What is PGM (Orthodoxy brain) - a simple answer that is

PGM. or Orthodoxy brain - This is a slang term who is customary to call people with a sharpened to fanatism religiosity.

What is the difference between people with PGM from ordinary people - what is their feature.

People suffering from PGM are confident in the infallibility of their faith and the state. They are not distinguished by a skeptical or critical wrestling of the mind, and are ready to accept everything that the confessor says. Even if it is the absolutely wildest stupidity and obscurantism.

For instance:

Consecration of intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads ... Weapons of mass murder .... bless…. Well, you understood, it is already more than just Zashkvar.

And even confession on SMS does not bother them at all.

Often this "disease" gives complications that cause in a patient an increased aggression in relation to healthy members of society. Under the distribution, an absolutely any person can get, which, according to Pgmnut, behaves not sufficiently uneasy.

Православие головного мозга это

The sick, the orthodoxy brain does not recognize the constitutional rights and freedoms of other citizens in relation to the freedom of speech and religion, as well as the absence of faith as such.

The origin of the term:

The abbreviation of PGM (Orthodoxy brain) is one hundred percent creation of the Internet community and for the first time this term was used by the user of the live magazine under the Nick Roflocksley. For a while, this expression did not leave the Internet and did not shine on the TV screens. Now this term can often be found in various TV shows.

It should be noted that this definition does not in essence be negative in relation to ordinary Orthodox people. It applies precisely to fanatical and aggressive members of the cult, which their actions make discomfort into the life of other social groups.

Thoughtful friends put this diagnosis when the desire to be "Orthodox" passes all borders. As it happens: only the neophyte part in the church, suddenly understands that the previously united world has been opened. The Spirit of Christopher Columbus comes to life, both young brother, sister in Christ grabs books.

Photo taken from the internet
Photo taken from the internet

And what books can our bottomless Orthodox culture offer? First of all, the Bible, but I read the time, I did not understand anything. Neopit takes the most "Smak" - ascetic literature.

Here he understands, yeah, sleep on a soft bed, listen to music, follow yourself - a great sin. It is also impossible to eat tasty, curious. The prayer rule for 2 hours, in the morning and evening.

The surrounding people are shocked, they beat in Nabat and put a terrible diagnosis of "PGM - Orthodoxy brain". No admission of the young devotee does not perceive, considers it for the demonic temptations. If you condemn - it means the right way to go!

Not there

Funny, really? But seriously, the time "neophyticism" of many turned away from the church and Christ. There is a substitution of concepts, there is no sense of measure. After all, after a long hunger, people do not immediately give a bowl with meat. According to a little bit, unshamed food, otherwise there will be a break of the gut.

So in the spiritual life of the attic of the asceticism, the person becomes inadequate and his behavior makes itching the church. Begins endless "chips" close for incorrect life. It comes to the fact that a person does not find Jesus where he is visible in the Saints - in the Church.

Painting in one of the temples. Transfiguration of Christ.
Painting in one of the temples. Transfiguration of Christ.

Infinite peres of church power, its policies. After: " Why do I need intermediaries, Orthodoxy is not true faith " etc. It's funny that Canon is a four-way, as can the canon of the whole Bible amounted to the Orthodox Church.

How not to become "Orthodox"?

I think you need a spiritual mentor. Books are good, but for now we have no spiritual experience. The leadership of the experienced father is necessary. Together to determine the measure of the post, prayer and with what frequency coming. He also ask for literature for the newcomer.

If the meaning of verse in the Bible is not completely understandable, do not impair themselves, but to read the interpretation of the holy fathers. This is especially important when reading an "apocalypse", and then this is invented, as well as the hair end.

I appeal to experienced Christians: If you see Neophyte, mention it in the right direction on the advice of the ap.paul:

«Therefore, let's get together each other and call one other as you do "[1SOL. 5:11]

During the existence of the canal, I met a lot of spiritually crippled people. Therefore, we will be sensitive to each other by observing each, so that we do not fall into temptation. Peace to all!

Hate small.pngHATRED! This text contains an excavatory amount of hatred. We strongly recommend removing people from monitors, animals with a weak psyche, nursing women and children.

Those who put on the eyes of Shore should remember that the kit includes even the zero and whip.

- Stanislav Hezhi Lts

PGM. (Orthodoxy brain ) - Memethetic disease, affecting the CNS of a person, a malignant FGM form.

[edit] History and anamnesis


Make a fool to God pray, so he hurt his forehead.

- Summary of this article

Interns, the term "Orthodoxy brain" was first used LJ-user Livejournal user icon.pngroflocksley In the expression "epidemic of acute mystical Orthodoxy of the brain." Abbreviation "PGM" introduced into the circulation Absotence [1].

Among the payments there is an opinion that Orthodoxy is Russian religion. Unfortunately, the history textbook does not agree with this. However, what else to expect from those who consider the collection of Jewish fairy tales to store the absolute truth?

The curious form of PGM is planned in Haspia Putinoslavia. Like the Roman emperors in the 4th century N. E. or the Arab Caliphs in the 7th century n. e., the government of this country decided to use the virus for cohesion of the population. By the way, in the Internet is very popular Vk small.pngTsyrkov witnesses Putin .

Read more about the pots can be read here.

The forecast is unfavorable. Shock therapy, neuroleptics, insulation are shown: Induced nonsense, assistance in compensation for illiteracy, means of stimulating brain work. However, due to the large prevalence of the disease and the absence of specialized medical centers, the provision of medical care is difficult.

Science found that painful religiosity is a symptom of epilepsy, respectively, PGM can be treated by a surgically operation on the brain. Credit srach.

It should be especially noted that PGM patients are socially dangerous, therefore their isolation from society is necessary.

In rare cases, self-evacuation is possible under the influence of Internet. There is no problem at the terminal stage, the object loses the ability to adequately perceive information.

In rare cases, it is possible to cure under the influence of a harsh reality, which any illusions are broken about to smash. The collision of the PGM patient with reality most often leads to a fatal outcome of the first. If the patient survives, the progression of the disease becomes most frequent outcome and only in some cases remission occurs - the patient throws any infected literature, which contributes to the development of the syndrome and sends everything to ...

However, the science recorded precedents, when, after healing, the patient continued to continue the legal and oriented activity, not wanting (or without being able to lose bonuses. Such cases rarely pop up out, because the exposure of the Motherland's traitor will almost inevitably enter the loss of authority and all the same bonuses. Therefore, having met with a man carrying good and light in the masses, do not rush with the conclusions: maybe it's just his work?

In particular, most of the graduates of Orthodox educational institutions after many years of treatment with a file and a mop of some parts of the body, feel quite understandable sensations at the mention of complex words with the first component "right-". No, we are not about Japanese foreign cars!

[edit] Christ the brain


Orthodox glasses "Dubok" come in a set with metal Lanbwide icons, Horugwi, bouquet steel deficiency - not visible Christ.

- Mikhail Borsikin

Christ the brain - Associated nearby ametic disease, having a pandemic character and striking more than 1.5 billion people in one degree or another. It is characterized by faith in OMG one in three, four, less often more, faces (depending on the subspecies of the HGM) sitting on the cloud, and in the second coming of one of the secondary characters of the South Park series, as well as the expectation of the Universal 3,1415926. In essence, it is a metastasis of a timely unrealized Jewish racial Judaism (see Judaism and Christianity).


Christianity is a place where the first deceiver met with the first fool.

- Francois-Marie Aruise

A common view that Christianity is "Judaism for pagans" is true only in part, and requires explanation. The initial version of the HGM virus contained the instructions forbidding the valuable virus to the brains of flaky pagan goos. Christians were originally identified with Jews, and their disputes with Jews orthodoxes were perceived as the next conflicts inside Judaism. And only Yerzh Shaul, the rear number of himself who renamed themselves in the apostles (and later renamed European Popams in the Apostle Paul under the pretext of conceiving this name of the Greek word pαῦλος (see Apostle Paul), began to distribute hrz on neighboring tribes, in order to combat anti-Semitism. For this He will be brought into the clinical picture. Optional circumcision, the revival of the dead, playing, and the damnitz. The later affluence was added to the virus neoplatonism, Aristothelism, Greco-Roman paganism and many more, for many years, adequate representatives of Christianity sawd away and extremified the work of individual affluid. Some so at the end. It was confused that the incoming questions about mutually exclusive paragraphs began to answer: "God works in mysterious ways" , or "I believe, for absurd" .

Also, Pocynta not only sincerely believe that Jesus was conceived immaintly and immaculately born, but also that Maria, having born after him two more sons from Joseph quite normal, remained the virgin (otherwise it was called Virgo ?).

Observed spherical Orthodoxy in Vacuum yesterday. Donetsk, evening, goes near the squamine embankment to the tits, a drunken man - something mumbles, staggers clinging for each pillar, the trajectory of motion resembles a sinusoid. Then suddenly stops, perepping, fiercely baptized five times and further steps rolling and smoothly.


[edit] Actually


There are people (their terribly many) whose lives are given to how to crap the idea of ​​God, his ministry.

- Governor

Antireligious poster.

Part of the intellectual majority, believing the most advanced, believes that Jesus was a troll and, perhaps, the first punishment that came to the cozy Jewish community in order to see Lulz. But on actually everything is not so simple. According to the official version, almost anonymously, being a sack of a carpenter, a subtle trolling caused a density of shit among the hamster shutters and was severely banned by the Roman harsh moderator Pilat Ponti. But the slender picture quickly falls apart, it is worth digging deeper. First, supporters of the theories of the conspiracy believe that the profession of someone is adjusted, and in fact he was Masonic (hints). In favor of this, they say the arguments that the "immaculate" conception and the emergence of the future of the future living God thoroughly prepared by the ancient-ignite elite. In addition, someone is subterted part of the biography between the Savior's report to serious people in a gentle school-based school and his triumphal return by reaching the 33th anniversary of the Palestine occupied Rome. There are no direct evidence, but historians are leaning towards the idea that the ancient Sisyan was still dull for the internship for the Borgor, Egypt. Secondly, the boy was crucified at all by order of the procurator, as some believe, and at the request of the Jewish Racial Maidan, who had rushing a competing company, who considered Jehovah to the same time exclusively. Ischch, the winged phrase "I wash my hands" was born exactly when the Pilash was defiantly made this, showing that the type gives the prisoner to the linguers according to the requirements of workers (but we know!). Finally, the patient and the executed could not really really. While the ordinary meat was literally tearned into parts, and even though hanging on the cross more outwardly more or less than one piece, in fact, not being, there is an oppositionist, highly planned, initially planned to return hamsters. Judge for yourself: in violation of the instructions, the crucifants did not break the legs, did not wash the deadly dose of vinegar, the control was made in the right light, and not in the heart and, finally, instead of a compact grave, a citizen was placed in a cozy spacious crypt, where the air was enough just three day. More pulls on a self-timer with bdsm and whores, agree.

One way or another, anyone who does not run to cook egg in the microwave barely seeing the title, but will harden at least look into first source It will easily make for yourself the conclusion that the character was the head of the sect, and very influential, with connections at the very top and sufficient authority, to disperse the then Cherkizon from church premises, for example (now it would not prevent!). He publicly renounced the parents, demanded that the followers throw families, distribute property - in a word, a full program. In the modern world, such a thing would have been pretended for religious extremism, as in this country it was repeatedly happening in the nineties. In the light of the above no longer looks like such an inappropriate position of the cross next door to the then Palestinian Barmalev, ISN't IT?

Anyway, the PR campaign on the promotion of monotheism can be called as a whole successful, since the world is already in a couple of generations, mainly due to one of the Roman emperors, left for primitive paganism and turned into a new, more civilized, faith. The people began to steal less and kill, for most of the pagan gods allowed it, simply with certain conditions. Agree, the new summer in honor of one person is not a dog dick, this must be earned, and you do not deserve approximately never.

The disease has been identified and classified by LJ community specialists. Community.gifRU_AntireLigion. и Community.gifCarians. . According to the classification of one of the first Christians, Prince Svyatoslav, HGM (or "Vera Christian") refers to the deformities - see "Tale of Bygone Years." Although, there is reason to believe that it is not the words of Svyatoslav, but the attitude of the author "Tale" to Svyatoslav, expressed through the quotes from the "New Testament", in particular, "First Message to Corinthians", 1:18. However, other racial physicians consider only the most severe forms.

[edit] In this and other countries

Orthodox physical education lesson: obstacle course

PGM is the most common form of Christ on the territory of the Erefi, but ask any Christ the name of all 12 apostles, and he will send you fuck (spoiler: And in its own way, it will be right, because Scripture is not a matan, and in this case, Dolboyb (see below). ).

The most common in other parts of the light varieties of HGM is:

  • Catholicism of the brain The characteristic features of which believes in the holiness of Mother Teresa, in the old age of the years established. Known faith in Evolution (Win!) And total denial of abortions and all contraceptive, including gandons, for which they received the general hatred of hamsters.
  • EF2-PGM1 - Ethiopian mutation of the virus PGM. Yes, yes, my young friend, Nigra, too, Orthodox! Although from the point of view of the ROC still ether heretics. And the thing is that in 451. Something they had no concern for the nature of Jesus Christ.
  • Protestantism brain , manifested in the delivery of passersby questions "Do you believe in God?" And distributing to anyone who does not need the necessary brochures, also - view the programs of Pindostanian telepar studies. In this country, carriers of the program became famous in particular by hitting 2x2 television channels (after they saw the frequency on which their preachers were broadcast). The result is an epic Fale. They are distinguished by growing hatred of evolution and personally to Mr. Darwin (although they were originally created as extremely progressive guys) and wild heterogeneity, because of which the doctrines may vary in two neighboring parishes, and the third doctrine may not be at all. Simply put, the emperor to help us!
  • Lutheran of brain . Progressive strain of racial amry. Differs the hardest form of the SPGS in attempts to "comprehend the fishing of God."

There is also a lot of other depending on the situation of delivering or straining symptoms, religious-conditioned FGM.

  • Some special scientists are looking for (and find!) Scientific substantiation of the usefulness of Christ brain. Believers are not afraid to be mistaken - because God will fix everything!

[edit] PGM in the examples

Launched PGM form: Ahtung! Read more than 10 seconds is not advised, there is a risk of brain infection by Orthodoxy

Nobody around the world, except for Orthodox Christians, does not know in the completeness of God, does not know who a person as a hierarchy of the universe, from where everything happened and where it goes. And therefore we cannot agree that there should be equal rights in the field of education to the church or for example, atheist society. Let in the sphere of justice will be complete equality, but it cannot be in the field of the formation of the human soul. Truth and lies are not equal, and should not be equal. When I hear that it is impossible to make Jewish or Tatar children learn about Christ, then I am surprised: why do you hate Jews and Tatars for? What did they do so bad that in our tolerance should go to hell?

Livejournal user icon.pngPR-Daniil. / 19197.

Yes, yes, yes .. Of course .. I'm not a fool! .. I know that there is a real experience of artificial selection of aka accelerated evolution in the right person by bed .., there is this real experience for several thousands of years! .. ept Well, I do not argue with it! .. I talk about a friend - that blah .. how to say that .. what the theory of evolution is .. mm .. it is a narrow theory - it focuses on the biological aspect of life .. but she fuck I do not explain to us, incentive creatures, phenomenon consciousness! .. Phenomenon .. blah .. Yes, all the other phenomena, which is now called paranormal .. blame .. And this is also all science .. Ept .. how much research is done - there and there Messenger travel .. and the transfer of thought to the distance .. and .. Yes fuck, Nicola Tesla himself wrote that he receives his knowledge from astrally mental reality .. Th ideas of speaking of the spiritual world .. yes. Noah, I am to the fact that clean .. A naked theory of evolution is too narrowing the field of our vision .. The width of our research, knowledge .. That's why !! .. I'm not against as such an evolution !! .. I would be against, then I would probably be a down one! .. You know .. ept, I think most priests agree with this theory .. If they are blah .. Well, if they are not so closest .. Yes, ept! .. And there is a religious movement. . More precisely, the directions of creationism is predominantly in the West! .. And why, ept .. Yes, because they are more wider thinking to seek .. they are accustomed so .. they didn't have this totalitarian negle one ideology as we have throughout 70 years ... ) .. Here are, fucking, and not to dig like that in our churches and anywhere else, others, fucking, in other places - all these clubs are stupid and so on .. and, in short, everyone thinks somehow in their own way .. very narrowly adhering to something alone .. i.e stroke on my, fucking, evolution .. on this, their mother, protons, proteins and other material huffing .. and then they don't want to see And this fucking is not alive enough to explain the phenomenon of life ... And all the more, blah, consciousness .. ept. Pizdets is just full! .. This is so worn .. Yes, because I do not understand .. I understand more precisely .. But I do not accept the points of view, no more than 100% of the materialists, nor the hardestrels of your adolescents .. Well, blame .. that's so .. ept .. or in one pile shit sit .. aliel in another .. forgive .. I'm sorry, it's me that I exaggerate, of course .. Under emotions, my own .. But .. the meaning of my words I understood ... Eh ... here So .. so I think. PEOPLE!! Think wider !! .. And you will open the highest meanings of being !! ,. .. not, really .. just need to try to reverse your rotten stereotypes .. and .. to be just yourself! .. Okay .. This is already a good type wished everything .. and everyone let him know .. His thing!. .


Scary to remember, but I want to tell what I saw when departing from Diveeva in the summer of 2002. Rarely who spoke. Having left the temple, looked at the beautiful temple thinking that I would come back again. But lifting the eye higher, over the temple hung a cloud as sometimes depicting the saints they stand on their knees and pray. Here on such a cloud was visible to the face of a smiling demon. Crighted, rubbed his eyes, thought the game of light. But no muzzle hung. She told it one very believer, so she said, and what do you want when all sorts of sorcerers and witches are visited by Deviewed. I remembered as one thick woman all the passages made over the head. Before surprised, and then the psychics had been at work. I was delighted when I was attached to the open "relics", so then such a misfortune began to occur that soon one relative died. Triced time was. He said to the priest, he says, it is in your sins because it touched the shrine. That's just, in three years I learned that there is no dear, the sierafima's expensive Batyushka is hidden yet. Then I realized what was what. That's it.


What do you need? The fulfillment of the commandments and respect, fair respect for his work from the creature that he created. How to talk to the Creator: what are you doing? This is insanity. The Great Country Russia may die at the time of the desire of God with all the Russians, no matter how they were inflated like a tobam. Jesus was needed to reconcile God with people, since after it only Jesus acquired the legal right to judge and justify people. Even in this you can see the greatness of God's justice. He so that no one can blame the judge in injustice, because they say that people are weak and weak and deserve to condesceve the judgment of the judgment in a person, because a person can judge a person and no one can blame him in injustice, because he was in those The same circumstances, and he knew the troubles and suffering, and he was born and died, but resurrected the monarchy convergence was disgusting to God's plans and was a test (easier) from God to experience the nobility, the meshness, the peasantry, the church, the aristocracy and the intelligentsia, in short All for justice, honesty, loyalty, love. Unfortunately no one has passed this test. Everyone turned out to be unfit. Therefore, the nobility as an oath destroyer was destroyed, the church was in persecution, millions of people knew the death of lawlessness - this is the anger of God for the betrayal of God and the king. Select expressions unreasonable. Do not hung God. Throwing stones up - throws them on his head. Yes, there are faithful to God, the life of which is valued more than millions of other lives. And the murder of anointed is an insult to God. For it suffers a huge punishment. For this, the whole country and all residents of this country can die. Clear? For such a fool like you, I will say - you will go first. And my word will not be in vain. So that you knew your insignificance and danger of verbalia.


I now re-read the branch for three days and I am in such a raised mood. Fomalgaut comes me in each message. Well, no wonder I put a candle for his health! Alex (sorry for the expression), give you the God of a long life and more diseases before death. So that you should have suffered before the departure. And they thought about the meaning of your existence on Earth. And they came to some conclusions. And returned to the creator cleaned by these suffering. Yes, Alex (even use the name you called, is forgive by the Lord, of course. I killed such vocities in childhood from Luka). You consider the only existing and only real life to be the only way life. Well, so horrible again, Alex. In this very real commentary life, I, in Cercumble Orthodox, Markobes and Retrograd, I live in the center of Moscow, I go to a very prestigious car (I am thinking to buy one more), I go to foreign and very well-paid touring tour several times a year. I am smart and talented. And I, sorry for indiscrimination, look good. (Hello, a delayed idiot is non-nomed.) A week ago, I starred on the show on the first channel, this week is my name for NTV.Vam is already bad? Well, let you be even worse. I'm too lazy to hold a parallel between me and some kind of unhappy poor provincial from the most disgusting town of the Moscow region. This beggar provincial pursues no one needed in the style of fantasy (Lord, Pomemui) and feed on faith in Darwinian monkeys. He considers himself entitled to teach me with his flat picture of the world. It is not able to answer the simplest question: what does it live for? Dokinz answered it simply and elegant: for nothing. He just struck me! Well, kill your wall! Do not live! And do not reproduce yourself like this, because there is no evolutionary meaning. What do you suffer something? Dobinz does not like our society much, you too. Well, leave him! Free us from your miasms. If you are very scary to shoot or hang, now there are many ways to commit sufficient and even with pleasure. Golden injection - and you die in orgasm. You can make your currency skeleton for scientific research. It is desirable only that you do not leave behind the choices that we, honest Orthodox, then have to raise on your feet. After all, their dad was weak and in fifty years could not come up with what he was born. However, you definitely do not have children from where to take them? I wonder in vain.


The drug does not treat the spiritual body of man. And it means that we are even more sickly the disease inwards. The body is connected together the spiritual and physical one. The machine is transferred to the physical body and it starts to root. What does not heal the spiritual body, do not hesitate and physical. The sacrament in the church is cleared by the spiritual body of man and the recovery of the physical body comes. Indeed, to buy medicines, the proc by which is not, I propose to help the temple

Victoria Bryukhovkaya

The reaction of the soothing. Opening this link, you shorten your life for 10 minutes  

Great online wrestler with atheism



By the way, where is he?

) Of course, I could not pass by this article, yes without an answer and tried to speed the "Atheism of the brain" [almost completely consisting of a copy-paste of this article at that time, with the replacement of the word "Orthodoxy" for the word "atheism". Symptomatic. - / lm /]. But no hope - Lurkomorier did not appreciate his high-grade words and

sawned him

. I had to


with truly Christian humility

sparkle wit Oloemia

On your site, you can read



Little children have immunity (the secret of which is not yet revealed) against AGM ...

Having taken to disassemble the question "How people become atheists", the sedative did not even take care of even reading the textbook on psychology, where, by the way, an important feature of child psychology is considered: the non-critical perception of words spoken by adults a serious rational tone. That is, even though you say the child "The Earth revolves around his axis, and therefore it seems to you that the sun goes in the sky," even though you will be brying "if you take the garbage on the night, then there will be no money in the house - he will perceive everything as important for Life is truth. Not critical. So! The captain obvious does not exclude that the sedator could read about it and read, but since in such books 100% it says that this behavioral effect is a product of evolution (the theory of evolution is very "loves" and tries to criticize, despite the absolute Ignorance in biology and chemistry), then such info wrestler-with-atheism will definitely ignore.

In the 20th century, the virus from Europe was listed in South-Eastern Asia, where mutating into local species (mahosism, half-fitness and hatchinism of the brain, respectively), caused mass epidemics.

Maoutaism, half-fitness and "Hoshminism" were generally always considered the varieties of political ideology, and not by the views of atheism. Therefore, we can confidently assert that the sedator made a gnoseological revolution before our eyes. Right, my brothers and sisters that God-creativity gave us the mercy of her, putting us to be witnesses such a historical event that can only be the invention of the wheel!

Strong decrease in the level of intelligence.

Now the science is moving, of course, believers.

Fanatical belief in science, "which has proven everything"

What is noteworthy, the reassureer is fighting bricks when they make generalizations on all clergymen, believers, etc. (in most cases, in such quotations, the figure is 95%: 95% of the clergy, believers, etc.) he does not yet be rebuilt Separate nonsense from atheists on their most.

The patient thinks in the past life he was a monkey.

And this is no comment.

For patients with a light form AGM, Valerian, holy excursion, the holy places, reading the encyclopedia of Brockhaus and Efron and listening to Kurayev's audioceptions is a favorable outlook. In particularly severe cases, shock therapy is shown - sending a hot spot for the knowledge of the meaning of life.

Sick aggs Despite their worship before science, they believe that Bruno was a scientist that the Inquisition burned Copernicus with Galileem that the theory of evolution was proved that the non-existence of God is a medical fact.

A dozen psychos, who do not know the biographies of scientists, the existence of questions to which biology has not yet managed to answer and bearded anecdote from the Ostap Bender allow you to make our hero such large-scale and confident statements. No comment.

Some (meaning Vladimir Fomin) Sick AGM begin to feel the feminine on themselves.

The number "one" instantly turned into "some" - Papuats with their "one, two", "a lot" rest.

Regularly pays are naked and replenish it to this article here such as masterpieces: Potenty (by the way, where is he?) Trying to try the mask of the captain of evidence, it gives an excellent sample of mutually exclusive paragraphs.

In fact, the question "Is God?" It does not correspond to the criterion of the popper, therefore it cannot be refuted or confirmed. All "scientific" evidence of the non-existence of God is also pseudo-scientific, as well as all "scientific" evidence of its existence; From here, faith or disbelief remains a personal choice of an individual and cannot be (in this place, the Potenty wanted to write something majestic, but forgot). It should be borne in mind that all the following has been reverently written by atheists. So that.

It has come

Well, I did not say that I was sinless. Sin and how! But I understand it, and I hope for the mercy and forgiveness of God. And you, atheists, hope for our impunity

Atheist? Grab @ kill

[edit] Religion of a healthy person

The young atheist comes to the elderly. - Great, Uncle! You are my idol. I am an atheist, like you. - Yes? Interestingly! Well, and what are you, dove, read? - in the sense? - Old Testament? - Non.- New? - I did not read. I am an atheist, why should I? - Quran, Bhagavatt Gitta, Vedas, Torah, Kabbalah? - I say, no! I am an atheist. - No, my friend, you are not an atheist. You are ill.

One of the favorite Proverbs of Andrei Kochergin

This, oddly enough, exists. Remove children from blue screens, and better send them to learn lessons, and let's talk for a topic seriously. MD with an obligation, situating his pants on Matana, organic chemistry, or, bhaes, humanitarian sciences, as a rule, projects its meager school-selling experience for higher matters. At the same time, even as a baptized, cropped either anointing forehead, kosher green, always considers himself an atheist, for at this age it is fashionable. The result is predictable - the wise attempts to troll believers, having arranged the exam for all over the ovel 9000 texts of his confession, at least part of the list of which he worked to learn. Of course, not one of them did not read the pussy, but condemns. Here the larvae does not interfere with a small libez. Vera is not about how much and where theses dangled in the desert, it was possible so or not. It would not be stupidot of biological species in the Ararat floating house or not. Not talking to what bushes ran the Buddha from his tree and where Mohammed went on the winged chariot. Not about whether it is possible to walk on water and fly through the air. Vera is completely different about the other. "And" - "Allegory", ask the meaning of the word. If approaching the question in strict accordance with the letter of the same Orthodoxy, it will have to disperse a little less than all, at least for non-compliance with posts and communities. But this does not happen. Why? - Here! And if the militant bustner with opium for the people was bothering to look into a visual manual (better with pictures, otherwise niasili, Daragoy), I would have caught a couple of Lulz and for her lost atheistic soul. In particular, in the very teaching, mutually exclusive paragraphs are laid, such as calling for a revolutionary struggle with scribes. And this means, including, losing and read, if you suddenly feel cognitive dissonance. Already shocked? Have patience, it's not all! Next, one more, especially beloved by the propagandist PGM Kochergin, quote: "Love God and do what you want," zeroing so that the darker on its background and does not mean. The saying sends so remote not only the text in which there is also the rest of the monothematics, both existing and promising. Translated to the household language, this means: Believe as you want, the main thing about conscience. Explanation for the laureates of the specialism, popular, slowly and twice: pasta and tape Do not count For each of the assemblies of the absolute created, in particular, both. Looking for your, Bogoborets-kun - look at at least the level. Performed report. Free.

  • In Ukraine, the situation with this disease is aggravated by the sluggish schizophrenization of the population (and in fact, banal Khokhlosrach): Local guys (UPC KP) are odiously struggling with visitors (UPC MP). It is said that Podop Podz is just a little less than tested in the waist, and zombie with another accent. Preferred car brands: Lexus LX470 for those who are suffering from Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
  • Recently, there is a drowning of shit and inside the ROC, in the light of the Pandemic COVID-19, in which part of the most right-spirited fathers were progressing the sign of the coming apocalypse. In their rhetoric, such mutually exclusive concepts were quickly seated as the underestimation of the danger of the virus ("Hatch trips and Niibet!") And the unambiguous interpretation of the outbreak of the once incurable virus as "of that very,", which should twider the greater part of ungrateful people and promote the plot of the biblical prophecy. The official diocese disruled from them, appointing hardly by heretics, but the herds of gullible person-sheeps from parishes remained correctly, which gave rise to a short-term split. At the moment, despite the vaccine created, these fermentation continue. How it will end - wait, see.
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  • Destroy shkolota in the root.

  • SingleLavia as a special case of Putinoslavl - the progressive form of PGM.

  • In military field conditions.

  • Linene оE Equation оcentury can solve оSt. оMu Greshin оMu understanding. AIA оQuadtraga Solution Tokm о оDean God knows!

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General Learning Plans (PGM).

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General Interview Plans


распродажа коллекции

The task of the general intestine was to accurately establish the boundaries of land ownership of both individuals and peasant communities, cities, churches and other possible owners of the Earth.

Under Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, there was already a thought about the need for ubiquitous geometric interviewing on established rules. In 1754, the first instruction was approved for general survey. The 1754 instruction argued the former procedure for inter-parties, which far from satisfying the requirements of time, and thus revealed the need for complete reform for the production of intertarization. Such reform was already carried out in the reign of Empress Catherine II. In 1756, the Empress established a special commission called "Commission on State Interviewing", whose work led to very important results.

The manifesto of September 19, 1765 was announced the general survey of state lands in a completely new basis and, at the same time, the rules were made public to compile a new integrated instruction.

Interviewing on the new instruction was started in the Moscow province. At the successful beginning of the interview, the government has taken further measures to develop its development. In 1769, the survey was started in the Vladimir province and Sloboda province, by the end of the reign of Empress Catherine embraced 24 provisions. The survey was also continued in the reign of Emperor Pavel Petrovich and Alexander I.

The plans of the general survey (PGM) counties, as a rule, consist of several parts. A lot of smallest details and objects are applied to the cards, such as a farm, stable courtyards, mills, churches, etc. until 1861. The plans of the General Interview 35 of the provinces of the Russian Empire were drawn up.

Sale collection of vintage cards обратная связь.

Перечень ПГМ по губерниям и уездам.

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