbers balls
  7. If you have a lot of buttons of different colors and sizes, decorate them! Cool gift for dressmakers!
  8. No time cut flowers from napkins? Buy ready-made artificial flowers in the store. Figure 1 of finished artificial flowersDecor numbers 1 of finished colors

Examples of using

Let us give a few examples how you can use data numbers from cardboard and napkins. We think that such beautiful pictures accurately melt you to create such a decor on our recommendations.

Birthday child:

Birthday 1 year

Photo session for a year:

Photowon for 1 year to child

Anniversary / anniversary:

Figures 3 and 0 for Round Date


Decorations for photo shoots - Photowon:

photowon for birthdayPhoto session on year oldPhotosone for 3 years1 year old girlPhotowon 10 years oldfigure for 1 yearPhotowon with digit on 1 year old

Examples of photo sessions with numbers


Making volumetric digits from cardboard and napkins is a pleasant and low-cost way to enjoy the culprit of the celebration and herself. And how many compliments from guests you will get, decorating stylish your home! We hope that our master class will be useful to you!

Napkins do it yourself: options, step-by-step instructions

  • February 14, 2020
  • Crafts
  • Svetlana Pavlova

In the life of any person there are important dates: birthdays, anniversary, anniversaries who want to note in particular. First of all, it is necessary to unusually place the room where the celebration will be held. For this, there are surround figures that can be made from cardboard and decorate original colors from ordinary paper napkins. It turns out very original, solemnly and beautiful. This article will tell how to make volumetric numbers from the napkins with your own hands.

Required materials and inventory

At first glance it seems that makes the numbers with their own hands is simply impossible. In fact, it is not so difficult. The manufacturing process will take a certain time, but positive emotions that the jubilee will experience that. You will need:

Paper napkins
  • Paper napkins are monophonic, multi-layered or single-layer. Their color depends on the date of the celebration, the floor of the jubilee and the surrounding environment. The required amount is calculated based on the surface area of ​​the numbers. In one digit, sometimes combine several shades.
  • Threads are simple cotton.
  • Scissors and stationery knife - use only sharp tools so that the contours of the colors were smooth.
  • A line of a meter long and a tailoring meter.
  • Stapler - simplifies the fastening process.
  • Glue PVA and scotch.
  • Cardboard for the manufacture of frame. Packaging boxes from household appliances are suitable.

General Instructions for Making Surgical Frames

Production of numbers begins with a frame to which paper elements are attached. Cardboard must be dense, so as not to be deformed when decorating. The base for numbers from the napkins can be flat or bulky. The latter look much more effectively. This will require:

  • Cut two identical digits from cardboard using stencils or patterns. They can be drawn independently or make a printout with files from the Internet.
  • Determined with digit widths and cut a rectangular tape for the end part.
  • For numbers "0", "4", "6", "8", "9", which have an internal closed space, will require additional side parts.
  • With figures "0", "2", "3", "5", "6", "8", "9", having rounded edges, work very carefully.
  • Having finished all the preparations, all carved parts fasten with scotch.

The preparatory stage of work ended.

Flat Napkins: Step-by-step instructions

Make them very easy to do them. If the numbers on the celebration are needed only to decorate the walls in the room, then they can not be given the volume, but to make flat. This will require much less time - it is not necessary to glue the bulk frame, and the number of flowers will be significantly less.

For manufacture, you will need:

  • foam or cardboard to create a basis;
  • from 3 to 5 packs of napkins;
  • double sided tape;
  • PVA glue;
  • a piece of the twine;
  • Sharp scissors and stationery knife.
Materials for crafts

Manufacturing instructions:

  1. Draw or circle the contour numbers on cardboard or foam.
  2. Cut the two identical details from the cardboard.
  3. Shill them between themselves bilateral scotch, not forgetting to insert the penetration to hang out from the twine.
  4. Make from 20 to 50 florals, their quantity depends on the size of the numbers.
  5. Stick glue flowers to the base.
  6. Gently straightens all the boutons.

Make additional decorations - Between the flowers, glue green paper leaves, attach a bow of a ribbon or make a beautiful butterfly, cover the sparkles.

Different types of colors from napkins

Figures for birthday or other celebrations decorate most often with flowers. They must be lush and easy to gather. The big size of the figurines will need from 200 to 400 pieces. Consider the technique of performing some varieties of colors:

  • Astra - three napkins, scissors and threads will be required. Fold them one to another and roll the harmonica. The middle tie the thread, round the edges. Pour the petals starting from the center. In the middle firmly squeeze the paper - it will be a bud. Pour leaves from below to make the platform for gluing.
  • Rose - Take six napkins and fold a stack. Bend them twice in half, cut the edges with zigzags, cover the tip and flip flower. This is the easiest way to make roses for decorating numbers for birthday from napkins.
  • Chrysanthemum - Expand the napkin and cut it on bends, put the squares with a stack. Make a harmonica, impercessing will give naturalness. Bend in half and the middle tightly tie the thread tightly, round the edges. Gently straighten them, starting from the first layer.
Flower making

There are many technologies for the manufacture of flowers from multicolored napkins. The article presents the simplest ways of manufacture, using which you can quickly prepare for any celebration.

Printing decor - an important stage in the manufacture of numbers

This is the last, the final stage before readiness of the volumetric numbers from the napkins when the flowers should be glued to the product. The plan of this procedure, how to have a blank is thought out in advance. Glue apply horizontal or vertical lines. Make sure that there is no empty space between the colors.

Decoration of numbers

Act carefully and carefully, so as not to spoil and not to remember the buds. Use a pencil, inserting it into the middle of the flower and tightly pressing to the frame, or press your fingers from below under the petals. When gluing is finished, all the flowers disappear so that they look like lush. The rear and side surfaces of the numbers can not be decorated, but simply salary the suitable paper - contrast or in the tone.

Mastery units. detailed instructions

The "one" figure is one of the most popular - it is used in the design of the child's room when one month is executed, year old, with the appearance of the first tooth or any other event that happens for the first time. For the bulk version of the cardboard, two flat units are cut on the template. Side parts are rectangles having the same width, and the length is equal to the length of each individual part of the digit. The design of colors can be the most different color and form.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Cut parts glue with scotch.
  • A large number of colors will be required, the description of which is above.
  • Glue - you can use PVA. It is applied by horizontal or vertical lines.
  • Begin to glue from the edge, moving to the center.
Number one

If it is assumed that the "one" figure will consist of two tones colors, then about a third of the total number of colors is made by one tone, another third is the second tone, and the rest should contain the first and second tint at the same time.

Production of "Two" numbers

In the manufacture of this figure there are some difficulties. How to make a digit "2" from napkins? Two compared to one contains several smooth bends, so the cardboard frame is made a little more difficult. For this:

  • On the stencil with the help of a stationery knife cut out two identical two and a rectangular strip of 10 cm wide for giving the volume.
  • Strips Cut the pieces of about 6 cm. Parts Adjusted by painting tape to the end with an external and inner side.
  • Make paper flowers and glue to frame.
  • Prepare an additional decoration in the form of a crown of gold paper and glue with an adhesive gun to a digit.
The number is twenty two

It will be a wonderful birthday present your princess.

Making Troika

The digit "3" from the napkins is made to decorate the room when the baby turns three years old or to give solemnity to the room, where the event dedicated to the anniversary will be held at the date of which the top three. For its manufacture, it will take even more effort than for two, because it has many semi-rises. For manufacture it is necessary:

  • Take a piece of cardboard and draw her contour on it. Such details must be done two.
  • Cut a rectangle and glue with tape first to one contour, then to another.
  • When the figure is ready, you need to make flowers made of pre-paper napkins.
  • Take the PVA glue and gently glue to the frame so that there is no free space.

The figure is ready, it can be used to decorate the room, creating a festive mood to the perpetrator of the celebration and to all those present.

Four: Detailed description, how to make a digit correctly

Making the digit "4" from the napkins is necessary by analogy with a unit, only straight lines are used to draw the frame. The color shade is chosen depending on the floor of the culprit of the celebration. For ladies, both small and adults, use warm colors, men will come cold shades. We start work:

  • Draw on the cardboard contour numbers or supply a template. Cut the blank with a stationery knife.
  • Apply the cut out shape to a piece of cardboard, we supply and cut out exactly such a second flat figure.
  • For their gluing, it is necessary to obtain several rectangles of the same width, the length of which will be different and corresponds to the individual external and internal parts of the digit.
  • All rectangles are painted with scotch tape to flat images to get a bulk figure.
  • Choose your favorite shape of the colors and make the required amount of paper napkins.
  • Carefully attach the shape - and the handicraft is ready for use.

Features of the manufacture of "Five" numbers

For the manufacture of a template of this figure, experienced masters offer to draw a figure with a preferentine lines to facilitate cutting and gluing elements.

Five digit

But if the jubilee is 55 years old, then you need to try and his birthday numbers "5" from the napkins give a curved shape. It will focus on the attention of those present on the anniversary date, emphasizing the importance of the marked event. Work on the number in this order:

  • Cut two identical cardboard images circled in advance prepared pattern.
  • Measure individual external and internal sections and cutting cardboard rectangles with an appropriate length and constant width that figures chosen for thickness.
  • Printed scotch all rectangles to both frames of the frame.
  • The resulting bulk figure decorate with cooked colors of paper napkins. They can be one tone or contain several shades. For a particularly solemn event or to celebrate a five-year-old baby's birthday, add sparkles, beads, and for a child - funny pictures.

Production of numbers "Six"

The number "6" from the napkins is perfect for the celebration of the sixth birthday in a child or a more serious anniversary of 60 years. In the first case, you need to choose cheerful bright tones of napkins, in the second - more calmer shades. In the image of this figure, there are mainly elements in the form of ovals and semi-brows. The procedure for manufacturing the same as when modeling other numbers:

  • Cut two identical gears from cardboard using a pattern.
  • Cut the cardboard rectangles to glue two images.
  • Credit scotch.
  • Decorate the figure with flowers.

Having made this figure, you immediately receive a three-dimensional image and numbers "9", turning the first on the contrary. The only thing to consider is the stability of the base on which they will stand.

How to make a seven to make it sustainable

The number "7" from the napkins is often made for the birthday of a child in the execution of him seven years. After all, this is a serious date, the baby finishes going to kindergarten and enters the first class of the school. It is done simply, because the contours will consist almost completely from straight segments. But the difficulty lies in the fact that it is very unstable, because it has a small support area, so it has to be ascended or expanded. Another way is to make a wall, flat option. For the manufacture, take:

  • A large cardboard box that should be found in advance. Watch it on separate sheets, decompose on the floor and draw the silhouette of the numbers. For a flat figure, it will be necessary to cut one, for bulk - two identical circuits, which will need to glue with rectangular strips of one thickness by painting tape.
  • Make bulk, lush flowers from napkins and glue PVA glue to the figure.

Instead of cardboard you can use foamflast. For an additional decor, beads, butterflies and all kinds of bows will be suitable.

Production of the eight

This figure of the napkins is most often done for the holiday on March 8. This day we are customary to celebrate workers in public places. To raise the festive spring mood, the room decorate with bouquets of alive and artificial colors, having a holiday symbol between them - the "eight" figure. For its manufacture:

  • Draw a template consisting of two circles - large and small diameter.
  • Two identical eights and rectangles of different lengths are cut out, but the same width.
  • All the details glue with a scotch.
  • Prepare delicate spring flowers from napkins and glued to the base.

The finished shape is used to decorate the room.

Digit "zero"

Celebrations dedicated to round dates deserve special attention. They are held with a big sweep, collect a lot of people. The premises are necessarily drawn up in a special way, the number corresponding to the age of the anniversary, where the "0" cannot do without the figure "0". It is made according to the same technology, which is described above. Cut on the template are two completely identical billets. The side sides stick the rectangular strips, and then decorate with paper flowers.

Size of decoration

The numbers make a different largest. Sometimes they decorate the table or decorated gifts, using small colorful diquses. For a photo shoot prefer high figures reaching up to 80 centimeters. On children's holidays, it is customary to focus on the growth of the child. The height of the child and the numbers must be approximately the same. At adult celebrations to observe these proportions irrelevant.

The cost of finished numbers

The final cost of the handicraft depends on the number and quality of the material used, the size of the figure and the spent mastery of labor. Presumably the amount of products from the napkin ranges from one to three thousand rubles. All this work, using instructions, you can do yourself. It is necessary to start working in advance, because there is a lot of flowers to make flowers.


The decoration of the room with bulk figures from the napkins on any celebration gives a lot of pleasure not only to children, but also adults, and the master itself in the process of work receives a lot of positive emotions. In addition, this method is low-cost, but very original. Giving the uniqueness of the product, experienced masters recommend using sequins and rhinestones - it gives special kindness and solemnity. After reading this article and reading the tips, you can arrange an unforgettable holiday for your birthday.

Many agree that a very important point of holding any holiday is its decoration.

Every holiday is individual, and today we will tell you how to emphasize it.

Needlewomen who like to make the elements of decor and decorations from undergraduates, can take note of the decor of simple napkins.

From napkins usually make flowers on legs, envelopes for appliances on a banquet table.

Decoration of the holiday

Festive trend of recent seasons became numbers from napkins. Such an element can be highlighted a significant date on birthday, or make a large eight in traditional women's day.

Photos of such jewelry often lay out young mothers who made the figure with love with their own hands.

The decoration of this kind will like both an adult and a child. Even before making flowers, you need to decide on the color of the future composition. Speecually and festively look at the numbers of bright colors.

If you plan to decorate a holiday with flowers or balls, it is desirable to pick up a color to another decor.

Inventory for work

In order to make a festive decor, you must first prepare an inventory for future work.

Since for the manufacture of the numbers, we first need to make a frame, you need to stockpense paper. The usual packing cardboard box is best suited for this purpose. We will cut it along the bends so that the material was smooth, and it could be bent in the right places.

The very first assistants in needlework - scissors and knife. Tools must be necessarily sharp and compatible. It is necessary that the contours of the product are smooth, also a good tool will help not spend a lot of effort on trimming cardboard.

In the manufacture of flowers, we will also need a stapler and clips.

To lines for teething were smooth, you need to stock line. The ruler must be long to a meter. The measuring tape will also come in handy in work.

In order to smoke the corners in the right places, you need to have glue and tape. Scotch can be both one-sided and bilateral, depending on how you get used to work.

Well, the latest item for needlework is the napkins themselves. So that the numbers from the napkins were volumetric, and the napkins themselves were well and kept shape, they should be two-layer.

Prepress the required amount of napkin stock is quite difficult, it all depends on the size of the product, so just in case it is worth buying two packs more.

Preparation of carcass

After accurately figured and decided on the size of the future decoration, cut out two pieces of cardboard. On them we need to draw two identical numbers in size.

In order for drawn numbers to be identical, you can draw using measurements on the line. Or there is another option. Draw on one piece of cardboard numbers of the required dimensions, then cut out with scissors and impose as stencil, to the remaining piece of cardboard.

Now the digit can be covered around the contour and also cut with scissors. So, the first components of the future decoration are ready.

Next, we need to make blanks for the lateral part of our carcass. In order to draw the side faces, you need to put two carved numbers to the floor next, in the form in which the figure will look like.

The sewing centimeter needs to be measured the length of the bending side frame from all sides. Depending on the number you can make, a different amount of additional segments you need can get.

For example, if a digit is prepared from the napkins for a year to a child, in it the number of side faces will be less than, for example, in a twice. On average, the width of such a figure is about 10-15 cm, depending on its height.

After measured the necessary parts, again we apply a drawing to the cardboard and gently cut on the contour with scissors. It should be noted that at this stage you can use a soft and already bent cardboard, which served as a frame inside the box. This will make it easy to bend the side parts and easily consolidate them.

With the help of a wide scotch, we fix the side parts first on one side of the numbers, and then we attach the remaining second part of the original cut-off frame. To make the frame easier to glue, wide tape needs to be cut into long strips.

The hardest stage of the work passed and the frame is ready.

Flowers from napkins

Now that the cardboard frame is waiting for its o'clock, start cooking flowers. There will have to work hard, because the colors should be very much.

First we fold our two-layer napkin twice. It turned out a small volumetric square. Now the center of the finished napkin is pierced by the stapler and cut off the square of the corner to get a circle. This looks like a billet for a flower.

You can first make such blanks from the napkins, and only then turn them into flowers. At the fastened napkin, raise the edges, starting from the highest layer. The last bottom layer is left smooth.

To make a bulk digit with lush flowers, strongly squeeze the edge of the flower with your fingers, and then neatly straightening the "petals". Such work may take several hours, but the finished scenery is worth the time spent.

Flowers can be different colors. White color in the composition looks very harmonious with any shade.

Collect numbers

When all parts are ready, you can proceed to the most pleasant handicraft stage - gluing colors. To do this, we apply a drop of glue to the bottom smooth layer of the flower and gently glue to the frame.

To keep the flower well, you need to push it well to a cardboard basis and hold a few seconds. Thus, it is necessary to enclose all the faces of the cardboard billet with flowers.

When the glue is dry, gently spread the flowers from the napkins, and admire the finished work.

Finished numbers may look completely unique if you add a few special decor in them. For example, you can decorate every flower with shiny pebbles, or re-organize the finished scenery of sequins.

You can also make a composition of the balls, shiny threads and the digit itself. Such a decoration will look great in the holiday photosone, the birthday and guests will delight.

As you can see, make a digit from the napkins with your own hands is not at all difficult, the main thing is to know how to approach the process.

Photo numbers from napkins do it yourself

Today, any celebration does not pass exclusively at the table, covered with delicious dishes. To create a fun atmosphere, the hostess is trying to decorate the room with balls and ribbons, original inscriptions on stretch marks, numbers from napkins. And you can make festive decorations with your own hands. Wizards engaged in professionally decorating halls for various events will share experiences how to make numbers from napkins with their own hands.

We prepare the material

The numbers and letters made from ordinary dining napkins are an affordable element of the original decoration of the premises to any celebration. To create volumetric elements, you need to prepare cardboard and multi-colored napkins. The brighter will be the napkins, the more color it will be a festive figure. For a frame, it is recommended to use packing cardboard from home appliances. So that in the process of work it turns out that the paper is not enough, it is better to pack some packages. On average, for the manufacture of one volumetric digit 2, 50 cm highs, one packing of napkins will be required.

Such materials will also be needed:

  • Large, sharp scissors.
  • Wide scotch.
  • Stapler for fastening cardboard parts.
  • Glue.
  • A cardboard sheet of bright color for an additional decor.

Getting to work

To decorate the room you can make a digit from the napkins flat or bulk. The first option is to make much easier and faster. To do this, cut the outline of the digit or letters from corrugated cardboard. And then decorate the blank with flowerflowers of blue paper for a boy. But much more spectacular and more interesting looks like a volumetric decorative element.

Step-by-step master class begins with the creation of flowers from napkins. It is not difficult to make them, but quite a long time.

So, to make a bulk flower necessary:

  • Take a napkin and cut it over.
  • Fold the halves in half and cut again.
  • From the obtained squares cut circles.
  • Each circle is compressed in the center to get a flower.
  • It is important to squeeze the circle well for getting pomp, and fix the center with a stapler and brackets.

Cardboard frame

The master class on the creation of bulk digits from the napkin continues the process of designing the frame.

Step by step instructions Next:

  • On one of the segments of the cardboard, we draw a number 1 another other element. The width and height of the inscription should look proportionally.
  • Cut the digit along the contour. If hard cardboard use a building cutter for cutting.
  • According to the resulting pattern, we cut the second part of the bulk design.
  • Then cut the side elements necessary to fasten the front and rear digit.
  • All the details are glued together with a wide scotch.

As a result of the execution of this step-by-step instruction, a bulk digit 1 of the cardboard should be displayed, which is shown in the photo.

Go to decoration

To make your hands made from napkins for the birthday for the boy were beautiful, it is important to edit a cardboard blank correctly. We glue the prepared early flowers to the frame with a colorless universal glue. You need to do it carefully, trying not to remember paper blanks. After sticking all the flowers, you need to wait for the drying of the glue. And then pick up the flowers, giving them a pomp, as shown in the photo.

To make a digit 2 or the letter even more solemnly, you can add it the original crown. Cut this item is needed from bright bilateral cardboard. Then, the resulting crown glue with colorless glue at the top of the inscription. Instead of the crown from the cardboard, you can cut any image. For a boy for a birthday, an image of a typewriter or any other favorite cartoon character is suitable.

Several common tips

Whatever the numbers or letters were planned to decorate the celebration, the masters recommend complying with several general rules:

  • To save time, the cardboard frame must be placed with napkins of the same color as flowers.
  • Decorating the number 1 from the napkins is better than bulk colors. They will need less than small flowers, and the decorative effect will be brighter.
  • To fix colors based on it is recommended to take quick-drying, transparent glue.

In order for the figure to be original, it is recommended to use the napkins of the same color, but different shades. For a girl, a festive element can be made of paper of red, pink and white. For a boy - from blue and blue. A good option for both cases is a decor from paper billets of lilac, cornflower and purple colors.

If there was no suitable cardboard at hand, you can use foam. Foam-based figures and letters are obtained more stable. In addition, the details from this material easier to fasten each other than cardboard.

In addition to colors made from napkins The numbers can be decorated with conventional crumpled wipes. Crumpled paper is glued to the base, trying to cover the area, not missing a single millimeter. The inscriptions and numbers decorated with crumpled napkins are excellent, suitable for decorating the festive hall, in which the celebration of the birthday of a boy or a girl will be held.

A detailed video master class on creating numbers from napkins will reply to your attention below.


To please the birthday name with the original approach to the birthday celebration, it is recommended not only to consider the solemn menu. It is important to decorate the room in which the holiday will be held. One of the budget and creative decoration options is to create digits from cardboard and napkins. Step-by-step instructions from professionals will make the decoration with their own hands without spending large funds from the family budget.

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