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Where did the funny word "Cucundra" come from?

The chuchoundroe in the people is most often called fools, idiots or non-heavy and ridiculous people. But not everyone knows where this funny word came from.

Hero cartoon

In the Soviet years, a funny story R. Kikling "Ricky-Tikki-Tavi" was specially filled.

And in the children's cartoon was present the heroine of the chundra. It was a sad musky rat, which did not have enough courage to run out to the middle of the room. Probably because of the not very attractive type of this character and strange behavior of the Word and such fun interpretations appeared.

Animal name

It is surprising that the chuchoundroe is also called land. This is a gigantic blond. It is also called a musky earthy.

Where did the funny word "Cucundra" come from?

For people, it is useful, since its diet includes harmful insects. And even in those places where gigantic blonds live, there are no rats of diseases. But they still exterminate them because of similarity with the same rats and very unpleasant smell.


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Have you watched this cartoon?

Who are we called chuchounds and why?

Most often, the chuchundro is called a person who looks and comes ridiculous, makes stupidity or says nonsense. In this case, such a nickname does not carry a negative connotation, although Intonationally, it is quite possible to cry with a threat.

A brief Internet survey showed that some of the parents called their parents, the grandmother could call the chuchoundroe for an inaccurative look. This word is found and as a nickname for colleagues of any sex, although more often applies to women.

It can be assumed that at one time the word "chounddra" began to be used as the euphemism of more rectilinear and coarse crops. Where did this funny word come from?

Path of Chuchundra from India

The popularization and national love of Cucundra is primarily owned by the writer Reddiard Kipling, who wrote a wonderful fairy tale "Ricky Tika-Tavi", about brave mangoshku, fighting with Cologves. It was there that was a timid and stray musky rat by the name of the Chuchoundra.

Giant Bolanogka.
Giant Bolanogka.

The Soviet cartoon on this fairy tale contributed to the instigant popularity of not only the main character, the mangoste, but also the minor heroes. True, there was the appearance of the Ontatra, and the Musky rat "Chuchandr" in India is called a gigantic philosophics. This animal is considered the biggest earthling in the world, and really has a timid and delicate temperament, fears to go out to the middle of the room and steal along the walls, hiding in the shade.

Where is the choundder still mentioned?

In addition to everyday speech, where Cucundorms can gently scold their relatives or angrily call fellow travelers in public transport, this is also a fairly popular nickname for pets. Most often, the name "Schau" - abbreviated from the "choundder" - gets homemade rats, less often hamsters, guinea pigs or chinchillas.

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky mentioned the Schundra in their work "Predatory Things of the Century" exactly as a quotation from kipling.

The last broad mention is the song of Potap and Nastya Kamensky "Chundra-Chuchundra". With almost no semantic load, this word in the song does not have, and is used as an accentuating word form and successful lettering, the author's corporate sign. Almost all the songs of the Potap have such an emphasis, and Chundra-Chuchundra fits the same successfully.

The word "Cucundra" can be safely used in everyday speech as a mitigated version of Brahi, it is not suitable for business correspondence, official documents, and in public speeches it can be used solely for the sake of Phattage.

Probably, many of this word are associated with a rat from the cartoon "Ricky Tika-Tavi". Perhaps someone has other associations, but I have only this.

But the conversation actually is not about it. So my husband calls me. Sometimes gentle - the chief.

Our family has never been in the course of these generally accepted: sunshine, bunny, fish, cat, dear, beloved, etc., etc.

I don't even remember why he began to call me that way.

But this word was glued to me. Therefore, I took such a nickname, because it is practically my second name.

And this nickname never wore a negative subtext for me.

Although lately I immediately notice that this word is used as a curse.

In general, the chuchounds are essentially a musky rat. This is what Wikipedia tells about it:

"" Giant white-tub, or brown musky earthmock, or house multil (lat. Suncus Murinus) is a mammal family of excavation (lat. Soricidae), genus multilum. A widespread and numerous appearance in Tropical Asia and having fallen with a person in a row of Africa, the Middle and Middle East. This animal was widely known due to the fact that R. Kipling was led by the name of the Cucundra as one of the characters of the story "Ricky-Tikki-Tavi". ""

That's how it looks like:

Not the most pleasant, of course the animal.

But it does not matter how anyone looks, it is important what's sense to invest in what you say to a person.

Here, not so long ago, I commented on another post and one of the residents of our site was surprised that I had such a nickname:

"Well, it is necessary to call himself a chief! How did you think before?))))"

I explained that this husband loved me so much.

What did the answer got: "there would be no bunny or a doll, well, I don't know ...))) I do not like these home nicknames ..."

And I also suggested in the same post that there is such a work "Lady Schucundra." And here it is simply stunningly describes this creation.


"" Yes, Cucundra is a completely unique, cute and charming being. I can't even express - with all my outstanding abilities, with all my extraordinary talents and with all the miracle of my writer genius - I can not, imagine, express how cute and how charming!

How gentle and how feminine! How touching and charming! How attractive and seductive - the devilish seductive! How funny, humorous and cheerful! ..

Truly - this is who truly loves life! ""

That's how!

I was even offered to change the avatar, so that came to nickname. Here, for example, to such:

I still think about it.

And my husband sometimes calls me "Dusya". But less often. And I also do not remember where it came from. Especially he likes to use the expression "Dusya, well, do not dumb" - this is when I'm offended by him.

True, now, when we had a little daughter, which he calls "Kisuyun-Manyunya," he, and I became more likely to call me "Keese". Older probably.

So I think, and someone else call some strange names, nicknames. But it is strange, not generally accepted. And why?

Many young people try to apply fashionable and original words in their speech, which add pepper into the meaning of statements. Very often for human characteristics use the word "chounddr". What is it and what is the reason for his occurrence? With the first memories of this word comes to the mind of the song Potap and Nastya "Chundra-Chuchoundra". The lyrics can not be called masterpiece, but so I want to know what the meaning of the word Cucundra.

Cucundra what it is

Where it appeared from

Very funny word "chounddr". What is it and why so sometimes call girls and women? Let's try to trace. All of you remember the old Soviet cartoon "Ricky Tikki-Tavi", where one of the characters was old and thick musky rat. So this rat and called the chounddra. The cartoon was removed on the work of the Reddard Kipling "Jungle Book." The author called the Chuchundra in the Book of the Musky Rat, only there it was the male. Many remembered the phrase that the rat says in the cartoon: "I always said that if parents correctly raise their children, they are not drown in the puddles."

In Hindi, there is the word "cuchunder" - a musky shrouder, a house or a giant multil. In the homes of the Hindu often there are such animals who catch rats and cockroaches.

word chuchundra

Cucundra - Synonym for absurdity, negligence, sludge

What denotes the word "choundder" and why is it sometimes called even men? Each person has his own worms. Some girls believe that you should not follow yourself, apply cosmetics, make fashionable hairstyles. They look at the time, strange, fresh young lady. Such representatives of the female population exclude everything from their life, which makes them more erotic and sexy. For this, guys call them chuchounds.

It is worth digging deeper, which means the word "chounddr". Often it is so called people prone to strange, incomplete behavior. Their actions are not justified by common sense, they can make senseless and boring actions. Some fourths can be ridiculous ridiculous, other riser and untidy, third strange and incomplete. Some of them say the misfortunes, the nonsense is granted, bring things to the absurdity. In their speech there is chaoticism and confusion. It is from the mouth of such people that absurd anecdotes sound.

The meaning of the word chounddra

Value related to this word

What it is - a choundder, you have already understood, now we will give examples of the prunes using this word. Here are some phrases of men:

  • "Dear, you do not watch you completely, walk around the house in the old coat, like a choundron."
  • "Today, at the lunchtime, the chounddra came to me, it seems, I liked her."
  • "Let's even get acquainted with someone, at least with the two chuchounds!".

The behavior of eccentric people

Sometimes the desire to name the person of Chuchundroa arises after some of his actions and actions. Often some have a habit of nibble nails or poking in the nose. Introducing these pictures, you immediately understand what it is a choundder. Some people try to depict a clown from themselves, but they can't do it. Women are called the choundroids of their husbands that scatter socks where it fell. Meet girls and guys who constantly say and bring them their interlocutors to exhaustion.

What does the word Cucunder mean

Cute nickname or hurt crime

Many people want to know what it is a Cucunder. The fact that it is a cute rat, it is already clear. Everyone has their own associations when they hear this funny word. Sometimes the husbands call wives affectionately whingered and do not invest in this word some kind of distemper. They are just tired of already conventional cats, bunks, sunshine. In girls with a sense of humor, such a cute nickname does not cause a negative subtext.

If we consider a musky rat, then this is not a very pleasant animal. It is very important which sense is invested in what a person say. Some girls even choose the chief word chief word as Nick. In individuals, it causes a good, fun, playful mood. Other fun derivatives were formed from him: Chucha, Chuchundar.

Ivan Vinogradov-Ivanovsky wrote a small work of Lady Cucundra, where in very light and fun form gives a characteristic of such a person. He calls the Schunder with a cute, humorous and cheerful creature. The author even calls the "Schundro" mood when "mentally, having fun, trustly, playfully, sweet and romantic."

Unfortunately, this word is sometimes insulting abuse. Especially annoying men women who do not follow their figure and diet. Fully rarely, who loves, fool over them. A strange and unsuccessful hairstyle is another reason to be called a choundroy. Guys like long well-groomed hair. In order not to remind a monster of horror films, it is worth applying cosmetics correctly.

In order not to look like a chuchundro in the eyes of a strong half of humanity, you need to follow your appearance, have a sense of style, stick to harmony.

what denotes the word choundder

Reincarnation of chuchunders in famous films

Many people like to watch movies in which non-bright strange girls (chuchundras) turn into welcome beauties. In such a role, it is most often taken not quite ideal in appearance actress. I would like to remember the famous film "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts. The actress, of course, is amazing, but at the beginning of the picture she had to play a prostitute, which does not know how to communicate at all, does not understand manner and style. In the second half of the film, she still managed to file himself and conquer her prince.

The domestic film gave the opportunity to get acquainted with another Schundroe or Mamra in the film "Service Roman". A pretty woman turned out of the gray and boring teacher. If it turned out in Lyudmila Prokofievna, then why not try others?

Such reincarnations are observed in the pictures "The Devil is" Prado "," my terrible nanny ". Many people loved the domestic series" Failed beautiful "with the transformation into the beauty of Kati Pushkareva into the beauty.

Often, for the characteristics of the person, the word - a choundron began to apply. This word has become too common. Even the songs of Potap and Nastya, there is: "Chundra-Chuchundra."


To a greater extent, the word "Cucundra" applied to the female floor. Most people remember Soviet cartoons. One of which was - Ricky Tikki-Tavi. In this cartoon, there was an old and pretty refined rat, with the name - Cucundra. The plot, for the creation and release of the cartoon, contributed to the work written by Reddiard Kipling - "Jungle Book." In the book, Cucundra, was a musk rat. But in the book, the male was described, and not a female, as in the cartoon. With the language of Hindi "Cuchunder", translated, like - Musky Earthowing, Giant Multilage. And indeed, in India, animals feed on rats and cockroaches live. They, strong, elongated, developing on various sides, snow-white teeth.

There are girls who do not follow themselves, do not use cosmetics, do not make beautiful hairstyles, wear ridiculous clothes. Therefore, the male floor calls them - Cucundorm. The word "chounddra" is applied to personalities that are strange, they are impossible to behave. These individuals can be ridiculous and at the same time ridiculous, unjuginary, strange. Their speech, insufficient, she is more chaotic, and it is difficult to understand what they want to convey. After all, in their statements, such confusion. Such personalities are told absurd, and there are inappropriate jokes. It happens, under certain circumstances, I want to call the personality "Chuchundroe", may arise because of his behavior. For example, the bad habit of turning the nails on the fingers of the hands, picks up in the nose, scratch the fifth point, shore, blow the root. Presenting in mind or in reality, seeing this picture, in the language and spin the word "Cucundore". It is interesting, the word is applied not only to the female floor, but also to men. After all, they love to scatter their socks, where only it is possible. Therefore, their women are called "Cucundorms".

All personalities are different in character, respectively, in different way they perceive the word "Cucundore". For some, it is a funny word, very cute, which replaces, ordinary nicknames - bunny, cat. If it becomes like to get to know the animals - a musky rat, then this is not at all pleasant in appearance, an animal. The main thing to disassemble the meaning that this word keeps. Ivan Vinogradov-Ivanovsky, created a small work, called - "Lady Schucundra." It contains a lung, funny, fun and harmless personality description. Cucundra, performs in the rollers of cute, humorous, perky creature. The author, even considers "Chuchoundroe", a certain mood. It's when on the soul, joyful, playfully, fun, good.

But, there are moments when this word is not at all so cute. From the side of men, this word crashes when women do not follow their appearance, tastelessly dress up, they will not take care of their body, do not make manicure, do not apply cosmetics and do not make hair styling. Guys, often fool over full girls, or over strange hairstyle, poorly applied cosmetics. They like well-groomed girls, with the right make-up, long laid beautiful hair, with a beautiful figure.

Most, like movies in which the girl's unpretentious appearance (chuchunders) are reincarnated in well-groomed beauties. Such a role is assigned to be often inexpressible actresses. Similar, with such a plot film and quite popular - beauty. In the lead role, which, was filmed delightful and talented actress - Julia Roberts. At the beginning of the film, she was a prostitute, with bad manners in communication. However, in the second part of the film, the actress, reincarnated, in a well-groomed, elegant lady. What actually conquered his prince. No less well-known domestic cinema, with reincarnation, is a "service novel". In this cinema, chuchundroy, mumroy, gray and boring, was the head of Lyudmila Prokofievna. Which after embodied, in a pretty, attractive woman. If this woman managed to reincarnate, then why not try to do other people? Pretty a lot of reincarnations was in other paintings, such as "the Devil wears Prado, the series" Do not be born beautiful. "

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