How to create email on the Internet for free

How to create email free

In this lesson, I will show how to create email. First we choose the postal service, and then quickly register. Immediately after that we will get a new box on the Internet (email).

Where can I make mail for free

To start email, you need to register on some postage site. There are several of these sites on the Internet and the most famous Yandex, (Google) and

What about the address better to make? For more account, it does not matter - they are all about the same. And by opportunities, both convenience and safety. Some little better in one criteria, others on others. But the difference is insignificant.

Just below, I made a sign of comparing these sites. But, I repeat, differences are insignificant. With its main function - the reception and departure of letters to any part of the world - all these sites will cope equally well.

Simplicity and convenience ++-
Protection against unwanted letters (spam) +-+
Problems with drawer and letters Sometimes Often Seldom
Security +-+

Step-by-step instructions for registering a new address

So, you decided on the site on which you would like to create email. Now it needs to open the address, and for this can be registered.

check in - It's just filling a small questionnaire. You will need to answer a few questions about yourself, choose the name for the box and come up with a password.

Filling the questionnaire - it's a simple, but extremely important. After all, it depends on this not only what the address you will have, but will the problems with him arise in the future. Often, people do not pay registration due attention, and then they can not enter their drawer.

Now I will tell you in detail and show in the pictures, what and where you need to print to competently configure email on your computer or laptop.

Open the instructions for your post and proceed to the registration!

1. To create an email on mail, you need to go to the Mail.Ru service

2. In the left upper part of the site, click on the inscription "Register a new box."

3. Fill out the questionnaire and click "Register".

I will show how this questionnaire filled me. You will need to enter your data there.

Name and surname . Here we print your name and surname. It is better to specify these data, but you can and fictional - no one will check.

Date of Birth . Choose a number, month and year of birth. It is desirable that it was true information.

Floor . Choosing a male or female.

Desired postal address . Here you need to assign a name for the box. It will be his unique address on the Internet. Just at him and letters will come.

The address should consist only of English letters. You can still add numbers, an underlining sign ("_"), point (".") Or minus ("-").

In addition, the end adds to this name. Initially, it is: @ Mail.Ru. But if you wish, you can choose another ending: @, @ or @

True, many addresses in the system are already occupied and have to choose from what remains. Or invent some sortic name.

For example, I want to create mail with the address [email protected] . But the system shows that the box with this name already exists.

This means that such an email is already there - it belongs to another person, and it will not work for him.

So, you need to make another address. For example, add a couple of letters or numbers to the selected name. Suddenly this option is free, and they can be used.

And you can choose some other name, for example, something from what system offers.

Password . You need to print several letters and numbers that you will open your drawer.

The password should be shorter than six signs. It should have only English letters and numbers. It is desirable that the letters are both big and small.

Be careful: the size of the letters matters. What is scored with a big letter, then will not open with a small one.

When the password is set, points are printed instead. This is done specifically: so that no one can survive what you dial. But you can and show the password - to do this, click on the icon with a crossed eye.

Password confirmation . This is typing the same as in the "Password" field.

Be sure to write down the desired postal address and password in a safe place. This is your access to the mail!

Telephone . Here the site wants you to indicate your mobile phone number.

When you print it and click on the "Register" button, I will receive an SMS message with the code. This code will need to be entered into a special field.

If you don't have any numbers or you just do not want to add it, click on "I do not have a mobile phone." After that, the "Additional Email" field will appear. Leave it empty.

4. Immediately after registration, your post will open. She looks like this:


1. To create a free email in Yandex, go to the website

2. Click on the "Post Mail" in the upper right corner.

3. Fill in the registration profile and click the "Register" button.

I'll show a sample, as I filled this questionnaire. You specify your data there. Next, I will tell you more, where and what to print to register a new mail.

Name and surname . Accordingly, it is necessary to print your name and surname. I advise you to print these data. But you can, of course, and fictional to specify - no one will check.

Create a username . Here you need to print a name for your future drawer.

Login must be dialed in English. You can use numbers, along with them one hyphen ("-") and / or one point (".").

If the login you choose is busy, the system will offer free options. Select one of them or come up with another name. You can try add a couple of letters or numbers.

Create a password . You need to print a set of English letters and / or numbers that you will open your drawer. They should be at least six.

The size of the letter scored in the password is important. If you add a large letter to the password, and then when entering mail, you get it, but the small box will not open.

By default, the password is recruited by points. To see it, click on the icon with the image of the closed eye at the end of the field.

Repeat to avoid mistakes . In this field, enter the same password that has just been gained. If you are wrong somewhere, the system will give out that the confirmation does not match the password and does not miss further.

Be sure to write down the selected login and password in a safe place. Without them, you will not be able to enter your box!

Mobile phone . You need to print your phone number and click "Get Code". The specified number will come SMS with the code. This code will need to be entered into a special field.

If you do not want to add your number, just click on the inscription "I don't have a phone."

Then additional fields will appear, where you need to choose the control question, print the answer to it (by Russian letters) and verification code.

Non-standard questions. This is done specifically in case you forget the data to enter your mail. I am very advised to print a truthful answer to the question.

If everything is filled correctly, your new mail will open. She looks like this: - This is email from Google (Google). To create it, you need to register a new account. Now I will show how it is done.

1. Go on the link

Usually immediately opens the entrance page. But since we do not have it yet, click on "other options" and choose "Create Account".

2. Fill out the registration form and click on the "Next" button.

I will show how this questionnaire filled me. You need to print your data there. Read more about filling on.

What is your name . We print your name and surname here. It is better to print real, but you can and fictional.

Come up with username . Here you need to specify the name for your new box. Add to it to add the end @ Everything is entirely - this is the address of your email.

The username should consist of strictly from English letters. May include numbers and points.

Many names are already engaged in other people, but the system will tell me what to do in this case. In addition, one or more similar names that are free.

Create a password . Password - this one key you will open your drawer. He must consist of at least eight characters. It can be numbers, English letters, as well as numbers and letters.

Password when entering dials points. In addition, it is sensitive to the size of the letters. This means that the mail will not open if then instead of a large letter to dial a small one.

Confirm the password . We print the same thing here as in the previous field - the same letters of numbers.

Be sure to write down the specified username and password in the safe place. Without this information, problems with access to mail may occur.

  • Date of Birth . We indicate the day, month and year of your birth.
  • Floor . Choose your gender. In addition to female and male, you can choose "other" or "not specified".
  • Mobile phone . The field for printing your phone number. You can not fill.
  • Spare address EL. mail . If you already have an email address (no matter what site it is), you can add it here. And you can not add.
  • The country . Usually the correct country is automatically indicated. If it is not, install your country.

3. Click on "Next" and the "Privacy Policy and Terms of Use" appears and appears. The text in the window you need to scroll down (and it is also better to read) and click "I accept".

That's all! The box is registered and google informs his address. We write it in a safe place and click on "Go to the Gmail service".

Immediately after that your new mail will open.

How to find out your email and enter it correctly

Email (Email) is an email address, a unique name of a personal box on the Internet. This is the same name / login that you chose when creating an email. But besides this, Email also includes a prefix:

  • в This prefix can be @ Mail.Ru, @, @ or @ INBOX.RU. Some one of them.
  • в Yandex The prefix is ​​only one - @ But each electronic box in the system is also available with other endings: @, @, @, @, @
  • в Prefix is ​​only one, without options - it is @

To correctly enter Email, you need to write a login and correct console. Without spaces and unnecessary points.

For example, I want to write your email address on the business card, which I registered on When registering, I chose Ivan.Petrov35 username. It means that you need to write the following: [email protected]

If I had a box with the same name, but on Yandex, it would be necessary to indicate such an address: [email protected]

Instead of @ you can print any of these consoles: @, @, @, @, @ They all belong to the same box.

But with the address on Mile is more difficult. On this site there are several consoles: @ Mail.Ru, @, @ and @ It is impossible to put any of them - you need to specify only the one you have chosen during registration.

So, if I created a mailbox with the prefix @, then you need to specify the address with it. And if I specify another, for example, @ Mail.Ru, then letters will not come to me.

On a note : Your email address (email) can be found through the upper end of the drawer.


in Yandex


Author: Ilya Krivosheev

How to create your email?

All users when using the Internet, various Internet resources faced with the need to acquire their email.

With the internet surfing, to communicate in various forums, when visiting various trackers, online cinemas and a multitude of other Internet resources require registration.

When registering, you must specify your email address (or email) .

What is an email address or your mailbox?

In fact, this is your address to which letters will come to you. Also, various information from sites and Internet resources on which you will register, or just letters from your friends or those who will give your email address.

That is, in essence it is like a mailbox for newspapers and letters at your home only on the Internet, for emails and messages.

In more detail in Wikipedia.

Next will be told how to create soy email.

Email can be created completely free, but yes, if anyone else is developing the Internet, e-mail is a completely free service.

Paid email also exists. Paid mail is usually enjoyed by people quite consciously. Purchase a special email address, it will not happen to create it, too, can anyone.

For example, when placing your site, the provider offers you to make mail for your site as our electronic address administrator [email protected] We accept letters from you, it is included in the cost of placement of the site from the provider.

Briefly about the electronic address itself.

The email address consists of two parts:

The first part: this is part before the sign " @» You are inventing this part yourself. Second part: This is part after the sign " @» It determines which service to your email address.

In Russia, the most popular email services are: - Mail from YandexMail.Ru - Mail from - Mail from - Mail from Google

What mail to use, decide that you are more convenient or preferable for one or another preferences.

We will tell about how to make an email on the example of the Yandex service, - we go to this page and see the following:


Press the Registration button,

The following form form will appear in front of you.


Fill out the form, it is advisable to specify your reliable information, we put a tick about harmony with the terms of use ( preferably familiarize yourself with them ), invent the password yourself, if you do not want to specify the phone number, click on the inscription "I don't have a phone", you can enter the phone number later if you find it necessary.


Two more shape lines with a control question and answer will appear, invent the answer yourself, press "start mail"


A window will appear in which it is necessary to recognize the inscription on the left side and enter it into the right window. Then click "Continue."


You will open the interface of your email and will immediately have one or two letters for you from the Yandex service. Your email address that you created will be specified in the upper right corner. To read the letter, click on it twice the left mouse button.

If you specify the phone number, then you will be sms with the confirmation code, that this is your number, you will approve the received confirmation code and click "Post Mail". Then you can enter your phone number in the personal settings of your profile and also confirm its code obtained by SMS.


On other email services, the principle is completely identical and is not very different from the above example, the main thing carefully read and the main thing is recorded or remember your username and password.

Good luck to all.

The e-mailbox is about every second inhabitant of the planet: at least, the Google experts thought so. If you have not had time to start it, you can correct this drawback and create email right now to get new opportunities for working with sites and various services on the Internet.

What is email

Email (e-mail) - This is a common name for services that allow you to send, accept and sort letters. Right like ordinary mail, only in a computer or phone. In addition to text in letters there may be an attachment: documents, images, audio, video, archives.

To send someone an email, you need to have your own mailbox and know the email address of the recipient. The email address consists of two parts: User login which he comes up with himself and Names of postal service - For example, Between the user's name and service name must be a sign @. An example of an email address looks like this: Mypost. .

There are a lot of email services. Your own delivery service of letters is almost every search engine: Yandex, Google, Mail.Ru, Yahoo, Rambler, etc. Apple's equipment often register boxes on ICloud Mail. These are examples of free postal services, many of which, in addition to the main function, provide users with additional "buns", for example, a place on the server storage server.

Mailboxes can also be created on hosting, using the site domain. It is usually corporate addresses - for example, [email protected] . By the name of the domain, it is immediately seen that the site owns this email.

There are also paid postal services. They differ from free from the fact that they do not contain advertisements, securely protect against spam (annoying advertising letters from various sites and companies) and provide the highest level of account protection. Examples of paid email services Fastmail and Runbox. The cost of their use is from 1 to 10 dollars a month depending on the service and the tariff. However, with all the merits, these two resources have a disadvantage - the absence of Russian. You can write letters on them at any given language, but all the names of the buttons and the menu will be in English.


If you are worried about the confidentiality of information that you transfers or get through email, you will use mail services with encryption feature. The most famous - Protonmail. But there are others: Mailfence, Countermail, Tutanota. Such services are used to protect data through encryption, that is, read the letter can only addressee.

Email is almost always needed for registrations on various web resources. For example, if you create a page in social networks, then without specifying Email it will not be possible to do. However, many services "sin" making up their letters to the addresses of registered users without their consent. To avoid this, you can create two mailboxes: one - for communication and work, the second - for registrations on various sites.

Alternative - Creating a temporary mailbox, which you can use one or several times in a row, after which it stops working. For temporary email, there are special resources: dropmail, crazymailing, mohmal, minuteinbox and others. However, such a non-permanent mail should be used only on sites that you are not going to visit regularly. If you register on a social network or online store, where you will make purchases repeatedly, use permanent email.

In more detail about temporary email services, you can read in this article:

Free Russian-speaking mail services

Next, you will get acquainted with RuNet services with services you can register email for free. And besides, access their additional functions, for example, to cloud storage.

Yandex Mail

Yandex.poshta - Email service of the Yandex search engine. When registering, in addition, you get 10 GB in the Yandex.Disk cloud storage, as well as a single account for access to other resources of the company: Yandex.Money electronic wallet, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Market, etc.

Yandex Mail

The volume of the box is not limited, it can be stored as many letters. In addition, there is a built-in translator, which, when recognizing a foreign language, offers to translate text into Russian.


Gmail - Google Postal Service. When creating a box here you get an account to access the entire ecosystem of the Corporation: YouTube, Cloudy store Google disc, calendar, documents, tables and other services.


Incoming messages in Gmail are automatically divided into categories: social networks, promotions, alerts and forums, which makes it easier to find the desired letters. In addition, you have 15 GB in the Google CD cloud storage.

Mail also has its own postal service that can be used for free. When creating a box on it, you get a single account to work with other projects of the company, for example, the Delivery Club delivery service. This mail can also be used to quickly check in games that owned

Mail ru.

Like Yandex and Google, Mail.Ru also has a cloudy storage, which you get access to free when creating mail. Each new client in perpetual use is provided with 8 GB.

Rambler mail

Rambler also offers a free bin with a free box with an unlimited volume of letters.


Mail created on this resource becomes a single account for access to other Rambler projects, including OKKO's online cinema, sites,, Gazeta.Ru,, etc. However, unlike other free Russian-speaking services, the cloud storage has no Rambler.

Yahoo Mista

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest and most popular postal services in the world. In the Western Internet segment, Yahoo holds leadership for a decade, but he has many more successful competitors in RuNet. The service is completely translated into Russian, so you can easily use all its functions.


In terms of access to other Mail projects, Yahoo presents little interest to Runet users, because all these projects are in English. But here there is also a cloud storage, but you can only access it for an additional fee. For the use of mail service does not take money.

How to create mail on a computer and laptop

To create an e-mailbox on a PC and a laptop, you need a browser and Internet access. You can also use special mailbox applications to manage the correspondence without launching a web browser.

In browser

Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of free email services, the process of creating boxes on them is practically no different. We will show the sequence of steps on the example of Yandex. Goods.

  1. Open the Yandex website.
  2. Click on the "Post Mail" link in the upper right corner. start Yandex.
  3. On the Registration page, enter the name and surname. Of course, no one will check them with records in the passport, but for a permanent box, we recommend specifying these data.
  4. Create a username. It can be any word written in Latin. The easiest way is to use your name / surname or a combination of them. Login should not start with the digit and contain the sign of the lower undertaking (__). It is allowed to use a point and hyphen. If the login is busy, then the appropriate notification will appear. In this case, you need to come up with another word. After registration, the login cannot be changed.
  5. Come up and remember the reliable password to enter the account. Enter his second time to confirm. Joint Yandex Mail
  6. Specify the phone number. It will be used only to restore access if you forget the password. Click "Confirm Number" and enter the code that will come to SMS.
  7. If you do not want to specify the number, click on the link "I don't have a phone". Yandex will offer to choose a control question, enter the answer and symbols to verify that you are a living person, not a robot. Security Question
  8. Remove the checkbox from the point "I agree to create Yandex.Corsselk", if not intended to use this payment system. Either leave: it can be useful to you, for example, when shopping in online stores.
  9. Click "Register" to complete the creation of an e-mailbox. Completion of registration

After registration, go back to the main page of Yandex. In the upper right corner, instead of the link "Make Mail", you will see a login that indicated when creating a box. Below will be the link to "Mail" and Yandex.Disk - your cloudy repository in which you can keep any files.

On other services, the order of creation of the box is similar. If some stage causes questions, you can easily find the official instruction. To do this, it is enough to write in the search engine "How to create mail to ..." and insert the name of the service, for example, how to create mail to Gmail or how to create mail on

In the mail client

If you want to manage mail without running a browser, then install an email client on your computer. Consider the use of such programs using the example of the most popular free app Mozilla Thunderbird.


  1. Through the browser, create an email on any free postal service.
  2. Install and run the Thunderbird program.
  3. In the "Configure Account" field, click on the link "Email". Email Thunderbird.
  4. Specify the name and surname, address of the previously created email and password from the box. Click "Continue".
  5. Then Thunderbird will offer you to select an incoming mail processing protocol: IMAP or POP3. The difference between them is indicated in brackets in the screenshot below. When using IMAP, all letters and attachments will be stored on the server, and you get access via email client. When using the POP3 protocol, the mail will be stored on your computer.
  6. Click "Finish" to save the configuration. Setting up an Email account in Tanderbadd

After adding the Email address will be displayed in the Thunderbird side menu. Click on it to enter the box. You may need to once again enter a login and password to allow the program access to correspondence.

Incoming Mozilla Thunderbird.

Thunderbird allows you to create additional mailboxes. To do this, press the "Get New Email Address" button in the Account Settings window.

Get a new email address

However, this service is paid. The cost of such a box is from 1 to 45 dollars a year.

Email Creating in Mozilla Thunderbird

If you didn't like something Mozilla Thunderbird, you can use other free postal customers.

For example:

  • Em Client - This application completely replaces the Microsoft Outlook standard email client. It connects electronic boxes in automatic mode, maintaining Russian postal services. Em Client has a paid version of Pro, however most of its features are available and free.
  • Claws Mail is a simple client that adds accounts from different mail services in semi-automatic mode. You only need to specify the email address and the connection protocol. Addresses of receiving servers and sending letters The program will add yourself.

There are also fully paid customers, for example, Mailbird and The Bat! But their acquisition is justified only if you work with a large number of letters or need an additional correspondence encryption.

How to create mail on a smartphone

To manage email on mobile devices, there are standard applications embedded in the system, but you can use the mail clients of third-party developers.

On Android

For full-fledged work with Android OS, you will need Gmail Postcount. Besides it, you can use on the device boxes registered on other services: Yandex, Mail.Ru, etc.

As the main mail client, it is convenient to use the built-in Gmail application, available on all smartphones and tablets with Android, regardless of the brand: Honor, Xiaomi Redmi, LG, etc.

Get acquainted with him closer:

  1. Open the Settings application. Android settings
  2. Go to the "Accounts" section. Account section
  3. Click "Add Account". Add Account
  4. Select the appropriate service - for example, Google to create Mail to Gmail. Choosing a type of account
  5. Go to an existing profile or click "Create Account" (for yourself). Link Create Account
  6. Enter the name and surname. Enter the name and surname
  7. Specify the date of birth and the floor.
  8. Select the proposed email address or specify your option. Gmail address selection
  9. Set the password is not shorter than 8 characters.
  10. Specify the phone number to restore the password in case of loss of access.
  11. Save the account.

To view Email on Android, run Gmail and tap the folder icon with incoming letters. If there are several accounts on the phone, you can switch between them by clicking on the icons in the search bar.

Gmail application on Android

You can also add mailboxes to Gmail registered on other services: Outlook, Yahoo, Yandex.Mate, Exchange and others. But their settings will have to be specified manually.

Email Setup on Phone

Own email client has Samsung phone owners. It is called Samsung Email and you can use it instead of the standard Gmail application, connecting the boxes from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook services, etc. The principal difference in the use and configuration of this program is not - you just need to specify login and password from email in it.

On iOS.

The owners of the iPhone and iPad have the ability to register a mailbox on the icloud - cloud service to which Apple devices are connected. To create a new account, only the device is required and Internet access via Wi-Fi or mobile network. Mail address on iCloud will simultaneously become your Apple ID ID - account receiving access to all Apple services: App Store, ICloud, find iPhone, Facetime, iMessage, etc.

How to create an email on iCloud:

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Go to the "Mail, addresses, calendars" section. Mail Address Calendars on iOS
  3. Click "Add Account".
  4. Select the type "icloud". ICLOUD account type
  5. Click "Create Apple ID". Create Apple ID
  6. Specify the name and surname, date of birth. Add real data, as they may need when contacting support service.
  7. On the Apple ID page, check the option "Get free e-mail in icloud". Get free e-mail in iCloud
  8. Come up with the name for the mailbox. If it is already busy, you will receive a corresponding notice. In this case, you will have to specify another option.
  9. Come up and enter the password twice. It must consist of a minimum of 8 characters, as well as contain at least one digit, line and uppercase. Apple Apple Password
  10. Select the control questions and enter answers to them. Specify the information you definitely for sure. Answers to check questions will help restore access to the account if you do not remember the password. Enter control issues
  11. Specify the address of the backup email to which the instruction will be sent to restore the password from the box on the iCloud in case of loss.
  12. Disconnect the "Update" option if you do not want to receive emails from Apple with information about products and services. Setting up updates
  13. Read and accept the terms of service.
  14. Confirm the backup email address by clicking on the link from the notification.

To send and accept correspondence from the iCloud mailbox, you need to add it to the standard mail application.

How to do it:

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Go to "Passwords and Accounts" section.
  3. Click "New Account" and select the ICLOUD service.
  4. Enter the box address and password you specified when registering an account.
  5. Click "Next" and wait for the account binding.
  6. With the help of the switches, specify which data the application will have access. For convenient work with letters, leave the posts "Mail", "Contacts", "Calendar".

Setting up access to mail and contacts

To check the letters, run the mail application and go to the "Boxes" section. It will be a link to the iCloud mailbox. Click on it to view incoming messages or send a letter.

Section boxes

Similarly, mailboxes registered on other services are added on the iPhone. Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. If there is no resource in the list that you use, click on the "Other". Then tap "Add an account", enter the username, address, password and description, such as the service name.

Adding mail on iPhone

Also, the application will ask you to specify addresses of incoming and outgoing servers. For example, for Yandex, these are the following:

  • - incoming mail;
  • - Outgoing mail.

For services that are not in the list of pre-installed, you will have to look for addresses yourself. Most often, they can be found in the mail portal help section, where it is described about setting up the box on different devices.

This is completed on this setting. You can find it in the "Mail" application. In the list it will be specified under the name you specified in the "Description" field when adding.

Third-party postal clients for Android and iOS

Instead of the standard mail application, you can also use third-party customers to control correspondence. For example, if you use Yandex. Please, it is much more convenient to establish the official application from Yandex. It is enough to enter a mailing address and password to access all correspondence, the remaining settings will be installed automatically.

Yandex. The app is also available for Android.

Application Yandex Mail

There are also other popular services for other popular services, such as Gmail or Mail.mail. Moreover, in the same application from Gmail, you can add other resources boxes, including iCloud.

Here are some more free universal postal customers for iOS and Android:

  • MyMail is an application that supports Yandex.mail boxes, Mail.Ru mail, Rambler, Google, Yahoo, etc. Each creates a separate folder with incoming and outgoing letters. You can download the app on Android and iOS by these links.
  • NewTon Mail is an application accessible to IOS users. Its main feature is integration with Trello, OneNote and Evernote services. If you use the latter, you can easily transfer information from the letter, for example, to the chalkboard in Trello or notes in Evernote.

Paid postal clients for mobile devices that also exist have even more integration with third-party resources. But if you come up to ten-twenty letters per day, then such powerful tools you are unlikely to use - for comfortable communication by email there is enough applications embedded in the system, or a free postal client from those named above.

How to create email free

In this lesson, I will show how to create an email on a computer or phone. We will learn to register the box in free mail services Mail.Ru,,

What is email

Email - This is a unique address on the Internet, which people from all over the world can write messages and add attachments to them. The main difference of such a box from the usual is that messages are delivered instantly in digital form.

Other email names: email, email box, soap, mail.

Services are serviced by electronic boxes Special sites - postal services. Most reliable: Yandex, (Google), To get a new address, you need to fill out a questionnaire in one of these services. Namely answer a few questions about yourself, choose a login and come up with a reliable password.

Login - This is the main part of the drawer name. It should be unique in the system, written by English letters (you can use numbers, point, hyphen).

Best of all, as a login, specify the last name, the first letters of the name and patronymic, for example, konstantinov.i.k. . If there is such a user in the network, you can change the sequence or add numbers (for example, a birthday).

Password - This is an alphanumeric code that the box will open. It should be reliable that the attackers could not pick it up through special dictionaries.

The password must consist of a minimum of 8 characters. It should contain capital letters, numbers and symbols. Example: @ nkon34 $ nik

How to create a box on a computer

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Create Mail" button.

3. Fill in the form for registration:

  • Enter the name and surname.
  • Set the birth date.
  • Choose your floor.
  • In the "Account" field, come up with login.
  • Come up with a reliable password and repeat it.
  • Enter your mobile number so you can always restore access when you lose the login or password.
  • Click "Register".

4. Enter the confirmation code in the send SMS field and click Continue.

Registration has been successfully completed, and the post is ready for work!

Now people will be able to send you letters to this address. Example: [email protected] Where komarov.k.w - Login, @ - Designation that this is email, Mail.Ru is a postal service.


1. Run at

2. Click on the "Post Mail" in the upper right corner of the site.

3. Fill in the form:

  1. In the first two fields, enter the name and surname.
  2. Create a username.
  3. Come up with a reliable password and repeat it.
  4. Enter the phone number so that you can restore access when losing login or password.
  5. Click on the "Confirm Number" button.

Enter the SMS code in the field.

And click on the "Register" button. All - the new address has been successfully created!

Now people will be able to send letters to this box. Example: [email protected] Where juravleva.d.v - login, @ - designation that this is email, - postal service.

1. Go to

2. Click on "Create Account".

3. Fill out the registration form:

  • In the first two fields, type the name and surname.
  • Come up with the username to which you will receive messages. In my case, the login was free, but if he is busy, the system will notify this - it will be necessary to come up with something else.
  • Come up and confirm a reliable password.

4. Attach the mobile phone number to protect in case of a login or password.

Enter the code sent to SMS and click Confirm.

5. Specify the backup email if it is available. Also add a day, month and year of birth, select the floor.

You can attach the phone number to Google's services, but at this stage we will skip this item.

6. Read and accept "Terms of Use".

Account successfully created!

Now you can receive letters to this address. Example: [email protected] Where lebedev.m.w - Login, @ - Designation that this is email, - postal service.

How to create a box on the phone

For the convenience of working with letters, mailing creators have released applications for phones and tablets. Such programs track the receipt of messages and instantly notify about this owner.

In my experience I can say that the application has come about a minute earlier than when receiving in the browser.

In this section, we consider an example of installing applications from Mail.Ru services, and And also registering in them a new box.


1. Open Google Play, write in the Search field Mail . Or go on the link. Install the program.

A request for permissions will be released. Click "Accept" and go the download process.

2. After installation, start the application. Click on the "Create New Mail" button.

3. Fill in the fields in the questionnaire:

  • Add the name and surname, date of birth and floor.
  • Come up with the account name that will be your address.
  • Choose security password.
  • Read the conditions and check the box at the "I read and accept the following Terms of Use".

4. Add a mobile phone number.

Enter the code received in SMS.

That's all - the box is successfully registered and added to the mobile application!


1. Open Google Play, print in the Search field Yandex Mail Select the application and click Install. Or go on the link.

Allow access to the data by clicking on the "Accept" button.

2. Run the application. In the lowest corner, click on the Inex.

3. Add a phone number to which the box will be registered.

4. Print the name and surname, come up with a login and password.

Click on the "Register" button, and then "Go to mail".

Congratulations, registration has been successfully completed!

Gmail application

Usually the Gmail application is installed in the default Android system. If you do not have it in your phone, check the link. Or manually:

  1. Open Google Play.
  2. Write in the search field Gmail. .
  3. Click on the Install button.
  4. Click "Accept" in the pop-up window.

Open the Gmail application. Click on "Add an email address".

Select "Google".

In the lower left corner, click on the "Create Account" button.

Getting Started Questionnaire

Enter the name and surname.

Enter your phone number to which Gmail will give an electronic box.

Enter the code in the SMS field.

Fill in General Information: Day, month and year of birth, Paul.

Select the email address proposed from the list or create your own.

How to create your email:

  1. Click on "Create another Gmail address".
  2. Invent login.
  3. Click "Next" and invent a password.

Google will offer to bind number to the services. At this stage will miss this item.

Next, read and accept the "Terms of Use and Privacy".

All - Registration Completed!

Click "Next" and the "Inbox" folder opens.

How to create a box in a mobile browser

In this section, we consider an example of creating a new e-mailbox through a mobile browser and service

1. Open your mobile browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari.

2. Go to M.Mail.Ru and click Register.

3. Fill in the form:

  • Enter the name and surname.
  • Set the birth date.
  • Select Paul.
  • Come up with the username.
  • Come up with a reliable password and repeat it to check.
  • Attach the phone number.

Click on the Register button. Enter the code in the SMS field and click Continue.

Registration completed.

Publication Date: 09/04/2019 Author: Ilya Kurbanov

Hello everyone! Today there will be a fairly useful post in which I will tell you in detail and show how to make email. In the world of modern technologies, it is already quite difficult to do without a personal email address. Because, almost all registration of accounts on different sites, purchases in online stores, subscriptions to news require email address instructions. This address is further used to restore credentials, as well as to confirm its actions, for example, confirmation of purchase or registration on the site.

Also mail is necessary for messaging, documents, audio and video files. Of course, many people will say that now there is a huge amount of messengers that allow you to perform all the functions available in email. Partly, many of you will be right, but as a rule, the subjects account is most susceptible to the e-mail account, as well as initially they have a different purpose. Therefore, without mail to do the Internet users will not work. If you have no own email or you want to create an additional mailbox, then I will help you.

What is an email address or your mailbox?

Today, email is an essential tool for personal and business communication. The mailbox on the Internet is a technology that allows you to exchange email messages over a computer network. Each box has its own address, without which the use of mail is impossible. The address is unique, assigned to the post office, no longer changes and remains unique. This ensures unmistakable delivery of messages between users.

How to make email on a computer for free? how to make email

Many people keeping up with the times have at least one email box, because without it, it is already quite difficult to do. As a rule, the process of registration of the postal address on different mail servers is about the same, but everywhere there are their own nuances, so consider Email registration on the most popular resources: Mail.Ru, Yandex, Gmail, Rambler.

The overall process of registration of the e-mailbox looks like this:

  1. Open any Internet browser and go to the main page of the site, where we will start mail;
  2. On page We are looking for a link: "Mail", "Log in", "Registration in the mail" and the like. How it will look like a specific site read below; make email for free
  3. After you get to the registration page, you will be offered a standard form in which you need to enter your data: name, year of birth, floor, etc.;
  1. Tip! It is advisable to immediately indicate your real data so that in the future you did not have to edit them.

    After filling out personal data, the "Mail Address" field will follow here you need to turn on the brain and come up with a mailing address in Latin;

Note! Very often invented addresses can be already occupied by someone. Then you can attribute a digit or letter to the already existing word.

  1. Next, come up with a reliable password, which will be difficult to hack intruders. As a rule, the password must be at least 8 characters and consist of capital, lowercase letters and numbers.
  2. If everyone has filled out correctly and the system has arranged, then after pressing the "Register" button, you will have your own electronic box. how to make an email address

Now I told you in general terms how to make email. Now consider in detail how to register the mailbox on Yandex, Male and other popular resources.

How to create email for free on Mail.Ru

First of all, I suggest to consider how to make an email on the oldest Internet portal, called The creators of this resource are probably the most first representatives of the free mail server. At some point, the Mail.Ru website was thrown into the background more new and modern postal services, but its developers did not remain aside and seriously finalized the service. After that, became more attractive for users, since the interface was reworked, new functions were added, and the account protection was improved.

In order to register a mailbox on the Mail.Ru website, we do the following:

  1. Open the Internet browser and in the address string write Mail.Ru;
  2. On the main page of the resource on the left side, you will immediately see the window in which there is a "Register in the mail" button, click it; how to make email on a computer
  3. The form of registration of a new mailbox will open. Here you need to fill out all the necessary fields: name, surname, birthday, city, floor, etc. In general, all standard fields that are found on many sites;
  4. After everyone filled out, click the "Register" button; how to make a signature in email

Note! When registering, there is a field to specify a mobile phone number. I advise you to register it to further if you forget the password, there were no problems with his recovery.

After completing the registration, you can immediately use mail. Make email mail

How to make email on yandex

Now let's look at how to create a mailbox on the server of the most popular Russian search engine. Many users choose Yandex Mail, as it has a high speed of work and a simple, understandable interface.

To create a mailbox for free on Yandex perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the address;
  2. In the window that opens, in the upper right corner there is the "Post Mail" button, click on it; make email for free
  3. The system instantly shifts us in the registration window. Unlike Mail.Ru, the registration form is more modest, which means that it will create a mailbox much faster;
  4. Standardly specify your name and surname, come up with login and password.

Note! When you create a password, the system can be clearly in the form of color indicators will show its complexity. I recommend to make reliable passwords to protect personal information from fraudsters.

It is also not necessary to enter the phone number, but if you specify it, it will be less problems when restoring a forgotten password.

  1. After filling out all the fields, click the "Register" button. Example How to make email

Congratulations! Now you know how to make email on Yandex. Example How to make email

How to create a mailbox on

Mail from Google is still quite young, but firmly entered the circles of popular mail services. So the Gmail service boasts beautiful and at the same time a very user-friendly interface with a variety of features, a good protection system and high speed. Personally, I really like to use the service, and I want to share with you how to make email on this resource.

  • First of all, open the browser and register the address;
  • The main page will be loaded on which it is necessary to press the "Create Account" button in the upper right corner; What email to do
  • A page with the form of registration will open, here everything is on the rolled. Write down your data and click the "Next" button;

If everything is filled correctly, the account will be created. And you will fall into the Google Mail interface. Since Google company has created a huge number of services: Google Photo, Play Market, Translator, YouTube, etc. That by registering the post account, you automatically access all popular resources. What email to do

That is, you will not have to register new credentials in the future, as it is one for all Google services.

Create mail on Rambler.

Rambler mail is already a fairly old resource, which appeared about 15 years ago. But for some reason, who did not win the love of users. Perhaps this affected the fact that the mail interface is some very simple and faceless. Although the mail is Rambler and has all the necessary features and must meet the needs of most users, but still suitable for the usual correspondence between people.

If you are considering Rambler as a corporate client, then alas here will not be offered anything.

If you still decided to stop at this postal service, we do the following:

  1. In the address bar of the browser we write:;
  2. A beautiful page will be loaded, down to which we click the "Registration" button; how to make email on the phone for free
  3. Next, the page with a huge form of registration will be loaded, fill in all fields and click the register button; how to make email on the phone for free

Note! In order to fill all the fields fill fill, one of the social network accounts can be used. The system will automatically take the data from them.

After the mail is registered, you can easily send letters to the necessary addressees.

Yahoo Mista

Yahoo allows you to use a whole terabyte memory for correspondence, provides a Russian-speaking interface and does not require complex registration. You can add a mobile phone number mobile phone and select the display of the drawer from the inside. Yahoo Mail has a large number of settings and a variety of sorting letters. The functionality is less wide than that Gmail, but simplicity of use and the amount of memory are visible advantage. Yahoo Mista

Pros and cons of email.

After you have dealt with how to make email, we suggest to consider the pros and cons of postal services.

Basic Disadvantages:

  • The probability of hacking. Probably the most important danger from which e-mail users can face are hacking mailbox and loss of confidential information. To at least somehow secure themselves, try to come up with the most difficult password;
  • Flying spam This is the second problem that strains most users. Probably, many of you have repeatedly come across a huge number of letters of an advertising nature, who almost every day fly to the post office;
  • Not always a quick response to letters. As a rule, users do not always follow the arriving mail, respectively, if you write a letter, then you can not get the answer immediately, but after a few days;
  • Probability infect computer virus. Since the attackers very often make the newsletter of viruses in emails, I recommend opening letters from unknown senders with caution.

Positive moments:

  • The ability to communicate and transmit files with an unlimited number of users;
  • The ability to communicate with people living at any point of the planet;
  • High speed of delivery of the letter to the addressee;
  • Free opportunity to write letters than send paper variants;
  • The ability to distribute the user group.

How to make email on different devices how to make email

Above, we considered in detail how to create an email on the most popular and free services: Gmail, Mail.Ru, Rambler and Yandex mail. As you can see, no problems, with the creation of the mailbox, should not occur. The main thing to choose the appropriate service and follow the instructions described here. You can make email address from any device that has access to the World Wide Web. Whether it is a tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer.

How to come up with a reliable password for mail

The correctly selected password will help to avoid someone else's intervention in your mailbox, thereby keeping the confidentiality of personal data.

To create a reliable password, it is recommended to use a variety of characters. These can be letters (small and capital) and numbers collected in a specific combination. Convenient when this combination is well acquainted. For example, come up with a code phrase and create a password from it, adding numbers - so the key will be easy to remember. However, remember that the cipher should not contain personal information. Take care of your safety! How to come up with a reliable password for mail

What passwords are unreliable?

Unreliable are too simple passwords consisting of predictable combinations. For example, " password123 " or " QWERTY12345. " In addition, you should not install the password already used or create a key that begins or ends with a space.

Phone number instead of email login

On some services, it is possible to create an email username using the phone number. For example, on Yandex, specifying the number, you can enter it in the Login field when entering.

On the one hand, it can be convenient and universally, but on the other, unsafe.

First, the phone number is most often associated with a whole set of data - electronic wallets, other mailboxes and personal accounts. The attacker may have a larger temptation for hacking mail.

Secondly, sending spam to email address can turn into SMS spam, and then get rid of them will be much more difficult.

What is a special postal address

In Yandex mail, there is a feature of a special postal address. It looks like standard login with the addition of the "+" icon and the words denoting the site. The option is used when registering on portals where you do not want to use the real email address.

An example of such an address: [email protected] Ru

How to create mail on a computer and laptop How to create mail on a computer and laptop

In order to create mail on a computer or laptop, you first need to decide on the service that you will be convenient to use.

You can make your email address on Yandex, Google, @ Mail.Ru, Rambler. Good and Yahoo. Each of the platforms have their advantages, but in general the difference between them is insignificant.

The next step after the selection will be the registration. It is important to fill out the questionnaire, in detail and correctly answering all the proposed questions. The future address and comfort in its future use depends on it. Most often in the questionnaire requires FULL NAME, date of birth, telephone and answers to "control" questions that will be useful when problems with mail.

Next, you must approve a unique login. It can be invented independently or offered by the service. The password is then created, the mark of familiarization with the user agreement and the mailbox is ready to use.

In browser

Mailing in the browser is subordinated to the specified algorithm. Go to the email site of the selected service (in the search, type "Yandex Mail", "Google" Mail, etc.) and click "Try Gmail" (at Google), "Register" (Yandex, @ Mail.Ru, Rambler .Well) or "Create an account" from Yahoo. After that, you will be offered a questionnaire for filling.

In the mail client

Install the email client. Free Applications Mozilla Thunderbird, Claws Mail or Em Client appropriate. First, create mail on any service, then inside the program in the "Configure Account" section, select Email. Then, specify your personal data, select the incoming letters processing protocol: the IMAP protocol will provide an ability to store everything received on the server, and POP3 is in the computer's memory. Click "Finish" and comfortably use New Mail.

Mozilla Thunderbird.

How to create email on the phone

Mobile device allows you to use both classic mail applications and third-party customers for registration.

On Android

On Android is the most convenient to use Gmail account as basic and manage it using a mobile application.

Open the settings and in the Accounts section, select the Add Account option and the appropriate service, click "Create Account", enter your personal data, come up with a login and password and save the result. Create Gmail account

Next, you can add mailboxes attached to other convenient services, but they will have to be adjusted manually.

On iOS.

Holders of devices with an IOS operating system have the ability to register an email address on ICloud - a service that stores data in the cloud, connecting the Apple devices to it.

To create mail on ICloud, open the settings, go to the "Mail, Address, Calendar" section, add an ICLOUD type account and then create an "Apple ID" by filling out the questionnaire. After this procedure you can create a free e-mail in ICloud. To do this, fill out an email information form - write login, password and answers to check questions. Mail Mail on ICloud

Next, accept the system conditions, confirm the backup email address, re-enter the account and attach an account using the Next button. You will be prompted to configure the box and access to third-party applications.

Third-party postal clients for Android and iOS

Sometimes it is convenient to use your own email services applications, and not in advance built into the operating system (iOS icloud). For example, Yandex has its own application "Yandex.poshta", it is available for device owners with both OS. Google makes it possible to use the Gmail application in which you can add addresses of other resources, in particular ICloud. Service @ Mail.Ru has an application "Mail. Mail. " Also useful postal customers are "Mymail" (available on iOS and Android, supports the main mail services) and "NewTon Mail" (available on iOS, integrates with Evernote, OneNote and Trello services) How to make email? The most detailed instruction!

There are paid customers associated with more than twenty third-party systems.

How to work with mail

Email services have many options. The main of them are associated with the exchange of letters and documents.

Main functions

On the letter page, you can select the sending address, place the text, attach the necessary document and send a message after entering the recipient's mail.

To open the received letter, click on the string with it in the Mail section. You can answer it inside the tab that opens, clicking the "Reply" button or write a new one, going to the letter page. How to work with mail

You can also send the received message in its tab. Attach the attachments is convenient both from the computer and from cloud storage. Here Yandex will come to the rescue. Google disc, etc.

You can sort the letters by creating folders or putting tags. There are sections for spam and thematic messages (for example, "promotions" in Google).

How to delete a letter. How to get rid of spam

To delete a letter, it is enough to click on it and select the appropriate function. To remove a group of letters, it is necessary to highlight them by the group. How to remove mail

Fight with spam is comfortable using a black list. You can add non-annual email addresses to the list or clicking on them after receiving the letter, or by expanding the lock list in the settings.

Letters processing rules

In Yandex mail, there is an option to create rules for processing messages. In the box settings, set the processing conditions and the corresponding actions, click the "Create Rule" button to save the result. Mail Processing Rules (1)

In the future, it is worth checking the operation of the rule and change it if necessary.

How to restore access to email

To successfully restore access, you can contact the service support service or click "Forgot your password" on the post office. how to recover mail password

After that you will receive instructions on the necessary actions. Typically, the recovery procedure requires knowledge of answers to test questions, information about backup mail and phone number.

How to register on any site using email

Usually the presence of email helps to optimize the registration process on sites. Click the "Register" button, enter the data and email address. You will receive a link-to confirm the relevance of the drawer, which will need to be processed to complete the registration. how to register with email

How to use cloud storage

The cloud storage saves memory and helps to use the same files on different devices. To use the clouds, install the application and select the path for which the data from folders will go to the storage. Next, the program will independently copy the selected files and will open access to them on the associated devices. How to use cloud storage (1)

Let's summarize.

In today's article, I told you detail how to make email on different services. I hope this instruction will help you to start your personal mailbox After all, without him in the modern world, it is already quite difficult to do.

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