Effective means of sleep disorders

Why is it difficult to fall asleep with age and what to do about it?

2. Eat, but in moderation!

The first problems with a dream, as a rule, begin to appear after 40 years, and after 65 years about 45% of people suffer from persistent sleep disorders. Why this happens, and what can be done with it - consider in more detail. In our article you will learn:

How to understand if you have insomnia?

Causes of insomnia in old age

Simple and affordable ways to eliminate insomnia in old age

How to understand if you have insomnia?

There are different situations. We will deal with what can be attributed to insomnia, and what is not.

Situation 1:

If you go to bed in a fairly early hour (19-20 hours), and then wake up at the earlier time (4-5 in the morning) and you can not more fall asleep, then this condition does not apply to insomnia. The amount of time spent in a dream is quite satisfactory (9-10 hours), and here you just need to shift the time of falling. Or continue this mode if it is convenient for you. There is no threat to health.

Situation 2:

You go to bed at 22-23 hours. After spending a normal number of hours in the dream, in the morning, waking up, feeling that they did not sleep all night and did not sleep at all. This state is also not insomnia. This is an insatiscing syndrome. The state is extremely unpleasant, and below the funds presented can also help solve this problem.

Situation 3:

You can't fall asleep for a long time, spend a few hours without sleep until you fall. Sometimes it happens only in the morning. This is the manifestation of true insomnia. It is necessary to take action.

Situation 4:

You quickly and easily fall asleep at the expense hour. However, you wake up at night, after which you can not fall asleep again. This is also the manifestation of true insomnia, and it is necessary to eliminate it.

What is dangerous sleep violation?

It is impossible to imagine sleep for the health of the body. During night rest, many rehabilitation and metabolic processes occur, important substances are synthesized. Day sleep does not compensate for the absence of night, so it cannot restore normal well-being.

What is dangerous insomnia:

  • Development of depressive state, depression, irritability, daylights.
  • Reduced memory, concentration of attention, mental activity.
  • Development of cardiovascular pathologies, neurosis.
  • By changing the power mode, a set of excess weight, the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • The exacerbation of chronic diseases, including hypertension, diseases of the joints, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

To understand how to deal with the disorder, you need to reveal its reason. It is not always done on your own, but a number of factors can be monitored without the involvement of a specialist.

Causes of insomnia in old age

Insomnia is most often a consequence of any reasons. In itself, this phenomenon does not arise. The cause of the development of sleep disorder depends on how to treat disorder. Specialists subdivide these reasons for two categories:

  • Psychological

  • Physiological

Psychological reasons:

The elderly person faces many psychological problems that provoke the above states: it may be a loss of loved ones, a retirement transition, a modern information space with alarming news in news programs, loneliness, financial difficulties and much more. Here, perhaps, the support of loved ones and family members will play a big role. Also it will be unlisted to consult with a psychologist and make a program how to help close to solve the problem.

Physiological reasons:

  • Age Diseases: Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, arthrosis, thyroid disease, neuroinfection, etc. Here it is necessary to direct all efforts to treat the underlying disease.
  • Insufficient physical activity. After 60-65 years, most people retire, together with this, the usual loads are reduced, the usual routine of the day is disturbed. Passivity makes it difficult to treat the elderly. To normalize sleep and the prevention of age-related health problems, it is necessary to compensate for the deficit of physical activity.
  • Reception of drugs affecting sleep. As a rule, after 50 years, the body requires support due to age-related changes. Many are prescribed drugs for the cardiovascular system, pressure normalization, kidney function. Elderly women often need hormonal background in correction. Some funds can cause sleep disorders. For example, there are a number of diuretics, causing sleep disorders when used 2-3 hours before it. To avoid side effects and get the maximum effect of therapy, you need to accurately comply with the reception mode - usually drink such medicines are recommended in the first half of the day. If the cause of bad sleep was side effects of drugs, with a change in reception time, the problem may decide or the fight against insomnia will become noticeably easier.
  • Natural age reduction of the production of a number of hormones, including regulating sleep, for example, melatonin. It is from this substance that the quality of sleep and our biorhythms depends, how quickly we fall asleep how tightly we sleep and how well fall out. If Melatonin is not enough, then there will be problems with sleep. Most often it is the main cause of insomnia, especially if a person seems to be insomnia originated in an empty place, having no visible prerequisites. On the other hand, laying on other reasons (psychological, etc.), the lack of melatonin strengthens their negative consequences. Therefore, this is one of the main factors from which it is worth starting the correction of sleep disorders.
  • Magnetic storms. It has been established that during the magnetic storm (splashes of geo-magnetic solar activity), sleep disorders arise and not only: the number of heart attacks increases sharply (1.5 times), the person is experiencing weakness, inexplicable fatigue. This is a manifestation of meteo-dependence. The scientist managed to identify that during the magnetic storm in the human brain, the activity of the epiphyse - glands, which produces melatonin is sharply reduced. That is why the elderly magnetic storms are carried out especially hard, because their own melatonin with age, as mentioned above, so produced less. However, this state is quite amenable to correction - with the help of additional reception of melatonin. This will make it much easier to carry magnetic storms and normalize sleep in these periods.

Simple and affordable ways to eliminate insomnia in old age

Specialists are recommended, not to resort directly to the means of insomnia for the elderly. With age, when there are a number of diseases, they can hardly reflect on the general condition due to their side effects. Sleeping should be resorted only in heavy, clinical, incurable situations. To begin with, try to restore the dream naturally. Here are some basic tips, how to defeat insomnia:

1. Fill the lack of melatonin. Start taking melatonin in the form of a tablet 60-90 minutes before sleep. Thus, you increase the concentration of this natural substance in the blood, resulting in a natural healthy dream. Melatonin improves sleep quality, accelerates falling asleep, reduces the number of night awakens and improves well-being after morning awakening.

What is especially important, this tool is not addictive and addiction.

Melatonin can be found in pharmacies. It is released without a recipe. Today you can buy good melatonin without overpayments, as there are very high-quality drugs at a democratic favorable price for packaging.

In addition, in the elderly, the least you want to experiment with my health, so it will be more reliably to give preference to those producers who have been known for a long time on the market, open to the dialogue with the consumer and are responsible for quality. For example, one of these drugs

"Melatonin Evalar"

. It produces a well-known company ("Evalar"), which produces all products according to the international quality standard GMP


, in its composition, high-quality melatonin, and at the same time he is the most profitable



Melatonin is not suitable for older people with autoimmune diseases and renal failure.

The replenishment of the lack of melatonin will help adapt the body with meteo-dependence. Melatonin is not suitable for older people with autoimmune diseases and renal failure. In this case, other drugs are selected from insomnia for the elderly.

2. Try to normalize the function of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract). Pay attention to how your gastrointestinal tract works. This is the body, in which daily biorhythms are most pronounced. In other words, he "lives" with us on our o'clock. It is necessary to debug the mode of his work: at night he should "sleep" (i.e. do not eat 2 hours before sleep, so that he does not have to digest food when he needs rest), "wake up" in the morning always at the same time And during the day to get food in about the same clock. When we set up our intestines on the right rhythm, it is configured to the right rhythm and our entire body, including the brain that regulates, in turn, and sleep. Therefore, if you have insomnia, pay attention to the work of your intestines.

3. Watch out for sleep hygiene. First of all, it is sleep mode. It happens that a person loves to sleep in the day of the hour or another, and then at night can not sleep.

Of course, daytime sleep should not be canceled, because it helps to restore forces. However, it should be remembered that if a person is sleeping in the afternoon of two or three hours, then after awakening it is waiting for lethargy, drowsiness, and in the evening he will not be able to fall asleep again.

After studying a large number of people, scientists came to the conclusion that the daily sleep should not exceed 1 hour, and should not go to bed after 15:00 hours. If we change the periods of sleep and wake periods, when a person is poured in the afternoon and awake at night, it can lead to various diseases, for example, cardiac, but first of all - to age dementia. Dementia (from the Latin "madness") is acquired by dementia, a decrease in cognitive activity and the loss of previously learned knowledge (to one degree or another) with the difficulty or inability to acquire new ones.

Therefore, try to do everything so that the night for you still remains time to sleep, and the day is for wakefulness. Restore biorhythms, replenish the required melatonin level - these are the foundations of a healthy sleep, full rest and excellent well-being.

4. Follow the microclimate in the bedroom. Duchot, cold or heat in the room will aggravate problems with sleep. Recommended, maintaining a temperature of 20-22 ° C, it is desirable to use a moisturizer during the period of operation of central heating.

5. Increase physical exertion. We are talking about regular hiking walks with a duration of at least 30 minutes in the middle rhythm, you can add gymnastics and respiratory complexes. It is impossible to remove overvoltage. In this case, an opposite effect may occur, as at nervous excitation, so the load should be strictly monitored. The feeling of light fatigue is possible.

Activity will not only help regulate sleep, it helps to strengthen the heart, vessels, normalization of the intestinal work, improving metabolism and improved mood.

In addition, there are special exercises in insomnia:

  • Breathing exercises. Exercise 1. Performed twice a day, preferably at the same time. The minimum course until the results reach - 30 days. Exercises are simple, even people aged 80 years and older will be able to perform them.

  • Source position - lying, breathing is performed using the abdomen. The first stage is an exhale through the mouth to a sense of complete empty of the lungs. The second stage is a deep breath through the nose in a row from 1 to 4. The slower the pace of the account, the better. In this case, uniformity is important. The third stage is the air delay before the account 7. The fourth stage is exhaled through the mouth with compressed jaws. The tongue is pressed to the teeth so that there is a capable sound. Start better from two repetitions of exercise, increasing the number of repeats daily to 10-15. Exercise 2. Performed before bedtime, it is recommended to do constantly. Source position - lying, the hands are elongated to the body, palms under the mattress.

The first stage is a deep breath with simultaneous tension of the lower back. The second stage is a long exhalation with relaxation. 5-7 repeats are performed.

Go to bed hungry - wrong! But also to go for the night to the dump - the right way to accommodate insomnia. Eat products rich in potassium and magnesium for dinner - they are famous "soothers" of the nervous system. Microelements contain: Nuts honey, oatmeal and buckwheat, carrots, cabbage, bananas, smoking, chicken and turkey meat.

1Exercises for relaxation before bedtime. 2Exercise 1. It is shown as a means from insomnia for the elderly, effective in restless leg syndrome.

Source position - lying, legs bent in the knees. The first stage - lifted both legs for several centimeters above the bed, held in this position until the feeling of fatigue. The second stage - the legs are drawn and completely relax. Repeats are performed within 5 minutes. If both limbs are difficult to raise, you can lift one leg.


The first stage - lift your head using the press muscles. The second stage is to return to its original position and relax. Make 5-7 repetitions. After making the stomach clockwise.

If, with a breakdown of sleep, the elderly does not give the treatment with its own forces with a persistent positive dynamics, how to get rid of the disorder should be consulted by a doctor.

Certificate GMP No. 170889-173GMPMF-1.

According to JSC "DSM Group" (DSM Group) for August 2019, the weed-weighted retail price for 1 tablet LS "Melatonin Evalar" in the form of tablets No. 20 is lower than that of analogues having a similar active ingredient and dosage in packages No. 30, 24 . Prices in specific pharmacies may vary.

There are contraindications. Consult with a specialist


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The worst enemy of man - he himself. And insomnia, which, as medical and psychiatric practice shows, is the worst man's terrible instrument against himself. When and why she arises like overcome insomnia and how to sleep, to get enough sleep, tell me in this article.

What is insomnia

Insomnia or in medical language - Insnay, it is customary to consider any deviation from the norm of sleep. Frequent awakening among the night, long-term (up to several hours) falling asleep and heavy awakening, long-lasting night lack of sleep, superficial sleep - all this is customary to be manifestations of insomnia. Everyone in life had periods when he was experiencing insomnia on himself. Especially she loves to come to an important event, on the eve of a celebration or exam, in the process of making a person important in the life of a decision, young moms who hear the slightest rustle of the baby.

Most often insomnia is a by-product of our nervous system, which is known for its instability, especially in a modern pace and lifestyle. Deals may have several types of manifestation.

Presize Type of Disorder

It is characterized by a long falling asleep. At this time, a person is experiencing a physical need for rest, the desire to fall asleep, but cannot do that. The flood rate is considered 5-15 minutes. If, after this time, the sleep did not come, we can talk about manifestations of insomnia. This is usually associated with neuro-psychological disorders, occurs on the eve of exciting events or after important events. It occurs very often and usually passes as the emotional state is established.

Intombic disorders

With this type of insomnia, sudden night awakening occurs, with a grave subsequent falling asleep or the complete lack of further sleep. This type of disorder makes the sleep with a superficial, resembling the usual dormant and sensitive when the sleep is able to wake up from the slightest row. In this case, emotional differences, the experience of unpleasant events, mental disorders, stopping the breath in a dream and their own snoring, systemic diseases (thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus). Postssunical disorders

This type is encountered even more often than the first. The main sign is the lack of forces and desire to open eyes, long awakening, weakness and fatigue even after a whole night of a quiet sleep. A person suffering from this type of insomnia feels drowsiness throughout the day and when trying to fill the strength and fall asleep defeat. In addition to psychological reasons, in this case there may be a shortage of vitamins and minerals, late waste, Handra and emotional overvoltage. Usually, with such a disorder, a person can easily fall asleep, sleeps tightly at night, but the morning awakening causes negative emotions and physical impotence. But before diagnosing insomnia, it is worth evaluating its habits, the current state of affairs, an emotional state. Often the reason can lie on the surface.

Causes of insomnia Psycho-social stress. For example, this is due to excessive anxiety for money and work, diseases of children and loved ones. When crises are happening in personal life and you will keep an internal dialogue, bringing to perfection what they did not do in reality.

Depression different character, state of handra and anxiety;

Increased brain activity and emotional overexcitation, both positive and negative. So often occurs during the sessions, before important business meetings and after them, before traveling and holidays, during the period of hard activities and multitasking. elderly age;

The discomfort both mental and physical, the influence of foreign sounds, light, noise. Darkness is one of the main conditions under which a melatonin sleep hormone is produced in sufficient quantity. The slightest lighting, the work of the television or the phone monitor before bedtime can affect the quality of melatonin production and break sleep. Often the reason for bad sleep can be discomfort caused by bedding - an uncomfortable pillow, too tough, too soft, uneven mattress. In this case, it becomes less problematic to solve the problem; Non-compliance with the regime day and biorhythms. For example, a shift work schedule, frequent shifts of time zones. This often happens with simple midnitles, the so-called "owls", the peak of activity from which falls on the afternoon and evening. It is difficult for them to go on the bed on time, it is difficult to fall asleep and wake up at the appointed early hour, because a lot of time, energy and strength was spent in trying to fall asleep;

Alcohol Coffee-containing drinks. Also become the cause of violations with sleep. Especially if the drinking of such beverages had to evening. Is it worth talking about how bad they are for healthy sleep. Alcohol in vain some consider the sedative and sleeping pills. Despite the fact that it can indeed facilitate falling asleep, the quality of sleep will suffer significantly. And all because alcohol oppresses fast sleep phase. That very, during which the body's forces is restored, when we see dreams and our brain streamlines the information received. In addition, alcohol and caffeine are able to have a load on the cardiovascular system, provoke snoring and stopping the breath in a dream (apnea), which act like a slow-acting bomb to the body, provoking both mental and functional disorders;

Apnea - respiratory disorders that may happen under the influence of substances, or due to the characteristics of the structure of the nasopharynx, when the Barriers of the VVVIDE nose and tongue, curved nasal partition, adenoids, cysts, allergies or a cold appear on the path of air.

Reception of medicines (sympathomimetics, anorectic agents), drugs. Carefully learn the instructions for any medicines that accept. One of the side effects can be increased excitability. It is for this reason that the drugs like Echinacea, ginseng and many other adaptogens do not recommend to use in the afternoon, and do it in the morning and to lunch.

Diseases and disorders.

  • Infectious and colds, fever, itching of the skin and pain of various locations and origin;
  • Endocrine diseases
  • accompanied by hypoglycemia, frequent urination, dry mouth. Put a glass of water before bedtime? Wake up to drink or from feeling hunger? It's time to change something;
  • Neurological diseases
  • Such as dementia, Parkinson's disease, brain injuries, neurosis or schizophrenia.
  • Consequences of insomnia
  • Before starting to act, it is important to estimate the disaster scale. The lack of high-quality sleep and the slightest violations with it lasting from a week to 10 days - not a reason for panic. The episodic nature of disorders of different sleep duration is found at all. But serious disorders that are tormented by months acquire a chronic form and have consequences.
  • Disorders of the concentration of attention
  • Memorization difficulties and learning
  • Reduced performance
  • Apathy or obsessive states
  • Development of depressive states
  • Loss of interest in life
  • Irritability and aggression
  • Manifestation of somatic diseases

Chronic fatigue

Arterial pressure


Cardiovascular Disorder

Excess weight


Deterioration of skin quality and appearance in general

And this is only a small part of the consequences of insomnia, to avoid which can be in time starting therapy of insomnia or its prevention.

Best remedies from insomnia

Best remedies from insomnia

Medicinal products


The synthetic equivalent of the hormone melatonin responsible for sleep. The drug quickly normalizes and correctly regulates biorhythms. Enhances the depth and quality of sleep, eliminates periodic night awakening. After a night with Melaksgen, the feeling of breakdown disappears, the lethargy disappears and the feeling of fatigue, dreams become bright and saturated. Suitable and as an adaptogen when changing time zones. Reduces negative reactions to stress.

Does not cause dependence and addiction.

The recommended course as a sleeping pin: 1 tablet 1 time per day before bedtime. As an adaptogen: the day before the alleged departure and within 2-3 days after changing the time zone before bedtime.

Mellaren The drug is an analogue of melaxen. Also shown in circadian rhythm violations: flights with time zones, violation of the daily day, including a shift work schedule. It helps to eliminate meteo-dependence syndrome, fatigue, insomnia in older people, reduces depressive syndrome.

Recommended course: with insomnia and sleep disorders 1 tablet 1 time per day 30 minutes before sleep. The duration of the drug from 1.5 to 2 months. When shifts of time zones per day before departure and within 2-5 days after 1 tablet 1 time per day before bedtime.


In terms of the body, it is similar to previous drugs. Normalizes circadian rhythms; Makes sleep deep and high quality, eliminates night awakens and promotes rapid falling. But besides regulation of sleep, Melaritm helps to improve well-being, mood, eliminates lethargy and morning drowsiness. It has pronounced immunostimulating and antioxidant action.

Recommended course: 1.5-3 mg 30 minutes before sleep 1 time per day. The duration of reception is not more than 7 days.

Vegetable preparations


Homeopathic preparation, designed to reduce increased nervous excitability, normalize sleep. It is used for neurosis and climax in women. Eliminates the symptoms of depressive states and Handra, VD.

Recommended course: 2-3 weeks

Dissatting under the language of 1 tablet 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.

Mother of Fort Evalir

The mother-in-law has a pronounced sedative effect, strengthens the nerves, puts the cardiovascular system. Plus the drug is that it additionally contains magnesium, and as it is known, this trace element plays a key role in the work of the nervous system, eliminates muscle excitability. In combination with Vitamin B6, which is the main link in the work of the nervous system, magnesium is better absorbed by the body. The drug performs an integrated effect - normalizes emotional state, eliminating anxiety and aggression and at the same time establishes sleep.

  • The recommended course: 3-4 times a day 1 tablet 3-6 weeks. New Passitis
  • Fully vegetable preparation. Recommended with neurasthenia, increased anxiety, emotional instability, aggressiveness and irritation. Helps to overcome fears, eliminate the scattering, fatigue. It helps cope with headaches and light shape of insomnia and periodic sleep disorders associated with psychological stress and stress. Plus, let's accept the reception in children over 12 years old. Recommended course: 5 ml 3 times a day before meals with a prospect of an increase in dose to 10 ml for taking. When strong fatigue or depression appears, it is necessary to reduce the morning and day dose by 2 times and take 2.5 ml in the morning and day and 5 ml in the evening. The gap between drug intakes should be 4-6 hours.
  • Nettlell Excellent and effective drug, with many positive feedback. The composition on the herbs is enhanced by magnesium and vitamin B6. Includes mechanisms that are responsible for maintaining normal falling asleep and deep sleep. Morning wakes becomes comfortable, light, without a feeling of breaking and fatigue. In addition, Knightl contributes to the best concentration of attention, memory and efficiency, because magnesium in combination with vitamin B6 has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
  • Recommended course: just 1 capsule before bedtime. Duration of reception 3 weeks. How to get rid of insomnia

Any changes in life require time and effort. Domestic effort and really desire to change the situation for the better. In getting rid of insomnia, you will have to reconsider your lifestyle first, paying special attention to four whales:

Sleep hygiene.

These are not only water treatments and ritual cleaning of teeth. Sleep hygiene is an extensive concept. Stop reception of food and liquid at least 3 hours before sleep; In the evening, try to use muffled light; Exclude reading books, leafing tapes in social networks immediately before bedtime, do not fall asleep with the TV on; Disconnect electrical appliances in the bedroom at night, if any, disconnect the sound and the Internet on the smartphone;

Control of emotions.

Nerves - the main cause of all the troubles and joys of man. Like any tool, nerves need to configure, prevent, clean and strengthen. It is important not only to make efforts daily to preserve your emotional state, but also regularly maintain the nervous system with vitamins. Moreover, change the attitude towards yourself what to begin to keep sleep hygiene - while go to bed, to air the bedroom, be able to relax in front of bedtime, so that the internal dialogs do not occur in the head, as a result of the day.

Diet. We are what we eat. The statement is absolutely fair and in matters to combat insomnia. Fat, acute, salted food, fast food and abuse of sugar, sweet and alcoholic beverages are able to influence the body so much that insomnia comes to such holidays. Better turn on pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, seeds, spinach, cottage cheese - such food contains amino acids and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and therefore on the quality of sleep.

  • Caring for health.
  • Physical exertion, sports and in general, activity helps the body in a tone, which means maintaining the level of serotonin and endorphins in sufficient quantity so that the nervous system is good. So the dream will be high-quality, calm and full. But, to engage in physical education before bedtime, not the best idea, because at this moment the nervous system comes to the arousal state. In the evening, breathing practices, yoga are best fit.
  • Sleep is a physiological state, in the process of which our organism rests and restores. Its characteristic feature is that after falling asleep the brain continues to work, but its functions differ from those that it performs throughout the day.
  • At night, the human brain processes all the information received from the outside during the day. As a result: after sleep, the thought becomes "clear", and the head - liberated from everything that was so worried the day before.
  • Why is good dream so important to a person?
  • High-quality sleep is primarily the opportunity to recover the nervous system. It allows you to significantly improve intellectual abilities, ensure productivity and good mood over the next day. Also, a full dream is necessary to restore energy in the body. It is a pledge of a normal psycho-emotional state, avoids multiple psychoneurological deviations.
  • What does the regular breakdown of sleep lead?
  • Regular lack of sleep gradually lead to the destruction of the body. Studies have shown that the lack of a full-fledged night rest can lead to the development of more than 150 diseases.
  • Among the most common:
  • coronary heart disease;

Reducing immunity and increase the risk of developing infectious diseases;

prediabetic state;

Obesity - with a shortage of sleep in the body, the production of hydrauline hormones and leptin deficiency increases - as a result, a person increases a feeling of hunger, and saturation is not felt, which leads to systematic oversights;


nervousness, depressive states;

  • headaches;
  • Reducing the production of sex hormone in men;
  • insomnia;
  • Increased stress hormone production.
  • It is noteworthy that the inheritance in the body accumulates. Studies were conducted, during which several groups of people slept at 8, 6 and 4 hours a day. Improving the state after recreation was most pronounced in those who slept for 6 hours. At the same time, the overall results of the study showed that constant lack of sleep for a week caused the deterioration of health.

Therefore, if you regularly do not sleep, at least once a week let your body fully relax, including at the expense of a long night rest.

Norms sleep

Each person requires a certain number of hours for a normal night rest. And this indicator depends primarily on age. Children sleep longer. During the infancy for sleep, they are given up to 15 - 20 hours a day. Norms of sleep by age:

  • pre-school age (3 - 6 years old) - from 10 to 13 hours;
  • Schoolchildren 6 - 13 years old - 9 - 11 hours;
  • Teens - 14 - 17 years old - 8 - 10 hours;
  • Young people 18 - 25 years old and adults 25 - 64 years - from 7 to 9 hours;
  • Older people are 65 years old and older - 7 - 8 hours.
  • It is noteworthy that the duration of sleep required for the qualitative restoration of the body depends on the physique. So, thin people need a longer sleep than people of dense physique.
  • Value of sleep
  • The level of energy recovery and the body as a whole depends not only on the number of hours of sleep, but also on what time a person falls asleep.

In different evening intervals and night, sleep value is different:

from 19:00 to 20:00 - at this time the dream is most valuable - 60 minutes of rest are 7 hours of deep sleep;

20:00 - 21:00 - Sleep value is 6 hours;

  • 21:00 - 22:00 - 60 minutes of sleep in value equal to 5 o'clock sleeping;
  • 22:00 - 23:00 - value 4 hours;
  • 23:00 - 00:00 - the value of sleep is 3 hours;

00:00 - 01:00 - 60 minutes of sleep are equated in value to 2 hours of rest;

01:00 - 02:00 - the value of sleep coincides and is 1 hour;

After 02:00 Value 1 hour sleep is comparable to 1 - 30 minutes of rest.

As you can see the most healthy and full sleep, allowing you to recover as quickly as possible, is observed in the evening and first night hours. If you want to sleep a little and at the same time feel great in the morning, be sure to take into account this data.

What is the secret of good and healthy sleep?

Quality of night rest depends on several factors:

  1. Time fallback, atmospheres in the room,
  2. Presence of additional devices in the bedroom. Remember that night sleep quality determines all your next day. It depends on the level of productivity, energy, your mood and overall well-being. Therefore, take care that the dream is as healthy as possible.
  3. Let's figure it out in more detail with all aspects that affect the quality of sleep. Observe sleep mode
  4. In the body of each person proceeds their biological rhythms. Therefore, it is important to carefully listen to your own body and recognize signs pointing to overwork - reduced performance, decay of forces and energy, drowsiness. All this may indicate that the body has exhausted its resources, and, therefore, he needs a "reboot", that is, sleep. One of the main rules of good night rest is falling asleep and awakening at the same time. Your body quickly adapts to the installed mode and, as a result, you will fall asleep and wake up quickly and without more effort.

Basic rules for the development of sleep mode:


. If you need 7 or 9 hours to fully restore the body, stick to this duration of sleep daily.

Fall asleep and wake up at the same time

. After 2 - 3 weeks the body will rebuild and will know independently when he is time to rest and awaken.

  • Donelessness not according to plan - no
  • . If a dream came to you, and the time of the night rest is far away, try to cheer up. Otherwise, you risk bringing down the adjacent mode.
  • Replenishment of deficit
  • . If for certain reasons at night you slept less than the required norm, make the lack of sleep during the daytime.

If possible, try to define your perfect time to fall asleep and awakening. In their free time, conduct experiments - go to bed and wake up at different times and carefully watch your well-minded. So you can choose your ideal time for a full holiday.

Sleep and wake period

During the night recreation in the human body, a hormone melatonin is produced. It provides the right course of biological rhythms in the body, the full work of the internal organs and protects against premature aging. An important condition for the production of melatonin is darkness, whereas in the presence of lighting its synthesis decreases sharply. That is why night sleep is more preferable for humans. The decrease in melatonin in the afternoon provides vigor and tide of strength, while an increase in its concentration at night contributes to relaxation and falling asleep.

  • To maintain normal melatonin production in a dream, such recommendations should be followed:
  • sleep in a complete darkness or use the night light with the most dull light;
  • Do not use before bedtime gadgets that have bright backlight;
  • Turn off the phone, TV and other devices capable of radiating electromagnetic waves - they negatively affect the quality of the night rest;

As you approach the time to sleep, reduce the brightness of the lighting in the room.

Healthy atmosphere in the room - a guarantee of good sleep

Let's start with the basic rule - your bed is designed only for sleep. Use it for work, watching movies and other entertainment - not the best idea. Compliance with this rule on the subconscious level will give the body of the impulse to the fact that the time has come for recreation - and sleep will come faster.

  • The prerequisite for good sleep is a favorable atmosphere in the room.
  • Before the night rest, pay attention to the following nuances:
  • Be sure to ventilate the room - fresh air will make sleep deeper and allow your body to recover much faster;
  • Maximum get rid of possible sources of noise - good sleep is possible only in silence;
  • The room should be a comfortable temperature - optimally 18 - 22 ° C, depending on your preferences; The bed must be comfortable - do not regret money on a high-quality orthopedic mattress and pillow.

Compliance with these recommendations will be positively affected by the quality of the night rest and will help you to restore forces in a shorter time.

Other rules of healthy sleep It is important not only to properly prepare the room to sleep, but also comply with some rules of behavior affecting the quality of the night rest.

  1. In the evening, try to relax as much as possible - take a hot bath or shower, read your favorite book, Listen to quiet music. Exclude stress and experiences, carry serious conversations for tomorrow.
  2. Make a breathing gymnastics - she will help you relax and tune in to rest. Prohibit (although it is not easy) to think in bed about work, study and other serious things.
  3. Create your special ritual for sleep: That is, anything you can do daily before laying on the bed. This approach will allow the body to recognize the familiar signals and quickly tune in to sleep.
  4. Does the food affect a healthy dream? Food is one of the most important factors that necessarily affects the quality of the night rest.

To sleep is healthy and strong, it is important to comply with some food-related rules:

Eat no later than 2 hours before sleep

  • . Like an empty stomach, and overflowing make night rest in defective. Instead of unloading and rest, your body will have to digest all the food used for dinner. Do not overeat
  • . The last meal must be as easy as possible. It is enough to limit ourselves to fermented with milk products, hanging cookies, fruit, cheese. Do not use alcohol and drinks containing caffeine
  • . These substances stimulate the work of the CNS, and, it means, you can forget about deep sleep and full rest. Drink smaller fluid before bedtime
  • . Otherwise, your kidneys will actively work throughout the night, and you will have to periodically wake up to the toilet. In addition, excess fluid can lead to a female swelling in the morning, which is also hardly pleased. Also, a couple of hours before sleep, it is recommended to abandon smoking.
  • Products that promote healthy sleep and full-fledged night rest: Bananas
  • - contain serotonin, melatonin and magnesia, which in the complex helps the body relax; warm milk

- gives a feeling of calm and light drillness;

tea with chamomile

- not only a delicious, but also a useful drink with a sedative effect; honey

  • - removes irritation and fatigue, gives calm and relaxation;
  • oatmeal
  • - Natural source of melatonin, which is necessary for good sleep;
  • almond
  • - helps the body relax, as well as remove the psychological stress.

All these products will be positively affected on your dream and allow you to fully rest. However, do not forget that it is important not to load the digestive tract in front of a night rest. Therefore, handful of nuts, one banana or glass of milk will be enough to obtain a positive effect.

How does work affect sleep?

Any profession can have a negative impact on a night rest if you do not abstract from the workflow and to fully rest in your free time.

To sleep is full and healthy, remember these rules:

If possible, avoid overtime works - they will include your familiar regime, and the overwork will negatively affect the quality of sleep;

Try to exclude night shifts, because at this time the nightness is the most healthy;

Exclude or minimize a business trip associated with long flights and time zones;

Try to get enough sleep on weekends;

  • Throw away from the head any thoughts about working when you stay at home.
  • When can not do without a doctor?
  • 3. Get ready for sleepIf you have tried all the recommendations, but it was not possible to achieve a good sleep, this is an occasion to appeal for medical care and survey. Many pathological conditions can have a negative impact on the night leisure, among which the gastric reflex, a night stop of breathing, and restless legs can be distinguished. In this case, it is necessary to treat the main disease, and then the dream will necessarily improve.
  • To fall asleep faster and stronger, some practicing intake drugs. However, it is better to refuse such an idea. Any hypnotic drugs must be selected individually. You can only use the doctor's prescription.
  • Sleep is extremely important for the full restoration of the body, increasing energy and productivity throughout the subsequent day. Therefore, take care of the night rest for you as much as possible and comfortable!
  • Good sleep secrets: Simple tips. We will lose you!

On average, the person sleeps up to 6-8 hours a day. A decrease in time threatens a mass of health care, psyche. If you are a middle book, stability are more stronger: without a full-fledged 6-hour holiday, get ready to reduce your life almost half. What if the mode is broken, and how to make a sleep? To begin with, deal with reasons and consequences. And then take care.

Normal sleep: what it should be

A full-fledged night rest is a condition in which a person wakes up in the morning and feels rested. To normalize sleep, everything matters:

Comfortable room indoor;

lack of irritant sounds, smells, light;

comfortable bedding;

physical purity;

Normal well-being without pain;

  1. Strong psychological and mental state.
  2. And, of course, the duration of rest is important. If a person sleeps with urabs, knows what he gets up in 1-1.5 hours, it will not work full-fledged relaxation.
  3. Bad sleep in children and adults
  4. Finding out what a normal rest should be dealt with the causes of sleep disorders. In some cases, it is not difficult to cope with the problem, and something will need to help a specialist.
  5. Tip! If a person cannot fall asleep without sleeping pills for 3-5 days after the end of the reception course is a signal to appeal to a specialist. The problem lies deeper than ordinary neurosis from stress.
  6. Also, you should not hide from the complaints of the child if it does not fall asleep for a long time. Emotional overloads are tested both babies, beginners to learn peace and teenagers. The period of mature gives a lot of strength tests.

Possible sleep disorders at different ages

Causes causing insomnia:

Psychosomatics. Insomnia is a temporary caused by the situation, or constant.

Acceptance of alcohol, drugs.

Disorders and diseases of the respiratory system. This includes apnea, snoring, other diseases.

Violation of sleep and waking mode. It occurs when changes in the working schedule, changing time zones.

  • Narcolepsy. The reason in the reception of potent drugs, drugs.
  • Enapers, epilepsy with nightcrops, paramy, nightmares.
  • Factors, with the exception of alcoholism, manifest themselves at any age. Even a breast child may suffer from epic attacks, apnea or to become dependent on drugs.
  • Video.
  • Manifestations of violations
  • Symptoms and signs depend on the cause of sleep disorders. However, if you do not restore the dream, in the shortest time, the insomnia will lead to a change in the emotional state of the person, a decrease in attentiveness, performance. Everything can end the nervous breakdown and long-term treatment with specialists.
  • Often the patient appeals to the doctor with complaints about well-being, not suggesting that it is caused by the violations of the night rest. Psychosomatic insomnia is a "closed circle". A person is experiencing that he cannot fall asleep and relax, from which stress is experiencing, aggravating condition: chronic overwork, lability of emotions, aggressiveness.

It is important to know! The situational insomnia is always caused by emotional excitement / oppression. As soon as the psychological factor disappears, the process of natural sleep normalization occurs. But there is a threat that long stress provokes a new fear - not to fall asleep. And night awakening will become familiar. Only a specialist will help get rid of the phenomenon.

If the insomnia appeared because of alcohol, medicines, sleep disorders cause further changes:

4. Use the strength of herbsunprecedented aggression in the absence of medication, drinking;

changes in the psychological, mental state;

  1. memory violations, speech;
  2. Reducing hearing acuteness, view;
  3. phobias;
  4. convulsive seizures;
  5. hallucinations.

If it does not stop on time, the dementia stage comes, then schizophrenia and complete degeneration.

Attention! Sleeping preparations aimed at restoring sleep need to drink only on the recommendation of a specialist.

  1. If the normalization of the process did not occur, it is strictly forbidden to take medicines outside the course. In addition to daylight and constant fatigue, the patient will not receive anything. The body gets used to sleeping pills, more drugs are required for rapid falling. That is, the effect is similar to a winding alcoholic - it is also necessary yet. The best way out is to make an appointment to the doctor.
  2. As a rule, after the end of the reception of drugs, alcohol, disturbed processes are restored within 14-21 days. And a little more about the characteristic consequences:
  3. If the insomnia is caused by mental illness, a constant feeling of anxiety will appear in the patient.
  4. For patients with restless leg syndrome, muscle cramps are characteristic.
  5. Apnea syndrome causes the strongest snoring.
  6. 5. Visit the doctorNarcolepsies are characterized by attacks of sudden daytime sleep and catapoles - so called the seizures with a sharp loss of tone muscles. The patient may even fall.
  7. When changing the mode, temporary programs, sleep restoration is possible after 3-4 days. This is a period of adaptation, he should not scare.
  8. List of bad sleep

Before looking for a tool, how to return a full night rest, you should deal with the reasons for its loss. As a rule, finding the source of the problem, the person himself copes with the consequences. So, what can interfere with a normal falling asleep:

Smoking. Nicotine is a stimulant, so the last cigarette needs to smoke no later than 40 minutes before sleep.

Alcohol. Alcohol is not sleeping pill, but the disease. Even if today one glass of wine helped to fall asleep, tomorrow it will be not enough, and the increase in the dose is ack.

Stresses, anxiety. It is impossible to "turn off" consciousness, but you can "move away" problems. Anyway, you don't solve anything at night, so the extra psychosis will only hurt.

  1. Small mobility during the day. The body is not tired, he does not want to rest. Syndrome is known not only to beds, but also people of mental labor. The head of "boils", and the sedentary lifestyle prevents to sleep. Walk will be a good way out.
  2. Hormonal changes. This applies to both adolescent and old age. During the period of female / male men's climax, pregnancy, if a monthly cycle goes "raging". Exit in the reception of drugs.
  3. Coffee, oily food before bedtime. All this makes the body work. Coffee excites me, food should be digested.
  4. Gadgets. TV, computer, other devices set the brain to work - it must "dare" information. And the games in addition cause strong emotions.

Bright light, noise.

Ways to establish a night rest

Look, how do you go to bed? By completing things, thoughts still surviving the day, and even stacked, continue to think? Hence the problem with falling asleep. Sleep - medicine and restoration method. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for it correctly. Any simple tips will help.

Good dreams!

Evening rites

Each mother knows that the baby should calm down before going to sleep, abandon active games. It is best to read a fairy tale or sing a song. Why adults cease to follow? Preparing for rest can be a ritual or rite:

Refusal to all gadgets, affairs. If something is left unfinished - let him lie until tomorrow, not going anywhere.

Calm bath or shower will help relax.

A cup of green tea, warm milk will help calm the nerves.

The conversation should not be about things for tomorrow or lived. Choose something else, for example, a discussion of the book, movie or plans for the weekend.

A good help will be a session of an evening massage. This is a means for adults and children. If there is an individual relaxation method, do. No - breathing exercises (long breath) will provide normal sleep all night.

Everything must be done on time and moderately

Serious physical exertion in the evening is the best way to get insomnia. Doctor in one voice say that running, exercises before bedtime are harmful. Intensive workouts should end no later than 2-2.5 hours before sleep. But immediately before going to bed, it will be relevant to a slight walk for 30-40 minutes or at least high-quality ventilation.

As for people of mental labor, the brain load should stop at about 18.00-19.00. Notice: after that time it is difficult to think (if you are not "owl"), but at 4.00-5.00 am the head is fresh and rested.

The optimal laying time to sleep 22.00-23.00. By observing the night mode, a person can easily get up at 6 am and actively awake all day.


What makes the house cozy? Silence, peace and pleasant atmosphere. Quality underwear for sleep, bodily cleanliness, no stimuli in the form of odors, light. To ventilate the room, make a wet cleaning, disassemble piles of papers on the table - the wonderful completion of the day. At the same time, the work will give the necessary physical load and will not be tedious.

  • Homemade comfort consists of trifles, try to create a comfortable atmosphere, the dream will boost without the help of medication.
  • Inner harmony
  • It is impossible to restore sleep without equilibrium. The age of occupation, other factors does not matter. All ways to improve recreation will not be successful if depression is hammering, stress or there is a sense of dissatisfaction.
  • For particularly complex stress, there is a technique to calm nerves, relaxation and deductions from problems. It will help mentary playing the situation with the worst ending: you already know what it will happen, it is no longer anything else, you can sleep well. The method is universal and works absolutely in all cases.

The main thing is to achieve inner harmony, agree with you, and not organize yourself a psychological war. In the "losers" anyway, you will find yourself.

Tablets or drinks made of herbs

First of herbs. The most simple folk remedies helps well from insomnia. It can be a sleepy pharmacy collection from Valerian's root,

Calendula or self-brewed daisy, tea with lime color, green tea with mint. Drinking a drink is needed warm, not burning. A strong effect has heated milk with honey. The product of beekeeping can be added to any drink.

  1. Tablets must write down the doctor based on the patient's history. But there are a number of sleeping pills that are sold without a recipe:
  2. "Single-ka"
  3. "Pans";

"Sleep formula";

Donormil is a good neuroleptic for short-term applications.

Reception The middle must be strictly according to the instructions, the medicine for children must be selected separately. Very good option - Sonya bracelet. This is not a pill, getting used will not. The action is based on the acupuncture technique.

About the harmful effect of bad sleep

Full night Son.

Knowing how to normalize sleep, it is important to understand why it is necessary. The rest should be able to "reboot". In a dream, muscles relax, immunity is restored, metabolic processes are launched. When complying with the regime, the hormonal background is normalized, the water-lipid balance.

Changes that occur with man in the absence of a normal sleep: A week later, stable aggression, permanent chronic fatigue, will reduce performance.

After 2 weeks, the acuity of sight will fall, the memory will deteriorate, brain activity.

In a month, problems with heart, blood formation, pressure will begin. This can cause a heart attack, stroke, provoke diseases of the musculoskeletal system, will appear excess cholesterol and, as a result, diseases of the endocrine, lymphatic system.

It is important to know! If you break the regime for a long time, then a year later, a healthy person turns into a hysterical patient, sharply responding to any situation.


Sleeping preparations for only the appointment of a doctor

Sometimes to set the sleep enough to turn off the phone, drink tea and revise your favorite movie, reread the book. Do not hurry to drink tablets, perform all the conditions of good sleep: peace, harmony, load and comfort. Perhaps this is enough to normalize the falling process and provide a full-fledged rest.

10 simple ways to defeat insomnia

© Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash


Sleepless without appointment are dangerous to health

Ulyana Smirnova

January 28, 2019.

Gadgets before bed worsen sleep

You can get rid of insomnia not only with medication. We tell about ten simple and secure methods that will help you sleep stronger.

Full sleep is a guarantee of good health. During sleep in the body, hormones are produced, tissues are restored and physical forces are replenished. We share the most effective ways that will help quickly fall asleep and get enough sleep.

Use bed only by destination

Do not turn the bed into a dining or workplace. Start using it only by destination - for sleep (well, sex). This piece of furniture should be firmly associated with rest. This technique allows you to develop a conditional reflex to your own bed. Every time you go to her, the brain will get a signal that it's time to fall asleep. The quality of bedding can also influence sleep. This is a good reason to buy new comfortable pillows and mattress. Studies of Swedish scientists have shown that it is very useful to sleep under a dued blanket (about 10% of your weight). It helps to remove anxiety, calm down and relax. Buying bed linen, stop the choice on products from natural fabrics.

Configure your "biological clock"

Light gadgets harm sleep

Proper sleep mode is an important condition of mental and physical health. Try to wake up every day and fall asleep at the same time. So you will program your "biological clock" and can normalize sleep. Our body has a special control system - circadian rhythms. It is they who give the body to the installation on wakefulness in the morning and drowsiness in the evening. Once you adapt to a new graphics, quickly fall asleep and easily wake up will be much easier. It is believed that an adult person to maintain youth, health and high productivity requires 7-9 hours of sleep. Understand how much you need to sleep, you can only experimentally. Universal recipe does not exist.

Take a bath with essential oils

Sleep will be strong and deep, if a couple of hours before it takes a hot bath. It will relax muscles, help relieve fatigue and accumulated stress. You can add foam, sea salt or essential oils. The most suitable smells: lavender, chamomile, neroli. In the evening the body temperature drops and continues to decline throughout the night. At this time, our brain produces melatonin - sleep hormone. But a hot bath, on the contrary, heats the body. Therefore, take it in advance. So the body temperature will have time to come back and cause a pleasant feeling of drowsiness. If you do not have time for a full-fledged bath, you can take a warming shower or make a relaxing footbath.

As well as body temperature, the air temperature in the bedroom is an important condition for a good rest. The optimal indicator is 17-18 degrees. People who want to get rid of insomnia and headaches, Somologians recommend maintaining it throughout the night. Sleep in a warm room - more superficial and disturbing, experts say. And if you wear warm socks and pajamas, the probability of frozen comes down to zero. In addition, today in many stores you can find special cushions with a cooling effect. They will be particularly relevant in summer heat.

Sleepless without appointment are dangerous to health

© Dmitry Schemelev / Unsplash

Even more efficient, a half-day evening walk in the fresh air. Excessive walking activates metabolic processes, relieves tension, increases immunity and provides healthy sleep. There is even a small urban square. Basic condition: finish all the planned cases in advance and not think about work. Walk before bedtime should produce a soothing effect. In the warm season, its duration can be increased to one and a half hours. But a longer promenade will certainly cause fatigue and lead to a breakdown of sleep. Try to build a route in such a way as to avoid places with intensive traffic movement and the accumulation of people.

Start there is a "sleepy" food

Before bedtime, it is better to abandon heavy food and sweets. But the light snack is a couple of hours before sleep, on the contrary, improve the night metabolism and facilitates falling asleep. It may be natural yogurt, half a banana, chamomile tea and almonds, boiled egg or classic milk with honey. By the way, the latter has an approximately the same effect as a hot tub. But it is better to leave food with caffeine for the first half of the day. Studies have shown that this substance can remain in the blood of 6-8 hours. Caffeine is contained in chocolate, coffee, carbonated and energy drinks. To defeat insomnia will be easier if adding products contributing to the generation of melatonin and serotonin to the usual diet. Among them - turkey meat, salmon, cheese, walnuts, whole grain bread. Create the right atmosphere

© Stephanie Montelongo / Unsplash

An hour before sleep, try to eliminate any noise sources and muffle bright light. Sharp sounds and artificial lighting excite the nervous system and make sure. If someone from relatives snoring or your home is located on a noisy street - buy earplugs. To sleep, it is better to choose hypoallergenic products from silicone. They allow you to protect against unwanted noise and do not cause skin irritation. Studies show that darkness reinforces melatonin production. Ensure it will help dense night curtains that do not miss light. Alternative option - a special sleep mask. Even the flickering light bulb from charging can suppress sleep hormone synthesis.

Make a light self-sash

A light relaxing massage is a good way to remove physical and emotional tension and normalize sleep. In addition, he has a beneficial effect on the tone of muscles, vessels and the work of the heart. You can make such a massage both with the help of close and independently. Before the procedure, it is important to fully relax: Make 8-10 deep breaths and exhalations. After that, heals the palm, intensively losing them about each other. Start gently massaging face, ears, neck and shoulders. Moving from top to bottom, smoothly go to the chest and abdomen area, foot footsteps. At the same time, try not to press too much - during such a massage you should be nice. The effect of the procedure can be strengthened by turning on a pleasant relaxing music or nature sounds.

Regular exercise helps solve many sleep problems. Swimming, dancing, running, classes in the gym and other types of physical activity not only help remove the accumulated stress, but also improve the quality and duration of sleep. Systemativity is of great importance: three lessons for 30 minutes will be more efficient than one one and a half-hour training. Do not forget about time planning for exercise. Heavy and intensive training is better to spend up to 19 hours. The most suitable options for a later time - yoga, stretching and walking. If the tight schedule does not allow going to the hall, try to combine exercises with other affairs. For example, with watching video deck or cleaning.

Do not make yourself sleep

If you woke up among the nights or could not fall asleep for the first 30 minutes, do not force yourself to sleep forcibly. Such attempts only enhance the alarm and excite the nervous system. Instead, it is better to do something relaxing that it does not require a lot of light. For example, you can listen to calm music or read the book. But from watching TV and social networks it is better to refuse. Blue light from the screen of electronic devices stimulates the brain to work and violates the production of melatonin. If you still fail to give up gadgets - reduce the brightness of the screen to a minimum. Or install a special application that sets the color temperature depending on the time of day. Return to bed as soon as you feel drowsiness.


- the special state of the consciousness of a person, including a number of stages, naturally repeated overnight (under normal daily chart). The appearance of these stages is due to the activity of various brain structures.

A healthy person has a dream begins:

1 Stage - Slow Sleep (Non-Rem-Son), which lasts 5-10 minutes.

The 2nd stage - lasts about 20 minutes.

3-4 stages - 30-45 minutes falls for the period.

After all the stages, sleeping again returns to the 2nd stage of deep sleep, after which the first episode of fast sleep occurs, which has a short duration - about 5 minutes. All this sequence is called a cycle.

The first cycle has a duration of 90-100 minutes. The cycles are then repeated, while the proportion of slow sleep decreases, and gradually increases the share of fast sleep (REM-sleep), the last episode of which in some cases can reach 1 hour. On average, with a full-fledged healthy dream there are five full cycles.

The average duration of a person's sleep usually depends on numerous factors: ranging from age, gender, lifestyle, nutrition and degree of fatigue, to external factors (general noise level, location, etc.).

In the general case, during sleep disorders, its duration can be from several seconds to several days. There are also cases that an adult person takes 12 hours to sleep and restore the reserve of forces after heavy work or sleepless nights. Violation of the physiological structure of sleep is considered a risk factor that can lead to insomnia.

Sleep deprivation is a very difficult test. For several days, the consciousness of a person loses clarity, he is experiencing an insurmountable desire to fall asleep, periodically "falls" into the border state with confused.

What you need to do to normalize sleep

1. Observe the mode

Try to go around and get up at the same time. If your body can not get used to "shut down" at 23.00, try to wake up half an hour before. Do not let yourself sleep near the TV at 8-9 pm: it will take your opportunity to fall asleep at the last time.

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