How to grow a crystal from salt, sugar or copper sulfate at home?

Growing crystals today is possible at home. Any person is capable of creating their own crystal using such simple ingredients as salt, lemon acid, sugar, soda. Most of the crystals are used in decorative purposes, and beautiful pebbles from sugar can be served instead of raffinad.

What is needed to grow crystals at home?

For cultivation of the crystal, it will take from 1 to 7 months depending on the desired dimensions. Before starting it, it is necessary to take care of creating suitable conditions. There should be no humidity and significant temperature differences. It is also necessary to prepare an inventory to create a solution:

  • Capacity from enamel or glass required volume;
  • wand for stirring from wood, enamel or glass;
  • Filter paper or high-quality napkins.

For the manufacture of stone, the water and the ingredients specified in the selected recipe will be needed. You can take advantage of the finished set for the production of stones that are on sale. During the process of creating a stone, it is necessary to wear rubber gloves, a headdress (handkerchief, medical cape). Compliance with these measures will prevent hair entering the liquid and keeps hands from the effects of concentrate. When exposed to a solution on inflamed or failed, the skin arise pain and the condition of the skin is aggravated.

How to independently grow crystals from the usual table salt and water?

How to grow crystal with salt? Crystals are obtained from both the cook salt and from the marine. Many prefer the last option, since the stones from the sea salt are stronger, and the ripening time is slightly reduced.

Crystal from salt

Growing a crystal step-by-step (see video):

  1. take a clean capacity, pour water into it subjected to the distillation process;
  2. pour a lot of salt (with stirring will have to make an effort);
  3. After the salt mixed, the solution should be held on the steam bath;
  4. Salted liquid cool, skip through filter paper for separating the sediment;
  5. Take the salt crystal, to tie the end of the thread and put in a lesioned solution (instead of a salt crystalline, you can use a small plastic ball or a cube, pre-closed in solution and dried);
  6. The opposite edge of the thread to tie to a stick or pencil, the length of which exceeds the diameter of the tank neck;
  7. Install a stick with a thread on the neck of the dishes so that the crystalline hung over the solution;
  8. cover the tank with paper or breathable cloth;
  9. Put into place not subject to temperature drops.
Crystal from salt

After another month, the magic crystalline will increase to the size of Bob. After 3 months, its diameter will reach 3.5 cm. Next, the salt stone will continue to grow. Behind the process of growing a crystal is convenient to observe if it is in transparent dishes. When it increases to the desired size, the crystal is slowly removed and wipped with a napkin. To give your stuff pebble, you should cover it with a nicer manicure varnish.

Such crystals can be made with their own hands even a child. In children's stores, sets for growing artificial stones of various colors are implemented.

How to create crystal from citric acid

The method of manufacturing a stone from citric acid requires more time and effort. To create a crystal yourself, it is necessary to take 100 ml of water with a temperature of 20 ° C and dissolve 130 g of citric acid in it. The temperature of the fluid must remain the same, so the solution during the cooking is necessary to warm up. For this purpose, a container with hot water is used, lowering dishes into it with a solution and controlling the heating of the fluid by means of a thermometer.

Citric acid crystal

Lemonic acid should be periodically pouring into a liquid during the week until it stops dissolving. The consistency resembles Kissel, and small crystals will fall at the bottom of the dishes. The resulting mixture should be drained into the jar through the filter paper. One of the villages on the bottom of Crystalliks must be chopped by a thread or a fishing line and put into a liquid.

After 12 days, the crystal will reach about 11 cm in diameter. It can be carefully removed and covered with transparent manicure varnish. If you plan to grow your larger stone, leave it in the container to continue growth. Crystal cultivation of citric acid is presented in the video.

Instructions for the cultivation of sweet sugar crystals

Sugar crystals are edible. For the preparation of delicacy, there will be 5 glasses of sugar, 2 glasses of water, a few drops of food dyes (optional), wooden sticks, paper napkins.

Crystal from sugar

To make sweets correctly, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. In the enameled dishes, heat the glass of water, dissolve 2.5 tbsp. l. sugar sand;
  2. Pour a couple of sugar spoons on the napkin, immerse the wooden sticks moistened in the cooked syrup (it is important that sugar coated the wand evenly so that the crystal is released symmetrical);
  3. give a wand to dry completely;
  4. in a saucepan of mixing 1.75 glasses of water with 1.8 cup of sugar;
  5. After the absolute dissolution of the sugar, pour out the remaining sugar sand into the syrup, keep on fire for another 15 minutes;
  6. take a few square napkins, pierce them with chopsticks in the center;
  7. Syrup quickly pour over the glasses, add to each little dye and put the sticks there, which should not touch the bottom and edges of the tanks.

Napkins will serve not only the mount for sticks, but also the protection of the syrup from dust and foreign substances. Sugar solution needs to withstand about 14 days, after which it is possible to extract home crystals and treat relatives and guests. If it is planned to give delicacy to children, it is better not to add dyes or use natural juices of fruits and berries instead.

Crystal from sugar

From copper kamorazh

Magic blue crystals can be made of houses from copper mood. For the manufacture of artificial stones, there will be discovered water and copper sulfate, which is sold in the store for gilders. It is important that the copper powder is homogeneous according to the consistency, had a smooth blue color without any inclusions.

Crystal from Kaper

Before starting growing, it is necessary to prepare a solution of 100 g of vitriol and hot water. The liquid is important to pour gradually, gently stirring the solution. A bright fluid should be obtained, in which copper sulfate can no longer be dissolved. The resulting mixture must be cooled, strain and put in a cold place.

For the next day, crystals are found at the bottom. It is necessary to select the largest, tied with a thread and hang, immersing it into the solution. The jar should be covered with paper and grow a stone for several weeks. The crystal from copper sulfate is slowly removed, wash in cold water, dried and covered with transparent manicure varnish (see photo). There are sets for growing crystals based on copper sulfate.

Crystal copper

Beautiful and colored crystals

How to grow a beautiful crystal? To do this, use aluminum alums. This substance is implemented through pharmacies and sold at a low price.

Komasians (6 st. L.) It is necessary to mix with 0.5 liters of boiling water to their maximum dissolution. After that, the mixture must be left for several days. At this time, you can not shake the jar or mix the solution: the liquid must be alone.

A week later, crystals are formed at the bottom of the bank. You need to select the largest, make a hole in it and hang on the string. The crystalline is placed in a liquid solution, and the container is covered with tight paper. After 2 weeks, the stone of a beautiful form will grow several times. It looks very attractive and has smooth facets.

For the manufacture of colored crystals, not only food dyes and copper vigor can be used. To create a red stone, it will take a substance called hexacianoperrat III (red blood salt). At 100 g of powder it is necessary to take 170 ml of water with a temperature of 95 ° C and mix the components.

For the manufacture of a single stone, you need to take a crystalline salt hung on a string, and send it to the solution. To grow a garden of rubies crystals, it is necessary to put the granite stone into the container. Ripening the red crystal takes about a month. When its top will seem above the surface of the water, pebbles are removed.

To get a magic color crystal from sugar, salt or other components, you can use the colored manicure varnish. Also add dyes for Easter eggs.

Idea for business: how to grow crystals Rubin, sapphire and other artificial stones?

Making stones can be a good idea for business. The crystals are not precious, so the corresponding license will not be needed.

Rubin crystals

For mass cultivation of artificial crystals, you need a special apparatus, with which you can make durable stones of different colors. Verpel's apparatus, named after its inventor, will help in the cultivation of crustal crystals, sapphire, emerald, topaz, diamond up to 30 carats in a matter of hours. To grow crystals of various shades, it is necessary to select the view and composition of salts - it comes with experience. The resulting stones are distinguished by transparency, beautiful overflows. They are well grinding and cutting. The crystal cultivation apparatus consists of:

  • funnel, which places powder with admixture Al₂o₃ and Cr₂o₃;
  • oxygen-hydrogen burner;
  • The iron stand on which the crystal grows.
Processing of bully artificial sapphire

Business for the manufacture of gems, including rubies, is very profitable. Why? For the production of Rubin in 30 carats, you will need only 3 hours of time, 9 kW of electricity, 0.2 g of chromium oxide and 6 g aluminum oxide. In total, one large stone costs will be about $ 3. In a couple of months of work, you can recoup the starting costs for the apparatus (36 thousand rubles) and the container (4 thousand rubles). Rent a premises are optional, because it is possible to grow crystals at home.

It is important to find regular buyers, determine the sales market for yourself. You can sell your products with jewelry companies, specialized stores and private customers. How many units of goods need to be produced per day, the entrepreneur will calculate after the work of the client base.

A person in all strive to be on a par with nature. Today, he can do so much. Surrogate motherhood, Nano Technologies, what to talk about artificial recreation of the structure of minerals. And not in some kind of heavy duty laboratory, but at home, you can say on the kitchen table. Yes, yes, today anyone can find out How to grow crystal , and even easily cope with this.

Crystal at home
Crystal at home
Crystal at home

How to grow crystal

Each of us at the same time will imagine transparent, large, colorless or bright polyhedra with glittering perfect faces. Exceptional qualities are obliged to their structure: crystals and amorphous bodies are distinguished by the existence in the inner structure of the first crystal strict lattice. If you imagine that a person has decreased a million times and turned out to be inside a glass cube, then he would have seen a disorderly jet of various molecules. But if you look inside even the finest crystal, then you can see a completely different picture: on different sides, the rigidly ordered ranks of molecules, ions or atoms are infinitely stretching, which are subject to the laws of strict symmetry ruling in the world the right crystals.

To realize how many substances with the crystal structure are common in the environment, it is simply to remember that most rocks consist of crystals. But the entire earth bark is based on rocks.

Crystal cultivation at home
Crystal cultivation is a very fascinating business, and if you do this with children, then also informative.

And although in the creation of crystals at home, we can equalize with nature at home, but first, perhaps, it would be worth familiar with the rules of growing crystal from the solution.

Before studying how to grow crystal at home It is important to recall the basic safety regulations when experimenting with toxic salts:

  • It is impossible to use food dishes during the experiment, since its subsequent use during meals can provoke the body poisoning;
  • It is impossible to eat food simultaneously with the experiments, which can also cause poisoning;
  • It is impossible to use unknown reagents for experiments;
  • All chemical reagents should be stored in hermetic packaging in a dry safe place, which is closed from small children and animals. It needs to make an inscription, which will report on the content;
  • During experiments, it is necessary to use gloves and protective clothing;
  • experiments, accompanied by even the most minor release of harmful compounds, should be carried out in the exhaust cabinets of the laboratory;
  • In the event of a solution from entering the skin, it is necessary to wash this section with clean running water immediately. If acid hit the skin, then you need to treat the body with a weak alkali solution. Well, on the contrary: when it fell on the skin cheek, then the place of the lesion is processed by a weakly acidic solution. If a solution was hit on the mucous membranes or eyes, then you should urgently apply to the hospital, and before washing them with water.

How to grow a crystal from sugar

After such an instruction, you can proceed to work on the cultivation of crystalline substances using even the most aggressive components. But start best with absolutely available, safe and even pleasant ingredients. The most popular experience - How to grow a crystal from sugar .

How to grow a crystal from sugar
Sugar spats are very loved by children.

Such crystals are often attached to expensive varieties of tea and look very tasty and beautiful. Yes, so much that even the tea does not want to stir - sorry! In addition, one hundred this wand is about 160 rubles: you see, it is very not suiced. But they can be much cheaper to grow themselves. So, for one sugar crystal on a stick, you will need:

  1. water - two glasses;
  2. Sugar - five glasses;
  3. Wooden spanks or chopsticks under mini skewers;
  4. Thin paper;
  5. pan;
  6. transparent cups;
  7. Food dye, if you want to grow a multicolored crystal.
How to grow a crystal from sugar
When you cook a sweet solution, make the preparation of "swipes". Tie two twists together. The first will serve as a "rod", and the second - fastening.
How to grow a crystal from sugar
Place the rods (or toothpicks) in syrup and wait.
How to grow a crystal from sugar
For,. So that the crystal from sugar rose is enough of the week.
How to grow a crystal from sugar
After the expiration of the seven-day period, enjoy sweet.

It all begins with the fact that a quarter of a glass of drinking water and a pair of sugar-spoons are taken. On fire, sugar is brought to dissolve and obtain syrup. Then a little sugar scattered on a piece of paper, the wand is pushed into the syrup and falls in sugar. It is necessary to trace that his cubes are pile evenly on all sides of the sticks, which will make crystal smooth. Then several similar sticks are bought, which are left to their complete drying, so that the sacrants do not appear, getting into hot syrup. After all, if this happens, then afterwards the crystal will not be clinging and he will not be able to grow. Therefore, it is better to prepare wands ahead, for example from the evening, and leave them to dry through the night. Then the pan is taken, water is poured into it - two glasses, and sugar is poured - two and a half cups.

How to grow a crystal from sugar
How mounts can be used clothespins.

Syrup is placed on a small fire and, with constant stirring, all sugar dissolves. The remaining sugar is poured into the resulting syrup - two and a half cups, and it is boiled to the full dissolution. After turning off the fire, the syrup is left on the stove for another 20 minutes. While he is fuss, getting sticks. A papers are taken and skewed. No need to make a hole very wide, because the point is that this piece of paper is tagged with a spare.

How to grow a crystal from sugar
How to grow a crystal from sugar
How to grow a crystal from sugar
How to grow a crystal from sugar
How to grow a crystal from sugar
How to grow a crystal from sugar
How to grow a crystal from sugar
How to grow a crystal from sugar
How to grow a crystal from sugar

Then the hot syrup bottled on the glasses. It is necessary that it is hot syrup that spilled precisely, because otherwise the crystalline will not grow. If you want to know the way, how to grow crystal at home , Yes, and color, then everything is simple: a little food dye is added to the syrup. The bunch is lowered in the cup, but so that sugar does not touch its walls and the bottom. And the paper in this case is the holder for the stick, and the lid for the cup, which protects the syrup from dust. The same procedure is done with all the remaining workpieces: placed in glasses and left for growing up to about 7 days.

Sugar crystals
Sugar crystals
Sugar crystals
Sugar crystals do it yourself
Sugar crystals do it yourself
Sugar crystals do it yourself
Sugar crystals do it yourself
Sugar crystals do it yourself

Children will observe this process with interest, as every day the crystal will increase. But you have to be prepared for what they will grow everything in different ways: some quickly, and others need a much larger length of time. But when after the week there will be no changes, you will have to repeat everything first. Most often, beautiful crystals are growing just in a week. Several blacks can be left to win at the same time. Well, and make a savory tea drink! True, such a sugar crystal can be simply absorbed as a lollipop.

Sugar crystals
Sugar crystals
Sugar crystals

How to grow crystal salt

One of the easiest ways how to grow crystal salt At home, it will require from its performers not only to frustrate with a solution, but also stock up with rapid patience. So:

To work, you will need:

  • drinking water
  • Small saucepan
  • Transparent glass container (Best version - Bank)
  • pack of cook salt
  • Silk thread.

Water is poured into the pan and put on fire, but it does not communicate before the boil: the solution should turn out to be hot, but not boiling water. After heating the pan with water, it falls asleep in small portions of the salt, the solution should be constantly stirred. A new portion of salt is added when the previous one has already been dissolved. The concentration of the solution should be such that the slices of salt cease to dissolve. For the role of therapy, the largest of crystals are selected from the already fully defined solo solution.

Now the concentrate can be considered ready. It should be pouring into a glass jar and give it to stand around for about a day. It must be done so that small non-soluble salt particles fell to the bottom. On the second day, a lot of small crystals can be seen in the bank. It is necessary to choose the greatest of them and get it, and then bind the crystal on the thread or attach to the wire. So it turns out the seed, the presence of which is important before how to grow crystal cook salt . Then the solution should be pouring into an empty container, but so that small crystals do not get. When it is not done, the particles of salt crystals will begin to take the substance from the solution to its growth.

Then the seed falls into the transfusion separately, and you should be patient. But while the crystal is formed, you can assimilate several important tips relating to its cultivation. With the rapid cooling of the salt solution, the crystal grows in the minimum time, but its form will be geometrically incorrect, but the crystals grown during the gradual decrease in the temperature will take more time, but they will differ in their perfect beauty. It is also not worth paining the bank with a growing crystal, as can not be taken to it, until the process is finally completed.

How to grow crystal
Boil the water and immediately pour into the jar.
How to grow crystal salt
Add 2-3 tablespoons of salt to the mixture and mix with a spoon until even small particles dissolve.
How to grow crystal salt
Patch the rest of the salt and mix thoroughly.
How to grow crystal salt
Now you will have a saturated solution.
How to grow crystal salt
Clear shake the jar.
How to grow crystal salt
Reincut the lace around a pencil or wand.
How to grow crystal salt
Cut an excessive length so that the lace does not come into contact with the bottom of the jar.
How to grow crystal salt
Lower the end of the rope into the jar.
How to grow crystal salt
Leave the jar in a warm sunny place for 1-3 weeks. Check the lace regularly, it will be gradually covered with white crystals.
How to grow crystal salt
Instead of the rope, you can use the iron ring, then the crystals will increase in a circle.
How to grow crystal salt
These drawings are clearly visible how crystals grow.
How to grow crystal salt
This will be modified a thread with crystals over time. On average, the crystal cultivation will require 2-3 weeks.

Very beautiful crystals grow not from the usual salt, but from the alum. Alum are double salts and can be bought in any pharmacy, as they are a drug that is used as a hemostatic and catering agent. They cost cheaply - about 12 rubles. Now we will demonstrate a master class to grow crystals from the alum. They are obtained very correct and beautiful shape and grow faster than salt crystals.

How to grow a crystal from the alum
As you can see, this crystal is the right form compared to the crystal of the usual salt.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
Aluminum sulfate costs from 8 rubles and sold in a pharmacy. It is used often as a hemostatic agent, for example, then, the code you dig during shave.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
For the experiment it is better to use two cups so that there was a choice of good crystals. Bring the water-liter of water to the boil and dissolve six tablespoons of the alum in it. Leave the cups for the week.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
This is how the crystals from the alum grow during the week.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
In the second cup, too many small alum, which is why we immediately decided to grow crystals in two glasses, and not in one.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
Choose the crystals of the correct shape and large sizes and lay them on the paper towel.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
Here we have grown one big crystal improperly form. If you do not want to raise such an incomplete crystal, spill a large part from it.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
Separated part of the crystal. We will raise her further.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
Tie a crystal to the thread.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
It is very convenient to use a wand from ice cream, it will not slip and will not fall in contrast to a wooden pencil.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
Place the crystal into the solution of the alum, it is also prepared, only ingredients can be shorted (a glass of water, 3 tbsp. L. Khmastsov)
How to grow a crystal from the alum
After a week, our crystal has grown significantly.
How to grow a crystal from the alum
The crystal has an octahedron form. Remember, the crystal does not change the form in the growth, which form you will choose the seed crystal, it will continue to grow.
How to grow crystal
The structure of cubic salt crystals, so all the crystal have the shape of cubes, unlike the crystals of alum, which can have a variety of shape.
How to grow crystal
The photo shows how gradually grow crystals from salt.
How to grow crystal
Depending on the saturation of the crystal solution, it can grow more intense or slower.
How to grow crystal
This crystal is about 2 weeks.
How to grow crystal
And this crystal grew at least 3 weeks.

If you want to spend an interesting experiment with the child, choose bright materials and a saturated solution, so the crystal will be more noticeable and interesting to the baby.

How to grow crystal
Here is such a crystal can be grown on a lace or fluffy Christmas tree.
How to grow crystal
Make a solution and place a rope into it.
How to grow crystal
A week later, natural processes will make their job and transparent "icicles" will appear on the rope.
How to grow crystal
Salt grows with right cubes or parallelepiped.
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home
Salt crystals at home

How to grow crystal copper

The most avid alchemists have little salt and sugar. In addition, they are interested, for example, How to grow crystal copper . But the methodology below is suitable for growing absolutely all types of crystals.

To grow a large crystal from a water solution of copper sulfate, it will be necessary:

  • Glass or plastic container of any size, but better transparent and colorless so that it can be easily visible for the growth of crystallines. The plastic option is convenient because the crystals do not grow to it. If the bank is more than more, it will allow you to grow a crystalline much large sizes. But it is important to take into account the fact that the bank is more, the greater the amount of solution will have to prepare and the greater portion of the reagent will be required;
  • Copper vigorous or copper sulfate, which can be bought not only in a chemical store, but also in the store for gardening. Although it is not clean enough, but this is not so important. Before buying salt, you need to consider the substance. To do this, in the package there is a small strip of transparent polyethylene, through which the bright blue powder should be seen. In the presence of large lumps, all the more green, it is better to give up the purchase, because such a vaporam is probably stored with high humidity and is oversaturated with a huge amount of impurities. It will have to suffer with crystals when growing crystals, and therefore it is better to contact another similar store.
How to grow crystal from copper
The cultivation of crystals from copper mood is perhaps the most popular. They are beautiful in shape and grow pretty quickly.
How to grow crystal from copper
Copper vigorous is used in gardening and agriculture as a means to combat fungus and mold. Copper vigor is pretty toxic, so in the experiments it is recommended to use a one-time or not food dishes and wash your hands thoroughly.
How to grow crystal from copper
For the experiment, we need 100 grams. Copper mood at 100 ml of water. Follow 300 ml of water and 300 grams. vitriol, respectively.
How to grow crystal from copper
Put the jar on the water bath and pour hot water into it, dissolve 100 gr in water. vitriol.
How to grow crystal from copper
Pour after 10 minutes. Cupid from the first bank in the second. After a while, check the bottom of the banks, the seed crystals should be formed there.
How to grow crystal from copper
Try to select the crystals of the correct shape with a length of 1-2 mm. Dry them on a paper towel, try not to touch them with your hands, use tweezers.
How to grow crystal from copper
Prepare 200-300 ml of solution and, riding a seed crystal thread, place it into the solution.

Preparating in this way, nothing remains how to grow crystal from vitriol . So, the capacitance is taken and the copper vigor is poured into it. I don't need to write a lot, 100 grams are suitable for a start. Salt is poured with hot water (better, of course, distilled, but not necessarily). Then you can use two ways. First takes the seed, that is, a small crystal. The more they are, the more crystals come out. Water pours a little, and the solution is constantly stirled. It should be so rich that salt grains at the bottom will not be able to dissolve. The solution is filtered still hot and placed in a cold place, but not covered with a lid. On the second day, the bottom of the tank is covered with a bunch of small crystals. You need to select a couple of them are the most even and large. You can choose from your taste - those that you like most. The crystal solution can be prepared in the same way, but the water to add a little more, cool and then thoroughly profit.

How to grow crystal from copper
Copper vigoros is a poisonous connection, nevertheless you can buy it in any garden store.
How to grow crystal from copper
You can get crystals from the vitriol in two ways: cooling and evaporation, but most experimenters still prefer evaporation.
How to grow crystal from copper
To grow copper crystal enough 4-6 hours.
How to grow crystal from copper
It should be noted that after a few hours the crystal will lose its shine, as water will evaporate from it. To prevent it, cover the crystal varnish. So he will not only remain brilliant for a long time, but it will be non-toxic and it will be possible to take it in hand.
How to grow crystal
These wonderful crystals are Mineral Halcantit. It is formed from copper sulfate naturally in nature.

When the solution and seed are ready, you need to rinse the seed under the jet of water, but it is not necessary to touch it with your hands, since the copper sipop is still a chemical substance, and traces of fingers can remain on the seed, why the crystal will begin to acquire the wrong shape. Then the seed is neatly placed in a container with a filtered and cooled solution. It can be placed on the bottom, as a result of which the crystal will grow only in the width and length. The best option will be suspended by the seed on the fishing line: when using a thread on it can grow a lot of small crystals, but there will be no such a fishing line. The second tip of the fishing line is tied to a pencil or other similar long object, and then the crystal is placed in the solution. The length of the fishing line must be adjusted so that the seed on it is hung in the middle of the scene. So the crystalline should grow evenly in all directions. The container is placed in a space with a constant temperature and is covered with a sheet of paper. And not a cardboard, under which even small crystals will grow for several months, but under fine paper only a few weeks. Once a week, the solution should be filtered from crystalline dropped. So beautiful crystals of bluish-blue color growing, having a face in the form of a parallelogram. When their size is suitable for you, they must be pulled out, rinse in flowing cold water, wipe the napkin and open with several layers of colorless varnish, and the nail polish are suitable. Such a crystal is free to be in hand, wetted with water, which he will not hurt him, because the varnish will fully protect the fragile substance. But it is not necessary to handle it less gently to it inadvertently not to destroy beauty. And you also wanted to become a magician and try to put such a wonderful crystal personally? Then do not lose time, because it will be needed to create an ordinary miracle!

How to grow crystal copper
This is how the growth of the crystal of copper sulfate looks. The first day.
How to grow crystal copper
And so the crystal has grown in a week. Eighth day.
How to grow crystal copper
The longer the crystal grows, the more he becomes.
How to grow crystal copper
For eight days, the crystal has time to grow by 2 cm.
How to grow crystal copper
We recommend changing the water in which the crystal is grew into a fresh solution, so it will begin to grow faster.
How to grow crystal copper
Deep blue color sign of a good crystal.
How to grow crystal copper
So the crystal looks like on the 11th day of growth.
How to grow crystal copper
Change the solution more often, do not forget to filter it.
How to grow crystal copper
12th day of growth.
How to grow crystal copper
In the copper sulfate, the crystals grow differently, but most often they are treklinna.
How to grow crystal copper
If you chose the evaporation process, then prepare that the crystal will grow for a long time - at least 14 days, in the cooling process it grows faster - only 24 hours, but it happens the wrong and even unpredictable form.
How to grow crystal copper
When carrying out experience, do not use iron objects, as the vigorous reacts with iron.
How to grow crystal copper
This crystal is already 22 days.
How to grow crystal copper
You can even raise crystals even a month.
How to grow crystal
Crystal cultivation is a painstaking case, but the result is worth it.
How to grow crystal
Conduct experiments with children, however, be careful with copper vigorous, it is toxic.
How to grow crystal
This crystal is 42 days.
How to grow crystal
One and a half months - no time, you can continue to raise while you do not get bored.
How to grow crystal
This crystal is 52 days.
How to grow crystal
After the crystal has grown, it should be covered with varnish, otherwise it will lose shine. For 52 days, our crystal rose 10 cm!
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper
How to grow crystal copper

In this video, it is described how to grow a crystal from the usual salt.

In this video, it is described how to grow a crystal from copper mood.

So. Hello everyone. After yesterday's post, a lot of who in the comments requested to tell how everything is done, so that is a pleasant reading) as an example, I will use aluminum-potassium alum (aluminum-potassium sulfate). Crystals from it are obtained transparent and beautiful shape (octahedron). By this way, you can grow crystals from absolutely different salts, but I decided to take something not entirely brought as a copper or iron vigor. Naturally need to adhere to safety: the solutions do not drink, do not sniff, do not chat with bare hands and not to take crystals (while they are without varnish, or what are you going to cover them there). Such salts as magnesium sulfate or sodium when entering the body (magnesium sulfate, even in medicine is used), it will not be able to fatally (small poisoning). But in the fall of heavy metals salts, chromium derivatives (chromas, dichromates, chromites) or for example, red blood salts, even small doses can lead to a fatal outcome. Let's start with the theory. All substances as well they would not be soluble in water have limited solubility. Usually, with an increase in temperature, the solubility increases, and the decreases, respectively, decreases (there are special solubility graphs). Therefore, often concentrated solutions are better prepared in hot water (only those salts whose solubility depends substantially on temperature, for example, for sodium chloride, it is useless, because with increasing temperature, its solubility remains the same, or salts that decompose in hot water, such as nickel acetate), And with a cooling, the whole excess salt (solubility decreases, and there is no solution, therefore there is nowhere to go to the substance, and small crystalline ctenshes are formed, crystallization centers that finish and form larger agglomerates) falls precipitated. Also, then, when standing, water from the solution evaporates, and there is nowhere to go to the substance, so it is also crystallized. From this sediment, choose the most beautiful and holistic crystal, and put it on the same (concentrated, filtered from sediment) solution, that is, we create an artificial crystallization center, and now only observe and sometimes change / felt this solution for cleanliness The final product. Now I will proceed to practice there are no weights and do not want to bathe with the calculations, not trouble. You can stupidly pour salt into the hot solution until it stops dissolving. What I actually did. Mandatory condition for this salt - the solution should be hot, otherwise, otherwise, you will wait for the seed week and more.

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long
Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

As can be seen from the photos, in not very good quality (and here is a dyan), the solution is mutnisky, so filtering it from the muthes and extra salt through a laboratory or a coffee filter, but on the extrusion can be at all through the napkins, well, from the like top cleanliness, Obviously, you should not expect.

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

And now we leave it in such a paper heat insulating (the longer the solution will cool, the greater will be the seed (the crystal is placed in the solution for its growth)) for several days. It will be more efficient to make such a thermal stuff from foil, but it is like that.

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

So, after 1.5 days, this is what happened.

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

Choose from this all the most worthy candidate. They are bluish colors through the mud that was not filtered, and now sat down into the sediment, but the crystals themselves themselves, after 3 second washing with water, quite transparent.

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

We bind on the thread, or even better if you succeed, on the fishing line. Over this we need to sweat a little, they are pretty slippery, so it is normal to fix them, most likely, not the first time.

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

And now on the cardboard homemade design, we leave it for a while. Personally, I have it very slowly, apparently in the room there was an increased humidity.

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

And on the next photo it is 3 weeks later

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

Somewhere in a week, he will start to get the form. But the photo in what condition he is now, provided that I did not cover it, since this salt preserves itself quite well and in its pure form, but still something to cover it, I would still recommend.

Crystal cultivation: Detailed description for beginners crystals, chemistry, alum, sulfate, long

At the end of this long, I want to add to the cultivation of you try to avoid sharp temperature drops, otherwise the crystal will dissolve and acquire an ugly shape. And on it, everything is a good day.

Crystals surround us everywhere. We eat them, go on them, uses for the manufacture of various tools and appliances. You can spend an interesting experiment and grow their homes. Consider photos of homemade crystals, you can get large and small, transparent and colored copies. It all depends on your desire and patience.

Brief content of the article:

Crystals from salt

To the simple experiment you can attract children. It will take only salt and water for him. No need to use additional reagents, therefore it is a safe process. This is a fascinating occupation, daily can be observed as the crystal is gradually increasing in size.

Preparation for the experiment

Before starting work, decide on the place where the container with a crystal will be located. During growth, it is impossible to shift or tilt the dishes. It is better to take a naval salt, as it does not contain extraneous impurities.

Take distilled water or boil and filter it. You can use the usual cook salt for the experiment.

Do not pour a solution into metal dishes. Beginners researchers are interested in which crystals can be made independently.

The crystal size depends on the duration of the experiment, the capacity of the container. As the basis, choose thread, wire, twigs or a piece of salt.


Take a half-table of water, pour into a saucepan. Then the dishes are placed on fire and is brought to a boil. Consider from which you can grow crystals at home.

For the formation of crafts from the cook salt will take several days. Sea salt forms a crystal for 2 days. If you choose iodized salt, then the result will have to wait long.

It is necessary to prepare a saturated solution. In warm water, a salt is added until it stops dissolving. Cooking the thread for the base, to her bind a small crystal salt.

The rope should not touch the bottom or walls of the dishes. The second end of the thread is tied to the pencil, which is located on top of the tank. Now you need to watch the growth.

Crystals from sugar

Sweet and multicolored products will delight children. To get them enough to use the instructions for growing crystals at home. For experience, there are 2 glasses of water, 5 sugar glasses, wooden spanks, pan, transparent tanks, paper.

First of all, we prepare sugar syrup. It will take a quarter of a glass of water and two tablespoons of sugar. We put this mixture in a saucepan on fire.

After that, the velves alternately in the syrup, and then sprinkle sugar. Billets need to dry well, it is better to leave them until the morning.

Growing process

In the pan pour 2 glasses of water and pour gradually 5 sugar glasses. The solution is constantly stirring. If sugar completely dissolved, remove the syrup from the fire. We leave it for 15 minutes to cooled. Cut the paper mugs. They must be larger than the diameter of the containers.

To figure out how to properly grow crystals with your own hands, you need to carefully study the sequence of actions. This will help get the desired result.

The cooled syrup is fluent in glass containers, you can add food dyes in them. Then in the glasses are lowered blanks with paper circles on them. Sucks should not touch the bottom and walls. For the cultivation of sweet crystals will need a week.

Crystal copper

This experiment requires strict compliance with safety. We will need water, glass container, copper vigor. Purchase in the store you need a homogeneous bright blue powder. In the bank you need to pour 100 g and pour hot water, stirring constantly. We get a saturated solution, filter it and put in the refrigerator.

The next day, choose the largest crystal, fix it on a thread and put in a can with a filtered solution.

Capacity must be covered with paper so that dust does not fall there. The growth process lasts a few weeks. After the crystal, we take out and cover with a colorless nail polish.


Crystal cultivation is a fascinating process. To obtain an excellent result, it is important to comply with technology. To work out, you can buy a special set for growing crystals at home. Sweet products can be tried on home tea party.

At a certain point, the crystals cease to grow. You can finish the experiment on this, or to prepare a saturated solution and omit the crystal there. It grows even more. Crystal cultivation is an interesting and cognitive process.

Photos of crystals at home

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How to grow crystal at home: master classes

Published Oct 11, 2019

To grow a beautiful crystal from copper sulfate, salt or other components at home, some effort and patience will be required. But it can become an exciting occupation, especially for schoolchildren.

Crystal can be grown from various substances. As a rule, salts and organic acids are used. You can get them in a pharmacy, household chemicals or specialized points. The growing room should be with a constant room temperature and medium humidity.

Growing crystals from copper sipop (CUSO4 · 5H2O)

It is possible to get a copper vigor (copper sulfate) in any store where fertilizers are sold. It seems that are small crystals in the form of a bright blue powder.

Copper Kuner

You need to take:

  • Copper vigoros - 0.2 g;
  • distilled water;
  • filter paper;
  • Glass or plastic container.

Before buying, you need to carefully examine the powder so that there are no lumps and crystals in it in it. This is a sign of moisture from entering, and such a vigorous is not suitable for cultivation.

The solution of high-quality vapor will be bright blue.

A solution of copper samus

Capacity for growing can be made of glass or plastic. Practice shows that the choice is still better to do in favor of plastic, since the crystals are weaker than it is weaker.

Step-by-step actions:

  1. To begin with, it is necessary about 100 g of vitriol, which is poured with small portions of hot water, stirring constantly. At the bottom there should be insoluble crystals of copper sulfate.
  2. Next, we skip the warm solution through the filter paper and put it in a cool place.
  3. After 24 hours, crystals are formed at the bottom of the solution. We choose the largest of them and once again filter the solution. Crystals can not be touched by hands, so as not to leave the launch traces that brake growth. If you need to correct the crystal in the containers, use medical gloves.
  4. Then put selected crystals in a clean solution. Here are two options: put crystals on the bottom (they will grow in length and width) or hang them on the fishing line (they will grow throughout the volume). Process of growing crystal from copper
  5. Capacity covering a sheet of paper, which accelerate the growth of the crystal.

    Crystal copper

  6. Every 5-7 days, the solution is filtered and removed small crystals. Clean liquid pour into a growing crystal. As a result, after a month, crystals should be turned out to 3-4 cm in the diameter.

    How to grow crystals?

Video: How to grow crystal from copper

Using the table salt (NaCl) at home

It is advisable to take the usual stone salt, which you can buy in any food store. With additives (potassium or iodine chloride) is not suitable.

Поваренная соль

You need to take:

  • Salt salt - 0.2 g;
  • distilled water;
  • glass container;
  • filter paper.

Cook salt is equally well soluble in warm and cold water. The problem with sodium chloride is that it forms a lot of small crystals. It is very difficult to grow a big copy, as it consists of small structures that are easily destroyed.

Кристаллы из поваренной соли

However, they are beautiful in their own due to the unique form of each crystal. In addition, they can be painted in different colors. For these purposes, the paint is suitable for printers or a solution from the contents of markers.

The principle of cultivation is the same as with a copper vigor.

Разноцветные кристаллы из поваренной соли

Growing crystals from sea salt

It will suit any naval salt for the bathroom, which is sold in pharmacies and ordinary supermarkets.

Морская соль

You need to take:

  • Sea salt - 100 g;
  • Capacity for salt solution;
  • distilled water;
  • filter paper;
  • Leske (optional);
  • pan.

Instructions for the cultivation of crystals:

  1. In the tank, we pour water and fine portions we fall asleep in it salt, constantly stirring until complete dissolution.
  2. Next, we skip the solution through the filter paper.
  3. After that, we place the container with a solution into a saucepan and heated in a water bath to a hot state.
  4. From the dropped crystals select the largest, the solution is filtered again.
  5. Weiss the crystals on the fishing line and repeat the solution to filter the solution every few days, as with copper vitrios.

As a result, after a month, crystals are as measured up to 2-3 cm.

Кристаллы из морской соли

What color was the sea salt, there will be crystals. If the salt is colorless, you can use dyes.

Кристаллы и морской соли желтого цвета

Video: Cook VS Sea Salt for Crystal Growing

Lemon acid

The lemon is very well soluble in water, which makes it difficult to grow large crystals.

You need to take:

  • citric acid - 200 g;
  • distilled water - 100;
  • filter paper;
  • Capacity for solution;
  • Leske.

Step by step description:

  1. In 100 g of water, slowly dissolve 200 g of citric acid, constantly stirring.
  2. Then we skip the solution through the filter paper and leave the room indoor room temperature so that the cooling went as slower as possible.
  3. The next day the crystals fall out, choose the most beautiful and tie it on the line.
  4. The solution is again filtered and placed in it crystal.
  5. We repeat the procedure every 5-7 days. It is important to cover the capacitance with the crystal of a loose lid so that the evaporation of water takes place slower.
  6. Small crystals on the surface of large removing tweezers. A month later, it may grow a crystal up to 5-6 cm in length.

Кристалл из лимонной кислоты

Video: We grow lemon crystals

How to grow crystal in one day

This can be done only with the help of copper mood. True, it turns out not one large crystal, but a large polycrystall consisting of small crystalline.

You need to take:

  • Copper KUPP - 200 g;
  • Glass jar - 500 ml;
  • fishing line;
  • pan;
  • distilled water.

Step-by-step actions:

  1. Dissolve the copper vigor in water with a temperature of 80˚C, constantly stirring until the precipitate starts to appear.
  2. Then filter the solution.
  3. To the fishing line we bind a bead and put into the solution (a crystal will be formed on the bead).
  4. Cover the jar of gauze and leave indoors with room temperature. After 10 hours, crystal will grow. Выращивание кристалла из медного купороса
  5. The crystal is removed, and the solution is filtered. After that, the solution is warming up in a water bath in a saucepan to a boiling point. We are waiting for it to cool down a little, and put the crystal in it on the fishing line.

    Очищенный раствор из медного купороса

  6. The crystal will begin to grow again and after 10-12 hours it will reach large sizes.

    Большой кристалл из медного купороса

Video: Crystal cultivation by fast way

We grow radiant crystals

Radial crystals are sold in special sets for schoolchildren.

Набор для выращивания кристаллов

The set contains all the necessary items:

  • chemical reagent;
  • pallet;
  • Card phones;
  • Instruction.

Набор для выращивания кристаллов


  1. We take the cardboard strips and cut them into 4 parts and stick them into the pallet. Pour the reagent and wait 24 hours.

Кристалл, выращенный из набора

Video: Crystal from set

Crystal cultivation will deliver a lot of pleasure not only to children, but also adults. Each new pebbles will be unique and unique. They can be used as a gift or as decoration. In addition, it will help to instill in schoolchildren interest in science.

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Как вырастить кристаллы необыкновенной красоты своими руками.

For the experiment, we will need:

- Well-washed jar (preferably high), saucepan or flask with a wide throat.

- Glass stick-mixer or, at worst, pencil to stir the resulting solution.

- Filter (you can take a filter for a coffee maker).

- Salt (Food, Sea - any!)

- varnish, preferably without color, without additives, without inclusions - transparent.

- Butturship, throw pendant, coin - anything so that it was where to be attached to the salt crystals.

- A thread.

The crystal saw each at least once in his life. He is beautiful! He fascinates, chas, manites, spilling with any lighting, like a diamond. The form of crystals sometimes resemble the parallelepipeda of different configurations, and sometimes lumps with sharp edges. Beauty!

Как вырастить кристаллы необыкновенной красоты своими руками.

But the crystals are not only the creation of nature! They can be man-made! They can be grown at home. And now you will learn how to do it. The process is very simple, even a first-grader will cope with him.

To begin with, find out what is crystal.

If it costs without malfunctional terms, such as "single crystal", "polycrystall", then you need to look at any gem pebble on the jewelry: topaz, sapphire, emerald, diamond, Herkimer's diamond, Mussanit ...

Watch? So you see a single crystal! And the polycrystal is, respectively, grouped single crystals.

Monto and polycrystals are capable of growing at home and at the end of the process to admire them when it wants.

Take care of the process, the process will proceed for a long time, a few weeks, and maybe months, depending on how much the crystal you want to grow. But to observe this process is very exciting. You can even periodically take pictures of the growing treasure, then build photos in chronological order and start at high speed. Then you will have your own film about how Ros-smasted your crystalline. Believe it, very interesting!

Как вырастить кристаллы необыкновенной красоты своими руками.

If we grow our crystal from salt, more precisely, from a substance that scientists is called sodium chloride, then as a result, it will turn out to be the same color as one grapple of food salt - transparent. But if you want to get multi-colored crystals, then you have to take a slightly different salt, definitely not cook.

Green crystal will be used when using copper chloride or nickel sulfate. And the blue will turn out if you take copper sulfate (II).

Actually, the cooking process.

1) Prepare a suspension salt solution.

It is impressed with such a solution when the substance added to the water (in our case, the salt chosen) is further dissolved. Of course, the solution should be mixed, trying to dissolve as much as possible. But when the dissolution process further refuses to proceed, it means that you have achieved the desired solution. Water can be taken any, but better distilled (better, for cleanliness of experience, and so it does not matter much).

The process of cooking distilled water at home is simple and not very grateful: it is necessary to pour into a large saucepan with a wide bottom of ordinary water, and to put a small, empty in the middle of a large pot. It doesn't want to stand in the water in the water, so it will not have to take it, put the pebbles there or something else, understand. Then we turn the lid on the large pot of the handle down and turn on the fire on the complete one. A moisture will be gathered on the lid, then she will drip into a small ass and gather there in the pool. After a fairly long time, you will copy the amount of water sufficient for experience, if, of course, before that, you do not fall wallpapers in the kitchen (joke). I do it easier: I am in a car shop and buy there for a funny money five-liter bottle with a ready distillate. That's all!

2) We remove the sediment of the salt, filtering the solution.

3) Now you should make the site to which the crystals will be attached, a sort of core. Suppose you decided to take a button. Okay! It's comfortable. We put it at some time to the salt solution, then takes out and dried. Keep in mind: if there are chips, damage, scratches, etc. on the core, etc., it will certainly affect the finished crystal. And more: the greater the core, the greater the crystal, but at the same time the very substance of the crystal will be little, it will be more glad than the crystal itself. Therefore, take a very small subject.

4) Attach the core to the thread and immerse it into the container with the cooked solution.

You can still attach a thread to the stick, and put the wand on the edges of the jar, so the button will be in the middle of the tank and there will not touch the walls.

Как вырастить кристаллы необыкновенной красоты своими руками.

5) Find a place in the house where the temperature will be constant and put a jar there.

6) We are waiting for the day.

7) We are waiting for the second.

8) We are waiting for the third.

9) Fourth day. The crystalline was arranged and begins to grow up. Excellent!

10) Fifth day. Grows up.

11) Day of the sixth. Grows up.

12) day seventh. Almost no gone ... This is because the salt in the solution has become ended, it almost all adhered to the crystal. It is necessary to make a new solution and put a newborn crystalline there.

13) And so every week should be updated the solution in the bank.

14) a lot of time passed. Your crystal has reached the desired size. Get it out of the jars and carefully dry in a natural way.

15) Now it was a turn to check the crystal to protect him of all kinds of injuries: chips, scratches and moisture, and for shine too.

If the process of manufacturing the crystal you turned out, the next time you can make a complex single crystal.

1) We do everything as before.

2) Rasting crystal to two centimeters, and then put it in a solution of another salt!

3) Change salts solutions every two weeks!

4) Try to make salt options to be more! Repeat as much as possible!

5) Best patience for half a year! Rast the treasure will have at least four months!

But the polycrystal really get in a few minutes, but then it is later.

5) When you saw the resulting crystal, you will see that your crystal is multi-colored-layered!

Rastings crystal from copper sulphate.

Copper vitrios - a comfortable substance for growing crystals: no special dishes or some special devices, special knowledge is also not necessary, besides, it is almost harmless (if you do not use it inside, of course).

Crystal can be raised in the same way as we grow crystals from a simple food salt.

1. We make a solution of copper mrensaturated, water take distilled, purified from foreign salts and impurities. We do not take the usual clock, since the copper cunery is more active than sodium chloride, and all chlorides available in water will certainly be reacted with a solution, which will affect the crystal.

2. Find the largest crystalline and put it into a gluable solution so that it does not come into contact with the walls of the tank, i.e. Let's hang on the thread. You can, of course, put it right on the bottom, but then you will have to watch it not to touch other crystals. Do not keep track, they will grow to each other and the expected form will not receive.

3. Still be followed so that the solution remains intended.

4. We are waiting for a week.

5. We look: the crystal has increased in size and has become clearly heavier.

And last: if you want to get more wrong (I would say the exquisite) form of the crystal, fool some faces with something fat: butter, bass, petroleum.

Share these knowledge with your friends, they probably should also be interesting, and also do not forget to make a fighter for this article.

Как вырастить кристаллы необыкновенной красоты своими руками.

Manufacturers of modern toys intended for organizing cognitive children's leisure activities today often offer ready-made sets for growing crystals at home. But it would be mistaken to think that this occupation is the development of our time and the achievement of the modern chemical industry.

Как вырастить кристаллы?

Growing crystals

Having learned to grow crystals, with their help you can create beautiful decorative elements that can become an original Christmas decoration or part of the festive interior decor.

General Rules for Growing Crystals

  • Before proceeding with the practical part, I want to warn: the cultivation of crystals does not tolerate fuss: the beauty of their form directly depends on the conditions in which the solution is located. The vessel where the growth of crystals occurs, it is necessary to remove into such a place where no one will disturb it and cannot accidentally touch, push up. Any careless movement can lead to the fact that the crystal will not be so large, smooth and beautiful, as I would like.
  • To obtain major crystals, the amount of water should be increased: the greater the size of the crystal, the more water must be taken to dissolve the initial ingredient. Most components are sensitive to water quality and can be reacted with impurities included in its composition, so it is desirable to take filter or distilled water.
  • The smaller the solution is heated - the better for crystals, because In heated and outstanding water, larger and more even formations are obtained. As soon as crystals appear at the bottom of the vessel, you should select and remove the smallest, leaving some major. The remaining crystals each morning is very careful with a thin wand to the other side - so the rise of the layers is obtained uniform.

What do you need to know?

Growing crystals - The process is very interesting, but it happens quite long. It is useful to know which processes are controlled by its growth; Whatever different substances form crystals of various shapes, and some do not form them at all; What needs to be done so that they are big and beautiful.

If crystallization goes very slowly, one large crystal (or single crystal is obtained, for example, when growing artificial stones), if fast is the set of small (or polycrystall, for example metals).

Crystal cultivation at home produce in different ways. For example, cooling saturated solution. With a decrease in temperature Solubility of substances It decreases (mainly it concerns anhydrous salt), and they are said to fall into the sediment. First in the solution and on the vessel walls, tiny embryos crystals appear.

When cooling is slow, and there are no solid impurities in the solution (say, dust), germs are formed a little, and gradually they turn into beautiful crystalline of the right shape. With rapid cooling, many small crystals arise, almost no of them has the right form, because they are growing many and they interfere with each other.

Growing crystals It can be carried out in another way - gradually removing water from a saturated solution. And in this case, the slower water is removed, the better the result is. Leave an open vessel with a solution at room temperature for a long time, covering it with a sheet of paper, - the water will evaporate slowly, and the dust will not fall into the solution.

A growing crystal can be either suspended in a saturated solution on a thin durable thread, or put on the bottom of the vessel. In the latter case, the crystalline periodically must be rotated on the other side. As water evaporates, a fresh solution should be pouring into a vessel.

Even if our initial crystalline had an incorrect form, it sooner or later hesitates all its defects and takes a form peculiar to this substance, for example, will turn into an octahedron, if you use chromokaliya quastsy salt, rhombus - if you use copper vitrios.

Growing crystals - The process is entertaining, but requiring careful and careful attitude towards his work. Theoretically, the size of the crystal, which can be raised at home in this way, is unlimited. There are cases when enthusiasts received crystals of such a magnitude that they could only raise them with the help of comrades.

But, there are some features of their storage (of course each salt and substance have its own characteristics). For example, if the krystalline is allowed to leave open in dry air, it, gradually losing water, will turn into a pure gray powder.

To protect it from destruction, you can cover with colorless varnish. Copper sipop and cook salt - more rack and you can safely work with them.

How to grow crystal?

It is possible to grow crystal from different substances: for example, from sugar, even stone - artificial cultivation of stones, with strict rules for temperature, pressure, humidity and other factors (artificial rubies, amethysts, quartz, citrines, moriones).

At home, of course, we will not succeed in all this, so we will do a different way. We will grow salt crystals. We all have an ordinary food salt (as probably, you know that its chemical name sodium chloride NaCl). Any other salt (salt from a chemical point of view) is suitable, for example, you can get beautiful blue crystals from a copper mood or or any other vapor (for example, iron).

You can use alums (double salts of sulfuric acid metals), sodium thiosulfate (used to be used for the manufacture of photos). For all these salts (and in general for salt), no special conditions are required: they made a solution, they lowered the "germin" there (all this is described in detail below) and it grows itself, he adds in growth every day.

Yes, you should not paint the solution where your crystal is growing, such as paints or something like that, is just to spoil the solution itself, and the crystal will still not paint!

The best way to get colored crystals is to choose the desired salt! But be careful: for example, the crystals of yellow blood salts have a red-orange color - and the solution is yellow. Now we can proceed!

Crystal Crystals Salt

Crystals of cook salt - The process of cultivation does not require any particular chemicals. We all have a food salt (or table salt) that we take into eating. It can also be called stony - all the same. NACL Salt Crystals represent colorless transparent cubes.

Let's start. Instruct the salt salt as follows: pour water into the tank (for example, a glass) and put it in a sleeper with warm water (no more than 50 ° C - 60 ° C). Of course, in the ideal embodiment, if the water does not contain dissolved salts (i.e. distilled), but in our case you can use a plumbing.

Put the food salt into the glass and leave for 5 minutes after prehasting. During this time, the glass with water is heated, and the salt is dissolved. It is desirable that the water temperature has not yet been reduced. Then add a salt even and mix again. Repeat this stage until the salt is no longer dissolved and will settle on the bottom of the glass.

We obtained a saturated salt solution. Pour it into the clean capacity of the same volume, getting rid of the surplus of salt on the bottom. Select any liked a larger crystalline cooking

Salt and put it on the bottom of a glass with a saturated solution. You can bind a crystalline for a thread and hang so that it does not touch the walls of the glass. Now you need to wait.

After a couple of days you can see a significant growth for crystalline. Every day he will increase. And if you do everything again again (prepare a saturated solution of salt and omit this crystalline into it), it will grow much faster (remove the crystalline and use the already cooked solution by adding water to it and the necessary portion of the food salt).

Remember that the solution should be saturated, that is, when preparing a solution at the bottom of the glass, there should always be salt (just in case).

For information: at 100g of water at a temperature of 20 ° C, approximately 35 g of table salt can be dissolved. With an increase in temperature, the solubility of the salt is growing. So crystals of the cook salt (or salt crystals, the form and the color of which you like more)

Creating Copper Crystals

Copper Crystals - It is grown in a similar way, as well as with a cooking salt: first preparing a saturated solution of salt, then a small crystalline salt of copper sulfate is lowered into this solution.

Copper vigorous - - chemically active salt! Therefore, for the successfulness of experience in this case, water should be taken distilled, i.e. not containing other salts dissolved in it. From under the tap, water is also better not to take, as it first contains dissolved salts, and secondly can be highly chlorinated. Impurities (especially carbonates in a rigid sort of) enter chemical reactions with copper vitrios, which is why the solution is much spoiled

If everything is in order, - will continue. If you decide not to overflow the solution from the tank, in which the small crystal grew in originally, then heat the crystalline, so that he would not touch other crystals left at the bottom!

Crystal cultivation is produced not only of solutions, but also from salt melt. A bright example is the yellow opaque sulfur crystals having a rhombus form or prisms elongated. But with gray, especially, I do not advise work. Gas formed during its evaporation is harmful to health.

It is possible to avoid the growth of individual grains of crystalline. For this, these frills should be applied a solution of vaseline or fat.

Growing copper crystals

Growing copper crystals

Now grow Red medium crystals . We need a copper cunery, a cook salt, a steel plate on the shape of a container cross section (a slightly smaller perimeter. You can use steel chips or buttons), where copper crystals and a circle of climbing paper in the form of section can grow.

So, put a little copper vapor on the bottom of the bubble (preferably evenly in the area). Top puffed salt and close it all with a cut paper with a cut. Put the iron plate on it (or float with steel chips).

All this together should be poured with a saturated solution of the table salt (we prepared this solution from the table salt). Leave the capacity for approximately a week. During this time, rigorous red copper crystals will grow.

When the growth process goes, try not to transfer the container, and also very undesirable to withdraw crystalline from the solution.

You can grow crystal multicolored and multilayer. They are prepared by the preparation of alum solutions (double salts of sulfuric acid) and transfer the crystalline alternately grown from one solution to another.

If mixed hot concentrated aluminum alumina solutions 2(So. 4)3and potassium K. 2(So. 4), and the resulting solution is cool, the alum will begin crystallize - double sulfate potassium and aluminum 2kal (SO 4)2• 12N 2O. Komasians dissolve in water as follows: 5.9 g per 100 g of water at 20 ° C, but already 109 g - at 90 ° C in recalculation of anhydrous salt.

When stored in the air, the alum weathered. At a temperature of 92.5 ° C, they melt in their crystallization water, and when heated to 120 ° C is dehydrated, turning into burning alum, which decompose only at temperatures above 700 ° C.

Water molecules included in the quasans are associated with chemical bond with potassium and aluminum ions, therefore salts of the alum have a formula that it is more correct to record in the form of a complex salt [K (H2O) 6] [Al (H2O) 6] (SO4) 2.

Something about liquid crystals

Something about liquid crystals

Liquid crystals - These are substances that behave simultaneously as a liquid and as solid bodies. Molecules in liquid crystals, on the one hand, are quite mobile, on the other - are located regularly, forming the similarity of the crystal structure (one-dimensional or two-dimensional).

Often already with a slight heating, the correct arrangement of molecules is broken, and the liquid crystal becomes a conventional liquid. On the contrary, at sufficiently low temperatures, they freeze, turning into solid body.

The regular arrangement of molecules in liquid crystals determines their special optical properties. Their properties can be controlled by exposing the magnetic or electric field. It is used in LCD indicators, calculators, computers and the latest TV models.

So, the process of growing crystals at home is divided into the main stages:

  1. Dissolve the salt from which the crystal will grow, in heated water (it is necessary to fit in order for salt to dissolve a little more than can dissolve at room temperature). Dissolve salt as long as you are sure that the salt is no longer dissolved (the solution is saturated!). I recommend using distilled water (i.e. not containing other salts)
  2. The saturated solution to pour into another container where the cultivation of crystals (taking into account the fact that it will increase). At this stage, make sure that the solution does not particularly cooled.
  3. Tie a salt crystal on a thread, tie a thread for example to a match and put a match on the edges of the glass (container), where the saturated solution is poured (step 3). Crystalline dip in the saturated solution.
  4. Transfer the container with a saturated solution and a crystalline to a place where there are no drafts, vibrations and strong light (cultivation of crystals requires compliance with these conditions).
  5. Cover with something on top Capacity with a crystalline (for example, paper) from dust and garbage. Leave the solution for a couple of days.


  • Crystallian can not with growth without a special reason to remove from the solution
  • Do not allow garbage from entering saturated solution, most preferably use distilled water
  • monitor the level of saturated solution, periodically (once a week or two) update with evaporation solution

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