How to connect the service "Everywhere at home" on MTS?

Are you traveling a lot in Russia? Often, at work it is necessary to be in the remote corners of our homeland? Tired of endless payments for conversations not in their region? - It's time to change outdated rules and go to new! MTS LLC offers its customers an excellent opportunity to save their money in long-range trains across the Russian Federation! A unique service called "everywhere at home" offers each interested visitor the right to preferential calls in other regions of the MTS network.

The MTS subscribers have several options for connecting themselves "everywhere at home" options:

  1. USSD code * 111 * 3333 #;
  2. SMS to the number "111" with the text "3333";
  3. Through your personal account on the MTS website;
  4. In the office or the MTS salon with a passport;
  5. By phone, referring to the MTS operator by 0890;
  6. With the help of bonuses - relevant on 02/16/2015. Dial USSD command * 111 * 455 * 11 #

If you wish to learn how to connect the service "everywhere at home" to MTS, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the details below. The portal creates the most comfortable conditions for obtaining information on the site, providing its visitors with accurate and unique information.

Important: We strongly recommend that all information available on the portal on mobile rates correspond to reality at the time of writing this article. If you have not achieved the goal together with our information, we suggest you to contact the official website of MTS LLC to clarify the nuances.

How to connect everywhere at home?

Connecting the service "Everywhere at home" occurs in several possible ways. We remind you that MTS is seeking to create the most favorable and convenient conditions for using their services, for this reason, by creating a number of ways to solve this problem.

If you wish to connect the service to your mobile phone, you need:

  1. Dial on your cell phone combination of the keys of the type "* 111 * 3333 #" + "Call". By this action, you are prompted to a single center to connect to your device the required option.
  2. You can also send a completely free SMS message to the number "111", which will contain the text of the form "3333". This data is required to connect the service. If you want to abandon such an option, send an SMS message to the number "111", but already with the text of the form "33330".
  3. Connect "everywhere at home" with the help of an Internet assistant. This service is provided to each interested subscriber, which can be called by a simple call to the number "0890". After you get this number, and the first beeps will sound, the tube will be removed by the autoinformer, which will offer to listen to the full list of existing commands in the automatic menu. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it, then click on the necessary keys on a mobile phone, connecting the service.
  4. You can activate the option "everywhere at home" and not pay extra money for conversations not in the "my" region you can and with the help of a call to the operator. To do this, type in your mobile number "0890" + "0" + "Call". Within a few minutes, the tube will be withdrawn by a specialist LLC MTS, which you can inform the necessary problem.
  5. The last way of connecting the service "Everywhere at home" is a trip to the office of MTS LLC. If you for any reason have not been able to resolve the question above the options, we suggest you to use the latter, but extremely reliable way. Before going out, do not forget to capture your passport or driver's license, as employees will ask you to present them. Come to any free specialist in the office and inform him all the necessary information. During a couple of minutes, all formalities will be settled, and you will become the owner of the service "everywhere at home" on your mobile phone.

How to turn off everywhere at home?

Disable the service "Everywhere at home" is carried out in the same way as the connection. To do this, you are invited to dial the key on the phone the key of the type "* 111 * 333 #" + "Call"; Send a completely free SMS message to the number "111", which will contain the text "33330"; Use the services of the Internet assistant, located on the official website of MTS; Contact on duty officer by "0890" + "0" or by pressing the necessary keys proposed by the autoinformer. Moreover, the longest time procedure is a trip to the MTS LLC, it comes to the aid in case of disabling the service. You are invited to just approach any applicable employee with a request to deactivate the option. During a couple of minutes, the service will be removed from your mobile phone.

The service is everywhere at home on MTS is a great opportunity to save money on your mobile phone. However, nevertheless, it is not always so relevant as much as necessary for people. If you left the "alien" region and no longer need calls from the distant corners of the Russian Federation, it is advisable to disable the option in order to use the services at low prices of your region.

How to connect for bonuses everywhere at home?

The system of accumulation of bonus points for using the services of MTS LLC allows each subscriber of the mobile operator to use the activation of one or another option for "glasses".

To connect the service "Everywhere at home" to MTS for bonus points, you are invited to activate the keyboard of your mobile phone and to type the following keyboard combination "* 111 * 455 * 11 #" + "Call" on it.

The tariff is everywhere at home will give legal right to use the services of a mobile operator at low prices, even if you are far from the native region. Now you absolutely do not need to overpay the fabulous money for conversations, as the option provides the possibility of communicating only 3.00 rubles per each minute of conversation!

Important: Now we have figured out that you can connect the service "everywhere at home" in several ways. Among them - sending SMS messages, a call to the operator to the operator, a set of the necessary USSD request, use the Internet assistant, appeal to the office. The portal reminds that you are entitled to take advantage of any of the opportunities provided to solve the problem, since each of them decides the activation of the option is equally efficient.

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Going on a trip to another region of Russia, it is important to remain in touch with close people, partners and colleagues, not overpaying for roaming. Beeline has a special service - "My Country". The first service was launched by the MTC operator, calling it "everywhere at home", so when Beeline proposed the same, most subscribers began to call it the already familiar name. Let's figure it out in its conditions and opportunities.

Description and Characteristics Services

Previously, coming from his region of Russia to another, had to acquire a new SIM card to reduce the cost of calls. The service "My Country" from Beeline helped to make roaming in Russia more profitable, allowing subscribers to communicate everywhere at home.

The service is permanent and does not provide for the subscription fee, and the connection is only 25 rubles.

The option is applied only to calls and SMS, the Internet is taken into account on the standard conditions of the tariff plan or the connected Internet package. For communication everywhere, the following tariffs are established with the active service "My Country":

  • Incoming calls - 3 rubles per min.
  • Outgoing calls - 3 rubles per min.
  • Outgoing messages (SMS) - 3 rubles.

When calling the numbers of satellite communication systems and abroad, there are conventional conditions established by the base rate.

Tariffing calls - from the moment of installation of the connection, from the 1st second of the conversation.

In order to obtain more favorable conditions for using the Internet on travel around the country, we recommend connecting the Internet for traveling in Russia.

Terms of granting option

The service "My Country" operates throughout the Russian Federation, with the exception of the home region (where the SIM card is registered), the Republic of Crimea and Gevastopol. It can be connected as individuals and legally, but it is intended only for phones - on tariffs for tablets and USB modems it is impossible to connect.

From November 26, 2015 The operator limited the possibility of connecting the option for the tariffs of the line "All!" With a monthly subscription fee, since they already have advantageous roaming in Russia.

If the connection of the service "Everywhere at home" from Beeline took place until November 26, 2015 , and it has not turned off from this time, or if the subscriber is serviced by the postposter system, the calls for calls will correspond to the option "My country. Archive". Its conditions are slightly different: with an incoming call, the 1st minute of the conversation within one connection will cost 3 rubles, and all follows - for free.

How to connect the service?

It is worth reminding, the connection is paid - 25 rubles, and at the time of connecting the service this amount should be on the balance sheet. Due to the fact that there is no subscription fee, it is not necessary to turn off the option, its activation occurs automatically upon departure beyond the limits of the native region.

To connect the Beeline service "everywhere at home", you need:

  • Call a complimentary room 0683. , after the connection, follow the tips of the answering machine)
  • Dial and send the command * 110 * 0021 #  "call"
  • Turn on the service in the application for the smartphone "My Beeline"
  • Activate the option in the Personal Account of the Subscriber on the Beeline portal

You can also contact the manager at any Beeline sales salon or call the operator by number. 0611. or 8-800-700-0611 .

How to turn off?

After returning from a trip to the native region, it is not necessary to disconnect the service - it does not have a subscription fee, and in the home region it simply goes into standby mode. If after all the option is disabled, then when you repeatedly connect the board for its activation will be written off again.

Disable the option "Everywhere at home" from Beeline, you can methods for similar connections: by calling by number 0683. By sending the team * 110 * 0020 # With the help of the Personal Cabinet Beeline, in a mobile application or personally - in the Beeline Salon.

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