Recipes and tips on the preparation of crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Most women are recognized that, despite the great life experience, they never learned how to prepare rice correctly. Everyone wants him to get crumbly, but how to achieve this, not many know. Today we reveal all the secrets and teach you how to cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker.

How to cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker. Classic recipe


The most difficult to prepare the usual white rice, which is sold in grocery stores. The cost of it is kopeck, so in almost every family eating only white rice. It is also problematic to cook it. Rice porridge is a tasty and useful dish, but it is not always possible to cook the rice so that the grain from the grains lag behind the rice to be well suiced and did not merge. This is a whole art, many mistresses consider so much and they are mistaken, because it is not a problem to cook crumbly rice, especially when there is a kitchen assistant - a multicooker. Prepare rice by such a simple recipe.

Ingredients are as follows:

  • rice white - 1 part;
  • Water normal - 2 parts;
  • Salt - at will;
  • Creamy oil is a small piece.

How to cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker:

  1. Immediately explanations: 1 part of the cereals and 2 parts of the water, such as the proportion during the cooking rice. Take 1 cup of rice or 1 multistacan, water needs to take 2 times more.
  2. Why many owners do rice turns nonsense? They are not washed it, but it is very and very important. First, the croup must be poured onto the table, remove trash and damaged grains.
  3. Now you can pour rice into a spacious container and move it into the sink. Now your task is just to open a crane with cold water. The pressure should be unsigned, let the water wash the rice. We warn that the cereal is not washed with hot water, because the taste of rice porridge changes not for the better.
  4. Leave the bowl with rice for the whole 10 (!) Minutes under the messenger jet of water. This is so much time you need so that the croups are rinsed well. You yourself will see it yourself when it will be not muddy from the bowl, but a pure driver.
  5. Rice real hostesses never soak, because then he is definitely welded, but we do not need it.
  6. It remains only to drain the water, pour the cereal into the container of the multicooker, and then pour 2 glasses of water.
  7. Following the water, send salt. Here, if desired, if the porridge is brewed for the side dish, then the salt is relevant, if in order to breed milk or serve with jam or jam, then salt can be excluded.
  8. By the way, water can be replaced with meat or vegetable broth.
  9. Immediately in the Multivarka bowl, do not forget to put a piece of butter, approximately half or a slightly more teaspoon on 1 cup of cereals.
  10. What gives oil? Delicious gentle creamy taste that is so lacking in fresh rice caress.
  11. If you want, add your favorite spices, but the real cooks do not do this at cooking rice. And, in general, with rice perfectly friendly such seasonings like Saffron, Turmeric and Zira. Just put quite on a little bit.
  12. Next, just close the lid, prepare crumbly rice in a slow cooker in the "Rice" or "porridge" mode, if there is no special program, then the "Spaghetti" mode is suitable.
  13. Time is installed automatically, so you do not need to monitor the device, stirring and in general interfere in the cooking process also do not have to.
  14. After the signal, the multicooker automatically switches to the "heated" mode. Try not to miss this moment and turn off the power of the device.
  15. If the rice leave alone and do not open the lid, then it remains hot in the closed space for a while for an hour.

Rice is ready, we use crumbly rice as a side dish. Rice porridge perfectly harmonizes with fish and meat dishes, as well as stewed or boiled vegetables.

How to cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker. Easy way


I would like to reduce the time of staying in the kitchen after a hard working day, cook the side dish and cook a couple of sausages. But how do you not want to stand at the slab and stir the rice so that it does not stick to the walls of the dishes, and also turned out to be raffered. And it is not necessary, now the whole difficult work will make a multicooker. We offer a quick way of cooking crumbly rice in a slow cooker.

The desired ingredients:

  • White round fired rice - 1 bag;
  • water - 2 glasses;
  • Salt - to taste, like spices;
  • Creamy oil is half a teaspoon.

Secrets of cooking crumbly rice in a slow cooker:

  1. It's simple - you need to buy steady rice, it is sold in cardboard boxes in separate packages. In 1 perforated package there is a glass of parhed rice. What is it different from ordinary cereals? Rice in sachet with holes is prepared - treated with hot steam under high pressure.
  2. Preparing rice extremely simple - you need to put in the pan of multicookers rice right in the package, without opening.
  3. Pour 2 glasses of water and prepare in "Rice" or "Circular / Porridge" mode.
  4. Time is automatically installed. Fig is pre-rinse and you do not need to squeeze.
  5. After the signal, you need to carefully pick up the finished rice for a fork and extend from the saucepan. Swelling the bag over the sink, let the extension fluid stand.
  6. All, crumbly rice is ready - the package must be carefully cut with scissors and shift the contents on the dish.
  7. After the manipulations done, put a piece of butter into a hot bar.

How to cook long crumbly rice in a slow cooker


And how are you used to cooking rice? Washed - fell asleep in a saucepan with just swashed water, added salt and cook stirring until the rice is soft? But this method of cooking is wrong! Rice should be pre-rinse thoroughly to remove the surplus starch, then you can count on success. Especially since the long white rice is hardened more difficult than round.


  • rice - 2 glasses;
  • Hot water - 4 glasses;
  • salt to taste;
  • Creamy oil - 1 tbsp.

Preparation of crumbly rice in a slow cooker:

  1. The main task is to rinse it well. We will do it like this: we fall asleep the croup in the colander, rinse under the jet of cold water (the colder, the better). But we will rinse somewhat differently: a colander with a cereal put into a large saucepan with water, rice need carefully "stir" so as not to break fragile rice.
  2. Then the water merges, the new one is poured and the entire procedure is repeated. We do so as long as the water is crystal clear. This means that all starch, which glues rice during cooking, will be washed. Now he does not hurt us to cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker.
  3. Pour the croup into the multicooker's bowl. Correctly calculate the proportions of rice - this may be as standard 1 part of rice and 2 parts of water and 1 to 1, it all depends on the rice variety and the final result. Since we are preparing long-grained rice, then there are several other proportions, you can cook the crum in a ratio of 1 to 2 or take 3 parts of rice and 5 parts of water.
  4. As for the water itself - the multicooker is to fill in the saucepan. So that there is no temperature difference, the thickness of the multicooker is preferably warm up to warm up, then pour the rinsed camp and pour boiling water.
  5. It remains to add a little salt if you plan to cook rice as a side dish to fish, vegetable or meat dishes. After salt, do not forget to put and a piece of butter. Oil will soften the taste of the finished dish and give it a gentle creamy taste.
  6. If at home did not turn out to be butter, add a bit (not more than 1 tbsp.) Of any vegetable oil. Ideal - olive.
  7. Prepare rice need in "Rice / Porridge" or "Cook for a pair" mode.

If all the recommendations were observed, then the rice will work out as planned - crumbly and tasty. Help yourself!

How to cook crumbly brown rice in a slow cooker


Brown rice boil is easier than white round, but proportions and some rules must be observed.


  • Brown rice - 1 cup;
  • water - 2 parts;
  • Salt, spices - to taste;
  • Vegetable or butter.

How to prepare crumbly rice in a slow cooker:

  1. Cooking the dark rice need a little longer than white, but first you need to prepare a barrel: to go through, rinse with water many times, and at the end pour hot water, and then add salt.
  2. Prepaid crumbly rice in a slow cooker for 10 minutes longer than ordinary fig. You can use the Buckle program. As always, the multicooker cover in this program should be closed.
  3. In a multicooker, the rice will never nourish, will not stick to the walls of the saucepan.
  4. After the sound signal, the rice must be left alone at least for 10 minutes, during which time it will achieve readiness.
  5. If you want to cook wild rice, then observe such proportions: 3 parts of the water takes 1 part of the rice.

Rights of the cooking rice in a slow cooker


As for the additives, it is possible to boil both with salt and add some sugar. If you want rice to be fragrant, add a bay leaf (1-2 pieces) during cooking, a little black peas pepper, a pinch of dried greenery or a clove of garlic. Rosemary is suitable, as well as dry lemon crust.

If you want to surprise guests or home, the usual white rice on the side dish can be squeezed with natural dye - add a pinch of curry powder or a little saffron. It is possible to enrich the taste of the finished dish, and in another way: to cook rice in a vegetable broth (suitable for those who hold diet), meat broth. Fast option - dilute the cube of broth in hot water. Salt is then not added when cooking crumbly rice in a slow cooker.

If you need to vice versa, achieve a snow-white shade, then rice is boiled in milk or add 1 part of the water during cooking and 1 part of milk.

Do not forget that the most delicious rice is thoroughly washed. As for the program, it is possible to prepare rice in the "buckwheat" mode, traditionally "porridge" or "rice". If you used the program "Plov", then do not forget that the last 10 minutes in the program is provided for increasing power so that the rice is fried a little. Therefore, you need 10 minutes before the program is completed, turn off the device and simply bring the rice until ready, hooked under the closed lid for 7-10 minutes.

If you think that the usual rice cooked on water with the addition of salt is boring, enrich the dish vegetables: add asparagus, carrots, corn, green peas, zucchini. But real connoisseurs of this product prefer to cook rice "pure", even without salt, and then spices or sauce add to finished rice.

How to cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker. Video

Cut the crumbly rice barbell may not even have every chef. In the preparation of rice there are features and tricks that are not known to everyone. Today we will fix it: share some secrets and learn how to prepare a delicious rice in a slow cooker.

Rice Garnish: Culinary Aesthetics

How to cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker? Theoretically, it is simply, but in practice it is often instead of the crumpled garnish, some unwrapped ineffous weight is obtained. But it is still possible to master this culinary art.

First of all, the rice camp must be thoroughly rinsed. The easiest way is the selected polished rice to lay out in a bowl, pour water and wash your hands well, then leave for 10 minutes and drain the liquid. We repeat the procedure until the water being drained is crystal clear.

The crumbly rice will turn out of ground and steady cereals. You can resort to one tricky - fry rice in oil. By the way, the creamy or refined sunflower seed oil will make the side dish gentle and crumbly.

Rice on the side dish in a multicooker "Redmond" can be prepared in pure form or with vegetables. In any case, it turns out incredibly tasty. Let's start with a simple recipe.

On a note! Remember non-hard arithmetic: rice croup and water take in a 1: 2 ratio. You can use a measuring glass or multistacan. Almost all multistachanes have a nominal volume of 160 ml.


  • 0.2 kg of grinding rice;
  • Carrot - 1 root;
  • Onions - 1 head;
  • filtered water;
  • Salt and seasonings - to taste.


  1. Razed and grinded rice croup with a convenient way to be thoroughly rinsed.
  2. We lay it out in the pile, poured with filtered water and leave for 25 minutes. Rice on the side dish in Multicooker "Redmond"
  3. Vegetables clean. Onions finely chopped with a knife, and carrots are rubbed on the grater for cooking in Korean. Onions finely chopped with a knife, and I rub the carrot
  4. After the expiration of the specified time, we shift in the colander and leave for 10 minutes to the glasses excess moisture.
  5. Put the washed rice camp in a multicooker bowl. Rice Crap in a multicooker bowl
  6. Add chick carrots. Machine carrots
  7. Following the bow.
  8. Sprinkle with seasonings and spices to taste. It is better to choose universal spices for Plov.
  9. Fill with filtered water and do not forget about the proportions.
  10. Everyone is well mixed.
  11. We choose the program mode "Rice" or "Pilaf", timer set for half an hour.
  12. After serving the audio signal, open the multi-wiring gadget cover.
  13. So that the side dish is still more gentle and tastier, add 1 tbsp. l. Refined sunflower seed oil or a piece of softened creamy. Rice garnish

Garnish from rice and vegetables: Hold your fingers!

Want to make a variety of home menu? Try cooking delicious rice on the side dish in a slow cooker. To improve taste, add juicy and fragrant vegetables to the dish. By the way, you can mix several varieties of rice cereals. It turns out original, and the dish will look mysterious and appetizing.

Garnish from rice and vegetables


  • 200 g rice cereals of various varieties;
  • 1 sweet Bulgarian pepper;
  • 40 ml of refined sunflower seed oil;
  • half of the bouillon cube;
  • bulb - 1 pc.;
  • 1 carrot root;
  • 0.3 l of filtered water;
  • Salt and spices - to taste.


  1. We start with the preparation of rice cereals. We wash it carefully with running water.
  2. We lay out rice in a colander and leave for a while that the glasses are excess moisture. Rice in colander
  3. The bulb is cleansed and finely chopped with a knife. Bully cleaning
  4. Peeled carrot root rinse, we dry and rub on the grater. Purified carrot root root
  5. Sweet Bulgarian pepper cut in half. We remove the fruit, clean the seeds and streak.
  6. Cut sweet pepper cubes. Sweet pepper cubes
  7. In the pile or measuring glass pour filtered water.
  8. Lightly heating the liquid and wept half a bouillon cube in it. It turns out such a broth to the ambulance hand.
  9. In a multicooker bowl, we pour refined oil of sunflower seeds.
  10. We lay out the rice barrel with vegetables. Everyone is well mixed. Sweet pepper cubes
  11. We establish the program mode "Pilaf" or "Rice-Cruses". After half an hour, an unusually delicious garnish will be ready.

How to cook rice in a slow cooker?

Rice can be found in many kitchens in the world. For some people, rice cereals becomes bread pressing during a diet. Yes, and supporters of the correct nutrition are not averse to being enjoyed such a cereal culture.

Today, manufacturers are already separated and steamed rice, the preparation time of which has been significantly reduced. Nevertheless, for some reason, many people do not work with crumbly porridge. That water remains too much, the porridge merged. And try cooking rice steamed. Such a garnish will probably have to taste to everyone.

Delicious rice in a slow cooker


  • 2 multistakan rice cereals;
  • Creamy oil and salt - to taste.


  1. Grinding and steamed rice are rinsed with running water. We do it at least 4-5 times until the water becomes transparent.
  2. In a multicooker bowl, pour filtered water. Fill it at about ½ part.
  3. We take a special pallet for cooking dishes for a pair and food aluminum foil.
  4. We drag the foil into one or two layers of the mesh pallet. Make small holes with a needle or toothpick. If this is not done, then rice grains will be in water through large pallet holes.
  5. Install the pallet over the multicooker bowl. Lay out rice.
  6. Add salt to taste and softened butter.
  7. We establish a "pair cooking" software, exhibit a timer for 30 minutes.
  8. After serving the sound signal, the loose, dry, useful and incredibly delicious rice garnish is ready.

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Culinary bases of preparing rice will be suitable for creating complex gastronomic masterpieces. Crumbling rice can become not only an independent dish, but also the components of the ingredient of baking, salads, snacks. Special attention deserves pilaf. Of course, our hostess prepare it as in the eastern countries, but it still turns out incredibly tasty. Knowing some tricks, you will now cook loose pilaf. Bon Appetit!

Rice is very popular in many kitchens in the world. Recipes set. But how to prepare it correctly for a particular dish, not every hostess knows. The easiest rice is preparing in a slow cooker. It does not need to control the cooking process and interfere.

Rice in a slow cooker turns out delicious, crumbly and does not stick to the bottom. Yes, and water does not run away, as it happens when you are preparing on the stove.

Before you cook rice in a slow cooker, you need to decide what you will do from it. After all, different varieties and product preparation will be needed for different dishes. If you are going to prepare crumbly rice on the side dish or pilaf, you need to rinse it well in warm water to remove the extra starch. Then rice will not stick together. For this Uzbek Plov and the side dish, it is necessary to choose an unlightened, long-grain rice: a devizer, bass, jasmine, wild, steamed, brown, golden. They contain less starch, and rice is obtained crumbly.

Rice in Multivarka

For the preparation of dairy porridge, paelle, risotto, sushi fit starchy, round varieties: Arbrio, Krasnodar rice.

This section contains a huge number of step-by-step recipes with photos, on which you can cook a delicious rice in multicookers and in multicooker-pressure cookers Redmond, Polanis, Panasonic, etc. Here are the most popular recipes for delicious rice dishes:

  1. Rice with vegetables in a slow cooker
  2. Delicious rice with chicken in a slow cooker
  3. Rice with minced meat in a slow cooker
  4. Milk rice porridge in a slow cooker
  5. Sweet pilaf with raisins in a slow cooker
  6. Meat hedgehogs with rice and filling in a slow cooker
  7. Minced meatballs with rice in a slow cooker

How to cook delicious crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Rice is one of the most popular garnings on our table, but not everyone boasts its ability to cook delicious crumbly rice in a slow cooker. It is not so difficult. The main thing is to comply with certain rules. In order for rice in a slow cooker it turned out, it is necessary:

  1. Take less starchy varieties so that rice does not glue. Usually, it is long-grain rice, it contains less starch. The shorter or whiter grain, the way it is softer and more water, the stronger sharp and more sticky becomes. Therefore, inexpensive white polished rice, which we most often buy in the store, does not fit for these purposes. It is more used to cook pounds and pudding. It is better to use special varieties: Basmati, Jasmine, Dev-Zira, unlightened brown, steamed, wild, red, black. Recipe crumbigh rice in a slow cooker
  2. Rog rice in warm water to remove starch.
  3. Comply with the correct proportions of rice and water.
  4. In the process of preparation, rice do not need to mix.
  5. Comply with rice cooking time. There are varieties that are welded in 15 minutes, and there are, which you need to boil for an hour, for example, wild rice. And if the rice in warm water is pre-grilled, the croup is preparing much faster, enough for 5-10 minutes.

Classic recipe for crumbling rice in multicooced Redmond

  • We take the right rice proportions. As a rule, this is one volume of rice and two volumes of water. Although there is rice that is boiled in three volumes of water, it's black rice. You can measure at least multi glasses, at least conventional glasses, the main thing to maintain proportions.
  • We rinse rice in warm water until the water becomes clean from starch. arroz3.jpg.
  • We lay the washed rice into the multicooker bowl. arroz4.jpg.
  • Fill with water if you cook rice on water for the side dish. In addition to water, you can use vegetable, chicken or meat broth. arroz5.jpg.
  • We simulate water. Salt put to your taste.
  • In the fig, you can add your favorite spices. For rice, turmeric, curry, zira, saffron, ginger, garlic, barbaris, black pepper.
  • And also, if you are not on a diet and do not observe the post, you can put a piece of butter.
  • Close the multicooker cover.
  • Turn on the appropriate mode. In a multicooker Panasonic, it can be a pilaf and buckwheat. In the multicooker Redmond can be prepared in the usual cooking mode from 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the rice variety. In a multicooker, polaris rice can be prepared in the cereal mode by setting the time for 25 minutes.
  • These are automatic programs, during which the cover is not recommended. It is also not recommended to stir.
  • After the end of the program, the crumbly rice in a multicooker is ready. You can sprinkle its greens and serve on a side dish to fish, meat, vegetable dishes.


How to cook rice in multicooker polaris

Multicookers of different models have different power, a different set of programs, so the preparation of dishes in them will be different. Such a popular side dish, as rice has its preparation subtleties in each model. Consider how you can cook rice in a multicooker polaris (Polaris 0517 AD) and which program you need to use.

In order for Rice in a multicooker Polanis turned out to be crumbly, it is necessary to observe all the rules for the preparation of the crumbigh rice, which we mentioned above. That is, it is true to choose grade grade, rinse it well in warm water and use the correct proportions of rice and water: one to two.

In a multicooker, Polaris has several modes for boiling rice: cereals, pilaf, and also in some models there is a multipowder program with manual installation. The PLU program is usually automatic, it turns off on its own when all the water evaporates. But in the Polaris PMC 0517AD model, you can select a time range from 20 minutes to two hours. For the crumbly long-grain rice, there is plenty of 20-25 minutes.

Most often, when preparing rice, use the Cropa program. In this mode, the time is set by default for 25 minutes, just as much and boiled rice. But if you want to experiment, you can use the multipowner. It is adjusted as time: from 5 minutes to 12 hours and temperature from 40 to 160 degrees. This program is convenient because you can prepare different varieties. For a simple white rice cooking, set a standard time of 25 minutes and a temperature of 100 degrees. If you boil stealed or brown rice, time will need more. Rice is obtained crumbly. arroz9.jpg.

How to cook brown and steamed rice in a multicooker Panasonic

In a multicooker Panasonic, unfortunately, there is no manual mode. But there is a program of pilaf. It is perfect for the preparation of brown and steady rice, because unobilized varieties are preparing longer. It is welded well on it well, but it retains its shape and the rice is obtained crumbly.

One multi rice glass is rinsed well in several waters, pour out in a multicooker bowl. Pour hot water, add salt, spices at will. Turn on the pilaf mode. As soon as the signal sounds, stealing or brown rice in a multicooker Panasonic is ready. Apply it to meat, at least to the fish, at least to vegetables that can be prepared at the same time.

White polished rice in a multicooker Panasonic

White polished rice, unlike brown, is easily welded. In a multicooker pincenly, ordinary white rice can be prepared on "buckwheat" mode.

Preparation of Krasnodar rice or any other round-turn:

My cereal to transparent water, this will require at least 10 rinse with warm water. Put the washed rice in a slow cooker. Add salt, butter to taste. Fill with hot water. For one cup of rice, we need two cups of water. Include buckping mode and cook before the signal. After the signal, delicious gentle rice in a multicooker Panasonic is ready.

Cook with a slow cooker - a solid pleasure, and every "cook" will cope. Prepare a delicious and appetizing crumbly rice in a slow cooker will be easier than simple! The councils and the rules in preparation will help you make it possible to cook crumbly rice without much difficulty.

Table of contents:

Crumbly rice in a slow cooker: the simplest recipe

All cereals have useful properties and rice no exception. Multicooker retains all the benefits of products. Therefore, we will learn to prepare a useful crumbly rice in a slow cooker.

Required ingredients:

  • Water 2 glasses;
  • Figure 1 cup;
  • Salt and turmeric to taste.

crumbly rice in a multicooker photo

  1. Pretty rinse in a pretty rice until the flowing water becomes transparent.
  2. We lay it in a bowl with a slow cooker, pour rice with water, salt and sprinkle turmeric.
  3. Now we choose the "rice" mode and wait until our dish is ready.
  4. Creamy oil can be added to the finished rice.

No difficulties with such a dish, the main thing is to know the proportions and everything will certainly work.

How to cook crumbly rice: Main rules

Rice Basmati variety is cooked well, a pleasant taste and gets crumbly, but soft. To know how to properly cook crumbly rice, you need to stick to these rules:

  1. You can not boil a large amount of rice. So that it was crumbly, it should be prepared by portions up to 400 grams.
  2. Water should be more than rice 2.5 times.
  3. Rog rice carefully under running water is less than a minute and cook it only after 10 minutes.
  4. Do not sore rice during cooking. You can after cooking, but not earlier.
  5. Rice interfere with only when it fell asleep to boiling water in a saucepan. More he does not need stirring.
  6. The cooking process should take place on minimal fire.
  7. 20-22 minutes is quite enough to prepare rice. If you cook longer, the rice will not be crumbly.

How to cook rice on the side dish

Rice is good approach to the role of the side dish on your table. So that it turns out the most successful to start, you need to make the right choice. The garnish is great for long-grain rice. Other varieties of rice are also good, but it is better for a barrier that is long. So, how to make rice on the side dish, so that it turns out the crumbly.

how to cook rice on the side dish photo

  1. The washed rice is flooded with cold water and cooked on medium heat.
  2. Cooking time is about 20 minutes, during which, rice is allowed to stir. Rice ratio to water 1: 2.
  3. And complete the process of washing ready rice. For this, it is pre-boiled water (approximately liter 2) and cool it.
  4. When water stalks, add butter cream and delicious garnish ready!

Rice is the most common side dish for many dishes. There is a large number of varieties of this cereals on sale. So that the porridge gets crumbly and tasty, the secrets of cooking each type separately should be aware.

Multicooker greatly simplifies the process of preparing rice, but even in such conditions it is possible to obtain an inedible adhesive mass.

To cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker, the "Rice" modes, "buckwheat", "porridge" are used. If the program "Plov" is used, then you should not forget that 10 minutes before the end of the preparation of the thermal regime is enhanced. For Plov, this is relevant, since the mass must be frozen a little. But during the preparation of the side dish, the device is turned off 10 minutes before the end of the program is completed, and adjusted until complete readiness in heating mode. In this case, the lid must be closed.

Crumbly rice in a slow cooker

If the process is organized correctly, then at the end of the cooking water should be completely evaporated or absorbed into the croup.

First, it is necessary to wait for water boiling, and then pour the croup. Otherwise, the grains are glued together. Also, a small amount of vegetable or butter is added to the water.

Salt, sugar (small quantity), rosemary, lemon zest, black peas, garlic clove or dried greens are used as extra additives.

In order for the crumbly rice, cooked in a slow cooker, had a snow-white shade, it is prepared on a mixture of milk and water (ratio of 1: 1), or on milk without adding water.

Before cooking, rinse thoroughly. Water that merges from the cereals should be clean, without impurities starch.

To make a dish more delicious, it is worth using for cooking vegetable or meat broth. A pinch of saffron, turmeric or curry will allow you to give a bright and saturated shade sideline.

The use of vegetables - zucchini, carrots, corn, peas, capers or asparagus is allowed as additional ingredients.

Multicooker, this is a device that allows you to cook any dish for a couple. It is possible to do with rice cereals. The only condition - the cooking time increases by a quarter of an hour.

It should be noted that cooking time often depends on the power of the device. If this indicator is low, then the cooking time should increase.


Parished crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Parished crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Parished rice differs from the usual in that it is pre-treated with a steam under high pressure. As a result, all the beneficial substances remain inside the grain, and the rice itself becomes dense and slightly transparent.

Before preparing a steady crumbling rice in a slow cooker, the croup is washed at least 7 times. The last time it is desirable to pour boiling water. Also, the mass is checked for extraneous impurities and garbage. Then the croup is placed in a sieve or colander and give moisture completely dragging.


  • 1 measuring glass of cereals;
  • 2 measuring glasses of water:
  • Oil and salt at will.

Cooking method:

  1. Pour water into the container, turn on the household appliance to the "rice" or "cereals" mode, wait for the boil and pour a clean crusher.
  2. Cook for 30 minutes.

Level Kitchen.

Round crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Round crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Round rice make crumbly in a slow cooker. Cropa contains a large amount of starch, and softened very quickly. The finished product is very gentle and juicy.


  • 1 measuring tank of rice cereals;
  • 1 measuring boiling water capacity;
  • Salt, oil at discretion.

Cooking method:

  1. Rice cereal should be rinsed well, and then pour out in boiling water immediately.
  2. The ratio of rice and boiling water should be 1: 4. Cooking time - 12 minutes in "Rice" or "Porridge" mode.
  3. After time, put for 10 minutes to "heated" mode.
  4. After that, oil, salt and spices add to porridge.


Long-grained crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Long-grained crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Swift long-grained crumbly rice in a slow cooker is easiest. Thin transparent grains contain a small amount of starch. Thanks to this, the finished side dish is slightly dryish. But the long-grained rice also needs washing.


  • 2 measuring tanks of cereals;
  • 4 dimensional boiling water tanks;
  • 1 tbsp. l. butter;
  • salt.

Cooking method:

  1. Pour water into a slow cooker and turn on the device by selecting the "Rice" or "porridge" mode.
  2. Wait for boiling water, pour the washed camp and close the lid. Prepare to beep.
  3. Add oil and salt.

Brown crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Brown crumbly rice in a slow cooker

Brown, or brown rice, it is a cereal, which is not amenable to extra grinding. On the surface of the grains remains a sheath of bran. Due to this, the brown rice contains additional vegetable fats, vitamins, trace elements and fiber.

To prepare such a cereal, it is important to comply with the proportions. Also required extra time for cooking. Brown crumbly rice when cooking in a slow cooker increases in the amount of three times.


  • 1 measuring container of brown rice;
  • 2 measuring tanks of purified water;
  • spices, salt;
  • Cream or vegetable oil at discretion.

Cooking method:

  1. Before breeding, the croup should be carefully loosen and rinsed. After that, the croup is poured with water and leave for 12 hours.
  2. During the washing, the grains you need to wipe with each other. This will help prevent sticking.
  3. In a multicooker, pour water in a 1: 3 ratio, wait for boiling, fall asleep the cereal, and enable the program "Rice". On the timer set the time of 40 minutes.
  4. Cook with a closed lid. After the readiness signal, leave in the "heated" mode for 10 minutes, and then serve on the table.

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Crumbling rice of bass in a slow cooker

Crumbling rice of bass in a slow cooker

The word Bas-Mati in translation means fragrant. It is this variety that contains the greatest amount of useful substances. Moreover, the product has a lower glycemic index compared to the rest of the varieties. For these reasons, Basmati rice variety is often recommended for use during diets, as well as patients with diabetes.

High quality product has a uniform color. Each grains should be integer and have an elongated form. There are cases when basmati is mixed with other varieties (black or wild). But if you cook this product for the first time, you should take pure bass without extraneous impurities.

If rice has a natural origin, clay lumps, husks or stem pieces can be among the grains. The presence of such objects suggests that this is a real basmatics. Before starting cooking, croup is swore.

After that, rinse in water several times. So that the croups were cleaner, grain is worth stirring with hands. After washing, rice is soaked in warm water by a quarter of an hour. Water is not drained, but used for the preparation of rice.


  • 1 Basmati rice capacity;
  • 1.25 water tanks.

Cooking method:

  1. Despite the fact that the package shows 1: 2 proportions, for the preparation of the crumbigh rice of the liquid, it is worth taking less. Salt is added to the water. The dish can be supplemented with coconut oil.
  2. Pour the water into a slow cooker, wait for the boil and fall asleep the croup. The crumbly basmatic rice in the multicooker needs to be prepared on the "porridge" or "cereals" mode for 20 minutes when the lid is closed. After the readiness signal, put a multicooker on the "heated" and do not open the lid another quarter of an hour. During this time, the cereal will absorb all moisture. This technique allows you to maintain the maximum amount of beneficial substances.
  3. After time expiration, the cover is discovered and the fork is slightly stirred. It makes it possible to get rid of excess moisture, and prevent grain sticking.
How to cook rice in a slow cooker: Simple tips?

Rice is an excellent garnish for vegetable dishes, a good base for porridge. His cooking is not every hostess from the first time, since when cooking this cereal, a number of conditions must be observed. Multicooker greatly facilitates the cooking process; It is important only to follow the recipe, and a great dish or a base for a culinary masterpiece is ready!

Benefits of cereals

Rice contains several amino acids important to the body and is completely absent gluten. This cereal is a source of group vitamins, useful for the nervous system. The composition of the cereal includes lecithin, stimulating brain activity. A large number of potassium contained in this cereal makes it a healthy dish for people with heart problems.

Rice softly envelops the organs of the digestive system, so it is well suited as food to people with sensitive stomach. This Zlak extremely rarely causes allergies, therefore, it is recommended as the first dust of children since the semi-annual age.

How to cook rice in a slow cooker: Simple tips?

Types of cereals

How much do you cook rice in a slow cooker? The answer to this question depends on the grade of the cereal you are going to cook. In shape, it is divided into long-grained, mediterranean and round. Long-term is used for garnish, for Plov and Palelia. They stuff vegetables, take as the ingredient for the meters. From the round terrible porridge. The average is universal, but is best suited for Plov and Palelia.

Rice can be processed in various ways; Preparation of green affects the cooking time.

  • Brown rice are untreated marriage. Any variety originally has a brown shell, which is removed in the grinding process. Brown is the most useful, since when it prepared for the packaging, the shell of the grain, containing a lot of useful substances, is not disturbed.
  • Steamed rice are prepared according to a special technology: scamped, blurred with hot steam, dried and grind. In the process of processing, useful substances are moving from the shell into the body of the grains. When cooking, it turns out crumbly.
  • White rice. These are polished grains, they are most often used in cooking. The most famous varieties are Basmati (originally from India) and Thai jasmine. Mediterranean rice variety Komolino is grown in Egypt. Its grains never stick together, during cooking it turns out to be gentle and crumbly.
  • Italian rice Arborio and Spanish Valencia - varieties that are used to prepare famous national dishes - risotto and paelle.
  • Under the name "Wild Rice" hides her grass from North America, a relative of the usual cereal. The wild product contains a lot of useful substances, but hard and has an unusual taste.

The cooking time of various varieties in a slow cooker:

  • long-grained - 20 minutes;
  • Mediterranean - 20 minutes;
  • round - 20 minutes;
  • brown - 25 minutes;
  • White - 15-20 minutes;
  • Parished - 20-25 minutes;
  • Wild - 25 minutes.

Preparation for cooking

First rinse the product in clean water. You can float the cereal in the pan, pour, leave for a few minutes, then lose a little in the water between clean palms. Then the liquid must be changed and repeat the procedure. Continue until the moment when the water in the pan does not become transparent. Or immediately wash the rice under the running water jet for a few minutes.

How to cook rice in a slow cooker: Simple tips?

Cook crumbly rice in a slow cooker

In order for the header to turn out to be crumbly, it will correctly take the long-grain or average rice. Unprocessed cereals (buoyed) will also fit. Parished and wildly obtained crumbly always.

For cooking you will need:

  • rice - 1 cup;
  • water - 2 glasses;
  • salt.

First rinse the grain. Then pumped 1 cup of cereals in a slow cooker, fill with two glasses of water. Both rice and water can be taken more or less, the main thing is to comply with the proportion: one moderate sper - 2 fluid measures. Immediately salute.

If you wish, you can put your favorite seasonings or vegetables into the bowl. Close the lid.

The product is well combined with black pepper. From greenery you can choose a parsley, dill, rosemary, basil. Specific taste and fragrance will give the dish of coriander, sage, turmeric, cumin.

Some multicormaries have a "rice" mode. If there is no such button, install the "Pilaf" program. Based on how you chose, designate cooking time. After 20-25 minutes, the dish will be ready. Do not hurry to get a croup from a slow cooker, it will correctly give her 10 minutes to steamed.

Simple dietary recipe in a slow cooker

You will need:

  • rice (long-grain or medium) - 150 grams (half of the glass);
  • carrot - 1 piece of medium size;
  • Onions - 1 head;
  • Vegetables, which are: zucchini, pumpkin, podcol, pepper - 300 grams;
  • Salt, spices.

The amount of ingredients is indicated at the rate of 2 servings.

If you want rice to get crumbly, give preference to steady or wild. Finely cut or spend carrots on the grater, lie onions. Prepare vegetables: rinse, apply straw or cubes. Put vegetables in a slow cooker. Wash the croup to load into the bowl, pour the glass of water there. Close the lid and prepare on the desired mode for 25 minutes.

How to cook rice in a slow cooker: Simple tips?

How to cook in a multicooker porridge?

Sometimes it is not necessary that the welded rice was crumbly. Some hostesses like a slightly sticky barbell - in a swarm or a caress.

To prepare rice porridge you will need:

  • rice - 1 cup;
  • water - 4 glasses;
  • Sugar - tablespoon;
  • Salt is a pinch.

The multicooker is good because any dish is obtained especially gentle and tasty, and never burns. It concerns this and rice porridge. For its preparation, the round or mediterranean is best suited. Put the croup in the bowl of the multicooker, pour water. Add sugar and salt to taste. Close the device cover. Select the Porridge program. If suddenly there is no such button, the "rice" or "pilaf" mode is suitable. Set the cooking time of 40 minutes. After the signal sounds, let the whale stand for another 15-20 minutes in the "heated" or "heat saving" mode. So it will turn out much more tastier.

Now that multicookers appeared, cooking rice has become simple and nice. You can more often please yourself and your favorite delicious dishes from this useful and nutritious cereals.

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