Strong headaches: what to do

In 99% of the population, a headache arises in one at all. If this pain is periodic, not accompanied by loss of consciousness and severe neurological disorders, then people adapt to it. And in vain. With a proper discipline of the patient in more than half of the cases, the treatment of headaches turns out to be quite successful. Unfortunately, not everyone appeals to the doctor on time.

Doctors call a lot of causes of headaches. In the last classification of their over two hundred. The main of these are vertebrogenic (the name is very symbolic - all types of headaches arising from the difficulty of blood flow in the occipital head), pain in migraine, with blood pressure, after changing blood pressure, after crankny injuries and infectious diseases ( Even, for example, in chronically cold).

A psychogenic headache is also found. It belongs to the headache of the voltage (mental or physical), as well as pain in disturbing states and depression. Most often this is a novel, then grazing, the pulsating pain, focused in the occipital, temporal or frontal regions, either "spilled" throughout the head. In one patients agree: it can be patient long enough, more than an hour - for sure. And no motivation immediately go to the doctor does not arise. So live - for years, decades ... Handful of tablets, strong sleep, timely vacation - and everything has normalized by itself.

Watch and pass

If not only relatives and colleagues know about your headache, but even Folloviers in social networks, but by its intensity you can, without measuring blood pressure, to figure out how many hypotensive drugs should be thrown into yourself this time, or know exactly what The tablet and which dosage helps, and nove the medicine with me if your doctor picks up to the ceiling and, sighing hard, trusting something that "you need to worry about less and nervous," then such a headache is likely will give you the opportunity to pronounce and on. And when the head hurts, I absolutely do not want to sign up for the reception, go to the doctor, something to explain to someone ... In any case, the head will soon pass "and life will shine again with all the colors.

At the time of the attack of headaches, people behave quite typical. A person seeks to retire, smells, bright light and sounds act annoyingly. Some are trying to lie down and do not move, some, on the contrary, blocked the room without stopping.

Remember the clip Alla Pugacheva about noisy neighbors? On the head is a wide bandage, the nerves are stretched to the limit. Here is a portrait of a typical sufferer. The world is narrowed to the size of a darkened and quiet bedroom. The condition when the head does not hurt, on the contrary, is accompanied by an attack of violent activities and intensive televitations. Everything is familiar.

Maximum pain

But one day the pain overshadowed everything. It becomes so strong that you immediately understand: this is "other" pain, unusual, unlike anything. "Wild" - call her patients. The burning, drilling, tearing or squeezing head, penetrating, sharp, intolerable, embracing the whole head or part of it. This may be accompanied by loss of consciousness or its permanent, convulsions, nausea and vomiting, immobilization of one limb or half of the body, a violation of speech or vision. Yes, anything! After such joy from life, you are unlikely to experience ...

Medical tips will be later. And now - medical observations. In 99% of cases, with such a strong painful attack, people first drink a "some" tablet. Of those that are in the first-aid kit, they were found at the neighbor, showed on TV (well, where first "everything hurts", and then - happiness with full sips and the world is beautiful and amazing).

In principle, this is the right tactic. The only problem on which most doctors indicates is the dosage. With a strong, practically non-supported headache, griefly, the desire to "stroke" it immediately, people take a completely insane number of painkillers capable of "to poison" the body for a long time. And then people are waiting. When "passes" when "will face a tablet" when the morning will come. And when it becomes very bad ...

If the attack found surprise

So, the strong, first emerging headache. You are conscious, externally - no damage. What could it be? Yes, anything! After all, the cam of the brain can not be hurt - it does not have pain receptors. The pain occurs due to the voltage or irritation of a plurality of sensitive sensations of areas located in the head or neck: skulls (periosteum), muscles, nerves, arteries and veins, subcutaneous fabric, eye, nasal sinuses and mucous membranes. Therefore:

Tip number 1. Do not try to make a diagnosis yourself! With a strong, sudden, first emerging headaches - Call your doctor! Sit down and call someone adequate and unlawful to help you (in case you lose consciousness). Do not take more dual dose of painkillers and remember that the medicine needs time to act.

Tip number 2. Before typing the phone "Emergency", measure the temperature. Because the headache may accompany the beginning of a viral or infectious disease. In any case, you will give the doctor to start a diagnosis for two minutes before. Remember, sometimes minutes are able to save life.


Tip number 3. Try touching your chest chin. If you can't because in the occipital area, the pain is enhanced, - boldly dictate this terrible symptom operator of the call center. Because meningitis is not a toy, but a very dangerous complication of many, seemingly innocuous, ORVI.

Tip number 4. If there is a tonometer - measure blood pressure. And preferably - on both hands. Because the good half of all the first cases of hypertensive crises have been accompanied by very strong cephalgia. And hypertensive crisis is already serious. It can easily lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Tip number 5. Remember what happened on the eve. There is a special variety of headaches - toxic. It occurs in poisoning with various chemicals or as a side effect from taking medication. Such headache often cause drugs that reduce blood pressure, nitrates, psychotropic agents and many other substances. By the way, many teenagers saved their lives of parents of parents who were discharged in detail in the roaring chad the circumstances of the party on the eve.

Tip number 6. See and click. Even a healthy person may have a sharp headache after a thermal or solar blow, staying in a stuffy room, in charge of carbon monoxide or car exhaust. By the way, do not forget about such things as amnesia. The man who received his head sometimes forgets the circumstances of the injury. Inspect yourself in the mirror, plump the skin under the hair and the neck for the presence of bruises, wounds or scratches.

Tip number 7. Do not pull the time. The most unpleasant case - the presence in the brain of volumetric education. It can be both a tumor and abscess or even the flowing blood. The diagnosis can be delivered only by neurovalization, so if the head hurts for a long time - do not tighten the appeal to the neurologist. Remember: in your diversity the headache does not have equal!

Tip number 8. If the headache has passed as suddenly, as it appeared - do not cancel the "ambulance" call. In some of her species, for example, in intracereblock bleeding, a "light" gap can occur before the appearance of the most terrible complications. Wait for Doctor. Do not rush to write the will and finish the "most important thing". Try convenient to sit down and relax.

Tip number 9. When accessing a doctor, keep a piece of paper with a record exactly what kind of headaches you received. And medical gratitude will not have borders!

Attention! If the headache is accompanied by a loss of consciousness or its permanent, convulsions, nausea and vomiting, immobilization of one limb or half of the body, a violation of speech or vision, then without options - Immediately call a doctor . And do not engage in self-medication and mutual assistance.

For others, the Council is only one here: do not let the patient die from your "care." Do not try to heat the water of a man lying unconscious, do not fake foreign objects in a convulsive attack, do not "wash the stomach" with abundant vomiting that does not bring relief, do not brake your hand or leg! Estate squeezing clothes, provide fresh air access and carefully turn your head side.

The sooner the patient falls into the hospital, the more chances of staying alive and unharmed. After all, pain can be a manifestation of such severe diseases as stroke, meningitis or encephalitis. Remember, only a doctor can be diagnosed. And the Council "Do not harm" - applies not only to doctors ...

Valentina Saratovskaya


We all face a headache, although not so often. But what to do if the head hurts constantly, and not three times a month? The reason can be both in lifestyle and in worsening health.

How lifestyle affects headache

If you suffer from regular headaches, pay attention to your habits. Discomfort may occur due to fatigue, hunger, inclipboard, overvoltage or stress. To get rid of pain, try at least a couple of weeks to change your routine:

  • Looking around to sleep - a person for recreation is needed at least 8 hours of sleep. But do not sleep more than 10 hours. In this case, the level of oxygen and blood sugar will decrease and cause headaches.
  • If you are sitting behind books, computer or your job is related to looking at small parts - once half an hour get distracted. Stand, disperse, do not strain your eyes at least a couple of minutes.
  • Refuse to eat alcohol. It affects blood pressure and affects the state of the head vessels.

Try to avoid stressful situations and negative emotions. If the headache is not caused by diseases, then these simple tips will help you avoid it.

You can take analgesic to remove pain (what kind of medicine is suitable for you, it will help to choose a doctor), snack, stick to sleep for half an hour, air the room and make a head massage.

When to go to a neurologist

Diseases that affect the nervous tissues and the brain is quite a bit. Headache can cause:

  • Neuralgia of the facial and triple nerves - with it, nerve fibers are pinching and inflamed, because of which you can constantly feel pain;
  • New formation. Both benign, and malignant tumors are pressed on the vessels, increase intracranial pressure. The head hurts only on the side where the tumor is located. Disease can be suspected of a general deterioration of state, elevated temperature, lethargy and fatigue.
When the head hurts, the doctor can direct you on MRI or CT head

If the causes of the headaches are not clear, the neurologist will send you to the MRI or CT of the brain - they will quickly determine the cause of discomfort. And if everything is in order with the brain itself, the competent neurologist will be able to find a source of pain and send the desired specialty to the doctor.

Heart and spine as a cause of pain

Often the head hurts because of problems with the heart and vessels. Usually, older people are subject to this, but some diseases are common among young people:

  • Increased and reduced blood pressure. The head hurts when changing the weather, with a sharp rise, dizziness can begin and darken in the eyes. This is due to the voltage of vessels and the oxygen starvation of the brain.
  • Vascular diseases. With them, the pain holds a few hours in the eye area, blood can go from the nose.
  • Sclerosis and pinching of vessels - inevitable satellites atherosclerosis and scoliosis. Due to the reduced lumen of the vessels in the brain there is less oxygen, the head begins to root or across the entire area, or in the back of the head and temples.
  • Stroke - thrombosis or broken brain vessels. A strong stupid pain appears, a person can lose mobility on one side of the face or body, will cease to distinguish familiar objects. In the first symptoms of the stroke, it is necessary to urgently cause an ambulance - after a few hours it will begin to die the brain.

To detect pressure problems, you just need to control your condition. It is not by chance that at each reception at the therapist you necessarily measure pressure. Do not be afraid if on some day it has changed: it is completely normal. But the diseases of the vessels can be seen only on the MRI of the brain or magnetic resonance angiography. You will be sent to these surveys in order to accurately make a diagnosis if it did not work immediately.

If you have problems with your back, then the head is most likely hurting precisely because of them. Any curvature of posture, increasing bone tissue on vertebrae, hernia and protrusion lead to pinching vessels. And because of this, the brain cannot receive oxygen and nutrients, which causes pain, fatigue and drowsiness, much less often pain from the spine is in mind. This happens during injuries, hernias and curvatures of the cervical and top of the chest departments.

Head can be constantly sick due to lack of oxygen after the neck injury

The problems of the spine are engaged in a neurologist and an orthopedic surgeon. At the curvature of the back, the doctor will pay attention primarily on a simple visual inspection. To clarify the diagnosis, the doctor may assign X-ray, MRI or CT of the damaged spine.

Headache after injury and diseases

Pain can cause two types of injury: damage to the skull and spine. The reason for their discomfort is different:

  • In the cranial and brain injuries, a hematoma is formed, which increases intracranial pressure. It clamps the vessels and the neighbor brain departments. If the skull is damaged, its fragments can get inside and cause bleeding. The pain occurs after a while after injury. In the eyes will darken, dizziness and nausea will begin. There is a pain along the whole head, but at the injury place it is especially strong.
  • In the injuries of the spine, the relief of large vessels occurs, which causes oxygen starvation. If the neck is injured, then the head will be hurting simply from the proximity of damage.

In both cases, it is required to immediately consult a doctor. To clarify the nature and scale of injury, the doctor can make X-ray or MRI, but only after the sharp phase will pass.

Diseases can affect headaches both directly and indirectly:

  • Heavy infections can lead to inflammations of the brain structures, thinning the walls of the vessels and the destruction of the brain shells.
  • With influenza, cold, sore throat and any other respiratory diseases, breathing is disturbed. And due to a smaller amount of incoming air, oxygen fasting and headache begins.
Another reason for the lack of oxygen, because of which the head constantly hurts - a banal runny nose

With these states, it makes no sense to go to a neurologist with complaints about headaches. It is better to say about her to your attending physician, so that he analyzes the situation, adjusted the treatment or sent you to hospitalization.

Are there any other reasons because of which the head constantly hurts?

Possible and even very likely! Headache can cause:

  • Medicine . Very many drugs pain is indicated as a side effect.
  • Hormonal disbalance . It can be both physiological (pregnancy, adolescence, menopause) and pathological (violation in the work of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries). The hormones are controlled by all our organism, and with a change in their concentrations, well-being will inevitably deteriorate.
  • Mental diseases and pathological conditions . With neurosis, panic attacks and depressions, headaches are not uncommon. From the point of view of physiology, hormones and oxygen fasting are also caused, however, to get rid of pain, have to cope with spiritual illnesses.
  • Permanent finding next to allergens It can provoke a headache due to nasal congestion (and therefore lack of oxygen) and pressure changes.
  • Permanent finding next to toxic substances It causes a breath violation and irritates the mucous membranes.

There may be much more rare diseases, for example, sclerosis or infection with parasites, which lead to the destruction of brain tissues.

The doctor in the first reception will ask you about everything, which may be related to the cause of pain. Probably send you to another specialist: an endocrinologist, a psychotherapist, an allergist. In the case of an incorrectly selected medication, the doctor will be able to register an analog without side effects. For diagnostics may require:

  • MRI or CT brain,
  • MRI of the cervical spine,
  • blood test for hormones,
  • General and biochemical blood test,
  • Samples for allergens.

The causes of the headaches are much, and quickly define them may be not easy. However, diagnostic methods are very similar, and you will not have to spend a lot of time for surveys. And, even if you cure the fifth doctor, and not the second - getting rid of the constant headache costs everything spent on this time.

What does the body complain when torments the headache? If you can correctly determine the type of pain, then cope with it yourself, sometimes without tablets. Want to know how?

The first thing to be done is to eliminate the states threatening life and health. For example, hypertensive crisis, hemorrhage, stroke or brain tumor. Fortunately, such types of pain occur rarely. The symptoms are listed below, each of which is separately, and even more so, their combination is signs of serious danger.

When you just need medical care

  • Headache is the strongest in life, arose suddenly, "like a thunder among a clear sky," and continues to grow. Here you do not have to doubt - call an integer.
  • Empty parts of the body, poorly turning the language, problems with vision, worsening the rumor, some vision, in one word, the sensory systems of the body begin to refuse. If this is for the first time - we call an ambulance. Although such terrible symptoms in some cases turn out to be just aura before the attack of migraine. But about it next.
  • Dizziness to the state of "nonstone", pronounced weakness, asymmetry of the face (flooded down the corner of the lips, lowered the eyelids) - call in ambulance, it is possible to break the cerebral circulation.
  • Very severe headache, redness of the eye, the blurredness, the eye is too tight to the touch - we call an ambulance, it looks like a sharp attack of glaucoma, which can end with blindness.
  • Headache, and with it: vomiting, temperature, possibly - rash. We call a doctor to the house to eliminate the infection.
  • The head hurts stronger in the lying position, especially closer to the morning. The pain is sharply enhanced with cough, sharp slopes, during sex. Here, the reasons may be much, for example: the protracted sinusitis, the consequences of herpetic infection, etc. very, very rarely, such pains turn out to be a symptom of intracerebral tumor. Therefore, it is necessary to see a doctor. But it is not necessary to call it to the house or call the "ambulance".
  • Finally, consult a doctor in a planned manner if the head in principle got sick for the first time, especially in a child. If it hurts unusual (not as before) or not passes from paracetamol, analgin or ibuprofen.

If nothing from the above is happening with you, calmly read on.

Maybe it's in pressure?

Quite possible. Both an increase and decrease in blood pressure may be accompanied by a headache, although the mechanism of its development is not fully understood. In any case, if the head hurts - find out your pressure. To do this, you will need to start a tonometer in your home aid kit and learn to use it.

With numbers 140/90 - 150/100 mm RT. Art.

You can enjoy the tablet of the correct painkillery and relax 30-40 minutes. Then use the tonometer again.

Pain is gone, the pressure decreased? Fine! This happens when the pressure was a consequence of headaches, and not vice versa. The cause of the headache you have to find out if the attack is repeated. And the pressure must be controlled. If it continues to rise above the norm, consult medical attention.

With figures of 160/100 mm Hg. Art. and higher

It is better to immediately go to the doctor, especially if it happened for the first time. The pain against the background of increased pressure is more often beginning in the afternoon. It is usually a nape, the face is blushing, it becomes hot, you can feel like knocking and pulsates in temples.

It's dangerous to endure such pain or jogging. It is enough to reduce the pressure, and the pain will be in itself.

Low pressure

Even a decrease of 10 mm Hg. Art. Regarding your usual pressure can cause headache, although there is no accurate "lower" pressure rate.

Reduced pressure problems are more likely among young people in the mornings or after day sleep. Rolling the weakness and laziness, the hands are cold, she caresses, it fails to collect the thoughts "in a bunch" and make yourself work.

In this case, try to take a contrasting shower, laugh with a towel. Drink strong tea, coffee or cola. If a physical form allows, you can spray / pull out several times, stand on the hands at the wall, perform a few squats. The gentle option is to lie "on the contrary," the head without a pillow, legs on the elevation. If not better, you can take 1 or 2 tablets of "Cofetami" (contraindicated in interruptions in the heart). Softeful feathers with arterial hypotension: Eleuterococcus Extract, Rhodiola Pink, Peony Tincture.

Everything is okay

If the pressure corresponds to your "worker" and stacked back, each time it is not necessary to recover it with the next attack of the same headaches.

Maybe you just forgot to eat? The head often hurts against the background of hypoglycemia: if you skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, a person is angry from hunger, which in itself can cause the pain described below. Publish something delicious and go to the next item.

Fatigue headache

Now listen to yourself and try to determine the type of headache according to its characteristic features.

Headache has a pressing character. The head buzzles, cracks and is about to burst, it was closed in a vice. Sometimes the pain seems to pokes, especially if you change the activity, go stroll or do something interesting and enjoyable. But if someone is thoughtful sadly, whether your head passed, it becomes bad again.

The mood is depressed. You feel squeezing and tension in the neck and top of the back, which you want to smash. It is impossible to fall asleep, peace does not give thoughts that firing in the subconscious, like bees. Maybe it is from nerves, fatigue and lack of sleep?

Most likely it is! Headache from fatigue is not a fault, but given. In the international classification of diseases for it there is a special code and the name - the headache of the voltage.

According to statistics, this is the most frequent type of pain in adult men and women. It is proved that one of the causes of such pain is the overvoltage of the muscles of the top of the back, neck and head. It happens that if you "freeze" for a computer in a static position, you have an incorrect posture, you used to talk on the phone, closing it between the shoulder and ear. Other no less significant reasons: mental overwork and emotional stress.

To relieve such pain, you need to relax. This is the case when a simple massage creates wonders. If it is pretty to smoke the area of ​​the adapter, neck, the scalp, the pain usually leaves for 10-15 minutes.

Warm bath, heater to the neck area and a nape, sedative herbs such as a mother-in-law or valerian at night and a full-fledged sleep - the main drugs. And only if these measures do not help, accept the usual painkiller.

Maybe it can be better to drink analgesic and continue to work? Not!

Those who often use painkillers develops a special kind of chronic daily headache - abuse pain from drugs.

If you are often forced to drink analgesics, refer to the neurologist. The doctor will appoint alternative drugs to avoid complications.

Headache inheritance and Aura in Apid

The last of the most common types of headaches are migraine. It is different, but usually differs in their manifestations from all the options described above and requires a special approach in treatment. From migraine, women suffer more often, who receive a disease inheritance from parents.

The pain is really strong! To pretend that everything is fine, and only scouts can continue to work.

You can clearly indicate where the head hurts, at least at the beginning of the attack. It is more often this forehead, temple or half of the head, and from the attack to the row to the localization of pain change.

Mutit already before vomiting, any activity, except for "meditation" on the sofa, clearly worsen the situation. Bear sounds, even cut cat. I want to score in a dark corner, hide. If someone suggests you to shake and breathe fresh air, it will very much to regret it. Everything around loses meaning, and you know that it is for a long time.

Migraine attacks can continue from 1-4 hours to several days, which turn into hell.

Ordinary analgesics are rarely helped, and every patient migraine has its secrets to facilitate the status: hot foot baths, caffeine, alcohol, cold compresses on the forehead, sleep, sex, etc.

As for traditional treatment methods, everything is also individually: what is good one, badly different. There are many drugs from migraine, you need to select them together with a neurologist. And most importantly, in the case of migraine, adopt the medicine should be necessary as early as possible, do not wait for this time, and the pain will pass on their own. When a migraine attack in full, no even the most modern pills do not work.

In 30% of people, the migraine begins with aura: tingling in the body, crawling goosebumps, smelling sensitivity, irritability, flashes of light and stripes in front of the eyes.

  • The most frightening Aura: loss of fields, instability when walking, numbness of limbs, violation of speech.
  • The most wonderful Aura happens more often in children: Alice Syndrome in Wonderland. A person ceases to adequately navigate in the sizes of objects and its own body. Any object can suddenly grow or decrease to microscopic value.

Therefore, people suffering from migraine create, sometimes amazing paintings.

There are even about 200 reasons for headaches, although they are all found much less frequently described above. Head as the most important part of the body often hurts in different trifles: because of the tight pigtails, the habit of day and night to chew a gum or magnetic storm in the sun.

The main thing is not to swallow anesthetic, without understanding what, in fact, the case. If, of course, we are not talking about migraine. Her treatment deserves a separate article.

With the help of the service, you can find a good neurologist and make an appointment of it without unnecessary calls and "headaches"!

Headache is an actual problem for many people. According to statistics, with this unpleasant symptom, at least once in his life, each person came across, not even with chronic diseases, injuries and other pathologies. The pain syndrome can manifest itself with different intensity, but regardless of this, it causes discomfort, reduces performance and worsens the quality of life. Tablets from headaches are a popular and affordable tool that is perhaps every home first aid kit.

Many drugs are released without a recipe and are familiar to several generations of our compatriots. At the same time, there are no universal tablets from headaches, since this symptom can accompany more than 40 pathologies. In order to determine the cause of pain syndrome, you need to consult a doctor. If there is no such possibility, then at least in general terms know which painkillers are presented on sale, as they act and what they differ.

Causes of headaches

Pain syndrome may differ in character, localization, distribution, duration and other characteristics. The doctor has a diagnosis in each case, relying on a set of many factors that may indicate a disease or a different disease. For instance:

  • sharp pains can appear in spasms of brain vessels or cervical osteochondrosis;
  • Pulsing pains may indicate migraine, otitis, violation of the vascular system, glaucoma and a number of other diseases;
  • Prolonged pains usually appear when meningitis, encephalitis, tuberculosis, as well as with severe lesions of the nervous system.

In addition, with different diseases, pain syndrome may have a certain localization:

  • In migraine, some pathologies of the eyes, inflammation of the nasal sinuses, pneumonia pain concentrates in the forehead and surveillance;
  • With hypertension, osteochondrosis, the tension of the muscles of the neck and head, neuralgia of the occipital nerve - in the nape region;
  • with elevated intracranial pressure, flu, angina, pneumonia, hyimorite - in the forehead and temples;
  • In migraines, spasms of the muscles of the neck and head, the appearance of a tumor - in the area of ​​the pattern.

Call headaches can not only diseases, but also frequent stress, bad habits, sleep mode disorders, meteo-dependence. In women, painful syndrome may be associated with the menstrual cycle, in men - with overwork, in children with colds, in the elderly - with violations of the cardiovascular system and neurological pathologies. The pathological condition may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, increasing temperature, chills, dizziness and other symptoms. In each case, an individual selection of medicines is required.

Headaches can be caused by various reasons. In some diagnoses, the patient requires urgent hospitalization. Thus, independent diagnosis is unacceptable, and the uncontrolled use of drugs from headaches may aggravate the disease. Anesthetics must be selected by the attending physician in accordance with the diagnosed diagnosis.

Do not tolerate pain! Buy anesthetic and take away your city in a pharmacy in half an hour


Basic groups of preparations from headaches


Operating principle

This is an extensive group of drugs that will be bored with pain syndrome, without causing the effect of anesthesia. Analgesics have a comprehensive effect: anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic. Despite this, they are not able to eliminate the cause of pain and cannot be used as systemic long-term therapy (exceptions are determined by the attending physician and can be associated with diagnoses such as migraine, oncology, etc.).

Features of application

Analgesics - modern high-speed drugs, which, in accordance with the instructions, can be used with headaches. Tablets begin to act on an average after 20-30 minutes and save their effect to 8 hours. Almost all manufacturers indicate that the simultaneous reception of different analgesics is not allowed, since this can provoke the occurrence of side effects. Before taking medication, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with annotation.

What drugs relate to analgesics?

The following groups of non-Arcotic analgesics are distinguished: salicylic acid derivatives (aspirin); Anilin derivatives (Paracetamol, Panadol); derivatives of alkane acids ("ibuprofen", "diclofenak"); Pyrazolone derivatives (Analgin); Others ("Dimeksid", "Pentalgin") and others.

Choose a medicine


Operating principle

One of the common causes of the appearance of headaches is a violation of blood circulation in the brain caused by spasm (narrowing of the lumen) of the vessels. In this case, pain syndrome will be intensified when applied to the problem of cold, and the use of analgesics may be ineffective. Again to feel the facilitation of the patient will help the reception of antispasmodic drugs that contribute to the restoration of blood circulation in the tissues. As in the case of analgesics, it is recommended to apply these tablets as a single aid, and not on an ongoing basis.

What drugs are attracted to spasmolitics?

Two large groups of spasmolytic drugs are distinguished:

1. Motropic antispasmodics. Preparations from this group can be assigned at elevated arterial pressure. Motropic antispasmodics eliminate the spasms of smooth muscles, due to which there is relaxing and expanding the walls of the vessels. Some tablets have an additional sedative effect. Preparations against headache from this group - "Papaverin", "Dibazole", "But-Shpa", "Decalgin" and others.

2. Neurotropic antispasmodics. Aimed at blocking nerve impulses and relaxation of smooth muscles, due to which blood circulation is restored and a painful syndrome is borne. Some drugs can be prescribed during pregnancy (only on the recommendation of the doctor). Popular neurotropic antispasmodics - "Buckopan", "Aproofen", "Hosqing", etc.

Choose a medicine

Vaconishing drugs

Used to eliminate the pathological expansion of vessels, which leads to a bloodstream. Vasomotoring tablets are aimed at normalization of blood circulation. Caffeine, ergotamine, triptans and other substances aimed at increasing the tone of capillaries, veins and arteries can be included in the funds. Such preparations such as Cofetamine and Migrenol help to quickly remove headaches with migraine at home. At the same time, many vesseloring pills are not allowed without prescription can only be assigned to the attending physician in the presence of testimony.

Nonteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Operating principle

NSAIDs - a group of drugs with a complex action: anesthetic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory. Such pills can be assigned to headaches accompanying colds, feverish states, inflammatory processes in the body. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs begin to act quickly and retain the effect for several hours. Nevertheless, with chronic pain syndrome, such pills are usually not recommended as they have a number of contraindications.

What drugs are attributed to the NSAID?

NSAIDs are conventionally divided into two groups:

1. With a low-rise effect. These include Analgin, Paracetamol, Panadol, Baratgin, Tempalgin, Sedalgin, and others.

2. With a pronounced effect. These are such drugs as "aspirin", "Indomethacin", "Diclofenak", "Ibuprofen", "Ketoprofen" and others.

The listed drugs are available effective means that are usually applied from headache at home. Despite this, their reception should also be coordinated with the attending physician, which takes into account the features of the interaction of prescribed drugs.

Choose a medicine

List of effective pills from headaches

Universal painkillers that can be used in any situation do not exist. Even the strongest tablets will not bring the desired effect if their action is not aimed at eliminating the causes of pain syndrome. Despite this, on the Internet you can find ratings for 2019 with lists of the best preparations against headaches. It is impossible to rely on this information, since the selection of drugs should carry out the attending physician.

Below is a list of inexpensive drugs that are in demand and can be purchased without a recipe as a single-sized headache.


Acetylsalicylic acid-based tablets almost certainly have in every home first aid kit. The medicine can be used in migraine, violation of cerebral circulation, inflammatory diseases, dependence on alcohol. "Aspirin" is well diluted with blood and can prevent the formation of thrombus. Due to this quality, the drug is recognized by specialists one of the most effective in the treatment of vascular diseases. At the same time, acetylsalicylic acid is not recommended to take to persons with diagnoses such as peptic ulcer of the stomach and intestines, disorders of blood clotting, etc.

"Aspirin", in accordance with the instructions, you can take 1 tablet 3 times a day after meals. The duration of the course of treatment is determined by the doctor and is usually not more than 2 weeks.

Aspirin with Bayer Tab. spike. d / prig.r-ra №10

from 297 r.

Tablets are effervescent; 5 strips for 2 hidden tablets; Manufacturer Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH, Germany


The active ingredient of this drug in most cases is well absorbed by the body and helps with headaches of various etiology. Paracetamol is one of those affordable, but at the same time effective and gentle antipyretics. On its basis, other drugs of this group are also manufactured, for example, Panadol for children.

The drug, in accordance with the instructions, can be taken unite or up to 4 times a day, but no more than 5 days in a row, otherwise unwanted complications associated with an overdose of the active substance may develop.

Paracetamol Pharmstandard Table. 500 mg No. 10.

from 6.50 p.

500 mg tablets; 10 tablets; Manufacturer "Farmstandart-Lexers", Russia


This drug is one of the most common and affordable analgesics. Take the "cititone", in accordance with annotation, it is possible with non-linking headaches that may arise against the background of increasing temperature or some inflammatory processes. The therapeutic effect is achieved by increasing the tone of vessels and improved blood circulation. The active substances of most forms of the issue of "citragon" are aspirin, paracetamol, caffeine, that is, the drug can have a combined effect.

Doctors recommend not to abuse these pills from headaches due to the probability of developing side effects. The duration of the medication can be not more than 3 days. The daily dose can be no more than 8 tablets.

Citramont P Pharmstandard Table. №10

from 20 r.

Tablets 240 mg + 30 mg + 180 mg (acetylsalicylic acid + caffeine + paracetamol); 10 tablets; Manufacturer: "Farmstandart-Lexers", Russia


The preparation of combined action, which eliminates the headache and has a sedative effect. This means that Thepalgin is not recommended, if after that the person has to work that requires concentration. At the same time, the active ingredient of this drug shows good efficacy with pains of various nature and severity.

In accordance with the instruction "Tempalgin" is allowed to take up to 3 times a day. As a rule, in this case we are talking about the rescue pain syndrome. The term for the treatment of headaches with this drug should be not more than 5 days.

Tempalgin Table. p / about captivity. №20

from 144 p.

Tablets covered with film shell; 2 blisters of 10 tablets; Manufacturer Sopharma AD, Bulgaria


This is another popular preparation of combined action. The use of Pentalgin, in accordance with the instructions, has spasmolitic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect. Its action is directed to slowing the process of producing hormones provoking pain syndrome. In most cases, the required result is achieved after receiving one tablet.

The drug is recommended to take no more than 3 times a day. The permissible duration of the treatment of headaches is up to 5 days.

Pentalgin tab. №24.

from 200 r.

Tablets covered with film shell; 2 contour cellular packs of 12 tablets; Manufacturer "Farmstandart-Lexers", Russia


The high-speed drug shown in migraine, as well as headaches that can be caused by inflammatory processes and nervous overvoltage. "Ibuprofen" on the antipyretic and bloodstanding properties of close to "Aspirin". The first effect after taking the medication is usually observed after 10 minutes, but the peak effect is displayed on the average after 2 hours.

During the day it is allowed to take no more than 4 tablets, other cases must be discussed with the attending physician. The duration of treatment depends on the characteristics of the disease.

Ibuprofen table. 400 mg №20

from 54 p.

Tablets coated with film sheath of 400 mg; 2 contour cellular packs of 10 tablets; Manufacturer of OJSC "Synthesis", Russia


The product is bought by the spasm of the walls of the vessels, eliminates the inflammatory process and removes pain syndrome. Sazgan quickly brings relief and retains the therapeutic effect for 4-8 hours. Despite the fact that the drug is released without a prescription and is shown in a wide list of states, it is advisable to agree with the attending physician.

Sazgan refers to the means of one-time use, therefore the duration of the drug, according to annotation, should be not more than 3 days. In violation of this rule, the risk of side effects is possible.

Spasgan table. №20

from 111 r.

Tablets 500 mg + 5 mg + 0.1 mg (sodium metamizol + Pitoophenone + bromide phenpymerinium); 2 blisters of 10 tablets; Manufacturer Wockhardt Limited, India


The drug is prescribed predominantly with headaches coming after stress, physical or emotional overvoltage. As a rule, such pain syndrome is characterized by moderation and absence of ripples. "But-shpa" has a spasmolytic effect, relaxing the walls of the vessels and normalizing blood circulation. The therapeutic effect occurs approximately 15 minutes after the use of medication.

At a time, according to annotation, it is recommended to receive no more than two tablets. The daily dose of the drug should not exceed 8 tablets. Without consultation, the doctor takes the "but-shpu" for longer than two days is prohibited.

But ship table. 40 mg №100.

from 205 p.

Tablets 40 mg; 100 tablets in a polypropylene bottle with PE plug; Manufacturer Chinoin Pharmaceutical and Chemical Works Co, Hungary, Representative Office of Joint-Stock Company "Sanofi-Aventis Group", France


The preparation of combined action, which has an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Nurofen has pronounced painkillers. If the patient does not know what to do with a strong headache accompanying a migraine attack, some experts recommend one to take this drug. Further treatment in this case should appoint a doctor.

In accordance with the instructions, the use of "Nurofen" is possible on one tablet no more than 4 times a day. Breaks between drug intakes should be about 4 hours. Use the tablets longer than 3 days is not recommended, because the risk of developing side effects.

Nooofen Express Forte Cape. 400 mg №20

from 344 p.

Capsules 400 mg; 2 blisters of 10 capsules; Manufacturer Banner Pharmacaps Europe B.V., Netherlands


Available antispasmodic, which, like "but-shpa", has a relaxing effect on the muscles of vessels, contributes to the expansion of their lumen and normalization of blood circulation. Additionally, Papaverin has a sedative effect, so some doctors recommend taking it with frequent stress and insomnia.

Use this means from headaches, according to annotation, allowed not more than 4 times a day. At a time you can take no more than 2 tablets.

Papaverin hydrochloride candles rect. 20 mg №10

from 71 r.

Suppositories rectal 20 mg; 2 contour cellular packs of 5 suppositories; Manufacturer of Biochimik OJSC, Russia


An antispasmodic drug that can be used with severe headaches. Buckopan is also recommended by doctors as a means of marine or aerial disease. In some cases, the drug is prescribed to children. Buckopan has a pronounced therapeutic effect after one time applying, but it can also be used as part of a comprehensive treatment.

In accordance with the instructions, adults can take this preparation for 1-2 tablets up to 3 times a day. If the pain does not pass, the doctor's consultation is required. The dosage for children is selected individually.

Buckopane table. 10 mg number 20.

from 415 p.

Tablets coated with a shell of 10 mg; 2 blisters of 10 tablets; Manufacturer "Delpharm Reims", France


The antispasmodic preparation, which in composition and properties is close to "Papaverin", but surpasses it in terms of efficiency and duration of action. DROTAVERINA will stop painful syndrome by eliminating spasms of vessels and tissue recovery.

Since the drug may cause a number of side effects, its use must be coordinated with the attending physician. If you want to eliminate pain at home, then the patient is important to follow the instructions.

DROTAVERIN Tab. 40 mg number 20.

from 20.50 r.

Tablets 40 mg; 2 contour cellular packs of 10 tablets; Manufacturer of OJSC OJSC, Russia

Contraindications for the use of preparations from headaches

Each drug designed to relieve pain syndrome has a number of indications and contraindications. If you have the latter, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before taking pills.

The main contraindications to the use of painkillers:

  • Individual intolerance to the components of the medication;
  • the period of pregnancy and feeding the child with breasts;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • Blood coagulation disorders;
  • Bronchial asthma and other pathologies of the respiratory system;
  • ulcerative lesions and erosion of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hepatitis and liver failure;
  • Allergic diseases, etc.

To minimize the risk of developing complications, it is necessary to entrust the selection of funds from the headache to a qualified doctor. Only a specialist will be able to take into account the combination of various drugs during complex therapy and choose the necessary dosage.

Tablets from headaches during pregnancy

The period of the child's waiting is associated with the restructuring of a hormonal background and a multitude of other physiological changes in the body of a woman. During pregnancy, future mothers may experience frequent headaches, mood swings, stress.

ВMost Cases Doctors Recommend do well without Applications Pain-pleasing funds. Each episode continued painful Syndron requires Appeals кgynecologist which the leads pregnancy.

During this period, even such drugs like "Aspirin" and "Analgin" fall under the prohibition. If the doctor prescribes pills from headaches, then in minimal doses and mostly one-time. It should also be borne in mind that at different terms the specialist can recommend different means.

Headache preparations for children

Pain syndrome in children may occur for various reasons. Thus, pediatricians typically diagnose migraine, stress headaches, increased intracranial pressure, violations of vision. Each case requires a detailed examination and appointment of drugs that will help eliminate not discomfort, but the reason for its appearance. Parents are encouraged to take into account that the reception of incorrectly selected painkillers can also provoke headaches in the child.

With a repeated pain, a pediatrician may assign "ibuprofen" or "paracetamol" in dosages corresponding to the age of a small patient. Nest headaches in most cases will help eliminate the following tips:

  • Carrying the room where the child is located;
  • adherence to sleep mode;
  • Sustful sweet tea (can with Melissa).

What helps from headache except pills?

Despite the variety of painkillers, it is difficult to find a drug today, which would not have side effects. For those patients who cannot take tablets, there are other techniques to eliminate pain syndrome. They can be applied at home, at work, on a trip and other places. At the same time, the patient also needs to know the cause of discomfort to pick up the optimal option.

What to do when headaches without pills? We give a few simple and affordable recipes that have shown efficiency in practice.

1. Infusion of mint. The tool can be used in migraines and headaches caused by colds. For the preparation of infusion 1 tablespoon of dry grass, it is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water, to insist about half an hour and strain. Use in two receptions during the day.

2. Decoration of the Oral. The remedy has a vasodilatory and sedative effect. For cooking, 1 tablespoon of grass is poured with two glasses of boiling water and kept for half an hour. Take the infusion of oregano is needed by half a compartment 3 times a day. Every day you need to prepare a new decoction.

3. Herbal collection, including mint leaves, pharmaceutical chamomile, Valerian roots and Fennel fruits, can be recommended for frequent headaches caused by stress and overwork. To prepare 2 tablespoons of herbal mixture, it is necessary to pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist in a thermos 5 hours. It is better to make it in the evening so that in the morning it was possible to drink an empty stomach of a glass of aimed infusion.

This is a small list of what helps from headache at home. The above list can be complemented by hundreds of other herbs, rhizomes, colors, fruits and berries, which in different combinations can have the therapeutic effect necessary for a particular patient. At the same time, phytotherapy may also have limitations, so the use of infusions and decoctions is recommended to be coordinated with the attending physician.

Choose a suitable tool:

Output: Head pain common symptom, which the can to accompany Chronic or sharp Diseases or Same reflect overwork, stress, effects insomnia. Deal сthat condition help hundreds medicinal иillegal funds, which can to find вPharmacy. Front Top as acquire a drug, desirable receive preliminary Consultation уdoctor even if a speech Gone оTablets, Released without Recipe.

Headache occurs for many reasons: from overwork, with weather change, due to changes in arterial or intracranial pressure, impaired blood supply to the brain. A headache in the presence of a tumor in the cranial box. The doctors of the Yusupov Hospital are conducting complex headache therapy after a comprehensive patient examination.

Tablets are not always helped with headaches. Due to the prolonged reception of the analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, abuser headache is developing. In the event of pain in the head causes reception of drugs that would have to shoot it. Many patients have allergies to the reception of medicines. They show the non-drug methods for making headaches.

How to get rid of headaches without pills

Headache massage

The point massage is an effective way that helps to cope with the headache. It does not have contraindications and does not require special conditions. Points of massage with headaches can be found independently using the acupuncture manual. Points from headache on the head Reflexotherapists of the Yusupov Hospital are used during acupuncture sessions.

Massage not only helps to quickly remove headaches, but also has the following effects:

  • Removes or reduces stress;
  • contributes to calm and relaxation;
  • improves the blood supply of the brain;
  • increases the body's tone and concentration;
  • Improves sleep quality.

If the headache is not strong and arose as a result of fatigue, you can make a massage of the whole head. He soothes the nervous system, eliminates negative thoughts and helps the patient to gain peace. Easy movements all the head of the head massage with the pads of the fingers for 4-6 minutes.

What are the points to massage when headaches? Almost 100 biologically active points are located on human ears. On the ear of the ear there are points to remove headaches and pressure. Eliminate headache helps rubbing the ear of the ear for one minute. When pressing on a biologically active point, pain feels.

Headache Removal Points

What are the points to massage when headaches? To remove headaches use the following points on the head and body:

  1. Point Tien - Jung is located behind the ear, not far from the lobe, in the deepening of the lower edge of the occipital bone. In order to massage it, graze the patient the forehead with the palm and keep your head. Throw the point in the direction counterclockwise 3-5 minutes;
  2. In the middle of the conditional line from the head of the head to the top of the ear there is a point of Bai - Hui. It should be strongly pressed to the tip of the thumb before the appearance of painful sensations for 1-2 minutes. The patient is offered to sit down or become slightly tilting his head;
  3. The point for the removal of tie head pain - Yang is located on the eyebrow line in the deepening of the temples. Massage the point at the same time from both sides, stroking against a clockwise about 3 to 5 minutes. At the same time, the eyes should be closed;
  4. Point HE - GU is between the bones of the index and thumbs. Act at least 2-3 minutes with a big finger pad.

Remove the headache helps Tien point massage - Zhu. It is located on the lower border of the hairproof, on the rear surface. These are steam points. Two hands grab the first four fingers the lower jaw and the neck of the patient in front. Throw and press the thumb on the point for a few minutes.

In order for the movement to be smooth, use special oils. Cut out the massage sessions during the muted light, in silence. Special music of white noise (sea sounds) will additionally relax consciousness and switch attention to pain. After a session of a point massage, drink a cup of green tea with mint.

How to remove headache without drugs

Aromas of essential oils of various plants help to quickly get rid of headaches. Relaxes, relieves tension and soothes, helps to sleep the aroma of lavender. Removes stress and soothes the nerves, from which the head hurts, mint oil. It should be rubbed into the scalp for ten minutes. If there is no mint oil, you can use fresh mint leaves. They are triturated in Cashitz and softly rubbing in the region of the temples, the nape and the patterns.

Remove headache helps mint tea with honey. Put the bottle with mint or lavender oil in a handbag. At the first signs of headaches, open it and raise the flavors about a minute by each nasal move. Some people helps coffee from headaches.

If the pain in the head occurs due to overstrain, the cold helps. Moisten the linen napkin in cold water or wrap the ice towel, attach to the forehead and temples. If the whole head hurts, you can additionally attach cold and to the neck and shoulders. Do not use the ice, without wrapping it in a towel. This may cause spasm of vessels and, after a small relief, the pain will increase.

If the headache is connected with blood circulation disorders due to muscle spasms or cervical osteochondrosis, the blood supply to the brain is broken. You can expand the vessels by attaching to the neck heat with hot water or take hot shower to the neck area. Perfectly helps to remove the headache with IRC (vegetative dysfunction) contrast shower. If there is no heights or soul nearby, it helps the lung rubbing the area of ​​the back of the neck or shutting the neck with a woolen handkerchief, circular rotation head for kneading muscles.

Headache Exercises

People often bother headaches. Treatment without tablets is possible if it is not caused by organic brain lesions. A complex of exercises with a headache to each patient individually pick up the rehabilitists of the Yusupov Hospital.

Stretch the side pieces of the neck and the tops of the trapezoid muscles, remove the headache will help the following exercise:

  • Sit on the chair, holding your back vertically and straight;
  • stretch up top of the scalp;
  • breathe exactly, calm and deep;
  • Grasp the seat of the chair with my left hand, and slightly bend the left hand in the elbow;
  • Seamlessly tilt the head clearly to the right, as if trying to reach the ear to the right shoulder (while slightly tilt the whole body to the right to strengthen stretching in the neck and the left trapezoidal muscle);
  • to enhance stretching more, slightly help my right hand, tilting the head even further to the right;
  • Perform head slopes towards sitting;
  • Hold in this position for 5-15 seconds;
  • smoothly exit stretch marks in the reverse order;
  • Perform a slope to the other side, holding a chair with the right hand.

Repeat the exercise in each direction 2-3 times.

The blood circulation of the brain improves and the headache after breathing exercises is reduced. Sit on the chair and go on the back. Close your eyes, focus on breathing. On the breath smoothly lower the chin on the chest. Perform a breath through your nose, as deeper. To do this, with effort expand the ribs and stomach.

Sit smoothly and deeply inhale your mouth for 4-5 bills. Inhale should be started with the bottom of the belly: stick it, filling the air, then feel how your ribs rises and the chest expands. Throw to 6 in the breath. On the exhale slowly remove the head and beat it back. Exhale through the nose, slowly, counting to 12, pulling the rib and stomach. Repeat the exercise 5-8 times.

To perform the following exercise, you should clamp one nostril with your finger, close the mouth and exhale all the air through the second nostril. Exhale 9-10 bills, lowering chest and shoulders, cutting the stomach. Clearing another nostril, repeat all movements. Make an exercise 4 times on each side of the nose.

All methods of non-drug treatment of headaches are good, if it is not caused by organic brain damage. If the tried methods do not help, call the phone of the Yusupov hospital. Doctors using modern diagnostic methods will determine the cause of headaches and will carry out effective complex therapy.

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