Forever or temporarily.

Hello everyone! In the modern world, few people want to completely abandon the use of social networks and messengers. After all, for many, it is not just an excellent reason to pass time, chat with friends or relatives, but also work or business. Although, on the other hand, some people have become simply dependent on modern social networks and can no longer get out of this West. After all, how good it would be easy to go outside and walk with friends or visit your relatives, and not sit in Vkontakte. Some users to get away from dependence are asked: "How to delete a page in VK?". Of course, this is a nebody of the situation, since instead of a remote page you can create a few new ones, but still if you have a goal to get rid of the Internet addiction or you just want to remove an unnecessary account of the Vkontakte social network, then let's look at how to do it.

How to Delete Vkontakte Page

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Vkontakte Social Network Service Allows you to delete the user's page in two ways.

The first method implies a quick account blocking. In this case, all users who want to get to your page will see that it is blocked. This method is good because the account owner goes into his profile will be able without any restrictions.

The second way implies the complete removal of the account from the service forever. True, before learn how to remove a page in VC, you must familiarize yourself with some rules.

How to delete a page in VC from a phone or computer forever.

How to delete a page in VK

You can delete your account VKontakte from any device, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or computer. I would like to draw your attention only at that time that through the mobile application to retire from the service you will not succeed, it can be done only with the Internet browser. Therefore, all actions for different devices will be the same. To perform the task, follow the conditions described below:

  1. Go to the website If you come from a mobile device, a special mobile version of the site will open;
  2. Fill in the username and password from the profile you want to delete;
  3. After you hit your page, in the left menu (for the mobile version), we are looking for the "Settings" item if you download the page on the computer, then in the upper right corner, click on your avatar and in the menu that appears, select "Settings"; Remote page VK
  4. In the settings window that opens at the bottom itself there is a proposal "You can delete your page" by clicking on it; how to delete a remote page VK
  5. Another window will appear, offering to indicate for what reasons you delete your account, choose any option you like or leave your comment to developers. Do not be afraid, this is the usual collection of statistics so that in the future to make the service is better and more convenient;
  6. If you want all your friends and subscribers to see that you deleted your page, check the "Tell Friends" checkbox. In conclusion, click the "Delete page" button. VC page as a phone deleted

Everything, after these actions, your profile on the social network VKontakte will be unavailable. And the main page of your account will take a special form by which users wishing to go to the page will see that it is removed. I would like to note the fact that after deleting, you will not be able to find you in the search.

Note! After the above-mentioned actions, the data about you will be kept in the BASES more than about a year. Therefore, you will not be able to register a new account attached to the same phone number.

If your account was removed by the attackers or you accidentally, then you need to quickly restore it on the main page to click on the "Restore Page" button. how to restore the remote page in VK

By the way, on the recovery page, the date will be indicated when your account will be completely removed from the base. Therefore, if you want information about you disappear forever, you will have to be patient.

Note! If for some reason, you will temporarily restore access to the page, the reading date for deletion will also change, so consider several times.

How to temporarily freeze the account in VKontakte

If for certain reasons you do not want to delete an account from the social network, but you need to hide personal data from others, then you can use the freezing page. Plus this method is that for you access to the page will not be limited, and you can also remove the freezing at any time.

Tip! When installing an account freezing, all user data and files will be deleted.

Therefore, if you decide to execute the account temporary disconnection, we do the following:

  1. We go to your Vkontakte page click on your profile in the upper right corner and select "Edit" in the drop-down menu;
  2. The profile editing page opens. Here we hide our date of birth, choosing the item "Do not Show the Date of Birth"; How to delete a page in VC via phone
  3. Next, go to the "Contacts" section and erase all the information about yourself; how to remove a page in VK from android
  4. After that, we leave from the "Edit" menu and go to the "Settings" menu;
  5. In the settings window that opens, you need to go to the "Privacy" section;
  6. In this section, we are looking for a block "Communication with me" and at each point set the value "Nobody"; How to delete a page in VK
  7. Further, we are looking for the "Other" block and in the "Who in the Internet is visible" you need to specify the value "Only users of VKontakte"; how to remove the VK page through the application

After the settings done, go back to your page and remove all records from the wall, as well as video and music files.

In conclusion, remove all your friends, for this choose the right contact. We click on the button in the form of three points and choose "remove from friends". If you want, you can not find in search, you can change the user name and gender. Now everything, your page will be frozen.

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We delete the Vkontakte page via user settings.

This method is faster, since you do not have to manually delete all your friends and media files that you have accumulated quite a lot. In this embodiment, we will simply establish new profile settings.

Tip! This method will be faster, but you must fulfill all the conditions described below.

  1. Open your VKontakte page through any Internet browser;
  2. Go to the "Settings" menu, for this click in the top menu by your avatar;
  3. In the settings page that opens, go to the "Privacy" section;
  4. In this section, we are interested in the "My Page" settings block, in which you need to set the value "Only I" in each item; photo remote page VK
  5. Further we are looking for a block of settings "Communication with me" and at each point set the value "Nobody"; how to remove the page VK through android
  6. After the changes done, go out from your page VKontakte and do not go back there.

After completed settings, the system will think that the account owner voluntarily refused it and automatically delete your profile about 3 months. In this case, the credentials affected by this account will be released. If you drew attention, this is a faster method, how to remove the page in VC.

How to delete a page in VKontakte in 2020

From the moment the release of this article passed a lot of social network updates, the interface was slightly changed and new features were added. Therefore, let's look at how to delete a page in VKontakte in 2020. As a rule, this can be done in several ways. The easiest and fairly common is considered to delete an account through the settings. It can be done by performing the following steps:

  • We enter the account;
  • Go to the "My Settings" section, located on the left side of the window;
  • Select the "General" tab;
  • Go to the "Delete page" link, placed at the bottom; How to remove VK
  • Select the reason for deletion and leave the message to friends;
  • Press the "Delete page" button. Remove VC 2020.

Having done all the above actions, you delete the page in VKontakte. Your account will be unavailable to other users. But it is worth noting that the data about your page is stored in the database of the application for another year, so you can restore it at the required point in time.

How to delete a page in VKontakte through the app

Remove the Android account through the application is impossible. If you need to delete a page via the phone, you should log in to the mobile version of VKontakte via the browser, then select "Settings", tab "Account" and "Delete Page" button.

Unfortunately, on the iPhone it will not be possible to remove the profile through the application. To do this from the phone, you should enter the built-in browser to the website and make all the steps mentioned above.

How to restore the remote page vk

A certain amount of time is given to the page recovery until the account information is completely removed from the database. To find out, after what time period the page will be finally deleted, you should log in to VKontakte.

The window that opens will be written the text "You can restore the remote page to ...", and in the left in the upper corner the link " Reestablish " If you have decided to return to this messenger, then go to this link and click the Restore page button. how to restore the page

How to remove a cracked page of VKontakte

Before removing a hacked page, it must be restored. To do this, use the phone number or email and change the password. VK Recovery Page

After the page has been restored, it is worth doing all the actions described above: Log in to "Settings", section "General" and go to "Delete a page" link.

How to delete a page in VKontakte if there is no access to it

In order to remove the account to which you do not have access, you should contact the technical support service from the page that you have been created, i.e. Registered on the same user as the previous one.

When contacting those. Support must confirm your identity. To do this, it is worth attaching a passport and other documents certifying your identity by making photos against them against the background of circulation.

Making a letter to the VK administration, it is necessary to clearly and clearly describe its problem and it is desirable to attach a link to the old page. Having considered it, the staff of those. Support will provide you with help to remove account.

How to get out of VC immediately from all devices

You can exit all accounts at the same time in various services in which authorization is valid through VKontakte. To implement it, you need to go to the "Settings" section, "Security", "Last Activity" and click the "Complete All Sessions" link. How to get out of VK from all devices

How to find a remote page vkontakte

To view information about the remote page, there are several services on the Internet. The most common thing is the site Vambarhiv When you click on which you need to enter an accurate link to the remote account. Of course, you can not go to it, but read all information about the user is quite possible. Webarhiv

Let's summarize.

Today we looked at how to remove the page in the VC in several ways. As you can see, it is possible how to temporarily block the page and delete the account completely, the truth will have to be patient, since the complete deletion does not occur immediately, but after a while. Most likely it is calculated that the user will change their mind and wants to re-enjoy the social network.

After removing the account you can restore it for 210 days. After this period, your snapshots, video, messages and other data will be immature.

How to remove the page "VKontakte" from a computer

Enter the social network through the account you want to delete. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select "Settings".

How to delete the "VKontakte" page from the computer: Select "Settings"

At the bottom of the settings menu, click "Delete your page".

In the "VKontakte" menu, click Delete Your Page

Specify any reason for your solution and use the Delete Page button.

Use the "Delete page" button in "VKontakte"

If necessary, confirm the action.

How to remove the page "VKontakte" from the phone

In applications for Android and iOS it is impossible to do this. To delete the page, open the site "Vkontakte" in any mobile browser. Immediately enter the account with which they decided to say goodbye.

Click on three strips in the lower right corner, and then on the gear from above.

How to remove the page "VKontakte" from the phone: Click on three strips How to remove a page in "VK" from the phone: click on the gear

Select "Account", then go down to the bottom of the settings menu and click "Delete your page".

How to remove the page "VKontakte" via phone: Select "Account" Click "Delete Your Page" in "VK"

Specify any reason and use the Delete page button.

Specify the reason for the removal of the page "VKontakte" Use the "Delete page" button to "VK"

If necessary, confirm the action.

What to do if the page is yours, but there is no access to it

Restore access

If you forgot your password, your account hacked or blocked, try to resume your rights on it. How to do this, Lifehaker has already written. The page can then be removed by any of the methods listed above.

Contact Support

If you have created a new profile, instead of restoring access to the old account, you can contact the "VKontakte" support service and ask to remove it. But it will work only if both in the new, and in old accounts are your real name and surname, and your photos are installed as avatars.

You can contact support from a computer or smartphone through a special form. To the application for deletion, be sure to attach photos of the passport, driver's license or birth certificates. In addition, add the second shot - with your face against the background of the form of contacting the support service.

Contact Support

Is it possible to remove the fake page if there is no access to it

If someone created a profile in the social network with your name, surname, photo or other data, you can complain on Fake.

Go to the "Help" section from a computer or smartphone and provide all the requested information through the form. It includes a link to the clone page, a description of the problem and two photos: your passport (or other identity card) and your face against the background of contacting support service.

How to remove the fancy page "VKontakte"


Why can you remove your VKontakte page forever or temporarily?

Every person registered in the social network may have a desire to delete its page at all or for any time period. The time provided by the developers on meditation varies from one month to six months. This is due to the fact that approximately the fifth of the users annually sends an application for removal and half of them subsequently restores their pages.

Below in detail, ways to delete the page in the contact proposed by developers and randomly (or not by chance) by users are considered. There are different options - you can delete and completely forever, and temporarily.

Method number 1.

The easiest way to fully delete the page in the contact provided by the developers - delete it through the settings. For this you can do this:

  1. Go to your account.
  2. On the left side, in the menu column, select the "My Settings" item.
  3. Open the General tab.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click on the "Delete Your Page" link.

We choose the reason for the removal, if you wish, send a message or a farewell to your friends. Your page has been removed. But since before the deletion decision you used our page, you can restore the account and the old page for up to six months.

If you failed to go to the menu item "Settings" or you have no desire to search for, then entering your account, go to After the transition, the delete window will also open, where you specify the reason and confirm the deletion.

Method number 2.

Or a way to safe oblivion. It is used if you communicate a little in the social network, attend your page about once a month or you want to forget about the existence of social networks and sleep well. So, how to remove the page in contact very forever in this case?

  1. On your page, open the "Settings" item.
  2. In the "Privacy" tab, you set all values ​​on "only I".
  3. In all other tabs, you delete all information about yourself.
  4. Delete all files and records from your page, that is, photos, wall entries, music, and so on. The page should be fully zero.
  5. Delete / unsubscribe from all friends.

Now you can forget your password. Since your page is empty and does not see it, no one besides you and administration "Vkontakte", after some time (about a month) it will be deleted by the administration. But during this time, you can still restore the old page. In order to restore the page remote in this way, you can just try to enter your account. The link will appear on top: "Restore your page." Press and all - the return is carried out.

If you are sure to restore your page do not want, the next way for you. It is a somewhat modified method No. 2.

Method number 3.

Here you definitely forever and immediately delete your page completely (strictly speaking, it will continue to exist, but you do not go to it with everything).

  1. We repeat all the items indicated in the method number 2.
  2. In the settings, give up the mail to which the binding.
  3. Change the normal password for arbitrary, the one that you will easily forget. For example, 4GJGU8678JHJ.
  4. Buy the left SIM card and tie a page to her number (or leave the old one, but then the new one will have to buy for continuous use).
  5. Leave the page, destroy the attached SIM card.

The way, of course, is longer and more difficult, but now you will definitely not restore your page, since the mail is not, the numbers attached to the account, too, and the password you do not remember.

Method number 4.

You can write a corresponding letter to the technical support of the social network. To do this, on email [email protected] you write a letter asking you to delete your page. Perhaps after you will be asked to provide evidence that it is yours and you can only wait for an answer from the technical support service.

ATTENTION: If your decision is final and cannot be changed, please note that all your estimates and comments will remain online under your name. Therefore, if you do not want to leave your data, you can change before removing your name.

Method number 5.

It is used if your account hacked and you cannot enter it. To use, you will have to re-register on the social network and best if you make all your data from last page. So the administration will have less doubts that you are a real owner of the account. So:

From the newly created account, go to the page hacked.

Under the photo, in the context menu you choose the item "Complain to the user"

In the "Options Complaint" window that opens, you choose the item "Abusive Behavior" and in the comments describe in detail your problem.

The application will be considered from three to the network of days, after which the user will be blocked and subsequently removed. The result will be more immentable if your friends also turn to the administrator with a complaint about a fraudster.

ATTENTION: If the administration ignored your application, you can restore access to your page and delete it yourself. If with the help of such simple and known methods of recovery as by phone number or by e-mail, it is not possible to go to the account, then restore access will be used by using a special application form. In order to restore access to your page, you need:

Go to the website and choose the item "Help", or follow the link After that, the access restore window appears before you.

Enter your registration data: login, email address or phone number.

Enter the captcha and check code. The code will have to come by SMS.

If you do not remember the login or phone, then after switching to the link, at the bottom, click on the link "If you do not remember the data, or you do not have access to the phone, click here."

Next, you will need either find your page in the search, or recall the identification number. After you have to fill in the data fields that you could have a preserved (old password and phone), send an application to the administration and wait for the answer. You may need to prove that the page is yours and send the administrations of the scan passport and a personal photo, but you can repeat the complaints about a fraudster or write a letter in those support.

Method number 6.

WARNING: This method is intended only for informational reading, as it is socially harmful and entails unpleasant consequences for the applied. In particular, from a heap of minuses to karma to disappearance of a large amount of funds and restrictions on freedom.

If the method provided by the developers and the method of safe oblivion is not enough and want to leave virtual life with fireworks, you can try to attach your account blocking. To do this, you just need to pour out as many users as possible and provoke them on the complaint to administrators. How to do it - to solve you. If you hope to restore your page (not to create anew, namely restore), then simply imitate the hacking of the account. Abnormative vocabulary, rudeness, spam and aggressive advertising will be angry with everyone and will be blocked very quickly. It will be difficult to restore access, but if this is not planned, you can not worry. If you want you to delete you without the right to restore, you will have to violate the laws of not only the virtual space, but also the Russian Federation. For example, start placing Nazi or extremist texts on the wall, calls for terror and overthrowing government. Block you quickly and exactly forever.

WARNING: Violation of the laws of the Russian Federation is dangerous to health and can lead to criminal liability.

As a conclusion

If you are just tired of the world of social networks, it is the most convenient to use the already created developers in a way or hiding, as described in the number 2. In order not to suffer with recovery, please take care of a reliable password and keep all the data in a safe place. And please do not apply the way at number six, for actions to be aimed at deleting a social network page, it is too unpleasant.

How to temporarily delete VKontakte's profile forever

Hello everyone, dear readers of the blog AFLife.RU! Despite the entire commitment of a modern person to social networks, there may be a situation where you want to delete a personal page. Maybe he was simply tired of sitting down the clock, luxurious tape, or wanted to make a new completely clean profile. There may be a lot of reasons, and get rid of the VC account is quite simple. How to remove from VKontakte, we will analyze in our article.

Normal way to remove VKontakte page

If you wish to get rid of a social network page, you can use the standard method provided for by the developers. Deleting a page will take a couple of minutes if you follow the instructions:

  • Go to Your account .
  • Select the "Settings" menu in the upper right corner with a small avatar icon.
  • Scroll to the open window to Niza, where you will see the "Delete your page" link.
  • Indicate the reason you want to abandon the profile.
  • If you want to notify your friends to delete a page, check the box in the appropriate window. If you wish, you can write farewell words that will be displayed in the news feed of your subscribers. Or use standard social network templates.
  • Confirm deletion.

VKontakte does not erase all the data about a person is irretrievably. For some time, they are stored in the system and, if desired, can be restored. The term does not depend on your chosen cause of the page deletion, it is fixed - 7 months. If you want to return to your old profile, it will again appear in the same form. Just enter the page under old login and password and click on the "Restore" button. Here the date is displayed to which such an action is possible.

During the time of thought, which gives a social network, to register again under the same phone number and email you can not yet. Although this item can be circumvented if you can change the number and e-mail before removal. If the desire to restore the account for 7 months did not occur, the profile data will disappear forever.

There is practically no difference between deleting a page from a computer and phone. Perhaps the application interface is slightly different, but in general, the order of action is the same. You just need to find the section "Settings" and delete a page by specifying the reason for your desire to say goodbye to VC.

How to remove the page to which there is no access

How to temporarily delete VKontakte's profile forever

A person may well be a profile that he started ten years ago, and can't get rid of him. During this time, the user safely changed the phone number, lost login and password from the page. Even in this case there is a solution to the problem. You have the right to restore access to the page or delete it if you prove that it belongs really to you.

For this you need Contact technical support from a new account. Prerequisite - both profiles must be registered for you. At the same time, you need to be ready to confirm the person with a passport or other document where your photo is.

Two photos should be attached to handling:

  • document (passport, student, driver's license, etc.);
  • Selfie against the background of your access to technical support.

Describe your problem and ask to delete the old page. Be sure to specify the link to it. If the name and surname addressed and in the old profile do not coincide, the VK administrators will refuse to remove the account.

Full profile change

Usually, a simple way to remove account account is enough and few people think about other options. However, it is worth saying about them, because the path proposed by social network for some reason may not come up. VKontakte periodically annuls unfilled pages, so you can make your profile completely empty. Then the system will get rid of him in a couple of months.

For this you need:

  • Enter the privacy settings and opposite each parameter to put the limit "Only I". Who can view profile, photos, leave comments, etc.
  • Next, limit the connection so that none of the users of the VK could send you a private message, invite to the group and so on.
  • The scope of the account should be limited only by users of VKontakte.

It is advisable to delete all personal data from the page, it will speed up the process. Send to cart pictures, a correspondence story, unsubscribe from friends, remove the avatar. Page is absolutely empty, although this is not a must. Then do not go to your profile for a long time. The system in the process of checking will pump up the account, it will be removed after 1-2 months.

Blocking account VK

How to temporarily delete VKontakte's profile forever

There is an even more exotic way to say goodbye to the social network of VKontakte. If you want to get rid of the page literally in a couple of days, you need to actively violate the RV rules. Then the administration of the system itself will block you without the right to restore.

What will serve fast profile blocking:

  • spam;
  • mass distribution of personal messages;
  • obsessive advertising in groups;
  • Insults of other users in the comments and other unacceptable deeds.

Of course, we do not call for acting in the methods above. But if you need to quickly and permanently lose the VKontakte pages, it is the fastest way. Just register under the same number and electronic you can no longer, because they will also fall into the ban.

Deleting a deceased person's page

Until now, we talked about how to delete profile yourself. But what if a person died, and his page remained? In this case, the social network VKontakte has a separate instruction:

  • You can go under the user login and password if you know them. Use the usual removal of the profile and do not restore it. No problems will cause this method, after a certain period, the system cancels the account.
  • If there is no access to the VK page, you will have to act differently. Write a letter to the Social Network Support Service. This case provides a special form of feedback. In the text you need to specify the reason for the appeal, attach a certificate of death and a document confirming the relationship with the profile owner. The question is solved quite quickly. It is likely that after a week, the relative will disappear from the social network.

In general, cancel profile is easy. The procedure itself will take a few minutes, but the information will disappear only after a while. However, if problems arise, they can be quickly solved through the support of Vkontakte customers.

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A source :

Tired of browsing other people's profiles every day? Want to spend your time on more important and useful things?

Or do you have other reasons why you want to remove from the social network? I will tell you how to remove the page in contact easily and quickly.

How to Delete a Page from Computer

Step number 1 . Go to your profile.

Step number 2. . Click on the tick in the upper right corner of the page, next to the name. Select the item "Settings".

Setup menu
The "Settings" menu is located in the upper right corner of VC.

Step number 3. . On the settings page, go to the bottom, select the "Delete page" item.

Delete your page
Click the Delete Page button.

Step number 4. . Select the reason for deletion. If you select each reason, an ironic message will appear in the window, which will be shown by default in the news to all your friends along with the alert about the removal of the page.

If you wish, you can edit it. You can also remove a tick from "Tell Friends" item. In this case, in the feed ribbon, the message about your removal will not appear.

Cause Deleting Page VKontakte
Specify the reason for the removal of your page.

Step number 5. . After selecting the reason, click the Delete page button in the lower left corner.

Step number 6. . After deleting the page and at each subsequent input will appear the following window:

Page in VKontakte removed
This looks like a remote page.

I deleted the profile on December 13, therefore, the administration of VKontakte gives me the opportunity to change your mind for 7 months. If I change my mind, the profile is easy to restore by pressing the appropriate button on the left side of the screen.

Restore page VK
Fast page recovery.

To quickly delete the page, follow the link Select the cause and click on the Delete page button.

How to delete a page from a mobile phone

If you use the mobile application "VKontakte", it will not work out through it. The fact is that the application has a limited set of functions, and the removal of the page does not enter it. In this case, you will have to go to your profile through a mobile browser and perform the following procedure.

Step number 1 . Press the button with the image of three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the page.

Mobile version of VK
Go in Vkontakte from a mobile phone through a browser.

Step number 2. . At the bottom of the page, select "Settings".

Tap Settings from a mobile phone
Locate the "Settings" menu.

Also for quick access to the settings, you can pass on the link. Next, select "Account".

Account VK.
Go to your account.

Step number 3. . At the bottom of the screen, click on "Delete your page".

Delete Page VKontakte from the phone
Press "Delete your page" from the phone.

Step number 4. . Select the reason for deletion. Here again, be careful. Otherwise, your friends in the tape messages can see what you have retired, because "once created this page for your dog, but now she registered herself."

If you are satisfied with it - use ready-made humorous templates, if not - edit the message or simply remove the checkbox from the "Tell Friends" item.

Reason for removal
Specify the reason for deleting the page.

To quickly go to the delete page, you can use the following link:

How to remove a deceased person page

If you want to delete a person's page, which is not alive, fill out the link at

Be sure to attach a link to the profile of the deceased and clear photo of death certificate. The reference to the link is available only for users registered in the social network.

If you are not registered there, do it, or write to the support service at [email protected]

If there is no access to its page

Step number 1 . Create a new profile with similar data, at least specify the same name, surname and date of birth.

Step number 2. . Follow the link

Send photo of documents
Attach the scan documents.

Step number 3. . Attach the photo of two documents to handle:

  • Photo of a document confirming your identity (passports, rights, student ticket, birth certificate).
  • A photograph on which your face is on the background of this appeal.

Step number 4. . Click on the "Send" button.

In custody

If the name on the page does not match your real data, delete the profile to which there is no access may not work. But in any case, write to [email protected] to support.

They answer such letters not immediately, therefore, take patience or register a new VKontakte profile and ask a question from it. Removing a page from the social network VKontakte does not take much time and effort.

It is much more difficult for it just to decide. But trying exactly, at any time the page can be restored. If, of course, it wanted, because real life sometimes delays no less social network.

how to delete your page VK photo

Surely, among the readers of the articles there are people who want to learn how to remove the page in the VC temporarily or forever. We are talking about effective ways to do this. But here is the question: why do people want to get rid of their profile?

Causes of deleting page VKontakte:

  • dependence on social networks;
  • failures in personal life;
  • emotional decline or lifting;
  • Save confidentiality;
  • attract attention (desire to stand out);
  • parent prohibition;
  • bad reputation.
For 2019, Vkontakte's social network consisted of more than 38 million active visitors per month. Among them is interested in the topic of removing their account of about 78,000 every month. 

Actually, this has come to writing this useful material. All you do with your account is only your responsibility and make fun and risk. Here is only given information how to delete the page in contact before doing something to think twice.

Method number 1 - quickly through settings

The easiest way to fully delete the page in the contact provided by the developers - delete it through the settings.

On the page of your account in the upper right corner, click:

  1. Arrow
  2. Settings
  3. Are common
  4. At the bottom of the page there will be a link: "You can delete your page."
Delete VC account through settings fast photo
  • In the window that opens, set the checkbox for any of the reasons (does not affect the result).
  • We enter a brief message (if row).
  • Do not forget to notify friends and boast a heroic act!
  • We click on the Delete button.
Remove account account forever reset

This is a loyal way, as it makes it possible to restore the page within 6 months.

Method number 2 - zeroing, hide completely 😎

Remove VC forever photo

Safe oblivion - suitable for those who communicate little and spends time VKontakte. If you want to forget about your page in the social network and sleep peacefully.

  1. In the settings, choose the item "Privacy"
  2. All parameters are exposed to the end of the list "Only I".
  3. Delete fully all information about yourself in other tabs.
  4. Manually erase files, posts from the wall. The page will be completely purified, like from scratch.
  5. Unsubscribe from friends and groups VK.

Next, forget your password and do not go into contact.

The empty page administration "VKontakte" will consider it useless and (about a month later) will be deleted. In this time interval, you can still restore the account in contact. To do this, make the entry to the account and from above will be the link: "Restore your page." In case of urgent need to remove the page forever - use the following method.

Method number 3 - How to remove VC forever without recovery 100%

It is a chance to get rid of the annoying page VKontakte forever. Erase all memories of the past.

Refinement: It will work, but you will not have access to it, which means to go into it will not be possible. It will select the desire to like, torture and spend your whole life online! 
Remove VC forever without recovery account photo

We do everything in the same way as in paragraph number 2.

  • Immediately press: Menu - Settings
  • We remove the mailbox that was tied - I refuse it ..
  • Change the current password to chaotic, best of all to turn blindly on the keyboard.
  • Drive the page to the left SIM card to save the ability to create your page again to your number (just in case)
  • Go out on all devices from the VC and throw a tied sim card.

This is a 100% way to remove VC forever without recovery, completely and irretrievably!

Method number 4 - a letter in support

Write a letter asking to remove the page in the VC forever to those. Support social. network.

On the email address [email protected] Send your message in arbitrary form. Most likely, you will be asked to prove that the account is yours: send a screenshot of the passport and check the phone number and mail.

The way is not as fast - but reliable and everything will be done for you. You just need to wait for the support of the support.

Method No. 5 - Dangerous Spam

Warning: Apply it as a last resort, only if the above options are not suitable for you! 

The logic is simple - the same spam message is connected to everyone in a row that will provoke them to click on the "Spam" button or send the complaint of the administration.

This mimics the passing of the account, please believe the page will be blocked immediately! And if you do this procedure regularly and publish forbidden materials on your page - it will be deleted forever!

Method number 6 - how to temporarily delete the page in VK

Temporary freeze will help protect your account from the disappearance forever. In general, block the VK your page for a while there is no such possibility. But you can hide the data from other participants in the social network. It is necessary that the freezing can be canceled whenever you want to use this mechanism.

  1. Open menu "Edit"
  2. Birth date - indicate "Do not show."
  3. Delete all data in tabs: Contacts, Career, Interests, etc.
  4. After a deep erasure, click "Save".

Next, go to:

  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Slow down to the line "Communication with me".
  • Install "Nobody" in each item.
Privacy settings VK - connection with me photo

In the "Other" block - "Who is visible on the Internet a personal page" We click "Only VK users"

It remains the most tedious - it is to clean the wall from records, delete a list of friends, photos, everything as in the method number 2. Also change the floor, the name and surname, the country, for the complex recognition of your account. After all this, you must close the page in contact. This will help briefly remove the page in VC, for a while limit its existence in the search.

Method number 7 - reference to the removal of the page in VK 🐱🏍

Who wants to quickly delete an account VKontakte, I recommend a quick way using the link:

VK Delete is a link to the removal of a page in VK, which makes it possible to block profile per second and get out of this social network!

Method number 8 - how to delete the page VK from the phone

From a mobile phone on the operating system Android or (IOS) iPhone. Altage VKontakte in any browser on the phone. All actions are similar to deleting from a computer. In the left menu, click "Settings". In the "Account" item there is a link at the bottom of the "Delete page" - click on it; come up with the reason for deletion and specify in the window. You boldly remove the page!

Do not forget to hear - clicking "go out" in the upper right corner.

Method number 9 - how to delete a page in VC through the application (video).

Watch a detailed video clip How to delete Vkontakte page from the phone on the Android platform (Android) or Apple iPhone (iOS) video How to delete a page in VK

Vkontakte Mobile application contains the function of automatic removal of the VK profile

Remove the account with iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, x, S you can similarly!

By the way, find out how quickly download video from YouTube from a computer or a mobile phone! 

Method number 10 - how to close the page in the VC via the phone?

Now let's see how to close the page from the phone:

  • In the mobile app, go to the profile settings.
  • We follow to the item "Privacy" and leafs to the bottom.
  • Install the bird on the "closed profile" - yes.
Close Profile VKontakte with phone application photo

No one else can spy on your account. Even if the correspondence remains at someone in messages, you still will not be able to find you.

Method number 17 - how to close the page in VK from a computer?

Close VKontakte Profile - My Page Through Computer:

  • In the "Settings" section (clay on the avatar).
  • Go to section Privacy in VK.
  • At the bottom of the page there will be a "type of profile", where we change the value to the "closed".

Now the records and posts will not be available to your subscribers and in general to any users who are not in friends. Film in VC can be discovered at any time without delays, almost instantly. The information is preserved for an indefinite period.

Method number 12 - how to remove a hacked page in VK?

How to be if the attackers hacked your page in the social network?

So that your friends and acquaintances did not receive spam - you can delete it, but before that restore it again!

I propose to use the procedure for recovering access to your account. This will require the Mob phone number. or mail (e-mail).

You can restore on the link: https: //

Then you should use any, on your choice, from the above methods.

Method number 13 - how to delete the page to which there is no access

If there is no access to the old page VK, you need to contact those. Support from a new account created. Required profiles of the previous and current account must be registered with one user.

Be sure to confirm the person through the appeal (scan or photo should be attached): ID (passport, driver's license ...); take a picture of yourself against the backdrop of support for support.

In handling it is better to describe the problem with the wishes to remove the old page. It is better to specify a link to it. In the case of data coincidence, the VK administration will assist in removing the account. This can be done in the form on the page:

Method number 14 - how to remove VKontakte application from the phone?

After you delete the Vkontakte page through a PC or smartphone - you need to get rid of the useless VK application.

How to remove the application in contact with iPhone (iOS)

The principle is similar to android, executed through commands:

  • Settings;
  • Main;
  • Storage and icloud;
  • Control vk;
  • Delete the program.

How to delete fully VK application from phone on android?

Delete VKontakte (VC) application on android with phone photo
  • Settings;
  • Applications;
  • In contact with;
  • Delete.

Everything is simple as in the screenshots.

Method number 15 - how to get out of VC immediately from all devices

You can get out of all accounts, or rather from PC browsers or mobile devices, applications on smartphones, various services where authorization is valid through VKontakte.

  • Settings;
  • security;
  • Last Activity;
  • Complete all sessions.

All sessions will be torn - this actually produces an output from everywhere where the account entry was performed.

How to find a remote page VKontakte (Lifehak) 👀

To do this, we use the trust service of the Webarhiv

Unfortunately, it is impossible to go to the remote page in the VC, but it is real and in almost any period of time.

You will need to know the exact link to the remote page and drive it into service.

Next, find in the calendar highlighted numbers with circles and click on any.

You will fall on the archive version of the VK page, where you can draw any information.

By the way, this method makes it possible:

  1. View photos;
  2. find out when it was active page last time;
  3. View a questionnaire of another person
  4. find out what the user looks like


If you delete the page VK will save messages

Yes, when you delete the page, the VK messages are not deleted by their own erase it is impossible - they will remain in correspondence exactly 7 months after removing the profile. Next, no one gives guarantees, most likely they will be cleaned.

How much time is the page in contact?

You can restore an erased page within 7 (seven months or 210 days) from the moment it is removed. After a time in contact disappears all the information that is stored on servers. Must pass more than a year.

How to remove a page in VK through a laptop

The removal process is similar to any method for the PC version, since there is no difference between the laptop and the computer for this task.

Conclusions and recommendations.

Salute to everyone who read to the end of the article!

Material turned out to be much, but I hope it is useful and will help many. For those who are simply tired of the world of social networks or who has the reasons for that - a collected 15 effective way to delete a page, account, profile, account VKontakte.

In order not to get caught on hacking and not to fool your head with recovery - I recommend installing a reliable password, tie the page to the phone and to the mailbox. And also less log in on all sorts of sites on the Internet via VK.

I will be glad to find out in the comments - for what reason you want to delete your VC and how the method is chosen for this! Good luck to all!

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