Where to find your trad link to Steam: Top 2 ways

Do you like to play Steam games? Did you think how to share things without adding users to friends. And maybe you want to share inventory through sites on which exchange systems work. How to do it? Help trad link. Consider where to find your trad link to Steam.

What it is

Trade Link (Trade Link) is an Internet address associated with an account. Going through it, a page will open for the exchange of things. If you have provided it with another person, then moving on it will open the functionality to exchange things. It works and in reverse order.

And whether it is necessary

The method is popular for people actively engaged in exchange and selling through other sites, which necessarily request a link to exchange. Consider in more detail how to find your trad to link to Steam.

How it works

Place a link to the game community or forum. Visitors will start sharing by clicking on it. Choose objects for exchanging. Next, specify the subject you want to take. Feature - Users do not have to be online. The procedure occurs at a convenient time for them.

How to find a traid link to steam

Incentive, pass authorization. Choose: Go: In the right menu, select: Watch Trade Link. If you do not want to receive an exchange proposals, click the Create button. The new Trade Link is generated, the old will not be active.

Second way

Log in in the style. Go to: https://steamcommunity.com/id/me/tradeoffers/privacy#trade_offer_access_url . A section will open where the link will appear.

What to do if the links are not sent

To make a deal on third-party sites, activate the sharing of the repository. Then users will be able to watch your collection of items and things. Open the "Inventory" section, then: A page will open with an account privacy settings. Set the profile type: In order for users who are not friends, I viewed the repository and offered an exchange, the item "Inventory" Make open. If you do not complete these actions, potential buyers will receive an error. You must be registered more than seven days. In the settings, Steam Guard (additional level of security) must be activated for more than fifteen days. For more details, see the article: "How to include Steam Guard."

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We reviewed where to find Trade Link in Steam. Use this method. Successful exchange.

The link to exchange can be useful when registering on various sites, like roulettes or third-party shopping sites, in order to sell rare skins more profitably. In turn, in Steam it will be needed to send the offer of friends or other users or on the contrary, its adoption. In this regard, everyone who recently began to play in CS: go and registered in Steam, may arise how to find out a link to exchange in the style. In this short manual, the main ways of obtaining reference will be disassembled.

Where to find a trad link in the style

To find this link, you must open the style client and go to the tab of your profile. Need to click on the button

"Edit profile"


How to find out a link to exchange in Steam

On the right will be section

"My privacy settings"

. It contains settings inventory parameters. We must change its status on


and save changes. This will mean that from now on any user will be able to change with you and see the items put up for sale.

Now you need to find a link, for this it is necessary:

  1. Go to inventory.
  2. Press the button "Exchange Suggestions" .
  3. Click "Who can send me exchanging offerings" .

As a result, a unique link will be displayed on the screen, thanks to which the rest of the users will be able to send exchanging proposals if it is shared with them. It can also be trading on third-party sites and use it in Steam groups. And it concerns all, and not just those who are in the list of friends.

The method works both for a browser version of the store and client. There are no special differences.

In some cases, it will be impossible to send and receive exchange offers. This happens when you change the password, computer or Steam Guard. In this case, the exchange is blocked for 7 days, after which they can continue to use as usual. This is how you can get a link. It also contains Steam ID, so this is also a way to figure it out.

Many newbies are wondering where is the trad link to the exchange of things in Steam? The usual such link is needed to bring or vice versa, enter some items on the roulette website or simply exchange things with your friends.

So, before starting the exchange, you must open your inventory to be able to view anyone. To do this, perform a few simple steps:

Open Steam, we bring to your nickname and choose the 'inventory' section.

Trade reference steam

Next, on top, right, we are looking for the 'more' button and click on the 'Inventory Privacy Settings' section.

Trade URL Steam

In the 'Inventory' section, we put a tick on 'outdoor - visible to everyone on the Internet' and press the green button 'Save Changes'.

Stam exchange link

Now any player will be able to watch what items are in your inventory. This is one of the main rules when exchanging - your inventory must be opened.

How to find out your trad Schem link?

Let us turn to the main answer to the question of interest. Go to your inventory again, find the blue 'Suggestions' Offers' in the inventory.


In 'Wearing a button' proposals 'who can send me the exchange proposals'?

How to know your trad link

And finally, at the bottom, we find the section 'Sites of third-party developers', in this section there is a 'link to exchange', which you need.

Trade Link to exchange steam

There is also a second way to find your trad to exchange Steam. To do this, log in to the STEAM website and go through this link:


You will immediately go to the section 'Sites of third-party developers', where you can copy a link for exchanging.

How to find out the trad link with steam

One of the popular features of the style is the exchange of things between users. You can exchange games, objects from games (clothing for characters, weapons, etc.), cards, backgrounds and many other things. Many Steam users even practically do not play games, but are engaged in the exchange of inventory items. For convenient implementation of this procedure, several additional functions have been created. One of these is a reference to the trad. When someone goes on this link, the shape of the exchange will automatically open with that person to whom this link indicates. Read on how to find out your trad in the style to improve the exchange of objects with other users.

The link to the trad allows you to exchange with the user without adding it to friends. It is very convenient if you plan to exchange with a lot of people in the style. It is enough to post a link to some kind of forum or game community and his visitors will be able to start sharing with you, just clicking on this link. But this link needs to know.

Getting Trade Links in Stimple

First you need to open your items inventory. It is necessary in order for users who want to exchange with you, did not have to add you to friends to activate the exchange. To do this, do the following:

  1. Run Steam and go to the page of your profile. Press the profile editing button.
  2. Edit Profile Button in Steam Settings

  3. You need privacy settings. Click on the appropriate button to go to the section of these settings.
  4. Changing Privacy Settings in Steam Profile

  5. Now take a look at the bottom of the form. Here are the settings for the openness of your inventory items. They need to be changed by selecting an open inventory option.
  6. Steam Inventory Opening Function in Privacy Settings

  7. Now any user of the style will be able to see what you have in inventory items. You, in turn, can create a link to automatic trad creation. Next you need to open the page of your inventory. To do this, click on your nickname in the top menu and select item. "Inventory" .
  8. Opening inventory through the user profile in the style

  9. Then you need to go to the exchange offers page by pressing the blue button. "Exchange Suggestions" .
  10. Sharing Office Button in Stimia Profile Settings

  11. Next, scroll down the page down and find the item in the right column "Who can send me proposals for the exchange" . Click on it.
  12. Section Who can send me proposals for the exchange in the settings of the Stimulation

  13. Finally you hit the desired page. It remains to scroll down it down. Here is the link, with which you can automatically initiate the process of the trad with you.
  14. An example of displaying links for sharing in the style profile settings

  15. Copy this link and place on the courts, with users of which you would like to start a trad in the style. Also this link can be shared with your friends to reduce the time at the top of Trej. Friends will simply just follow the link and the exchange will immediately begin.

If over time you get tired of receiving offers for a trad, just press the button "Create a new link" which is located right under reference. This action will create a new reference to the trad, and the old will cease its action.

Now you know how to create a link to the trad in the style. Successful to you sharing!

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