Ring size for Aliexpress in Russian - how to choose, table

How to determine the size of the ring to aliexpressIn this note, let's talk about how to find out the size of the ring on Aliexpress for your hands. In the Chinese online store, the selection of jewelry is very large, so it is worth limiting yourself in time so as not to look at the catalog of jewelry all day.

Buying a rings on Aliexpress is a completely reasonable solution, you can save at 2 or even 5 times. For quality, you can not worry, the main thing is to always look at the seller's rating reviews, as well as ask clarifying questions.

The sizes of the rings on Aliexpress are not determined as in Russia. We will have to work a bit with a ruler and thread to find out the necessary parameters.

The designation of the sizes of the rings on Aliexpress

In Russia, the sizes of the rings are most often determined by millimeters. That is, if the size 18 is written, then the ring has an inner diameter of 18 mm. On the pages of the Chinese online store you will see very different designations, for example, such:

The designation of the sizes of the rings on Aliexpress

This is no longer millimeters, but something else - the majority of buyers will think so immediately, and will be completely right. In fact, in the same way, the size of the rings in China, the United States and many other countries is classified. What they mean is to know at all not necessary, you only need to use a sign, where you can choose a ring according to the usual internal diameter.

Table for selecting the ring sizes to Aliexpress

Table for selecting the ring sizes to Aliexpress

On this table, choose your ring size. For example, you have slender fingers and you wear a ring with an inner diameter of 16 mm, that is, the size of your ring in Russian criteria = 16. Next, we use this table and it turns out that you need a ring with a size of 5.5 or in extreme cases 6 On Aliexpress.

How to determine the exact size? If your ring with a diameter of 16 mm is a bit of hard and tightly removed, then you can choose the size more, that is, the sixth. And if you feel fine with 16 Russian size, then in Aliexpress you need to order 5.5 rings size.

It is important to take into account additional factors when choosing a ring size. Naturally, over time (if you still do not have 25 years), your fingers will become a little thicker. Or can influence external factors. For example, in hot weather, hand brushes often swell, and therefore increases the diameter of the fingers.

How to accurately find out the size of the fingers of the hands - how to carry out measurements

If you do not know the size of your fingers, then it needs to be measured. If you have an old ring, which is perfect for you in size, you can measure it. There are many options to do it.

With the help of a ruler

With the help of a rulerThe first option is using a ruler. The line is practically everyone, but this option is far from the most accurate. We will measure the inner diameter of the ring. To do this, put a ruler on the ring so that it takes place clearly in the center of the ring - it is necessary to accurately measure the diameter.

Next, we look at how many millimeters takes this diameter. For better accuracy, you need to look at the line at right angles. But this method of determining for those who are completely lazy and does not want to try something else.

Measurement errors may be several millimeters depending on the edimony of hands and eyes. And a few mm - this can be critical in the example with the choice of ring size. Therefore, we recommend trying other options described below.

Using caliper

Using caliperThis option is also far from the most accurate, since the caliper determines the external diameter of the product, and we need internal.

At the same time, we also need an "eye" to place a ring clearly in the instrument center, which also adds% error.

We use the usual measuring circulation

We need a circulation is not the one that with a leg and a rod, but one that with two needles on the legs. The advantage of measuring the rings with a circulation is that you do not need to guess where the center and so on, simply stretch the circus throughout the ring diameter, and then remove the dimensions of the ruler.

The measurement of the circular rings is much more accurate than using a ruler, but this option also has errors.

Measure finger coverage with thread or ribbon

Measure finger coverage with thread or ribbonWe prefer to use this particular option to select the exact size of the ring on Aliexpress. It is necessary to take a thread (or tape) and wrap the desired finger, not too much and not too soft, then remember or mark the end of the clamp and measure its ruler.

Returning to our example with a girl who has a 16-size ring (inner diameter = 16), most likely we would get finger girth from 50 to 51.5 millimeters.

For even greater accuracy, the diameter can be measured as follows:

  • Put a finger on a sheet of paper;
  • We put a pencil mark on paper in those places where the ring is planned;
  • Measure a pencil mark on paper.

Determine the size in the jewelry storeWhat is the most accurate option?

For the most accurate measurements, the jewelers use non-standard tools for measuring fingers. Go to any more or less decent jewelry store and ask consultants to help you measure the size of a suitable ring.

We hope after reading this article, you will no longer have a question how to determine the size of the ring when you buy on Ali SPress. If you have any questions left, we recommend to watch this video instruction.

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Often, when buying decorations through foreign online stores, difficulties arise with the choice of the desired product parameters. It is not surprising, because international sizes differ from those adopted in Russia. Tracing the selected accessory at a distance will not work in any way, so it will be possible to determine which ring size will be will help tips and special values ​​of the ratio of values.

Chinese sizes of rings: what does it mean 5, 6, 7, 8 size

By ordering decorations from abroad, you should know that the size of the rings from the Chinese site corresponds to the sizes in the United States. In Russia, the size of the measurement is considered the diameter of the product.

Golden Rings (Watch in the Sunlight catalog)

Rings size matching table:

Diameter (mm) China
15.5. 5
16.5. 6
17.5. 7
18.5. 8
19 9
twenty ten
20.5. eleven
21.5. 12
22.5. thirteen

For example, the size of the ring 5 into Russian will be about 15.5 millimeters, and the size of the ring 6 in China means the value of approximately 16.5 millimeters. It turns out that the size of the ring 11 and 12 respectively - 20.5 and 21.5 millimeters. It happens that Chinese values ​​do not always correspond to the size of the American rings, because in the manufacture of jewelry, small errors often occur, which many Chinese brands indicate in good faith.

European sizes of rings

The sizes of the rings in different countries of Europe are primarily measured by the Vienna standard - the length in millimeters of the product circle. There are, of course, exceptions. In Germany and Ukraine, for example, the ring of the rings, as in Russia, is its inner diameter. In Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain use the French standard (although in France itself they often use Viennese). It is equal to the length of the circumference of the finger with the subtraction of the number "40". The English sizes of the rings are considered to be the letters of the Latin alphabet.

Rings with fianits (watch in the Sunlight directory)

In order to translate the European ring size into Russian size, it is enough just to know that the length of the circle and the diameter associates the number "PI". Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the desired parameters of Persdny, buying it, for example, in Norway or Portugal, the Russian size is necessary to multiply by 3.14. If you will make a purchase in Spain, do not forget after multiplication also to subtract 40.

The problem in acquiring jewelry abroad can create accessories from the UK. But there is a solution here. The recalculation formula will be such: the inner diameter of the product is multiplied by 2.5 times, and after subtracting 28.75. The number obtained after calculations must be compared with the English alphabet. It clearly turns out: if the Russian size is "17.5", then after all manipulations, the number "15" is obtained, which is comparable to the Latin letter "O" - this will be the desired magnitude of the ring from England.

How to determine the size of the ring depending on the diameter of the ring

To find out, it is enough to measure the ruler in the widest place of Persden. Either it can be done even easier - put a product on paper and put the pencil from the inside, and then perform the desired measurement of the ruler. It turns out that if the diameter of the ring is 2 cm, then the required size to purchase will be 20.

Diamond Rings (Watch in the Sunlight directory)

Remember that it is better to choose a product a little more, because then in the jewelry workshop you will be able to reduce the diameter to the desired value. The product that will be little harder to fit into size.

How to determine the size of the ring depending on the size of the finger

You can easily figure out the desired decoration size, even if you do not have a single ring on hand. The easiest way to do it when there is a centimeter tape. But if there is no such convenient tool at hand, it is possible to do with a small piece of fine wire, non-stretching thread or a strip of paper, which then after the necessary measurements will need to straighten and calculate the length of the stationery. Wrap a centimeter ribbon finger and measure it.

Please note that the "measuring device" fluently passed through the bone of the joint, and also note that it is best to make several measurements during the day, as the fingers may be swollen a little to the evening.

After that, the measured length of the circumference of the finger will only be divided into the number "PI" (3.14), then recognize the required value of the product. For example, if you have got a finger girth 6 cm, then the division will be 19.1. This is considered a diameter of the decoration and its size.

Pandora rings sizes

Pandora decorations have their own dimensional scale. In order to find the required ring parameters, you need to print the page with the values ​​in A4 format and place your product on the sheet. So, 50 size translated will be 15.9, 52 Size - 16.6, and 54 Size - 17.2.

Rings Pandora.

Author: Alexander Moskalez


Hello, Vitaly! The sizes of the rings on the ALIEXPRESS website are presented on American standards. In order to compare with Russian standards, you need a sizes table. As a rule, such a table sellers add to the product card

How to choose the size of the ring to Aliexpress

And opening the table, then you can already match the finger circle

Table of sizes of rings with aliexpress

In the same way, the table indicates the instruction, how to properly measure the circle of the fingers:

Measure the circle of fingers

If the sizes table is not specified in the goods card, you can always write to the seller and request it. He must send it to you.

ask the seller about the size of the ring

Or use our universal table sizes of the rings, where there is both diameter and circle

Table of sizes of rings

There are no differences between male sizes and women.

In addition to clothes, shoes, stationery, household goods, on AliExpress There is a jewelry. You can find accessories from precious and simple metals. Determine with the choice of most things easily, problems may arise with rings.

The fact is that the sizes of the rings on Aliexpress are measured not as on Russian tables. For service, for incomprehensible reasons, closer American meanings. How to figure out and understand the differences, learn below.

How to find out the size of the ring to Aliexpress

The site contains different values. Going to the product you like, before order, you need to decide on the parameters. Aliexpress use American values, instead of the usual 17.5, for example, you can see 8.

Some stores provide a scheme for which you can choose what you need. Ideally, as the basis of the choice, take the dimensions of the finger. Since the situation with the parameters, the same as in clothing and shoes. Not all sellers use the same parameters. The sizes of the rings on Aliexpress contains US data, Russian measurements and diameter in mm.

What are the sizes of the rings in general and what is the difference

For measurements apply: American, Russian, Japanese and English values. All except the latter note numbers. Russian parameters are the diameter of the inside of the product, are indicated in digital version from 14-22.

Other measurements, especially English, are not amenable to calculating simple mathematics and use the table to determine them. Since in England letters are used to designate.

How to determine the size of the ring to aliexpress

Size Table Rings for Aliexpress

Order accessories with Ali is profitable, a large selection contributes to the influx of customers. To order an aliexpress ring, it is necessary to determine with the standards, the table will help. Not all sellers have it, write a shop to help make a choice.

In the adoption of the right decision, customer feedback, photos that will show the real type of product can help.

How to determine the size of the ring to aliexpress

How to measure your finger to determine the size

It does not matter where the purchase is planned, you need to remove the measure. Before choosing to learn how to measure the finger. To do this, you need a regular centimeter, a paper strip and pen. The leaf turns around the phalanx and the place of the junction is marked. No need to squeeze the strip, stretch, so you can get an incorrect result.

Long from the beginning of the strip to the end and there is a Russian unit of measure. Instead of a leaf, you can use a thread that does not stretch.

How to determine the size of the ring to aliexpress

Chinese sizes of rings

Table of sizes of rings on aliexpress contains several units of measurement. In Russian, use to determine the diameter of the inside of the accessory, or the girth of phalange. The scheme contains from 2 to 4 options for measuring different countries. Sellers use American measurements. Do not rely on the exemplary data, choose the decoration for personal standards.

Ring sizes 6 7 8 9 into Russian

The following comparison option, not final, not all representatives use them. Making an order, specify the data from the seller.

Comparison of Russian and American standards:

  • 15 = 4;
  • 16 = 5;
  • 16.5 = 6;
  • 17.5 = 7;
  • 18 = 8;
  • 19 = 9;
  • 20 = 10;
  • 21 = 11;
  • 21.5 = 12;
  • 22.5 = 13.

This is the generally accepted comparison of the measure, no one will guarantee that the seller will use it.

Rings with a variable size

Pretty popular thing has become detachable products. This option assumes that the product is not fast and there is a separation that can be adjusted and thereby adjust the landing. Do not count that this option is suitable for everyone. To order this thing, make a measure of your finger, find the approximate parameters of the detachable product in the description. If the goods suitable can be purchased.

Buying a certain range of goods to Ali Extress creates inconvenience. Acquisition of jewelry including. It is good that the Chinese playground is aware of such problems. Therefore, today only the inattentive user does not figure it out, which means the size of the rings on Aliexpress in Russian - the table is in the formal form on the site.

Rings sizes on Aliexpress - how to identify your own?

1. So you switched to the link with an interesting decoration for you; 2. Page with a standard product. There are available decorations available. Using "+ -", we set the number of desired products. At the bottom of the page a detailed description of the goods and so on. But we are interested in the item "Wheel Sizes". It is "Wheels". Still the translation of the site into Russian sometimes surprises with its mistakes. You see the following:

How to determine the size of the ring to Ali Spress on the table

3. The new buyer does not speak these numbers. Therefore, we make a click on the next inscription "Sizing Info" . What we need, the size of the ring for Ali Spress in Russian - Table:

Table of sizes of rings on Aliexpress in RussianIs it possible to count the table correct? By 99%. Below you can read the clarification with the mark "*" . Translated into Russian - "These graphs are given only for reference. Fit can vary depending on the design, materials and manufacturer » .

That is, if the ring is completely unusual, specific, the table may not be saved. But it still allows you to choose the right decoration size with great accuracy.

What gives us this table? If you do not buy a similar decoration for the first time, then you already have an idea, which circumference should be at the ring in millimeters so that it is stunningly sitting on your finger.

And if you first decided to buy? In this case, the table of sizes of the rings on Aliexpress will still be useful!

4. In the table with the table there is an item "How to measure" . We make a click on it; 5. An instruction with illustrations opens.

How to determine the size of the ring to Ali Spress on the table

We transferred illustration from English into Russian. Signatures will help to understand what to do. Make the following:

  • It is necessary to take not a sticky tape, the paper is climbed onto the finger, where the future decoration will sit;
  • Now take in hand a handle or pencil and mark the place of the junction;
  • We have a circumference of the finger. It remains to take a ruler and measure the circle in millimeters, relying on the mark on the junction.

6. You can return to the sizes table and rely on the first two columns. it "Wheel Size" и "Circle (mm)" .

Open Aliexpress

As you understand, it is not necessary to understand what is meaning English, Swiss, Russian sizes to choose the right ring.

Tips when choosing a ring on Aliexpress

  • By the way, it is not necessary to continuously switch on the Sizing Info link to clarify the size. Just hover the wheel size on the page with the product to the desired size. A window will appear, which will indicate which circumference in the case of your selected size.
  • Is it possible to buy a decoration if the circumference of your finger is not the smallest share less / more than declared in size? If the difference lies not in a millimeter, but, for example, in 0.01 mm, the purchase can be performed. But at your own risk.
  • When buying decorations for quite funny money (0.5-1 $), be prepared to face the fact that you have chosen the right size, and the ring did not come up. Since decorations for such money often do not fall under any standard sizes. Since not professional jewelers are made in the Chinese basement. In general, products for 1 dollar in such a category can be called except for a children's toy.

Sellers are not particularly worried about the sizes of the rings if they cost 50 cents. Since the buyer will not open the dispute from these kopecks, try to return the money.

The number of rings for the rings on Aliexpress is already more than 1.4 million! Here and silver plated, gilded, steel, brass, plastic jewelry worth $ 1-2, and silver with gold. Romantic curls, retrostil, boho, wedding rings and rings in the shape of animals. You can enumerate indefinitely.

And it is a variety of manitis with terrible force, especially accessories lovers. But there is a question - how to guess with the size? I don't want to spend in vain even such an amount as $ 2, but we don't talk about more.

How to find out your ring size for Aliexpress

In fact, in the description of almost every product, sellers place a table with sizes that will help in choosing.

Go to the product page and find a string with a choice of size.

Determination of the size of the ring to Aliexpress

Press the "SIZING INFO" button and see the window with two tabs of the Size Chart and How to Measure.

Table sizes of rings on Aliexpress

As you can see, on the Size Chart tab, the table of the sizes of the rings in various systems and their equivalent in centimeters are presented. And on the next bookmark the instruction is presented as these centimeters calculate.

Instructions for determining the sizes of the ring on AliExpress

Instructions for determining the size of the rings

To calculate the size of the ring, you will need a paper strip (thread or plaster) and a ruler with a handle. It is also suitable for a centimeter tape.

  1. Wrap around a finger of a paper strip (as in the image), and mark the location of the end and the main part.
  2. Next, determine the length of the part that they received.
  3. Sittimeters determine the size of the ring in the table.

In our example, the seller uses the designation 6-7-8-9, we can conclude that it uses the US and Canada system. Therefore, choose the ring of that size that corresponds to the resulting number of centimeters in the corresponding column.

For example. We measured the middle finger, got a length of 60 mm, which means the size that needs to be ordered in this case is 9.

Most often, Aliexpress sellers use american size system. You are most likely familiar to us here, do not find it.

If you need to make an order, but there are no rules at hand, but you know the size of the ring in the domestic "coordinate system", then simply use one of the calculators presented on the Internet. They will help you choose the equivalent to the Russian number of the ring.

Do not forget to use Megabonus and receive Cashback from each purchase on AliExpress to 4.91%. Good luck in the choice of rings!

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