Why you can not carry garbage in the evening, on the night of 10 strong reasons!

People have long been familiar with believe that garbage is in the evening - bad sign. If you ignore such a superstition, you should not be surprised that the troubles will pursue a person on the heels. Any item, thing, or food waste, thrown overnight on the garbage, have their own hidden cause and carry a certain meaning with proper decoding of superstition.

Causes of mystical character

According to the popular belief, the garbage indicates "C Sory from the hut." Interestingly, it is possible to carry it in the afternoon, and at night it is impossible. This is associated with the fact that after sunset on Earth, the evil spirits, which makes discord to families, provokes conflicts between close people. Evil spirits

The next reason for the garbage removal was taken in the evening came from ancient times when people believed in the houses - invisible creatures that were considered patrons at home. If the owners were slightly, they did not endure the garbage and every trash, the patron spirits left the dwelling, which was previously under their protection. House

In antiquity, another root cause was considered the actions of the dark forces and sorcerers who brought harm and trouble to those people that they endured garbage after sunset. When it was started to be measured, all the extremities crawled out, could impose damage to a man who endorsed the garbage, as a result of which he was sick and died. In addition, leave garbage for the night in the house, it was forbidden, as the houses guarding the dwelling could be offended by the owner and leave his abode. House and disadvantage

In ancient times, cut-off hair and nails were not thrown away, and burned either burned to the ground so that evil forces could not cause serious harm to man.

Interpretation on Feng Shui

According to ancient Chinese practice, the garbage takeaway is due to the fact that material difficulties will begin in the family. The Chinese give an explanation to accept, believing that the rate of energy "qi" is disturbed, which is the vitality of the body. In Russia, the belief also had approximately the same designation: after sunset from an apartment or a private house along with garbage and unnecessary trash, it is possible to make material well-being, success, good luck in business and endeavors. A lack of money

Domestic reasons

In addition to the mystical root cause of the ban, there is also a household factor: the neighbors will take note that the owners want to hide something, therefore the garbage is delivered at night when everyone else is sleeping. And so as not to get under the tight control of the well-widelines of the house, people do not carry garbage after sunset. Grandmothers on the bench

Signs of modernity

Modern signs about garbage also explain why it can not be taken in the evening. Currently they sound like this:

  • When it darkens, it becomes dangerous on the street. Especially often near the garbage tanks, very suspicious personalities are spinning, with which it is advisable not to intersect. During the day when light, it is to do much safer;
Taking out the trash
  • In the entrances are not always screwed and light bulbs on the floors, which is why in the dark it is possible to tritely stumble and fall, as well as blot clothes and shoes;
  • When it darkens, stray dogs walk around the garbage tanks. Meeting with animals may threaten an attack and infection, for example, rabies;
  • Women give their answer, concerned the ban on the evening removal of garbage men. They talk like this: as if her husband would meet the path of the neighbor or the company of friends with whom you can drink;
Waters with vodka.
  • Mixing food waste with MBO threatens the loss of material wealth. It is an ancient sign that was previously fed to the remains of the products from the master's table, and now the mixing of food waste with household garbage threatens the fact that the animal feed will have to be purchased separately;
  • When moving to a new home, garbage is important to carry out. This applies to those persons as they lived in an old place. If a person wanted to free himself from troubles and misfortunes, he pursued, he missed Sor at the previous place of residence;
  • Tabo on the fact that it is impossible to throw garbage in the evening, determined by the Orthodox holidays and days when the service passes (more often on Sundays). This is done in order not to upset good forces. Ancient ancestors performed at home solely on weekdays and the day, on the weekend it was planned to pray and attend the church for service.
Visiting church

How to get rid of the rubble

When ejection of old clothes, it is necessary to soak in salted water in advance. This is done with the goal to save things from its own energy and protect against someone else's influence. Since they are thrown into the garbage, it is likely that they will pick them up. Grandmother on the garbage

The same procedure must be done with old dishes and dining rooms. If there are utensils in the house with minor chips, it is forbidden to store it, as it emits negative. Such dishes need to be thrown out, before it also departs in a weak saline solution. Skol on the dishes

If a person does not want His discarded things to carry someone, they must be cut into the flaps. With dishes you should do this: break it on the part and take it out on the garbage. Broken dishes

If necessary, get rid of unnecessary documents or records, where personal information is indicated, you should cut the paper into pieces and throw away, and it is better to burn. Burning paper

Compliance with the listed precautions will save a person from affecting personal belongings. For example, if clothes choose and carry out a foreign person, it will negatively affect the well-being and health of the former owner, since things are impregnated with its energy.

How to avoid trouble

If you have an acute need to endure trash in the evening, it is important to avoid trouble. For example, if you do this in the summer, then the walk before bedtime will not be so dangerous, as it darkens late. To get rid of yourself from the influence of dark forces, you should fold the garbage into an opaque package and tie firmly. So it turns out to close the access of the unclean. Garbage bag

The ancestors believed that in order to avoid removal from the house of well-being and good luck with the garbage, it is important to say the following words: "I leave unnecessary from the house, and leave happiness and wealth." About myself said ordinary words will help to avoid problems and misfortunes.

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Perhaps I know from childhood that the garbage can not be taken out. In adolescence, I tried a couple of times to get out of the house with a garbage bucket, but my mother did not let, always said that it was bad sign. Since that time, it also gothes - with the onset of dark garbage never throw away. But why and where it comes from, I found out only recently. It turns out that any thing, the subject or the remains of food, going to the garbage in the dark, have their own hidden meaning, are interpreted differently.

The history of the appearance of the belief

Any folk signs came to us from the distant past, when people were uneducated, sincerely believed in the evil / kind perfumes, witchcraft, magical forces, and the like. It was believed that night - the time of devils, bad other entities that brought a lot of troubles.

Why can not throw garbage after sunset?
From the belief it follows that by sending trash in the evening to the garbage, along with unnecessary objects, a person gets rid of part of his vitality. And she moves to dark forces that will definitely take advantage of someone else's energy to harm.

And perhaps anything - damage, diseases, financial losses, difficulties at work, family quarrels and conflicts, etc. Therefore, it is better to wait for the first sunlight when the dark forces hide from daylight, and then throw the garbage.

Why still do not make garbage in the evening?

In any house and apartment lives the house. Sometimes it is a kind of essence that helps, and in some cases, intentions are far from favorable. And if the owner does not keep clean, leaves for the night of unwitted dishes, to be lazy to get out, then the house can leave such a house by leaving a cleaner owner. And the lack of a house is the lack of protection against the dark forces.

And it is also customary to interpret believer by day:

  • Monday - financial losses.
  • If you endure Tuesday to the garbage, then we are waiting for a quarrel with close people - friends, sisters and brothers, parents.
  • Wednesday or Thursday is a serious danger during a trip.
  • Friday - wait for deception from the closest person.
  • Saturday is a bad mood or get sick.
  • Resurrection - to throw garbage in the evening of this day - a great sin, which will lead to long-term problems.
Experts Fenshui consider: Relief in the evening from garbage leads to poverty. Happiness, money and well-being will forever leave the house.

No less bad sign, if you scattered garbage - soon there will be something bad. And if the entire contents of the garbage pack or bucket fell, it is to death or a severe illness of a loved one.

Is it possible to charge other people to throw away the garbage?

Very, very long time, such a request would lead a person to horror. After all, it was believed that the waste of life activity of a kind of family should endure themselves. Everything that leaves the house by going to the garbage, filled with the energy of a particular family. And members independently need to break the created relationship, despite the fact that it is just the remnants of food and others. Items.

If you ask another person to throw away the garbage, then this means to deprive itself protection. The energy shield is torn, and the negative threads that direct the dark forces are directed through the hole. When you give your garbage into your hands to another person, you violate the energy of your dwelling.

How to warn negative effects of belief

When you need to get rid of garbage in the evening (still there are different situations), then before leaving the apartment, you definitely say: "I get out only unnecessary things, and happiness and luck remain with me."

Do you believe in the fact that in the evenings it is impossible to carry garbage? Share your opinion in the comments!

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One of the most famous will still take - this is a ban on the removal of garbage from the house in the dark. It refers to those omensions that are relevant for modern society. The interpretation of the belief is negative, so if necessary, violating the Council of the ancestors is recommended to pronounce special words.


Signs associated with garbage

There are many folk superstitions associated with the accumulated in the sorcement house. It is believed that it contains a particle of the energy living in this apartment of the family, so it can serve as a basis for targeting damage, curse or evil eye.

The most common signs about trash:

  1. You can not wash Sorrow for the threshold, Otherwise, there is a positive energy from the house, and dark forces will penetrate into the room.
  2. In one bucket, technical waste and food - This is to ruin and turn a failure.
  3. Leave garbage on the floor during cleaning - The girl will marry a ripple.
  4. Take a package with waste from home and accidentally scatter them - Quarrels, scandals, conflicts in the same place.
  5. Wakewicked into the floor crumbs and cereals It is advisable to give wild birds to always have prosperity.
  6. Scatter salt - to a quarrel. Its remnants need to be collected by a wet cloth and wash off into the sewer.
  7. Opened Sorry Window Retrieves troubles and conflicts to the family.
  8. After a feast or tea drinking with guests of crumbs and other From the table should be carefully assembled with a cloth towards yourself, in the opposite direction from other people. This is also told about the rules of good tone, so that it is not accidentally staining the guest.

Why you can not carry garbage overnight

Modern explanations of signs have nothing to do with mystical entities. In some areas, it is dangerous in some areas in the evening due to a possible attack by marginal personalities. Also, a woman may be afraid that a man will meet friends and instead of holding time with his family will choose a walk through the night city. Another reason is the probability of an accident growing with the onset of darkness.

Why, according to the old folk signs, garbage can not be made in the evening and at night:

  1. Vigilant neighbors will think - there are unaffected owners that there is something to hide, such species will subsequently provoke gossip and sickness.
  2. We did not have time to remove during the day - people will say that lazy people live in the apartment.
  3. Examine garbage after sunset - it means to throw good luck and financial well-being.
  4. Another interpretation - good spirits will come and leave.
  5. At night, the discarded things can use sorcerers to guide the damage and the evil eye.
  6. Another interpretation concerns the house. If you take the garbage in the evening, it will be offended and leave or starts to harm the owners.

take out the trash

Is it possible to throw out before traveling

Before a long expensive, it is necessary to take out of the house all that can be contracted during this time, swallow, covered with mold. This is especially true of food waste. Otherwise, on returning in the apartment there will be nothing to breathe.

All the rest of the garbage especially superstitious people are recommended to leave. It is often explained by the fact that they love to shave good spirits in different things, and the energy of living in the house accumulates.

Many do not believe in such signs and come as it is convenient. Much more pleasant to return to the clean apartment and relax to rest after the trip instead of cleaning and discerning the rules.

Best time for trash

According to the people's superstition, the most inopportune moment for such a "operation" - evening and night. Accordingly, the optimal option is considered to throw garbage after sunrise. The best time for this is the morning, along the way to work. It will get rid of the need to get out of the house once again.

There is another belief - if you bring stumps from the apartment along the way to an important meeting or other responsible event, there will be solid problems and difficulties.

The scientific evidence did not receive a sign, so it is recommended to come in accordance with its habits and convenience in a specific situation. Friendly attitude and positive thoughts will protect against any superstitions.

Rules of throwing old things

We live in this world are not alone, our other people surround us, sometimes they are in cramped life circumstances, as well as animals, birds. It is advisable to remember this and try your own actions to bring some other damage to anyone.

How to throw out the garbage:

  1. Sticking and cutting items, fragments are required to pre-pack so that they do not harm anyone. It is recommended to wrap them into a dense fabric and put in a box.
  2. To carry out the garbage from the house is preferably in special packages, so as not to submit a bucket back.
  3. Some clothes and shoes can come up for people who fell into a heavy life situation. They are recommended to hang next to the tanks or leave folded in a clean package.
  4. It is advisable to pre-disassemble various technical and nutritional packages.
  5. Crumbs and cereals can be given to wild birds.
  6. It is unacceptable to throw garbage into the window.
  7. Waste should take someone from people living in the apartment. It is not accepted to ask for an extraneous person about help.

a lot of trash

What is forbidden to throw away

Special attention is recommended to pay for documents and copies. There are important information on such papers, so when disposal is desirable to break into small pieces, burn or swing in water so that all personal data is destroyed and not subject to recovery.

Superval people advise not to throw out photos. You can damage the damage and curse. On the other hand, in the age of modern technologies and social networks it is easy to find photos of any person without digging in the garbage tanks.

How to avoid negative change

The rhythm of life in modern society is that it is not always possible to follow the recommendations of the ancestors. If you take the garbage from the apartment only after sunset, it is enough to whisper about myself: "I get litter from the house, myself and loved ones, we have a well-being. Words can be invented independently, it is important to convey the meaning and believing in this.

Personal things and mirrors are able to accumulate the energy of the owner. If there is fear that it can be used by another person to harm households, it is recommended to hold a special cleansing rite. Clothes and shoes can be soaked for several hours in salted water, then dry and fold it in a separate package. If no one is no longer wearing them, it is enough just to cut into several parts.

The mirrors pre-fall asleep by the third salt or poured the reflective surface with holy water per day. Next, you need to wrap the item in the dark fabric and gently put next to the trash can.

The negative impact of the traditional method of disposal is not proven, so the preparation is required only to superstitious people to pacify their own fears.

The main belief about the garbage says that he is not taken out after sunset. In many nations, this is considered a bad admission that foreshadows the lane, financial losses, sometimes diseases and family scandals. It does not have a scientific justification, but if a person believes too much in negative consequences, it is recommended to neutralize them with special whispers or rites.

Why can't garbage in the evening - prompt folk signs

Various superstitions and signs are rooted in a distant past. Some of them have lost the relevance for modern society, but most of them will take people believe so far, adapting them to new living conditions and adding a new meaning. Some signs are negative, and stole trouble, so superstitious people especially strive to observe them. In order to avoid trouble if you want to get rid of garbage in the evening, you still need people who know people advise to pronounce special words. The reasons for how to refrain from the campaign to the garbage container, from mystical, to quite ordinary.

Causes of signs

Sketches, not recommending garbage at the end of the day, has both mystical and material consequences. The habit of getting rid of garbage will be reflected in the well-being and energy of a person. It is believed that the remnants of food and household garbage absorbs the energy of the house and its owners, and if you pour it out after sunset, part of the energy goes along with him.

Why can not be trash in the evening

Mystical reasons

This belief is primarily a mystical prerequisites. For example, it is believed that the cleanliness of housing at night directly affects the well-being of the family. Dirt and garbage in the house attracts negative energy, and pure housing is favorable.

Modern reasons

Specifications about the removal of garbage over time has undergone some changes and lost contact with mysticism, but still remains relevant.

Meaning Signals for Modern Conditions:

  1. In the modern world, watchful neighbors may think that the owners who carry garbage in the dark are afraid of meetings, as something hide.
  2. In the dark, the likelihood of getting into trouble increases. You can meet people in alcoholic intoxication, homeless or scammers. Also near the garbage containers are collected flocks of stray dogs.
  3. Insufficient street lighting and can cause injury from falling.
  4. Interpretation Signs for the teachings of Feng Shui - to endure garbage after sunset to money losses, since the course of vital energy qi is disturbed. At the same time, freeing the housing from unnecessary trash should be regularly necessary so that negative energy flows freely.

Meaning Signs

Signs about throwing out garbage in the evening can be interpreted in different ways:

  1. Believing it says that if the owners did not have time to get rid of garbage to the evening, it is better not to do it after sunset, so that all family secrets do not become known to the neighbors.
  2. It was also believed that not only to carry out the garbage, but also to do other households, such as cleaning and washing, you need to release the evening to communicate with your family. Because if the garbage from the house was endured in the evening, the neighbors thought that there was a bad mistress in the house.
  3. In addition, the neighbors who have made their affairs usually come out in the evening outside, and most likely will discuss those who did not have time to do this. So there are rumors and gossip.
  4. Another meaning of signs: along with their waste, a person takes out well-being and good luck from home. The exact origin of this belief is unknown, but this installation to this day is in the head from most people.
  5. Superval people believe in the otherworldly forces, fearing into the house of entities, do not open the front door at night. Therefore, even if the bucket with garbage in the evening was filled, it is better to leave it until the morning.
  6. It is believed that the positive energy of the owners accumulates in the garbage. The garbage removal after sunset means that the owners get rid of good energy, which accumulates in things used. Therefore, the sign does not recommend getting rid of garbage at this time of day.
  7. Easy the garbage is equal to "to carry out quarrels from the hut", accordingly, making waste at night a person risks to fall under the influence of dark forces. After all, after sunset, the entire pretended quarrel, otherworldly essentials are able to return back to the home of the owners in the form of misunderstandings, scandals and substantial disclaims in the family.
  8. There is also an old Slavonic belief that it says that the house, guarding the dwelling, feeds on food waste, so it is strictly forbidden to leave the bucket on the night empty. Since it can raise the defender. Another belief associated with the houses says absolutely about the opposite. That it categorically does not tolerate the mess and the litter of dwelling, and therefore, if the owners did not cleanse the house before sunset, he can catch up to the family, or to completely leave her, leaving without patronage and protection.
  9. It was believed that the garbage bucket with waste keeps all negative entities near him at night, and if they endure the garbage, and leave the capacity empty, then the unclear will lose his lighthouse and wrestled throughout the house. This can lead to negative consequences and even troubles.

What time is it better to carry garbage

The best to throw garbage in the morning, going to work. It is better, and from the point of view of comfort - you do not need to spend time to dress, go down the stairs, and get to the container.

What time is it better to carry garbage

What to throw not worth it

Throwing documents and copies of them, it is worth taking care of the security of your personal data. They may contain information that scammers will take advantage. Documents must be broken into small pieces, burn or swing with water so that the information contained in them has become unreadable.

According to folk superstitions, it is impossible to throw photos. Personal images of people are impregnated with their energy, magicians and sorcerers are used not only to help man, but also to guide damage. For the same reasons, it is impossible to throw nails and hair, but most often they are too small to find them among common garbage.

Before throwing out old clothes, which you can pick up in need, it must be wrapped in water with salt. This ritual will cleanse the thing from the energy of the owner, and protects from negative.

The general advice, how to make it so that no one can use the thing to use - the cloth cut into pieces, dishes and mirrors in the package.

Why you can not entrust to endure the garbage package to another person

The modern owner does not touch to ask for a garbage to someone else's man, even if it is a close friend. This is considered indecent. But if this still happened, it is worth preparing for trouble. Household garbage absorbs energy at home and family, throwing garbage, the person gets rid of the part of its energy. But if it doesn't do it myself, but someone else's person, it pierces a huge breach in well-being and brings financial losses and conflicts in the family. Therefore, it is not worth to trust this intimate action.

How to avoid negative consequences

If you take the garbage in the evening, you need to comply with some recommendations:

  • Going out of the house to say the words: "Inexient from home I leave the necessary. Happiness and good luck in the house guard "is optional literally, the main thing is to save the meaning;
  • leaving the containers, in no case look out;
  • Package with garbage throwing into the tank necessarily two hands.

These actions will help minimize the negative, but are suitable for superstitious people, since there are no such recommendations on the household level.

Why you can not entrust to endure the garbage package to another person

Other common gears associated with garbage

In addition to the superstition about garbage emissions in the evening, there are still some similar signs:

  • If a man makes garbage at night, he may have problems in the intimate sphere, and the woman will have problems with conception or having a child, a young girl, throwing garbage, can lose its natural beauty;
  • You can not mix domestic and food waste. This leads to losses. The roots of this superstition goes from antiquity when food waste was not thrown away, but they fed the cattle, and the household item could lead to the loss of animal and hunger;
  • If life in the house was happy, then when changing the place of residence, Sory is taken with them. It is necessary in order to in a new place the life is no worse than on the old one;
  • According to church holidays, believers, trash do not endure, just as they do not make cleaning, so as not to angry the highest strength;
  • If the garbage scattered on the road, it promises trouble. Garbage fell completely - severe illness or death of close;
  • Having met on his way the evil dog, promises a quarrel with a friend. Especially high probability, if she flashed, rushed into his feet or tried to bite;
  • Purchased garbage for the threshold, the hostess drives positive energy from the house, it is necessary to sweep it from the roasting of the room;
  • Bread crumbs and the residues of the cube is better to give the birds, it will attract wealth to the house;
  • You can never throw garbage into the window - it promises small quarrels and troubles;
  • Cleaning from the table after the meal or tea party, crumbs and other garbage need to collect a cloth, towards yourself. It is impossible to do it with hand, or towards the guest. This is not recommended and the rules of good tone.

Interpretation will adopt may depend on the day of the week:

  • On Monday, we carry out the garbage and the remains of food at dusk shavelets together;
  • take the garbage on Tuesday to a quarrel with a friend;
  • Wednesday and Thursday - threatens danger in the way;
  • Friday - deception from a loved one;
  • Saturday - waiting for spiritual flour;
  • Sunday is the most unsuccessful day for waste emissions, as this holiday day for believers, on this day the services are prohibited from doing homemade.

Trust or not signs, each person decides himself. But before leaving the house late in the evening, it is worth assessing the situation in terms of security and, if possible, stay at home until the morning.

For centuries, people try to follow the signs and superstitions to protect themselves from possible negative consequences. It is believed that it is categorically impossible to carry garbage. According to existing beliefs, a person puts others to be known about the problems that reign in his dwelling. In other words, he devotes extraneous conflicts and secrets of his family. The interpretation of some will adopt indicate that the garbage is the property of the house. Get rid of him after the sunset is unacceptable, otherwise the mystical creature will not find a delicacy at night.

Why can not be trash in the evening

Easy garbage in the evening - bad sign

The ancestors adhered to beliefs that if a person gets rid of garbage with the arrival of twilight, it means that he would hide something. Such people caused alertness. It was the opinion that only those who try to hide the consequences of their bad acts or criminal acts in the evening.

Together with Sorrow, a person makes some personal data from the dwelling, which seeks not to disclose. When there was no TV and the Internet, many people spent the evening at the windows and could watch their neighbors. Of course, any person appeared on the street faced attention. Already in the morning the whole district knew this, which gave rise to reasons for woven and a wide variety of assumptions.

There is another sign. Previously, people tried to cope with homemade troubles before the onset of darkness. It was impossible to carry garbage in the evening. Each skillful mistress waking up early in the morning and has been engaged in the economy throughout the day. If the neighbors noticed that someone gets rid of garbage at the later time, they began to believe that in the house was not all safe. The attitude towards a woman changed. She was attributed to the inability to monitor the housing and order.

Another belief can be noted, according to which a man who rubs garbage in the dark time after the day deprives himself joy and happiness. It is difficult to say why there was a similar sign. However, many people continue to adhere to the point of view that with Sorrow you can get rid of success and well-being.

How and when superstition arose

In antiquity, it was believed that the lives of people manage both kind and evil forces. Many believed that their fate was predetermined. In accordance with a common and popular opinion, the sorcerers began to hold their negative rites precisely with the onset of darkness. After sunset, the witches were guided by damage and the evil eye. For this they needed something from human personal items. If he endured the garbage in the evening, he could have brought himself to trouble. After all, such things carry the energy of their owner, which facilitated the process of activating damage and other negative impact.

For many centuries, there was another belief, according to which sorry from home can not be made, because it belongs to the house. People believed that it was the garbage bucket that allows him to eat. It is impossible to throw away trash in the evening.


Why do not take out garbage from home (apartments)

Mystical reasons

The prerequisites with a pronounced mystical color are associated with this. For example, it was used to be that with the onset of darkness every dwelling needs the influence of good forces.

In the belief, it was indicated that at night, the guardianship and well-being of households were engaged in households. They did not endure disorder and chaos. On the contrary, it was important to maintain purity and comfort. If the residents of the house did not cope with the decision of economic issues until the evening, they were deprived of support from the spiritual spirit. The power of the champions was noticeably weaker, because the unacute room was mixed or even a negative aura. In other words, a person ordered himself to problems because of a dismissive attitude towards domestic issues and because of his own inaccurability.

Other signs indicate that the unclean power reminded itself after the occurrence of darkness. This is the time to activate witches, sorcerers, devils and people with bad intent. They stopped hiding and began their malicious actions and rituals. One of the superstitions warned that the person who left the dwelling at night attracts danger and negative impact.

It is worth noting that often witches and sorcerers tend to carry out their own rituals after sunset. For these purposes, they were looking for things that could help them in the realization of bad intents. The trash of man who made it in the dark is at the top. So, harm him is much easier. However, there is no guarantee that it is in his address a magical impact will be sent.

It happens that the victim from a powerful curse is looking for help from a sorcerer, who does not remove damage, but transfers it to another person. It is much easier for him. Aura, victim from someone else's negative, can be cleaned with ease. To move the evil eye or damage, you can use the items that are found in the garbage.

If the witch needed to hold a ritual in relation to a particular person, then with the onset of twilight she could trace the housing. When the potential victim went out to endure the garbage, the opportunity appeared to take possession of personal items. The witch striculates special spells, which ranged depending on the scale of future harm. Before dawn, such a subject was entitled near the house so that it was discovered in the morning.

By mistake and ignorance, some people perceived a similar sign as a fateful and took the thing, since she returned back, in the dwelling. They believed that she could become an effective talisman, but allowed serious misses. Split or a curse managed to gain strength. A similar effect could be destructive and destructive.

It is extremely important not to take the thing that was thrown on the eve and again turned out to be at home, back. It should not even touch her. It used to be believed that the head of the family should use a malfunctional subject using a broom. Then you needed to read prayer. From things and broom should have rided, for example, by burning.

Modern look

Now in front of many people, the question arises, whether to endure trash in the evening.

Interpretation Signals over time has undergone some changes, and also has become more landed and domestic :

  • With the onset of darkness, the likelihood of possible trouble increases markedly. You can meet a person who is in a state of alcohol intoxication, or become a victim of fraudsters. At dusk, accidents are not excluded. After all, drivers are more difficult to concentrate on the road.
  • Places where garbage containers are located are very attractive for homeless and vagrants. It is possible that they will manifest aggression and inadequacy. Abandoned animals are also often about containers in search of food. Dogs, for example, may behave unpredictable.
  • In many areas and courtyards, there is an acute problem of insufficient street lighting. The man who came out to throw garbage can fall or stumble in the dark. The likelihood of injury, bruises and abrasions is great.

How to throw garbage

There are many acceptance and superstitions associated with garbage from the garbage in the dark time. To minimize possible negative consequences, it is better to do this during the day, and not after sunset.

According to the teaching Feng Shui, there are no time frames and restrictions. However, it is extremely important to regularly throw garbage and unnecessary things. After all, the trash absorbs energy and performs a negative function. To prevail a pleasant and having atmosphere, the old items worth putting out of the house. Due to the order in things, a person will be able to come to inner harmony.

It is noteworthy that on Feng Shui is the right time to guide the order - a bright day of day. If you throw garbage after the occurrence of darkness, it is possible to bring material difficulties.

How to avoid negative interpretation

To protect yourself from a negative omnation of signs, the following recommendations must be implemented :

  • When leaving the dwelling, it is worth saying: "I leave the house that leaves it necessary. Happiness and good luck in the house guard ";
  • throwing garbage needed by both hands;
  • On the way back, you should not look around.

Following these tips will help get rid of the negative.



Folk signs are the centuries-old wisdom of our people. People watched the natural phenomena, animal behavior and other representatives of Homo Sapiens and on the basis of their observations were built patterns. Today we call them signs. Most people believe in the household signs that are faced every day.

For example, everyone tries to endure trash in the afternoon, it is still light. The reason is banal: in childhood, relatives taught that it is not good to get rid of the Sora after sunset - not good. We will analyze various explanations of signs, ranging from mystical and ending with domestic.

Why in the evening they do not carry garbage: the point of view of esoteric

Mystics and esoterics believe that at night, unclean power dominates all over the world. If you get rid of garbage at this time, essentially will certainly bring discord to your family.

Previously, people believed in the houses - patrons of all dwellings. It is believed that the houses are very loved by purity. If you take garbage not at the last time, the house can be angry with you or get away from home. In the latter case, the whole family becomes defenseless before damage, money and natural disasters.

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Our ancestors believed that the trash could easily bring damage. Witches and sorcerers love to bring negative energy programs on hair and nails. For this reason, they are better not to throw away. You can bury in the ground or burn.

From the point of view of Feng Shui evening removal of garbage relieves a person from financial well-being. It is believed that a similar effect is associated with the incorrect flow of qi energy. However, the Slavs believed in the same way - with garbage from the house, happiness, wealth and well-being are made.

Other traits about trash

From a long time, it is believed that mixing food and household waste is bad sign. It turns out that many more centuries ago people sorted waste. We only come to the awareness of this need. The sign is explained simply: the cattle was fed with embroidery from the master's table. If these waste is not, it means, you will have to spend more to sell the main feed.

When moving from one place to another you needed to pick up with you all the garbage. But this sign worked as only for those who have lived well. If there were problems, then it should be done just the opposite - throw sorny on the old place.

Our ancestors tried not to endure garbage on Sundays and church holidays. They believed that so you can upset the holy strength. On the last day of the week it was customary to go to the temple and pray there.

How to neutralize the negative meaning

But what to do if the garbage needs to be taken out in the evening, but there is no possibility to do this afternoon? Throwing garbage, tell me these words:

"I leave unnecessary from the house, and leave happiness and prosperity."

So you prevent all possible troubles that you can wait.

Modern explanations about the removal of garbage

There are more real explanations of signs:

  • In the evening, the risk of pouring on Gopniks or get into another unpleasant situation.
  • On the way you can meet friends, "Cold" and forget about your household matters.
  • Near the garbage tanks in the evening often gather stray dogs. If they are hungry, they can easily attack you.
  • In the evening is always colder than the day. But not everyone, pulling out the garbage, dresses in the evening accordingly. As a result, it is very easy to catch the cold.

Do you believe on the removal of garbage? That's your business. But to listen to them uniquely worth it, because they appeared far from scratch.

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