How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands: Original decor (+53 photos)

Everyone wants to turn their home into a cozy home filled with a warm home atmosphere. To stylishly checkout the interior, you can use a variety of modern parts and fixtures. In the role of universal elements of the decor, with which any room can be given individuality, self-made paintings can be. We offer several ways to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands.

Even unprofessionals that dream of experimenting with the design of the rooms, under the power of creating a real work of art. Such works are not serial, so the house acquires a unique highlight.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

Features of paintings from wallpaper

To date, wallpaper paintings are one of the most popular interior design options. It is possible to effectively and economically use the remnants of the wallpaper. Stylish design design in most cases can supplement the picture or panel in or without it. Similar decorative elements attract attention to their uniqueness.

Wallpaper paintings are ideally suited as decorations for rooms, where the walls are separated by monophonic wallpaper or covered with paint pastel shade.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

It should be noted that the wallpaper residue can be used to create a product simultaneously from several rolls. But here it is necessary to ensure that their color gamut, as well as the drawings not only combined well among themselves, but also approached the overall stylist, in which there was a one or another room in the house.

Technique creation

Some people who do not know how to make a picture of wallpapers with their own hands, believe that this is quite difficult work and it is possible to fulfill it only a specially trained professional. However, it is completely wrong. For the manufacture of the original panel or the picture from the wallpaper pieces, a very simple technology is applied.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

The process of creating such a product is to perform the following fixed steps:

1. From pre-selected residues, the necessary figures are cut, depending on the wishes of the master and its ideas.

2. Then the segments must be neatly glued to a sheet of dense cardboard, while forming the corresponding image or a planned composition.

3. After the work is completed, the picture must completely dry so that in the future its surfaces are not formed different defects in the form of swelling or places with wrinkled paper. In addition, the moisture wallpaper is very easy to damage, with the result that traces of scratches and scratches can occur on the surface of the image, which will significantly spoil the aesthetic view of the panel.

4. The finished picture is placed in the frame of the appropriate size. It can be both wooden and plastic. When it is elected, it is necessary to take into account the style in which the room is equipped.

If the wall will decorate the product without a frame, then its edges with angles need to be carefully fixed, otherwise they will quickly exist, and the scenery will lose their appearance.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

Original panel on the whole wall

The interior decoration by wallpaper has long been not a novelty. However, manifesting a little fantasy or drawing ideas from various sources, almost anyone can create with their help unique and at the same time a stylish design room.

The original decoration will be the panel, the parameters of which will almost correspond to the size of the wall. Thus, it is possible to make this part of the premises of the real highlight, distinguished against the background of the other three walls, decorated in a monophonic color scheme.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

Often in modern homes there are compositions in which on the walls in a certain order are located from four to nine separate images of small sizes corresponding to a certain topic. They constitute a holistic picture that attracts attention.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

So that such a composition ensure a larger decorative effect, each part of it can be placed in a neat simple frame.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

On video: Decorative panel in wallpaper frame.

How to choose Material

To create a picture with your own hands, you will need several hours or days. It all depends on the complexity of the idea. One of the stages is the right choice of materials. To work, it is necessary to select remnants of wallpapers with an interesting floral ornament or geometric print.

Drawings with small squares, rhombuses or circles look more attractive compared to fairly large elements.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

It is not recommended to give preference to one-photographic materials, since they are not suitable for small panels and paintings. It is desirable that the selected fragments were the same invoice, although some craftsmen manage to create real masterpieces from paper of different types.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

Liquid Wallpaper Pictures

Many professional interior designers know that recently one of the fashionable trends of the design of the premises are paintings from liquid wallpaper.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

The drawing made using high-quality liquid wallpapers has a number of advantages over traditional paintings:

  • After applying this material to the surface of the wall or a dense cardboard sheet, noticeable joints are not appear on the transition of one part to another. It is not necessary to perform work only on smooth surfaces.
  • You can hang a finished picture from wallpaper in the interior without a frame and glass, because in the composition of liquid wallpapers there are special substances that do not allow dust particles to accumulate on the surface of the image.
  • The material is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly, has hypoallergenic properties.
  • The picture, "drawn" directly on the wall surface and throughout its width, provides excellent sound and thermal insulation.
  • Fully dried material is pleasant to the touch - soft and fairly warm. Therefore, the picture is perfect for the decorations of the children's room. You can easily create a unique and beautiful composition.
  • Another plus is a long operational period with the preservation of the initial type and saturation of the colors.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

Pictures in the interior

The picture, for the manufacture of which remnants of conventional wallpaper or liquid wallpaper were used, is a universal decorative element. It is suitable for decorating the room of any destination. In order for the panel to fit into the overall interior, it is only necessary to choose the material of suitable shades, and then compose from pieces an interesting holistic composition.

How to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands

It should be borne in mind that images with small ornaments look good in small rooms, and in large - images with a large pattern. The scenery for the house, made personally, make the atmosphere more cozy and warm. They serve as an interior decoration and emphasize the personality of households.

Options for using wallpaper residues (2 video)

Ideas for creating decorative panels (53 photos)

Make the interior of the room will unique help paintings from wallpapers created by their own hands. You do not need a lot of strength and some special skills, a little slightly snorkeling and artistic taste so that your home is transformed. Note! The most advantageously decorative panels and paintings from wallpapers look at walls, saved or painted monophonic.

General recommendations how to make it yourself

To do this, you will need:

  • Trimming of various wallpapers combined in color scheme.
  • PVA glue.
  • Wooden frame.
  • Scissors or stationery knife.
  • Dense cardboard or subframe from chipboard.

There are two basic approaches when creating a picture of wallpaper :

  1. You stick items directly on the wall.
  2. For the base, you take a tight cardboard, look at it with wallpaper of the base background and then start to launch your work of art.


Before creating a composition based on, it is important to prepare a sketch where the locations of certain ornamental elements will be about marked. A sketch will help you decide whether a single canvas will be created or a modular picture is collected.

The easiest way to create a picture of wallpaper is the use of ready-made photo wallpapers. Staying them on a subframe or staging on a dense cardboard, and then placing into the frame, you get a finished product.

Several more difficult to use your own sketches and create author compositions.

How to Pun Cloth or Modular Composition - Description, Photo of Results

From ordinary

The usual wallpapers on any vinyl vinyl - the most common material for creating paintings and decorative panels (about what the features of the sticking of vinyl wallpaper are read here, and from this article you will learn how to glue wallpaper on a fliesline basis). Work consists of several stages :

  1. Cut the base from the cardboard required size.
  2. Cut it with basic wallpaper. They can be both monophonic and have a special texture and drawing (how to economically glue the wallpaper with a pattern?).
  3. From the existing trimming cuts with the help of a stationery knife or thin scissors, various elements: flowers, geometric shapes, patterns, ornaments.
  4. Evenly impregnate the inner side of the cutting items of the PVE glue and glue the parts on the prepared base according to your sketch.
  5. Use a frame for final design. It will allow working longer to work and give her a finished look.

It is better to use the wallpaper of one type and one thickness. This will allow you to harmonize elements by texture.


Very spectacularly, modular patterns from the wallpaper of one line. These wallpapers usually have the same pattern, but differ in color scheme. Having collected a number of such shades, you get an unusual design solution for the design of a bedroom or hall (on how to choose the right bedroom wallpaper, read


, and from

This Become

And you will learn how beautiful and stylishly shove wallpaper in this room).

Another interesting option is to create a modular system from wallpaper of one color gamut or even monochrome, but with different geometric, vegetable or animal ornaments. Prints weathered in one color will be combined and create a unique fascinating effect.

From liquid

This new finishing material is only included in the arsenal of our compatriots and is gradually gaining popularity. Liquid wallpapers are perfectly suitable for creating a picture, moreover, a surround image.

Picture of liquid wallpapers is done directly on the wall . It is worth it to determine which image will be harmoniously combined with furniture and color gamut rooms.

A picture of liquid wallpapers will not be able to simply remove and push the cabinet.

Work resembles classic drawing. The material is divorced, unfolded into several tanks, in each one is added its own color. A sketch is pre-applied to the wall, which then "painted" by applying liquid wallpaper (about how to properly breed and apply liquid wallpaper, we told in a separate article).

The huge plus of liquid wallpapers is the ability to create any thickness of the layer. In this way, With some skill and skill, you can create a three-dimensional image. . But be careful: the thick layer dries a long time - up to 2 days.

From Photo Welcome

Wall mural is the easiest way to create an interior picture. First, they can be glued directly on the monophonic base and cover most of the wall. Secondly, applying a little smelting, you can create a spectacular modular picture in a frame with a faced landscape, a view of a megapolis or an abstraction (about how to choose a photo wallpaper for living room and other rooms and combine with the interior, read here, and how to glue the photo wallpaper we told separate article).


Please note that it is impossible to pull the photo wallpaper to the subframe. This process "eats" part of the picture on the podbs, and as a result, the image will be broken. It is best to use cardboard as a base.

The process of creating a picture of photographic photos will not take much time :

  1. Enclosing a photo wallpaper on a flat base.
  2. Choose the number and dimensions of the modules. There may be three vertical, and maybe nine, arranged asymmetric in several rows.
  3. The bases of all modules from dense art cardboard are cut.
  4. Wall murals are cut on equal base parts and glued to them. PVA glue recommend to apply uniformly and on the entire surface of the wallpaper to avoid the appearance of wavy lines.
  5. Each element will be sent to the frame.
  6. Frames with pattern elements are dispersed in the desired order, the equal distance between the modules is necessarily maintained.

How to glue?

Now about how to fix the canvas or modular picture. If you have chosen an option to create a picture directly on the wall, then all work should be carried out with PVA glue. It reliably fastens pieces of paper on any basis. Special attention should be paid to the edges of the details - It is there that most often the joints are departed and bend.

If you lay a panel from wallpaper to the frame, you can use special adhesive compositions to glue the wall work.

This method is preferable if you do not plan a picture of changing. It has several advantages:

  • The frame is firmly fixed and not thrown over time.
  • Panly securely fixed.

There will be one minus - if you decide to remove such a picture, you will have to remove the main wallpaper.

How to hang, not spoiling a basic bulk material?

  1. To hang the picture and at the same time not to spoil the base wallpaper, it should be placed in a frame or a subframe from the foam base, and then hang on the hook or a small carnation.

    For this, on the reverse side of the frame, two loops for fixing fine, but a solid rope. For this rope, the picture is hanging on the wall.

  2. In order not to spoil the wall and wallpaper, you can use the fastening option to the wine plug. The usual finish is cut with circles of 1-1.5 cm, these mugs are glued with mounting glue to the wall, and short-sighted screws are screwed into the plug, which will act as hooks.

    However, it should be remembered that this method is suitable only for easy operations: medium sized, without glass in the frame and without a powerful baguette as design.

  3. If your picture of wallpaper consists of a plurality of small elements, you can easily use for fastening bilateral tape or wonder velcro. Such fastening systems are withstanding the weight of the picture to 1 kg.

Features of care

Pictures of wallpaper do not require some more complex care than the wallpaper themselves. They should be wiped from dust with a dry or damp cloth, depending on the material you used when creating work. Can be vacuuming. If you have created work from liquid wallpaper, then the particles are already included in the material, which dust repel.


In case of complex spots - fat, paints, it is necessary to immediately erase pollution. Unfortunately, in the case of simple paper wallpapers, it will not help. But the picture can always be not just removed, but add more decorative elements by closing a random spot.

The picture from wallpaper is a spectacular dominant in the design of your apartment, a unique author's element that will attract the attention of guests.

Paintings from wallpaper, photo wallpaper, panel on the wall: how to make it yourself

Modern wallpaper pictures on the wall: master class with their own hands

The entourage plays a huge role in creating a spectacular and exquisite interior. At the same time, different and unusual solutions can be used as decorative elements. One such options is a picture of wallpaper, which can be a real decoration of the room. It should be noted that the work solely with its own hands creates a fully individual style.

Pictures from wallpaper residues

The question of how to make a picture of wallpaper with your own hands, arises with the desire to bring something unusual to the interior. In fact, it is a great way to significantly save a family budget, because the minimum set of materials will be needed for work:

  • Frame. It can be quite simple or expensive baguette. This element can also be decorated to your taste.
  • Whole slices or trimming wallpaper. This is the main material that is used to obtain the desired image.
  • Glue. We are necessary to glue individual fragments when the wall layout is performed.
  • If required, it is recommended to get a suitable tool. For hanging on the wall, it may be needed nails and a hammer, and if the frame is made independently - rope and self-tapping screws.

The main thing in creating pictures is a desire and inspiration, and a simple tool always exists

On a note! Much attention should be given to choosing the plot. Of course, many love to work solely on inspiration, but some kind of thought is a more rational solution. It makes it possible to get such a result that can take a worthy place on the wall in a house or apartment.

There are three main ways to create paintings on the wall of wallpaper. Depending on the specific situation, the optimal one is chosen.

The easiest option

This method is distinguished by significant simplicity. This solution is not always considered a full-fledged picture, but allows you to highlight the desired site.

The essence lies in the fact that the surfaces are covered with different types of wallpaper, among which the option with a beautiful central pattern or print should be present. For example, it can be a big embossed flower.

It is it that is distinguished by the frame, that is, it becomes framed pattern.

This method has a significant drawback - there is no possibility to change the overall composition without crossing the whole wall.

Fragmented salary of walls with different canvases is performed easily, but it will not be possible to remake such a panel

Quickly and tastefully

In principle, this option is not very different from the previous one. The difference is only that the selected image is cut and placed in the frame.

Technology is as follows:

  1. The desired pattern size is determined, it must match the inner size of the frame.
  2. The carved fragment is glued to a thin cardboard, which will prevent its deformation.
  3. All parts are connected, after which the work is considered completed.

Of course, if there is a desire to get a qualitative result, you will have to work hard.

Create a collage of cropping pasted on the basis, you can quickly, the main thing is to know the measure

Composition drawing up

Pictures from wallpapers in the interior, which are made of various trimming are possessing. That is, the technology lies in the layout and fit of the items so that the holistic image is obtained. This can be compared with the preparation of puzzles.

It is done as follows:

  1. A frame and insertion of thick cardboard is prepared. It must be borne in mind that it is impossible to use simple paper, it is gradually exposed to strain.
  2. The general background is selected. It can be a segment of monochrome wallpaper.
  3. Fragments of drawings are cut from remnants of roll materials.
  4. The resulting details are unfolded until the desired result is obtained and styardly glued.

Phased drawing up a picture of akin to children's appliqué

Manufacture of Panel

The wallpaper on the wall wallpapers is an excellent stylistic solution. It should be borne in mind that such an element allows you to fill out quite a large space. Very stylishly watch panels, which almost completely occupy niches or individual parts of the walls.

Currently, it is customary to perform these decorative elements so that there is no sensation of closure, that is, it is necessary to abandon the use of familiar frames.

With the proper level of imagination from ordinary wallpapers, you can make an interesting panel for children

Naturally, the panel does not always make it easy, because they mostly differ in bulk. But you can take advantage of the following tips:

  • Decorative materials are used as additional elements. It can be sparkles, rhinestones that play the role of stars in the sky or water drops. An excellent option is to use artificial colors, they are placed as realistic as possible. Thus, a visual volume is obtained that fully changed the overall impression.
  • Some elements can be addicted to paints or focus on them. For example, if you register the contours of oil paint leaves, they will look alive.
  • There is a rather complicated, but the spectacular method, which is to use various fibers, for example, linen filaments or jute. They are painted in the desired color and pasted exactly along the contour of each part, which is depicted on the wallpaper. The illusion is created that the drawing is embroidered.

Also, you can not forget about the mosaic, which is enough just to make up the wallpaper pieces.

On a note! The biggest mistake in the manufacture of rolled materials compositions is overload. Indeed, it seems to many that if you position in one place as much elements as possible, the result will be even more amazing, but in the end it turns out a difficult picture or panel.

Wall mural - an interesting solution

Currently, modular paintings are gaining increasing popularity. They represent an image divided into several elements located on a low distance from each other. It was the photographic paintings with a suitable pattern that can serve to create such an interior delight with their own hands.

If you split the inexpensive photo wallpapers into separate segments, then their decorative filing increases

It should be borne in mind that this facing material practically does not leave the necessary cropping. But you can choose in the construction store products sold as non-thendition.

The process of creating is as follows:

  1. A light and reliable foundation from several different parts are selected.
  2. They are stacked on an invalible stronment of the image and step bypass without leaving the gaps. All is numbered.
  3. Fragments are cut and laid on the basis. If necessary, covered with special varnish.

Of great importance is the correct location of the modular elements, it is important to achieve the impression of the unity of all lines.

A source:

Painting with your own hands: the ideas of decorative interior decorations. 87 photos of original formats

Modern wallpaper pictures on the wall: master class with their own hands

In each interior there must be their highlight, and often the easiest and most elegant option to bring the uniqueness to the room is a picture.

But how to find what decorates your bedroom, living room or other room? Most likely, for the author's work, you will have to give a large amount of money.

But if you do not expect for extra expenses, but I still want to have something original, then it is quite possible to make an interesting picture with your own hands.

At the same time, not necessarily be able to draw well. After all, the paintings in the usual understanding have long replaced the bulk images on the walls, abstract ideas embodied in the most different technique.

Fabric paintings with their own hands

All high-quality canvases are made on a tissue basis. However, the modern interpretation of such patterns changes our view of art.

Modular fabric patterns have acquired great popularity. But it's not so difficult to make them. In stores now you can find a lot of fabrics with a very beautiful interesting and bright print.

If you probably like some of them, you can safely buy it and make the author's decor.

Modular picture

To create such a decoration of the room, as a modular picture of the fabric, you will need in addition to the selected material. It can even be a door from an old cabinet or a piece of chipboard, which could well be rooted somewhere in the garage after repair.

Cut out from the base several details on the size of your fabric and cover her tree. Watch that the fabric is well stretched and has not formed folds. Your picture is practically ready.

It remains only to attach hooks for which it will be attached to the wall.

Most often, such pictures consist of three or more modules that may have both the same size, and differ.

The form of them can also be different.

Square and rectangular elements are considered the most common and easy to manufacture. But there are round, oval and other forms of modules for paintings. Frames for the pattern modules in this case are not needed.

Pictures from clothes

Even a T-shirt can be decorated with your interior. It often happens that on the clothes you worn not so long, and its colors still remain bright, spots or holes appear. You can not throw away the thoughst thing, but make an original picture from it.

Cut from the clothes rectangle with the image, take it on paper and place it into the frame. The photo shows that such pictures with the image of cartoon heroes will be remarkably fit into the interior of the children's room.


Some way to tissue pictures can also be attributed to the embroidery. This method of decorating the interior is not new. Our great-grandmothers had at least one embroidered image in the house.

However, to embroider the picture, still some skills and patience are needed. Not everyone is suitable, but if you are doing handicrafts, then paintings embroidered by a lot of people will be able to say about you, as a hostess.

Volumetric paintings

Relief images on the wall are also very popular as decorative elements in the interior. Volumetric patterns can be made by plaster on the wall before its finishing finish.

But such a decoration can only take place when it is not planned to stick wallpaper on the wall.

The method of manufacturing such pictures requires training and a considerable amount of time. Therefore, not everyone is suitable.

Paintings from paper

There is an easier way to make a three-dimensional image. To do this, you will need colored paper or cardboard. Cut from it a few figures of the same or different size. This may be, for example, butterflies.

With a pin or bilateral scotch, attach them to the wall in a chaotic order or forming some kind of drawing. Your picture of paper will look more effectively, if you choose a color contrasting with the tone of the wall itself.

Butterfly themselves can also be different colors. Such a picture will play with new paints with artificial light enabled, so it will be most beneficial to look at the premises where the light turns on most often, for example, in the corridor.

If your house has a staircase on the second floor, then the kittens will look original in different poses placed on the wall to which the steps are adjacent.

Pictures from sleeves

Make a bulk decor with the image of colors and leaves will help bushings from toilet paper or paper towels. It is sufficient to flatten the cylinder slightly and cut it on the same parts of the width of about 2-3 cm.

In order for the flowers to be brighter, and the leaves stand out in color even before the start of work, the bushings can be painted in different colors. Place individual parts of the sleeve follows so that the flower formed is thus the forces to compile whole compositions.

Artificial paintings

The most simple in the manufacture are paintings from artificial colors or other decorative elements. Here the main thing is beautifully gluing ready-made details.

For such equipment, you will need a frame, one-picture material and the actual image itself. Cover the sheet of paper with a cloth by wrapping its edges and sticking on the reverse side.

Then, after taking the glass from the frame, insert the base of your picture into it and stick to it artificial flowers or other parts (shells, dry twigs and the like). At the end, you can decorate the frame of the beads.

If you already have a ready-made canvas, then there are many classes master how to decorate the picture you already boring and thereby update the interior.

A flat image of nature or still life can look completely different if you attach several volumetric parts on it.

It can be like an image carved image and natural materials in the form of dry leaves or even butterflies.

A source:

What to do from wall remnants: 80 useful ideas

Modern wallpaper pictures on the wall: master class with their own hands

Most often, the remnants of wallpapers after repair are left just in case, and suddenly something needs to put something over time. But usually these residues are so lied.

But from the wallpaper, you can decorate and make the original and new and new interior. To implement the idea, you can also assimilate the remnants of design wallpapers on the sale with a discount.

Such a decor from wallpaper will be especially relevant in the country.

1. We update the furniture.

Update in this way the furniture under the power of every homemade craftsman. The main thing is patience and accuracy. We decorate any surface of the cabinet - walls, doors, shelves, boxes.

If you go from the inside the side and rear walls of the cabinet, rack or shelves - the furniture will play completely in a new way.

For a longer service life of such a decor, you must first consider the old coating: peeling paint or varnish. You can do this with the help of sandpaper.

Orthodox or deep scratches, chips need to be embedded with a putty for wood, after well polling the sandpaper so that the glue is better clinging.

At the end of the preparatory work, apply primer and dry the surface.

If some piece of furniture or needs painting, then do it before working with wallpaper.

We measure the surface and cut out pieces of the desired size from wallpaper. We glue them to the surface of the cabinet with plow glue or wallpaper glue, carefully smoothing and kicking the air. It is better to use wallpaper glue, because It gives more time amendments and processed bends.

Paper wallpaper must be covered with varnish to protect against contamination and damage. Previously, it is necessary to apply a protective film for the glued wallpaper, otherwise the varnish can freeze paper. For protection, use the usual primer based on PVA or the remaining wallpaper glue.

Protection is applied to dried wallpaper with a thin layer. When the protective film is driving, it is possible to cover the surface of Water based lacquer wallpaper.

To accurately make sure that nothing happens after the coating of varnish, try the process first on a small piece, and then, making sure that everything is fine, proceed to the other wallpaper.

Selecting the wallpaper for the decor, it is worth considering that the varnishing makes the wallpaper for several tones darker.

If you work with vinyl wallpapers on a dense basis, you can not worry about contamination: such wallpapers are amenable to light wet cleaning. Alternatively, you can use self-adhesive wallpapers. You can decorate not only external, but also internal surfaces. This reception revives space, and you - the joy of the new clothes made with your own hands.

This furniture will look winning if the color of the wallpaper becomes overlap with a shade of a curtain or decor in the room. Or, on the contrary, among the items of restrained colors will be a bright accent. If you want to add brightness, it is worth saving the sections of a closet or racking pieces of different wallpaper.

Modern fittings and other details will emphasize the style of renewed furniture. Such a decor from wallpaper residues is an opportunity to include an additional drawing, color, ornament in the design of the room.

The furniture wake-free furniture will gain a new style - Provence, Country, Vintage or any other. If the top scattered and lost, having lost the former gloss, you can stick to it suitable wallpapers.

This method is used to update different pieces of furniture: Chest, Tubes, Truma. And to decorate a coffee table with a tabletop sufficient on top of covering with thick glass. So you can remove or change the wallpaper at any time.

Wallpaper remnants can also be saved any furniture, such as buffets, drawers, screen, stairs, racks and shelves.

Stylishly looks an internal staircase with the slated wallpaper remnants of the approaches. It is ideal for the remnants of moisture-resistant wallpapers, harmonizing the color with the surrounding interior. Perfectly look a contrast geometric pattern or traditional ornament.

2. We make blinds on the windows.

Paper blinds are a creative idea for the design of the windows of the veranda, cottages, as well as any window on hot days to protect against the sun. And they look more stylish than foil protection. Paper blinds are the lightest, do not need cleaning, perfectly suitable for the kitchen, which cannot be said about the tissue product.

You can make such blinds in just a couple of hours. Wallpaper It is better to choose quite dense. The best flieslinic, light colors, reflecting the light, without large patterns and are not too motley. Cut the web size in the width equal to the width of the glass, and in length - by 25% more than the length of the glass. We fold the cloth from the wallpaper by the accordion, the folds need to be made of 2.5 - 5 centimeters.

At the same time, the end of the lower should be directed down, being a complete "step", and the top - look up, revealing outwards.

Using the hole punch, sewn or thin drill in the middle part of the folded web, we do a hole in which we insert the cord. We are laughing blinds, fix the cord at the top of the knot.

On the top fold, we glue the double-sided tape, which is both brappy to the window. The lower five folds glued in the middle and fix the scotch. As a result, the semicircle "Peacock Tail."

We dress the lock on the cord, with which you raise the blinds up and lower. The end of the cord or rope can be decorated with a decorative major bead.

You can still make them on two parallel cords, just like real blinds. The procedure for their manufacture is similar.

Only in this case will require a retainer on two holes that are made at a distance of 10-14 cm from the edge on each side.

3. Decorating objects.

Lamp . In this way, you not only update the lamp, but it will be perfectly fit into your interior.

Take the frame from the lampshar. The paper cut out so that from above and below there was a reserve of about 2 cm. Lubricate paper with glue for wallpaper and glue on the lampshade.

"Reserve" in several places we cut off (so that there are no crumpled sites) and gently we admire the inside of the flooring. It turned out almost a new floor lamp.

Now, based on its taste and the interior, decorating the lampshade with ribbons, braid and everything only wants. The floor of the lamp can also be wrapped with some ribbons or beautiful cord.

Boxes. For storage of seasonal shoes, Many use all sorts of boxes. These boxes can also be saved by wallpaper. So that they move well in the form of the box, the wallpaper must be very moistened with glue, so it is easier to get them, drape, give the right shape.

In such boxes it is very convenient to keep all sorts of necessary and unnecessary little things. From the remnants of wallpaper you can make postcards, gift packaging and packages and more.

Pots for flowers, vases, tin cans. Typically, flower pots are made of plastic or clay and painted in boring brown or white colors. And beautiful products cost a lot of money. A bright and colorful flower pot can be made independently, besides, he can be a good gift with a unique design colleague, a friend or neighbors.

To decorate the flower pots, it is better to take small pieces of thin wallpaper, then they will easier to go to the surface and do not create wrinkles. For better consolidation from above, we apply glue again.

When the glue dries, we apply a layer of varnish. The top side of the pot can not be covered with wallpaper, I paint acrylic paint. For flower pots or vases of simple form, textured wallpapers are suitable.

And the vinyl wallpaper on a dense basis is not needed to open varnish.

By the same way, we decorate smooth cannon banks in which different little things are stored. Wallpaper remnants can also be used to decorate various parts: doors, book covers of wall clock, and this is not all.

FRAMEWORK. When decorating walls, wallpaper can be moved away from conventions and do not shove them, but hang. For example, in photo frames - there may be a good collage and an excellent alternative to the accent wall. Buy several different in size, but identical to the design of the photo frames and insert fragments of wallpaper left after repair. Stylish interior decor is ready.

As a frame, you can use the hoops. Such an unusual approach will make a highlight to the interior, and round forms will give softness. The monophonic surface of the wall can be reeded with whole pictures from wallpaper. Slices of wallpapers are glued to cardboard and inserted into the frame. Or, on the contrary, cut the frames from the cardboard and save them with wallpaper.

Create a composition from a framework of different sizes, also experiment with colors or wallpaper patterns. Stylishly will look at the same wallpaper in the same frames located apart at a short distance.

Panel. From the remnants of wallpaper you can make a panel. For volumetric panel, you need to have any panel or slab from chipboard, fine plywood or cardboard. The panel must be primed and wake up with the front side, wrapping the edge of the paper on the opposite direction. With "Inside" mount suspension.

Especially beautiful looks paintings with a large pattern on the wallpaper. You can hang one panel on the wall, and you can somewhat, or make a modular panel. Simple wallpaper sheets are used as panels. In the upper and lower parts, the wallpaper sheet is fixed on the crossbar. Speeciously look the monochrome wallpaper patterns.

4. wall decor.

PATCHWORK. If you have a lot of small pieces of different types of wallpaper, they can be saved one wall or opening. Such a reception will emphasize on a certain part of the room or will allow space to be divided into zones.

Such a design will be a cute decoration for the children's room. Patchwork wall will support the vintage idea of ​​any rooms decorated in country style, retro. But do not forget about color combinations, choose no more than three main shades.

Figures from wallpaper. You can move away from clear geometric shapes and decorate the monophonic wall with wallpaper figures. This idea is especially relevant for children.

It may appear patterned balloons, cars, airplanes, letters, numbers; From the bright remnants of wallpaper - animals and plants of all varieties - everything will look in the nursery.

By the way, such an applique can be an excellent way out of the situation with unexpectedly painted walls. Figures on the walls will allow the child to touch the fairy tale, and the images of fairy-tale heroes will raise the mood.

Foloxhip . With the help of fakes, you can quickly and cheaply update the wall design, if you want to change something in the old finish.

Framing of walls in this way allows for a matter of hours to make the appearance of the room elegant. Fakes can be glued on top of the monophonic smooth wallpaper or on the wall, painted by water dispersed paint.

Fragments of wallpaper of the desired size and shape are pasted on top of the main finish.

Wallpapers that will mimic panels are preferable to take thick, textured. Exquisitely look wallpaper with silk screen. After drying, the "panel" is framed. To do this, moldings are used, wooden slats, plastic strips. The frames can be painted on the wallpaper to the inserts or leave contrast.

Inside the wallpapers hang mirrors, lamps-sconces, small paintings within, wall clock and other wall decor. This design of walls with filling panels is typically for interiors in the classic style.

For an interior in a modern style, you can choose another frame material: use metal or plastic strips.

HEADBOARD. The bed with a tall headboard is an integral element of the bedroom in the classic and English style.

If your bed has no backrest, you can simply punish part of the wall with wallpaper of other color and texture, thereby imitating the headboard and creating a special cozy atmosphere.

Wallpaper with a pattern against a monophonic wall - a simple and inexpensive emphasis, which looks very stylish, especially if you add it a similar pattern on bed linen or bedspread.

You can enclose the existing headboard, and you can create from the sheet of plywood and wallpaper of an intricate pattern. Give the headboard an interesting form, and your sleeping place will become a unique accent bedroom.

Turn on the fantasy, and then with wallpaper residues, the minimum cost you can transform your interior and make it more comfortable and original! Do not be afraid to show the initiative, be unusual and free!

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Pictures of wallpaper: Create masterpieces from remnants of cloths

Modern wallpaper pictures on the wall: master class with their own hands

Pictures made using various techniques are designed to make a template apartment design exquisite, bringing bright and original notes into it. Visual confirmation - paintings from wallpapers in the interior. What options for performing such decor elements can be applied when the interior arrangement and how to make pictures from wallpaper with your own hands, consider in the article.

Wall mural in the interior ↑

The framework of photo wallpapers are the most suitable for creating paintings from wallpaper. After all, they are originally the finished element of the decor. To give this segment of decoration of individuality, the Master of Designer Art uses ready-made canvas as a background, decorating them with other patterns and patterns.

Important! The main requirement when using wallpaper paintings for wall decoration is to take into account the size of the room, its lighting and the overall stylistics.

Such decor elements are better placed on a free wall, making them the only accent element.

With the help of wallpapers, several tasks can be successfully solved at once:

  1. Hide flaw flashes.
  2. Separate the space on the functional zones, which is particularly relevant in the studio planning of the apartment.
  3. Select the main walls in the room and dilute the monotony of the interior.
  4. To perform the final stroke of the unified concept of the room, it advantageously emphasizing the individuality of each room.

Decor elements made independently are not serial, and therefore capable of giving room personality and charm

A competently selected decor element will help change the proportional ratio of the height and width of the wall, or smooth the effect of too high ceilings.

The main thing is to remember that the creation of original rams and expressive panels requires not only good taste, but also great accuracy.

The inept use of materials creates the impression that the owner of the house simply did not have enough money on the wallpaper.

Geometric prints perfectly fit into a concise modern interior

Options for performing pictures from wallpaper ↑

Stylish and at the same time the original interior is not necessarily associated with significant financial costs. Create expressive and at the same time a cozy environment can also with the help of accessories made from affordable materials, applying only a little fantasy.

Stylistically correctly selected paintings from wallpaper remnants are able to act a worthy interior decoration.

The choice of color and texture of wallpapers chosen to create a picture with their own hands depends exclusively from the taste of the wizard. The only condition - they must be combined with the general design of the premises. But paintings with a large geometric ornament, intricate flower print or any other expressive pattern, are most advantageous.

Why are it possible to be limited to paintings if you can make a collage on the whole wall!

Decorative panels and folders ↑

Panel from wallpaper is a modern trend that allows you to use the old to create a new one.

Depending on the materials involved in the composition, it is capable of visually adjusting the room: contrasting combinations will bring bright strokes, and the mirrored inserts are expanding the space.

The main thing when creating a decorative panel - observe the feeling of measure and style

To create a picture of the photo shutters, it is enough to cut a fragment of the selected web, from another material to make an edging to it, and choose an interesting frame to the finished composition.

To create a simulation of the technology "3D Wallpapper", panels make from the same wallpaper that were used to decorate the entire wall.

Punk, made of 3D wallpaper, is a win-win version of the creation of a stylish and modern interior

To create the decoration, the wallpaper is simply glued to the plywood or cardboard basis, not forgetting to leave points to wrap the edges of the wallpaper on the opposite direction.

Modular compositions from wallpaper ↑

Modular patterns that appeared in the early 60s during the peak of popularity of the direction of minimalism, and today are able to act as a worthy decoration of the modern interior.

Modular patterns are divided into several web segments that combine one storyline.

Segmented compositions can be separated by two, three or more elements. The absence of RAM is designed to emphasize the smoothness of the transition of the pattern from one module to another.

Bright flower accent

The modules used to create songs may have the same or different size. They are placed at the same distance from each other, having chaotic on the plane or at one level. The distance between the modules should be such that the perception of a holistic picture is difficult at contemplation.

The easiest way to create modular compositions from photo shutters

Work on the creation of the modular composition is performed in several stages:

  1. Make up a sketch of the future composition, making a picture into segments.
  2. Make the base of the modules. It is used as a foam sheets with a thickness of 1.5 cm, stretched on the subframes of sections of fabric or paper.
  3. Private parts placed on the base.
  4. Place elements on the wall, observing the uniformity of the image and withstanding the same distance.

Modular composition layout options

The trick in the preparation of modular compositions is that each element has a certain margin that would overlap the drawing. Therefore, it is not enough to have one common printed cloth. It is better to have two or three sideways at hand, of which it is convenient to cut separate elements, leaving the reserve.

Such a modular composition explicitly indicates non-standard thinking of the author

Large modular composition composed of pictures on subframes

Spectacular patterns of liquid wallpaper ↑

Today, paintings on the walls of liquid wallpaper are quite popular. Their main advantage is that the drawing can be created even on an uneven wall. Plastic material easily hides all cracks and defects.

Working with the material that joined the best qualities of paper wallpapers and decorative plaster, a pleasure. In addition, an eco-friendly material consisting of cellulose, silk fibers and plasticizers, gives excellent sound insulation.

Spectacular paintings made by liquid wallpaper always attract attention as households and guests

When applied to the wall, liquid wallpaper do not form convex joints. And when re-applying to another surface, they do not lose their qualities. To use them again, you only need to remove the frozen mixture with the wall with a spatula and put in a tank with water.

Such a drawing will delight and warm cold winter evenings

The most pleasant when working with liquid wallpaper is laborious, at first glance, the process is able to master each.

Create a picture "Under Frame" ↑

In order to make a picture of the remnants of wallpaper with your own hands, there is nothing complicated. It is only necessary to correctly select the material and creatively approach the solution of the problem.

Made with their own hands the composition most advantageously will look in the room with monophonic walls.

The technique of creating paintings "under the frame" is simple: wallpapers are placed on the basis of rigid cardboard, after which the workpiece is framed with a decorative plank or rack.

Select the necessary materials ↑

To create paintings from wallpaper, it is best to use the canvas with an abundance of images and patterns. All these items can be cut using as a working unit when creating their creation.

No less significant selection of the base of the picture, which will perform the role of the background

To create a harmonious composition, the background is better to select in one color scheme with cut pictures. But since the price of beautiful and quality wallpaper is always quite high, designers recommend considering the option of purchasing rolls from residues. The canvases that have a small marriage in the color scheme, store sellers are often ready to give at a reasonable price.

Unobtrusive plant motifs perfectly fit into the interior of the dining room in bright colors

Do not throw out the flavors of the fabric, old magazines and children's drawings - all this can be part of the picture. You can safely use for work: old photos, ribbons, shells and dried flowers.

Powerful ejection of creative energy

From materials will be required:

  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • PVA glue;
  • Wide and narrow brushes;
  • Fissure napkin to remove glue residues.

The frame for his work will be able to book in a barn workshop or make independently from wooden plates or polyurethane. It will be interesting to look at the framing, made of a thick twisted rope.

Tip: To protect the drawing from burnout and dust, giving a greater presentation of the decor element created with your own hands, the frame can be supplemented with glass.

Snow-white framing perfectly complement the gentle floral compositions

Formation of a general composition ↑

Before starting to work, it is advisable to make a sketch by running out the contours of the location of the elements. Using it, it is easier to fold the finished composition, avoiding many mistakes.

Deciding with the size of the picture, cut out the basis of dense cardboard. It is glued by a cut of a canvas that performs the role of the background.

On the prepared foundation, beautiful wallpaper fragments and selected decor elements are fixed.

The carved elements fix the base with the help of PVA glue. The composition perfectly glues a dense paper, without deforming it and not leaving the divorces.

After drying the adhesive, the finished composition is framed and insert into the glass. When planning to use the elements of the baguette as a frame, it is only necessary to cut the blanks corresponding to the length and width of the composition. Baguette cutting places cut off the stationery knife at an angle of 45 °. By gluing the baguette to the base, it remains to wash the seams of grinding and paint into the desired shade.

Simple solutions sometimes look more spectacular than expensive exclusive decor

Depending on the weight of the formed composition, the hooks, liquid nails or bilateral tape can be used as an attachment.

Decorating walls with liquid wallpaper ↑

The volumetric and textured picture of the wallpaper will not be difficult to make it yourself. For work, you can use the liquid wallpaper of any structure and shade.

To create decorations, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Universal soil for decorative plaster;
  • Metal and rubber spatula;
  • Malyary Scotch;
  • fur rollers;
  • Capacity for kneading material.

Liquid wallpapers are soaked in warm water for the period specified by the manufacturer.

To give the wallpaper of the desired shade, kickers add

In the meantime, with the help of a simple pencil on the wall, make an outline of a future picture, thinking about the size of the composition and placement of elements. As a basis, you can take any like drawing or use for this purpose stencil, buy which is possible in a construction store.

The base is applied by roller with a layer of primer composition, which is designed to increase the adhesion of elements with the wall. It is best for this purpose to use primer, which includes quartz sand. She alone gives a decorative effect.

Tip: So that when applying the mixture does not go beyond the boundaries of the composition, the edges of the drawing are punctured with cuts of painting tape.

Double wallpapers having a consistency of a viscous mass with a spatula are applied to the surface, laying a layer with a thickness of 2 mm. In order for the spatula to the spatula did not pull the material, it is better to have it at a low angle. If the drawing has clear outlines, the mixture is lay out in stages so that different colors do not come into contact with each other.

Dry such a composition, depending on the temperature and air ventilation, will be within 1.5-2 days.

Vitely decorating process with liquid wallpaper is presented in video:

How to use the remnants of wallpaper in the interior: a selection of ideas ↑

Pictures from wallpaper - spectacular and at the same time inexpensive way to the originally decorating the interior, which everyone can take advantage of who, to the interior creativity.

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Paintings from wallpaper with your own hands: photos and 10 practical advice

Modern wallpaper pictures on the wall: master class with their own hands

Pictures from wallpapers, made with your own hands, give the interior a special atmospheric repairs in the apartment, we invest our soul in it, your imagination. We select wallpapers carefully, with love. But even scrupulously calculates the metrar, it is very often it turns out that after the pasting remains extra wallpaper.

Do not hurry to throw them out - you can get beautiful pictures. These cute little things fill your home with warmth and comfort, because they will be made from a pure heart and your own hands. Dedote some time to study not difficult nuances of this case and listen to the advice of experienced masters.

Very popular today is to decorate the walls of apartments and houses with paintings made from wallpaper remnants. This kind of elements in the interior create a feeling of uniqueness and exclusivity to which the owners are so strive.

Wallpaper paintings will help make the design of the room fashionable, exquisite and original. Rooms will look in a new way and much more interesting.

Along with the introduction of something new in the design of the room, these paintings will help solve a number of tasks that may be facing you. To do this, you may need not one and not two, but a whole picture gallery.

Paintings from wallpaper make the design of the room refined and fashionable

Tasks with which pictures of wallpaper can easily cope:

  • Hide any flaw on the wall;
  • Dilute the monotonous color of the wallpaper;
  • Allocate one of the walls as the main one;
  • Split the room on the zone;
  • Emphasize individuality.

Pictures from wallpaper is just the perfect solution of the budget, and the main thing is individual, wall decoration. It is suitable for updating long-term repair and giving the raisin fresh.

Extra Wallpapers - Pictures on Walls

If you decide to make pictures of wallpaper and decorate the walls of your apartment or at home, then we will take it very seriously and responsibly. This process is quite simple, but will require maximum accuracy and accuracy. Such a scrupulusity will help to see the creative idea on your wall and will not create the impression that you did not have enough wallpaper.

Wallpaper paintings on the walls are very easy. Evaluating the existing material by applying fantasy and special care in the manufacture of paintings, you will get a great result on your wall.

The size of the paintings and their number are thinking in advance. It may be a large panel on the entire wall, and a large number of small pictures made in one topics, and two or three multi-sized paintings. Determine the location of your future product, appreciate its combination with a common room view and proceed to work.

If you decide to decorate wallpaper in an apartment or house, you need to seriously

Procedure for creating a picture of wallpaper:

  • From the remnants of the wallpaper, select the most suitable in size and cut the drawing you like;
  • The cut figure is glued to a large, dense, monotonous sheet of paper;
  • Good and gently scroll the picture and let it dry completely;
  • Place the resulting composition in the appropriate frame suitable for this.

The frame is also an important decor element. Choosing a framing for their works, take into account the overall design orientation of the room. The picture without a frame also looks at the wall pretty good, but in this case it will not please you too long, and will soon come into disrepair.

Modular paintings from wallpaper with your own hands: Practical advice

The modular is called the picture, if it is largely divided into several small parts. This kind of decor is known for quite a long time and tightly holds its position in popularity. It always looks interesting and unusual.

Modular patterns from wallpaper with their own hands at first glance is not so easy. But using our advice, you will understand that everything is much easier.

Modular compositions can be divided into two or more segments. One of the features of such paintings is the absence of a framework that helps to create a single whole cloth of several separately. Moreover, modules can be of different sizes and place at different levels.

Paintings from wallpaper just make it yourself

Stages of creating a modular picture:

  • Initially, you should choose the image itself that you will be divided into modules;
  • Think over the number of parts and their size;
  • Prepare the basis for which segments will be attached. It can be a tree, plywood, foam, cardboard;
  • Cut your picture on the part and attach them tightly to the grounds;
  • Each segment gently place on the wall in accordance with your idea.

When placing modular patterns on the wall, the distances are held between the segments of about 1-2 cm. It is such a gap that makes it possible to perceive the picture as a whole.

How to make a picture of liquid wallpaper: Tips for experienced masters

Very fashionable, paintings created from liquid wallpaper have become very fashionable. To do this, you need to purchase decorative plaster and inventory, which will be needed for this: a spatula, roller, greasy tape, dishes for kneading. Another preparatory stage is the choice of the drawing you want to see in my wall.

How to make a picture of wallpaper, you can learn from numerous recommendations on Internet sites and on design master classes. You can create a picture of liquid wallpapers, not even possessing the talent of the artist. This will help you using the stencil.

After the drawing is selected, we transfer it to the wall using a marker or a simple pencil. In order for the plaster is better attached to the wall, it is necessary to treat the surface of the primer. Experienced masters advise on the contour of the drawing to glue raner tape - it will help you while working do not go beyond the borders of the composition.

A picture of liquid wallpaper can be done using a stencil

The advantages of the painting of liquid wallpaper:

  • For the manufacture of such a picture, it is not necessary to align the surface;
  • This composition is not at all necessary to close the frame;
  • The material from which the liquid wallpaper is eco-friendly, safe and hypoallergenic;
  • Such a picture will serve as aesthetic decoration of your room in a constant form for many years.

Pictures from liquid wallpapers look perfectly in any interior, your task is only accordingly to pick it up with its color gamut. In addition, the dried mix is ​​very pleasant to the touch, so it's just ideal for a children's room, where her little owner can not only admire the picture, but also with pleasure to touch.

Beautiful paintings from wallpaper with your own hands (video)

As you can see, in order to make your home cozy, warm and creative at all it is not necessary to invest huge finances and resort to the help of expensive specialists. A bold idea, creative impulse and a little hardworking - that's all that you need for this.

ATTENTION, only today!

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How to make a panel of wallpaper: Step-by-step instructions, tips, photos

  • October 31, 2018
  • Decor
  • Julia Master

What to do with the diverse residues of finishing materials that stay after sticking wallpaper? You can surprise your relatives or make a nice gift to friends, giving them the original panel. On how to make from wallpaper Panel and decorate them any interior, it will be interesting to know everyone.

Options for creating panels

The situation when after repairing there are many pieces of high-quality and beautiful wallpaper, often occurs quite often. To throw out their hand will not rise, but they can be used to decorate the interior or even for cosmetic repairs in another room.

The most interesting option can be a panel - a piece of decorative nature, designed to fill the sections of the wall or ceiling in the room. Make a panel from wallpaper with your own hands can anyone independently, even one who has never engaged in sticking wallpaper in his apartment.

There are several of his species:

  • static when pieces of wallpapers are glued straight on the wall;
  • Patchwork style consisting of pieces;
  • panel for children;
  • creation of individual paintings;
  • Using Fake Panels.
Living room with birds on panel

Static panel on the wall

For such panels, sheets with preliminary marking (rectangular shape or square) are used, and pieces of different rolls can be combined with each other. Static panels on the wallpaper wall (photo below) are used often to design a niche or zoning of the room to separate, for example, the workplace from the recreation area.

The performance of the composition requires preliminary reference to the design and style of the room. For a harmonious combination of canvases should be at least 2, you can use contrast colors and drawings, and the edges are recommended to arrange baguettes. On how to make the wallpaper panel independently, will be described below.

Green panels

Patchwork applications

With this option, the panel consists of a variety of different pieces of wallpaper with different patterns, ornaments, in a variety of color scheme. The decorated wall is an image consisting of sliced ​​"loskuts" of a small size (a form is usually square, rectangular or rhombid).

The design with the use of Patchwork is ideal for the design of the children's room, as well as for rooms in the style of vintage or retro. However, during the selection of compositions, no more than 3 combinations of drawings or shades of images should be chosen.

Fragments of wallpaper glue in an arbitrary order one near the other or flaxed, so that the resulting image resembled a patchwork blanket. Important tips: For the patchwork, it is better to select the wallpaper of the same density, and it is necessary to glue them as close as possible so that the edges do not move away.

Patchwork application

Panel for children

In the interior of the room for the baby, the shapes made from pieces of wallpaper will look great. This will help the original animal figures, multicolored balls, letters or numbers, plants.

This option resembles the application, but its fragments should be selected in color and harmonious combination. You can use fabulous heroes or images from cinema and cartoons.

Some recommendations for choosing fragments and material:

  • In the children's room it is better to use washable wallpaper, so as not to spend time on the erase of "Children's works";
  • The choice of drawings is best done with the child;
  • Do not use easily broken fragments or decor elements;
  • It is better to post pictures in such a place so that the baby can not reach them.
Figures or wallpaper

Panel from paintings in the frame

When small panels are made in the framework, then they are convenient what can arbitrarily ignore at the request of the owner of the room. Wallpaper fragments need to be inserted into the frame, which is quite simple for non-specialists. However, when choosing a composition should be selected in color scheme. You can experiment with a variety of figures and shades (flowers and geometric ornaments, etc.)

There are 2 options for this design:

  • the pictures are made of the same size and then they are placed symmetrically in a certain order (according to the line);
  • Pictures have different sizes and hang "chaotic" in any order.

Such a panel of wallpapers in the interior looks perfectly on a monophonic wall. For decoration, you can use drawings with any ornament (flowers, geometric shapes, abstractions and patterns). Very stylishly look at exactly the same fragments in the same frames, rampped at close range from each other.

As a framework, not only standard photo frames can be used, but also wooden hoops. Such an unusual design will add a highlight in the design of the room, and the round forms will add softness.

Pictures of wallpaper


This type of panels often use designers to update the already existing interior, since they can be cheap and fast. Fakes can be pasted on top of the already existing wallpaper or on a purified wall, painted water paint.

To perform such a panel, a piece of wallpapers of the required size and shape are cut, and then simply stick onto the wall over the existing finish. For false panels, it is better to take high-quality, thick and textured wallpapers. Very exquisitely look at the panels made by their own hands from wallpaper in the bedroom, decorated in the Japanese or Eastern interior, if material with silk screening is selected. After drying along the contour, molding, wooden or plastic rails are glued, which are stained in the desired tone.

Inside the folders you can hang mirrors, install scaves or other lamps, frames in pictures, clock, or any other decor. This is what the typical interior in the classic style looks. If the design is performed in more modern styles (high-tech, avant-garde, etc.), then it is better to choose from metal or plastic to the framework.

Fake Panels in the bedroom

Similarly, the headboard bed is made in the bedroom. The easiest option, how to make a panel of wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom (photo below), - imitate the headboard with the help of wallpaper with a pattern on a monophonic background. The composition will become brighter and stylish if in the interior to make the addition of decor elements with a similar pattern (bedspread, pillows or bed linen with the same pattern).

One of the options for using residues can be the manufacture of a chair for a bed of plywood leaf, plated wallpaper. The drawing is suitable for this bright and intricate, which will be the original emphasis in the bedroom composition.

Panel in the headboard

Use frame

Before making Panel wallpapers, it is necessary to resolve the issue of choosing a framing for it. It should be known that the framework looks best on a monophonic or multi-colored (motley) wall surface. Therefore, when it is elected, it is necessary to take into account the features of the room and its interior, and also think about what effect they will produce.

Registration at the edges of panels make in various ways:

  • without frames when the wallpapers are glued to jack;
  • Frame from the wallpaper, when a certain fragment of the desired color or pattern is cut;
  • bulk baguette of wood, plastic or metal;
  • Old or aged wooden frames (used in vintage style interiors);
  • Gypsum decorative lining.

When choosing a type of frame, you should strive for its harmonious combination with other decor elements.

Black and red and chb panel

Soviets of designers

Before starting work, you should pay attention to 3 main factors:

  • degree of illumination of the room;
  • prevailing color gamut or wall background, their texture;
  • Accessories placed in the room.

Specialist advice will help to choose and harmoniously draw up the composition:

  • In a small room, you can achieve a visual expansion of space using a composition in bright shades, a better pastel gamma;
  • When placing a classic style room, warm tones are preferable: beige, golden, red or burgundy;
  • In the spacious room, the place of composition should be dominant, otherwise it is lost.
Panel in beige tones

Independent manufacture of panel on the wall: Preparation

To figure out how to make a panel of wallpaper on the wall, you should start with the preparation of the wall surface and the necessary materials. First you need to align the surface of the wall, shake the old wallpaper and remove traces of dampness and defects.

The next step will be selected pieces of wallpaper wallpaper, where the main criterion is their uniformity and a harmonious combination. Here you should consider some nuances:

  • For the center of the composition, it is better to take a large drawing with a perspective, for example, an image of marine space, a natural landscape or flying birds;
  • Panel from wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom must contain a calm child's image (park, sea, etc.)
  • If the interior of the room is planned in a classic style, it is better to choose an image similar to the frescoes, paintings or engraving.
Patchwork from wallpaper

How to make a panel from wallpaper on the wall with your own hands: photo and procedure

For the manufacture of panels on the wall, materials are necessary:

  • pieces of beautiful wallpaper;
  • Reiki or baguette from foam (can be ceiling);
  • Stuslo - a tool for cutting the rails at a certain angle;
  • Paint for staining baguette;
  • painting tape;
  • Pencil and knife.
Master class on the manufacture of panels

Operating procedure:

  • First, it is recommended to make marking on the wall with a conventional pencil;
  • cut the rails and glue them in the right places on the wall;
  • paint in the selected color, pre-enlining the painting ribbon adjacent places to not soak;
  • Cut the wallpaper for the desired size and incur inside the frame.
Panel received

After the selection, the selected pieces of wallpapers are stuck on the wall of the jack. To highlight the edge, you can use ready-made rails or baguettes from foam, which are glued at the joints of different wallpapers.

Manufacturing of panel paintings

In order to make a panel from wallpaper, consisting of separate paintings, the following tools and details are needed:

  • Frames (for pictures or photos) of different sizes or 2-3 are the same if the paintings are large;
  • acrylic paint;
  • wallpaper glue;
  • stationery knife.

Initially, it is necessary to determine the main color of the background, it will be it will be used to dye the frames. However, sometimes you can use a contrasting color. After applying to the framework of the selected paint, they should be dried.

The next step is to cut the size of the frames of the wallpaper pieces. The basis for removing from the frame is put on the roll and cut along the contour. Then the fragment is placed on the basis using the wallpaper glue. The knife is used to mount the edge of the paper.

Then the frame is placed on top and fix. Similarly make the following fragment. Ready frames with wallpaper hang on the walls. To emphasize the originality and border of the decorative element, designers advise the use of applications that glue on the frame or inside (leaves, old newspapers, small parts from wallpaper, etc.)

Punk black

Knowing the rules, how to make a panel from wallpaper, fulfilling all the advice of specialists and applying your own imagination and artistic taste, you can make the interior of any room bright and original.

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