Martin Freimen and Amanda Abbington divorced because of the actor's mistress

Martin Freimen and Amanda Abbington divorced because of the actor's mistress

Stars "Sherlock" Martin Freimen and Amanda Abbington decided to part after 16 years of relationship because of the fan of the series.

Martin Freimen and Amanda Abbington

Stars "Sherlock" Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington broke up because of another woman who appeared from the actor.

45-year-old Freimen became close to one of his colleagues, and it was categorically not satisfied with Abbington, which has two children from him.

About it reports The Sun.

"Amanda was very angry because of this - she moved to his wall, demanding answers about his relationship with this woman, who also works in this business," the source assured.

Martin Freimen and Amanda Abbington

Martin Freimen and Amanda Abbington 2

Martin Freimen and Amanda Abbington 3

And also, as the PopBitch site has become known, Abbington discovered emails that her husband exchanged with one of Sherlock's fans, and this also did not help the solution of the conflict of the pair.

In December, the actors stated that they are no longer together. And subsequently, 42-year-old Amanda reported that she was left to live in their home with children, and Martin moved to an apartment in London.

As you know, Freamen and Abbington have a son and daughter.

"It's sad and it grieves, because you think that you will always be with someone, but or will be so, or you will disappear, and we both came to the decision that it will be better for both of both. We are very lucky that Our gap is so clean, especially in relation to children, "Amanda shared.

Recall, Freimen assured that he would always love his former wife.

Actress Amanda Abbington first told about parting with Martin Friman

Actress Amanda Abbington first told about parting with Martin Friman

The British 44-year-old actress Amanda Abbangton, who became known for his role Mrs. Watson in the television film "Sherlock", decided to comment on the divorce with his ex-spouse Martin Friman. The famous stars of the movie broke up in 2016 after the 16th year of relationship, the year of which they lived in marriage. This is the first interview in which Amanda decided to openly talk about what she survived during a divorce.

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freman

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freman

Interview with Red Magazine

An interviewer of the magazine Red Magazine 44-year-old actress Abbington began with the fact that he told about the suffering, which caused her a gap with her husband. Here are some words about this, the star of the movies said:

"When Martin and I began to live together, I thought it was fate, and we will always be next to each other, but it turned out wrong. After Freman left our common house, I was very hard. The most difficult was waking up in the morning in an empty bed. I opened my eyes and understood that there is no beloved person next to me, who was for me for me for 16 years. Tears rolled from my eyes, and it could continue for a few hours. So I was lying in bed, looking at the empty pillow next to myself, and I did not know what to do next. To my great happiness in a week, these suffering stopped, and I began to wake up without tears. This condition has become a similar feature behind which a new life began without my husband. "
Family Chet Watson - Amanda Abbington and Martin Freman

Family Chet Watson - Amanda Abbington and Martin Freman

After that, Amanda told that the divorce helped actress know himself better:

"Relief of relations with Friman opened the path to my self-knowledge for me. I can not say that it was just, but very helpful. Now, 2 years after I broke up with my husband, I can say that the breaking of the relationship is the most difficult thing that I had to experience in life. However, thanks to this, I learned a lot about myself. It was an extraordinary journey in the depths of himself. It was the struggle with my worst fears. However, now it's all behind. "
Amanda told about divorce difficulties Read also

Amanda and Martin remained friends

And at the end of his interview with Abbington told about what relationships it is connected with an ex-spouse now:

"Despite the fact that the divorce of me and Martin devastated, we managed to preserve warm and friendly relations. First of all, we did this for our children, who need both parents. At the time of parting, we understood that you need to try to do everything to not become enemies. We had a fantastic 16 years, which cannot be deleted from life. None of us is not to blame that we sworn each other. Just came time ... "
Amanda Abbington and Martin Freman with children

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freman with children

Star "Sherlock" Martin Freman broke up with Amanda Abbington after 15 years of relationship

Martin Freman and Amanda Abbington

Another star couple at the end of the year announced parting - in an interview with Financial Times Martin Freman told that they were not together with Amanda Abbington. The actors were many years of partners not only outside of work, but also on the set: starred in many joint projects, the last of which was the series "Sherlock" (Sherlock), where they performed the roles of John and Mary Watson.

I'm no longer with Amanda. We were very friendly. I will always love her - said Martin Freman to journalists.

The former couple lived together for more than 15 years and raises two children: 10-year-old Joe and 8-year-old Grace. The actor admitted that parting partly contributed to his professional success. The popularity of Freeman has increased after the release of the film "Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", in which Martin played the main character. After that, in the filmography of the actor, a successful "Sherlock" appeared.

Amanda Abbington, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freman in the series "Sherlock"Amanda Abbington, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freman in the series "Sherlock"

Amanda advised the press representatives who applied to her for comments, to leave her personal life alone and focus on the professional sphere - the actress recognizes the talent of his father's father:

Martin remains one of my favorite actors. It is very easy and pleasant to dip in creativity. He introduces a lot of interesting things to work, every time I dig in the role and finds an unexpected angle of perception. Both of our characters went to an amazing journey, to go into which with Martin was absolute pleasure, - said Abbington about jointly with Friman shooting in Sherlock.

Whatever happens now between the actors, their heroes in the fourth season, the first episodes of which will be shown in early January 2017, are still together.

Martin Freman and Amanda AbbingtonMartin Freman and Amanda Abbington

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freman
Amanda Abbington and Martin Freman

Photo: Richie Buxo / Splash News

Journalists report that 45-year-old Martin Freman broke up with his wife, 42-year-old Amanda Abbington. The executor of Dr. Watson's role in the popular TV series "Sherlock" TV channel BBC told in an interview to one Western publication. Despite the fact that the actors decided to disperse, they retained friendly relations. The reason why this happened, Martin did not disclose.

"I'm no longer with Amanda. But we have kept very warm friendships. I will always love her, "Freman shared.

Information that the stars of the series "Sherlock" decided to part, made the effect of a broken bomb. Fans of a multi-sieuled film with the participation of charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch could not believe that Martin and Amanda broke up. The actors were a pair not only in life, but also on the screen. Many celebrity fans believed that they are perfectly suitable for each other. "Pitt divorced Jolie, McAvoy left his wife, and now Martin Freman!", "Here you have a new reason for collecting petitions", "2016 year, what are you doing with me?", "Love, do you exist at all?", "As sad ... there was such a couple," "I'm in shock", "the end of the year is becoming terrible", "this news looks like a too far joke", "How I will now look" Sherlock "," someone else Wants to have time to divorce this year, "" how much you can part "," discussed users of social networks.

Fans of the BBC series believed that Martin and Amanda perfectly fit each other
Fans of the BBC series believed that Martin and Amanda perfectly fit each other

Photo: Frame from the series "Sherlock"

Recall that Martin Freman and Amanda Abbington were together for fifteen years. The actors got acquainted on the set of the paintings "only men". Romantic relationships did not interfere with Martin and Amanda work together: the stars starred in such films as "collecting bottle fragments", "Duty Give", "Robinsons" and "all together", as well as in the series "Sherlock". Celebrities raise two common children - 10-year-old Joe and 8-year-old Grace.

In December 2015, the press appeared in the press that Freman and Abbington decided to legitimize the relationship after a long year spent in civil marriage. Such rumors began to be interviewed after an interview with the movie "Hobbit". Answering the question of the correspondent, Martin told that he did not want to invade a personal life, and also did not exclude the likelihood of his wedding.

"We are with Amanda for a long time to get married. And, perhaps, we are already married. Just this is not your business. My job is public, but I want to keep private life closed, "Freman said.

It's no secret that Mr. and Mrs. Watson from the British series "Sherlock" were married and in real life. Actors Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington (Amanda Abbington) were together for 16 years, the year of which was officially married. In 2016, a couple unexpectedly announced parting. For a long time, the stars did not comment on personal life, concisely answering questions about the rupture: "What happened, then happened" . The first decided to express Amanda.

Martin Freman and Amanda AbbingtonMartin Freman and Amanda Abbington

"I thought Martin was love of my life. And it should not happen to us - Actress shared in a recent interview, - I woke up every morning from sharp pain. "Why am I so bad?", I asked myself in the darkness of our bedroom, which I did not give up with my husband. And a second later I remembered what happened, and began to cry " .

Abbington admitted that parting was for her the most terrible episode in life, but noted that it was it that prompted her to do self-knowledge. "It's still hard, - Added Amanda, - I am still very stupid, but it is quite explained. Nobody is perfect. Nobody" .

According to the actress, they are trying to maintain a warm relationship with Martin - 13-year-old Joe (Joe Freeman) and 8-year-old Grace (Grace Freeman). "We lived together wonderful 16 years and we have two fantastic children. We still communicate and give each other advice " , - told Abbington.


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